How shocked would we be if Lamar Jackson somehow returned to Ravens

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Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor Aparicio have spent the past 90 days discussing the many callouses and bruised feelings that are apparent between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Now, if suitors don’t come forward, could the two sides mend fences over a couple of hundred million dollars and kumbaya forward?


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, wn, St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are positively into March, we got lots of things going on. We got March Madness. We got spring training happening here. The biggest story going on in sports today, what’s going to happen to Lamar? Well, we’re getting up on the witching hour a franchise tagging, we’ve gotten through the combine. That is Colossus and I had been heard lots here today in 1570. From his show, of course, on Thursday, from three to five, where he gets together with Luke, you get together with me, and we get together and you and I keep saying it’s almost like, like, like watching a pregnancy like a nine month, like, at some point, they’re gonna have the baby here between now and April 28. And every time there’s a press conference, every time there’s a report, and I don’t mean a media report from Stephen A Smith, I mean, like the NFL Players Association getting in on this. And there’s so much not good things going on in Owings Mills right now. And then as you run, you know, Coons, Baltimore, Fort security Boulevard, you give yourself report cards, you self Scout, you proudly you’re very proud of keeping and retaining high quality employees. It’s something you and I talked about at a different level and a leadership way. I would think of all the things that you’ve had personal experiences with the ravens, some good, some bad, clearly, my situation is borne itself out publicly. But this is their internal people. And this is the Players Association. And this is sort of a new thing. And I can’t wait to hear, because I know this is in your wheelhouse of leadership and where they are and really measuring, are they a good shop. And this is a heart and soul issue for you. So I’m, I’m looking forward to interviewing you about this one. It’s good to have you on again this week.

Dennis Koulatsos  01:47

Great to be honest with you Nestor, as always, but I think a lot of this coming out of those mills lately and Lamar Jackson’s just speaks to how things have changed throughout the years used to be back when, in the days of Vince Lombardi and Bear Bryant, those kinds of guys used to rule with an iron fist. So then it evolved a an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove nowadays, I just think you have to have a velvet glove when it comes to players, coaches, media, etc. And you have to evolve with them. Whether it’s Lamar Jackson spouting off, or the Steve Saunders situation, or the strength, the former strength coach of the Baltimore Ravens, and

Nestor Aparicio  02:26

24 year old millionaires who are famous, they’re just different.

Dennis Koulatsos  02:29

Let’s say back in the day, I was thinking about you the other day that when you were working for the news, American Baltimore Sun, we’d have to wait for news to come out, right? We’d have to wait for the newspaper to come out. Sometimes you would get two or three readers comments. Well, nowadays with with social media, Twitter in particular, they could just put it out there. And when you get the blue checkmark now with Elon Musk, you can actually delete that tweet within 30 minutes white or there’s a lot of things you can do. But now, this negotiating in public and getting feelings hurt and whatnot, and getting an F minus and a report card by the players, which speaks to John Harper’s loyalty. I think that John, like most good people, decent people have a hard time moving away from long tenured employees. It’s a business thing to do. But sometimes loyalty loyalty does cloud your judgment. And then you have a Lamar Jackson, total and complete mess. And as you mentioned, you and I have been ahead of this for a long, long time in regards of how this has been handled or mishandled, and now we’re waiting until the march 7 4pm, deadline Nestor where he will get a tag and which one remains to be seen.

Nestor Aparicio  03:39

You said mishandled, has it been mishandled? It’s mishandled if they don’t get three draft picks for him. Because if he was never going to sign and they weren’t going to sign him? I don’t know that the Ravens that Eric the caster would say we mishandled this. I think he would say we went in and gave a fair good offer and we really don’t think he’s a $240 million quarterback for our franchise that’s like Miss handling is if somehow they only get one draft pick back you know, it’s like I don’t know what that would were they get themselves in a box where they’re stuck with him because they won’t take their best deal. I mean, he’s there and a couple of weeks is very sensitive. And then on top of that, who their next quarterback is going to be and how they’re going to pitch that to Marlon Humphrey ro Quan Smith claims Campbell down the line and their fan base and their sponsors and whoever shot he really feels like he has to answer to which isn’t most people.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:37

They already in the box and that’s true because let’s say the give them the put the nonexclusive tag Lamar Jackson, he negotiates blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they match the highest offer and the highest offer isn’t that high. While $32 million. It’s not a stretch to think that Lamar Jackson Once signed a tag. He sits out of here. Well, he hurts himself but he also hurts the organization. He doesn’t have to sign the tag that is an option. And I think a lot of people have missed that that he doesn’t have to play for the Baltimore Ravens again, if he chooses not to, but he also handcuffs, the franchise they’ll get five maybe six draft picks if they move back but it’s going to hamstring this this franchise for at least for the 2023 season and perhaps even beyond that,

Nestor Aparicio  05:17

is that the worst thing in the world if you steep Ashati or your Eric the cost of your John Arbol I call him coach for life I mean, when they get together down with a big shot his house and they’re hanging out, do they say look this is just the way it’s gonna be. I’m not giving this kid the money you don’t want to do you want another January? Where do you want him run down the line? Like this isn’t good for it was fun for a while. And it was okay. But let’s let’s cash in the SN H green stamps here and bring home you know, bring home a new prize because we pick quarterbacks Well, Aranda, you guys are smart. We got cap room, let’s not invest 50 million here. And he doesn’t want to be here. He’s not happy here. You know, we’ve we’ve pitched him to your point what your last week or my dog was on your show last week? And you said what was it?

Dennis Koulatsos  06:06

Allah says maybe calluses.

Nestor Aparicio  06:08

Significantly, callus significant calluses is what you say.

Dennis Koulatsos  06:14

It’s hard to get harder and harder over time to very hard to remove fear harder to get rid of Nestor. And they may think it’s in their best interest to get to first round draft picks on a nonexclusive tag and not match the deal that we don’t have to worry about

Nestor Aparicio  06:27

$60 million in school, find another quarterback yesterday,

Dennis Koulatsos  06:29

getting sure you’re getting four number one draft picks in two years. And you know what, it’s not enough compensation for him. But at least you’re not left holding the bag. At least you have a plan. At least you can sell that to the fan base and to your front office and retain some more your players are better players and still continue to be competitive, which I think that’s what they’re gonna do next. I think they’re, I was a non exclusive exclusive tag guy. And now I’m back to thinking that the exclusive tag might not be such a bad idea. And I don’t think the match the number no matter what that number is.

Nestor Aparicio  07:01

Dennis culottes versus our guests up arrow Thursday from three to five. And of course every Sunday morning from eight till noon, get you home get you where you need to be if you’re going out golfing, because the weather’s getting good. Obviously we’re picking basketball teams on Sunday night as well as we get into this. But this thing is consumed all of this. Dennis, I want to ask you this because people have really we’re in the March now. And you and I are the two guys, you know on the radio here in Baltimore and ad on the internet. They really think this is a foregone thing. If somehow Luke sends out a wn S T Text this Week, at any point brought to you by coons bottom before you know when everybody else knows I get the text lupulin Text me and say then assign Lamar, I he goes right to the text, because that’s how I get it first too, right? If they sign him, and they get this done. I will be one to 10 shocked. I mean, let her Rascon who’s like you doesn’t gamble and we came around he didn’t realize I could gamble Mobley you know, we didn’t have to I don’t have to go up to Hollywood casino in Perryville I can just do it right here. That if I had $1 to bet right now I want to bet $100 and win something. I would think of all the things that I would bet $100 on right now thinking I’d win the bet. I think he will be Raven anymore. I’m I would be willing to bet $100 on that, given the odds and whatever the odds were that if you gave me 100 mythical dollars and said bet it one way or another. I’m pretty convinced. I’m pretty good. I’m seven points. I’m eight points, not 7k. I’m an eight point favorite to me in this game. And I’ll take I’ll take the favorite that he’s going to go somewhere else. I’m pretty convinced that not inside are convinced but pretty convinced. And so if the text comes for me, I’m moving toward the point as shocked as hell if they get him done that I just said that outlet. I’d be shocked as hell. Where are you on the shock? ometer if this happens,

Dennis Koulatsos  08:59

you know what before I get into that Fox Sports, Jason Whitlock said that Lamar Jackson is past its expiration date. He thinks the Ravens got a great five year, five years out of him. He hasn’t improved as a passer what made him super great the electric electricity that he provided by running the ball it’s gone. He may get his feelings hurt. They may not be a huge market afterwards because the market as as he

Nestor Aparicio  09:24

thinks it is, but Arizona know that market that’s the he

Dennis Koulatsos  09:29

he already knows that market, which is why they leaked out now they’re there they’re thinking more of a non exclusive an exclusive tag. And so I’ll be very surprised scale of one to 10 I’ll be I’ll be at a point 8.59 If this thing gets done

Nestor Aparicio  09:45

well if nobody’s lining up to give them a king’s ransom. And they know that they already know that apparently not they know because nobody’s lining up to give them a king’s ransom and him $240 million right now. Like that’s that one too. punch of this day

Dennis Koulatsos  10:01

seeing the Kyler Murray deal, right? They’ve seen the the, the Wilson deal, right the Russell Wilson deal that the owners have seen these, and you also have some cheap owners lining up to sign. Barbara was in Cincinnati and, and Hertz in Philadelphia with Jeffrey Lurie at the Spanish family. They’re going to really break the piggy bank for Justin Herbert. So it’s not going to the markets not going to be what he thinks that he is. And the curious thing masteries How does it react to that when he figures out that his highest offer is going to be 125 million guaranteed, which is going to be less than the 133? The Ravens have on the table?

Nestor Aparicio  10:37

silence Yeah, nothing but silence Denis Colossus, right.

Dennis Koulatsos  10:41

And what happens when they’re able to say No, thanks, we’re good. Go ahead and sign to one your buck and a quarter. We’ll take her to first have a nice day. Then what?

Nestor Aparicio  10:53

I know the Ravens care what he gets, I think they care to figure out the exit strategy where they’re no longer being held hostage by a young man they’re negotiating with who’s holding up their franchise and it’s one one playoff game and once a king’s ransom. And they’re they’re not in control or they’re not in control of Lamar Jackson. One thing I’ve learned about Steve Ashati really learned about Steve shoddy, hates everything he can’t control the destroy things he can’t control

Dennis Koulatsos  11:24

it what are the odds ever pick another quarterback in the first round that doesn’t have an agent? Zero they will never do this again. They will learn from this exercise not to select a player that linebacker like rope wants Smith with the money that’s that’s significant. Yes, you can do that. But a quarterback on the first round. If he doesn’t have an agent Nestor, the Ravens will not be talking to him at the Combine or anytime.

Nestor Aparicio  11:45

Well and tennis I and I talked to you about this last week. And I know I’ve talked to Luke about this. These are incredibly cocky individuals, these ravens people and they get together and Jupiter and they’re all Country Club guys. Now they’re all made man. They all have millions of dollars. They just look at this as you know, what’s the old songs from Jesus Christ superstar? Superstar. He’s just one more. You know, like we we we drafted the first one we drafted him we’ll draft the next him. We drafted the Flacco before Him. If we miss, we go back to our you know, our house in the hills. And we’ll try again. And Steve will still love us and Steve understands the odds of going into the draft and coming out with another Joey Harrington or another Achille Smith versus another Joe Flacco where we were draft and better than than us and giving Lamar Jackson $180 million of guaranteed money right now. And maybe that’s the way they feel maybe it’s right or wrong. But the Ravens aren’t without a plan. Now let me bring this back to you with this training room situation and F minus and we’re all that is that that’s not a good look for John, it’s not a good for the organization in general. All these players saying you wreck my career. I’m a guy in the middle of that in the middle of that mouse as well. Um, but you know, they’ll wreck anybody. They literally they will. I mean, I’ve seen this firsthand, they’ll try to, but with the Steve Saunders thing, and with John and John hires, his coaches and John’s coaches, and he went through that with monkey last week. I don’t know where the leash is with Steve and where Steve puts blame or how involved Steve even isn’t Eddie, it is other than Eric and John, you take care of the football guys, and you’re my guys until you’re not my guys anymore. But the players popping off last week. It wasn’t that that’s that’s not the castle that no, the castle from disney world were made with a purple Castle were made the belief

Dennis Koulatsos  13:46

but it’s a different world. nestra see it in an organization. There’s a CSI Customer Satisfaction Index, but we also have an ESI and employee satisfaction index, which means our employees get polled. Just what they think of their management team. What do you think of me? And it’s anonymous, and you’re that and that goes straight to ownership and ownership this is done yearly. So that way? If if if the if the employees are saying that, okay, this department manager is horrible, there’s there’s a deep dive and evaluation. So if they’re pulling their players every year, which they should, in terms of the coaching staff, they wouldn’t have this thing handled a long time ago. That’s, that’s my feeling. If the guy if they feel the guy’s working against him, if he’s whatever, to the detriment, they should have a voice and that’s what this tells me. They should have a voice all along.

Nestor Aparicio  14:33

Wow, that’s insightful. Dennis is always insightful. You can find him on Thursdays being insightful as well as on Sunday mornings as well as add a coupon for what’s going on. Give me a march story about the automotive industry. We took this thing through Oh, you know, cars Ford doesn’t have any more and electric cars and different things and, and spaceships and cars that drive themselves. What are they coming when I’m tired of driving Dennis? I want to be driven.

Dennis Koulatsos  14:58

Yeah, there look. It’s a time topsy turvy industry it’s almost day to day, we just got our, our wholesale offerings for it for me and it wasn’t much I thought we’re getting more stock more supply. And now I’m told that we’re not a lot of my wife out. There’s what you’re telling me it and now you have rising interest rates. So it’s a very interesting environment that we’re in. It’s almost day to day but hey, we’re having our March sale right Spring is here at Spring selling season. And because we do a lot of repeat and referral business Nestor, we’re we’re in good shape thanks to great advertising from wn St. All the sponsors, all our friends and neighbors, our national presence. So business is very good. We have we have inventory for folks that actually drive and smell and feel.

Nestor Aparicio  15:40

Well, there is something where people say, where’d you get your last car? And you tell them then they say, where’d you get where you gonna get your next car? And you tell them what, it’s the same place? The right I mean, wouldn’t you right? I mean, that’s, that’s where you are. And when somebody says, where’d you get your last car? And you tell them and they’re like, where you get your next car? You like not there? Do you know what I mean? Not now called Dennis.

Dennis Koulatsos  16:01

Talking card you’re talking to and it’s always good business to do business where business is good. And

Nestor Aparicio  16:06

I saw you jam in some local stuff. Oh, man. Yeah, appreciate you. Yeah, gotta

Dennis Koulatsos  16:10

stay local. It means a lot to local businesses, support your local businesses, keep the money in state, keep the keep the money in your county. You know, all the locally owned businesses out there. That’s where I spend my money yet. That’s why I can’t tell all the time. It was restaurants. I was getting

Nestor Aparicio  16:23

ready to say to you, I owe you lunch it. We talked about this for a show. I owe you lunch at Beaumont. You and I are gonna get I want to do lunch over there because I am always going for dinner and I never feel bergerie At dinner, but I know they’re like, I want to go for lunch when I’m Burgard up and I’ve never been

Dennis Koulatsos  16:38

there for lunch. Been there several times for dinner but with clients and friends, but I’ve never been there for lunch. I’ve always had dinner there though. Great steaks. And All right, well, good job over there.

Nestor Aparicio  16:46

This week. I’m around for lunch couple times. Whenever you’re up for a burger. You know, I’m in I’m all in. Dennis. I will see you on Thursday as well. We may have a purple smoke, you know, in the form of an eight or an infinity. We’re going

Dennis Koulatsos  17:01

to have something sub look, something’s gonna get done at some point, right? This is gonna move the ball is gonna move either way.

Nestor Aparicio  17:07

You know that eight turns sideways. It turns into infinity right? And maybe

Dennis Koulatsos  17:11

again, the thing is, he doesn’t have to sign he doesn’t have to sign the contract the tag.

Nestor Aparicio  17:15

One to 10 how shocked Are you? If you if the Ravens bring him back and sign him long term and find Kumbaya? How shocked would you be 8.5? How about that really, really shocked? Super shocked.

Dennis Koulatsos  17:27

I’ll be surprised very surprised.

Nestor Aparicio  17:29

I will I will lie. I don’t it doesn’t feel like there’s any energy for it. It really doesn’t it really it’s a callus.

Dennis Koulatsos  17:34

It’s the callus relationship. They seem to be neutral, very mutual. I think both sides have had enough of the other side. They’re both on purchase and neither one is going to come down.

Nestor Aparicio  17:43

And I don’t even know that it’s acrimonious as much as it’s

Dennis Koulatsos  17:47

it’s business, right? He wants whatever they are offering or whatever. And that’s it and it’s a big big gap. It’s not even close. From what we can see. So it’s not even close then you know, I got a car for 50,000 The guy who offered me 30,000 Well, we’re not going to bridge that gap. It’s it’s a 50 grand car.

Nestor Aparicio  18:02

bidding war for Deshaun Watson he’s the quarterback everybody needs

Dennis Koulatsos  18:06

140 8000 Uncle but it’s not going to be 30

Nestor Aparicio  18:09

only takes one you know to go over sticker you know I’m saying you get a bidding war. It won’t

Dennis Koulatsos  18:15

be this one. This This one’s got some some some body damage some high miles. It doesn’t steer accurately all the time.

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

This is a guide it’s been how many times you’ve been to Mannheim, your life auction and oh my God

Dennis Koulatsos  18:28

more than I can count, right? Hey, there’s a lot of similarities between people and cars and the highest bidder man highest bidder. Just like right now there’s a blood for every seat. But I don’t believe there’s a seat anymore in the Baltimore Ravens for Lamar Jackson, who I happen to love by the way they just you know people listening. I don’t have any I love Lamar Jackson. I’ve got a signed Jersey City my Walmart Medicaid, but uh, there’s a time and place for everything.

Nestor Aparicio  18:51

And this is the week that is Colossus we are on Thursday. I’m here all week. He’s Dennis I’m Nestor. We are wn sta a 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking Coots for Baltimore positive

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