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What in the world was the offensive strategy of Todd Monken against the Chiefs?


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Leonard Raskin and Nestor attempt to make sense of Ravens offensive gameplan in AFC Championship Game loss to Chiefs


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:02

We are wn st am 5070 Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive it is said a really positive week around here. Next week’s gonna be a lot better beginning on February 5. We are not going to radio row we are not going to the Super Bowl. The ravens are not going to the Super Bowl Luke Johnson is not going to Las Vegas is staying at the Luxor it looks like a big potato chip this week, not that anybody will be watching Super Bowl coverage but we will have full a cup of Super Bowl with us next week. It’s all brought to you on behalf of our friends at the Maryland lottery when donation are different Rascon global and letter raskins about to join us here he’s involved as Jiffy Lube, everybody royal farms, wise markets all of our people will be involved in this but Leonard actually has a really, really good excuse for missing this and it has nothing to do with the ravens and not do a Super Bowl week has nothing to do with this love or lack of love for charity because Paula brags coming off from Mt. Washington pediatric and some other folks are going to be a part of what we’re doing next week. But you know, you act like a pre existing situation condition that’s happening Yes. In between this whole ravens thing saw give me some oxygen for it but like you are ready to like bang out a second honeymoon with your wife to like come back from a why early to you know, sort of like Taylor Swift although she’s coming from Japan, but she wouldn’t be coming if you were going to Vegas. She wouldn’t need to come back. She could stay over there was either you come back from a layup


Leonard Raskin  01:34

or kissy face sells you hate her to oh you know I look I don’t use fans it like you hate Joe burrow. I mean just pick out like Baroque because I think he’s too cocky for his for his done it yet.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:46

You get there you let me know. Have you ever liked an opponent that’s beat in the rain? Absolutely. Absolutely. Okay. Sure.

Leonard Raskin  01:53

I mean, like I said, What do you see? We haven’t talked for weeks, man. I was away I jumped back in town for the Houston game. And then I jetted back out for a conference so I haven’t been on it in a couple of few weeks and then jet back home and the jet the boy into town for a quick weekend. home from home from so he

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:12


wasn’t going to miss the championship games. Okay? Listen, you’re not the only one. Rosenfeld came on. His kids flew in from Chicago. I saw airport. Yeah, because I flew on Saturday said

Leonard Raskin  02:22

it was Baffert said it was packed even from Columbus with purple people. Everywhere

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:26

I went I saw Lion strange that was out on the West Coast.

Leonard Raskin  02:29

i Oh, there you go.


Nestor J. Aparicio  02:30

I spent the night in Santa Clara, California on Friday night. I was literally 1.4 miles from Levi’s Stadium. And I still nothing but Lions fans. Yeah. You know, where you feel bad. If you feel worse,

Leonard Raskin  02:46

if you’re at Troy, I got news for you. I agree. Because we didn’t drop a 24/7 lead. We just couldn’t get there. But I’ll tell you what, I went to the game. And I was wholly discouraged. It just didn’t feel blowy it didn’t feel like the Ravens had for weeks and weeks and weeks. And people say they had the week off nonsense. They destroyed Houston. They had a week back they the week off didn’t make a difference. And then people say oh, the league wanted the chiefs to be in the Super Bowl. I don’t care what the league wants. I got to play on the field. And then you hear people say they want a Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl. Who cares? Taylor Swift wouldn’t didn’t have pads on

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:27

Taylor Swift needs them. They don’t need to Taylor Swift. Any of this thought that the league needs Taylor Swift is hilarious. I mean, they’ve got 93 of the top 100 TV shows. A year when the Packers play the bears more people watch Taylor Swift No, I mean, you know, like, I I think it’s kind of cute and fun and

Leonard Raskin  03:48


silly. I FERS I’m happy. I’m happy that right now she and her man are happy. Good for them. That’s what life’s about. You know, good for her. It is for his mama. Look, his mom was making a ton of money or somebody’s making a ton of money doing commercials. Good for them. It’s all good. Jason Kelce out there with a stomach out in in Kansas City, helping people meet jailor and drink a lot of beer. Good for him. And then we come to the game. And that’s I’ve been watching football a long time. I am not a coach. I never played and since I was a little kid. But I love the sport. I’ve watched it for ever. And I just don’t understand. I was screaming. Second, third quarter fourth quarter. I’m screaming from my seat. Run the damn ball. We have the number one rushing offense in the NFL. And we called Six running plays in a game. I have no idea who made this game plan. I have no idea what they were

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:54

thinking. Hey, by the way, guess what else Gus Edwards only got the ball three times. Gets the Titans four years To go to Yeah,

Leonard Raskin  05:00

well, so I don’t get it. I don’t understand you want all year, even in this game back to back your head. Lamar, up the right tackle 20 yards. Next play you give it to Gus right tackle 12 yards. Then we decide 21 Lay calls in a row, our passes, not 21 passes because the more got sacked, and the more dropped the ball. And Lamar threw incomplete, and Lamar was running for his life. But there were 21 Straight pass calls. 25 out of 30 plays in the third and fourth quarter and down 10 is not time to abandon your game plan. Unless that was the game plan. And then I don’t know who the hell put together the game plan. But it was horrible. And I will tell you, I thought the officiating stunk. But you know what, you got to overcome all of that to be a champion and you got to win the game. Now some stupid plays, yes, some stupid plays. I do not blame ze flowers for trying to get into the endzone. People say Oh, you shouldn’t have reached out the ball. Every player in the league reaches out the ball. The Defender made one. That’s why every defender in the league punches it. Right. But but you got to be close. You got to be there. You got to hit it and you got to get it out and you got to recover it. It was a great defensive play. But if he if he reaches that ball out and scores, nobody saying he shouldn’t have reached that ball out. Come on, let’s not kid ourselves. That was a that was a great play. He did everything he could to get in. He missed it. The the other interception that Lamar threw in the endzone I look, was it pass interference? Of course it was why the heck was he thrown into triple four man coverage? To two likely I don’t understand that was a low percentage pass. Yeah, it was a low percentage chance and if you’re betting on the referees, I think the way to bet but I just don’t understand and I’ve heard nothing. I’ve heard nothing yet. From anybody either asking hardball or mungkin or or him making a statement or anybody making a statement about why they threw the ball 21 times in a row or tried to get an

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:16

answer for this for a long time when you lose a game like this and I think that’s the tragedy and all of it for Lamar for all of them is because it Mars a great summary nobody talks about the great 2009 crazy season in regard to anything other than it was a disappointment right and whenever you lose it’s disappointment. Yeah.


Leonard Raskin  07:35

And when you lose with the talent, and the opportunity and the stats, there’s no way they should have been to to one time of possession to Kansas City. The only reason that happens is you throw the ball too much and drop it too much or don’t make good throws. This is a run first team I don’t care what they retread Lamar to do he’s a he’s got a great arm he’s doing great things you know people say oh you overthrew this one he under threw that one that bought us a flowers 50 yards was pretty good. Nobody says that was a good bass. You know guys wide open he throws it right to him. That was good play. Efficiency speaks for itself play for the guards to play what are the touchdown was miraculous. You know, we win that game. That player is going to be top of the night on SportsCenter. He ducked out of a sack. He danced to the lefty dance to the right he throws a open great catch. Everybody that’s marvelous if they win the game now it’s just a okay. It was a nice play Lamar pulled off but I don’t understand the play calls. I don’t understand the structure. i That’s all I can say. Beyond that. The defense man they had a tough, tough first couple series, but boy did they step up. They stepped up and stopped everything and you look at the numbers in this game. If you’d told me before the game, we hold Kansas City to 17 We’re in the Super Bowl. We are in the Super Bowl. And I could not believe how poorly it was coached. I just don’t get it. I don’t know who did it. Anyway, that all being said, Guess what? You’re going away. They don’t pay my bills. I don’t bet I don’t gamble. So I didn’t lose on the game. Yeah, so a

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:19

couple guys out club and after the game, you know, it’s Sunday night. Yeah, the Ravens players were out on their cell phones. One of them was going to be a free agent to get paid. You know, and somebody just said if these guys are out in the club tonight, if they don’t care, why should I mean if they’re not hurting? Why should I be out right? You know, in my beer if tomorrow morning they’re gonna wake up and go get a $20 million deal, right? I’m gonna wake up kid, you know, mad at my wife and my dogs and my family and it’s time for that like, for that I blubbered a little bit back in oh seven I had one Edwards on this week I had a coach pillock on talking about the blubbering period had Matt Stover on this. Here’s something I had a letter that you have not brought up You were at the game as you know I’m forced to watch it on TV now which you know you don’t see the game well you don’t see the secondary well, but but but you hear the commentary Yes, you do get replays when you’re yelling boo shabu shabu John the stands and I’m laughing at you, because I’m sitting there looking at the real replay and the real fast showing, I mean, the Ravens part of the sleight of hand honestly, is to make sure you’re pissed off in the stadium no matter what kind of kind of sort of like they’re not going to show you anything that justifies the Chiefs getting a call so you wind up coming home pissed off you don’t watch the highlights the game’s over you’re still thinking like penalties to get called weren’t penalties and they clearly were you know this a flower is spinning the ball all the lenient spin it the clothesline CDC

Leonard Raskin  10:45

now you’re making no no, no, he pushed the guy down. He tried to spin it the bowling spin penalty, whatever. It was a penalty in the league. It was a penalty in the league. There’s no doubt it was stupid, but he didn’t even my point is he didn’t even spit it. We were

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:59


stacked clothesline things to do with I don’t think

Leonard Raskin  11:03

we clothesline you know, watching the game and watching the highlights. I couldn’t tell if he like intentionally tried to punch him in the face. Or if as he was put into that, which was but as he was going he just reached out and yeah, he hit him in the head instead of the chest. So I don’t know if that was an intentional hit to the head. But again, it had to lead Jones and it didn’t hit him in the head. And it’s a penalty. The hit on mahomes The little like Bush, they’re gonna call that all day long. You can’t get away with that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:34

But the row Quan Smith diamond across the line did that on purpose. 12 men did it on purpose. And then he got 15 Because it was stupid.

Leonard Raskin  11:42

Well, here’s the thing. I agree. So here’s my here’s my thought on that. He I would have gone off sides. It was a great place to go offsides. Think about it. First and five. You can’t give up a first down. So you go offsides now it’s they get five yards and it’s first and 10 You got two timeouts and the chance to get the ball back. The offsides was fine. The Nola guy when you go offsides was a little much all you had to do was jump across the line and touch the guy and it would have been five yards that guy


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:12

put a video well from on Instagram inside of him almost crying at the boat. I mean, that guy was pretty pissed off from a football perspective about how that went down. But let Rascon he’s here he’s pissed that we’re all I mean, come on, man. We even ravens get eliminated. There’s not there’s not the for our

Leonard Raskin  12:30

great joy in Mudville

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:31

none but you’re gonna be getting

Leonard Raskin  12:32


one bill. AC struck out. Let

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:36

her manage his money arrest and the American Dream he’s following the American Dream west to one of my favorite songs. Eagles song is a song called The Last Resort on the Hotel California. And it’s really a very poignant weird song because the last lines are weakened. Leave it all behind and sail to behind. Yeah, just like the missionaries did so many years ago. And there’s a line to call someplace paradise. kissick, goodbye, and behind, he’s gone. And you’re going over there. The American Dream is alive. It’s a good time for you to say like if you do if you do good things with people and you manage money, responsibly, you get to have a 25th anniversary go to why

Leonard Raskin  13:18

30 Baby 30 Sorry, I thought was 2530 30 Check this out. We were we were tailgating Sunday with a couple that we know that we hang out with and they were on on Sunday, they were celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary. That’s 59 years old.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:37

They’ve been 50 facets. They’ve been married 65 They’ve


Leonard Raskin  13:41

been married 57 years, like wow, oh, wow. That’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:44

six baseball cards at all. But another, another

Leonard Raskin  13:49

27 years. I’m just thinking holy cow. That’s double. That’s double what I’ve done. I’m at 30. So So yeah, we Kathy and I did our honeymoon. We went to Maui. We were young. We were poor. And we had a travel agent that we got hooked up with who told us to get the least expensive room in the most magnificent hotel in Maui. I did that on a cruise ship. And so that’s what we did. We had all the amenities of somebody paying 100 times what we were paying for the room but we got to stay there and see the place and it was magnificent and we toured around and I remember going into law hyena very clearly and man the art galleries, the sculpture galleries, it was just Woods bar there with all the rocks and we could afford we could afford nothing not cheapest restaurants right and you know we went to this one gallery the guy I think it’s less than last and he’s the one that does the underwater above water pictures. Okay, gorgeous colors. The sunset behind you. I mean, it’s magnificent. Anyway, we We went into his gallery and there were some pieces there that were just to die for. And what I remember is we bought the table book, the coffee table book is that well, you’d have a copy of every all we had all the art. But it was in a book that you can put on your coffee table and man, we look through that thing. Like, wow, this is this is so I’m thinking to myself, alright, 30 years. We’re gonna go back there. We’re gonna get one of those pieces. They’re burned, man. They’re just gone. They’re gone, man. It’s dreadful.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:34


Yes. I mean, I don’t I was there last April. I’ve only been twice in my life. You know, one thing I’ll say to you, we’ll get back on the football here. But nobody told me how nice Hawai was. I mean, I traveled the whole world. Nobody had ever jumped on the table and said, Dude, stop it. It’s a little far. It’s a little remote. Save your nickels. And I’ve gone twice very affordably. You can get affordable play if you can get salutely get please. For now. Southwest was there and yes, that’s what opened that up for us. I mean, companion pass my wife southwest flies there. And then we went back again, because we loved it so much. And it’s yeah, you’re in America, but you would you’re in an island and it’s just fantasy island is total fantasy. Cream Pie. Guess. If you go up again. I got a little I got a little market up there where they serve this macadamia nut fish with completely fresh pineapple salsa. Greatest fresh mahi mahi that came out of water this Yeah, yeah. And the Hawaiian folks that make it on they do it up a little rice for you. And it’s as good as it gets. Man. Good. Little Rascals here is Rascon global. He manages dough and money and and expectations to some degree. Absolutely. All right. So here’s what I want to give you on the football and for anybody that doesn’t hear it. I would invite you to go listen to I’ve done some great work the last couple weeks. By the way our traffic this year is this month off the chain, the Flacco piece last week one of the most few things I’ve done in a long time pillock last week Jamal was we’ve been doing great stuff.

Leonard Raskin  17:01

It was a good man. Good job fast.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:05

So I booked Ross Tucker on the show Monday. And if you’re not familiar with Ross, he does a podcast He’s a former players played 60 games. Great guy. Harrisburg lives up in Pennsylvania. That was actually a Springsteen concert. It’s a college last year with my buddy Craig Lesko. And I ran into him and he offered me some peachy Paterno right there at State College so So Ross is famous for putting up the buffets and all the media things and I’ve eaten all those buffets and I can say for sure the Ravens is among the worst people out here putting up the crab cakes and I’m like, dude, I’ll take you I got a crab cake row next. Any day next week. I’ll get you better crappy. Fate. Lee’s blow your mind Tuesday cost is Wednesday Coco’s blow your mind Thursday State Fair Friday. We’re gonna be up at Pappas all the stuff you’re missing next. I know our with our so So hang out in Maui. I get Ross was booked on on Monday and the reason is because of Chad’s deal most of this is I’m getting thrown out of radio row Ross is one of the guys that would have next week if Brian Billick is on this week he will be in Vegas. So all the people that are there, they’re on my phone I’m in the Bebo Chad Brown is coming on today. Like I thought he was coming. We’re doing okay, so I don’t need to go to Vegas and do that. But Ross comes on and Ross was at the game on so I knew that because I saw the buffet and he was calling the game for Westwood one on the sideline. He said to me in the we only did 10 minutes together because he’s on the rotation. Yeah, Ross was sort of booked and handled. But my buddy Ivan out Denver and bra said I was on the sidelines halftime, Tracy Wolfson went up to Andy Reid and say Coach it’s getting chippy How do you know what are you gonna do about the chip Enos in the second half you know what he said he’d love it. He said I love it. We said I kind of don’t mind it is what he said I kind of don’t mind you enough and it’s kind of what we told him to do while we come in here. We told them to throw the kicker the code mister gonna win the game you get get these a little kicker get more done. I’ve matched over on talking about the head games that they would play with him when

Leonard Raskin  19:02

he would go into literally, oh, boy head button. Kelsey. Well, that’s in the game. Right for the game. No,


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:09

I know. I saw I saw let gets into it. And there is no question in my mind. No, in my mind, that Steve spagnolo and Andy Reid and Dave tobe who’s a great guy. I mean it Dave tobe would, would have been a great NFL head coach was a good I had dinner with Dave I know Dave toe, you know, like and he never got that opportunity through all he still might he might be the chiefs. You may be inheriting this when it’s he may be the coach in three weeks. I don’t know. But Dave’s a great guy spagnolo is there as well. They no one knows John Harbaugh. No one better than those three men. And I will tell you Harbaugh has this reputation for being way different than his brother and Mr. Nice Guy and begins everything with a prayer. You know when he loses when he wins. It’s a dance and when he loses it’s a prayer and often off the podium like I don’t I don’t think that I don’t I don’t I’m not. I’m saying when we win or lose guys, I can show up professional. No matter what happens my wife gets cancer. I show up be professional when I don’t get any sleep I show, you know, like, that’s the way we do things. Yeah. And especially with make it $12 million a year. So I’m not here to give horrible any. But I’m telling you what, he has a reputation for being a hothead. He has a reputation for being a little high strung. I’ve seen it for sure, sure. And the whole notion that this could get out of hand that ro Quan Smith could get too worked up that the defense could get too worked up that the 60,000 If you had the fans all lathered up that they get too worked up the poor shot calls, we get the players even more inclined to do stupid stuff and get more penalties. really speaks to the Hey, that Andy Reid said, Whoa, dude, how can we go down into that? John’s not gonna have his guys ready. Once we get the top spinning out of control and Chelsea’s laughing in their face. And they’re calling him a bitch on national TV while they’re losing. Now we just

Leonard Raskin  21:03

but ness and yet, they still had a chance to win the game. On the field, no question and they just just dropped the ball. A yard short. I think that’s the turning point of the play of the game. Sure. You get ze get to the endzone with that play. And I think everything’s different. Listen,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:24

I don’t think there’s any point in the game when they’re losing where you felt like they’re not going to win or they couldn’t win. That’s right. You know what? They put together a four minute drive.

Leonard Raskin  21:35


Dude, the yards right? Catch by whoever the hell he is like, I can’t think of his nails. See? No, no, no. Last play the game. Who dropped every pass that they threw to have this year? Marquez, Valdes scantling Oh, rice Kent. Okay, go ahead, who dropped everything that that mahomes threw at him this year, until he caught that ball. That put the game away, we still had a chance to tie the game if they

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:04

put the game away from the Super Bowl,

Leonard Raskin  22:06

but my point is he stuck this year. Kelsey was the only receiver that caught the ball. And this guy dropped so many perfect passes. They could have had three more wins if he caught the ball. And he caught the ball at the end of

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:21

it. Because the ball playing the game you can see you’re right. If he said Hey, dude, that was something like they got their ass kicked on Christmas Day. Right? We all saw that. And we all saw them lose to the lions at the beginning of the year. We’re like lions. Lions playing a championship game.


Leonard Raskin  22:36

Talk about terrible. Boy if you’re alive span 24 to seven and then you go what? Zero. And again. I’m not a coach, and this guy’s been aggressive all year. Take the points. You win the game with points. What is with this guy? He couldn’t score. Fourth down field goal fourth down field goal six more points. changes the whole tie the game you give it back you give them momentum you give them everything and that little block brought party. Mr. Irrelevant. stole the show. He’s irrelevant again. Bullet? He’s irrelevant. Go to the Super Bowl. 20 What’s he 2223? Unreal. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:19

it’s gonna be a week for football chat and I saw the numbers are good enough to win but they played like trash for you know what I mean? Well, but they certainly they’re good enough.

Leonard Raskin  23:29

Dude, I went online $32,000 for a ticket 32,000

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:37


Hold on. That’s not That’s not a get in get into less than No, no,

Leonard Raskin  23:41

not get in. So I’m talking about a ticket. I’m not talking about the least expensive. I’m talking about a ticket

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:48

feels to me like a depressed ticket in the end because both teams have been there lately. Yeah, it’s a $7,000 Get in. That’s right.

Leonard Raskin  23:56

Seven, but I’m saying I sold tickets for 33 grand.


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:00

Well don’t buy him.

Leonard Raskin  24:02

We ain’t going I’m going to Maui I come home and watch it on TV.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:05

I want you to go to the pine cork where I sent you up and there we go. There we go. I want you to get delicious sliders and happy hour. I want you to do it. You’re gonna be five hours behind. I want you to watch the Pro Bowl.

Leonard Raskin  24:15


Know that I will not waste my beach do not come for any of that nonsense.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:23

Listen to me, you love your wife. Even if it’s raining do not watch the guy will not be watching flag football. And keep in mind every time it rains in Hawaii, you’re gonna get a rainbow. So think about that. Okay, know what you want to do when when lay is look over your left shoulder because every rainbow there happens over the cliff over the mountains. You have to get out in the water a little bit even to see it. Okay, ready?

Leonard Raskin  24:47

I’m ready. I’ll take pictures. I’ll set to catch

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:49

you ready? All right. Poker, macadamia nut, every fish out there. We’re ready. Go to the pie fish market. You know, hey Lou out Little luau like little shops and shopping like art stuff. Pie A A P Ay ay ay is a little town. Great shape. Oh, I didn’t tell you this. My wife and I’ve had we’ve been to Hawaii twice. And I made a rule when I went over there the first day we did three days in Oahu, and then we did like six in Maui. Then we went back and just went to Maui. We didn’t write nine days and Maori or whatever. And we had a rule and this was my boy Steele said, like, look, I’m gonna go get some cash. Before we, you know, because he used credit cards most. I’m gonna get cash, and every single place we go and you can use your credit card anyway, I’m sure. We’re gonna get a shave ice of anywhere. I see one. Stopping. So as we’re going along the road, and if I see it, we’re stopping to pee, I’m gonna pay and they’re gonna get 4567 bucks, whatever it is, and I’m gonna get it snowcapped every time every time. The cream on the top, you know, so, my advice to you is whatever you do, oh, God, I got I got this hippie in Kihei, who has a Scooby Doo boss VW bus and he has some of the best shaved ice that I’ve ever seen in my life. He does special shave ice where he makes it him. He does it all himself you. I’m going to take care of you with this. Okay, you got it? I don’t know. We’ll lay Okay, next place that Lake Tahoe last week if you need anything there, be shaved myself all in Little Rascals here. The reason I can go places and stay for 50 bucks. And that’s because Lennar helps me save my money. He is a Raskin global. This is the one thing I’ll say and I want to be flippant, is the first thing I said to Dennis and he got mad at me because he was still at the pissed off that they are Yeah, I’m like, Look, you saved a lot of money that they lost. That’s right.


Leonard Raskin  26:48

No doubt, saved a lot of money.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:52

Something else it’s a flowers reaches out you’re feeling good right now. But you’re going to be 25 grand lighter.

Leonard Raskin  26:58

It’s gonna cost a lot of money. It saved me a lot of money. I can spend it in Maui.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:02


I literally before this segment, I had to cancel Luke’s hotel room in Las Vegas, I had to cancel his flights. I hadn’t gone back through lax, you can’t get out of Las Vegas after the game. And I had all that and, you know, I thought to myself, you know, I kind of wanted to spend the money. You know what I mean? Of course I want I wanted whatever this was because it’s we’ve only had it a few times in our lectures and catchers report in two weeks. You know, I like the way you’re thinking about this. All right, let her ask it. He is. If you look up and you see the play, that’s him leaving for for Hawaii. He’ll be gone for a little while. He’ll be back after the Super Bowl. Who wins you got chi surf holding on as we get to. I

Leonard Raskin  27:41

hate to say it but I think mahomes and Otto are gonna do it again. It’s disgusting, but they just have a he’s got a thing. He’s got no

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:50

I hear there’s a conspiracy that the end Yeah. wants to see Taylor Swift hold the

Leonard Raskin  27:53

Lombardi trophy. Well, hey, you know they might get that. They just might get that 60 minutes

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:58

away. They better figure out 87 on the better figure that guy’s into gold. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 5070, Towson Baltimore. We are doing crabcake row we are doing a cup of Super Bowl next week. I am I’m begging all of you come out have some lunch. It’s a crazy crappy week’s week for Valentine’s Day. Local Business needs business. Local people need to be fed local charity need to be promoted. We’re doing that next week. It’s a cup of soup or bowl get it stopped by CSO Monday fade Lee’s Tuesday. Oh cost this Wednesday. Coco’s Thursday at State Fair and Friday up at Pappas in Cockeysville. Back for more muscle positive stay with us. Thanks. Let’s see about SEMA.

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