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After another million dollar winner this week, John Martin of The Maryland Lottery educates us on the Megaplier and ways our state wins if you hit the big Mega Millions jackpots that is about to reach a billion dollars this weekend.


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John Martin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn s t just a little more. At Baltimore positive it is our 25th anniversary around here. We’re doing the Maryland crabcake tour and bring it back on board. I you know the other day I said it’s on hiatus. Not true. I was going to like just knock it for the whole month of October but I found a Friday where I don’t think the Orioles can play it’s Friday the 13th We’re hoping to at least get it in that day. I drug city I’m wearing my fountain shirt. And I’ll be giving away the Ravens scratch offs as well. We’ll be up on the second floor, our friends at window nation and Jiffy Lube, multi care involved. If you are hearing my voice and and 1570 or finding this adult Baltimore positive, you’ll know that Tuesday night was quite a momentous night in the history of Baltimore sports. I mean, you remember where you were when Jerry Turner died, you remember where you were when Johnny Unitas died are Donovan or weaver and certainly the loss of Brooks Robinson in the middle of all of this. So I’m trying to pay proper tribute and keep focused on all things. John Martin is here from the Maryland lottery as he comes each and every week. And there’s no segment I’m going to do here, John for a little while. I’m going to chase down Greg Missoni and Doug DeSantis. And people that I know we’re going to come on, but everybody felt like they knew Brooks. And you’re probably a great example of this because you’re the Executive Director of the Maryland lottery. You’re here. You’ve been here a number of years. You know what it means, but you didn’t grow up here. But even you probably feel like you know, Brooks Robinson, right.


John Martin  01:25

I will tell you as a young lad in Cleveland, Ohio, collecting baseball cards, the only player I knew in the Baltimore Orioles lineup was Brooks Robinson. And he of course over the years prior to my coming here, has worked with Maryland lottery from from time to time. Somewhere in these hallowed halls is a thanks to the Maryland lottery bat Brooks Robinson model signed by Brooks himself. I’m sure it will be properly displayed over the next several days so that all can can come in and look at it one last time. But I feel the loss. You know, every every major city every every team in baseball has an iconic person who is above the others in Boston, I’m sure it’s Ted Williams in Cleveland. It’s Bob Feller in in Baltimore. It certainly is Bruce Robinson.

Nestor Aparicio  02:17

Well, it’s just amazing. For me. My last name is Aparicio obviously my cousin came here and played here. I wound up here born here in 68. Because of all of this, and Brooks was always so magnanimous with me, and I’ll be telling stories about the night I was in O’Hare Airport when I was syndicated back at the turn of the century. And I got on a plane and it was united plane and I’m walking into the back and Brooks is sitting on the aisle in a two seater not first classroom is back in coach but not far back. And this is probably the day for you can even smoke in the back Crazy, right? The old planes and Brooks sees me and you know, he looks up from his glasses because he’s reading and he’s left handed. He wrote left handed, but he was right handed right example that’s yours, right? Or amphibious? As they said the NCAA tour was a long time ago. Brooks was purchased in February and I can do everything else. He was a vacuum cleaner. But he says I see saying where are you sitting partner? I said back in 23 Beat No, no, no. He goes sit up here with me. We’re gonna ride together. And like, next thing I know, I’m four hours at Brooks Robinson on a plane plane got delayed. I was happy. I’m like a man. But Brooks. It’s all good. You know. But Brooks came and did the show with me. He was And this speaks to your sponsorship in the Maryland lottery. People that have supported me my company, Crown central petroleum in the early 90s. That marketing director there took a shine to me. They had Brooks and Brooks came in did shows with me courtesy of Crown Central and it was really important to Henry Rosenberg when the baseball strike happened in 94. And you know, Peter, you can go read the Peter principles about everything that happened then. But that baseball strike in 94 to 95 really affected the game of baseball, right? And Ripken was about to break the streak. And cow was literally and this is so Henry right. This speaks to great leadership that we you know, you know what great leadership looks like that that Henry put Brooks on my show ran him down to Hooters. I did the show live at Hooters. There’s even some technical glitches and things that happened. I’m given the phone number. And the tapes that I found that we’ve been airing from this Brooks cane to sort of save baseball, he wanted to go on and say baseball still great, because this is two weeks after the strike early 95, like May of 95. But the season didn’t start until like May of 95 because of the strike. And Brooks came out and did this whole thing about loving baseball and given Phil Regan a chance and getting back in support. And that’s you know, and it was just sort of like all the memories I found have just been it’s been like a lottery to me. I mean, like I know, we feel great to win $750 million, John, but I felt like I found the lottery this morning when I found Brooks Robinson did a bumper for me, where we’re doing the show together. In the middle of the show, I said, I think it shows this is my 27 year old nasty nester, 1995 and getting cocky with Brooks. And I’m like, I think this show is going pretty well. I think we should do this more often. And Brooks says to me, I’ll come by every night we’ll call it the Brooks and Nestor show Nestor, you know, and I’m like, and it’s in his voice, and I found that this morning, and I’m like, Ah, so I so I played it. And I feel like it’s got to be the same endorphin that you feel that when when you win $10 $50 When you win the lottery, you get that that that emotion of like, Oh, that was kind of fun. You know, that’s a little roller coaster ride today, you know for me.

John Martin  05:39

Yeah, I’m, I’m sad. I never had a chance to meet the man but clearly everyone that I’ve talked to and I think Jim Palmer’s live emotional tribute yesterday was which I’m going through right now. Yeah, I mean, yeah. How anyone even even a native Clevelander how anyone can’t listen to that and feel an emotional attachment it would be beyond me but

Nestor Aparicio  06:05


the Orioles by the way your you do business with the Orioles while I get myself organized here. I’m opening the gates to let people come down. That’s awesome.

John Martin  06:15

Oh, absolutely. I mean, how well you know, people are going to come down anyway. So so why not make it easy? Why not make it a good a positive experience? Why not let people memorialize grieve cheer. I mean, clearly this is going to be a celebration and going into the playoffs. You know you can say oh my god what a terrible time Well, I don’t know I you know, there’s no there’s no time. It’s a good time for something like this, but

Nestor Aparicio  06:41

I have two statues. How about that? How about they’re gonna give LeBron two in Cleveland? I don’t know. I don’t know but like Brooks has to within a block of each other and then you can go to like Babe Ruth do their stuff there. I just sports is so important to us. John and I gave a speech. The other day to the rotary the day Brooks died. I was at the rotary at Cafe G a free plug beautiful meal, spoke to the local Rotary Club about what this feels like. Why the lotteries in business with sports why I created a sports radio station, why we give owners $600 million. That some comes from the lottery funds to keep sports here to give us a chance to put the lights on to have playoff games to have an AFC Championship game here one day. It’s just during the course of my life. My last name is Aparicio. So I come here honest, as a sports guy, but sports is really important, John, it is.

John Martin  07:36

It absolutely is. And we’re fortunate enough. And I’ll tell you some, there are some sports fans who who likes to dabble once or twice in the lottery and and we were appreciative for that and just kind of bridge the gap. Now a little bit over to the Ravens side of the ledger. You know, last week we announced our first winners on our annual ravens travel with the team contest and there’s three here. You got to play these tickets, right? Yeah, yeah. And those non winning tickets are entered into a drawing and last week, Dale Robinson from Gwynn Oak, Maryland is one of two lucky winners. The second will be announced next month. But Dale’s on his way to Jacksonville with the team on the plane, too, participate in that Doug calls


Nestor Aparicio  08:21

him Doug calls him and says What are you doing that second, third weekend? holiday plans or anything like that, you know, that’s the way this works,

John Martin  08:31

right? No, absolutely. Absolutely. And there were other winners as well you know, to me And check out our winner’s profiles on

Nestor Aparicio  08:38

feeling I had right here when Brooks Robinson said we should do a show together.

John Martin  08:44


Exactly. We also had a for our first finalists and our end of the season. win season tickets for 20 years promotion. That will happen in February after the after the Super Bowl, Heather Eamon from Suitland, Maryland is the first entrant into our final drawing for season tickets for 20 years. So Heather and Dale had a good week last week. Actually, I guess it was this week. Do you lose track of time it was earlier this week, they were both selected. And, you know, fun promotion?

Nestor Aparicio  09:13

How much more time do we have? Is there still another Jacksonville drawing or no?

John Martin  09:17

Yes, yes. Next month in October? Well, it gets your entries in by the 22nd of October and you will be eligible for the second of two Jacksonville trips, and then we’ll continue drawing each month. The season tickets are 20 years finalist, up through the end of December and then get ready for for a post playoff selection on that. And if you

Nestor Aparicio  09:37

didn’t win, you can still I mean, I gave some of these out of Coco’s. Two weeks ago, we had some winners by the way. There’s been a little bit of a lucky bet, by the way, I gotta tell secrets about that that are on the air about Ross, because was going over to Coco’s last week. Oh, boy, this


John Martin  09:51

is gonna hurt me, isn’t it? No, this

Nestor Aparicio  09:53

is a this is a great story of serendipity. Ross was coming over and I had guests and my wife’s always like, Hey, who’s coming in? Well, Unlike whoever wants them, whenever they show up, we don’t do it live. And that’s why this whole Brooks Robinson thing running live radio with cables and traffic reports and top of the hour. Like we just sit and where it’s come we eat Coco shrimp and we do our thing. And Roz came a little early. Earlier, I had kitchen issues with the staff that was doing a segment with me, a brother sister that worked there that have worked there for a decade telling the neighborhood story. They’re big sports fans, great people, they make the crabcakes. So Roz was sort of waiting patiently. And the whole time I had Max Weiss from a Baltimore magazine, and it had received sports cartoonist extraordinaire is one of my he’s my co host with a k a Coco’s because he lives in the neighborhood. And so they were departing, and I had a special guest and she is the biggest diva it really in the world and house music, but in sort of our part of the world, alternate day, who was at the paradox, 30 years free had a number one single, I know we’re sort of okay, but she’s never done the show with me. And she was texting me in traffic coming across town. And I never mentioned anybody she was coming on the air because she texts me late the night before and said, Hey, I want to come over and have a crab cake. I want to do your show. And I’m like, you know, like bucket list bolts was coming, but I didn’t promote it. And as Roz is waiting, I like I had a break. I went to the bathroom. I come out. I look at Roz and ultra walks in. And I don’t know that Roz danced all night that the paradox 25 years ago and loves alternate never met Ultra and like grabbed her phone and had to get a selfie because she’s thought Ultra was coming in for crabcake. And I’m like, no Ultras, my guest and you’re gonna have to sit down and do the show with us. She’s like, I don’t know if I can do the show with Oprah. And it turned out okay. I mean, because Ultra, and I kept her calm. She promoted a lot. We did all the things we needed to do. But Ross had a good time and a great crabcake. And that’s been on the air here all week. John Martin.

John Martin  11:58

That’s a great story. I love that I love I’ve got more great stories for you want to hear a couple of neighborhoods stories? I bet they are right. Well, you know, sort of I mean, we had last night was a Mega Millions drawing and there was no top prize winner. So the Mega Millions jackpot will continue to roll on. It will be at $267 million. The next time they kick that off on on Friday. But we did have 210 $1,000 Winners Nestor, one in Forrest Ville, Maryland, Forest Hill, Maryland at Freddy’s liquor, that’s in Prince George’s County, and another at a giant store in silver spring, which of course we montgomery county, both these folks won a $10,000 Prize, but neither of them had the Megaplier ticket. That multiplier that kicks in last night’s Megaplier was four, which means they left 30 grand behind. So I’m going to give the following Public Service Announcement Nestor on behalf of all players who are listening, I

Nestor Aparicio  12:55


can tell you my wife did this it cost this Saturday, she went to the machine and she said I need an extra dollar because literally because I had because she had gone to the farmers market we had some dollars she stuck him she said I need a couple dollars because I gotta make apply. So she did do it.

John Martin  13:10

So here’s here’s the part that you know, we talked about responsible gaming and that’s a wonderful thing. And of course we encourage responsible play. But part of responsive play is no the game know the odds. So let me give you some some numbers here not to not to overwhelm you. But is this the

Nestor Aparicio  13:24

Orleans or some zillions?

John Martin  13:29

So the odds of winning the top price and everyone plays for the top prize right? Tonight’s drawing for Powerball as we record this is $835 million, which is a separate story. But we’re talking about as good as


Nestor Aparicio  13:40

the Brooks bumper.

John Martin  13:42

No, no steal second. Behind it, though. So so the Megaplier the odds of winning the big prize for $267 million dollars is one in 302,000,001 in 302 million and it costs you $2 for that ticket. For an extra buck. You can play a Megaplier which multiplies your winnings for everything below the jackpot. The next eight tears as we call them get multiplied that number could be a 234 or five, that only cost you a buck and the odds of winning any cash prize is one in 24. But players don’t do that players rather buy another ticket with odds of one and 302 million because they think two is better than one. Sometimes it is but not when the odds are 302 million it isn’t. Take that book, put one in your pocket play the Megaplier your total spend is $3 and you may over the course of time actually make a few bucks on the deal.

Nestor Aparicio  14:43

Okay, I understand. You just gave me the fine print that gibberish Yes, it’s just there’s eight there’s eight other tears so somebody’s gonna win 800 million or so whatever school teachers that put together their money or whatever, you know, whatever. Bus driver You know, give me anything right? So that person wins the big or that group or three people have the winner, which seems more rare that there’s five winners with these billion dollar jackpots. Lately, it feels like it’s one banana, and it’s that hard to win. And that’s part of the gaming of it. The next thing down, is that a million dollar prize if you match six, but not like I’m good for you, Stan? Yes. Is it 100 million? Because I don’t know, because you talked about 10,050. That’s real money that but I’m wondering like, is there something life changing for finishing? Like in second place?

John Martin  15:33


Absolutely. You go to MD, for all of the details on price structure and probabilities. And it’s written in English. So if I’ve confused you, you can actually look at it there. But you’re right, the second prize, which is meaning, you win five of the white balls that are selected, but you did not get the Mega Ball. That’s a million dollar prize. And if you had the Megaplier, that can be multiplied 2345 times, depending on

Nestor Aparicio  15:59

if you go from 1 million to 4 million lat last night, it would have been 4 million everybody was a winner. Exactly. That’s a big deal. I mean, in the next 20 To 30 to 40. That hurts me, it really does. But knowing is is a whole different structure, right?

John Martin  16:13

Yeah. And again, you know, the odds of any prize winning cash money is one in 24, not 24 million, won in 24. So that’s a that’s $1 well spent, as opposed to trying to chase a 302 million to one odds to win the top prize. So just understand the game, understand the odds, play responsibly. You don’t need to pay me and buy more than one ticket to win. But but have some fun at the same time. People are gonna have some fun tonight with Powerball $835 million. It is the fourth largest Powerball drawing of all time, going back to caveman era, all time.

Nestor Aparicio  16:49

See this thing. And this is where I pull back the you know, I get down to Yellow Brick Road, pull the curtain back on the wizard John Martin, by the way, the executive director that’s here and saying your whole agency you and 50 other agencies, you know, are like every guy like you and every communications director. If if that ticket was sold at the ROFO on Providence road, you pick the camp out begins first thing at midnight, first two in the morning, whenever you figure out that the winner comes from here. And there’s a benefit to the state. And there’s money. We’ve talked about that. But it really is sort of it gets exciting for lottery agencies, right that it could it could be in Maryland, it could be you could be in Lona coning in the morning or Cumberland or


John Martin  17:29

Ocean City. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, yeah, hopefully anywhere from Ocean City to to Oakland, as I like to say, you know, east to west and everywhere between north to south, we do hope in Maryland wins because at $835 million, the state of Maryland would get a nice hefty tax payment of $34.9 million. And that’s that’s newfound money. If that were to be the case, but but we hope people play responsibly as always understand the odds. I’m not gonna go into the Powerball numbers are slightly different. They’re slight variations. Maybe we’ll save that for another session. But again, be 1.3

Nestor Aparicio  18:03

million by next week. We’ll do it that way. How about that? Would that be nice, wouldn’t it be me is my wife can’t win tonight. So that’s like John Martin is here. September we haven’t talked sports wagering we’ve talked Brooks Robinson, we’ve talked certainly crabcake tours and give it away right ravens and people getting into this. But you know, I guess sports wagering at this time, we’re sort of on skates now for doing it. And I have my partners in Hollywood casino coming on every week and I’m making my pics and I got taught my lesson last week I got all cocky. You know, I was 21 attended to and and then you know that I hit a road bump and week three, and I’m not playing with money. I mean, not picking games. Telling people about the responsibility of all of this and letting them know 234 weeks into this. This can be a lot of fun. And I’m seeing lots of people have fun with it. Really. Oh my timeline everywhere with Aaron Rodgers and injuries and the Ravens and they’re not playing so well. And like all the things that go into making my show fun sports, radio fun going to the games fun and now wagering fun, but you don’t want to lose sight of the responsibility for people.

John Martin  19:07

It is easy to get caught up in the prop bets and the the commercials that that make that look wonderful. Again, it comes down to my the same public service announcement give you on the Mega Millions. Know the game you’re playing understand the odds that anytime you add a second bet to a first bet, and you’ve got to parlay. It doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win both. So if you’re going to do parlay betting, if you’re gonna do prop betting in game in play betting, understand that those things are not skewed in your favor. And I can see that

Nestor Aparicio  19:44


track playing Daily Doubles and exact is right there you go.

John Martin  19:47

There. It’s not a new concept again, going back to the caveman era when the dinosaurs were running around the track. Yeah, John, I’m

Nestor Aparicio  19:56

blown away by how sophisticated it is right. And all the Hokey Pokey 20 years ago where people were calling me about Costa Rica this and online that and illegal stuff that was going on the fact that this is now under a tent, we’re doing it on the up and up as we would say, but it is difficult to do, right and there’s a science behind all of it. And and I I see in the machinations of that this is a very, very sophisticated thing going on.

John Martin  20:23

It is and it’s not meant to squelch anybody’s fun and enjoyment of the game so I understand for example, for instance people tell me that this weekend there may be two teams playing where you and I may have an emotional tie to the game so if that were to be the case it’s okay to to put a buck or two on it to enjoy the game further but it


Nestor Aparicio  20:46

can appear you know or I bet you Sookie Rockies and mustard spicy mustard or whatever when eat what what’s made Drew Carey the man I don’t even know what I would bet you what would I want in Cleveland that I don’t have here that’s pretty good. I’m ready to run for mayor now that’s pretty good but it

John Martin  21:07

Yeah, that’s that’s that’s novel. Haven’t heard that.

Nestor Aparicio  21:12

Walk again was taking your football team and like I

John Martin  21:17


saw you admit it finally finally someone here admits taking a blitz roll the tape. Can we roll the tape back? Can somebody can somebody roll that tape back taking was

Nestor Aparicio  21:27

my Baltimore Colts belt buckle out for last week and the damage done this is the wrong week to be kicking the purple dogs after what did I mean first of May flowers and then a number seven Jamie Costello my dear friend for W Mar he tweeted out Jones beat us for Jones beat us kicking a field goal. So yeah, it’s been a it’s not a week for me to talk purple ish. It’s unlike the Browns where those orange whatever they were wearing last week was sort of weird what they look like the orange things happening here too. Right? homerun riches the Orioles. I mean this is you and I talk an issue about the Ravens in the Browns as part of the fun of all of this that we have sports, it is fun. We get playoff baseball coming it’s I guess it goes back to the original thesis of people like Brooks making sports important here and making it a part of the vernacular part of the fun memories of our life you know,

John Martin  22:23

it does give you a reason to pause and forget about some of the things that happen day in and day out and to and to come together whether that be united in a in a sporting event you know having some fun with friends at a casino buying lottery tickets whatever that that communal impact is of coming together on that yeah hopefully it gives us a chance to to focus on some different different items and and make it through the day and we wish everyone the best of luck and whatever they endeavor to do and and boy we should have some fun next week when we recap all this stuff

Nestor Aparicio  22:57

well I was gonna say I’ve been nice to you for I mean usually when there’s a Cleveland Baltimore week I circle that and say March Wednesday let’s go you know usually you have a guardian something or some little the Keebler guys that run around with the Browns with you you know something dog masked whatever. I have so many Cleveland stories you know, they never tell you about that time I flew in for the Dr. Game. I know we don’t have time for you to hear that right now. Dr. Game so you’re gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna end with



that is that one sick dude.

Nestor Aparicio  23:27

Ah, I’ll bring my next week I’ll show it to you. Already. Of course he got me tickets that day. So I was last time Ernie ever got me a ticket for anything. I promise you that

John Martin  23:36

field goal is still not good. Incidentally upon further review, the field goal was not good.

Nestor Aparicio  23:42


I should be talking Orioles baseball stuff with you and Robbie Alomar and, you know, I made Jose Mesa references last week, it gives you a chance to talk to Tony Fernandez. And you know, and Armando Benitez because you won that battles, you know, so it’s just it’s always another battle that’s part of Cleveland, Baltimore, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and even even Cincinnati, and Baltimore, where we got the better end of that. All right. Listen, we’re banged up. You might feel really good about yourself on the show next week. You may come on a couple of minutes early next week.

John Martin  24:12

Well, we’ll see what happens so they have to play the game and we wish you well and we wish everyone who chooses to to listen to us that they play responsibly. They enjoy the games and and have some fun along the way.

Nestor Aparicio  24:24 And you get points with the Ravens this week. All right. John Martin is checking say that now I could never say that for 30 years on the radio. So I love doing that. John Martin is here. remind everybody play responsibly. Have some fun with this. I’m going to be having some fun. It’s my birthday, October 14. It’s my birthday and Kiko Garcia and it’s the day before Jim Palmer’s birthday. So let’s celebrate it. It’s October the 13th. That will not be an unlucky Friday, I promise you because it’s never unlucky when you’re a drug city and the fountain street looks a little bit like the Browns guy. We’re gonna be giving away Raven scratch offs. We had some lucky winners. To Coco’s last week. Big shout out to max Weiss received the great alternates a Roslyn ain’t from the Maryland lottery, as well as sea bass and Liz and Marcel over Coco’s for making it happen our friends and winter nation 866 90 nation also buy to get your free New Deal in October I’ll be telling you about that. And we have the newest sponsor for a crab cake tour and Jiffy Lube multi care. I got my my old change couple weeks ago, it merit Boulevard that’s been my location for a long, long time even go back to being a kid. That’s Pete’s location over there. We’re very appreciative of all of our sponsors around here. We’re celebrating 25 years and we’re really celebrating the life of Brooks Robinson. And it’s really just begun. I you know, in the aftermath of Brooks’s death on Tuesday night, I didn’t like sort of jump out to find people and reach the people but in the coming weeks with Oreos magic with next week off waiting for the game, I promise you some some great Brooks memories here as well as some real things on the football field, the baseball field as we countdown magic numbers, and get ready to exhale and set some pitching for game one. It’s playoff time here on Nesta. We’re wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore. Posi

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