Tying up the loose ends of important family business during the holidays

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It’s never easy and always awkward but the holidays are the only time some families gather to discuss the important stuff. Leonard Raskin tells us there’s a solution and real value in planning and using together time to make sure that 2024 is the best year ever for everyone’s peace of mind.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W and S t hey in 1570 tastic Baltimore Happy Holidays Merry Christmas everybody Happy New Years happy Festivus because we’re in the playoffs so I tell you what we’re gonna be giving these ravens scratch offs away we’re going to be giving away the Oh snaps we’re gonna be giving away the I always get these updated the Christmas peppermint payout multipliers as well as the unwrapped cash top prize. $5,000 Maryland lottery sponsoring our Maryland crab cake tour, we are at Weis markets doing some rewards for freehand some sauerkraut and kielbasa and all that good stuff on Monday. Next Wednesday. We’re going to be failures. I have my favorite t shirt on here underneath my raspy global shirt here. We are going to be there next Wednesday the 27th Our friends at window nation put this out on the road 866 90 nation invite you to get to free it does say doors on it’s I got to work on my doors in 2024 that’s all my my Santa’s list for 2024 as well as I need to get an oil change Jiffy Lube MultiCare my little orange light went on I was like, see manufacturer what and I’m like oh oil changed if you need to go Jiffy Lube, multi care, making the crabcake tour Great. This guy’s made our crabcake two are great. as well. We are plotting a a Pappus Cockeysville crabcake tour stop in early 2024 as part of crabcake row with you letter Rasky letter asking joins us now he was out of the rain. Celebrating Hanukkah preparing for Christmas, getting all things together for clients making a list checking it twice. And then the Ravens game came on on Sunday night. Hey, this is um, we’ve we’ve both been at this from the beginning, you talked about being at Whiskey Joe’s 22 years ago and Stacy Keibler. I put some stuff up this week about all that memories and road trips and all that stuff. This is really turning out to be something from a season standpoint, from a way they’re doing it. And from a way that this kid who’s taking the snaps is playing a different kind of game in a different way and finding new ways to win football games and the defense single digits again, this is as good as it gets from a football perspective. We’ve been watching this a long time waiting for an 11 and three team waiting for a bye week waiting for Dare I say NFC Championship game in Baltimore letter Rascon.

Leonard Raskin  02:17

It is it is time. It is time. Sunday night was a thriller. In the beginning it was competitive, it was tight. It was two offenses moving the ball. It was not touchdowns, and then it was a dunk and it was a wide left and then Trevor Lawrence. I don’t know what he was doing, running with the ball and then he suddenly just dropped it to us that was perfectly nice of him to do when they should have scored. And then bad timing at the end of the hat. I only thought we did those things. He didn’t spike the ball. He tried to score and

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:57

you know I told Luke last week Luke and I did a back and forth for 30 minutes about hardball sucks o’clock management sucks. Like and looks like dude, I agree with you. He sucks. It’s awful. It’s inexcusable. Lots of them do. Lots of them do. And here we are with a kid that you know you’re Mr. Ohio State. He’s Mr. Clemson. He’s been in these big situations and big games. You know, just something you rookie mistakes. Yeah. And he and rookie, no,

Leonard Raskin  03:25

I don’t know if it was him or the coach but somebody blew it. Somebody blew it. First of all, get running with the ball, drop the ball. Okay, that’s lovely. But end of the half, throw the ball down to the four yard line. Get up there, spike it take a breath, make a call. No, let’s throw out and see if we can get the touchdown and rather run the

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:44

half hour to go into the endzone or nowhere right. To go with

Leonard Raskin  03:48

it. The first one has to go with the ground spike that you want

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:51

to run a play in the end zone, we’re only your guy can catch

Leonard Raskin  03:57

it. Yeah. So so we got some gifts. And then now they capitalized on it the bar put on his Superman jersey. And he said I’m gonna fly this team to victory we’re gonna be 11 and three. He was throwing that ball around other than the one ugly interception the obligatory turnover of the game. They couldn’t bring him down, got sacked a couple times, but he was moving around dancing in that pocket. I think he had Chris Collins worth having a love affair a man what do they call a man crush? Crush with Lamar way he keeps

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:36

his eyes when you go back and you watch film on this and yeah, and they point film out. His eyes are down the field the whole time. And it was his first instinct for a long time. It’s better run to run because he could because the pocket was breaking down because he couldn’t see down the field. I don’t think he felt NFL pressure. Well in the beginning Right Reverend He dealt with it. He never had his hats back in the pocket to watch a pocket happen and to see what would happen when he dances that they’ve he’s made an instinctive change in the way he is playing the game, in that Roethlisberger. It’s and he’s way faster way better. Oh, yeah. And but but extending the play to allow say flowers to zig or zag and when you get to know your wide receivers, that deep in play was about practice, right? Absolutely and likely has practiced a lot with him even played a lot. But that’s like, do what Mark Andrews does. We’re also we’re all in the same tight ends room, we’re all seeing the same things, do what he does, you know, Coach up into that way that when the play breaks down, you’re going to do this, you’re going to do that I’m going to do this and we’re going to make a play instead of Lamar is going to run and you’re gonna turn into Willie Snead and you’re blocking you know, right

Leonard Raskin  05:56

but not only not only is he seemed to be looking downfield, but somehow uh, as you said, the instincts have turned on better. The coaching is clearly coached him up better because he is looking to move in the pocket and around where he needs to be. And you got eyes downfield, but at the same time you don’t have linemen downfield. And, man there’s got to be a game ball for the linemen, they blocked their tails off to give him 810 seconds on some of those plays. I mean, that’s marvelous. It’s phenomenal to see and I think you just played a great game all around the receivers got to where they needed to be likely was insane was just silly. That catch on the was a five yard line or whatever it was was ridiculous. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:50

mean, that bar has one of those you throw that ball. That was one

Leonard Raskin  06:53

of those I said that’s one of those you throw it up. There you

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:55

go. Ah, awesome. Yeah, yeah, no, no, I

Leonard Raskin  07:00

thought for sure. That was another interception happening. I was oh, we had a field goal in the bag and then we threw it away. Oh, touchdown. Look at that touchdown. So just a a wild night at the end and Jacksonville. I remember the days of Mark Brunel Jacksonville eats our lunch and and oh, those days were painful, painful. So it was it was fun to get away to Jacksonville. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:26

know, I found the picture we are celebrating by the way we were curio wellness and foreign daughter. I had just the greatest conversation with Michael Braun fine with Gina shock of the gogos. We have learned about this hex product you talk about Baltimore companies making this detergent product that cleans the really nasty, smelly active wear from my hot yoga classes in my workouts, Planet Fitness. And so we had this great show the other day on Friday and putting all this stuff together. And everywhere I go people were talking football, football, football, football and Lamar Lamar Lamar, no one talks about the defense. I find that to be fascinating, right? Like

Leonard Raskin  08:04

they were amazing. They were they were phenomenal. But the

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:08

Browns defense is sort of stolen some of the show and now Flacco and I know you want to talk about that as well. But this defense holding seven points bend but they’ll break taking the ball away from it and they haven’t taken the ball away as much lately and maybe that speaks to seeing better quarterbacks seeing better offense Lord knows you’re on the planet on the road on Christmas night, then they’re gonna see the best offense on the planet the week after that year and we’ll see how the weather is when Miami gets the test are still there for the defense.

Leonard Raskin  08:37

Oh huge,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:38

huge Mar it’s like, you know, it’s like talking about, you know, somebody else when Hulk Hogan’s in the room he’s like, the only wrestler in the room. Nobody else really matters because Lamar sucks

Leonard Raskin  08:49

the oxygen right up, but to

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:53

win a championship here

Leonard Raskin  08:54

was was tremendous. I was upset there in the first half. When they when they actually got to, as we call him at the Raskin household hair boy when they when they got the Trevor and I thought for sure we had a safety or at least a sack. And then they called him for grounding, so we missed our consecutive sack. Our ravens are the best sacking defense in the league. But the same result happened just didn’t get the credit for it. But good enough. How about mad at BK? He just that guy’s engine is revving and he got out there in the second half and he made a key play at a key time and who was there who was there cloudy and queen right there to pounce on the ball and grab that turn over the second fumble lost of hair boy Trevor’s evening and it was fantastic. Now, in in the Raskin household The other thing that happens so Sunday night was a hysterical continuous laughter about at the end of the game when Jacksonville thought they had the touchdown, but they didn’t try to think who was the right call it was the rest in the booth Jerry. Jerry was going crazy. I’ve never seen Terry as adamant. I haven’t seen

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:24

a very often where the announcer whether it’s him or whether it’s, you know, it would Pereira or

Leonard Raskin  10:33

Blandino. contradicting contradicting the league on the call. Yeah. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:37

in such a strong way. Like, was there is the screen his ass is in the paint. The he’s got control of the ball, his foot is in.

Leonard Raskin  10:48

I thought it was in the paint. I thought his ass was on the out of bounds. I thought it was juggled. And when he got control, I thought his thigh was out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:58

I’m in agreement with the broadcast. It was a touchdown. And the two point conversion when all they would have had to do

Leonard Raskin  11:05

Yeah, I don’t think it

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:06

would have done right. Get the call, right.

Leonard Raskin  11:09

I don’t know we were we were hysterical at how how strong he was at going over that was like dude, calm down. You’re not the game anymore. Take it easy. It’s over the last

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:20

that’s it? Well, they put it back up one more time to show up a lot of time. Yeah, they went back one more time and said, Here’s how the league’s wrong and this is what’s going to cost you your bet. Let her ask you to choose loves Raskin globalist the way to find him you can find them out in front of Baltimore positive it is the end of the year is the holiday season. I’ll get back to sports but this is a week where people get together where they don’t talk about money or death or wills or this or that right uncle pop up Hey, Hey Grandpa, hey Dad. Hey, Mom. Hey, hey, you know your health your a tough conversations happen this time of year. And we joke about it right? We joke about the outcome in the town and staying at the house and you know, the the mess and the super spreaders. Please be safe out there. But I do think from your perspective, and what you do for a living in regard to money isn’t one time I hear people actually get together. And sometimes it’s not easy to talk about stuff this time of year. It’s

Leonard Raskin  12:17

absolutely the case. And we talk about having that conversation. You know, a lot of families have what’s called the no talk rule. We don’t you know, what is it? We don’t talk about Bruno. We don’t talk about money. We don’t have that conversation. And families don’t know what they don’t know. And as parents age, you got to make sure that powers of attorney are in place. Medical care is set up that advanced directives are in place you hope you never use it. But you got to have it that beneficiaries are accurate and complete. Met with a couple just recently said to them. Who’s beneficiary of your 401 ks and your life insurance, your life insurance through work? I don’t know. They said, well, they said we think here’s the here’s the answer I usually get. We think it’s each other. The primary we think it’s each other? Who’s the contingent? We don’t have any contingents. Okay, so what do you want to happen if something happens to you? I really hadn’t thought about it. Or somebody will say, Well, this is what I want. And it’s the spouse and then it’s the kids. The kids are minors can’t leave money to minor children. Or I think it’s the spouse. And then lo and behold, it’s the ex spouse. That’s a bad day. We’ve seen those days. I’ve had people come to my office after somebody died, thinking they had a whole boatload of money coming from insurance policies that either didn’t exist or were left to prior spouse’s to sad day when you have to tell somebody that the money they thought they were going to get, they’re not going to get. So this is the time to clean out your financial junk drawer. Take a look at year end. Make sure you know what you have organize it. Get it together. Write down a list of questions. Call us up, call an advisor, call your advisor. Make sure your beneficiaries are right. Make sure that what you think you have you have just get things in order. It’s a good time to take stock taking inventory and have that family meeting. We have a lot of family meetings this time of year. As you say kids are in for the holidays. Parents are in for the holidays. When

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:39

you get that call after Christmas. They’re like hey, the daughters and sons talk this week. We need a meeting with you. Right?

Leonard Raskin  14:48

Yeah, absolutely. And and we have a lot of them and with Zoom, you know one of the benefits of the COVID 20 was COVID-19 in 2020 See what I did there COVID 21 of the benefits is is this zoom function. And people have kids all over the country somehow. This is always strange to me. Somehow Baltimore clients children have escaped. It doesn’t How are you dream and baby, it doesn’t happen very often, but when they escaped, you got to have a Zoom meeting to talk about these financial things. And no better time to take inventory now. So that you can at the beginning of 2024 start to put together the 24 plan and don’t wait till next December to say we could have showed her what uh, let’s let’s get on it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:40

Let her ask you this here. Great advice there for the holidays. So Merry Christmas to everybody. Leonard’s gonna be out there joining us at some point crab cake tour next week, if at least we’ve been just sort of out on the road giving these things away and finding winners and talking football with lots and lots of people is as the steam gets going. It’s very rare for them to be 11 and three, yeah, Sunday night football. You know, the Jacksonville spotlight. Lamar stealing the show, Kyle Hamilton really stepping up at a peak a great role that right now San Francisco Christmas tough. I mean, they start playing football Thursday this week. I don’t really need to stop between the bowl games between football day Saturday all day Sunday, Christmas Eve Christmas Eve night all day Christmas Day to compete with the NBA. We’re the last thing and along with that is going to be this build up to the pre Super Bowl it’s not horrible versus hardball but certainly replay in the Super Bowl. everybody acknowledges the 40 Niners have been the best team all year long. The Ravens have done something like only five teams in the history of the game have done which is they’ve had a lead in all 14 games at the two minute warning to me to warning they were ahead in every game I mean it’s only literally happens couple times once a decade like literally

Leonard Raskin  16:57

14 And oh shouldn’t it

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:00

well that goes back to that horrible coaching piece last week and decisions made and

Leonard Raskin  17:07

we say there’s only one team that can beat the Ravens that’s the Ravens so it’s time to

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:12

catch the ball at 203 and lost the game

Leonard Raskin  17:15

right that was that was a mistake mistake

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:20

games can be as bright a light as oh absolutely not Christmas night we’re talking one versus one AFC versus NFC all the horrible horrible Purple Rain to all that’s gonna get played out again and the lights go on it were I mean Oh as well as probably the Thanksgiving game where Jacoby Jones eat turkey and like all of you. Yep, they don’t play much right and when they do the stakes are high. This is a game of the year I mean, the game of the year right

Leonard Raskin  17:51

breeze Super Bowl this is it. This is it. They’re gonna go into Santa Clara they’re gonna have their next toughest opponent they’ve had tough opponents a number of weeks but this is these these games aren’t playoffs in that it’s one and done but they’re playoff tests. You’re playing the schedule lined up for them to play the best teams in the league. You can’t ask for better you could see each and every one of these teams again over the next month, month and a half and you got to bring it you got to bring it all out for this game and if they play as well as they have play strong as they did Sunday night play as well as they did overall against the rams and these are good teams these are these are this is tough and the weapons that How did Mr. Irrelevant either get to be so good or be missed by so many? I mean I don’t want to say this guy’s the second coming of Tom Brady because he ain’t one nothing yet but man he’s slinging that ball all over and he’s got some weapons he’s got tight end he’s got receivers he’s got arguably the the one of the one of if not the best running backs in the league. And this guy CMC as they call them is is everything I’m gonna share

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:18

my picture of me and his old man you know it’s oh man won the block award. So was here Yeah, blah. Yeah. So I had pictures of me and him added a block but I also after he wanted block, he was in the Super Bowl out in San Diego. And the media day used to be in the stadium where the players would sit in, in sections down by field. I had a picture he and I together Jack Murphy Stadium at the 99 Super Bowl when they played out you know Elway played the Brett Farr Super Bowl like all right, Terrell Davis all of that. I you know, that’s how old I’m getting I mean, and Mitchell injury I for his fire, right?

Leonard Raskin  19:58

Terrible. I don’t know what is an ankle D I didn’t show it again it was hard to see. All I know is solved turn that corner thought he had a touchdown and then said Oh, no, no, yeah. Season over. Season over and it’s also

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:14

a real issue for the ravens and how they’re going to run the ball. Because Gus is not him Justice Hill is not him. Certainly the breakaway sort of the big play yeah that he that he had the speedy and that he’s a factor you count right Keaton Mitchell, maybe not in the passing game in regard to to blocking seals out there, you know, it’s a pass, but I would, I would say Melvin Gordon has been waiting.

Leonard Raskin  20:39

He’s good. He’s just gonna have to do it. He’s gonna have to do it. We’re gonna find out somebody’s gonna step up. Just like Mark Andrews down. Unlikely likely doing his thing. Look, we had two tight ends Sunday night, come through with some great catches. lumbars throw down to the two yard line and then go to the five yard line. You got two tight ends that are stepping in saying, Mark, we got your back. So Melvin Gordon, and Gus, the bus and Mr. Hill are going to have to step up and run that ball. And maybe just maybe that means the bar has to run just a little more. Just a little more.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:23

Well, he ran 12 times the other night right so yeah, it felt like he passed more. And it certainly feels like this land of having a dance in the pocket move in the pocket like a move like a boxer literally moving like a dancing like a box or bouncing moving eyes. First, second, third back. Where’s my help? Who’s crashing down on me? How do I move and get myself free? All of that Ben Roethlisberger. Find space. And then if you come at me move again while I keep you feel. Feel the heat? Yeah, that’s something I don’t know that he ever could do until he goes it. Part of that is that’s how he’s going to cut your throat because ze flowers Bateman likely Obj. Whoever the running back on the field at the moment is there. There’s a possibility of him being you with his arm in a in a way that the 31 teams that passed on him didn’t respect.

Leonard Raskin  22:29

That’s right. And I don’t think anyone thought he could get here. Again, it was not bad for running back. And I think his mind he’s trained and I gotta say props to the coaches. whoever it is that’s working with him. It’s getting him better. Whether it’s Monken. Or quarterbacks coach. What’s the quarterbacks coach? He was with Tennessee right. Did he play for Tennessee? Is it major major?

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:04

T Martin T Martin?

Leonard Raskin  23:05

He wasn’t at Tennessee.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:07

He was a Tennessee. Yeah, you know, I lost a dear friend of mine Harvey Meyers a couple of weeks ago from the Emerald tavern. And I put a picture of us up in Tennessee or Tennessee gear. girl wearing Tennessee violent. We went to see we were in Nashville for a raven Titan game, not an oiler game game. And we drove to Knoxville in the driving rain and we got there. We had no rain gear to go into that Nealon stadium that night. And we bought Tennessee gear. T Martin was their quarterback that night and and Jamal Lewis was there running back. Oh, what a pair. Oh, so I saw one game in Tennessee. And it turns out I thought T Martin you know, I mean, but 25 years later T Martin’s the Guru,

Leonard Raskin  23:50

the quarterbacks coach, right. So he’s the he’s the Lamar whisperer and Mankins offense. And somehow, Lamar is just getting better and better at what they want him to do. And he’s doing it. And yeah, I think he could prove a lot of people wrong in the next 45 days. He could he could shake up a Baltimore parade. Here’s open. That’s what we’re hunting for. All right,

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:16

Linda Raskin is here he is Rascon global. tell people how best to get in touch with you because money family, new year and the year taxes money. They’re gonna call you December 13. And say what should I do for 24? Or 23? And you’d be like, late, late. Yeah. It’s never too late to fix it. Right. That’s

Leonard Raskin  24:35

right. info at Raskin. global.com It’s the easiest to remember. Or you can find me l Rascon. At Rasky global.com. We’re on Facebook Raskin global. We’re on LinkedIn, Raskin global and me, Leonard Rascon it LinkedIn. You can find this everywhere. You can find this on your page, Baltimore positive out there, talking about what’s going on here. The idea is get Get your money in order have somebody coach you through. Because the emotions of doing it on your own heavy heart. It’s a hard job to do it on your own. There’s a lot of information out there. We get a lot of armchair quarterbacks, a lot of do it yourselfers and I’ve told

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:19

you a number of years, there’s no way normal people could ever know what you know. I mean, I and that’s probably my best endorsement for you is to say, you’re really dumb enough to know what you don’t know. And you should know enough to know that you know more. That’s all

Leonard Raskin  25:35

pay a professional because hiring an amateur is a fool’s game. And doing it yourself is very hard and mostly fraught with errors. So yeah, find somebody it’s us or somebody else like us. Get to help the professional help to handle your money and make 20 for a healthy, prosperous, fabulous best of us for the rest of us.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:01

Here’s letter Rasky listening I gotta ask you this because I’m trying to talk next week I don’t know if you’re coming to fate these next week or not. We’ll figure that out. But the stadium thing I mean, I’ve talked about it a little bit you’re a money guy or republican don’t give money away tax money they taxes too much the government does too much for too many people and programs and all of the Republican jargon you Fox News types give me a Fair enough. Fair enough. But then once more is gonna go give a billionaire money and then we’re gonna give more money and open the door. For shoddy I discussed as we talk about this, the Maryland stadium authority is doing this as we’re talking on Monday morning. I’m gonna be with Tom Kelso. There’s gonna be plenty of you know, rear view mirror to look at whatever deal the state cuts to give. Basically, the richest billionaire don’t even live in the state. These incredible breaks to allegedly million people together downtown for 635 baseball games that are going to invigorate the city.

Leonard Raskin  27:06

Yep, I’m not I don’t like it. Let it I

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:10

think this is complete bullshit on now, in regard to what I and I’m the advocate for all of this. I’m Kip Baltimore. The ball. I love camping. I love all of this. But I’m not loving how this is going down right here right now.

Leonard Raskin  27:24

It’s dreadful. I’m sorry, I I love both teams love sports, the amount of money that we the taxpayer. But out so that billionaires can become bigger billionaires is utterly ridiculous. I’ve seen it over and over and over. This isn’t the only place that happens. Don’t kid yourself. The only difference between what’s going on here. And what goes on elsewhere. Is this is out in the open for the public to see. I guarantee you there are plenty of other developments. If you look around downtown, you look around the state. And obviously, if you look around the country, where government feeds millionaires and billionaires, to do things that they want to do to become bigger millionaires and billionaires, and it is atrocious. And it is ridiculous. And it’s my job as you talk about advising to find those deals for my clients. Look, we’re not to look back too far. We had the PPP, we had the eidl Everybody bitches about student loans. But the government continuously continuously gives away taxpayer dollars to causes they think are meaningful, good, bad or other that make the rich richer all the time. And I don’t know. I it’s not the function of government that I wish government would perform. But well, no, we pitch about foods charged

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:59

to people that may or may not need them, or that’s right handouts.


This is completely

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:05

like this is gross. And then I see the Ravens roll this out while I’m banned while the President of the team who banned me who doesn’t front face to anyone and it’s never answered a question has never met with the media stands in front of an owner who got $500 million and hasn’t even stood up and said thank you. Like it’s it’s it’s and then the baseball owners a whole different letter. It’s Christmas week.

Leonard Raskin  29:34

It’s Christmas and presents. We’ve given them beautiful, lovely wonderful presents to build their billionaire status bigger on the Forbes list and

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:44

time to say I love you and I’m just going to I’m going to decompress the Ravens game at least signed a relief pitcher last week, so there’s that going on. I’m gonna be wise markets and I’m gonna have sauerkraut and kielbasa. I mean if eggnog it’s gonna be like that. All these are a few of my favorite things. So I’m gonna eat all my favorite things this week. I’m gonna do my favorite people this week so are you so as everybody else if you’re not with your favorite people this week and when we say holiday, enjoy the game letter you and I’ll get together for crabcake on the other side, maybe fade these next week got in early 2024 but certainly one thing we know for sure the ravens are in the playoffs. So


playoffs playoffs Yeah, so we’ve had a crack

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:28

going for us as Santa comes down the chimney let her ask and get the founder asking global I’ve got the shirt on here. That’s our a s k i n global you can find them at a Baltimore positive.com as well. I’ve got all of these ravens and and Maryland lottery scratch off tickets. I have a handful of ravens still to give away. The Oh snaps are my favorite because they they smell like they just came out of the oven with ginger cookie. So, man, I’m a cookie monster this time of year. I got some chocolate chippers. I’m about to crush. I got I got spiked eggnog, regular eggnog eggnog for my coffee. I got eggnog cookies, I have eggnog cake. I’d like some eggnog whipped cream now working on that when my wife gets home here we are WNS da a 1570 Towson Baltimore celebrating the holidays and celebrating a Festivus for the rest of us. Stay with us.

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