Comedian Lewis Black on going orange and black and never looking back

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When his usual comedic rants were softened by the Orioles fandom in his heart on the internet, we needed to reach to our favorite comedian Lewis Black to investigate his baseball soul from the D.C. suburbs to a life making jokes about Peter Angelos and Daniel Snyder. The man has suffered with Baltimore baseball and Washington football. Let him come clean on why Camden Yards in October is what heaven will feel like…


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Nestor Aparicio, Lewis Black

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive we’re we’re going to try to get a Maryland crabcake tour stop in I swear it’s my birthday next week we’re going to be a drug city on the 13th upstairs at the fountain that’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends when donation 866 90 nation as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care. I listen we got a lot of things happen in here with baseball football, Pittsburgh, ravens, London, our big event next Sunday for my birthday up at the Hollywood casino for the Ravens game in London. But you know, everybody knows Joan Jetson Oreo fan, everybody knows Firestones and Oreo fan. Everybody knows I’m an Oreo fan. But some of your fans come out and it’s showing up on my social media a little bit. I knew Louis Black was an Oreo fan because I’ve had him on before. We’re usually more focused on comedy, your politics. I mean, hell Trump was in office for four years when he was coming in here doing comedy. But he’s always kicked in you’ll Snyder in the nuts, and he’s even kick Peter Angelos in the nuts onstage in my presence down at the Lyric. And he said my phone and I thought if everybody’s loving up Louis Black and his thoughts about no better place in the world than being at an Oreo game in October. Mr. Black is a pleasure to have you on to be funny here. We can be serious and talk baseball. You’re funny enough in the real world. But I appreciate you making time for us today.


Lewis Black  01:26

It’s my pleasure. It beats doing whatever, whatever nonsense I have to do today.

Nestor Aparicio  01:31

Well, listen, I’m happy you give me rants and you make me happy you do. You make me laugh. Sometimes I pay myself. But this Oriole thing can give my audience where the Oriole thing comes from cuz I know you’re local. But like I thought you were Senators. Right?

Lewis Black  01:48

Well, you know, when did they leave? They left really early in several times. Yeah, several, but they left really early when I was a kid and they took Killebrew. And they took Alice, Bob Alice and they took two really great players, they took they left at a time when they were just about to be good. And that was more than I could bear. And a friend of mine, a good friend, a close friend who’s still a close friend. Basically then ended up rooting for the Minnesota Twins. And I was like no, you don’t do that. And so at that point, you know, I switched over to paying more attention. I always paid a bit of attention to the Orioles because they were the American League team. And I’m living in silver spring which is really halfway between between the stadium they’re playing at and the stadium in Baltimore. So I mean, it was like okay, so I always kept an eye on them and then and then they you know, then you ended up with Palmer still Miller those guys pitching lights out that for 20 games, you know the the 420 game winners, you know, Earl Weaver was unbelievable as a coach and then you know just recently passed you know, the great Brooks Robins and that was like you know and they and they were also more so there was a sense that those guys lived there more so than you had a sense of the guys living in Washington and they you they leave and then and then when the next group of senators come back at that point I’m already leaning toward the Orioles and I already know they’re gonna screw me and then you and then you bring in a third team and it’s it’s come on

Nestor Aparicio  03:29


you didn’t ever adopt the Nationals you were not a part of that

Lewis Black  03:33

I don’t buy it It’s nonsense you don’t do it you can fool me twice you can’t do it

Nestor Aparicio  03:38

now all right so I I didn’t realize that that I know people your age from DC that love the senators but they were just pining pining piney and adopting the Orioles for you know what we were but waiting for that thing like that twice was not enough they had to get their own team back and

Lewis Black  03:57

then you bring him into the National League team now screw you okay, can league team you don’t bring them in is that then you also take you then come in with the in the at the point where the Orioles are kind of you know, a little bit shaky and you screw them out of part of their part of their


Nestor Aparicio  04:16

Mr. Angelo’s did not get screwed? He was the screw or not the screw we I assure you it. Is that right? We just never paid the bill. I mean, right. I mean that the television network. He’s now literally checked out for the rest of his time with us. His son is running the team. They’ve agreed to pay 100 Some million dollars to the learner family. The learner family can’t sell the team. Now. They’ve had their parade, they’ve made their money. They want to sell the team. You’re in business with the Angelo’s family for the television network. They can’t sell the team. So I mean, it’s a cluster. I mean, it really is a cluster on stage you’d, you know, throw the FTC committee in there, but but it’s a cluster, a lotion.

Lewis Black  04:58

That way, your oral

Nestor Aparicio  04:59

fandom 6669 7071 So I was born in 68. I’m an Aparicio. My family came when Louie came here and played for the Orioles. Right. So, my father married a gringo and he’s Baltimore. I was born in 68. But my memories of baseball start in 7374 75. Right? No senators, they were on baseball cards, Frank Howard and like all that, but the Colts also with Johnny Unitas, I meet so many people that didn’t grow up in Dundalk, like I did in East Baltimore loving the Colts in the Orioles. But people from all over the planet love Johnny Unitas and Brooks Robinson, right. Like those two teams and our city during that period of time. It shouldn’t be crazy that a guy your age would love a Baltimore sports team. Right?

Lewis Black  05:46


Yeah. And also I met Johnny Unitas so that was extraordinary. And also, that team was unbelievable. And it really broke it that was like I’m also again, lived in Baltimore. And a lot of those guys had second jobs. I can’t imagine that you gotta go work somewhere. You kidding me? And in so no, it was in between the two teams. I mean, I kind of paid attention to the Washington team. I kind of followed them. And I dropped a I will tell you this drop when they stole balls when they stole the Colts. That was it. All right. I said, and then people who were worried about the right now, and it was amazing to me, it to me that a team had been stolen from you. And then you steal a team from Cleveland, and I couldn’t look at them for the longest time. Without going it’s you’ve stopped you like you steam gets stolen, then you steal it, you know? And then people were like, Screw you, Louis.

Nestor Aparicio  06:53

Well, what you do for comedy is rant on the absurdity of what’s obvious. Like, literally, I think that’s your shtick right and ranting on the obvious of the absurdity of a football player making $52 million a year or owners making billions of dollars or television revenue, or just this week alone. I’ll give you this How about this? I feel like I’m you now I’m ranting like you but the you get all these baseball tickets, you get these playoff tickets, you spend hundreds of dollars. They don’t tell you when the game is they don’t say what day, they’ll play the game. One o’clock, four o’clock, seven o’clock? What will play the game when we feel like it and you’ll show up that sports today. And I do think it’s harder to love it as you get older, right? Like the really love it. And to be really angry when you’re unless you bet on it. Right. But I think there’s a part where you get to be old like us, you’ve just been screwed your whole life like it, especially if you’re from Baltimore, you know,

Lewis Black  07:49

ya know. And it’s also, I mean, the extraordinary thing this year because I finally was able to attract the I’d started to watch the MLB, the MLB Network last year, and then this year, and they never showed us on you know, if you lived in New York City, you did not see them play, you had to get MLB to see them play because they never put them on, no matter what. The only time you got to see him as if they were playing the Yankees. That was it. And then you had the Yankees who shoved down my throat every day. So you know, they they basically had the I finally got to watch him and what you know, and this year what was astonishing to get a sense of how the Angelo’s has screwed this the screwed the city and, and for whatever they said about this rebuild it. They didn’t. People didn’t trust the rebuild. They’re they’re selling $10 tickets to work to a team that is the most exciting one of the most exciting teams in baseball by mid season. You know, this, you know, I knew it all I wanted them to do was be competitive. That was all I cared about this year, even and less so than what the the any of the the announcers had to say about it. I wanted them to just be they were and they were and that was so much fun to watch and I’m going you’re you’re charging. It’s quite a 10 bucks a ticket and you can’t fill the stadium. That’s how deeply you screwed your fan base was unbeliever speaking

Nestor Aparicio  09:19

truth. Lois. You really are Louis Black is here. He is performing and reading next week. So I want to throw this out money for my birthday to 12 My birthday is the 14th You’ll be in Utica that night Rochester. You always play locally. You’re always playing the lyric you’re always playing in the area, Rocky Mount of Virginia on the 30th of November, Charlottesville, December 2. Montclair, New Jersey, the eighth Bensalem at the casino up there outside of Philly. I hope they don’t win a World Series. That’s a ninth of December, and you’re in Wilmington on May 2 of next year and then playing the Kennedy Center where my dear friend Alan McKellen, who loves baseball, you’ll be there on the Third of May as well. So this video you put up the other day, I mean, all of my friends are sharing it and they’re like what We didn’t know Louis Black was a baseball fan. You’re on my rants a lot like so I see you I see your life stuff. I love your work. I’m a fan 365 days a year, right? So and I think on the internet that’s available, but you put out whatever you feel like putting out it feels like you have a little staff or some help putting out some of your rants or whatever on video that looks like you made that video on your own, in your own way. And you wanted to share it with the world that you love the Orioles and you love baseball. And you said something so beautiful. Just like being at a playoff game in October is the most beautiful thing you could experience in life.


Lewis Black  10:36

Yeah, well being also like kind of saying that you but I did say which I laugh at because they do a bunch of these things. And then all of a sudden, you see no, really I said that. But I said that, that, you know, the the most you can hope for is being able to if you’re sitting at home, watching TV by yourself and your team is on or you’re at the stadium, and then your team wins. It’s like going to heaven. That’s the definition of happiness is when they win, and you’re there and you get to enjoy it. And that’s really what it’s about. And and if and I’m saying it in the sense that no matter what happens this go round. This year was so special. That don’t don’t get make yourselves crazy. If they don’t win it. Just it’s not worth it. This was a magnificent year of baseball, the watch. Those guys were unbelievable that they kept going or they’re gamers that gamers Shut up their gamers to their grave. I hate that word is nuts. Yeah, it’s a it’s a great group of kids who were playing terrific ball. You can’t the moment that Aaron Hicks is brought over and the Yankees are paying Aaron. So every day that the you know that he would win a ballgame, or whether he beat the Yanks once at least that I know of, if not twice, or get a bunch of hits against all of my friends or Yankee fans out there, get on the phone and go haha, thank you for paying Aaron Hicks to play for my team. And I watched him get more and more depressed. And it was just one of the greats

Nestor Aparicio  12:12

whenever last place was anything better than that when they were 500

Lewis Black  12:15

Oh, it was spectacular. And to watch them now feeling now they’re going we need a new general manager. I don’t understand this. I’ve been saying the call. I’ve been saying for years get rid of Cashman that I don’t know what we’re going to do. It’s just after the years that we spent kind of going are you kidding me? What is this? Why are they putting some money into this team? I was getting enraged because we wouldn’t pay it, you know, when we were just kind of competitive. And all it needed was a couple of pitches to keep us in there. And you’re not going to give up 30 million 20 million $10 million to just pick up some people. Now we’re going to work these Shut up. Just get them give us a little bit of hope. Give the team some hope. But to and so to watch the Yankees just basically go through a pitching step and not do anything. Just the way we didn’t do anything. It was just joyous so that they could now feel what I felt.

Nestor Aparicio  13:11


Comedian Louis Black is here, overjoyed that the Yankees are watching the Orioles in the postseason. He’s out on his comedy shows out on the West Coast right now. So keeping up with the Orioles Joan Jett has famously been on 98 rock all summer and she was touring. She’s the other orifices from Silver Spring as well. One of your neighbors down there.

Lewis Black  13:30

I’m amazed because I just found that out from him. I didn’t know until about three months ago that that was the case. That’s wild.

Nestor Aparicio  13:37

Oh, she’s talked about being like at a Jim Palmer no hitter all of her. I was a music critic back in the day having fun doing all that. And she was always her Josh Charles, the actor Josh Charles. There’s a handful of us, right? I mean, there are Michael Phelps, the people that are like from here, whatever. You sort of get it honest. But how do you consume baseball at this point, and I should ask you, were you even you were even watching game Street for you when they’re losing 120 games? Are you still like tuning in in July or August? I was just I’m on the road tonight. I gotta do comedy.

Lewis Black  14:09

You know, I’ve got I mean, I part of it was just getting them because I didn’t you know, it’s like, am I going to spend X amount of money to get them on my phone to watch them this big lose games and really getting bashed? I was like, I can’t, I can’t watch. I mean, I can’t watch it. And I would watch whenever they were on in the city. And whenever they played there, I would watch them. Or I’d go to one of the games at Yankee Stadium and watch them but it was like, you know, and I and some of the guys we had come through are just terrific, but it was I just didn’t until until last summer is when the and then and then and also it drove me nuts that it took so long to bring up freshmen. You know the catcher Ardrey the catcher that they took then go into, well, we’re working now. Bring him up, bring him and then when he came up, boom, okay, he was phenomenal. But when I’ve been the moment they got him. I felt okay. Things have kind of turned. Now, can we bring him up? No, we’re not bringing him up tissue. Can we bring him up this year? No, we’re not bringing him up. They let him you know, they I mean to their to the you know, they certainly know more than I do about it, but it still was like, can’t you bring him up? Please let me have something to hope for. I know, it’s I know, he may strike out 20 More times than he should, because he’s up at the majors. But it was like my hope was that kid and it’s been great to watch. And

Nestor Aparicio  15:41

your football team still your team? Is the Washington football team still your team are

Lewis Black  15:46

they? Yeah, I’ve stuck with them. And I couldn’t move to an even though you know, and then I’m now I’ll kind of be okay. I’m glad that Baltimore I see Baltimore winning not the Ravens. I see the city with your anti

Nestor Aparicio  16:00

Raven, but still but like Snyder was a big party. I mean, he’s gone. Yeah, that screws, your act up a little bit, right. Kind of like when Trump’s not around.

Lewis Black  16:09


It’s really that opens up a whole space in my head where there’s no sun and light and flowers.

Nestor Aparicio  16:18

They’re gonna rename them though, right? I mean, the commander’s not gonna that’s not

Lewis Black  16:22

that can’t be it just can’t I think they’re gonna rename you. You know, God knows what they’ll you know, talk about it. The command is in the worst team in the history of sports. The Wizards stop it.

Nestor Aparicio  16:37

They normally the Baltimore bullets. Yeah, you know that. That’s my father hated a pole and he hated the concept of the capital bullets, the Washington Bullets. My father died in 92. Before the wizard he would have hated the wizards. My mother hated the words. My mother lived the 98 years of age as well. I know your mother hated


Lewis Black  16:57

the wizards. Wow. Because?

Nestor Aparicio  16:58

Because because they were the Baltimore poets. My dad went down with the biggie Wes Unseld. 69, the Knicks Wolf, right. Like all of that. And then the teams in Washington My dad never drove my dad was still working at the point. Yeah. So like going to Largo Maryland. Sounded like it might as well been Silver Spring, like a million dollars.

Lewis Black  17:19

Yeah, no, that was that was rough. But the wizard the name wizards. They’re not magicians. They’re not. Please, guys, it’s not Halloween. It’s NBA. Make sure.

Nestor Aparicio  17:31

For you with the Orioles in your fandom. What will it mean for you? If On November, the we’re having a parade here, and rushman and John mean says five quality starts in the light, just if everything goes perfectly here, and it’s storybook? What will it mean to you?

Lewis Black  17:49

It’ll, it’ll be huge. I mean, you know, I sat there when they won that when they clinched it. And I was, I partially went into kind of an ecstatic form of shock. And glazed over a little and almost teared up a little because it was just, you know, you wait so long, and then they and they, and they and you and you really feel like it’ll mean a lot. But it already means a lot because now I already feel like, you know, they’ve got they’ve got a foundation next year, they will be better. And the year after that they will be better, you know, barring injuries. I mean, they’ve got a solid core. You can’t beat that. It’s all I wanted to be was competitive. Is that too much?

Nestor Aparicio  18:39

There’s a point here where you always have to ask who’s running the place, though? Yeah, that the last name is Angelo. So, you know, I keep thinking to myself, I’m weighing this right, because I did free the birds in 2006. They didn’t pay their bill with me. They lied to everybody. I did a walk up. 17 years ago, I did a walk in and they’re really good at holding the grudge. 17 years, I haven’t had a press credential and 17 years. So all these years later, I can be angry. I can you know what, Louis, I went down to the ballpark. The Thursday night game what you speak of the race weekend when the race came in here and beat her ass Thursday and Friday. And we played catch on beat up Saturday, Thursday night game, my wife and I went down. We paid $6 not 10 We paid $6 to go to the game that pay $12.14 with the fees to get in. And we went and I went down to the outfield and this and I don’t think I’ve said this a lot on the air last couple of weeks. I’m I’m having like a shoot interview with you. Being a patron saint of comedy who keeps me sane sometimes when things are things a little crazier, I have to check in with you to make sure that it isn’t saying you tell me it’s insane. But I’m out the outfield with my friend letter Raskin, our sponsor Raskin, globe and I’m looking around and I saw lots and lots of people alone. I’m out in the left field club area. And there were people just sitting alone and there were there was a woman to my left, keeping score. And there was a man to my right, keeping score with a pencil with a real old school scorecard. The One woman had a book she had been keeping all year. You know, she she was in on page 110. You know, she she kept score every night, and they’re alone and they had the radio and reminded me my dad with a transistor radio. My dad loved baseball would he didn’t need company for baseball, Chuck Thompson and Bill O’Donnell, they Vince Bagley, they were company right for a game. And I saw all these people and I saw how engaged they were on a Thursday night is the biggest game that Oreos have played ever. To your point. There were 20,000 people there 20,000 empty seats, like Tampa, but it didn’t look like Baltimore for me, right? I’m looking around all these people and I thought what will it mean to these people? And you said something to me 10 minutes ago you slipped it through and part of your comedy act, but you said that people it’s a companion. The baseball is a companion for people and it means it’s family to them. And when I walked out on Angelo’s and pissed them off because I was doing something bad to the Orioles you know, and how where’s my family they you know, the missions Brooks and now we lose Brooks. And we all cried, I cried I cried five times a day Brookside just I have pictures of him and audio him I found this piece he did for me with me 30 years ago. And it means so much to people you know, and I think you in your tour bus or wherever you were ranting about your love of the oils and how it’s a piece of heaven. This was heaven for this woman to be keeping score out in the outfield at a meaningful Orioles game. And it means that much to people. So whatever shitty thing Angelo’s has done the mean he’s done a lot of really awful things to me. I see past it for it being heaven for so many people notice

Lewis Black  21:48

it also in the it means I don’t think they move. They’re not going to be able to move. You know, he’s not gonna be able to pull that the sun can’t take him to Nashville. Go fuck yourself. Excuse my language.


Nestor Aparicio  22:03

Fair enough. I love your language, you know that you know that. I love your fan club to the FAQ. You know what I’m talking about? Hey, listen, I love you. I appreciate you stay alive and well stay healthy out on the road. I’ll drive you nuts get your exercise in and at least get your eat your Wheaties this next month. We might not this could really happen. This is gonna

Lewis Black  22:25

win the the ones who scare me because I’ve seen them a fair amount because they play them a lot. And I would peek in on them as the Braves who were like, never seem to have a proper inches here. It’s like Patton. They just keep it’s a big tank that just continues to roll over everything. And I mean, they continue to be good. They continue to be solid. They continue to come up with this Hakuna. I mean, come on these people. They worry me. You know, listen, you

Nestor Aparicio  22:56

know what worries me is that you are in a south at that particular time. Your plan looking at your 12 I’m your tour manager. You’re in Birmingham on the 27th in Biloxi and 28. That would be game one and two in Atlanta. You got a couple of down nights. I mean, you got to come up to Baltimore for World Series game here. If it lands in on the 30 me you got to come to you. You’re in for five 600 bucks for World Series tickets for game three right at Camden Yards. Right?

Lewis Black  23:22


I can get my ass in there. I will. I will come and see them. I’ll go to the game with you, man. That’s what we got a if you talk to John, I’m going to try to track down Joan Jett. Because I think she probably knows I’m a fan. And I know she’s a fan. And we’re a fan of each other. So I’ve got to let her know I can provide

Nestor Aparicio  23:37

that for you. So I love Joan has been doing it a long time around here. And she’s a spectacular issue. So comedy wise, what’s funny these days? What makes funny for you?

Lewis Black  23:49

Everything is pretty much the the world we live in is is a joke at this point in the United States. You can’t you really can’t figure it out in high school, we could have figured out faster how to come up with a speaker of the house than these jackasses. That’s all you got to do. Pinky really you don’t have any of we’re gonna get rid of this guy and we got nobody in line. Are you serious? And this and I’m supposed to take this seriously. And I’m not supposed to. How am I supposed to make it funnier? Then a group of adults don’t know how to sit down and come up with someone and that they’ve got to come up with fake ideas in order to be able to deal with the problems they see around them. Come on it literally you’re looking. Here’s the problem is this way, this is where the problem is, and you’re looking over there. I can’t make it funnier. And you go come on, turn your head and they go nope, it’s over there. We live in we live in two. They’re two separate realities we live in. And if we don’t figure out how to live in one reality, forget it. The only place that I feel a reality exists in terms of sharing the reality is when a team comes to play baseball, or football or basketball or even soccer I’ll even give it to soccer. It

Nestor Aparicio  25:00

Now that we’ve gotten good at it, Louis Black is here he is our guest go find him out on the road. He’s very funny man. He’s he’s got a beautiful spirit. He works blue, which is the way I like it. Louis is the way to find him. And you know what some video you know, do a little post game. You know? He pitched it to managers something if he screws up that the relief pitching Okay, give me something to laugh at your case we lose and I have to cry when I will.


Lewis Black  25:26

If hide takes a guy out when I think that he did it three or four times that I’ve watched every time

Nestor Aparicio  25:33

Fuji comes in, right? I want to be sitting next to you when neighboring Fujian

Lewis Black  25:37

and then it’s but I really gave him I kind of was like excited and then you kind of go wow, this is crazy. But he would he occasionally would pull guy he less as the year went on toward the end of this year. But I mean, they’re pitching into the 60 pitching Wow. The guy’s pitching great. He says to hitter and you pull them and I realize you got a plan. But the plan also is, you know, this is why I’ve come to a game is to watch that. You know we can’t keep making sports. Everybody’s got like and you’re gonna cut the pitcher down to six innings and then there’s the person the middle reliever and then there’s the late reliever and then there’s the reliever reliever Stop it just stop it if they if the guy can pitch the seventh inning Gladding pitch that I’ve watched them screw up certain games where they brought in somebody this guy’s already cooking with gas, let him pitch the next inning where they get a hit and he goes okay that’s it. No it’s not it

Nestor Aparicio  26:35


gets short leashes in these playoff games man that’s the way fans Gibson and have Kramer working out of the bullpen. I mean, it’s we’re gonna see them and and that’s what I try to say to people we don’t make the playoffs often enough like they make it more often in Philly up in New York, Boston, they that they understand man, this happens fast. By the time this gets on the air they could be eliminated because it happens in the blink of an eye. And you know what also happens? ALCS World Series Lewis is in Alabama and next thing you know, we’re sitting in game three of the World Series right? I mean, it happens quick.

Lewis Black  27:08

And also I will say the thing that really I went oh no, it was the is that without Batista, you know, that incredible pitcher, we lost. That was I thought if we had Batista, I would feel I felt it as long as he was in the lineup. And those guys were all healthy. We would win it now. I’m not so sure because he he was he’s a beast.

Nestor Aparicio  27:36

He wasn’t sure about Cano and Fuji I mean, that’s gonna be the real story here is when the game is aligned seventh eighth ninth inning. Who’s pitching? I don’t there’s no doubt about that. And those decisions is going to be whether they win or lose. I mean, it’s gonna be about late blade any pitching, especially with the Rangers because they can hit the ball. So hey, listen, I know you gotta get on stage out in the west coast. I really do appreciate it. Come back and visit anytime talks and baseball and

Lewis Black  27:58

thanks for having me on. I mean, I needed this. Well, I’ll

Nestor Aparicio  28:01

just say this to you. You showed up about 18 times on Thursday in the Friday and by then I’m like, he’s in my phone. I’m gonna he if he he needs to therapy. He needs this he needs very good to be able to talk about it. I appreciate you take care of yourself out of the west coast get some sleep we’re gonna be heavy up late we’re gonna be up all month all right, you got it take it was black when it go to find me Louis And you can find me Of course so for my birthday. We’re going to be drug City at the fountain on Friday afternoon before a potential game five and then back at the Hollywood Casino. Berryville on Sunday morning, bright and early proper British breakfast ravens are playing a Tottenham against the Titans. We’ll be up there for that they have a $30 Buffet brunch deal. Sign up, find out on our Twitter as well. It is our 25th anniversary big appreciation our friends at curio wellness and Farr and daughter. That’s cannabis it goes really well with Lewis blacks calm and you go find them over on your throat. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson, Baltimore celebrating playoffs. Pittsburgh week Billy Joel John Mayer good stuff, and hopefully a World Series stay with us.

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