The case study of Lamar Jackson and his search for guaranteed money

The case study of Lamar Jackson and his search for guaranteed money Davenport
The case study of Lamar Jackson and his search for guaranteed money Davenport
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Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report tells Nestor that Lamar Jackson path has been fascinating case study for NFL quarterbacks, owners and NFL Players Association.


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Gary Davenport, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive, we are positively taking the Maryland crabcakes. We’re back out on the road. I’m getting the dates together into April and May I know we’re gonna be a cost. That’s the first week of April, celebrating 50 years of the Maryland lottery and the scratch offs. We got a few winners already with the old school, wishbone. Look at that format. It feels like the 70s all over again, whether they should our friends 8669 You nation, I’m wearing the shirt as well today. You buy two and you get two free. And by the way, two years 0% financing. That’s a pretty good deal. You my wife and I were talking about financing and cars and this and that. And by the way, Dennis will be Euro Thursday, two from three of the five driving you home from coons Baltimore Ford and when you get the breaking news that Lamar Jackson has signed something, something with that something something was somewhere. So we’re gonna be by our friends at coons for security Boulevard. So go look them up. I have abstained in recent weeks from opening up my rolodex and finding every Peter King and every Gary Gary Davenport and every Mike tenere and every Aaron shots, but I started to sort of unleash that after a couple of weeks of radio row memories after I was thrown out of the Super Bowl. This is a guy who’s been on many times from Bleacher Report. He is was really kind of a fantasy sports do and I was kind of wondering, with all this gambling we’re here doing now at the casino and I’m watching the Terps game and Hollywood casino and Barstool Sports on Thursdays the Terps take on West Virginia. The fantasy thing is that evaporated carriers like ours everybody just straight gambling now or was that sort of the the entryway drug

Gary Davenport  01:41

fantasy football’s as strong as ever? And then you’ve got you know, you’ve got DFS daily fantasy sports is kind of the gap between season long fantasy and just gambling on games. And then of course, Ohio just legalized sports gaming January 1. So you know, I’ve laid down a few shekels on a couple of games here and there.

Nestor Aparicio  01:59

How are you doing? I mean, you think you’re smart, right? We all think we’re smart. Like I’m doing this thing with Hollywood Casino. Luke and I are gonna pick games in September. So like I was really good at doing in the 90s and the like, so good that I had bookies and Sharpies, you know, back in the 90s and went to Vegas wanting to know what I thought of the Raiders defense this week in Vegas. I remember being with Marvin Lewis many, many years ago, and we were watching film with Jim Schwartz, new Browns defense coordinator when he was young, we were all young men. And Marvin said to me, I can’t believe people bet on this. Like I have no idea what’s going to happen. And I go, You know what I mean? So for you, the reason I reached the dudes like you and we’ll get the fantasy we’ll have a good time with the gambling and all that we have March Madness green beer. But this Lamar Jackson thing, bro, I see you writing about it on your Facebook. I see football people, Jason Cole, my 30 year friend. Every day he’s writing Lamar, Lamar, Lamar, I don’t sit here baked on NFL Network every day, or ESPN or anything like read Fox Sports, anything. But it feels like this is a really heavy story about the league race, ownership, collusion, value, guaranteed money, the Players Association, dude, it’s got all of the Spielberg plot on it.

Gary Davenport  03:15

Oh, absolutely. It’s just we’ve never this is an unprecedented situation. We have never seen an MVP quarterback just now entering the prime of his career for his team to just kind of dangle him out there like yeah, we want you to know our price, right? Sort of. So yeah, I mean, it’s just, it’s wild. I did, I never thought it would get to this. I thought either one, they’d work out a contract. Or two. If he did get the franchise tag, it would be the exclusive rights tag. And then if you want to trade him, I mean, you look at what the ustun got for Deshaun Watson three first plus, Russell Wilson, they got to first two seconds, and two or three players. The way this is one of them now, if they decide not to match that offer sheet, we’ve already gone for two first, which two first round picks is a lot. But it’s not a lot for a 26 year old MVP quarterback who is arguably the hardest individual player in the entire NFL to defend.

Nestor Aparicio  04:12

And you know what you get when you get rid of Lamar, you get $50 million of cap space now to go build your football team differently if if you no longer bought in. So where you thought and I think people on the outside and again they tried to they’ve tried to throw me out this year, although I’m so well sourced that they can’t even throw me out properly. But they tried like hell and keeping information away and things like that. Every part of this in the season to me from the holdout moving forward, felt like a business decision and negotiation. And it also felt to me very much like the Ravens were not wanting to marry him at a guaranteed price. It felt to me like the not having an agent thing was always going to be a problem. And I never were believed they were going to get it done. So I’m still of the mindset that if a week from Friday, they wind up giving him 172 million of guaranteed or some a number. That’s a substantial real, like, you know, Kyler Murray kind of number is the best number or somebody comes forward and they match $165 million over. I don’t think they would match a legitimate offer. And I think that whatever that fear is, I think a real offer that would supersede what, wherever they were 121 30 I don’t know if they’d match that at this point. I I think the Cincinnati thing I think the playoffs and I’m wondering how like you see it out in the middle of Ohio, when he’s not there on the sideline, waving a towel for a team that he’s trying to get $200 million from,

Gary Davenport  05:43

it’s not a great look. And again, you hit the nail on the head with not having an agent. That’s been a disaster for him. And we’re seeing that disaster play out. You know, the gap between the legal tampering period opens Monday at noon free agency opens Wednesday at four o’clock. If there is a team that’s interested these teams can call any other free agent they want or that free agents representative and talk to them and work out a contract and be ready to sign on the dotted line Wednesday for since Bill Maher doesn’t have an agent he can’t do that teams cannot reach out to him. It’s tampering until Wednesday at force. It’s just one more thing going against him. I do think I think there’s bad blood on both sides. At this point. I think him not having an agent has hurt in that aspect as well. Because when you got that agents kind of the buffer between the owner and the team, when the ownership makes an offer that the player thinks there’s lowball, then you’ve got the agent, they’re like, whoa, that’s actually just first offer. Let me do my job. Let me go to them. You know, we’ll work on it. I’ll get you the money. They don’t have that here. So I think you’ve got hurt feelings. I agree with you the Raven seem lukewarm at best when it comes to their commitment to Lamar. And that as they say in dodgeball, that’s a bold strategy, cotton. Let’s see if it works out for him. Because going back to that, well, they hit the jackpot with Lamar Jackson getting him with the last pick of the first round.

Nestor Aparicio  06:59

Do the jackpot if they give him $250 million. And he only plays three out of the next five seasons. And to your point. Once there’s bad blood that’s hard to backup off of for a young man of his caliber.

Gary Davenport  07:14

I have leaned this way for quite some time that he’s that he played his last game for the Ravens. And when they put that non exclusive franchise tag on him that just sealed it for me. I’m with you. I do not see him playing for Baltimore, in 2023 to me

Nestor Aparicio  07:29

now who’s just here to then carry the one the one I keep

Gary Davenport  07:31

coming back to Washington. I just I know they’re not interested in I know Sam houses guy bla bla bla bla bla, not the NFL teams would ever lie. No, of course not. You’ve got a team with an owner because either you know there’s one funny talk owners don’t want to give Lamar Jackson a fully guaranteed contract or a contract with a lot of guarantees after the Watson fiasco because that sets bad precedent. There’s one owner in the National Football League right now who could not care less what the other 31 owners think of him. And that’s the guy they’re forcing out the door, which Daniel Snyder it’s still his team now. So what’s to stop him? Washington’s a playoff caliber roster other than a massive hole at court, it would be for all the things Daniel Snyder has put fans of the Washington commanders through over the past what three decades, it would be the single nicest thing he has ever done for that team. bag of money.

Nestor Aparicio  08:29

Well, so you are a true believer in Lamar than you believe. He makes them a Super Bowl contender and and over the next five years we’ll I don’t see when the Super Bowl, but will lead them to whatever the promised land for a franchise like that. Right? That they start making the playoffs two or three years when a game or two playing a championship game. I’m not even laying will Lamar beat Patrick mahomes Show burrow from that conference going over. I would think it AFC team would look at it the way the Ravens look at it and say we have Lamar they have burrow. We have Lamar they have they have Josh Allen they have mahomes How are we navigating January the next five years? Is Lamar the guy to do that. Or is Lamar gonna run into linebackers or is Lamar going to slow down or is Lamar ever really going to be happy here? Because we had that kid here we kissed his ass. We gave him everything he wanted. He didn’t show up at OTAs last year. He’s holding up signs he’s embarrassing our owner our owner doesn’t like it. You know what I mean? Like Steve doesn’t like this at all. Like I you know what I mean? Holding the sign up in the in the alcove after a nationally televised gaming these were very unorthodox things that I think the Ravens imagined the Ravens Simon have to go back and renegotiate the way the Browns did with Deshaun Watson this week and get some money back for the cap like I think it’s, it’s it’s problematic and it’s been problematic all along. Now the problem is, well, where’s the suitor? Everybody thought the internet thought teams will be lining up from here to Seattle to sign him and everybody seems to have somebody in the seat, right? They all have a quarterback, but it doesn’t feel like there’s going to be a bidding war on Lamar Jackson.

Gary Davenport  10:24

I think an NFC team makes a lot more sense. Because like you said, the AFC is just so loaded with young quarterbacks right now. Herbert now and and mahomes and burrow and Deshaun Watson if he ever played like the Deshaun Watson, we saw before everything happened. The NFC I mean, there’s what, Jalen Hertz? How big a believer Are you in Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, there’s just not the kind of quarterback talent on that side of the bracket as there is in the AFC. So I think it would make more sense for a team on that side. And I don’t know that it’s necessarily going to take a five year deal at this point. You know, what if we’re talking about a three year deal that’s mostly or even fully guaranteed? You know, if I’m a team like Washington that hasn’t been relevant for ever, it’s me that’s worth a gamble. If you believe he, Lamar Jackson makes you a Super Bowl contender and in the NFC, I think he does.

Nestor Aparicio  11:20

She thinks so weird, because like you’d say they need to sell tickets, do they need to sell integrity? You know what I mean? They like that the integrity is the problem with that franchise. And if if saying we brought the most exciting player in the sport here, and again, it is so weird, because they’re trying to get him out in two weeks. They’re doing the owners meetings out and at the Biltmore and they’ll try to figure all that out. You know, the Colts. The Falcons wind up going in on Taylor, hi, Nikki, you know, the teams that want draft picks, I can never argue with that carry, you know what I mean? Like to me, if you’re Carolina, and you’re like, we’re just going to take a fresh kid out of the draft, instead of promising this kid $50 million. And he hasn’t played past Thanksgiving, in three years. You know, and it’s one one game after Christmas that’s mattered in his career, and he has a statue, and he thinks he thinks he’s gonna get Jay Z money. Like see, like, he just thinks it’s top of class, he needs to get the most money. And the cranky owners, the collusive owners, the lack of integrity owners, I’ll buy into all of that. I just think at this point, nobody’s given them to 32. Nobody’s given anybody through 32 Because the original sin for all of them is owners versus union. Suppress salaries at all costs. Start at the top, suppress the salary of the best guy and then work your way down.

Gary Davenport  12:51

Oh, absolutely. The owners living nightmare was the idea of a player not only getting $46 million in season, but getting $46 million a season fully guaranteed for five they don’t want to be baseball or basketball. Now I think they should I think NFL players should get fully guaranteed contracts, given what they put their body but that’s okay.

Nestor Aparicio  13:11

Maybe you saw Devin Hamblin on a stretcher. Maybe you’re right, Jack, right? Yeah.

Gary Davenport  13:16

But I understand Carolina. You know, you trade up for the first pick in the draft that means you have your choice in a pretty good quarterback class. You know, do you want and do you want to shoot me and go for Anthony Richardson? Do you want to go with the guy that probably looks like he has the highest floor in CJ Straub whatever you have options. I can even understand the Colts because they’re sitting at four maybe they’ll have a choice of two guys it depends on whether or not someone trades up to Arizona spot because there’s no document to coordinate and Lana I don’t know what the hell the Falcons are doing span like crazy in free agency over the first couple days, handed out big contracts left and right. And then decide that we’re gonna have our franchise led by Taylor Hi, Nikki or doesn’t matter. I just one step forward to

Nestor Aparicio  14:01

Hey, get a win playoff games that way.

Gary Davenport  14:03

Now, how are you going to win that division that way? And it’s not a good division. I mean, it’s a division where the saints are probably the favorite with Derek Carr. And once I tell you, you get a decent quarterback, you can win that division.

Nestor Aparicio  14:15

Gary Davenport is here. I brought him on to talk a little fantasy and it’s March Madness. We’re gonna be watching the Terps up at Hollywood casino and I’m sort of getting into the vibe of all of this free agency above and beyond Lamar. I take care. I’ve had great guests on all week Peter King came on. There’s no oxygen to talk about Derek Carr or Tyler Hanna key or you know Jalen hertz and how that sees. It’s all Amar Lamar here and so many people are watching it and I mentioned the Players Association and their role in all of this and him not having an agent. I don’t know that they’ve done him any favorites.

Gary Davenport  14:54

Absolutely done. It’s this whole saga with Lamar Jackson has been In just a living nine foot tall, neon glowing example of why players need representation at every step along with because, you know, we’ve heard plenty or this whole standoff about you know, what was offered and what Lamar wants and lalalala. How much of that do we really know is true. And I can guarantee you 80 plus percent of what we have heard, and what has been leaked to the media has come from one side. And it’s not Lamar Jackson, because you know, the Ravens have a PR staff, the Ravens have all kinds of experience dealing with media, crafting and narrative. It’s another one of those things that you need an agent and representation and a team so that they can do that for you.

Nestor Aparicio  15:45

I think the Ravens have done a terrible job of whatever the narrative is, right? I mean, the narrative is, to anybody who’s been watching, they don’t, they’re not in love with the kid. For whatever reason, whenever the door shuts over there, it’s certainly not the play on the field. But it could be the tolerance for not being available January.

Gary Davenport  16:05

Oh, yeah, the best. The best ability is availability. And all those Miss games over these past couple seasons have hurt but I don’t know. Maybe I’m just an eternal optimist. But I look at some of the things Jackson could do when he is healthy. And then look at some of the starting quarterbacks around the NFL and I’m like, Wait, you don’t want that guy you rather be Taylor. Hi, Nikki. Really? It’s not like we haven’t seen Taylor Heinicke he play a pretty good sized samples. I mean, at least doesn’t return something of an unknown. He’s only started a few games. Taylor, hi, Nikki’s. Okay, on a good

Nestor Aparicio  16:42

day, trying to hit that Geno Smith thing or hit that Kurt Warner thing or? I mean, look, the Ravens with Flacco and with Lamar have drafted two capable winning quarterbacks without having the 123 or four pick, right? Like literally the end. That’s all the more reason I know their ego and I know who they are, that they’d be like, this kid’s not hold my franchise up, right? Like we’re not going to be held hostage by our quarterback. So if he thinks he’s holding the franchise hostage, we that’s not the kind of kids that’s a leader here for us. That’s the way I looked at it all along. And the way I looked at it for them was hardball and to cost them jobs for life. Joe Douglas and Robert St. Louis do not in most organizations. They don’t I mean, in Cleveland, I mean, let’s be honest, Deshaun Watson is gonna get stabbed nasty fire, right? I mean, that’s just the way this works. In the end, when the quarterback has to wonder million dollars guaranteed money in the end, he’s going to outlive the coach around here. It doesn’t work that way. And the kumbaya of the trust of the shotty and hardball. And d’acosta makes this different because the Ravens will march on I mean, they’ll just create a narrative and say he didn’t want to be here. We love him. We’ll take the pigs. We invested all we could he wasn’t available in January. We love him, but wish him well in city X. But most franchises couldn’t do this and get away with it.

Gary Davenport  18:15

Well, we don’t know the bottom we’re going away with the data and what happens if there’s no real offer sheet? What happens if he winds up playing in 2023? Under the salary tag for a team? I mean, under the franchise tag for a team that has already essentially said hey, we don’t want it. I mean, how uncomfortable and awkward is the season going to be at that point?

Nestor Aparicio  18:34

Well, how about when they draft a quarterback and they draft that’s embedded on you know, in the sixth round on, you know, I mean, all that could be coming down the pipeline as well. Gary Davenport is here he covers the National Football League for Bleacher Report. Were you outside of Lamar because you really do cover the whole league. Where’s your oxygen? What else are you thinking and looking at? As we enter this period, some money’s getting spent and to your point, quarterbacks are finding seats. Look man, we all you’re gambling out in Ohio on the Barstool Sports. What do the Ravens look like if they wake up next Thursday without Lamar Jackson? And with a couple of drops? I mean, what who plays what what would what would the Ravens look like without him this year?

Gary Davenport  19:14

You know a lot depends on what those draft picks look like. That’s another thing that you got to factor in the equation if say Indianapolis it turns out that Jimmer say secretly last Saturday when Mark Jackson and the Colts make an offer in Baltimore to match it. You’re getting the fourth overall pick. There’s a new quarterback right there. You’re gonna get one of Richardson Stroud, younger lettuce. Great. You know, if it’s Washington, you’re talking about a pick outside the top three of team at that point, I don’t I mean, even some of the like bridge starters have a lot of those have already dried up signed other places like Jameis Winston is headed back to New Orleans for another year. And Mike White signed to be a backup in Canada.

Nestor Aparicio  19:58

Oh man, you just said bread starter man we haven’t said bridge starter here since Jeff Blake

Gary Davenport  20:08

did Tyler Huntley, I guess becomes your Yeah, he would be the bridge. Right? Right. It would it’s

Nestor Aparicio  20:16

the range with Todd Monken want to jump off?

Gary Davenport  20:21

If you know the Ravens have a great history of stability as a franchise, and that’s why because it Harbaugh have the kind of clout that a lot of teams would just be pressured into giving Lamar Jackson what he wanted because oh my god, we can’t be the guys who let Lamar Jackson walk out the door. But I stood it is a risky move by Baltimore. It’s not that easy to go out there and find guys like Lamar Jackson. I mean, as a fan of the Cleveland Browns I watched him swing at so many quarterbacks. I mean everyone seen that picture of the Browns quarterback jersey with the tape hanging off the back

Nestor Aparicio  20:56

I was in Cleveland watching every one of them which one do you want? You want Delaford Garcia Spurgeon, when what do you want? Give me one Gary, you want my couch?

Gary Davenport  21:05

My first ever fantasy draft in 2004. I drafted Jeff Garcia and the third round was not my shining moment. And it’s nice

Nestor Aparicio  21:17

to me over the years, but I wouldn’t want them on my fantasy team, especially if I were a guy like you bragging about my fantasy acumen.

Gary Davenport  21:23

And if you like we’ve already said the AFC is so loaded with quarterbacks if you don’t have that guy, the odds that you’re going to be able to make a deep playoff run are slim to none. It’s just not going to it’s not like the NFC where a San Francisco 40 Niners it’s loaded on defense and you know has some skill position talent which is another thing with the Ravens I mean people talk about their struggles with our Jackson just had throwing the ball there are they ever gonna get a receiving quarter that can help carry a bridge starter because I mean you gotta so so quarterback throw into bottom five wide receiver group gonna be a lot of running the ball if you want to move it and it’s going to put them behind and I don’t know that it’s a hole that they’re going to be able to do. It’s gonna take them two, three years probably to dig out of the hole.

Nestor Aparicio  22:10

They’re going to find some old tapes in the 90s when I was nasty, nasty tricks to have a keyboard here with sound effects open a beer for you I could do all that stuff. I had this the sound that was kind of like from the Family Feud, where the big red X we go and every time you say bridge starter I want to hit the button. Gary Davenport is here from Bleacher Report. Follow him and fantasy and daily fantasy and Fantasy Island and you know all those things. Be my fantasy girl all them y’all all the great songs. So Ohio your browns. Dude, it’s so weird for me. Like I was thinking to go into Pittsburgh this weekend to see John Mayer and Mike Tomlin and I were texting him. They could Pittsburgh, Baltimore football rivalry, all that stuff. Cleveland always thinks that there’s something and they stink. And all of a sudden we’re all looking up at the Bengals and saying oh, they got the best player right? I mean, we can we all admit that. And I sense this northern Kentucky southern Ohio thing of this and we saw it here in Baltimore when everything was a purple Tent City and everything was being sold with Ray Lewis on it 20 years ago it was all new and fresh and shiny. Boy it feels like the Bengals are in some way a rejuvenated franchise even though it still says Mike Brown above the door

Gary Davenport  23:22

Yeah, but I’m they’re headed for some tough decisions of their own as we just saw on the first day of the legal tampering period. Both are starting safeties, Jesse Bates and Vaughn Bell left side big deals with the bell wins Carolina Bates went through Atlanta. And you know, Joe burrows had didn’t see them for which means he’s eligible for an extension. And, you know, we’re talking about all the money Lamar Jackson wants, how much is that? What’s that burrow deal gonna look like? I mean, you’re probably Joe

Nestor Aparicio  23:49

burrow hit the market this week on a $32 million. Give me Give me your number one’s

Gary Davenport  23:58

the Wednesday at four o’clock.

Nestor Aparicio  24:02

And his agent would have been on Monday pitting one against the other and he might have $232 million. A guarantee might might I don’t know, you know,

Gary Davenport  24:11

he might, he might still wind up with $232 million guaranteed if he goes to the Bengals and say I want a fully guaranteed contract. What can they really do other than say, okay, he’s taken him to a Super Bowl and to within a game of the Super Bowl. He’s a southern Ohio

Nestor Aparicio  24:26

key better not screw that up. Right. I mean, seriously, I don’t

Gary Davenport  24:30

think even Mike Brown could screw that up. And I mean, he

Nestor Aparicio  24:34

put I mean, you wouldn’t say that about Lamar, right? I mean, injuries, money, guaranteed money, feelings, what my value is where I’m happy. I mean, borough looks happy in Cincinnati. He looks happy being a, you know, the big guy in the middle of a place that has never had one. And

Gary Davenport  24:53

he’s a hometown kid. He’s from Athens, Ohio, which is about 45 minutes north of Cincinnati. college towns where Ohio University is at. So I mean, he’s playing in front of the hometown team, his family gets to come to the game to every home game every week. Yeah, it’s a perfect situation for him. But that doesn’t mean that when contract time comes around, he’s still not going to want to bag a case. Because if I was true, bro, I don’t want to get paid. Well, they

Nestor Aparicio  25:17

certainly have done things around him to try to help him win, right to your point with the wide receivers and protecting him. And we’re the offensive line was in the Super Bowl a year and a half ago. And you know, it’s hard and Patrick mahomes is good. And Josh Allen’s good and the bills are good, and they’re gonna get better. And who’s going to get better this week? And if the Ravens give Lamar Jackson a billion dollars and sign him, have they gotten better, no, they’ve gotten to God and been available. So I don’t know that the perception of the Ravens even changes to who they kept Lamar now they can win a little bit for a while until he gets hurt or, you know, ages out or whatever you would say about it. But the other side of that is, oh, Lamar is a cold or a commander, well, who the hell is gonna quarterback them? And we think the ravens are cocky enough arrogant enough to say, we’ll draft a quarterback. We did okay with the Flacco kid. You know, you’ll talk about Brian Billick and Chris Redman and Kyle bowler. That was so Phil savage ago, you know, they’ll just say that was 17 years ago. You know what I mean? They’ll just say, that’s not, we’re two for two on quarterbacks. Give us the draft picks. We’ll go play. Rich. You got me saying, you and and we’ll go. We’ll march forward. And because because we’re not the browns, we’re not the Bengals. I’m Eric de Costa. He’s John Arbol. We’re Steve Ashati. We know we will. And maybe they’ll take their lickin this year. I don’t know maybe that would be the penalty of not being hamstrung for five years. But shoddy be like I don’t want to be stuck with that kid for five years on guarantee. I just don’t I don’t want him. I want something else. And it costs me for a minute. Because that’s the way these guys think man they do. They really do.

Gary Davenport  27:03

I’m, I’m pretty sure come Wednesday at four o’clock at night then then shortly thereafter, we’re going to see an offer sheet. So it’s going to be fascinating to see what other NFL teams are willing to pay Jack’s. And much like with Watson last year, it only takes one. It only takes one Jimmy Haslam to kick in Andrew berries off in store and say go get that guy. I don’t care what it comes, which is what happened last year, because you know, Cleveland was out of it. Shawn Watson was not gonna go to Cleveland, it was either gonna be Carolina, Atlanta or New Orleans. And then all of a sudden it was Cleveland. And the reason for that $230 million in guarantees.

Nestor Aparicio  27:42

And they had cap space, and they were desperate desperation. creates a different circumstance, right?

Gary Davenport  27:48

Oh, absolutely. Especially when, you know, Cleveland’s been back with 25 years and the quarterback play has been mostly, I mean, Baker Mayfield is the highlight of those 25 years. So what’s that tell you?

Nestor Aparicio  27:59

Well, and to my point with these arrogant men and Owings Mills, they’re not desperate. They’re arrogant, but they’re not desperate. They’re egotistical, but they’re not going to lose a battle, and they’re not going to lose a battle, then they lose the war. If they felt like Lamar was their guy and their chance and they’re all in, it would feel different to me, it should feel different to Lamar. And if Lamar was all in, I think they’d feel differently about him. And that’s the strangest thing of a kumbaya, them getting together after watching all this, that he could be their quarterback two weeks from now. Like, I don’t think there’s a you know, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility at this point it to your point, it could be a $32 million, and you’re taking or leave it or hold at or, you know, hold us hostage, do whatever you’re gonna do. I just don’t know that the Ravens wants so much uncertainty. I think they want certainty after having so much uncertainty.

Gary Davenport  28:52

Oh, I I agree with I think that when they put through the non exclusive franchise tag a little more, their hope was that someone would make a reasonable enough offer that they can refuse it without looking cheap. Because you know, if someone comes out and then there’s a offer for, you know, three years 105 million with 80 million guaranteed that’s best offer you get on the open market, then the Ravens kind of have to match it. Given what they allegedly already offered him. I think they’re hoping that someone will go, you know, for 165 with 115. Guaranteed and they can say no, that’s too rich. Right. Let’s give us a bit.

Nestor Aparicio  29:32

All right. Well, Gary, I love getting your insights. I’m sorry, I didn’t try to track you down at some point because I don’t see you at Superbowls. A lot of people I saw it Super Bowls. I tried to sort of your track down afterward, because I didn’t go this year. But I didn’t talk a lot of football outside of market the last month or two. But it’s been really interesting seeing people’s and hearing people’s perspectives and following your work and on social media and seeing like, oh, everybody’s talking about Lamar. It’s not just us. So hey, man, I appreciate you confirming that

Gary Davenport  30:00

Oh, I’d much rather talk about Lamar Jackson situation and Aaron Rodgers. Just make up your mind here and just pick this pick

Nestor Aparicio  30:08

up take him out on a peyote farm right there somewhere else John. Kerry Davenport. You know, just don’t don’t eat the green pills or the shrooms or whatever this stuff there. I don’t know what they’re doing. I just hope he comes to a conclusion. And I like Joe Douglas. I want things to end well for him. So I am on Team J ETS jets, jets jets. Hey, take care of yourself. I’ll see you further up down the line and maybe after draft we’ll get together and assess all of our report cards. Oh, anytime, sir. All right. We’ll see if Lamar Jackson’s our quarterback on May 1 or not. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We’re going to Maryland crabcakes. We’re back out of the represented by the Maryland lottery as well as our friends at window nation. And we’re going to be watching a little bit of basketball up at the Hollywood casino and the Barstool Sports book on Thursday with the Terps Go Terps Marilyn we’re all behind you

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