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Stone Horses frontman John Allen joins Nestor in their Dundalk homeland at Costas Inn to discuss the aftermath of the Key Bridge collapse with beer insider Joe Gold of Key Brewing. It’s so important that we support Sparrows Point and the growth developed on the east side and on the peninsula.


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Joe Gold, Nestor J. Aparicio, John Allen

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back. We are at Costas and we are. We’re doing our thing here called the Maryland crab cake tour. We’re in Dundalk. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have just a handful of these left but by Friday I will have fresh PacMan scratch offs at fade these will be fade these live from 2am to 5pm. Joe’s here. Sorry, what the hosts do the hosts thing Joe? send you back down to keep rolling. John Allen is here from Charm City devils from stone horses from Child’s Play. Mr. Charles play right now because m three, right? That’s the show we’re promoting? Correct?


John Allen  00:34

Correct. And well, stone horses. We have a single that’s coming out in probably late May, early June. called free actually. One version of it is up right now and Spotify and all the streaming platforms, but we just had it remixed by that. To do that just did the new slash record and sound phenomenal.

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:53

I don’t have to go to sound waves at the mall to get it to what you’re saying. I don’t think sound waves. Now I think harmony has probably gone through the hunt. This year. Joe has been a listener to the show and a beer drinker for a long time and through beer festivals for a long time. Joe is now PHMSA Joe’s son was dating my intern two years ago. So we sort of reconnected over beer. I did a brewery tour. I did 31 breweries in 31 days. Key Brewing was one of the breweries that I did on my 31 days two years ago. It’s because it’s a Dundalk brewery. It is. Well you know, it’s a beer truck or two away from here. But on the royal farms. You’ve had like midget wrestling down there. You’ve had all sorts of things down there over the course great

Joe Gold  01:35

been a great venue where beer laces down a long road from

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:38


well, I reached Mike McDonald to come over because he’d come over a couple years ago and there were some Redbridge station connections. And if I had said to him, redbrick station was the first place go blockers one of the first guys along with USACE. And he told me you’re gonna Smokey the bandit guy. And there’s bootlegging. You know, right. So so it was like, it was like beer, you couldn’t make beer, you know, you can go weed. You couldn’t make beer. He doesn’t prohibition. Prohibition. Right. So the brewery thing and we’re you come into this, and I’ll let you tell your story. You’ve been doing this beer thing? Not maybe as long as you but I’ve been known about you all of this century for sure. Right? No

Joe Gold  02:17

love to do it in longer than you. Really. My first paycheck in the brewery business was 9086. And London Young is Brewing Company. Oh, wow. And I hope Hughes sources first equipment when he opened up systems on cross street. Was it

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:30

that hard to get equipment to brew beer because nobody did it?

Joe Gold  02:33

The original equipment was dairy equipment. They were using farm dairy equipment and Weldon shit together to make beer in tanks because it prohibition happened. Nobody could. There was no manufacturer of craft brewing equipment. When the craft brew industry started.


Nestor J. Aparicio  02:49

There wasn’t a company, no guitars, no drums play music, right, like, right, like Yeah, it was cool. Don’t make those we can’t make

Joe Gold  02:55

I mean, Sierra Nevada. Everybody’s heard of here. Literally, the guy was a welder. And he started his brewery by brewing dairy equipment together. I mean, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:04

Well, I would say the first time in my life that I saw like a brewing that it was, you know, I was chasing girls down across to write down, you know, I was down there was a place on the corner that had all the holographs Turner’s turn Turner’s on the corner, and then he had his place up there. And he had the best to say this, to this day. The best wings I’ve ever had in my life. They were these lemon pepper baked wing is that were crispy, that were just the best they were like, and they weren’t perfect with like, a hoppy beer or like a lemony like a blue Mooney kind of thing. So I went in there, and the whole place is as big as like our homes over and eastward and Colgate they’re like no lines. And there was this giant gold like, it looked like a giant coffee pot, like a giant copper teapot in there. And I’m like, Where do I sit to sit over here? We’re making beer over. And, and it would give me a beer. And I tell I tell you this. It was flat. It didn’t taste good. It didn’t taste like Budweiser. It didn’t change. You know? That’s what he tried to explain to me right at the top all the way you weren’t a natty bohat. You want to? You want to come clean on that. What’s that about? All my

John Allen  04:18


like mom’s brothers were at national. Some time or another? They grew up on Monforte South Monforte Street. And you’re the park volunteers from Holland, volunteer for Hogtown films up opera Fells Point, whatever you say. But yeah, so I have a bunch of Mati bow paraphernalia that, you know, Ben gets lifted from the factory or whatever,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:45

because they always want free advertising for me and like they hit me two weeks ago. We’re gonna have the natty Bogum like, Well, no.

John Allen  04:55

But yeah, so I had this patch was laying

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:56

people do free stuff just not 30 years in a row. That’s all I’m asking. You know, that’s all. Yeah. So


John Allen  05:03

I had this bag sitting around for most of my life and I finally found a hat. I could put it on. In fact, I had a clippers Ballmer clippers that I can’t find it, man. I wish I did.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:17

I bought something for you today, because I have to stand up to show it to you. But oh no, I’m a second year. This is this is. This is my original Led Zeppelin. This is the original lead zap this is the first belt buckle ever had KB. KB. So you know, I mean? Yeah, well, I mean, I’ve been collecting them lately. And I’m working on a child’s play, you know, making old schoolwork. You don’t I mean, work on the logos, but the beer part of Dundalk and for you because I reached to you. And I reached the mic, actually. He said Joe runs a joint now I’m like, I think I know everybody in this. Yeah, like literally.

John Allen  05:52

Now how long is key brewery bento

Joe Gold  05:55


keys been incorporated for eight years, eight and a half years and started brewing in 2015. So that was a I’ve only been with the brewery for 10 months, but I was prior to that we have the seeds for 10 years. Okay, so that’s my cue and I reconnected them.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:09

Well, I mean, I began the crab cake tour when I did the 30 breweries with you and I ended up with you because I really feel like that’s sort of the genesis the history of all of this and that tea pot I saw there. Give me the key story for people that don’t know like how it all happened 10 years ago because my told me pieces of it and it did have to do with Bill blocker where that was the other guy I would go out to the White Marsh.

John Allen  06:32

Is it over by behind where the old hanger factory used to be? It’s

Joe Gold  06:36

right. Next as far as when Country Club Okay,


John Allen  06:39

was that yeah, so if you

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:41

make the right pops tab or you go behind the royal farms, if you go behind the royal farms

John Allen  06:47

to be a hanger factory they

Joe Gold  06:50


make like wire Hey, yeah, yeah, could be repurposed from

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:53

Dundalk. So we’ve got three generations of like things that used to be there and already reference memories in gales. Yeah. Family establishments. I never went there. So with the it started as a place to brew beer, and then it’s become a hey, really

Joe Gold  07:11

the last Yeah, yeah. So So basically, the idea of percolate. So Mike McDonald, who mentioned he was the brewer at Red, there’s the time, okay, okay. And he wanted his own place. And he went around town and talk to a couple people to get a partner get some investments in that sort of thing. And it took a while and it percolated percolate quickly. And then they got an auction equipment from dewclaw is selling one of their vision breweries, and they went to auction and got the auction. They’re like, Oh, shit, we got a brewery. They don’t even have a building to get nothing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:43

So so the dream wasn’t originally Dundalk. Dundalk is where the dream was actually,


Joe Gold  07:49

you guys know at the end of Charles T. There’s an old canning factory the past build again. Yeah, that was so they were their dream was to put it in that castle looking building and have a beer garden. That’s a great great building put the neighborhood wouldn’t allow manufacturing. Neighbors Association said you’re crazy. So they found me making beer here, right? Why wouldn’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:11

that be a perfect place? For me? This is an amazing thing for like, like your daughters are going to grow up in a world where like, they’re, they’re gonna laugh at this the way we laughed at like you bootlegging course, the Texas border or whatever it was like yeah, like there’s a thing about beer with breweries now and me having done this two summers ago, and I was it helped me do my beer time,

Joe Gold  08:34

literally for people to see literally you

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:37


help analyze

Joe Gold  08:38

and nobody knows a Rolodex is

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:41

i i went to these beautiful breweries from every part of the state out in Cumberland, north of the city out on farms with big silos yet on the Eastern Shore shouldn’t have horse shoes or a he like literally by Ocean City in Berlin. I went to Berlin, there’s a Dundalk connection, a burly oak to what one of our high school comrades, maybe

Joe Gold  09:09

five her husband is involved in Berlin. Every picture she puts on. That’s great. Yeah, Tam. So there’s so many connections, it was they had a brewery. They had no space, but they were diluted. And this building in Dundalk was owned by somebody they knew, and it was vacant. So they literally stored the equipment there as they searched for a place to put roots down. And it was taking too long and all of a sudden they were like well, why don’t we just put the ship together here with you and see what happens. So Dundalk became the home of Key Brewing. It was called Key Brewing because more or less Francis Scott Key would key highway is where it is Mike and spike the first guy live in Federal Hill. And so it but the tie came from moving over to Thunder key


Nestor J. Aparicio  09:54

highway you move the key over here in front of Hebron and all this Don’t you get Kimbrough? Yeah.

Joe Gold  10:00

And we our destination spot. We have live bands every Saturday. And like I said, it’s a purely sustainable long road and status quo country. But it became venue. And then COVID. So that the success of key in the early days was one that was new to the industry was growing. And then COVID slammed the door shut on just about everything. So this brewery kind of limped through the COVID air came out the other side. And it’s a different world and the location is where it is. And you got to then build a new clientele. Please.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:36

Can I ask you and this is the thing I thought about for all the businesses and by the way, I invited Westmore today invited Johnny to sort of last minute they’ve been you know, they do the show a lot. I just want to get like a little bit of having you fellas here was sort of like I was waiting through the weekend thinking yes, you know, and the governor owes me one he wants to come do it and but this peninsula and what’s happened with that bridge it we were talking about this an hour and we got missed the battle like it’s unthinkable for anybody from Dundalk. But it’s got to be unthinkable from a business perspective now. So on opening day, Jennifer, beautiful Jennifer, who works here, who’s if you’ve ever been here, she’s brought you crabs trust me. I thought she was from more point village I think she is. And I’ve known her for years here working here. And I saw her son op David take a picture. And I’m like, hey, you know, like, How are things at cost? The first thing I thought about was like this now becomes trapped. Right? Like, yeah, anybody that came? And she’s one of the people she said, I live across the bridge. And I’m like, Oh man, like Mark for anybody that for anybody trade points for any your employees. But I’m thinking the percentage of your beer that you make when you make it, how much of it went over the bridge right away that it won’t be going that way anymore?

Joe Gold  11:48


I mean, we have two or three three distributors with us the keepers to get this done. We have six in the whole state. But three so half of your beer went went went over? Yeah, sure. I went over that bridge to three times a week just to get down to if I’m going down to the south side of Baltimore, I’m gonna break foot of the brain, right? Easy. Quick.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:09

See how simple it was. He’s from Eastwood. I’m from Colgate. Okay. And, you know, our ages allow us to remember Key Bridge being constructed. Yeah. Harbour Tunnel being the only way to get into where and everybody most of my childhood when I went anywhere. And I mean, my you know, my parents were humbled people. The documentary was coming out, you can check it out. And we didn’t go many places. But whenever I met people from the 70s through early 90s, when he would mention Baltimore, and they weren’t from here. They would mentioned traffic. Because Baltimore was the place you always got bottled on that. If you were going from New York to Florida vacation. Disneyworld, horrible. to Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach. Every

John Allen  12:55

of the poor cops that sat in the booth. Oh, yeah, every lake like 50 feet. I remember seeing them gone when I can’t be healthy smog inside their broken in their tube and those little heaters

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:11

in there. Absolutely. So I mean, all of these years, we’ve had these new traffic patterns that you know, we’ve become accustomed to. And when you wake up and keep ritual, where were you that morning, like you come across every you were here every day. I got woken up. I got a crazy story for you guys.


Joe Gold  13:30

So our head brewer. His sister is married to somebody in Paris. France. Yeah. Okay. He got woken up by a text saying Are you okay?

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:42

Because there’s nine in the morning there. And he knew about it. Right?

Joe Gold  13:44

That but he got woken up at six in the morning, because they reported it at like 10 o’clock, wherever it was, I am yet in Paris. And it was just early days here early morning. So that was the first way Key Brewing found out about the Key Bridge going down. Was somebody in Paris texted me crazy. And then he calls me and says, Have you heard and this is six in the morning. I’m like, heard what I mean. It’s my first thought was it’s it’s a meme or it’s an April Fool’s joke. That was the first thought I had. But then you get up and you turn the news on. You’re like, This is crazy. That’s impossible.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:22


I mean, I think that’s what we’re all kind of coming out of right. Yeah, it was the house. Like, it’s inconceivable. And he looked at it for the first time an hour ago when he drove home. I haven’t seen it yet. Oh my god. I literally like I yeah, I it’s gonna hit me. When I’m driving home tonight at that high land part over the Walmart, where you can look and see, like the places where I can always see it, because it’s right over there. I know right where it belongs. I know where it belongs. Because I’d spin in my I mean, in the first day, I said it’s like 911 and, you know, Bill Cole caught me off and I’m like, no, no, I’m gonna look to the sky, and it’s going to be gone. Cuz that’s the park for the New York people 25 years ago, that just freaks you out?

Joe Gold  15:06

Well, you know, the bigger thing, it is an iconic image, for sure. But the bigger thing to me think about in New York at the George Washington Bridge was taken down. How does New Yorker get the Connecticut? Did you know the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Northern Virginia? I mean, how does the Virginia person get to Maryland? Other than go through the city of DC? I mean, the beltway is circled on for a reason. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:32

now. It’s a hard it’s a hard yeah, we’re missing a piece. Yeah, my wife sent me you got the picture here. makig on like, yeah, the first time you see it on Google Maps, it’s

Joe Gold  15:41

it was stunning. I was like, Oh, sure. I know. It’s gone. But like, now the world took it. How


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:48

does it affect your business? Because like, I think of Costas and newer businesses taking these in newer business, my friends and drug city, anybody’s first point if you’re Spears point, Country Club member, and you’re you live, you live in Pasadena, whatever. The whole note for my friend Jen, who works here and the change traffic patterns, but I’m just thinking about like you had a fundraiser last week did and I saw I couldn’t call Mike. I wanted to call. And all my friends were on it. That was one of the reasons I was putting this thing together. Today, I would like to, I want to talk about the bridge and what it means to businesses. Because, you know, your name’s Kate. I mean, came right up in it. Right? Well,

Joe Gold  16:23

I mean, the first thing is the fundraiser we had we immediately, okay, who needs help, and how can you help. And we were sitting there brainstorming, and the phone rang, and it was a band promoter. And I said, we have a venue, we have the infrastructure, and you have a band. We met the next day. That was Wednesday. And then they put it all together. They had nine bands there on Friday night. And, you know, Johnny came over a bunch of other folks stopped, the weather held up to write was wonderful. Yeah, it was wonderful. It really was nice. The community came together and stuff like that. Well, Johnny

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:54

lives down here, too,

Joe Gold  16:55


which Yeah, but you know, not to get off topic. But, you know, how does that affect us? I mean, the big The first thing I thought of, okay, Arundel County, feels cut off from Dundalk. And vice versa, right? That maybe that’s your immediate thought. But so it’s going to be interesting. This community is going to survive and take care of itself. Because it was the bridge is only 47 years old, this community here, they’re very long time. So we’ll get our own here. But human nature will make people make choices from other parts of town, whether they come in this way or not. Like if you live in Pasadena, you go to the airport, you don’t think of the people you live in Gundel engineer and you think you got to go to the airport.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:35

I don’t think Pete’s gonna be on today. So I’ll tell Pete story, because I came here, literally to breathe. I landed Tuesday night, the date that I landed that night, Wednesday, we came over here. And I didn’t look at the bread. You know, again, it was a cloudy that night. I remember I wanted to look I couldn’t see. And we sat at the bar. And I said to Pete and other than employees and this and that. He said, Every crab we get out of season close or near? Yes. And it will come as you said, so like right off the bat. Yeah, every single day. Bridge, it’s like forever. And that hit me the first night not just employees will will. It’s our job will make. But it’s not six months. It’s not a year, you know what I mean? It’s gonna be five years getting this.

Joe Gold  18:18

I mean, from a Key Brewing standpoint, we’re lucky in our supply chain. So all of our nothing, none of our greens come through. So everything’s wrote. So there’s alternative routes. But like I said earlier today, three distributors, that we sell beer to use the bridge depot now they have to rethink the rats. So but we’re lucky in that it doesn’t impact us from a we don’t have a supply chain. Right? We all foot traffic wise, you know? We didn’t think Okay, how’s it gonna impact our Taproom? Initially, the first thing you do is go, oh, my gosh, we lost some humans. We lost an icon. We’ve had only two weekends since and our foot traffic is up. For a while people

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:04

are aware they’re well, and that’s why I’m down here today. And like I said, the West Morris and the peninsula is going to need help. Yeah, because you’ve cut people off. That wouldn’t be customer. I don’t know what that percentage is. But I mean, Pete even said to me, you’re a tourist you flying in, you’re doing business. You’re one night at the hotel airport, and you want crabs. He said I would get that customer often, often. Because of the reputation here. Now maybe they go over plein air the first thing, but like this would be the place they wanted to come correct. They have to really want to come here and do it differently. So


Joe Gold  19:36

and the other option by the airport is seaside is a wonderful little crab that salmon converting. So that if you’re a Google searcher and you’re looking and you’re at the airport, closest crab house, Google is not going to take you to classes anymore, right? It’s going to take you to somewhere closer where it would be 20 minutes to this one and 22 minutes to that one.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:56

It’s now 42 Or more I mean, my commute comes

Joe Gold  20:01

across the top side of the boat, the elements that come on the top side, and there’s a sign the light that signs over the highway. It says, you know, keep 895 99 miles, 10 minutes, you know, eight miles, seven minute whatever it is. Now it says nine miles 38 minutes and then as soon as I get under 95 coming out for Dundalk. The traffic is about normal until you get to North Point Boulevard. And then it’s gone. There’s nothing in front of

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:30


the road down here and I explain this to my wife and I’ve explained it on the air. Look, man, I’m Dundalk, your Dundalk. We’ve used the bridge to someone from Pikesville or Mount Washington or Westminster or Woodlawn. I dated a girl and I said this I dated a girl from flight school for almost a decade she had never been through the tunnel. That’s why when she I mean, it’s just not and you want to go to New York, you take the top side you want to go to DC and you can dedicate and only take not like do you just would not have a reason to do it. The bridge was even more sequestered two trucks and not Hazmats. Right? I mean, they’re just the way you had to do it. My uncle had a pop up camper and Dundalk, we always if we were going anywhere, we had to take the bridge, right? You couldn’t take the throttle, right? So because of the because of the propane in the back. And I thought about the road here and my wife’s, you know, not new to Baltimore. She’s been here 21 years, but like whatever we get on this piece of road down here after you get to the Walmart. I guess they drag race down here because like it’s a straight road. There’s nobody on it right? And I said to my wife, like once the bridge went down. I’m like, I now really understand the width of the roads. First off, it’s an interstate. It’s 95. It’s a beltway. It needs to be wider. It’s sort of a beltway to nowhere Cove road, this whole area and there’s not much on it’s almost like a parkway. Yeah, in a way that it’s just trees right on this peninsula down here. And I said they built these roads. They were all scored and built in the 50s and 60s into the 70s Fairbridge. Yep, there are 100,000 people working at the point. Yeah, so it was literally a free way to get 100,000 people to and from work now. I’ve had Aaron smartceo and you been on with Aaron over drugs city. He’s one of the spokespeople for Tradepoint Atlantic. I’ve gotten to know you lost his dog this week. My love you Aaron, it’s been a tough weekend and for everybody Tradepoint. But like the whole idea, that thing being an eyesore, a blight, you know, all sorts of toxins and issues. They were trying to put an energy plant down here with, you know, nuclear reactor, the whole deal. And they finally get it cleaned up. We finally get a business down here Johnny yo, and Kevin cabinets and Jim Smith, all the people that worked. The roads already built. Yeah, the infrastructure was built 50 years ago, we got space, we got housing, we’ve got Location, location, we got, we got waterfront, we got waterfront property, we got a country club and a brewery, you know, we got, we got two roof, oops, we got all this stuff down here that’s ready for all of these employees, Amazon, you know, on and on and on, right. And then we blow the bridge off. And all of a sudden, we’re going to five years where you will work at Tradepoint really going to want to have to live on this side of that, which isn’t bad for them, though. Maybe Maybe that’s the unintended consequences. And I’m trying to figure out what the unintended consequences are. And now, this becomes better for Key Brewing and for cost isn’t for all the businesses over here, because people know, they need to mess up the next five years. And, you know,

Joe Gold  23:33

I mean, the first week it happened. I mean, I have no Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we plan to dry the event. So that first week was a blur. But the next week just passed every week, every day the week I went to a different restaurant, or takeout or whatever, during the week to just check off just to see you know, Hey, are you doing good? Let’s put traffic like you know, the sale in we buried down there and engineer and came up here for lunch a couple of times. And just to check on the local community to see hey, are you guys doing okay? Sparrows Point restaurant right here just to just check on people? And they’re like, Thanks, man. Thanks for coming in. We’ll know what the new normal is gonna look like yet. People that you come in and we’re going to help at least that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:13

what I’m talking about it that’s why I’m here today. Joe co chair John Allen. John’s got to run out I know you got to get out of here but M three your band seven horses, everybody like what’s going on about downloading new stuff.

John Allen  24:24

Okay, so stolen horses. We have a song out called free. But actually we’re doing a remix of it. The guy who mixed up slashes new blues record just got done with it sounds phenomenal. And that’s going to come out in late May, early June. That’ll go to Radio and be on all the streaming services. Like I said, a different version of it’s up there right now. Still sounds great. But you’re going to put that out through in grooves slash Virgin Records. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:55

that was your tour. Dude, you did like back a couple months ago, right? It

John Allen  24:59

was great. We took We’re with this band called brother Kane who had like, couple really big radio hits in the 90s when opening for Aerosmith and like all these huge bands, and just great guys actually the lead singer guitar player David Johnson plays with Leonard Skinner now, he took up he took Gary Ross into place while here he is Bill. And now Gary’s has passed. He’s part

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:24

of the fold. They’re so scattered last year, among some that Mary weathers guitars. Yeah, yeah,

John Allen  25:29


so great dudes. Just there. You know, he’s from Alabama, and we just had a blast.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:35

You played a great room in Nashville. Dinya. We played Excellent. Yeah, yeah. I’ve been in that room. That’s nice for that play

John Allen  25:41

there with Sr. 71 years ago. Yeah. Yeah, that’s great. All right. A lot of history.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:47

You can find John on my Facebook page. You can find him stone horses certainly find them on May the Fourth on Saturday. Charles Yeah. No, that’s twisted sisters.


John Allen  26:01

That’s Twisted Sister. You wanted to talk me talk to me about songwriting before I go.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:08

Well, I’m worried about your thing. All right. I

John Allen  26:10

got four minutes. Maybe I can maybe okay. How much

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:14


does Dundalk when you think about smokestack blue collar where we’re from every one of your neighbors worked at the corner they worked at a steel mill. Like all of that that that song writing part of that is so rock and roll when I think a Saxon when I think of these British rockin it’s such a rock and roll Dundalk. gundogs rock and roll town. I mean, literally because of that, I think.

John Allen  26:39

Yeah, I think so too. I mean, like, like you mentioned Saxon or maybe Judas Priest, Black Sabbath different Birmingham, which are big, industrial durability. And yeah, and thought of the same thing when when we started Childsplay there was definitely in the forefront of my mind when I was reading here. There’s something called my bottle which I look back at now it’s kind of kind of misogynistic and way now that I’m a father of two daughters but but the there are a couple lines that are that have an interesting a more kind of working man’s perspective, in the in the breakdown, we’re talking about the American dream, and how it fell apart at the seams whatever and so that even if a song is kind of like, you know, bordering on some other thing out there, there’s still some lines in it that I managed to get in there and that that well

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:34

the hard work part the hard work part sits at the core people make fun of us it’s fine or accents whatever. But like you my documentary The parts that John’s green part, like the part that my father got up and went to the point every day at 430 in the morning and work like that is the reason that this still holds together in

John Allen  27:56

Western Electric my dad loving the seven sometimes you got horrible shifts. Gigantic, I did a tour of that


Nestor J. Aparicio  28:05

and loyalty Colgate and Eastwood store all these years. I mean there’s just a loyalty hard working, you know respect for that, you know, Curtis

Joe Gold  28:14

pan Brooklyn Curtis Bay. So my grandfather was a laborer down

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:20

what did you think of Dundalk people all your life now that you want we used to be the two most famous guys from Dundalk.

John Allen  28:30


Is it kind of like Alabama people making fun of Mississippi people?

Joe Gold  28:35

Yeah, I think Cassidy actually had a funny quote the other day that the bridge actually made us find out how similar we were rather than how differently right? Oh, yeah. Because it’s blue collar on the Curtis Bay book inside for sure. Oh, yeah. And meals and petroleum and stuff like that down there and Coast Guard guard and stuff. And then see Dundalk. I’m like, do

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:02

you want to say some of the funny show we do show and just bring like sick people in front and have to guess whether they’re from Pasadena dog. That’s my life.

John Allen  29:13

My mother’s family her. Some of her family was from Federal Hill. Yeah, well, it’s


Joe Gold  29:19

affordable. It’s

John Allen  29:20

right in South Baltimore. So which is Federal. So if you look at it, look at Baltimore like this. Wherever your parents and grandparents grew up in that neighborhood, they just the subsequent generations just moved radiated out. So people from Dundalk, usually their grandparents island town. Now they’re in Bel Air. So the Fed helped people the South Lawn more people as you accurately said, they wound up down in Pasadena or or you know, further downwards. Bernie,

Joe Gold  29:49

my grandparents moved from in the city, Sao Paulo to Brooklyn, thinking it was a move up. Yeah. Oh yeah. would

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:00


have been in the 40s with my my mother would have died to move to Perry Hall in 19. Yeah. Yeah, I mean like like just to have a single house without a yard. And you know now my son has taken the house that they bought in 1953 and all every he’s not here today, because he’s hanging drywall or something. You know what I mean? That’s what he does. So he’s giving you beer. I want to hold this up. This is my favorite name of a beer ever because we are Baltimore positive. And this is positive mental attitude. Absolutely. positive mental attitude. And it’s just what kind of pills I love pills noses. It’s great. To have this. Oh, these guys. Yeah, so I invited John. I didn’t even really invite John over. I call John yesterday get Dee Snider on the show. And I’m like, hey, I need a guest tomorrow. And you’re from Dundalk. You want to go over us and I see you using me to get I used to last month to get a documentarian for my thing. You’re in from the government. So and you’re in for the county executive. You touched on it last week? I don’t know if I guess.

Joe Gold  31:12

Yeah, last Friday, was behind the bar for like

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:14

40 minutes. That’s all serving positive. Fun.

John Allen  31:17

I saw Westmore on Meet the Press not meet the press or one of those more face to face and yeah, he’s great. And he was great. I can’t I can’t stand him through us more.


Nestor J. Aparicio  31:32

I got locked out of the press conference in Oriole Park. I don’t think it was his fault. But he’s gonna find out. Like I think he already knows about it. positive mental attitude. We’re trying to keep that word cost is John Allen. Stone versus Charm City devils

John Allen  31:46

child’s play. SR 71 eastward dropping

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:49

Senator when I was a kid. Oh. Friday, Friday. Yeah, drop in. That’s where I met you.

John Allen  31:55


I met him at school dropped. And then Friday night funds.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:58

He was like the Fonz. Yeah, like a leather jacket. Glasses. You know? He was always the coolest guy. You know, M three is on the fourth of May. He’ll have a positive integer positive mental attitude. I gotta get you out who’s got an appointment? Charlie’s gonna stay we’re gonna talk some beer. Todd Crandall has sent me a text he said on the way, which means I’m gonna make him wait. We’re gonna talk some more beer back for more here at Costco. Stay with us. It’s brought to you by the Maryland crab cake toward our friends at the minimum. Sorry,

John Allen  32:26

I gotta run man. Now, does this have grip

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