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Having your cup runneth over during March Madness Preston

Dave Preston of WTOP in Washington brings on the awesome bracket cup for March Madness and two weeks of solid hoops fun.


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Nestor Aparicio, Dave Preston

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively I ended March in March Madness. We will be at Hollywood casino, the Barstool Sports restaurant watching the Terps take on West Virginia. So I mean, we go here, I mean, it’s a national tournament, but we’re playing our neighbors. We’re gonna be going across the bridge up there at noon on Thursday. And I’m looking forward to it and a lot of ways of getting the Maryland crabcakes we’re back out on the road. I’m going to have these instant lottery scratch offs in the Maryland lottery to give away our friends and window nation give me floppy hats, 866 90 nation, so we got things happening. I’m going to be a fade please I’m going to be a cost this but this bracket thing happens only once a year. It’s sort of like the shamrock shake and this guy’s world or like sort of James Bond marathons they only have once a year. They Preston has been covering sports and things as well as serving up a really mean baked potato at the Morton’s out in Falls Church for many, many years. He’s a WTO P, I don’t know anyone that’s more bracketed than this guy. So when I think to myself, I want to talk brackets. The Terps are now in the tournament. You know what I mean? I remember you and I going back to UMBC having to beat Virginia to put the great free state back on the map here. And you Washington types you straddle you know like some of you live in Virginia, some live over here with us some live right in the district. So you have to be sort of you know, running Switzerland and all of this really you know, with the ACC and the big 10 and all that. But you are the most unique cat I know you have a unique sense of humor. But I want you to inform the Baltimore audience the Baltimore wing of WTO P up here north as to what your tradition is each and every year because anybody I have a printer here I went out CBS I printed about anybody can print the bracket good. But but you what you do is different. It’s special.


Dave Preston  02:02

Nestor, I introduced you the super awesome bracket cup 2023 version started when I years ago waiting tables at the Morton’s in Reston. And you were given a cup for your soda for your shift. And it was during the tournament, I actually filled out the cup. And it was the year that my alma mater Syracuse won the national championship. So naturally, I’m not getting rid of the cup until the tournament is over. I almost caught strep throat because it wasn’t the most hydroponically sound thing to do. Since then it’s been a ceremonial cup, I put all 68 schools on the cup, and then they play it all the way to the championship. I don’t often use the term engineering marvel and unhealthy obsession in the same sentence. But you know what, for this, it’s my thing, and it’s you know, and it’s a lot of fun. And, and it’s it’s cool to look at over the years and yeah, so we’ve got the 2023 version right here. All 68 schools squeezed through there, the big challenge this week, this year, last year was Texas a&m Corpus Christi playing Southeast Missouri State, trying to fit that into the plan line. There’s a reason why I hate the games in Dayton. And that’s just one of them.

Nestor Aparicio  03:13

Well, you can just go as WMS for southwest Missouri.

Dave Preston  03:17

I did. I did scmo TX. So you know what, sorry,

Nestor Aparicio  03:23


Memorial Stadium you only had three letters. So you don’t I mean, you had to kind of figure out what three I wanted to use. And you couldn’t go sa n because that could be San Diego or San Francisco right now

Dave Preston  03:33

complete that with their without rules. Nestor what are we as a society but it’s a lot of fun. It’s some it’s some I’ve done for years, and it’s it gets you into the spirit of March. I’ve been into the NCAA tournament since I was 12 years old when I remember watching, you know, oh my goodness, this is dude, Patrick Ewing, who is a freshman in Georgia and he’s an absolute beast. But then there’s this Ralph Sampson guy in Maryland is really good as well. And I really fell in love with the tournament and the fantastic finishes on CBS with Brent Musburger and Billy Packer. You know handling things and over the years it’s it’s it’s been a blessing to have to have the opportunity to cover the tournament in person and and to follow it on the air here at WT LP over the years. Yeah, I’ve

Nestor Aparicio  04:21

seen the nets get cut down three times. I was at the final for even more than that. I wasn’t when Marilyn one in Atlanta and I will have my Maryland championship hat on for the game against West Virginia Hollywood sports. Sports. It’s a lot to say Barstool Sports restaurant Hollywood Hollywood casino Perryville so I’m gonna I’m gonna get used to saying that

Dave Preston  04:43

it’s a great place. Check it out.


Nestor Aparicio  04:45

Oh, it’s fantastic. No but but the hat. You know, I wasn’t in Atlanta. I was at the the Kansas game the semifinal game. It was it was Saturday. That Monday remember opening day I’m going to baseball sipping Oreos Apple ratio baseball, the 2002 Not now where like you can just skip out on opening day and nobody notices how you got a team down there. Nobody noticed she just won the World Series A couple years ago. I’ll get to that and we’ll get to also opening

Dave Preston  05:11

days now it feels like it’s in mid March. Like they’ve moved opening day back into March. It’s like and you know what, I hate to say this but I love it when opening day gets snowed out in certain northern cities it’s like do you do people not have an almanac? Do you not realize that it’s cold? It’s snowing in Minnesota in April.

Nestor Aparicio  05:33

Tell me where you’re from originally said you got cold where are you from?

Dave Preston  05:37


New Hampshire.

Nestor Aparicio  05:38

Yeah, my wife my wife from same hometown you you believe me? When I get off a plane up there it’s a different climate it literally it’s it’s not the same as it is here playing baseball in Boston in Toronto when he’s pleased Toronto with the dome but either way day Preston is here WT up he’s getting his brackets ready and cup ready. You know I’ve seen you at Big 10 tournament games in DC a number of years ago we record side together back when I was in the real media and you know for Marilyn and what the program’s gone through what which is winning a championship bit getting a building build having some financial turmoil underneath of all that having their legendary coach Lee changing conferences having the next coach it not go as well as you want it to go. Boy, this Willard thing just from a story standpoint, for this particular program and I go back, my first tournament was Elmore McMillan and Lucas losing David Thompson. 7374 75. I remember all the market years the Indiana years the Bobby Knight, Scott may like all that. I went booked I remember all of that I was you know, I was a kid. But I love I mean sports is all over. It’s all I did when that in classic rock and I’ve managed to merge that together 55 years later, but Marilyn big 10 Trying to make noise football programs kind of in over its head because everybody is not named Ohio State Michigan and you know whatnot in that in that kind of Penn State and that conference, but for for the basketball program this year and a half. I mean, you cover this data tip you’re there, you’re on the scene, boy, the turmoil they have we’re charging to sort of said, I’m out December I’m out. And that they were they were and now where they smell like they are this weekend to get a wax by Alabama. It’s just been quite an 18 month period for the program.

Dave Preston  07:37

And you know what’s amazing Nestor is that the head Senior Day this year, they took on Northwestern. And the last time that Northwestern was in town was the first game of the Danny Manning mini era and just you feel for these kids. The kids who are seniors on this year’s team at Kmart, Dante Scott their freshman year they’re a part of a team that wins the big 10 But that’s wiped out by COVID. The next year they go to the tournament but it’s all in Indianapolis and it’s not the same and they they play in front of nobody. Then last year, Mark Turgeon decides to leave in December which is just Yeah, I hate to I hate to tell somebody what to do. But that’s just he he owed quite a bit to fats, a fats Russell, who transferred to Maryland for his graduate years last year, guys burned their last years of eligibility to be with Mark Turgeon. And he failed less than halfway through the season. So that last year was an absolute mess. And this year with the new head coach to see these guys finally get to a normal NCAA Tournament is pretty awesome. And the fact the way that these guys have come together under Kevin Willard, the way that Kevin Willard has put together a roster and a rotation and a program in less than a year has been pretty awesome as well. Granted, this is just one year and you don’t know how things are gonna turn out. But right now this looks like an absolute A plus hire by Maryland they have a guy who gets Maryland axed who even though yes, Maryland is in the kind of in the mid atlantic where JFK once said that Washington was a combination of Northern officia northern charm and southern efficiency. There’s a lot of New Jersey types who go to the University of Maryland, Gary Williams was one of them from the Philadelphia area who there’s a lot of people with chips on their shoulders in Maryland and Maryland who always viewed themselves as you know what, you know, the ACC Tobacco Road, they look, you know, they look at us as Siberia and that’s what the big 10 Kind of looks at Maryland as well. It’s like, yeah, you people are over there. And I think in Kevin Willard, they have a person with the right attitude, who’s really connecting with the fan base on that level in a way that Mark Turgeon did not and not saying that Mark is a bad coach, but for whatever reason, Willard just gets what it means to be The Maryland’s coach in a way that Mark did not. And right. I mean, they’re a year ahead of schedule, I think we all would have accepted, okay, maybe they go to the NIT this year, maybe they finish a game under 500, and the big 10, or two games under 500. But they finished with a winning record. And the fact that he’s got them in the big dance solidly in the big dance, they weren’t on the bubble. They were an eight, nine seed the last month or so. And the fact that they’ve been in the main bracket since mid season, you know, says a lot to the higher and says a lot to the job that Kevin Willards done right now, day for,

Nestor Aparicio  10:33

for me with the Maryland program. And I guess where this is a jumping off point. And you mentioned, I mean, I haven’t talked a lot about Terjun this year, and obviously didn’t have an occasion the last couple of years to talk much about them as being a national championship contender where that would be nonsense like diamond stone and Suleyman. You know, I felt like that that was sort of the arc of that that period. And I invited Don Marcus on this week. He’s in hiding, but I hope he’s doing well. But I mean, just sort of the historians that have been around for all of this. And I know, you know, you love college basketball, you’ve been hoping that all the programs locally from George Washington to George Mason to Georgetown. I mean, George Mason has been in the final for more recently than any of the rest of them, right, like so.


Dave Preston  11:18

Yeah. And you know what to you, you mentioned diamond stone, it’s like, we’ll always have that 39 and 12. We had it in December against Penn State, you know that one year, which is

Nestor Aparicio  11:28

that’s that’s kind of what the error

Dave Preston  11:31

was, was it was that the church and era was a time of possibilities that at its best, you just felt that something was missing. Kevin herder, who’s gone on to become an NBA player was here for two years and you they didn’t win one NCAA Tournament game, they didn’t win a big 10 Tournament game and is in his time here. So there are a lot of missed opportunities. I don’t feel that’s going to be the case. For Kevin Willard he’s aren’t you know, he’s already won a big 10 Tournament game which turgid did not do his last few seasons, despite having although I think he was, you know, one of those years but it turns in a better teams that played a lot worse in the big 10 tournament. And now the NC, two A’s, you know, na nine games a coin flip game, and I think it’s it. I think that this is a team that unlike a few of Trojans, teams that didn’t show up against Xavier that one year, this is a team that’s going to show up regardless of the opponent,

Nestor Aparicio  12:29


Dave as the Magic Cup of 68 teams on the WTO P home studios show it off their day,

Dave Preston  12:36

so yeah, super awesome bracket cup boys and girls, stupid awesome

Nestor Aparicio  12:39

racket cops. It may or may not have a shamrock shake in it for it’s all over. You know from Maryland and and where the program has been and the Terjun era. I turn the page on all of it and I began the year. The Cal Ripken foundation throws a basketball event J right Gary Williams. They hosted every year it’s downtown Baltimore’s for cow senior Foundation. And that day, just hearing coaches and basketball people so many people talk about the NFL money and where it is and seeing why Jay Wright’s not on the stage and why Jim Bay Himes exiting the stage and that there’s a new possibility for all of this and understanding it. I mean, you’re a journalist, journalist, and I know some people go further in on all of this, but understanding this NIHL and this sort of sea change for all of college sports, and what it’s going to mean and what it means in a place like Maryland. But what it means it calciner Kopan or UNBC or any other places well, and how this is going to shake out. The first things first is you get a coach in that is understanding of the new way and willing to play by whatever the new system is because the one thing that’s happened since before the plague, the whole system’s changed, the paradigm has changed.

Dave Preston  13:54

Oh, it’s it’s a different animal not and it’s funny because I’ve talked to Brenda Frese, the Maryland women’s coach, you know, the lat over the years, and it’s, it’s amazing how, you know, from 10 years ago, there have been changes but from five years from two from a it’s we it’s always intriguing to live in interesting times. And that’s where we are right now there there is a seismic change. And unfortunately, it means that, you know, some coaches who are very comfortable running their world the way it was, they’ve moved on, but I’m sure that was the case. 50 years ago, when coaches moved on when all of a sudden the old way didn’t work. And it’s there are things that I like about it, there are things that I don’t like about it, what I do like is that if say you’re the point guard at for Maryland, which is not too far of a stretch because we know that you’ve got quick ops and you’re very good at distributing the ball Nestor. If your jersey is that is for sale at XFINITY center and what and the your number two is available and I can buy your number to you as a student athlete deserve a cut of that It, you know, but what I don’t like is say you’re a high profile recruit, and me as a head coach or a booster saying, hey, come to the University of Maryland, we’ve got money for you before you even get here. And that’s, that’s, I think that the NFL money should be a reward for representing the University. Not an inducement for going to a university. If that makes sense. Yeah, I and I don’t know how you legislated? I don’t because the NCAA has been all hands off, the NCAA has been asleep at the switch on so many things, whether it’s the conference carousel that is really jumbled up and is really, you’re changing the brand and a not so good way to you’re dealing with the athletes and transferring, which is also, you know, really taking away what was special about college hoops in college football, and the NCAA, the executives, their, you know, their, their their content to take their stipends or what you know, they’re, they’re intended to take their paychecks, while not really doing things, you know it for the good of the athlete for the good of the sport. And for the good of consumer like you and me who want to see college hoops, not the way it was back in 1985, wherever everywhere everyone stayed for years or 1965 were freshmen or were ineligible, but in a way that’s entertainment, entertaining and in a way that is, you know, is enjoyable for us as consumers one one of the things we talk about I’ve worked at Morton’s over the years, what makes Morton’s great is that you can go to the you can be blindfolded, go to the go. And I don’t know why you’d be blindfolded. But you can go into the Morton’s in San Francisco, go to the Mortons in Washington, DC and you’re going to have the same great experience you’re going to have a consistency of experience. And with players being able to change with conferences, being able to flip flop teams and schools going every which way you’re losing a bit of the consistency you’re losing a bit of the tradition that you have grown accustomed to in college if so I’m not saying that we need to go back to the 1950s. But there needs to be there needs to be something a yogi we can’t have the flip flopping really dilutes the brand of college basketball for us as the consumer.


Nestor Aparicio  17:26

They prestigious here from WT O. P. He loves college hoops. He has the super hoop cup. I have

Dave Preston  17:33

racket cup get it right this didn’t go to awesome school for seven years to just be called a super hoop. It is awesome.

Nestor Aparicio  17:38

Dave, I’ll give you that I have a paper pool. That’s not so awesome. But what’s gonna be awesome. We’re gonna be in Hollywood, casino and Barstool Sports book restaurant, watching the game and day. This is the first time that I’m going to sit and watch March Madness in the modern era. I’ve been on the radio 31 years, right. So all these years

Dave Preston  17:57


I sit down to the Senate your radio career career can run for the Senate. Well, it

Nestor Aparicio  18:01

and it probably should. I’ve seen some of the senators and some of the Nationals too, by the way. But I would say this for me, I guess all these years into it. As I got older, not when I was 20. And Danny Manning was winning and I didn’t understand and everything was a bracket pool and Mike found was stealing everybody’s money in the bracket pool from Danny Danny back in at 80. We had them on the eighth line and they won. So he won, but I never won the bracket pool. But that’s neither here nor there. I would just say in all these years, the one thing as I got older, and I started making money, and I started to be old enough to go into a locker room and see Taj Holden and be older than him and then go into the locker room and see want Dixon and it’s and Blake and those guys and be you know, 20 years older than them and like and all of the players that went and did this and watch them on TV and my friend Mike Butz that I went to high school with was 611 at Dundalk high went to Bucknell with both smoke up there and they went to play in Syracuse and he went up on the cover against their Coleman and on sports illustrated in mind on March Madness So all it he didn’t make any money. He made money because he went out in real word as an engineer is really smart guy. But everybody at Barstool Sports is making money on the game Thursday the bartenders making money TVs making money. The popcorn vendors making money in Birmingham, Alabama, they’re parking cars out front they’re making money in Birmingham, Alabama that day, coaches making millions of dollars Highest Paid guy in the state. Everybody’s making money. Every Sports Bar in America is making money. bookies are making money mobile’s making money everybody’s making money, except the people playing and I just I could not get over some sort of weird slavery and down you know, like sort of like indentured and I’m thinking what these guys are getting quote unquote and education now that most of these guys are getting rented for nine months to dribble a basketball for to my eyes. What what are you I’d edit sleaziest at its worst point. Yeah. And I just thought these presidents are making money and his travels and hotels are making money the airline, everybody’s making money, except the people dribbling the ball. And at least I don’t know that they’ve got it right. And I’m sure everybody’s gaming it in the AAU, and then the big, big boys with dough and I love all state, you may go that Alabama play, right? They might as well legalize it, because it’s like they’re right. I would just say to you that it feels cleaner to me in that way than I do. And happy in Maryland, he can leave it’s not good for college basketball, it’s not good for Maryland might not be good for the school he goes to, but it’s at least a fair system, that these kids aren’t dribbling making millions of dollars and not even allowed to take free pizza.

Dave Preston  20:49

What I do like is the fact that you know, you met the the transfer rule, Nestor, that players can leave without the threat of having to sit out for a year because it used to be if you wanted to transfer to another conference school, you had to sit out two years in some leagues. And or you weren’t allowed to, you know, Luke record left it was punitive. Yeah, yeah. So it’s just, I like that. A couple of years ago, the Syracuse women’s basketball coach, Quentin Hillsman, I believe was the gentleman’s name 10 Kids transferred, because he and they there was an investigation, and he was just really abusive practices as a head coach, just bad, bad stuff. And if there wasn’t that he probably still won’t be head coach right now. Because not that many players would transfer because you’d have to burn a year of you’d have to sit out a year no one wants to sit out a year. So from that standpoint, I do like how players do are allowed some freedom of movement, especially if a coach leaves. If I’m playing for you, and you jump to another school, I should be able to leave I should have the same freedom of movement in that regard. I’m not a fan of players on their third team in five years. I’m not a fan of you know, the even though I understand why they gave extra COVID years now you’ve got some guys the classic John Belushi seven years of college down the drain. There is some dudes who like 2627 year olds still playing college basketball, that is absolutely nuts. But yeah, we I love the games. I love the spectacle. And there’s nothing better than the first few days of the NCAA Tournament in my opinion. NASTRAN

Nestor Aparicio  22:30

Well, Thursday, we’re gonna be up at Barstool Sports and Perico come on up and have have a hello, I have some copies of Purple Rain wanting to give them away. Stop by you can read about the Ravens integrity before they lost it. And so for me, here in Baltimore, we’re in the middle of like this giant Lamar Jackson thing like, and maybe it doesn’t feel like the biggest story in sports in DC or where you are you have your own issues down there with the baseball team, the hockey team, you have things going on, right? But here it feels so there’s nowhere I go where people don’t talk about it. And it does feel like when I put ESPN on our NFL Network, they’re talking about it inevitably, it’s just gigantic story that there’s feels like there’s no more oxygen for anything like the Orioles or Dan Snyder or even any other position on the team or even the draft, it’s five weeks away. It’s all the more all the time, DC I would say the Snyder thing and whatever the outcome of that is. I don’t know that it can be enormous again, or people are going to get back on the bandwagon or whatever. But I mean, y’all down there waiting for something. And in addition to Angelo’s with the baseball team to DCs a little it’s it’s a hostage sharing, it’d be a sports fan. It really is.


Dave Preston  23:42

It’s unfortunate if you want to look at a you’re a brand that just hears, I’m sure, maybe in business classes, you know, years from now, you know, graduate level courses, they’ll teach how to erode a brand. And you’ll see how the Oregon Eagle brand has been eroded for the last 25 years with Dan Snyder as the owner, it’s gone from when I moved to the area. You Ed, if you drove through the city at three in the afternoon, and the burgundy and gold were playing, nobody would be on them on the streets. You could go grocery shopping, you know, during a and no one would be there because this place bled for the Washington football team at the time in a way that the not many other markets did. And it really it was the loan team in the district for the longest time because the cap center was out in Landover Maryland, and the baseball team was was not in the area they moved to Texas. So for roughly 25 years, this was the loan show and it really united what is a Washington’s always been a transient area and it really united all three regions. So you know a little bit of Maryland. You’re around the district and obviously the DC and then Northern Virginia as well. You And it’s a shame how do a great advantage with squatter by the current ownership and I think a lot of people are through with the current ownership and they’re not going to get on board until there’s somebody new in place.

Nestor Aparicio  25:14

Well this owners meetings two weeks from now, you know since I got thrown out of the NFL I’ve been to those owners meetings for the last 20 years. This would be a spicy one to be attending right? It feels like we’re getting toward the end and and an end that everybody predicted but no one saw. Right.

Dave Preston  25:34

Yeah, and it’s just you look at the when you’re dealing with an NFL franchise you’re really beholden to these people. You know until with any pro sports team you’re behind it’s like being in a 19th century European kingdom and you know what, hey, we got a good K we got King Louie the 14th He’s awesome. Oh, we got King Louis the 16th he sucks or you know depending on you know who we’ve got her the Hapsburgs they’re crazy because of all the inbreeding or all the Kaiser is going to attack every other nation. It’s you’re really beholden to who the who owns the team, unfortunately. And in some ways we’ve benefited because Ted leonsis has been a stand up owner with the capitals and he’s been somewhat solid with the wizards trying to get them on the right track, but they’ve been an abject disaster we the Washington Redskins than the football team. Now, the commander’s and even though I didn’t come up with a comma comma comma comma commander’s song that really fell flat was the new Hail to the Redskins but never really worked.

Nestor Aparicio  26:37


Last time you’re roaming saying Moody Blues I’m not going to have that here this time. Back in Oklahoma commanders this Don’t make me break don’t make me break my classic rock belt buckle collection out on this oh you know I already broke Peter Frampton out here you know I broke out the Peter Frampton comes alive and then I’m in you to show what happens once you jumped the shark. You know like Oh, definitely the shark. It’s all over.

Dave Preston  27:01

They do feel like I do that. Oh, absolutely. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  27:05

absolutely. Yeah, show me the way every day. Yeah. Presto is the way to follow his magic out on Twitter and Dave Preston at W T O P you can listen to him out on the interwebs WT o As well and follow the awesome bracket comp and his his picks. So for Maryland man what a tough draw. Right? Like Yeah.

Dave Preston  27:31

Yeah, why the West Virginia there’s, I mean, Bob Huggins is a Hall of Fame coach for a reason. And he’s got that team playing really well in one of the toughest conferences in the country. So if not the toughest conference, you know, the big 12 which only has 10 schools, but that’s neither here nor there. So I think it’s good. If for some reason they’re able to be West Virginia, they’re likely going to face number one overall seed Alabama after had and just playing Alabama is tough. But two days after playing West Virginia, you don’t want to do anything for like a week after playing the mountaineers. So it’s a very difficult draw. If they get a win. That’s a victory. That’s a victory, I think for the program. And I think just making the tournament field in the first year under Willard is a victory for the program. I think moving forward. You want Maryland d expect to funnel for every year? No, but you’d like to get to the second weekend. And you’d like to get to Saturday in the big 10 tournament consistently like every other year, twice every five years or something along those lines. Mark Turgeon was on it was got to one sweet 16 in his tenure with the school, Gary Williams didn’t get to a sweet 16 After 2003 2003 I believe and had trouble getting to the second getting trouble getting to the semifinals of the ACC tournament. Because last couple years. I think he got to a one as last year after winning the ACC tournament. So the Maryland’s got a tough road ahead of it. I can’t not before we’re done, at least give a shout out to Howard University getting to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1992. Coach Kenny Blake D doing a fantastic job there. His name is going to be a hot name and coaching searches, if not this year, next year or the year after. I mean, this program has been absolutely awful. I mean, just and you know they they they had the nation’s leading scorer and James Daniels, and they still couldn’t have a winning record. So they’re and they have a tough draw against Kansas. So it’s a much better winter. It’s much better March this year than last year when for locals we were saying Richmond’s local yen and so as Delaware. Two places that are nowhere near Washington, just remember where


Nestor Aparicio  29:45

you’re on the air. You’re on the air on the home of Coppin State. You’re on the air the home at UMBC. We create miracles here in this city.

Dave Preston  29:53

It was a bummer to see Towson exit early this year and last because I thought the Tigers had a chance to do Something whether they were derailed by Delaware last year this year. They I thought they had they didn’t have the game but they had a chance to beat the College of Charleston the College of Charleston is going to be I’ve got them as my upset picking that bracket beating San Diego State and then giving Virginia some fits in the second round.

Nestor Aparicio  30:20

All right, brother Well, I hope to check back in with you I will be holding the cop ad on social media dad presto, as well as add on your Facebook. sharpening the cup again there Dave and

Dave Preston  30:30


subrace and bracket up boys and girls. Soon out obsession of actually it is

Nestor Aparicio  30:36

SABC super awesome bracket cup. It is March Madness. And you know it’s March and you are the madness day press and that’s all I could say. We didn’t even get any James Bond in here at no point is not this time. I did have a friend I did have a really good friend of mine. Go over to FU cat and they took a picture with the James Bond. Cool the plaque that’s there. You don’t yeah. My friend Brett did that last month it was pretty cool. Yeah,

Dave Preston  31:06

one of my friends big Bond fan he’s like he’s actually told me he’s like you know, I don’t view Live and Let Die and the Man with the Golden Gun as much as James Bond films, but as poorly edited Sheriff JW pepper films.

Nestor Aparicio  31:22

You know what Sheriff aw pepper is the laser lead.


Dave Preston  31:25

He’s the lead and there’s this Englishman showing up. I want to create W pepper footage together you’d have a series clip James awesome in that role that

Nestor Aparicio  31:34

boat ride in Thailand unforgettable What can I say about that? But I’m gonna get the food cat used to be you couldn’t say that on the radio, but it could be H. Preston his dad presto, you could find him at WT Opie, and anywhere. Nationals whining wizards whining capital’s falling apart. And the commander’s being sold off. That’s my cheap shot at the Washington people for winning and when we can’t win, so we maybe our baseball team will be better this year. Yeah. And

Dave Preston  32:05

one last thing the Cavs it’s it’s kind of a bummer this year seeing where they are. I think they missed the playoffs this year. I thought they were gonna miss it last year. They’re their core is getting old. Hopefully the moves that McClellan has made will set them up for next year in the year after because they can I think they can still with the roster properly set up make another run into the Cup playoffs with Alex Ovechkin. I hope that’s the case.

Nestor Aparicio  32:32


Yeah, I think I told you this. And if it weren’t gets back to Ted good. But I you know, Barry trots, by the way down in Nashville. Now as the GM, I have my Predator stuff in the back of the closet. You know, Ted promised me on the air that they would bring the Stanley Cup to Baltimore and celebrate it and they never did. And I was like, yeah, it never happened. And that’s kind of way not cool. And they did sneak it into Camden Yards as a favor to George Stamos and they snuck in into the underarmor facility and took some pictures with Kevin Plank. But like they didn’t, they did not put it down at the Inner Harbor for two hours and say, If you love the caps, come down and see the cop. They didn’t do that. And that that bothered me. They wouldn’t add to have a parade. They could have dragged it from Camden Yards to the football stadium and just had it on the walkway for an hour and I couldn’t come down there and take it. But I didn’t like that. And because I’m a Baltimore Cavs fan, a lifer from the beginning from Dennis Maruchan. You know, back in the day, so yes. And and I

Dave Preston  33:32

think you know, I mean, to be honest, you know, Baltimore has been, you know, there are a lot of people who come who we’ve been cooked to that franchise actually from when it was in Landover.

Nestor Aparicio  33:42

Yeah, I just I haven’t seen Ted I haven’t been down to his hockey rink. Matter of fact, I’ve sort of boycotted even like a Bon Jovi concert down there. I just would prefer to go to Philly or New York, not boycotting, but just how do you boycott? Jon Bon Jovi? That’s no no no, no, if Springsteen Springsteen’s playing down there next week, yeah, he’s playing here. I’m gonna go here you know, I’m saying you know,

Dave Preston  34:07

and then here’s your here’s a good Bon Jovi story for you. I convinced my when Slippery When Wet came out. My sister was 10 years old, she had the record, so she could read the liner notes and all this that and the other thing, the week before her birthday party, I was like, Oh man, Bon Jovi. They’re great. You know, you know, Jon Bon Jovi is the lead singer. Yeah, David, and I then convinced her that they were a group of brothers, because Jon Bon Jovi is the lead singer. Ron Bon Jovi is the guitarist Don Bon Jovi’s the bassist Sean Bon Jovi’s the drummer, and then there’s Horace Bon Jovi on the keyboards he’s adopted. She she was 10 years old Bonner to hook line and sinker the next week at her birthday party. She’s dancing with her friends to the record, and she’s like, wow, Don’s the best guitarist ever. They’re like, What are you talking about? It’s like Don Bon Jovi, the guitarist like No, no, that’s Richie Sambora. No, my brother said It is done they’re all brothers. No. And then you hear mom and then you hear David and I’m like yeah you know it’s her fault


Nestor Aparicio  35:08

chuck your little sister about Bob I can I can ensure their names right that’s genius proof a truth proof a truth at all times. And I do have a Bon Jovi belt buckle here just to make sure I like you get that yeah you know,

Dave Preston  35:24

Shawn for me by them remains runaway love it

Nestor Aparicio  35:27

Oh see that I was gonna say to you that there’s so many gems but slippery when wet. I love without love. Without love, right? Oh, that’s that’s that’s an underrated because anybody can say you know I love run away. My band did run away. That was a great great song. Absolutely. All right. Ah, you stay Preston. It always goes back to rock and roll even though it starts in sports. He’s in DC. I’m in Baltimore. And we’ve all learned to get along a little bit. At some point you need us to help you sell your franchise and I saw the young Angeles boy, you know with with our governor trying to curry favor. We’ll figure it all out at some point. We’ll figure this baseball thing out and people will come back again. I am Nestor. We are wn sta and 1570, Towson Baltimore getting you ready for the brackets and the basketball and our friends up at the Hollywood casino and Barstool Sports. We’ll see you on Thursday. Up with the Terps he’ll beat the mountaineers.

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