Making the holiday spirits bright with kielbasa and sauerkraut

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We know it’s the Maryland Crab Cake Tour but Derek Frazier and Jon Sidway of Weis Markets at Honeygo in Perry Hall got Nestor distracted when the Ostroski’s delicacy arrived on the set. Wrestling with the holidays, food and family is made easier with a free Rewards ham and plenty of egg nog and good cheer. And those stuffed shrimp with the signature crab cakes!


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Derek Frazier, Nestor J. Aparicio, Jon Sidway

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T TAS Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively no longer in the studio man I got food I got ham crabcakes I got stuff crabcakes and shrimp. I got killed Boston sauerkraut so holidays also got some marital lottery scratch offs giveaway got a double dose of my ginger bread oh snap purple lucky tickets up and give it away here with the wise markets and on the go it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery peppermint payouts as well as the unwrap the cash our friends at the window nation have asked me to wear the the flattering floppy hat 866 90 nation you buy to you get to free 0% financing for the next five years and our friends at Jiffy Lube MultiCare my little oil light is on right now. I swear I’m getting my oil change for the holidays. We’re wise market so we had Tom Kelso here for a little while talking. Maryland stadium authority John Martin is going to be here. He’s the one that gives us these lottery tickets to give away for all of our winners put the crabcake tour on the road. Because wise markets a number of years now we had the crabcake tour stop down at the I guess it’s number 206 or two or Ford and Fullerton which numbers that to us 206 Pretty good. That’s pretty good. You’re

Derek Frazier  01:12

getting the numbers.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:13

Am I here? What did honey go? What is that? 181 80 Derek Fraser is the manager here of 180 We’re in honey go which isn’t really Perry Hall. It isn’t really Whitemarsh it’s certainly not Fullerton. It’s not Nottingham i What

Derek Frazier  01:28

is it? It has 100 different names. You know, you look it up on

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:31

the post office is not able to say honey go on it. It

Derek Frazier  01:34

says Perry Hall says says Barry All right. So that’s where the confusion is sometimes you know what customers calling up and getting the wrong store because there could be several different stores around this area that’s called Perry Hall. I’ll

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:45

go through this whole farm when I lived out here and my kid went to Perry Hall 20 years ago but Derek is the manager here. John segways. Also here don’t hold it against him. He’s from Las Vegas. He ain’t from around here. This guy here work for Mars. Correct? So real Dundalk guy. Not really Patapsco side it’s not really Dundalk. That’s the daps go side on the gray man or side. But also a former professional wrestler. People thought I had Hulk Hogan on this week I said I’m having to perform professional said Ric Flair was unavailable. But I’m sure you’ve done the nature walk right? Oh, a

Derek Frazier  02:17

couple of times, plenty of times after hitting a chopper too. And the crowd goes Whoo.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:21

So Jamie sends me to you Jamie and ask you Hi Jamie. Happy holidays. She’s been on the program many times. We’ve had many wives conversations around here about all sorts of things. And she’s gonna give me Derek’s number up and honey go, you know, he wrestled and I’m like, huh, I bet we know a million of the same people. And then you’re like I do not from Dundalk. I know who you are. And I’m like, Well, this is gonna be a good segment. So Derek is here. We’re celebrating the holidays and and you guys have been great. I mean, you’re hung. Keep these away from the cat the cat. The boy said he is no good. But I got poinsettias here. We got ham, I got apple cider. I got all sorts of Santa hats and Santa’s stocking stuffers. Make sure if you’re stocking, stuffing your stocking with these, they’re 18 years old. That’s a public service announcement that John is gonna give us here a little later. My sister in law broke that rule in New Hampshire 30 years ago and we’re still she probably should still be in jail. But that’s okay, she’s out. She’s out there let her out. For your store. And for wise this is literally the most wonderful time of the year right it is other than a Ravens game day. And this is this is your Super Bowl right?

Derek Frazier  03:29

Going down in the last two weeks of the year of the summer. It is our Super Bowl. This is where we strive to be the best and get the best you know service to our customers and keep pushing this is where the climax the big like WrestleMania you would say if you go to a wrestling, you know term, this is it. This is where it all goes and then January 1, it starts all over again. Look to hell with these

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:49

crab cakes. I’ll worry about that later on. On the crab cake tour. We have crab cakes anytime when a crab cake tour. That’s what the tour is only one time a year. Does this come? Okay, this is Oh straw skis kielbasa. And you can only get that here. You can only get that in Baltimore. You can only get that in Maryland. If you’re from East Baltimore. You know I’m giving a shout out right now. Stan Gibson I know you’re out there Stan Stan stock if you heard a standard stock the music festival. Stan is Stan Gibson standard stock stands parents were like parents to me. They were my parents best friends. And they lived in the other block of Bank Street when I was a little boy in the 70s. I would go up to see Mr. Sam and Miss Kurt I was at gertrudes over to BMA Mr. Gibson used to make well named Kurt never made this this was Sam This is this is a man’s job to work that crock pot. You know what I mean? And get this together. But Ostrowski says this is the mild Polish kielbasa. I have learned to like to spice even though I’m spicy doesn’t mean hot. It means like more spice flavor to in their vernacular. And this is going to be my first piece of Christmas kielbasa of the year. And Derek and John are thanks for making this John. I appreciate this. And then you’ll get this invade invade

Jon Sidway  05:03

sauerkraut since I moved here yeah

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:06

you do this in Dundalk Are you not polish it off.

Derek Frazier  05:09

I’m not Polish enough but we did do as a family thing

Jon Sidway  05:11

you can’t be kielbasa sauerkraut. No, it’s

Derek Frazier  05:15

a tradition here and bought Baltimore you know to do sauerkraut. So you know

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:20

what times it’s two o’clock by six o’clock. I’ll be flatulent, but I’m gonna love every minute of it. And we’re here. So for you guys at Christmas time, I’m a wise rewards guy, right? And we’re gonna do wrestling. We’re gonna do all that we’re gonna talk some Raven. But just for people that come here. I am a wise rewards member and I do my phone number. I’m blown away by just shopping and my wife sends me out. I drink I’m gonna plug my coconut water people because I know your store has this. This is my favorite item. It’s not cheap. It’s fantastic. Yes, it’s healthy for you one of the reasons my skin’s good. One of the reasons I’m hydrated when I do all my hot yoga, you’re an athlete you know you wrestled man. You know you sweat right? You do stuff Great.

Derek Frazier  05:58

rehydrate your keeps you you know your bodies and your protein and your body keep you going

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:04


every wise little different. Like I come in here. This is huge wise, right? Yes. And the Fullerton stores big was an old Kmart down there. Yes. For wise to come into this market. The one that I always knew was the one right here in Perry Hall. Seven Corner, seven cores wherever there’s a core seven course, right. I have friends that lived in that neighborhood. And I lived on the other side of Perry Hall. And we didn’t even know how to say it. Weise. We, you know, I didn’t know I just didn’t know. There were no other wise markets around. And really in the last 15 years and I know you like to speak of a veto at Mars and I’ve spoken so I mean, I knew veto. I knew Mars Mars at Dundalk, company wise is really picked up that that arm of being a local out of Sunbury, I’ve been to the ice cream factory and all that. But when I come in, and I see a Squiers pizza, or I see a pizza John’s or I see a Fisher’s popcorn or I see Otterbein cookies or local Ostrowski sausage. Nobody burger cookie said Yeah, but nobody does local the way you guys really try to do that. And that really speaks to having guys from Dundalk wrestle all over the world, the managers, a lot of the managers here local people, many came for that marzipan. And even if you didn’t come from the Mars side, the wise philosophy for how East Baltimore gets its king syrup, and you know, things that are East Baltimore things like this. This is what makes the holidays. I’m in Vegas, I can’t get this and I’m

Jon Sidway  07:41

gonna do they’re not doing Yeah, you gotta get it shipped. You don’t know if he’s gonna go that far though. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:45

locals. I don’t say it’s hard to do, but it’s not something everybody does. And I think it’s a different delivery mechanism, all of that. But I come in and I see this kielbasa that I know is being made by hand. This is artisan kielbasa being made right over in East Baltimore on Bank

Derek Frazier  08:00

Street, right and it comes straight from them delivered here to the stores to every store that’s in this district. On the side of Maryland, you know, that have it and some pa stores carry it to just you know, we have another local company we partner with is BTi chips.

Jon Sidway  08:15

Okay? They’re to be TAs they are at Bill’s terrassen Crap.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:20

No seriousness crap chips.

Derek Frazier  08:22

Yeah, I did not know that. They weren’t the Ravens. They’re the Baltimore Orioles. Dundalk.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:28

They’re from Essex. That’s why That’s why I don’t know what it is right.

Jon Sidway  08:32

When I first moved here, I moved right next to the original Bill’s terrace and I lived there. So I’ve been there a lot of times.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:38

Well, you know, you gotta come across the bridge. So yeah, we do it. From the Essex side. I always I claim that every time all right, that’s the people in Essex aside not the gundogs side of things. But we have fun with local and you’re as local as it gets. Right. So you were professional wrestler? Did you know he wrestled? Yeah. When people come in here and know you from wrestling?

Derek Frazier  09:00

Some people I try not I tried to not talk we clean up nice. I try I try managerial. I have to be professional when I’m here. You know? So give

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:09

me the wrestling background because we’re gonna get after it. How many kabasele? What would

Derek Frazier  09:13

you like to know when I started when I started training?


How and why grew up just like any

Derek Frazier  09:19

other kid like professional wrestling. And actually, when I worked at one of the, you know, original mortar stores back in the day, there was a guy that was there actually training. I was 19 years old. And I was like, Oh, I’ll go check it out and see where you train it down in Essex off backwards. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:35

you didn’t wrestle in high school or anything like that? No, I wrestled in high school. I played baseball

Derek Frazier  09:38

and soccer in high school. You know, always like wrestling my friends. We would always watch wrestling. We watched it pay per views, and all that was always interested but it was always I wasn’t a big guy. I’m not a big guy. Still. I’m 185 pounds. But back then at 19 years old, I was like 145 and you see these guys that are in WWF at the time that was called in WC I’ll

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:00

be back. They’re all blown up, right? That was hairy and era. Right? Right.

Derek Frazier  10:03

You know, they’re all jacked up and I look like this, you know, little guy. So then I go to try out it was free and it’s like, Man, I fell in love. It was like instant

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:13

was a smaller guy. You probably were a little more aerial right. You ran a little bit. Yeah, some

Jon Sidway  10:17

back the ray Mysterio Yes, that

Derek Frazier  10:19

was the ray Mysterio back in, you know, 99 You know, when I started wrestling, like, in Maryland at the time, you had all these big guys that didn’t do all the high flying, you know, I did all the flips and acrobatics, and I would practice CW he

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:32

was going with that lightweight division at that time. Right. They were then they have a really exciting champion, right?

Derek Frazier  10:38

They did once they bought WCW back in the day, you know, growing up, you know, I used to watch out ECW based out of South Philadelphia, you know, you had great people that came out of there and just towns that moved on like Stone Cold Steve Austin Eddie Guerrero, you know, Ray Mysterio Ray Mysterio they were the guys that like idolized that did something different than you would see the big guys and WWF or WWE, I shouldn’t say now. And they had

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:05

baseball bat matches and so you’ll see W to my background in wrestling is this 19 mid 70s My Prudhoe was a champ my mom love Bruno, and 1977 My first match was Stan the Man stays yet with the heart punch against Bruno Civic Center in March of 1977. And then the next month, Superstar Billy Graham and Bruno were wrestling for the belt August 30 1977. And it was a second wrestling match I’d ever been to I wanted to go see the valiant brother but they were kind of going by them executioner’s were kind of gone at that point. And Bruno was you know forever right? The bad guys coming in different bad guys coming in every month was George Steele on a summer whatnot. But I was at the match when Billy Graham had his feet on a rope that night that Bruno lost the belt I still had my program from that night and I was hooked right so I truck City’s longtime sponsor mine I need to tell you we’re city ism Yeah, people outside of Dundalk don’t know funny name but go to drug city they got everything ever more stuff. Drug city, but I should get my my my my baseball cards and my wrestling magazines from this drug city but get the wrestling magazines. Yes. And also open Highland town. They they would they would they would get wrestling magazines up there as well. We’re gonna fix my levels. I don’t like my level. So in the 70s wrestling came once a month. It was at four o’clock on Saturday afternoon and 11 on channel 20. When they went to the Capitol center, and you got two hours of wrestling a week as a kid on Saturday only. And the matches came every four to six weeks. They come to the arena my parents we get fried chicken and get on a number 10 bus and we get down to civic center. Bob Backlund you know all that? Well, flair. Nah, no flair wasn’t there. So what year were you born?

Derek Frazier  12:59

I was born in 80. So I’m 43 Oh, these kids.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:02


Jon Sidway  13:04

I’m not gonna tell you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:06

So So I’ll give you the whole lowdown here. Once I get my levels together. I want to make sure I get that right. So have we got fans Andrew giving you the giving you the gravity are you we’re doing this publicly? Why is Marcus? So in the early 80s cable TV came? Okay, so all we had Kevin EC was my best friend growing up Kevin exa legendary wrestling historian right. So Kevin and I grew up we were best friends in the whole world as best man is wedding. So in the early 80s, we were the kids in the in the in Hollywood middle that love wrestling. And we would get the magazine’s first and there was a whole contingent of people that love wrestling and went to the wrestling matches, but cable TV happened. And that expanded our wrestling abilities because Georgia Championship Wrestling came in right on TBS. So this is 8182 83. Georgia with Gordon Solie came in. And that’s had some NWA. But Harley Race wasn’t there every week because NWA was such a big area and he wrestled Texas, Missouri, JD throughout the whole south and the Midwest, really the NWA. So Georgia Championship Wrestling had its own thing. And it was awesome. It was live it was two hours they would take it out into the street and into the bay. It had all this backstage part of wrestling that the WWE was just never show bad matches in Allentown, you know against the bomb 20 minutes after McMahon would hold his nose and George Steele would do something crazy, right or the Grand Wizard or luau BANA would come. But it was so wrestling opened up with Georgia Championship Wrestling. And that happened. They decided to get to get feisty, right like you supermarkets all fight with each other over price and placement, all that stuff. So they brought the matches to the arena. And the NWA came in and Ric Flair came in right Georgia champ pionship wrestling came as a novelty to the arena once cable TV came, and Kevin uneca and I had first row tickets, that’s all so we’re talking like Tommy rich. We’re talking. Ric Flair. Ronnie Garvin wildfire Tommy rich I’m trying to think of the only Anderson beginning of like Junkyard Dog and like all those kinds of so at 4345 that happened same time Hulk Hogan happened. Cyndi Lauper happened. MTV happened,

Derek Frazier  15:30

right everything exploded. Thunder

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:32

lips and I mean, you’re so young you don’t remember when when rocky three rocky three came out in summer 8384. i The Tiger wrestling became like, cool, like, yes. You know, Saturday night and NBC the whole

Derek Frazier  15:47

deal was a main event or some main event. Remember that? So

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:51

all that happened? And now No, I think the last time I really cared about wrestling was when Hulk Hogan beat the Iron Sheik. So we’re going back 40 years. So for the last 40 years of my life, it’s been more of a novelty. I’ve done radio shows Kevin Eck and the great late great, Axl rotten. Brian would come into my studio. Sometimes he was sober. And, and he would be all battered up and bloody and he would bring in his bat with the barbed wire from Philadelphia let you see the late 90s. Right. So Luke Jones loves wrestling Dennis Colossus loves wrestling like I have people in my life that are still six nights, seven nights a week. They all the background, all that stuff. You know, Stacy Keibler was my originally my intern at WNS T two she went when she filled out the card to be a nitro girl. She read that card in my studio on my airwaves on wn SD. And she’s like, I’m a cheerleader for the Ravens. Her boyfriend was a listener and she became an intern, right? And she was a dancer at Towson. She’s like, I’m gonna try to be a nitro girl be a wrestler and look at how that worked out for her. Right. She had a great career, the Baltimore wrestling pipeline and everything about Baltimore as a wrestling town. Yes, whether your Ric Flair Bob Backlund, the late great Bruno Sammartino. Baltimore’s like a real wrestling town, and has always been the AW goes into business. One of the first things they need to do is book a Baltimore date because it’s gonna sell here, this was always a mock town. And

Derek Frazier  17:27

it’s funny you say that because Dan McDevitt the owner of MC w here in Maryland, does do things with them because he’s an agent for them for matches when they do come local. And what that means he put matches together. So if me and you were having a match, we go have our match. What’s going to happen? He put gives the yes or no, he has to get it checked off clarified if it can be on TV, timekeeper

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:48

at the bell. Yep. Dan, I’ve known Dan forever as well. Dan has been in my home. When my wife was battling cancer. The first time my wife is really sick. She’s bald, kind of falling apart, weighed about 85 pounds. And Jim Ross was in town and promoting with one of his he was doing he did a storytelling night right Jr. Jr. Right? Yes. And he brought into my house when my wife was sick and Jr. sat on my couch for two and a half hours regaling me with stories of the legends. You know, it’s crazy and there’s like a larger than life part of wrestling that that I love. I love the larger than life part. And I love that the rock has become who’s been on my show a couple times. Just a part of American culture, right? I mean, and I see what with us, John Cena is on. He’s on TV shows in the morning. I mean, wrestling is way larger than wrestling Yes,

Derek Frazier  18:47

it’s way larger than it used to be back in the mid 80s These guys doing great charity work and you know Jimmy see food and other local company you know we carry some of their stuff here partners with the WWE when they come into town you know, Roman Reigns one of their biggest stars, you know, just battles you know cancer and God over leukemia and all that you know, he gives back to the community as doing the Make a Wish Foundation for children to you know, well

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:13

you’ve been doing this for a long time what made being a wrestler fun for you?

Derek Frazier  19:18

Probably to children’s faces and going out there you know, being a good guy, you know, slapping hands but being a bad guy is even fun, because you make a lot of people mad but you were bad guy. You’re not Marilyn. Marilyn I was a good guy. babyface. I was babyface in Maryland anytime I tried to be honest

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:33

laughing about it all you never saw him wrestler you seen on video I’ve seen on video. I googled you I saw wrestling on video.

Jon Sidway  19:39

I prefer the heel I like when he was the heel. Heel he

Derek Frazier  19:42

loved it because you ain’t got to do not and I can go out there and do dumb stuff and the people would boom because the first interaction if they don’t know you is the booth that person that’s just negativity how the world we live in so it’s easier just to do that and then you go out there and do even less and make the baby face look good. I just did my job being out there want to get some heat? That’s all I gotta do. And then you get to in reality if you do have real frustrations in life you can take the heat that you’re getting and use your real frustrations even up your character even more to make people even hate you even more.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:15

My cousin Jason Wilson wrestled Dundalk Did you know Jason? No. You new Axl?

Derek Frazier  20:20

I knew Axl, I knew accent.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:22

I mean, Axl was the most famous of all of the wrestlers of that era from here and he famously had some you know, off the field issues and what was that he was also a guy that that sold it. He sold wrestling at a great heart he believed in wrestling loves wrestling.

Derek Frazier  20:37

Yes. And there’s other people that came through like Mickie James that she’s been in WWE. She, you know, I worked with her years ago, back in the day when I first started wrestling. The Hardy Boys were trained here in Maryland and MC W. All right. Did you know I did not know that? Yes, they were trained here to Hardy Boys. Another gentleman that was in WWE a couple years ago. His name is Leo rush, young man. He’s still wrestling wrestling for AW right now. Then there’s been millions of young guys that I’ve wrestled with coming up from 99 that are there right now in WWE. I still have contacted I’m friends with that. I’ve either been on shows or helped train some of them.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:15

But they got flare back in the ring. Are they gonna get you back in the ring? No,

Derek Frazier  21:17

I don’t think my boss would like that too much. You know, I’m, I’m done. I’ve had four knee surgeries. I’m gonna I was gonna

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:24

ask you. I was gonna ask you give me the injury report for because like, it’s like being an old football player. Yeah, it’s wrestling. It’s fake. And all this knee fake pow Come on, you know? So it

Derek Frazier  21:36

was it’s actually funny. 2000 was it 2006 It was a day after Christmas we were doing MC w is doing the show is that he’ll? I was working angle with a guy named Josh Daniels. I’m sure everybody knows who Chris Benoit is. This is his nephew. Okay, same bill. same job, same everything. Trying to get him over as a baby face to blow off was for a year I’ve been ducking and dodging him getting disqualified doing this doing that so he couldn’t take the title from me. Big Blow off match. WWE II scouts out there that night. All right. And Michael is Eighth Avenue down in Glen. Burnie for you. Yes. All right. Go out there. We start the match. I fake an injury. They had the medics come out do all this stuff. The crowd claps I’m on the stretcher. His Baxter and I jump off the stretcher slide in the ring to hit him and karma got me when I landed my whole leg went sideways I blew every ligament out Monday you’re gonna hurt for real Yes I got hurt. What

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:31

do you do in the ring when you get hurt for real? I take a fall and get the car get get paramedics back in so they were real paramedics.

Derek Frazier  22:37

I got on top of Josh and taking this God Hand to God I get on Josh Tom Rose was like a Mark No, you don’t look like a mark but it’s straight up. I got hurt karma got me and people don’t believe in karma. That was karma. I got on top of Josh told me I’m really hurt. And he looks at me with this series. Look. Are you kidding? Would he whispers to me? I’m like, No, get out the ring. I stood up and you can see my legs hanging in the video. I pop it back into place.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:06

Pull up the clip. And suddenly this crabcakes Oh, look is good. I’m sorry.

Derek Frazier  23:13

And you know, I take two steps. What year was this? 2006

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:18

long time ago? Yes. Well, you haven’t done this in a while. I’m

Derek Frazier  23:22

on and off. I retired in 2014 head surgery two months after that. minute I went to work the next day after I went to the hospital worked for two months before head surgery was out eight weeks came back to work what

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:38

a veto think are you wrestling because I can’t imagine? From Mars.

Derek Frazier  23:43

They thought I was crazy. I thought I was crazy. You know but thing was you know for for management. But then, you know, you take I take what I did in that business and bring it into this business. It’s all about people. That business is about people sure making them happy, making them happy putting a smile on their face. And that’s the same thing that I do as being a manager in this company is putting a smile on people’s face every day. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:07

forget that part of wrestling, you know, but it really is about the people that it does make happy. It makes them very happy. Yes. And kids love it. And I think I know so many people that connect with their kids through wrestling and do and I shouldn’t say I know so many people, my parents and I connected to wrestling. So like when I was a kid my mom loved baseball but my dad and I would you know I grew up Colgate no secret East Mall. We take the bus out to Oriole games. My mom might go to like one game a year wrestling matches. Mom, Dad and I it was never just me and my mom was never just me and my dad, they loved wrestling. I loved wrestling. We did wrestling together. It’s awesome as a kid and I wouldn’t trade those memories. You know I had a real tear jerker as a kid, one time I went to wrestling my aunt in South Carolina, which is Abby Ville, South Carolina. So you can Google that if you want. I was there a couple of weeks ago. So I’m telling you a story because it’s relevant. But back in the 1970s I would spend two weeks of summer in this little town called Abby Ville South turns my mother’s hometown. We take the Greyhound bus down there and I’m talking like, no girls, no fun. No people, little town square me and my dad shooting hoops at this little Civic Center. Nothing to do. And I came home one day and my favorite aunt, my Aunt Edna, a long since gone since 1978. I came home and I had I was a newspaper junkie then I always wanted to work for newspapers, and I looked at was adding to paper, and it was wrestling in the next town over Greenwood, South Carolina. And on that car was Ken Putera. Baron found rod like a lot of stars like a lot of blackjack Mulligan was on that car remember that name. And they wrestled at a Class A baseball stadium in the summer at the pitcher’s mound or a second base in the middle of field. When I’m nine years old, I my aunt drove me over to Greenwood for the matches got me program we went met the wrestlers. I got autographs the whole deal, what you’re talking about, right? That kind of experience as a kid, as the only time I ever did anything like that. And all these years later think of my Aunt Edna and think of her fudge, but under fried chicken, which pretty good. And I remember that experience and about five years ago, I was talking wrestling with Luke and Dennis we’re doing a WrestleMania show. Whatever year we they get into WrestleMania and I I break out my old interviews with Bob Backlund. The Rock, Tony Gary, I had McMahon on I did a role was war night when Mick Foley and was warring with Steve Steve, Steve Austin, and he had to Steve Weiser and he appeared in their truck spray people. He did a role at the arena in 1998 or 99. And we set up live at the arena and we went live that night for my show. And I mean rock was on he Ray Lewis was there with the rock because they knew they knew each other Ray wasn’t even Ray was in that he was a third year player. It wasn’t like he wasn’t a great player yet. So have all these wrestling stories. But my favorite wrestling story other than the the the Sammartino incident is going to this wrestling match and Chris pike have found the ad for me in that newspaper from 1978. So I actually have the card from the newspaper. And he sent it over to me and it got me emotional, but I went to my mother’s hometown for the first time in 30 years. Wow. About six weeks ago. It’s for Sammy Hagar he was playing in Greenville. So I went down there and I went to the old town and I went looking for that stadium and Greenwood sat still there yeah it’s part of a community college now the team’s long

Derek Frazier  27:46

gone least that building still there? Woodbridge

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:48

well it was on I googled it all stadium got destroyed like the early 90s. Like the name of stadiums all it’s been gone for 2025 years. But the the space is still there and you can sort of see the field and where there was a baseball field whatnot. But so like the lineage of wrestling for me, it’s something goes with you. What was your first wrestling match when you went see real wrestlers?

Derek Frazier  28:10

First wrestling match was probably WCW Dan Baltimore arena there. Flair was there. I think he was a champion. He was 95 I was 15 years old.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:20

Was that Garvan who’s the wrestling that?

Derek Frazier  28:22

I can’t even remember but four horsemen. There was four horsemen there I think Barry Windham was there was him RNA Anderson and

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:30

Ollie? No, totally.

Derek Frazier  28:33

I want to say Mongo McMichaels. Okay, was there was the Four Horsemen at the time and this was this was the era that that’s that the horsemen that was Arn Anderson did that one that

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:51

was down with the horse. Yeah. It was down with the horse. That was the other one. Well, there

Derek Frazier  28:55

are so many them four horsemen that the time over the years if you think about it, you had that one you had the one with Chris Benoit was in it. Who else was it was a brand


it was it was a brand and

Derek Frazier  29:07

he Patton booboo. Well, how

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:09

many Samoans were there? You know, there’s still a lot coming trying to figure out who the execution is where I know one was killer Kowalski, I’m pretty sure.

Derek Frazier  29:17


Samoans is that bloodline just keeps going. Going. Yes, mill

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:20

mask was always the same guy. Were there five of those.

Derek Frazier  29:23

There was five. Yeah, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:25

figured there probably were right. Yes. Jeffrey shear, we’re talking professional wrestling. We’re doing it in a supermarket during right while right in the store. We haven’t so is this a crab cake tour. I’m gonna take a break here. But I want to talk about these crab cakes, the signature crab cake that you do here in addition to the stuffed shrimp, and they do these down at the chopper row location by my yoga studio. We used to call it the barn and the barn. But they’re delicious down there. Dundalk. I works the deli down there. So big appreciation to Bill and everybody. I’m gonna keep you guys here another segment John’s here. He’s from Vegas. How’d you get here? What’s an just got like you doing replays like this


Jon Sidway  30:01

I decided to change it up live there 27 years said let’s get a change of scenery How long have you been here? Seven years now? Almost eight.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:09

So when you’re from Vegas Do you like adopt the Raiders because they move there?

Jon Sidway  30:14

If you’re if you’re from Vegas and if you didn’t like the Raiders before Do you like the Raiders now you’re not a real fan. I make fun of you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:20

What are you a fan of them? When you’re from Vegas?

Jon Sidway  30:22

You just pick a team?

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:23

Are you Raven guy now? Because you’re here? No,

Jon Sidway  30:25

no. Hate to break it to you.

Derek Frazier  30:29

It wasn’t discussed.

Jon Sidway  30:30

Do you want to discuss you want to be? I have my team in the Tennessee Titans because I watched I watched him when they were the Oilers. I liked watching your kid. Yeah, exactly. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:43

didn’t have a lot to talk about. You just pick one. It’s amazing how he just stepped into my world by saying I was an Oilers fan. He has no idea who he speaks. You’re gonna learn in the next segment. Derek Fraser is here he used to be a professional wrestler now he’s he’s wrestling hams and turkeys back here for a wise rewards we are we’re gonna talk about wise rewards. We’re gonna talk about this wise and really the entire operation and why cinnamon ice cream this time of year is a necessity and why that kill Boston sauerkraut? It was it’s gone now i It’s

Derek Frazier  31:15

in your belly now. And you’ve probably

Jon Sidway  31:17

fallen more so my wife’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:18

out of town and that’s going to do a number on my intestines. But it’s good though. Right? God it’s good.

Jon Sidway  31:25

It can’t beat it. Well, it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:26

a cleansing holiday. What can I say? It’s time for atonement and for love and Christmas is a time to say I love you. It’s also time to get out and use your wise reward points. Make sure you get a ham I’m doing that on my app. This is like the fourth year in a row. Why paying for my ham, which means I’m probably not paying for my split pea soup and the bean soup that my wife’s gonna be making next week we’re gonna celebrate the holidays here. We got poinsettias here, we got green bean casserole here. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. They even have eggnog cookies here that I’m going to break into in the next segment. Derek’s gonna stick around John from Vegas via the Houston Oilers. He has no idea why my pen is oiler dough. Why am I drinks or oil or blue and why I was just revolted and disgusted by the Oilers wearing those jerseys on Sunday.

Jon Sidway  32:10

Or the tight money. Okay, it backfired because they lost so and

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:15

they deserved it and I’m gonna leave it at that and we’ll come back and we’ll argue about whether Mike Renfro his foot was in it was about Dante Passerini come on on this program often which he does, because I’m like a bleeding heart old school boiler fan but seeing him wear it again. Really weird dude.

Jon Sidway  32:32

It’s okay. It was a flashback to me we still we still the Texas Team so it’s okay I don’t know anything about stealing. Borrow I know who knows we borrow I don’t think you guys

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:43

been given a bad or

Derek Frazier  32:44

even right it’s either even Derek

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:46

Fraser here John’s here as well. John does sideways here from wise markets. We’re at wise market store number 181 80 which is honey go as they call it? Yes. Perry halls that way. Whitemarsh is that way Fullerton is that way. There is no Nottingham we all know that and I live there we are WNS TA and 1570 back for more from wise right after this.

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