The crooked road to college football glory

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With the injustice done to Florida State in the college football $y$tem, Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss bad bowl undefeated beats and the Ravens’ path to January glory through five tough opponents.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we’re taking America crabcakes we’re out on the road. I’m wearing my state fair gear because I love Evan we’re trying to get him well, and it’s the holiday season. I know it’s crabcake tour, but that’s not gonna stop me from getting tripping grids to get chicken waffles and doing all that stuff, as well as giving up the dissented lottery ticket that is oh snap and they smell a gingerbread. I had these peppermint payouts. They also smell like the gingerbread because the gingerbread smells a little more smelly and they’re rubbing together. But the unwrap the cash, these ultimate like a Christmas tree, they just smell like money. We’re giving those away our friends weathernation 866 90 nation you buy to you get to free and I’m inquiring about doors because now I got Windows last year now I need doors next year. So 866 90 nation and our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care with locations all over the place. They took care of me a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t do all this drive and all these crabcake tours including state fair this week. We’re gonna be at Weis markets. In two weeks. We’re gonna be foreign daughter and curio on the 15th and getting out. I had a great time last week running around from Coco’s up to Perry Ville and Hollywood Casino. We read the BMA where I will be with this guy who I’m entertaining this weekend. I mentioned that to Dan Rodricks over gertrudes we’re doing this up Baltimore you have no idea show get together with some friends. And it’s not the holiday season. You know what man it wouldn’t be a holiday without a cup of eggnog with Leonard Raskin who invites me to his annual event which inspires me to have some my friends and clients back. You know whether whatever happened to good old fashioned Christmas holiday Hanukkah, New Year’s December lampshade on the head, Spike Punchbowl party. I used to be a time in our lives. We were younger men were like we’d have three of these a night for a month.

Leonard Raskin  01:47

Absolutely. We had one last week of one this week. But they’re not as maybe they are as plentiful maybe I’m just

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:55

no I don’t see it. I don’t see pictures. I don’t see anything. Like if you think a die hard the movie. The whole thing is spawned from a Christmas party.

Leonard Raskin  02:03

Absolutely. And Christmas without Nakatomi Plaza. Just it’s just not Christmas. You know people ask every year is his Die Hard. A Christmas movie? Of course it is. As much as Christmas Story is a Christmas movie. Let’s go to Cleveland. What’s this the 50th 40th year something like that? Something like that? I don’t know. It’s been a long time since they made that movie and Ralph. He’s now grandfather something. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:29

I love this time here. We’re serving some eggnog and cheer royal farms and wise markets. Coco’s brought me this big jug. Marcel and I are sitting there having a crab cake and they brought me a jug of this eggnog and he poured it and I said to rob the head bartender Coke is what’s in it. He’s like, Well, there’s the bourbon. There’s the rye. There’s the whiskey. Like, is there any eggnog in this? You know, is there any eggnog and this and then it was at Ramos, who’s Puerto Rican brought me some cookie dough that her husband John Spurrier, red locks made for me. And then you know, I lost Harvey Meyers this week, one of my dearest friends and I thought I needed Gavin Killians Irish Red in his honor at some point. So I am, I’m feeling very seasonal drinkin, you’ve been drinking. One thing I’ll tell you though, makes me feel seasonals nice by weekend. Sitting here on the couch. My wife made an eggnog cake on Sunday morning and I’m watching Joe Flacco run around Joe Flacco 30 ainger Bread outfits 50 You can still throw the football league

Leonard Raskin  03:31

you know he’s got a rocket for an arm he has had a rocket since he was young young. And I guess the Browns gave him enough to bring out the guns because he was flinging it and he actually looked happy. He looked excited to be out in the field and i i posted on the Facebook Sunday. I hope Joe has a fabulous game. And I hope they lose and just about both happen so pretty darn good day for the Ravens on Sunday not showing up and having the squealers and the brownies both go down. So that’s that’s a good day any day you cannot play and pick up a game. That’s a good day.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:16

I think the next ravens game I will attend if the price is right and usually as will be when Joe Flacco goes into the Ring of Honor whenever that is and there you go. You know I can we can talk about his play and the arm and all that and John, John Martin of the Maryland lottery sponsors Austin you’ll have the opportunity to meet here soon as well. He’s Browns fan lifer Ohio guy gets the whole deal shame losing there the whole deal right. And we talked about Flacco a little bit and I said I don’t and I can talk about his play and John’s like why do you think he played why didn’t he the chats and I’m like, I talked to Joe for a little while we we had a nice little catch up conversation back in August, late on because then he said, I want to play, play. I heard the conviction in his voice. And he said, I’m gonna stay in shape. And I thought to myself, when I saw him out there, I’m thinking, Joe Flacco went and busted his ass when nobody wanted him in August. But he left he dropped his kids off at school and said, Dana, I know we got two under million and I know I can afford anything. But I want to go FM up and that was his term. He’s Jersey guy, Joe and I spoke a different language, which is why I love Joe Flacco. Joe would always say FM up in the same way that in our alley and Colgate, Joe Elliott and Rob W’s all the kids I grew up with and played Papa will play ball with that on the street. We said, Let’s mess them up, you know, like, like, and he would always say FMO. And so I text him late into the night Saturday said Efimov Joe, and he goes out there with that rocket. And all I’m thinking is he’s in great shape. He’s stronger than he’s been faster than maybe he felt slow and slow. Still

Leonard Raskin  05:58

didn’t run out of the pocket.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:00

I think every minute if I and I’m gonna go out and have an iced tea, which I one day and get it to get a cheesesteak in a pretzel, because I’m going to talk to him about September and October November 2023. And what made him go back and do this and how he looks like his arm. His arm looks better than it did here in 2016. Right?

Leonard Raskin  06:20

He was throwing up all over the place and let’s face it, he had no good help with the Jets and the opportunity to go to the browns. They have. They had a nice defense, they got rolled. But he had a chance to win a game and make it meaning something and he’s still good

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:41

enough for them to win games. I’ll say that right? I mean, I watched him play 60 minutes of football. He’s better than 15 of the quarterbacks that are out on the field, right that are starters. Starting maybe not swimmers, but starting exactly. I mean, you can’t convince me. Does it give you a better chance to win the Gardner Minshew or then I mean, name it. I mean, they can he can he pick it? I mean, this would have been better this year bringing Joe Flacco in Yeah, we’ve been better. Yep.

Leonard Raskin  07:09

And and he looked good. He didn’t look good. And brown and orange.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:16

A little weird too. You know,

Leonard Raskin  07:17

that uniforms just, they’re the worst. They’re so bad. They just look like dirt. I’m sorry. I’ve never liked the Browns uniforms. They’re so bad. Like

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:28

a good m&m are good like you know, not even a good m&m probably more like a Reese’s Pieces. It’s more like a Reese’s Pieces than an m&m when you’re great.

Leonard Raskin  07:37

Yeah, but I like Reese’s Pieces and the uniforms are horrible. They do look like Reese’s Pieces now that you say it I thought about it three seconds

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:43

I don’t know if Joe Flacco it tastes like peanut butter but I don’t think he

Leonard Raskin  07:47

really cares what the uniform looks like. He got a paycheck and more importantly, he got to play football. Let’s face it ball. 38 years old is he see the the oldest starting quarterback now?

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:58

Well, Aaron Rodgers comes back right?

Leonard Raskin  08:02

Well, that’ll be next year. He’s not coming back this year. They’re not going to blow him up. Look,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:06

I know what Joe Flacco can do but if they can play defense, he can hand the ball off he could certainly make the throws that’s right decisions despite the interceptions at the end of the game down the field was a difference but they have a softer schedule I have a feeling they will make the playoffs with Joe Flacco quarterbacking their team the next four weeks in five weeks if he can stay upright they will be good and then we get to our own problems right


like by weekend for us we sat on the couch we compact Joe Flacco we watched the Rams play we’re gonna get them this week we get Jacksonville look good boy the 40 Niners look good right 40 Niners look amazingly good. Brock Purdy Mr. Irrelevant first in every quarterback category first across the board. You still say this

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:50

as Mr. Irrelevant. Yeah,

Leonard Raskin  08:52

that’s it. And destroyed. Destroy the Eagles. I mean, they didn’t just beat him. They beat him to a pulp. That was craziness. What went on there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:02

David, David got the security guy thrown out. Right. I mean, like

Leonard Raskin  09:08

what was that? I don’t even know what happened here. The guy’s poking his nose episode is right guys pointing pointing out players, the players player like points back at him touches his lip. And they throw him out. That was stupid. But I I think they had some previous history. Some history those two, shall we say? From another time? And so they didn’t want it to escalate to something ugly. Which which it was but it was already that’s Yeah, yeah. But now Now the guy in Philly, man they’re gonna make a butter statue out of that guy.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:45

Yeah, Potter.

Leonard Raskin  09:47

I think I used Crisco. Yeah, whatever. He’s gonna catch you butter. Marley gonna get a statue made right next to Rocky right next to Rocky Well, I don’t you

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:59

they that that will be your rocky ain’t gonna be no rematch second time I brought that up this week but um you know they’ll see each other January or you know whatever it’s very well man ravens and the way this thing is playing out right and dolphins look good offensively. Absolutely. Kansas City thumbs down on then this week buffalo teams just getting out of the way and now more than ever, the ravens are getting into that this position where their defense is going to be tested. The way Jim Schwartz’s defense has been tested absolutely

Leonard Raskin  10:30

the I don’t know if we have the toughest schedule if not, it’s darn close. Rams Jags in Jacksonville miner’s Niners in Santa Clara the heck is in Santa Clara, right? It’s not San Francisco, Miami, which could be flexed to for Sunday night on New Years, New Years and then the squealers which hopefully by then will be vanquished to the basement, but you know, they won’t. They’re just gonna hang around and be bad enough to be a mess, man.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:09

I mean, okay,

Leonard Raskin  11:10

so let me ask yourself whether to stop games, right? I was just gonna say Do you remember stopping football games for bad rain?

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:19

Was that I think there was lightning in the area. From what I come on. Stop

Leonard Raskin  11:24

in a football game because it’s raining. I don’t understand where we used to play in the rain. The best football games in the neighborhood. We’re playing in the snow and the rain in the mud. Play neighborhood against neighborhood get out there and crackheads tackle football no pads, no helmets like real men. When we were 12 1315 That’s how football was meant to be played out in the rain in the snow.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:51

Do you remember one of the more iconic again, I’m gonna I’m gonna do a screen share with you Leonard and and for the audience out there. Because the the anniversary of this game is coming up. And this was a game that I attended. If I show this image to you, uh, let’s look at that. Would you know what that is? Do you know? The exam was time and date?

Leonard Raskin  12:13

I was not there. I could tell you. I was not there. This is the

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:16

this is the fall game where Tony hit the kick. Right. I see Ken Mendenhall. I see can I see how if I see Raymond Chester on the ground you’re on the right side as well.

Leonard Raskin  12:32

Two runs and a pastor Don McCauley putting

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:37

this this was the the iconic Tony Linhart fall game of being the Miami Dolphins tend to seventh my dad took me to that game my dad lost me in that game in the fog Believe it or not watched every night? Yeah, they said my name on the announcer Oh My Name section. 39. Nestor Aparicio, section 39 So my pop had to like find me like my room or people I’m nine years old. It’s a dolphins game. I wanted to get up see you know, Bob Yes, he play you know the old deal wandering. So yeah, I yeah, that but that was 1977 Bad weather game day. You know, you couldn’t see the field if your hands and you remember that Eagles Bears

Leonard Raskin  13:20

game? Oh, yeah, sure. Sure. Sure.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:22

I attended a pea soup game up a playoff Patriot Steeler game at the old whatever. The Patriots used to play like they didn’t have uniforms this week. But the old stadium up there. I tend to fall game where you couldn’t see the ball. You can see anything from the stands. But the Steelers game. Yeah. Like they will stop games now. I think lightning is a part of it.

Leonard Raskin  13:44

I guess but stop and game for rain. Who cares? Get out there. play football.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:49

Leonard’s crazy. Play in 28 years. Luke was with me. It was about eight years ago in Chicago. They had tornadoes coming in. Oh, that’s a day. So Luke and I are in the press room with Jen on the television watching the tornado move across state of Illinois. That you know, and they’re like take cover. And the stadium in Chicago says take cover and I think looks like a spaceship. That was That was crazy. So I’ve been to a few of these. I’ve been

Leonard Raskin  14:24

last s Palmer about earthquake World Series, right? Oh, and the bay.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:29

Ken Rosenthal was in a payphone I was taking dictation from him at the evening some when that happened. That

Leonard Raskin  14:35

was something but I’ve never seen a football game stop for rain but I guess that’s the thing. You see new stuff all the time. You see. You see Florida State get left out of the

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:44

what is that? Can you I’m gonna get Dave Preston because he’s one of the voters. But go ahead. It’s funny. Money explained to me.

Leonard Raskin  14:54

I can’t you say you say big cat. Big Five Power Five. conference, Florida State goes undefeated goes to the ballgame with a freshman who’s thrown no passes and played like two downs in his little college career. Their first string quarterback, young kid blew out his leg had to be operated on horrible, horrible injury. second string quarterback against their rival, Florida, running the ball slides takes a knee to the head out concussion and they bring in freshman, freshman kid against Louisville, who they should have beaten. But I guess he just didn’t beat him badly enough, they say and so they they drummed him out of the playoffs in a horrible miscarriage of football justice. They put Alabama in who beat Georgia when what they should have done was put Florida State in and kicked Alabama and Georgia to the curb. But you know, there is no way in 2023 Gambling football NCAA, that they’re not going to put an SEC team in the 14 playoff. So because Texas blew out Oklahoma State and Washington beat Oregon. The committee said we got to put in Bama because they beat Georgia by three I guess or whatever it was, but Alabama has had some ugly wins. I mean, if not for a fourth and to and a Hail Mary pass caught the corner of the endzone because Auburn was stupid enough to rush to people and then leave a wide receiver uncovered. Alabama beat Auburn if they hadn’t beaten Auburn, they wouldn’t be there. The committee would have had no excuse, no reason. But instead they torched Florida State who was undefeated in favor of Alabama with a loss to Texas. And now it’s Alabama and that team up north, the fighting cheating hard balls. And Texas Washington. So as a constellation Florida State gets to go to the Orange Bowl and play Georgia. I didn’t think Georgia should get in but they were number one all year. Florida State did everything they were supposed to do. They want out they were ranked higher. And they got hosed. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:30

I mean, I remember what Florida State wouldn’t be getting hosed. They were the real royalty. You know, we’re here. Thoughts on that from primetime and catch up with Peter bowl where and some of the other seminars I know, you know,

Leonard Raskin  17:44

from from yesterday was dreadful. I think it was dreadful. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:47

just think it’s it let’s man I made money sports. And you know, as I get older and my gray comes in, you know, I don’t love sports the way I used to, because it’s not it’s it’s it’s not what you’re supposed to be. It’s your it’s not what it says it is on the wrapper.

Leonard Raskin  18:04

That’s right. Well, how about what it is, you know? Yeah. So. So instead of Florida State, and they may get they may have gotten blown out by that team up north, they may have gotten enrolled, but they deserved a shot. I think they deserved a shot. And I think there was no way the committee was going to say zero SEC teams in the playoffs. Now what’s interesting, of course, is next year, they go to a 12 team playoff in college football instead

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:32

of thanks all, for any 13th or 14th Team pitch. Right, right. Right.

Leonard Raskin  18:36

It’s like the I was gonna say they were talking about it over the weekend that next year, you’ll have 12 teams and it will

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:43

do here in Tennessee, we play in the SEC, are you putting Boston College in there? Well, you

Leonard Raskin  18:49

know what, every here’s the thing, every single team that would be in the top 12. If they did it this year, next year will either be in the SEC or the big 10 Because now you have the power to write because everybody’s moved around Washington, USC, UCLA, Oregon, all in the big 10

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:11

We have the American League in the National League now has been relegated to triple a

Leonard Raskin  19:18

triple A that’s you know, relegated is the right word. You got no shot. So the big 12 I mean the big 10 which is now I think 16 and the SEC, which now is not just in the southeast, but whatever it is. Yeah, that’s the great

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:33

leveling playing field for basketball. Is basketball welcomes everyone in and Mason or, you know, BC UMBC anybody beat anybody? And you know what,

Leonard Raskin  19:45

here’s the thing. There’s always that debater who should have been who would have been the 65th team and they got screwed. So let’s face it, we’re gonna have the 12 and Team number 12

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:58

Yeah, but some crappy eight tene and 11 Notre Dame basketball team could not make a case. They can make a case for playing a game as fancy, but they can’t make the case for winning the championship. It’s

Leonard Raskin  20:11

football, right? No, absolutely. And Florida State deserved a chance. They deserved a chance

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:17

to get that chance and they’ll be 12. You know, so what are they doing to fix it? That’s what they did. They’re just gonna have make more money,

Leonard Raskin  20:22

have a lottery thing? That’s right. They just made it really, really, it’s, it’s all it’s all cash in NIHL. And, and give it what, five years? I say five years, maybe 10. and Saudi Arabia will Saudi Arabia will own all the colleges, and then they’ll just pay everybody and it won’t matter. Just like golf, just like golf. Leonard, your PGA Tour, PGA Tour ceases to exist. And the Saudis own golf and they bought every player there and the ones that are unhappy about it will be happier because they’ll get their 100 million, and they’ll go to sleep on their pile of money and be very happy. And you know, all I’m trying to do. All I’m trying to do out here at Raskin global is help people find their American dream. And I’m trying to find one Saudi prince as a client so I can do the same thing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:13

Around Hopkins, and you’ll see that you know, that sometimes exist I certainly was my wife was Rascon is here. He is Raskin global. He helps people with money in the American dream. We have so much sports talk about and you know, through Flacco and all this, where are you on baseball, you are you know, relatively hot and bothered about the Orioles this year and this whole offseason. What what do you expect out of that? Maybe that’s the question I should ask. And I expect incompetence and things. Probably a frustration level of Mike Elias because I don’t think they don’t operate like other teams.

Leonard Raskin  21:47

I’m expected a lease and a pitcher. Okay, so that’s the lease and one pitcher. You know, I don’t think they need to make massive moves. I mean, they obviously have to hold on to people they want to hold on to that’s going to be the big thing is who do they keep and who do they throw away. But, but that’ll be the thing they’ve got. Obviously the minor leagues are stocked for the first time in a long time. I mean, you and I remember as kids, the Orioles were famous for building the farm system and having great teams consistently that were oriels not X Yankees and X rangers and X expos. Baseball 30 years ago, though, that is what they’re doing it now they’re building. They’re building that stock. And look, they won the International League, and they got good kids down there. And you’re gonna bring up a shortstop and you’re gonna bring up a second baseman and you’re gonna, you’re gonna put the the old dudes to utility, and the kids are going to rock the yard. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:49

at some point, you need to make a move for a pitcher. Right? And that might include Couser or Westberg. Or pays. I don’t know I don’t know. I mean, I mean, these guys want to start making a lot of money. Nobody wants them, right? I mean, Mullins or hey, they all want you know, Brigham Young and cheap and like all of that and the Orioles have so much of that going on and talk to Luke about this. They don’t really if they don’t do anything. That’s okay be you know, people are gonna go out there and buy it and buy the hamburger.

Leonard Raskin  23:23

Got the new they got the new youngins, and they’re gonna promote the heck out of it. And I took some some birthday cash I got from some relatives that like to write a check instead of find a present because that’s their way and it’s all good. Got myself a Richmond jersey for the upcoming season.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:40

Did you weed black or whiter?

Leonard Raskin  23:42

I did the white because I was thinking Sunday afternoon. 95 degrees at the yard will be coming. I don’t I don’t want to black jersey. Then they breathe nice to new Wednesday. I got the right Jersey light, nice lightweight Jersey so that when I’m out there on a Sunday afternoon with the fam, I can represent instead of just wearing a old black ratty polo shirt that I have, like 35

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:04

anyway because we’ve seen awards Yeah, it’s a good number. Last thing you’re you’re the Republican the money manager. Oh that guy watches all of this. You know, you’re that guy. What what do you make of the lease thing? What? What do you think it’s

Leonard Raskin  24:17

a farce? I think it’s a farce think it’s crazy. I don’t know what’s going on? I don’t know. I don’t have great faith in our governor. And and in the ownership. I still think in what way that the governor has even promoted that he promoted that it was done when it wasn’t done. I think that’s Ratty. I think sitting in that booth at the end of the season. Having your face up on the Jumbotron hugging on Angelo saying it’s done was a lie. He knew it and that’s disgusting. Say it’s a letter of understanding a memo of understanding We’re close, but announcing that it’s done and without a press conference, and then it’s done. And it’s not done and we find I doubt it’s not done. That was very discouraging, and and annoying. So stop with the it’s done because it’s not done. Let’s get it done. But I still think I don’t know why I have this in my brain, that they’re waiting for Angelo’s to finalize the new ownership that he’s not part of to get it done. I do believe that if

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:19

there’s any chance John Angeles will negotiate the end of the Angelus family in the Orioles. That would be shocking to me.

Leonard Raskin  25:25

Well, let’s hope you’re shocked and we’re happy.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:30

Can you imagine that day I said to Luke in the beginning, I got wistful, we lost Harvey Meyers this week, the big loyal fan cult fan rabid fan, one of my first sponsors and dear friend, and you know, just been talking about like, the passage of time, I said to Luke, I got my hair cut the other day, I’m not. So I don’t I don’t color it. There’s still some funny gray in there. But I think I’m going to live long enough to see whatever the next thing is. And that’s really what sustains me, when I’m sitting here watching my one time colleague, Ken Rosenthal, on major league baseball network and watching these owners meetings and seeing it all because I could have flown to Nashville today instead of Geddy Lee up in Toronto and said, Hey, go get some baseball, you know, involved here this week. But, you know, I watched the winter meetings, I, I want this to be a normalized baseball situation on behalf of my cousin, my family name, the city. Here’s HopeWorks phase open. Like, I hope that we get normal at some point because Mike

Leonard Raskin  26:28

Elias has the opportunity to put a good team on the field, at least is signed and we’re all happy and it’s like Elias is happy. Well, there you go. Sign him. I don’t know if they announced that signing will

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:40

be a hell of a lot cheaper to give him $10 million a year and overshoot the market than it would be to give a cow Gibson 24 If you’re the Cardinals, right, absolutely. overpaying you’re good help John Angelos get amen. Amen. Anything you want to say to people about money in the holidays and not being stupid with their credit cards. And, you know,

Leonard Raskin  26:59

just wrap up your strong, just think, think about what you’re doing. Yeah, don’t spend what you can’t spend. The gift is in the giving. And you don’t need to spend a fortune for people to be happy with what you give them. Be happy with what you give them and spend time with family loved ones charity, volunteer. If you’re going to do charity, get out there and give your time if you can’t afford the money if you can afford the money do both. And give somebody a hug man. It’s the holidays. Hey,

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:30

by the way, I want to give a shout out to people you love more than anybody else makes charity and doing good things you do a ton for Mt. Washington pediatric hospital. Who came under some some bad news this week. Yeah, always. Yeah. Usually people we know. You know, Paula Bragg’s been close to me for 2530 years. I’ve known her a long long time. And all the good work they do over there. That’s not what we want to see them on the news certainly for this talk Baltimore positive and you know, we all know we have a crime issue here. We all know we have cars like all of these, these problems. Crazy Crazy. I talk about here all the time, Leonard. I don’t run from any of it. I talk about prostituting kids. I talk about crime on the streets. I talk about leaving the city I talk about money. I talk about the harbor we i i spent I was in the city three days last week. You know everything from CFG Bank Arena to Coco’s up to the BMA will be at the BMA this week. You know, I love Baltimore, but the Mount Washington pediatric hospital thing hit home for me. You know,

Leonard Raskin  28:25

it was It was tragic, you know, the rest of the parking lot, day time. 15 year old, and I don’t know what they’ll release. But you and I both know, undoubtedly an arrest record. This was not the first offense. carjacking, it’s probably not the first thing that the TOT did. And the state and the city’s got to get serious about this, that courts have to get serious about this. You know, there was a case couple weeks ago kid 15, eight arrests. The court system has to do something to deter these kids from being a menace to the people of the city and state. It’s the city is just going to die. It’s really sad but the city no matter how good the ravens are, how good the Orioles are, I go downtown, I parked my car, I go to the game I leave. And I’m not the exception, I don’t think

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:18

well, and that’s what I’m pitching about with Angeles wanting to take all this money in this land and overturn all oversight with the mayor. I mean, it’s it’s like I mean, I would curse if I would if I really wanted to talk about what it is. It’s bad issues what it is, and you know the notion that what’s your idea do? What would what the lands sitting there the team plays? If you have a great idea, bring it to me, tell me how we’re gonna make it better and safer and better and more attractive and more engaging. What is your idea? And I shown that picture and I shared I know you saw it out on my LinkedIn you saw it on my Facebook. Is that empty? dirt that was that became V Inner Harbor that became a sign. Think of all of that as Empty Dirt right now and think of everything around the stadium is Empty Dirt. Tell me what your idea is do not build a casino or some fake golf course that people are going to hit balls or when that’s already there. It’s already there. Tell me gonna redo hammer jacks. Come on, dude, stop. What’s your idea? You don’t have an idea. Don’t tell Monheim in the city and Leonard coming and leaving, if you don’t have an idea that Leonard or Nestor or anybody, and that goes for black, white, young, old, rich, poor, East West, if you don’t have an idea, you know, Governor Schaefer had an idea. We put aside an aquarium, it’s gonna be families, we’re gonna food we’re gonna fish market. We’re gonna have walkthrough we’re gonna make a mall. We’re gonna have hotels, we’re gonna have tourism, we’re gonna have a convention center, we have crabcakes we’re gonna things people want, we’re gonna have history. We have Civil War history. We’re gonna food we’re gonna have walking tours. We’re

Leonard Raskin  30:53

gonna switch the seals, baby, we’re gonna swim with the seals, like,

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:56

I ain’t in 45 seconds. I’ve just given you 30 years worth of ideas that sustain the city for most of our lifetime. And now we’re thinking, who’s the next big thinker? Is it you Brandon? Scott, Is it us more? Is it you John Angelos? Is it you David Rambo? Who is it? And where’s the idea? Where’s the big idea for what you’re going to do? That’s gonna include my tax dollars?

Leonard Raskin  31:19

Sheila Dixon?

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:21

I don’t know. I’m going to talk to everybody letter that’s why that’s why you sponsor me brother. Because we talked let her ask you this here. He is Raskind global. i At some point, I have your your crab mallet, but it’s in my bag. Because so many crab cake tours that I take my bag. So I’m going to be state fair. This week. We’re going to be a next week with our friends and wise markets. We’re gonna be a father and daughter and curio wellness on the 15th. That’s Friday. The 15th will be given away some barrel a lot of scratch offs, or friends or window nation or friends. Jiffy Lube. multitier ethic letter is gonna come out and join us at some point for the holidays as well. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the PMA this week. I know virtually sir. Yes, sir. Hurts. And I’m related to John shields, who owns gertrudes. And I did not know this. And I’ve been related to him for almost a decade because his cousin is my, my son’s wife.

Leonard Raskin  32:13

Is this There you go via marriage.

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:17

You know, I saw the shields in her maiden name and his name is John. And I’m like Baltimore. It’s the word everybody has used for too small. I call it serendipity. So we’re gonna be able to get time this week. If you listen and you hear Dan Rodricks talking about Baltimore. You have no idea that’s happening if that Ramos joined us had a great chat with Ron, Cassie and received at Coco’s last week, and then Friday had Amy Brennan on who who runs the casino up in Hollywood casino and I’ve gotten close to Hershey Steelers fan. We had a lot of fun learned a lot about gaming learned a lot about history there with her as well and we also did a good turn. I lost Tom Kelso the Maryland stadium authority Chairman I still under the weather too early to get get well soon, Tom we’re gonna have Tom on for the stadium for dummies. We’re gonna do that next week now getting better, but I had the folks in the Chesapeake feline Association sit in and talk kitty cats with me. So a big appreciation to Jacqueline and Carrie who came out and I bought him some bought him a crab cake up Erica even though the vegetarian I bought him a salad it’s fine. Up there at Hollywood casino so big thanks to everybody. Hope you’re tuning in looking out to a baseball football buy weeks over the rams are coming to town. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore. Positive

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