In search of beer and wings and buzzer-beating basketball

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Screen Shot 2023 03 11 at 5.08.14 PM
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Our financial advisor Leonard Raskin joins Nestor on a search for beer and wings and the madness of March as the Terps play meaningful basketball this week.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

What about W en s? Ci Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into March Madness I have given away the old school, old school wishbone Maryland lottery, scratch off 50th anniversary for the Maryland lottery. Our friends and window nation put me out on the Maryland crab cake tour. I have a series of I have been making list checking it twice. We were truck city on Friday with Calvin stadium. It was unbelievable. So Much, much love for the sponsorship a friendship of all of our sponsors, including drug city where we had a proper grownup milkshake was something like a Shirley Temple going on around there. We had some fun, and our friends are winter nation 866 90 nation buy to get through free month of March you get two years free. No financing. My guy Lynn Raskin and Raskin globe was going to be talking about that. And of course, the crabcake tour had some crab soup. I visited Costas I brought some crab soup home from Dundalk. We had cream of crab soup at the drug City at the fountain and you and I got together on hockey last week Leonard and we didn’t even mention Lamar. It was amazing. We did 30 minutes. It didn’t mention Lamar. And we got combine now we’ve got spring train. We did a lot of berry trots last week, and we did all of that. I want to bring a full circle back in with you here on the money machine. And the NFLPA. What do you talk about? What if your phone call or letter calling him What? What do you think is going on? Because you’re reading tea leaves here and columbines and watching wrestling conferences like I used to be the guy asking questions. Now I’m the guy watching on TV. What do you make of all this? This is This is the craziest biggest story in sports and the Ravens are smack dab in the middle. And their players are poppin. I spent a hell of a week and Owings Mills.

Leonard Raskin  01:49

I’m sure it has. I’m curious that they hate their strength, X strength and conditioning coach.

Nestor Aparicio  01:56

That’s the story right?

Leonard Raskin  01:58

That guy got what f minus f minus is, is pretty bad. That’s, that’s worse than f. I don’t know how you get f minus that’s, I was fortunate never to see one of those in my whole school career. F minus I think I’m making that up. Yeah, new grade, right at minus. And then you got you got guys out there saying they’re talking to Lamar, he wants to stay. You got hardball telling the world he’s my quarterback. He’s gonna be here. Don’t worry about it. And then you got Eric saying we can’t draft a wide receiver. And that was some show with Mr. Bateman. Now, here’s the thing, I never will understand that. I guess this is just my way of the world. An apology is an apology. But why do you delete? You know is true, you know is true. Hey, hey, wait a minute, dude. You’re telling me you guys don’t draft good receivers. And I was drafted by you as a receiver. And you’re telling me I’m not all pro caliber. But when I went down with an injury, your passing game stunk. And I was doing great until I got hurt. And it’s because your strength coach that stinks. And a Mutiny on the Bounty and then

Nestor Aparicio  03:13

you use the mutiny word. Did you I use a you’d miss. I said, Is this mutinous? Will behavior. I mean, watch this call Eric yourself and say, right. Man, the man will just we’re not before we’re here, but I don’t want you at the Combine pooping on me in the room.

Leonard Raskin  03:38

But let’s, let’s face it. We both know, if we look at our heart here. Eric may not have been inferring that Bateman’s not a good receiver. He may have been talking about the last 20 years that that we’ve never as a team drafted a great, great, great, wide receiver. We’ve traded for some good wide receivers. We’ve had some really good wide receivers, but we’ve never drafted the guy that the Calvin Johnson guy the Marlena

Nestor Aparicio  04:09

the radio interviews we did the last couple of weeks when I was kind of in and out traveling and checking out Bruce and doing the whole thing. My wife was dog sledding, it’s crazy. It’s been a crazy month around here. But I ran interviews with Anquan Boldin right Derek Mason, you know I mean Brandon Steve Smith ugly all that’s radio roast off of receivers that came in other ways I also have my Clayton stopped by like that, but it has been quite when you talk about and we talk about losing Lamar and by the time people hear this Lamar might be a wherever right who knows what they’re orchestrating behind closed

Leonard Raskin  04:49

doors might be a raven.

Nestor Aparicio  04:52

Maybe we’ll see. I think that’s a that’s a that’s a Phil Collins song against all odds take ah Ah, I would just say oh well you’re

Leonard Raskin  05:02

going out. You’re going out on the bet that he’s gone. If you had to Vegas up if you had to do what is it National Harbor or ballroom? Where’s the

Nestor Aparicio  05:12

casino and all you got to do is forget your phone. You got to walk in you got to walk in and like on a Barstool Sports up in Hollywood Casino. That’s where I’m okay

Leonard Raskin  05:21

Hollywood casino and you’re laying your laying odds on Lamar not being a raven. When the season starts.

Nestor Aparicio  05:27

I have no inside information. I

Leonard Raskin  05:29

get it. I get it. But your your bet would be he’s on some other squad. At this point.

Nestor Aparicio  05:35

I would take that bet. All day long as we get closer.

Leonard Raskin  05:39

Okay. I’m betting they work it out. I’ll take the other side of that coin.

Nestor Aparicio  05:44

Wow. Wow. Now I can get action with you. Right,

Leonard Raskin  05:49

right. We can. We could lay a buck. We can lay up on this aircraft.

Nestor Aparicio  05:53

days, I would say I’ll take any bet you want but I won’t wear Steeler gear. Yeah, right after they let me in last year. I hear Yeah. You know, I might wear a Grateful Dead shirt and a Jethro Tull belt buckle. I might be willing to do anything. I might wear some V Ohio State if I had to.

Leonard Raskin  06:10

There you go. There you go. Well, you know you got the opportunity to go out and see. See your boy is he on campus this week is Bruce.

Nestor Aparicio  06:18

Bruce laying it out. Bruce is in Columbus, Ohio.

Leonard Raskin  06:21

He’s What’s he play in the nationwide nice play in the hockey rink? Downtown shots. No, no, that’s nationwide arena.

Nestor Aparicio  06:28

He’s playing hockey, right? He’s not playing the campus. Right.

Leonard Raskin  06:31

So that’s nationwide arena.

Nestor Aparicio  06:32

Now one of the reasons I would go Thursday to Columbus if and I don’t know that. I’m going I have Yeah, I’ve seen Bruce four times this month. Right here my throat but I’ve seen Bruce four times this month. Yeah. Love Bruce. He’s not mixing the setlist up a lot. Okay. Right. It’s a little bit of an inexpensive show people always ask me because I can probably get in for 75 bucks and ya know, for 75 bucks, right? It’s a big ranking. The tickets aren’t selling that well. And so here I’ve told you red states he doesn’t do as well as blue states. It’s funny it’s just literally had no idea how long the ticket lines you can go see it. So so much of that Jeep commercial in Kansas at the Superbowl remember that one? So I have never spent any time in Columbus. I was there one night of my life. I went to I went in one night to see Jimmy Buffett before I was married. This is before I knew my wife 1001 Maybe I had an unbelievable seat. I went in for an evening I had a room I rented a car I parked the car. I went to the shot and steam I got there early. I tailgate in I finished it I did all of that. And I got the hell out of there the next week. I remember having a really bad nightmare in a hotel they’re like the worst nightmare My life was in a in a literally in a Holiday Inn and in Columbus Ohio at the airport I’ll never forget it. I mean I thought like it was one of those ones we got killed in the middle of it you’re in the room and like the only one of my life was in Columbus Ohio so tell me because you’re Mr. V Ohio State and kind of guy that would be in Chicago stuck with the pep band and your kid and like whether they win or not. Columbus Ohio if I go in right now, I would go in I would Uber downtown because that’s the way I would roll. Yep, room walk around. Get a beer three get a sandwich. It doesn’t I eat all sorts of food. I find something that I’m in the mood for that day. We’re

Leonard Raskin  08:22

all there.

Nestor Aparicio  08:23

It’s a blast All right. I

Leonard Raskin  08:25

was just gonna say it’s it’s it’s flavor Town USA. You remember I don’t know if you remember but just just a short couple of years ago during the riots, the summer riots about you know race and Black Lives Matter and the whole bit there. And the world was up in arms and we couldn’t have statues anywhere. There was a petition put up to rename the the town they’re going to change the city from Columbus to flavor town because a guy fairies flavor town they were going to they wanted to change the name get rid of Columbus because Columbus was a conqueror and whatever. But that didn’t happen. So it’s still Columbus. I

Nestor Aparicio  09:09

didn’t hear about that. I mean, Christopher Columbus statues and like they wanted to change the name of Columbus. I swear to God I have never really associated the City of Columbus Ohio with Christopher Columbus like

Leonard Raskin  09:23

right got that name somewhere.

Nestor Aparicio  09:25

You know, you’ll have me canceling old episodes of Colombo. I don’t know, you know, as the case has been themed. There’s lots of good food by a football team. I cancel anybody.

Leonard Raskin  09:37

There’s great there’s great food. There’s there’s lots to do. There’s some great, great nightclubs if you’re there on a Friday night want to hang out with 22 year olds 21 year olds.

Nestor Aparicio  09:47

I’m gonna be there on a Thursday night hanging out with a 73 year old.

Leonard Raskin  09:51

Right. That’s how you roll.

Nestor Aparicio  09:56

Listen, I was in one of the great college town than I have ever visited. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Austin, Texas, and we talked. Yep, yep. Yeah. So I went there, and I went, it was the college arena, the moody center. Yep. And I saw Bruce play there. And the most interesting thing that I realized after it, and this is a free plug for three chains that will never sponsor me. Yep. But my hotel was on the campus. It was at the edge of campus. It was unbelievable how young young people are. Like, if I hang out with your kid, it’s so stunning. Oh, nine years old. 100. Right. Friends, is this how far gone I am. From looking at these girls is anything even when they’re 26 Is anything? Maybe 14, or whatever it is right? That you’re just there and you’re walking around this holes, and you’re old. The concert ends. I walked back it’s cold out. I’m a little hungry. It’s a little late. I was more likely to find fast food than a bar, which I thought was a little weird. There was a bar that might have they shut down but there was a Chick fil A. There was next to it. The raising canes that makes all the noise here in Towson full. Full frontage in front of my hotel. And then there’s a thing called P Teres that’s a regional burger joint limit look to habit looking burger little not a Five Guys but a little bit like so Florida like a Burger King a little more upscale, like a Big Kahuna Burger. Yeah. There. Boom, boom, boom, adjacent parking lots. drive throughs. All of them. It’s 1142. packed, packed. Kids studying kids on laptops, kids canoodling boys and girls hold Nan Sharon french fries. It was like being in a episode Greece with a diner at midnight. And I’m thinking to myself, this college thing. So when you’re telling me like I can get out of Springsteen at 11 o’clock when you get a cheeseburger just looking for a 24 hour experience with the best go blank either milkshake.

Leonard Raskin  12:07

You gotta go, dude, dude. Columbus, if you’re in Columbus, here we go. You gotta go that you’re gonna you’re not gonna believe this when I say it. You gotta go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Oh, come on. In Columbus. No, no. Okay, so let me tell you story. Let me tell you story. The original first in the nation in the world. Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo Wild Wings. Okay, where it’s founded by the founders, the two brothers founded Buffalo Wild Wings. The dude was Do you ever I watched this? I saw the show. Do you ever watch Discovery Channel the food that built America? It’s a great series. Okay, so So you know, the guy’s a ex hockey player ex ice skater from Buffalo. He’s hanging out in Columbus. I don’t remember why. He orders some wings at a restaurant. They don’t have any wings. They don’t know what wings are. This is you know, long ago far away. They don’t know what wings are. So he decides he’s going to create a restaurant that’s going to sell buffalo he’s going to import wings to Columbia start he’s gonna start wings in Columbus. And and they open the joint. And people are drinking they decided to be a beer and wings spot. And remember, think about this. This is 100 years ago and not quite. But this is 50 years ago ish when beer and wings were not a Thing and Thing. And so they create this beer and wing place with these multiple sauces. And it’s like a hit, but not a hit. To one.

Nestor Aparicio  13:47

The wings were thought to be a poor man’s thing. Like nothing would need right

Leonard Raskin  13:52

nothing right. So it’s wings and beer. And then one day they have this dude at the bar. And he asked them if they can turn on the Buckeye game. And they created in that minute. What we know today is the sports bar. How about that? And Buffalo Wild Wings was first in Columbus, the original soon to be followed by a nother place that came out of Florida that that took national called Hooters.

Nestor Aparicio  14:22

Well, I’ve been to both and let me say this I built my business on Hooters in 1992 9394 and I I did my showdown all built on Hooters. Right. So and Hooters was a big part of my annual king of Baltimore sports. A Buffalo Wild Wings for years sponsored us and we did every Monday night and it was just take a kid I want to tell a little fun story because your sponsor your friend letter asking a series Rascon global tell me what you do and then I’m going to tell a fun. Several Buffalo Wild Wings stories.

Leonard Raskin  14:54

Sure we do. We do everything money. We do. Individual and business money. On the individual side, we do cash flow. Make sure that you know where your money’s going, that you do conscious saving, that you’re putting away money to create your American dream. So you can go to Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbus. So you can go to Bruce Springsteen concert, wherever you want to see him. So you can have that home or second home that you want, so that you can understand how your money works, protect it, save it, grow it, enjoy it. Pass it on, do what you want with it as you want. And stunning how, how many ways this always blows my mind, Nesta? I’ll tell you in all my years, 36 years in business, what blows my mind the most when you look around America. And you look at people that decide they want to create this restaurant that does wings are this hangout place where we’re going to have these girls and it’s going to be called Hooters and we’re gonna make a billion dollars or these guys that decide deliver pizza in 30 minutes or less, or some do,

Nestor Aparicio  16:02

how about a guy in Dundalk that wanted that this talk about sports. And yeah, of

Leonard Raskin  16:08

course, somebody somebody creates whatever widget we own. And, and there are so many ways to create wealth, make money, use capital, to create an American dream still today that that is astonishing. And there are new things every day, and we help people figure out how to place their dollars. So they can have that American dream, whatever that is, whether it’s working for the man getting a paycheck and retire in some day, or whether that’s creating the next pet rock and, and becoming a billionaire doing it. And whatever that is, we’re about helping individuals go where they want business owners, grow their companies, exit their companies, transfer their wealth, do what they want with it, and have the kind of financial future and freedom that we all dream about. That’s what we do. And we help people do that every day. And it’s every way that people have money is amazing, always amazing to me, how capitalism finds the cure for whatever’s going on in our economy in our society. And the thing that then surprises me second, most of that maybe, is the people that think government and socialism are the way to go. And they complain while they’re on their iPhone and Apple Computer.

Nestor Aparicio  17:28

I mean, we all have complaints on all of that. But you know, I would say for you, you take great pride, and I know this personally. Yeah, if I am in Columbus on Thursday nights a 5050 proposition for me. Yeah, sure, a lot of work to do this week, I missed a lot of work the last couple of weeks, and I like to work, right? That part and parcel of that is if I’m there on Thursday, and you see me selfie up with nose locker and having a great time, you’ll know that I took my money and put it to use and that was my use of a couple 100 bucks, and one day in my life to fly out have a meal, even if it’s an $8, shawarma to your point, or $12, you know, basket wings, and, and, you know, a couple drafts at the bar, whatever the experience is, it’s where I want to be. And it’s how I’ve chosen to use the, the, the excess, the, you know, the abundance that I have in my life, to bring myself pleasure while I’m still here on this rock.

Leonard Raskin  18:21

And that’s what it’s all about. And I think so many people want to hoard their money, or afraid to spend their money or don’t do those things. And then you get to be 75. And you can’t go on those trips because you can’t walk because your hips hurt or your back hurts, your knee hurts. And you say I wish I would. I don’t think anybody no one I’ve ever met in my 36 gets there and says I wish I would have taken it easy and watch more TV. I wish I would have just sat around and and not taking that chance, you know or that thing life. Life happens on the edge. Life happens when you get those hairs up on your arm when you’re sitting there you feel that, that juice, it’s whatever that’s about that’s what you should use your money to to in my opinion. That’s your that’s what gets you going. That’s where you should be like we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I was thinking when we were out in Cleveland I was thinking to myself as I was in there I got a picture. They have the last year’s inductees a special room with the last year’s inductees and memorabilia and stuff. And I was sitting there thinking to myself boy, I haven’t seen a Judas Priest concert in oh my god it’s been 30 years what’s

Nestor Aparicio  19:39

the priest about four years ago me and Johnny Allen went down to them Saxon opened up his big knife All right, but

Leonard Raskin  19:45

but I’m just saying to myself, Man, they bring in that motorcycle out of the stage and he’s revenant and their jam and

Nestor Aparicio  19:51

Halford did the show how for we did a half an hour

Leonard Raskin  19:55

and then and then you then look at the Hall of Fame stuff. And then I watched a documentary on the making of Judas Priest and realize that these dudes were were bumbling fools until they got this black leather image to make them bad boys and they went over the top and one thing I didn’t remember that I reminded my wife about when we were at the Hall of Fame, which also was hysterical. Looking back, looking back, it was hysterical, and it was tragic. Tipper Gore, trying to put our ratings on albums so people would know that their kids were listening to bad stuff. Either way, we’re on the list.

Nestor Aparicio  20:32

There’s a Russian document in the 80s that you can go back and find of the banned Russian music. This goes back to Pussy Riot getting arrested and like all of that free speech stuff that’s going on over there. There’s there’s free speech. It’s Putin Right, right. But there’s a there’s a list of like the Van Halen songs and it’s amazing the songs that are on it. I mean, anything that was thought to be gay all the Pet Shop Boys are there, but like the metal stuff that’s on there, but some of the titles you know, like AC DC Highway to Hell, right? Right. Like all of that stuff was banned from being

Leonard Raskin  21:08

you look at you’re looking at some of the tunes that are out today. Oh, yeah. tipper is still around but she didn’t nobody talked that was not a

Nestor Aparicio  21:16

good idea. That was maybe Al Gore. Okay, you know, maybe saving the planet for sure. Saving the planet. I don’t really want to, but later, I gotta give you this. I’m gonna leave you with this this week as well. We’ll be back afterward. You can find letter Raskin at Raskin. you can also find the right at the ball from the Baltimore positive that got to Buffalo Wild Wings, a stranger sponsor I ever had and I’m very grateful. Had great wings met great people out there. Hey, great fans come out. We had high wing. We did all a lot of stuff for years out there. But here’s the strangest request ever. Okay. All of the sponsorship of sports radio. This is this isn’t new. Okay. Wasn’t marijuana. It wasn’t cannabis. It wasn’t aspirin. It wasn’t Viagra. It wasn’t Levitra. Right. It was beer. It was Budweiser, Miller and Coors built this built me built. Here one Oh 5.7 built sports built the Orioles beer built the Orioles right? In the 60s and 70s. So Buffalo Wild Wings has me do a Monday night promotion. And it’s beer related and sponsored. The only rule was I wasn’t allowed to drink any beer. This is in 2012 1314. I’m 42 years old. Right? I’m there sort of on a beer promotion. I want everybody else to drink beer. It was the most fascinating request ever. Because they want you to drink beer. They they didn’t want me to drink beer.

Leonard Raskin  22:51

Why did not?

Nestor Aparicio  22:54

I don’t know. I honored it because I’m not an alcoholic. I didn’t need to. I think they had problems with other radio stations and hosts getting hammered. Yeah. And they thought I was that guy. I’m

Leonard Raskin  23:04

like, sloppy on the air.

Nestor Aparicio  23:06

I own the place like I am not. I’m not going to be the guy getting the DUI. And I rarely Yes, anybody. I mean, nobody’s ever seen me grab a third beer anywhere. Because it’s just I’m not sort of wired that way. I’ve always had a beer contract and a DUI would end my career. It’s pretty, you know, not not hard to figure out, you know? So, but they wouldn’t let me drink and I thought so when you brought Buffalo Wild Wings. When I think Buffalo Wild Wings. Think of the beer because it was never allowed to drink it.

Leonard Raskin  23:34

50 beers on tap a dozen wing, sauces, variety. And then somebody said, Could you put on that Buckeye football game? And we had the birth of the sports bar.

Nestor Aparicio  23:49

And what am I going to put on the wings? Well, what do you have in there? Well, let’s make some ketchup and mustard.

Leonard Raskin  23:55

Some crazy whenever you want. We got

Nestor Aparicio  23:58

blue cheese who eats this garbage put right on there.

Leonard Raskin  24:01

Right? Right. Give him some celery and some blue cheese. I think Ranch is the number one dipping sauce.

Nestor Aparicio  24:08

The story comes from Frank and Theresa at the end.

Leonard Raskin  24:11

Yes, yes. But but then that’s the whole point. This guy was in Columbus. He’s out of Buffalo. He ordered some wings and the people at the restaurant laugh at him like wing. What do you mean wing? What’s a wing? So he decides you know what he says when everybody says, Man if we sold wings here we’d make a fortune. And he did it. The birth of the sports bar right there in a thought about having a wing with a beer.

Nestor Aparicio  24:37

Asked Raskin for a freaking restaurant recommendation. He sent me to Buffalo Wild

Leonard Raskin  24:45

because only because of the nostalgia of the first that’s all great places. There’s so many great places to eat there.

Nestor Aparicio  24:52

All right, send me some work good. I tried to send you someplace good in Cleveland two weeks later ask and he will certainly send your finances and spirit of what you’re trying to do with your money into a good place fine amount of Rascon global Of course, you can always find him at Baltimore as well. Next week there’ll be some movement on Lamar and if not, there’ll be green beer for us to drink. He’s later Rascon I am Esther. We’re doing the Maryland crabcake toward taking down the road given away these new scratch offs, the instant lottery scratch also the Maryland lottery, their old its 50th anniversary. They’re going back to wishbone are friends with their nation as well. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore. Positive Stay with us.

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