The thrill of catching one hot off the bat of a big leaguer at a game

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Ever come home from an Orioles game with a souvenir baseball? Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the joy of catching a baseball at an Orioles game – or even having to give the one you catch away to a kid nearby.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T am 1570 tastic Baltimore and Baltimore positive. If you’re watching out on the Zoom or on the YouTube or Facebook Live where I have the orange underneath here because I’m getting ready for my spring training trip to Sarasota. My friend Linda Raskin is going to join us now for Rascon global last week with some great tax advice, all sorts of tax stuff you can find out at Rascon global we can help you with finances insurance, managing your money better the American dream, we talk about it on the commercials here all the time. But But I want to get back to sports with you this week because Lazar, I have had my head into this crazy documentary, the last couple of weeks, and sort of retooling the Baltimore positive is and when people like Well, hey, still own a radio station. I know about Baltimore positive. I love that interview you did with this person. I hated that when you did with Abra. I’m Republican. I’m a Democrat. Hey, do you hate baseball? Why do you hate the Orioles? So, so I get all of that. So I’m doing this thing. But what’s really happening here this week? I said I’m going down memory lane, right? I mean, I’m going back to the orange jerseys that I fell in love with back in the 70s. There you go. I didn’t these old pictures. And sir, real magic song in my brain. And I was I gathered with two of my best friends from my childhood. And the three of us haven’t been in a room together. Maybe this century, like we were trying to add it all up and figure maybe they weren’t my bachelor party in 2003. Maybe. And we were best friends. We went to California together in the 80s. And, you know, like just great friends. And we gathered a Costas together. And you know, we talked about Leonard for an hour and a half. My wife came up to us, she have a good time with John and Mark. And I’m like, I love those guys. It’s like old friends. Right? Right. And we’re gonna Heather and we and I got there were fans coming and talking to me and whatnot. And I just wanted to focus on them because one of them was an attorney. And he had to he had to go back to work at 130. And it was like, I wanted to hang out and like spend spend this special time with these two friends. All we talked about was baseball cards.

Leonard Raskin  02:08

Baseball cards. Very cool. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:13

you know, it’s great having friends like that, and then I got you on this week. And I’m like, You know what, I’m going to Sarasota for baseball or Mickey Mouse. And um, you know, I’m gonna Luke’s gonna go to the owners meetings. I’m gonna stand to the outside drink from the other water cooler the way they did in the south. And whatever, however they treat me. I’m so for you, man. This sports? Yes. And the level of expectation. I know you got a March Madness bracket, because it’s who you are. Absolutely. I know. You’re ready for opening day because like, we’re all ready, sir. I’m so ready. I’m going to Sarasota this week. I’m orange jersey, right? It’s gonna be cold

Leonard Raskin  02:50

for opening day. I want I want warm baseball. You know, like cold baseball

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:55


for a week out things can change in the forecast. You know, I believe that. Yeah.

Leonard Raskin  02:59


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:00

Let me just say that you got the caps may be making the playoffs, right? They’re making a run. This is felt like a different kind of spring. For me. We’re March Madness hasn’t been as normal as maybe as it was right? Even golf screwed up for people that love golf, the live thing and like all that there’s all this, everything’s changed so much. The one thing about the Orioles baseball’s changed a bunch, but the auras are really good. And the games done better in the recent years with time of it, when the games are going on. I’m really looking forward to going to baseball games with you and my friends this year. But I’m looking forward to the Sarasota trip all of a sudden, like going down and feeling like super fresh

Leonard Raskin  03:38

to me. Yeah, yeah, it’s a good place Sarasota. It’s beautiful. They’ve, they’ve done a nice ballpark down there to get good crowds down there. Why not? They’re playing great ball. And Mr. Elias and team there are gonna have some hard decisions. But who breaks camp? And isn’t it wonderful, that they have to think about, who’s coming to the big club, who’s staying with the small club, who they’re going to let go, because they have too many good players. When when’s the last time even last year, we didn’t hear that they were having these types of decisions that are going to have to be made about who stays. And who goes it was pretty obvious that some guys were going to start in the minor league system. And some guys were going to make the team and now suddenly, we’ve got not just minor league, we got some really big talent that they’re gonna break camp with. And it’s just a matter of who gets to stay and who’s got to leave. It’s gonna be very interesting to see who they bring North. So you’ll be down there


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:42

talking about like, trades and pitching and yeah, deep that and who goes to Norfolk? And do you start base clock? I mean, there’s so much Right, right. Right standpoint, but not only that, you’re coming back to the game, learning more about the Yankees and the Red Sox and the opponents and seeing the angels come in here with Add Otani to begin the season right? That should be in a general sense of how about baseball where every night you might want to put MLB Network on after the game to get a little wrap up on what the Padres are doing and what the White Sox did and, like falling in love not just with the Orioles but with the fact that twins are coming to town next week.

Leonard Raskin  05:20

Yeah. How about how about the Otani Dodgers are playing, I think, like a wednesday thursday series or something in South Korea that’s on at five in the morning. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:34

you know what, here’s the connection. Well, baseball connection is a little bizarre. And this really speaks to like me doing this for 40 years. But yeah, Anna Marie Smith’s name has come up five times this month, with anybody talking about how Camden Yards was built. She’s on my Facebook page. She’s a dear friend of mine. She’s a Dodgers executive like she’s been for a decade, right? Yeah. And I invited her on the show, like, like two weeks ago. And she’s like, and I can hear I can hear her voice from Mississippi. That because I see her when she travels. Sure I’m gonna be in South Korea, but but we’ll make time. So I have her next. I have her coming in next Wednesday sandwiched in before opening day to talk about the new ownership and new day and Camden Yards and stadia and $600 million with the money and what you can do with that sort of thing if you’re Rubenstein, but she’s an executive with the Dodgers. She’s a Baltimore resident she lives right here. Role Park I mean, she’s you see Jana Marie hanging out at the BMA, it’s her, but she’s in Korea, literally as we speak. Yeah, putting up social media posts. And um, you know, like, I’m going, I’m going to Epcot this week by myself, by myself. And as Walt Disney once said, it’s a small world after all, do a

Leonard Raskin  06:53


little do a little round the world tour in one day. His dream you could go around the world in one day, and you still can’t.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:02

And you could appear in every one of us. But that’s right. You did it with a moose said me and Rick. Letter, because

Leonard Raskin  07:08

they never they were never gonna have alcoholic Disney. And then they did

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:12

run me through this because I’ve never asked you this. Yes, they speak to why you would want to read my crazy book that is being released on my father that you may not have read in 2006 that you didn’t hear me in 2006 when I did free the birds and why I did it in my father’s love of baseball. And I found this picture of my mom and dad on the corner of Chestnut Street and Arch in downtown St. Louis St. Louis in front of the old Marriott and in front of Busch Stadium. And it’s my parents come back to life like in that way. And like I don’t have a real sense of where baseball came from me other than it was born with a wiffle ball in my hand. My finger when I was three and whipped off a neat curveball and never stopped playing ball. Yeah, I play ball every day in my life with my friends. It’s all we thought about it’s all we knew. And my last name was Aparicio. And that kind of made me special in the neighborhood. My dad took me my dad took all the kids in the neighborhood the games. Give me your baseball journey. And give me what what makes you think of baseball. What your Were you there the night Devereaux went over the fence? Were you there? The 2131 Were you there in 79 when Lowenstein or when Yep, like dispensing? Like, I have all of that with Oriole baseball. I was not at the Dominion game, by the way. I was in St. Louis that they see and I was there. But I was not at the celebration.


Leonard Raskin  08:40

It’s crazy to me, you know, looking back, I think about the games I was at the stadium for and and it’s just weird to think about the events that I got to gotten to see. But you know, I’ve told you before we were so poor growing up, we couldn’t pay attention. So it was an extra special opportunity to go to the games but then in Junior High High School, bunch of friends decided it was time to cut school to go to opening day and we actually did that got on the bus and took the MTA down to 33rd Street and watched our o’s and I was there for the Milwaukee series. When we will tide high tide going into the last week we pulled out the miracle there a doubleheader and

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:23

then weekend and I watched that game and Mr. Frank bulks house. We missed it. We couldn’t get ticket

Leonard Raskin  09:31

and my dad’s crazy because it was crazy what I could and couldn’t get to. I don’t know how but I was at that game and then 79 worlds playoffs are World Series you’ll know exactly. I won’t remember the game. I was there. Sitting third baseline about 25 rows back when Loewenstein went out on the stretcher.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:52


Oh, that that wasn’t the World Series but that was it was it was that year yeah. Oh is that I’m 79

Leonard Raskin  09:59

All right, I’m saying and he went out on the stretcher and right before he went out he sat up halfway and gave the

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:05

job is in the documentary. He was something else,

Leonard Raskin  10:11

radically, radically patrolled left field. I was there for that cable


Nestor J. Aparicio  10:15

player was there when Leila grow he had rednecky in the jaw with the fastball.

Leonard Raskin  10:21

I was not the game that he wore that day. He wrote a different helmet. Yeah, right now, that was the start. That was the start of the crazy helmets, right? Nobody did that before then that was the game that he had. Right now. They all wear the whole guard and they put body armor on so they could get hit by pitches.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:38

Dad was always telling me Tony conigliaro was never the same. And he would always tell me that Don Buford was never the same after he got

Leonard Raskin  10:47


after big hit hit. Well, how about about if you saw Mike Hargrove come up to the plate, he’d be thrown out of every game today, human brains. By God, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:00

game of games in the history of baseball, you could bring up my car dog’s name is special to me, you know, you want to know why he’s special. Go ahead. Go ahead. So I think I may have written about this in my book, maybe 1970 already, but I brought it up with Hargrove when he was the manager. Yeah, yeah, sure. Sure. So um, and this, this, this is kind of a neat thing. In my whole life of going to baseball games. I, I’ve been to 1000s of baseball games. I mean, like, I have more ticket stubs. I mean, the press pass is like all just 1000s of baseball games. And I’ve been thrown out for 18 years and last 18 years. I haven’t gone a lot of baseball games, but 1000s Before Sure. Sure. Have you ever caught a baseball at a baseball? I have? I have Okay, tell me about it.

Leonard Raskin  11:45

Oh, dude, it’s amazing. Like you said what you remember right call one. So life two to act one, but the one was insane. Sit down the third base line, about three four rows back outside of third base in left field at Camden Yards. Okay, way before the nets. And Joey Cora, Joey Cora, played for the Seattle Mariners went to see Griffey play. And I’m sitting with three other people to my left. I was the closest to the plate. And he ripped, ripped a line, Dr. Foul, come at us full speed. And I played baseball as a kid played baseball growing up like you, you know, every day we could play we played neighborhood ball, rec ball, travel ball, everything. And I’m a right handed guy. So this thing is screaming it by head. And more than that it was screaming at the head of this woman sitting next to me this girl sitting next to me. I mean, she was going to take it. My friend, you know, I was there with three people. And I put up my left hand and just gripped it and caught it on a live streaming screaming. Did Wait, wait,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:08

did Rex give you a contract?


Leonard Raskin  13:10

He did not. He did not. But let me tell you something, man. My hand. I caught it. I did not let it go. My hand stung a month. It hurt so bad. And when I took the ball and put it my other hand, the stitching, the stitching of the ball was in my hand and the crowd was going crazy. The girl next to me was hugging me because I saved her face and didn’t get captured on camera or No, I don’t think so. Random fallible. My hand was pulsing for days. It hurt so bad for days. And so here’s the last part of the story. I was probably let’s see, I wasn’t married yet. I was still single. So that’s going back 30 years. So I was in my early 20s Let’s say early mid 20s When this happened, and I mean, How old’s hell, it’s the ballpark that we’ve been there right? 32 years now. So it had to be 31 It couldn’t have been much more than that. You know, 30 ish years ago, I was in my late 20s. And this woman sitting like two rows behind me was with two little kids. Little kids like four or five years old. She goes, Are you gonna give the ball to the children to the kids? And I remember saying I don’t know how old I was. But I remember saying something like I’ve been coming to games for 25 years and I’m keeping it sorry this is the first time I’ve ever caught a ball your kids want a ball you can walk up there by one.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:46

Oh man so so this will play right into my head. It was it was the bust out it was madness. If I

Leonard Raskin  14:56

have the ball in my office, the day American League Baseball blue salutely right by Browns autograph on it brighter believe it, you better

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:05


want a picture of the ball for this garden. So I want you to take a picture of it. And I’m gonna I’m gonna make that picture Baltimore pause, let it raskins You’re so here’s what I want to tell you, Mike Hargrove, since you’ve read, this is when it gets to be fun with baseball because I can see Chico Simone. And in the old days someone would call and have a Chico Simone story, right? Sure. So I have caught a handful of baseballs in all of my life. But I can tell you more about the day. I was at Veterans Stadium with my son reading the newspaper when the ball landed in the sixth. And I I wasn’t paying attention to the game. It was sort of a it wasn’t a screamer. It was one that I should have had the ball. I never got the ball. Right? I had a game in Toronto, and I’m not making this up. Brady Anderson, this is 1993 or four. Okay, so it’s three or four. But maybe it’s before the strike in 94. If I’m not mistaken, if I want to be honest, the best way probably was I went to Toronto and I went with with a girl that I was seeing and I had been doing my show at Hooters back in the day live radio. And this girl and I went up to Toronto and Brady Anderson left me tickets for a couple of games and moose may left me tickets Sutcliffe, somebody like that might have been gone by then. Ben Ben was a great guy. Um, so the player seats it at skydome are right behind home plate. And they’re 21 rows behind on plate and skydome was pitched a little different than like Camden Yards is more like the screen was a straight up, it didn’t have a roller. And like when the ball came back, it had to go a little higher and be a pop. I swear on my life. It’s the same as I won 31 games in a row in 1979. You can read that in my book about my pop as well. That in the first inning, Brady Anderson was a leadoff hitter for always make sure he hit 222 Foul balls into the same row. Same at bat and that me and this girl fetched in the empty rows that are real player seats, because nobody was there. They didn’t have friends there. They don’t write money in Toronto, right? So empty your soils no in Toronto and Right, right. Right. So I’m in the seats that are just empty seats. We got to in the same at bat and it’s awesome game the kids. It’s right. Of course. We’re like, I didn’t need to bring a baseball home. Right.

Leonard Raskin  17:40

Bringing anything back. Why do you need a

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:42

boys were 1993 I was 25 years old. Okay, I was reporting. And despite what Greg Bader or Chad Steele would say I’ve always been a professional. Okay, right. So, but when I was a kid, went to games all the time. It’s your dream to catch a foul ball. Absolutely. You’re grown Asness, your 57 year old Agnus still brags about the 30 years ago, right? Caught a ball better believe it. So here’s my ball story. I went to every game with my dad summer 79. We went to 42 games. Okay, so that was 31. And oh, before we lost the game and 79 I’m 11 Yeah, I’m 10 years old. I’m not even alive. Right? So I’m 10 years old in the summer. 79 Baseball is all that matters to me at this point in my life. Sure. And my dad and I would take the bus my dad would get home from the point at 345. My mom would have dinner ready four o’clock. We eat for 15 We’re on the bus. We’re at the stadium at 505 waiting for Mr. Cotton in the left field of bleachers to open the gates to let us in on the first kid up in the gold seats and section 10 and allow them to be practice Lee batting practice, right? That’s right. Tell you in Charlie Steinberg loves when I tell these stories, because Rick Vaughn wasn’t there yet. But Charlie what Charlie was an intern this summer 79. He loves telling the story about his relationship with Eddie Murray and like all that, but during that period of time, they played music during BP and the place is empty. You know, the place about Memorial Stadium was beautiful, is that when the foul balls would hit they would ricochet down come through back underneath right? That’s right the echo of all the sounds and the empty stadium. But all they would play his music during BP and it was all disco. It was ring my bell just all disco music right? The whole disco sucks phenomenon and while all that but it was all disco music is all they played. So I’m out in the outfield, and Bombo Rivera would come to town and Willie Wilson would come to town or whoever the left field is where we would crush the left fielder. I was always there to see six though lezcano love George Brett even then. Love Fred Lynn always loved Jim rice and Fred Lynn, because my cousin was a red sock in the beginning. So I’m 10 years old and I go to every game And the Orioles will take BP after the visie team and blue Penelo beyond left field or you know, whoever the left field is right tell you they all were in 1979 because I’m that guy. 34 years later, right? I say 30 years later, dude, it’s 40. The late five years one is century, the late 20th century. Okay. So it’s 45 years ago, and I’m about to tell you this story. So every day Pat Kelly would play catch out there, right. Yeah, yeah, right. Nikki and John Lawrence. Lowenstein was rarely left. But really, he was always out there. Elrod. Hendricks was always out there. I think it was a bullpen. 7090 But he’s a bullpen coach in 83. But l Rob was hanging around always there with the knee pads and Dave Skaggs and Rick Dempsey, I take every player right like, yeah, they’re left field. They walked through the bullpen, right. So Pat Kelly threw a ball to me once because he recognized me later in the year. Yeah, and it kid next to me got bigger kid got it, right. Yeah. Mike Hargrove threw me a baseball in left field. When I was a boy, in 1979, June, ticket stuff. Yep. Yep. And I never forget forgotten it. It’s been 45 years. Right? And you said Mike Hargrove. I didn’t know where this conference I thought we’re gonna talk about the caps. I had more. I had financial taxes. But the God’s honest truth is I love baseball that much. Absolutely. That I have absolutely. Stories like that. But Mike Hargrove was the only player when I was a boy to give me a ball. Now my dad caught a ball like that caught a ball during BP 1979 He caught a ball in September. The Yankees came to town in 79. And the general admission because it was a pennant race, the Yankees and the Red Sox and if the ticket stubs were reserved seats, so what’s the general section 1112 3042 out in the right field bleachers, 2930 3132. All reserved seats at the biome ahead of time, Charlie acting was on the radio. You know, John Miller, we gotta buy tickets. Wasn’t John, you know, still Chuck Thompson. Yeah. My dad caught a foul ball from Lou Pinella homerun ball. Ball looping. My dad had we had gloves My dad always took a glove. My I was literally like, to every game I tomsy Right. Every game. So that’s baseball. Dude, I love to take

Leonard Raskin  22:27

my glove. You know, it’s funny because I took my glove to a lot of games. I had those seats down the third base line when the stadium opened those were my tickets. And for whatever reason that game I did not take a glove hardcore. Threw

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:40

that ball up to me and I’m leaning over the 309 left field. Yeah, big tall wall. Really? Six? Yep. Yep. 20 foot wall, threw the ball at caught it. And there was nobody else around so I didn’t have to fight with anybody for right. It was late BP kids were going back to their seats. And so nobody was there. It was the Indians, right? It was more than the Yankees were attacked. It was um, you know, red solid, brows crowded. And you know who does that now? Every game catches BP balls. Ed Lauer Ed Lauer my musician buddy goes out and cat he he’s there to minute the gates open fanatic. He’s got a bucket full of balls. Yeah, yeah, he plays ball with with his dog with him with doodles. Letter Raskin is here he is Raskin gonna tell me what you do you manage the American dream. So I would say this to you. When you were a kid. You were poor. You dreamed of being able to sit in the box seats, right? I told

Leonard Raskin  23:36

my mom take Absolutely. One time. It was it was a such a big deal. Again, my American dream was was being able to afford an Oriole ticket, you know, and, and when the when Camden Yards opened, I had tickets down the third base line. And you talk about games. I was at the opening day Rick Sutcliffe. I was at was that a huge

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:00

part of your? What did you do? That was stupid with the first money you got now? Listen, I went oh.

Leonard Raskin  24:08


Well, first thing I did when I had some money. First thing I did when I when I got my first real career paycheck before I had enough to do anything. I bought cap season tickets. That was right away. That was first. That was first. There was no Ravens. So I bought capital

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:28

C’s you know what? That tells me? Seven. You and I were really good friends back. Then. Like I love games back then.

Leonard Raskin  24:36

Tickets were second. Oriole tickets per second. That was the order. Every cash game was a lot of fun. Right? I went to every game I went to DC and Rob went to 40 games a year man I went to a mall. And I watched I watched the red wigs skate the cup at the cap center. You know at MCI, whatever the hell it was called at that point. But that was tragic. Watching the Red Wings sweep the caps and their first ever Stanley Cup final appearance. Yeah, it was that night. Yep. It was dreadful. I was in this dance and I had a friend, colleague who was a big Detroit Red Wing fan, and I had to wear a red wing hat to where

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:17

there were 12,000 14,000 Redwing fans are that of course they’re really Yeah,


Leonard Raskin  25:21

that’s what I’m saying. But I had to wear red wigs had to work. That was the best. That’s a bad winner. Loser has to wear the team hat it was doesn’t feel like long ago to me was 28 years ago. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Doesn’t feel long ago that the Cavs won that cup and that’s six back right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:38

I’m going through those pictures through they’re gonna be in the documentary as well for so yeah, yeah.

Leonard Raskin  25:42

First thing I did was buy caps tickets. You got it. You got to live the dream. You got to enjoy. You know, my book just came out. We talked about it for doochie. Who about being a fiduciary and handling money. And if you look at the cover of the book, that word that is highlighted in the subtitle, the book is enjoy. We teach people how to protect Roe, enjoy, and transfer wealth if you don’t enjoy it. What’s the point? You know, too many people die too young, die old and miserable. They have money, they don’t have money, but they don’t enjoy and we’re talking about joy, man, we’re talking about catching a foul ball. We’re talking about going to the hockey games. Taking my son going out on a day. I mean, he he said to me already, you know this year, he has the summer we’re going to be home and he’s getting ready for grad school and he said I hope we get you know we’re gonna go to some games. We go to some games this summer. He’s ready to go. Man

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:38

amici so I’m doing the show. He’s on Friday do it you and the five hit some Fridays come down and do the show with me. I’m doing live live looks absolutely three from two

Leonard Raskin  26:48

this week two to five this week two to five ima NCAA. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:52

know you are I know you.

Leonard Raskin  26:55

Watch it. Watch it that tournament. That’s That’s my Thursday Friday schedule. You know, this has been a sec TV season. Speaking of another story. Not me, baby. Not me. But


Nestor J. Aparicio  27:08

ducky Derby oak stay. True story. Let her ask you this. Here he is. We’re asking global getting ready for opening day and I’ll have a fun. Listen and go at it all day with you with debate. That’s right. That’s right tweet collecting baseball cards. And having you know, my jersey that I bought on eBay that fits me that’s an app like literally was pre made years ago. It’s polyester. It’s not even comfortable, right? Sweltering in the heat. Hey, man, when I’m taking out there Sarasota and be out there doing it. I gotta get the proper love and put on the front. But I sort of like it. Plain honest, right? No, it’s great. That’s like an ordeal giveaway. Um, we’re gonna be a Sarasota. I want to ask you and this is gonna be your homework. Okay. Okay. You got the NFL owner, the billionaire owner of the football team runs from the media in Yeah, yeah, Lando went on there to see him run, not just for me, but for my report as well. And provide no access. We’re gonna go back to what the responsibilities of ownership last week we talked about expectations for Rubinstein and where we are and all that, and how things might be different. But what’s open? What do we expect me to? Because here’s what I’m gonna leave you with? And I’m gonna drop the mic on this. All right, let Okay, you got it. And I did this with Luke. And this is me being a real prick. Okay. So you’ll still want to be associated with Matt. But this is me being a prick. Okay. Yeah. Because of how I’ve been treated and having a chronicle my own justification for the career I’ve had for four decades. But we had a really good baseball team last year, right, like really good. And John had some champagne, right? And just give us a nice time and all that. And he got $600 million handed to them that he got Yeah. And a billion on the transaction. Get good get a really good football team last year, right, like 33 as Egypt, unprecedented home. And, yes, the Super Bowl if they had won the World Series, and if they had won the Super Bowl, what the owners have had a press conference, maybe answered some questions that they would have. Yeah, sure. They would have right. Yeah. Well, they’re on top of the world. Yeah. Well, it says a lot to me. I learned a lot more when people lose them when they when they’re everybody’s Goodwin’s. Everybody, everybody can get on the cameras are there $3 billion, right. There’s your network and take the champagne shower, and the wildcard round, you know, or whatever, you know, even a wildcard round for crying out loud, it was a it was all bunch division. And that’s nice and all that but like, you know, the real responsibility of what Rubinstein’s taken on? And what Bashaud he said he was gonna do four rewrites punched his wife in an elevator like literally, and how, how things change and oh, by the way you buy you buy an asset for 575 million and you wake up and it’s worth 5 billion and you really haven’t done much other than just got on the boat rode the wave like literally I mean it’s good. It’s good. Yeah. It’s I mean literally right? Literally

Leonard Raskin  30:10

Yeah. Yeah. Get it once you get it all right

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:15

let Raskin Raskin global find him out on the interwebs find me at a Baltimore positive find me and Luke in Sarasota, sunning ourselves under a palm tree or at least trying to work hard we are Baltimore Stay with us.

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