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How shocked would we be if Lamar Jackson somehow returned to Ravens

Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor Aparicio have spent the past 90 days discussing the many callouses and bruised feelings that are apparent between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Now, if suitors don’t come forward, could the two sides mend fences over a couple of hundred million dollars and kumbaya forward?

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So what exactly will Steve Bisciotti be doing with $600 million of free money from your tax dollars?

Longtime stadium and civic money observer Neil deMause of Field of Schemes joins Nestor to discuss the realities of free money for Steve Bisciotti and The Angelos Family via Annapolis in the bonds that were created last year.

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Thirty years after Mayflower crime, I’ve pardoned Irsay and moved on from the hate

I’ve decided that I need to move on from those feelings about the Irsay family and the whole “Baltimore needs to get even with Indianapolis” feelings of Mayflowers and drunk press conferences and dread and anger. I just can’t carry this with me for the rest of my life.

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