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Our financial guru Leonard Raskin joins Nestor to discuss the energy around Baltimore Orioles baseball and what bringing folks back downtown again regularly can do for the city. Oh, and a good news humanity update on theatre etiquette from Notre Dame Prep, too!


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

home we are wn st am 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively giving away PacMan scratch. These things are really popular. We gave these away to families on Friday and a lot of winners. A couple $2 Winners had a $10 winner as well. We’re gonna be a green mound station next Wednesday the 24th I got to figure out how I’m gonna do it at the bowling alley. I’m doing an agreement of station to the casino will be in the parking lot the same parking lot. Oh, come on up to Hampstead. Say hello to Chris Dave. We’re gonna talk some horse racing. And I like their crab cakes. I’m gonna take some ribs home. It’s gonna be fun. I’m gonna have to PacMan scratch offs. Next Friday the 26th Luke and I get back to Faith Lee’s we had former mayor and mayoral candidate Sheila Dixon joined us on Friday. Shannon Shannon Sneed joined us on Friday. Also chatted with John Allen last week. You’re gonna hear from Keith Brewer this week. But right now I’m wearing my Raskin global shirt. When we talk about money and finance and April 15 and extensions and all of this stuff, and my goodness, you mean you’re running around with your kid your kids graduating from college? I can’t believe that’s crazy. I remember he’s a kid. And like we have masters. We had Jackson holiday watch. Since the last time you and I got hit last week we did a whole lot going on stadiums and money and like all that stuff. belong here this week. How are you what’s going on?


Leonard Raskin  01:22

Excellent. Just back from the almost final trip not quite the final trip to Columbus Ohio.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:30

You sick a Columbus shad? Are you done with that place because we love it there. I

Leonard Raskin  01:34

think it’s beautiful. It’s a great city. It’s booming. It’s the fastest growing city in the country. It’s amazing. Every time we go there’s a crane building another building. So why is it the fastest growing? Yeah, got maybe it’s the Midwest. Everybody’s Nice. Everybody’s happy. It’s a little slow. It’s got a little less income tax and some other places not quite zero. And it’s just booming the bid a very positive business culture. And companies are coming. Intel’s building a $5 billion chip plant. And well

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:11


India university does this right. Absolutely. Diversity is doing things the right way are talking about Towson comp and more. That’s right people here. I mean, I talked to people in Boston, Boston, Boston, because there’s colleges everywhere, right?

Leonard Raskin  02:24

No, no, Ohio State is always building something. They’ve just built an enormous hospital add on. largest hospital out there. When we started going. It was an idea. Now the building is completed it’s beautiful. It’s amazing. It’s just never stop it you can get settled in Columbus or now he’s done. I don’t know about I don’t know about settle. But right now the whole

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:52

IKEA recruiting people someplace big 10 football. You know your kids into sports. But more than that into the band. And oh, yeah. Hey, listen, Brian sent his daughter’s out to Columbus to school. Now he lives in Columbus. Right? Because his daughter’s settled there. Like,

Leonard Raskin  03:06

no doubt. So his next trip. I don’t know if we’ve talked about this. His next deal is his master’s program. So he graduates on Cinco Demayo May. The fifth is graduation. We’ll be out there with with a whole gaggle of folks. And he’s got a couple months off. And then mid August don’t have the date exactly yet. mid August, he ventures to Dublin, Ireland. And he starts his master’s program at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:37

She lives to her feet who’s going to like Toronto or Montreal and so he’s,

Leonard Raskin  03:41

he’s going to Ireland. He’s doing a year overseas. He’s gonna get his master’s degree over there. And then they speak English

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:48

there, but they drive kind of funny. And Dublin is good. I mean, I can have like a year in Dublin

Leonard Raskin  03:55


City. And it’s the it’s the epicenter of what he studies you know, medieval castles? Yeah, yeah, it’s his gig. Like, he can’t wait. And it’d be a great place for Kathy and I to go visit.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:09

You know what, I’d love to your castle tour to some Yeah, you’re going to Portugal and like all these places? Well, absolutely. You know, for all that going on. The one thing I would say we began this conversation where I got the windows open and we got burned. The master I’m talking all week here masters like you know, you’ve got your golf thing coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s a perfect segue for me to talk about, by the way, you are in the documentary at least twice. i There’s a picture of you and Justin Wenzel from Pappas with the crabcake. But there’s you and Paul Bragg in a really important part in the video where I talk about community and I talk about things and we took this fun selfie during the middle of the plague two, three years ago, where I was taking a picture on the course and my hair was at and that’s your big thing. You get to Mount Washington Pete where we’re about six weeks out on this

Leonard Raskin  04:59

June third, third Mt. Washington pediatric hospital charity golf outing. And we are the presenting sponsor I guess they call us and we’re looking forward to June 3 Being a beautiful weather day in Baltimore. And getting out and raising a lot of money for a great cause for a great charity Great Hospital. And we do it every year now for I think this is our I don’t know eighth year out there something like that seventh or eighth year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:27

They still got rooms for for some some can can we buy it? I


Leonard Raskin  05:30

think I think foursomes are gone. Oh, couple T hole sponsors might still be available. If somebody’s interested, they can get a hold of us, or get a hold of Paula at Mount Washington. And that’s still out there. So well you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:42

tornament whenever year I come back and I’ve done like maybe four now, when I go back 80% of the people do feel like the same people that come up. Yeah, they love playing the tournament. They put it on their calendar. They either supporters Yeah, in the hospital, there’s a connection or the course itself. hayfields Correct.

Leonard Raskin  06:01

No, this year Hillendale Move. Move it every couple few years. Give the golfers a new a new spice. And this year it’s Hillendale spice meal. That’s close readings. Yeah, right. Right. Certainly closer to home for me I can almost walk there. But yeah, you’re talking masters man. I was. I was back and forth on Sunday. I was watching the Orioles and Jackson Jackson holiday and at the Masters back and forth. And I’ll tell you I don’t know about I mean Jackson Holliday he. I think he’s gonna be a ballplayer, right, the kids gonna be a ballplayer. There’s no doubt about it. I don’t know if he was emotionally overwhelmed. Or pitching overwhelmed.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:43


I think it’s teaching overwhelmed.

Leonard Raskin  06:44

I mean, they brought him up.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:46

They brought him up. Nervous he just look like he took a couple of bad cuts and I don’t pass judgment on 10 Certainly the first that’s when he’s 22 Soon looking at the cows are swinging right now Luke and I talked about right looked like garbage last year, Henderson and look when he came up, right so this is you know,

Leonard Raskin  07:06

this is normal. You don’t see these kinds of pictures in in single a ball this kid went you know, like, like a rocket ship shooting up.


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:17

I’m telling you what, 14 years into my career now. 32 and a half in the radio. I go back listen to the first broadcast. Oh my god, I was hitting right. I was hitting. Oh, 67.

Leonard Raskin  07:26

That’s right. But let’s face it, when when you would you do this kind of thing. When you and I I’m sure I’ve gotten a little better at this. But when you and I did our first few shows, you told me I stumped. And that’s okay. That’s the deal. We get better at not I do. Okay, okay. Don’t say that. You said gotta get some headsets gotta get your sound better. That is absolutely. You don’t play the first day like you play in the 10th year. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:59

promise you this segment sounds better than your first segment. On this radio go. Let’s say you were yelling at a computer in the hallway. Now you look like you’re you’re going to Mars. You look like my Favorite Martian. Or you look like the great kazoo from Flintstones. Right. Is that

Leonard Raskin  08:16


great? Was he how great was the little green man? The little green Martian in in with the Flintstones There you go. So so yeah. So I think he was pitching overmatched. I think there was no doubt that he had a little bit of nerves first probably game or two. Then what his second or third game you come home. Now you’re playing standing ovation before Camden Yards. You’re the stud. You’re the next big thing after the last next big thing and the last next big thing over the last couple of years. And you walk out and you come up to the plate and they throw you a wicked slider. And you go oh my god, I can’t hit that. I’m in the big leagues now kid. And wow. But he took it well, he’s he’s stand up. He’s made a couple great plays in the field. He’s making a couple bad plays in the field. But it’s a it’s a new day. This is this is nine guys. What the field for the Orioles. When was the last time you could remember nine or Seven of Nine homegrown ballplayers in the stadium for the org

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:28

and not just getting to the big leagues getting to the big leagues with substantial evidence that they can be all stars. I mean Westberg is the worst of all of them. And in another organization. He would be batting third and be their young guy that they’re getting at bats through and hoping that he’s going to hit 23 home runs this year and knock in Adrian, you know like and that and he’s the floor for this group because this group so special, and we still got mayo and you still got Star Wars and you still got Per stat and you still you like,

Leonard Raskin  10:02

yeah, I was surprised Turks didn’t make it first. But I guess positionally they, they chose who they just had

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:08

had had more of an issue. We had a health issue that really stunted his development for a period of time. COVID didn’t help any of the guys that were around for a period of time. And then there’s Austin Hayslett and like, like nothing, right, right, and not getting the ABAX. Now, so you’re seeing this, this youth movement started taking baths start to take in the way that you saw Matteo and ureas last year, that now there’s Westberg. And now there’s and now there’s holiday. Yeah.


Leonard Raskin  10:34

And, and it’s something it’s really something about Mateo playing centerfield a little bit, right into the wall at full speed faceplant. I didn’t think he was gonna get up. I don’t know how he stood up after he caught that ball.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:50

The thing about the team is, you know, McKenna’s no longer here, you guys Oh, Hearn, you’re getting a bath for him. I don’t know where he’s where those bats are going to come for haze. Right. And certainly when they come he now it’s it’s even more pronounced but the pressure on holiday. He’s got to produce as well. Absolutely. i It’s um, and they’ve been punched in the nose for two weekends, right? They’ve lost a couple of series, which sort of gets the radar up on their pitching and really, the pitching needs to be better. That’s really the bigger story for me is how are they going to pitch better, who’s going to be a part of the rotation and or the bullpen it’s not here yet because I think they’re gonna improve that part of the team. I

Leonard Raskin  11:32

agree and is meet how close his means. How close is Bradish you know, their means is closer means it’s more like right now right? They’re getting here. And you put them in and now you can back up a couple guys. And you can play a little different and it’s fun to watch look, we didn’t have over the years a lot to talk about with those kinds of choices. So it’s great to have those kinds of options that you can say, you know, we got things happen and we got things come in and

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:07


look good. It’s already 5000 People with the ballpark and a Sunday afternoon right whether the walkie yeah twins in town this week. They head to Kansas City this weekend. Then out to the West Coast. We’re going to be a fade Lee’s next Friday I’ll be giving away the Pac Man scratch also the Maryland lottery. Also shout out to our friends that you can do multi care and liberty pure solutions letter Raskin handles money, the American dream, not that Dusty Rhodes American Dream, the financial America dream, and the the backside of April 15, and all of that stuff. So for you. I mean, you love sports. And this is the time of the year where over the course of our adulthood, baseball has been not a daily movement in April, where in your life and my life as hockey fans for most of our lives. And you said the first time you had two nickels to rub together, your first American dream was getting cap season tickets. Now you’ve admitted to that that to me four years ago. You know, this is the time of the year here we’re between baseball gets normalized. And when you have a chance to win, where I find myself like, you know, I have my little my little schedule anything orange. And there’s an Oriole game in my calendar. And I just you plan your day around that you play. And that is a difference, especially with the Rubenstein group coming in Cal Ripken sitting behind him play. It’s it’s going to take me some time where we can have it as my press credential would be a great place to start to sort of wash away 30 years of Oh, the Angelus is the Oh, thanks. Oh, the television. Oh, Ben McDonald said some funny he’s not going to get fired for it. Because, right? I mean, there’s just how unwisely, hopefully different how Cuba Russia comes unraveled. And democracy or sense or sense of community steps in and things start to improve whatever they are, there was a huge line to get in the other night, Friday, when holiday was there. People were pitching they couldn’t get in. I mean, it’s like Billy Joel getting cut off the other night by CBS. Like there’s a fan experience part of this from Masson to the gates to suite holders to people like you that they’d like to be a sweet holder, and like all of that kind of stuff to see what the recruitment looks like. But, man, one thing’s on question. They got my attention for the for the

Leonard Raskin  14:24

very good. That’s what they gotta do. They have a product, you gotta draw eyes to the product. And then in our 2024 world, the the next part of that or the equal part of that we’ve talked about in other things, is they’ve got to make this an experience that people want. So you got the team on the field. Now you got to make go into the ballpark. The experience watching it on TV is easy. Except of course, when it’s on apple plus. Isn’t that unbelievable? Well that that’s not an Oracle thing, you know, that’s okay.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:02

But that But hold on a second, this is where I’m not gonna have that issue but I’m gonna come a call BS on that. And, and that frame of mind where because in the past, we would say, Well, you can’t blame Angelo’s for that. That’s major. Well, he’s a partner they go in and they vote stuff. So this and and this is where when Steve shot he’s hiding in the trees for me with with Eric de Costa, running running away from me on a veranda a week and a half ago, avoiding all questions about it. Oh, that’s the league. That’s the NFL that does that. And we had Steve you got to vote Sashi to charge me $98 For lunch next week at the CEO club to ask a few questions like this is it reflects upon the franchise. I mean, you and I talked last week about absolutely if it were a Marriott it would be shut down. It would have been shut down years ago. Right? Like like the Oakland A’s they would just say you’re no longer in the chain. Right? You cannot operate under our flag. Because it’s a major league baseball shield. And that means something. I would say the same thing for how I mean look, Major League Baseball is allowing the Oakland A’s fiasco, wherever this Otani thing the fact that their big star got an ever got implicated involved the FBI all this dirt that’s come out the last couple of weeks. Like they they have a hard time cleaning up their act. We’ve all talked every one of us all of us old white guys who still like it, even though I’m Hispanic don’t tell anybody that. Well. Almost all white guys get together. And we talk about the game has problems because your kid doesn’t watch it. My kid doesn’t watch it. They’re naturally

Leonard Raskin  16:47

tell you what stunningly you say that and out of the blue. Just last week, I was FaceTiming with the boy and and he said to me, you know, haven’t turned it on yet. What’s the score? And I told him and he said to me, he he said to me, later on in the evening, we were just chatting into a little FaceTime chat. And sure enough, he had Macedon he had the game on well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:13

it becomes something different for you and your son. You’re at a playoff game or worlds Race game, whatever. And listen, you have to affluence you can buy the $800 World Series thinking you can take your kid, but if he doesn’t, who’s playing and he hasn’t paid attention? Why summer? It’s just the point thing to him. Right?

Leonard Raskin  17:30

But here’s two things, two things. One winning, obviously winning changes. The culture changes the viewership. Second for my son, at least 2022 year old players is different. When I was a kid, you looked up to these players. You said wow, that’s Brooks Robinson. Wow. That’s Frank Robinson. Wow. Ballmer, right. For for this generation. I think what’s more important? Is it somebody like them? It’s a 20 something on the team. They can relate to this guy who’s their age? Who’s out on Twitter, right, who’s out on Instagram? Who’s putting up and I don’t I don’t do any of the tick tock. I don’t know. Tick tock. I know what it is. But that’s about it. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:21

I’ve been to China. We shouldn’t have tick tock here. I’ll stand on. Conservative or Democrat. I don’t know where that is. Yeah, bad news for us. Yes.

Leonard Raskin  18:35


Yeah. The point is, I don’t know this for a fact my son would know it. Absolutely. The algorithms in the systems they pick up what you see. And they reshow you stuff you watch. And he’s seeing stuff from rutschman and holiday,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:52

because he’s interested, he’s clicking on enough Oriole stuff that I’ve done, it

Leonard Raskin  18:56

starts popping up and you meet the players and you see their lives and you

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:02

will see interested in 12 and 14 and 16 when he was like eight and 12. Because he was a young boy,


Leonard Raskin  19:07

when they went good last year went to the Detroit Tigers, you know he was at the game. Okay, so he knows the rules. Yes, yes. But he doesn’t know. He doesn’t yet know strategy. Well, he knows the rules. He knows the object. He doesn’t know the ball. He doesn’t know the infield fly rule. Right? He doesn’t know if you got a man on first in the night that you’re down by Juan de Ubud dia hid away who’s your guy up at the plate? So he started to come to that, but but going out to the game, he said to me, you know, I’m home this summer. We should go to some, some, you know, Friday evening, whatever, some nice weather can

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:47

go down and you have a good time. Guess what? You’ll go back. Right literally, that’s where they are with. That’s what they got. My wife for everybody. However, I’m treated with this credential situation, which I should To be in, and I’ll make no bones about that to anybody to Mr. Rubenstein or anybody I called Dave or David or Mr. Or your highness or, you know, like Mr. Eric Getty. And you know, I would just say whatever it is, whatever the experience is, and I’ve begged them and I’ve talked to Charles Steinberg last week and all that Joel Steinberg, if you if I told you this last week, yeah. watched any thing I’ve done in the last whatever, watch the Charles Steinberg piece, especially a guy your age, my age and remember the Orioles as the way we want that what we want them to be absolutely, but David Rubenstein wants them to be quite friends, right what everybody wants them to be with John maroon and Cal Ripken, and he just would everybody wants them to be with evil, we’ve always wanted them to be, be that be that it will cost you anything. You’re a billionaire, you’ll sell it for billions more. And along the way, we can all have a good time and nobody has to be a jerk. Like, like to anybody to work. That’s

Leonard Raskin  20:59

right. Look, you give away your best product. And one of the things I saw was it last week, I don’t know last week or the week before, when they were they came home and it poured one o’clock game, it rained till 10 o’clock at night or something. They they had the people there and they offered a free game. Even though they played the game. They offered a free ticket, everybody that was at the game. And everybody that had a ticket to didn’t go to the game.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:29


Luke even got a free press credential for the time when they make the game up. But yeah, it was an all day or they could have avoided a gesture that or management would have been the night before to move the game. But they had issues with the Royals and time and that was at the play the next day. So listen, I we talked about that.

Leonard Raskin  21:48

But that was a great gesture to the public to the ticket holders to say we’re going to take care of you a little

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:53

by the way Luke would say and he did say that morning. The Angeles family did that in the past just so you know. So so he got a good letter Raskin is here. And you know, I guess for that experience, that’s why I was even bringing it up with you because I’m watching the games on TV. People are going down there. I think all of us want this to be better. I want lacrosse fans. Every time I drive past the lacrosse. I see hundreds of families and people are playing because I’m thinking they’re not watching the Orioles right now, you know, and that’s going to be an all

Leonard Raskin  22:26

around the field. That’s why but to bring this full


Nestor J. Aparicio  22:28

circle, you know, all the way through is to say this apple plus nonsense. This is where I need Mr. Rubenstein and his appointees, his Sashi Brown, whoever his team president is he be well advised to listen to hire or Rick Vaughn or Charles Steinberg, or John Murray, find somebody who loves the community and find loves Baltimore, to run the thing, not some outsider from Yale. And, and run the thing like a community asset, and the feelings about the team and this daily peace where we give three, four hours a day rain delay, it takes all day, you know, they didn’t give me a refund for the rain delay. I’m checking my apps, and are they going to start the game? Are they going to start the game, I’m sitting in a meet she’s in the game. But I love most of what everything they’re doing on the field off the field relief pitching. I’ll get into that every day. I’m just talking about this community recruitment that we’re all watching, that we’re all watching, like, how is this going to be different? Because we all pointed out and said it was awful for a long time, including your son who didn’t even point out it. It just never pointed to him. And they never spoke and got him. You know, I’m coming to them and saying, Can I have my press credential back to go back and do my job to promote your baseball team and to show some transparency for the eyes of a journalist? You know, I I hope they allow me back in. That would certainly change how my wife would feel on her Facebook page about going to games and telling the people hey, we’re getting treated like Elrod Hendricks is still here. And like they’re not having conflicts in the ticket office was like that was it? I mean, but we remember that all of that went away for all of us. You know, I don’t know why you didn’t go for all the years you didn’t go probably bad baseball. I know why I didn’t go it was bad humanity and I think

Leonard Raskin  24:23

other other uses of the money like watching the caps in the playoffs in the same season as the Orioles beginning their season and then you know, what’s the point? Well, and watch them lose and

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:39

with the caps. If you’re a fan much like a baseball fan, the caps had some low times that’s how they got Ovechkin. Absolutely

Leonard Raskin  24:47


right. There’s a there’s an experience if you don’t recognize the the opportunity to go watch this guy. play hockey goal or no goal Ah, you’re seeing the best, I will say the best goal scorer in the history of hockey. Now people will say, you know, he doesn’t have Gretzky’s record yet. That’s okay. Gretzky played in a different era, when the rules were a little different. And the goalies wore half the size of the pads and gloves and things they were today. And it was, I don’t want to say it was a lot easier to score. But there were a lot more high scores. At the time you look at the records, and Ovechkin played in an era of amazing not only that, the guy has as many hits. I don’t know the exact number, as many hits or more as he has goals for God’s sakes. The guy throws his body around, like like he’s a goon. And and he’s right there, it will be probably very end of next year, or the very beginning of the following. When he will pass Gretzky as the all time goal scorer in NHL

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:03

and sight you know, he’s going to you know, he’s not going to hang it up in north does Ted wanting to sell tickets? Absolutely.

Leonard Raskin  26:09

And, and to go out and watch them play. I mean, my goodness, my son, so my son is not a hockey fan. He says it’s just soccer on ice. I said, Wait a minute. They gotta be world class skaters first. Well, if

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:24

it doesn’t appeal to him, I mean, NASCAR moves 300 miles an hour battle, sit and watch it right.


Leonard Raskin  26:29

A little bit. I like the end of the race. I’d like to see who won what is interesting.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:33

But one of my buddies is really gotten into tennis in a big way. And I think I’ll talk I went to the theater the other night, I want to talk to you about the theater but but things that appeal to people, right, like your siRNA baseball has a puncher’s chance with your 22 years old, intellectual, you know, PhD student guy who’s gonna go off to Ireland and be six hours ahead and be inclined at one o’clock in the morning to watch a baseball game in September, because he might get into the soap opera, you have a chance with him. I don’t I don’t have a chance with my son my son’s 39 Just my son ship my son. So you know, I’ve been treated Yeah. And years old. My son has seen them treat his father like garbage. Personally, in front of him behind his back. My son has seen Chad steal mistreat him me 20 years ago when he was interning out in Westminster running around with the phone grabbing rod Woodson, you know, so like my son saw my business and said no, and that really didn’t turn them off the sports, but it turned them off of giving them money.

Leonard Raskin  27:39

Yeah, well, good. He can use that for a good food and travel that he does. He I understand. He’s a traveler, and he’s a he’s a connoisseur of good food. Right. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:49


my son enjoys the good life is why he lives in Dundalk. That’s

Leonard Raskin  27:53

right. So let him eat well and travel well and have a great life and and sports will be its thing. Hey, so

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:59

I gotta I gotta tell you this. And I’m going to tell Rosenfeld this because I know I’ve done specific segments, okay? You were unbelievably magnanimous and inviting me to Billy Joel. Like five months ago, you had an extra ticket. You kind of got stuck with it. I kind of took it and I had, I had more fun than anybody you would have given the ticket to you will admit that. Absolutely. I love Billy Joel. It was a little cold. But I got through it. I went up to New York and solubility in January, early January. I’m really close to eight. So he does the thing the other night. And they cut off Piano Man CBS caught Leonard man got cut off everywhere. Everywhere. It was a hot. It was 1130 They went to local news. And they clipped it by like two and a half minutes because of the masters. And it started a half an hour late. It started at 932 and it right so Sing us a song. And now death. We have a hold up in Fells Point. You’ve had a hostile like literally that’s what happened at 11 Oh no, I had no idea and I thought it was channel 13 But it was CBS that but I just want to say that because I pitched to you after Billy Joel that I needed to move away from you and the drunk ignorant clowns that were behind you talking during like the right like talking during songs. I have this problem everywhere I go. I talked about it at John Mayer which was an acoustic show I talked about in New York and Baltimore. It’s not it’s not any one place. Every tears all the time. I

Leonard Raskin  29:34

know that are with each other all the time and yet they have to talk when they go watch your show.


Nestor J. Aparicio  29:39

I’m going to tell you a story right now and it there is a Baltimore Orioles angle to this because I was in the musical Pippin when I was a boy in 1983 in 10th grade 11th grade at Dundalk high. I was the head which is the dead person coming back to let’s add one little speaking part but I was mainly in the chorus which was a great chorus with just great songs, you know, great sky and but we’ve got magic to do just so the Oreos Charles Steinberg loves the theater still does. He was on the show last week. I’ve already plugged in twice. He was the reason they played that song back in 1979. Oreos magic we’ve got magic. Yeah. So they would always play that song when Eddie Murray was stretching in 1979 1980 right before they would first at bat like when the pitchers coming into pitch 7/31 pitch 726 they would play if they did play the Oreo magic. They played that when they went out on the field run. They ran out from the dugout Yeah, for that it was magic to do. So Pippin. I’m in Pippin in 1984. I got married 21 years ago, I’ve been telling my wife I was in Pippin. She doesn’t know anything about Pippin. Like she knows shows and you know serve Jesus Christ Superstar and gospels, you know certain ones, but you don’t know Pepin. So driving out Providence road for three months. There’s a sign right there at the notre DOM prep Pippin. April 11. Walter, I said we’re gonna go see Pippin at the Community Theater. Seven grand in my calendar. Here you go. We weren’t we retired. We went to yoga. We were wet. We were late. But we went to Pippin. And we went on Saturday night, and I had this community experience at Notre DOM prep. And I want to give a shout out to these kids as reason I’m doing this segment this way because I shout them out on social but I haven’t shouted them out on the radio. So I want to make sure he hears this. Because this is a part that I did not shout out. This is a special sauce of listening to the show. My wife and I went over and we paid our $15 and we got our assigned seats in the eighth row on the aisle. And we sat down and the announcement came and there were 300 people in the theater. And there were a lot of children. A lot of younger brothers and sisters. Yeah, sure. A lot of mothers a lot of family. The kids right? Yeah. No, not dressed. Nice. Yeah. Nice people. Okay, yeah. Over there. And these kids from the minute it started, I started I got misty eyed three times just awesome. They were right. Yeah. Like you go to the theater a lot with your wife you love the theater. You go to the you go to Broadway, you do it all, because your wife makes you go. So I should have invited you and Kathy down. Have you seen Pippin?

Leonard Raskin  32:20

I have not. Oh, Leonard,

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:23

I effed up I should have brought while you were away. Sorry.

Leonard Raskin  32:25


It’s all right. We’ll get there. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:28

sit down, and everything stops. I brought a coconut water with me. I didn’t have any snacks. And they do an hour of the first act. And when it’s the first step in, they break the foot at the fourth barrier, where with Pippin, it’s the kind of show where the audience is participatory. Yeah. And they stopped the show and talk to the there’s all sorts of the audience is in on the show. Yeah, you know, so there’s a point where they’re like, we’ll be back at you know, and we’ll take a break. And halftime came. And I said to my wife, I’ve been in here an hour. I didn’t hear anyone cough. I didn’t hear anyone talk. I didn’t hear anyone mumble. I didn’t hear anybody talk about anything to anyone. It was completely theatrically silent. And when the lights came up, I realized there’s a lot of kids, like a lot of people in there and I’m thinking how is it that I could pay 15 bucks? Go a couple miles away across the reservoir and go to a community theater and sit down and have everyone in the theater? Be respectful engaged in the theater? Right? respectful? Yeah. And how we can spend $500 and gather at a journey toto concert and have 15 drunk 50 year old women make fools of them. So like, I just want to say we had the greatest experience Saturday like this. We got home and and the reason why we bought Reese’s cups for a bucket halftime, we supported like eight but it was just it was so nice to be at a theater where you weren’t like annoyed by people. Like talking, and I’m thinking I had this the best experience I’ve had in

Leonard Raskin  34:15

years. Yeah, yeah. It’s amazing to me that people pay to go to whatever it is, and sit on their phone. Or or they’re on social media or they’re talking

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:27

for your kids gonna be on the bar out and right feel right. Yeah. What’s your 20 year old experience for baseball is gonna be


Leonard Raskin  34:33

Yeah, but still, if you go to watch the game, watch the game. I love the people that get there late and leave early. That’s always my thing. It’s like, Wait a minute. What you come here for Oh, to be seen as a ballpark? I don’t get it. People that come to a Ravens game. They show up at the end of the first quarter leave at the middle of the fourth quarter. Like what

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:52

is a cost to entry to that when you’re spending $400 on a dead show, and you’re there communally. Being respectful of other people would be, or John Mayer spent a quarter 50 bucks and it’s just him and a guitar and his voice. I mean, shut up. Just shut off. Yeah, I know. I know, at home, you sing out loud and like all that. But like, that’s why you should be a library. But it doesn’t need to be a place of full voice. And I listen, I have a yoga studio that I don’t plug because I don’t love it. And one of the issues is part of yoga, like, and this is not me being hoi polloi, you’re 20. But part of it is when you walk into the studio, it’s a little bit like walking into a Buddhist temple, they want to use your complete low voice. I don’t want to hear what you did for lunch. But it’s a social club. So like I’m there for the heat in this and to be away from noise and away from whatever your day is. And instead, I go I’m on a bus. I’m going to cafeteria and I just I think there’s we’ve lost some some of that. But I would have told you we lost all of that before Saturday night when I walked into a theater and our 300 people be absolutely silent for two acts be completely amazed by these kids were unbelievable letter. It was there’s a chance

Leonard Raskin  36:13

you’re saying there’s a chance the quorum might have turned the corner.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:18


At yeah, I hope so. I can

Leonard Raskin  36:22

do all you can do hope. Gotta have hope. You know what I’m gonna

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:25

make you the official sponsor of the Get off my lawn segment where I get to be like, a TV commercial where he teaches people how to tweet, the insurance commercial, right? Oh,

Leonard Raskin  36:40

the progressive guy Oh, Guy commercial, right? The progressive guy when you turn into your parents, very good. All right, good. Good.


Nestor J. Aparicio  36:48

Letter, Raskin manages the Americans who tell people what you do for people’s parents and their children and

Leonard Raskin  36:53

grandchildren, we do money, we do everything money, we make sure that you understand how to protect it, how to save it, how to grow it, most importantly, how to enjoy it. And then ultimately how to transfer it to those you care about causes and people. And we help people handle their affairs. Because nowhere in our lives are we trained how to handle money, like nobody’s training you how to go to a concert Shut up. We train people how to handle their money. And sadly, people don’t know how to do it. I meet people all the time in their 40s and 50s and 60s that say to me, I wish I had met you 20 years ago. And my retort is, you know, they say the best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago. The second best time is now. So you got money issues, money, thoughts, money, concerns, money, hopes, were the place where you can come and lay those out. And we help you handle that in a fiduciary fashion, just finished and put out and published. My first book called Fit douchey who did that in a month. Shame on there we go. All I gotta put that in the new commercial. We’re gonna do. Sherry will teach you about money. And we help people learn what they should do, not what the banks want you to do, not what your broker wants you to do, not what the insurance company wants you to do, but what you should do. So you understand how your money works, and how you can have your American dream financially to do all the things you want to do for you. Your family and your future. That’s what it’s about.

Nestor J. Aparicio  38:38

We certainly made it make sense for me you can learn more reskinned global RAS k i n you can find them at a Baltimore We I’m right on the front of the website. Yes, some weeks. We meander and have fun. Some weeks we take on business, some weeks we take on taxes. Some weeks we take on finance, just as advertised a couple of years ago when I said hey, once you come on the show, every week we’ll find things to talk about. Theatre Etiquette was part of this. Do you have a product? Be honest with me? Do you have a problem with that at the Hippodrome, ever people talking?

Leonard Raskin  39:06


It’s not terrible. It’s usually really good. It’s really good. It’s an event where people go to watch the show and they don’t go to have their conversations. They talk during intermission, and that’s great. During the show, it’s the show and

Nestor J. Aparicio  39:21

when something takes them to a ballgame there.

Leonard Raskin  39:25

They have the ushers there that are on top of it. There are no phones going on. There are no pictures, no video, so you don’t have to watch somebody playing on their phone. It’s downtime and it’s watching the show and enjoy the evening.

Nestor J. Aparicio  39:36

This thing also was a no photograph, no video, so I didn’t have anything to show other than my head on a stick in my high school yearbook because it was there and my wife thinks it’s a funny picture. So I shared that. So yeah, I just if anybody knows anybody that was in Pippin and noted on PrEP, especially the leading player, the gal that played the wife of Charlemagne was phenomenal as well. That was just a couple of actors. The young man who played Louis was phenomenal. So just great great Bravo. As we say in the ego


Leonard Raskin  40:07

that’s right from nobody knew

Nestor J. Aparicio¬† 40:09 was a part of the Dundalk theater. I even did the odd couple and there’s an Oscar Madison reference coming up in our 25th anniversary documentary. Let a racquet sports all that we do around here so we support him as well. And Rascon global make sure if you’re managing money thinking about money, if you filed an extension the other day and you’re like Raskin They’ll talk you out of the tree keep you calm here, as he calmly navigates the waters getting his kid out of Ohio State and maybe into a comfortable chair at Oriole Park at Camden Yards or maybe even a playoff game for the cap somewhere and then your to future. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive stay with us.

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