As season ticket renewals come we consider the cost and value of local sports?

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Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the rising costs, expectations and value from the price of being a Baltimore sports fan. And how it always costs more. But what does it deliver?


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn st am 1570 TAs and Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are a positively into you know with Luke Jones and I’ve called sort of the slower period of time over all these years of doing this. I don’t know there’s any really downtime we have football and baseball you move sort of seamlessly used to be Terps and some lacrosse and some horse racing and other things that would that would get in the way but opening day is here and I’ll tell you what we’re gonna be doing crabcake tour we’re gonna be downtown beginning of the opening day week. We’re gonna be doing some Friday’s live with our friends at America lottery in conjunction of course when donation and Jiffy Lube multi care it is our sponsors who keep us going and give us good advice and off times make for the best conversations let Raskin is back from his Hawaiian honeymoon of 30 years vacation. He is back from a healed from the AFC Championship Game loss and the thought that we were gonna go to the Super Bowl and all that. And you also you missed our whole cup of Super Bowl and our whole thing like sunning yourself over there. You don’t even get a chance to promote the Mount Washington pediatric hospital. You do this golf tournament every year I got you a little email and I thought you know what? I’m gonna let let them let you open up the floor because it did a lot of charity. Your last couple of weeks. You didn’t get a word in edgewise about the Mount Washington pediatric hospital. I know that’s your cause.


Leonard Raskin  01:20

Yeah, we missed you. But we were in the sun instead. So that’s okay. But you’re here now, but we’re here now. June 3, Monday, June 3 of Hillendale. Country Club is the Mount Washington pediatric hospital golf tournament raised a lot of funds for a great charity. A great cause. I don’t have to tell you there are lots of children sadly that need help in rehabilitation and in hospital care. And sadly, in our area region. Not a lot of affordability for that care. Mt. Washington pediatric hospital helps kids that need help rather, whether they can afford it or not. And going out to the golf tournament helps us help them do things that Medicaid Medicare insurance doesn’t pay for. So we’re about raising a bunch of money for the hospital and looking for sponsors to come out and put their name up on a tee box or a hole so that people come up and see your company want to know what you’re all about. And we get out there for the day we enjoy the day I take my putter out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:23

I make fun of you taking

Leonard Raskin  02:26

a putt with the best of them. I am not a golfer in the traditional sense of the word but I am your Adonis vicious on the windmill and the pirate ship.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:37

You know we should do you and I one year we should find the third stooge and we should dress like the three with the paint stalwarts. You know the big Yeah, you’re right. Like what will look like MC Hammer? Well, you know, we can go right, exactly. We look like the Three Stooges out there. You know, take the old school golf. Take some black and white pictures with people out on the whole maybe they won’t be memorable. They wouldn’t remember

Leonard Raskin  03:01

that game. We’ll have to have to put that together maybe for next year later.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:05

Rascon I’m wearing a shirt Rasky global he manages money and finances and all that good stuff. But um so so this is kind of an interesting little aside because I’ve been looking at I got up early on Monday morning and went at it Orioles Jackson holiday shaky calves in mass in terrible, terrible ravens Indianapolis combine Yeah, it’s

Leonard Raskin  03:25

all happening. So it’s madness. March Madness, sir. We’re


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:29

back up on and have Rick Emmett from triumph on last week we did all that. Here’s where I am where I’ll I’ll be do a good segue this John Martin from the Maryland louder would say he’s awful at segways. And it’s kind of the fun part of us doing it. You say but the Segway he takes. But he put here’s where we are managing expectations, just what you do with money. How’s Absolutely. So very proud of that he would love that. So, um, but managing the expectations of the fan base right now. Yeah, where the football team, a lot of folks have spent $800 $1,000 Going to the championship game, big disappointment. And I’ve said to every one from the first day and this doesn’t make me this has nothing to do with my relationship with John hardball or Steve Ashati. They’re gonna be a diminished team this year on the field. And if you manage that expectation of like, they’re gonna have less talent, because of all this and they get a salary cap bumped the other day. I know you manage that. Yeah, they got a little bit extra money, a little bit extra powder and a keg. But the baseball team feels like any other direction with the bright skies and the new ownership and wants to

Leonard Raskin  04:30

65 degrees. Opening Day is coming. It’s imminent. We’re wedding already and the World Series is ours.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:38

But there you go. So there you wouldn’t say that to me if I were investing with you. Oh, hell no. Okay.

Leonard Raskin  04:45


So I would tell you, here’s what I would tell you. If you were investing, I would say three quarters of the year of the years, not the year, three quarters of the years going back to 1926. The market as measured by the s&p 500 goes up 25% of the years it goes down. And if you were a new investor with Rascon global, what I would tell you is regardless of those factors, next year, you can expect your account to go down. Why? Because what I don’t want you to do is feel that hit of your account going down and decide to fire us. Because in one year you lost money, because it’s going to happen a quarter of the time. Now, having said that, this is an election year, is that right? No, nothing, no trend on that. No, it’s obviously not the case that everybody I say that to is going to lose money, but I want to prep you for the fact that you might, so you’re absolutely right. Well, Tim to the World Series, I would say look, the Yankees are retooling the Red Sox are retooling the rays and the Jays ain’t ain’t stopping and we’re doing good stuff. But we’re gonna have to play really hard to get 101 wins. And I think I’m not mistaken. I saw last week, the over under and I’m not a gambler, but I do see this stuff. The over and under on the Orioles is 85. Or I think it might be 9095 I

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:07

think it’s 90 on that.

Leonard Raskin  06:09

I think it’s 97 or low 90s. But here’s the point. The Yankees over under is higher than the Orioles. So that’s pleased expectations. But it’s my point they’re gonna have to play some really good ball to do that. And, and play really hard. And we got a general manager out there saying, you know, we learned from last year what it is to lose in the beginning. And we’re not going to do that again.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:34

A couple weeks ago that I want to teach you because this has to do with money. Sure. It’s something that I had never thought about. Alright, and this involves having John Martin on I’ve done a lot of radio in the last couple of weeks since Yeah, cup Super Bowl, I made 78 pieces and all the charity stuff, getting it all up. And I haven’t even contacted all the St. John’s so a church in Essex and let them know that the piece is up there. They can share it with their parish. But nonetheless, a chunk comes on and we were talking about. And you know, I mean, he’s the executive director, the miracle lottery and gaming, and he loves to come on and give me information and news about like wagering money. We tell people gamble responsibly. I know you would tell them all that. But here’s the interesting fact of January, January numbers through the roof for the state getting the biggest payout they’ve had in the two years it’s been going on


Leonard Raskin  07:17

and we still can’t educate our kids. Anyway, go ahead, try it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:22

At least there’s money now what you’re doing, buddy,

Leonard Raskin  07:25

you have to allocate that. Do the right, allocate

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:27


that money. So the money that comes in he said to me in January, they get your arms around this. He’s like, it was a particularly big month. Because the casinos did well. Yeah. The government only does well when the casinos. Absolutely right. Literally casinos to make a lot of course x right. So same thing with cannabis. This that liquor. Yeah, yeah. Holes when nobody’s driving, there’s no toll money, right?

Leonard Raskin  07:54

What you’re doing yes, me a couple weeks ago, what you do without an income tax. Now you’re talking about it. So there you go. All right. So let’s steal it from the poor. That’s last week’s episode, but that’s fine.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:05

We paid tax. Right. So John says to me, it was particularly good month, because he said I know. And he’s a Browns fan. So we have fun with this. He said this is because the Ravens lost. He said if the Ravens would have won the game against the chip, everybody hears betting on the right, yes. Sure. You said that the casinos would have had the payout. Right. And it would have looked like less for the state. And I’m thinking, oh my god, like I hadn’t really thought about, but you mentioned the Yankees. Right? And that the confidence level? No, it’s just the money of the Yankees fans, right? I mean, that’s right. It’s moving. It’s

Leonard Raskin  08:42

a lie note. Nobody has played a game yet. It’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  08:44

not gonna affect how many they really don’t know it is the public perception. The paramutual wagering That’s right.

Leonard Raskin  08:53

Right, exactly. It’s wisdom of crowds. It’s not the wisdom of crowds. No, it’s absolutely similar. It’s the wisdom of the crowd, with all the known and noble information baked into the price of a stock or the over under on a team or the odds on a horse or a pearl ticket. That’s right. That’s right, a Taylor Swift $1,800 ticket in January of last year, whatever it was, and, and getting higher by the day, I think her Australian tickets are moving the Australian GDP. It’s kind of unbelievable, but that’s what her effect is. People spending fortunes to go see her in concert. And I think a lot of them are anticipating the Swift Kelsey breakup, so her music will be better. Who knows? God knows if they get married and have a baby what the what the music scene is going to be for her. But anyway, I digress. Yes, people have expectations. It

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:48

helped the child was happier than Lisa Marie. That’s a happy child.

Leonard Raskin  09:53


The expectations are huge in New York. They’re huge in Baltimore, but obviously bedding isn’t as prevalent perhaps apps and the wealth isn’t perhaps as prevalent but the over under on Baltimore’s little less. And I think you’re right the Ravens sent out a nice letter to all fans last week I think it was and said hey, we had a great season we’re very sorry that we lost the last game and it wasn’t the Superbowl and we’re gonna raise your prices 13% And you gotta pay your tickets now.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:24

Can I you can you can decline. This is would you share the number that I have in habit right

Leonard Raskin  10:36

here. I have, like I have a screenshot right here of the prices for coming season. I know. You’re all blurred out. I don’t know where to focus it. What does it say? It says your ticket prices. It says your ticket prices went up. Give me a seat section. I’ll tell you how much they cost now. Club midfield. 50 yard line Club Seats midfield $5,000 A ticket for the season. For eight plus 5000 For eight games. That’s the club price for season ticket holders.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:11

5000 for the season for AKs. A 666. And a quarter. six and a quarter a game oh six

Leonard Raskin  11:17

and a quarter a game for the club level midfield. Eight tick eight games. Yes. One ticket to eight games up up from last year. 13 over 13% It’s it’s showing Joe Biden’s inflation

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:33

oh stop. Shot he’s greed is when

Leonard Raskin  11:37

you get 600 million or was it million 600 million from the state. You also need to get some more from the fans. And so tickets are up and you’re right that salary cap is up and we got to pay Odell Beckham Jr. And we got to pay Vannoy and we got to page Dan County and we got to pay Matt a BK and we got to pay Gus Edwards and we got to pay all these guys

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:05


and have to pay Kevin slightly though are Chino stone. Well, you might

Leonard Raskin  12:09

you might Are they gone yet? I don’t from agencies open yet. Yeah, well, but there’ll be gone in short order. Geno’s. Don’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:15

you take the cap hit. You’re not going to go back and sign up. You know, right. Right. Right. So

Leonard Raskin  12:19

that’s it too late. Now. Gino Stone had a career year made his name across the NFL is now gonna go make a ton of money. Good for him. Well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:27

yeah, it’s not for long, right? It’s not Patrick, for us say that. Right? Yeah, well, it’s not there. So I guess what goes back to you managing money, expectations and expectations for the Orioles in all of this. And listen, I began this with Luke and Luke got pissed off at me six in the morning, we get up on rural farms. And the first thing I’m like, Yeah, I put the game on. The cameras shook. And I brought this up with you and you’re like, and this is like so. Angelo’s. How

Leonard Raskin  12:59

did that happen?

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:00

How does that happen? It because they’ve never had a warning they’ve never brought I should have said to Luke. When’s the last time Vince McMahon had a television broadcast? That was no good. I mean, things went wrong what is because they’re in the business of television broadcast

Leonard Raskin  13:15


baseball team you know understanding paying for the five months it’s awful. I don’t understand how that was the case. It blew my mind I turned in fees and scientists I turned it on and I thought my horizontal hold was was off and

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:30

balls and strikes. Yeah, right you monitor that looks the same. I remember

Leonard Raskin  13:33

when we were kids and the TV used to go up and you had to get up and turn the horizontal hold knob to get it to stop the

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:40

if I wanted to watch captain 20 That’s what I had to do if I wanted to watch captain


Leonard Raskin  13:45

Chesapeake No.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:47

Well kept get we can see you came on a 45 I got 45 Okay 20 was a little bit

Leonard Raskin  13:52

a little a little tougher a little bit more of a stretch and fuzzy a little Did you ever hit sand on the roof and went no no only on the only on the TV with the with the silver foil on the end? Oh no. We had to hold the chair and we turned it over to pour for that thing to pour way to pour No no no just in the house was a wrestling matches

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:14

came on at five o’clock. Philly on Channel 47 channel 17. So I had to get that you get the thing out. Spectrum. See none of that we had none of that. Alright, so from the baseball side of things, all that aside, I mean, I made jokes about

Leonard Raskin  14:29

a win. Gotta win. Gotta go playoffs further than the first round. That’s success to this town. I think Baltimore is naturally pessimistic so we don’t think they’re even going to make the playoffs but you come into the season the other day, you come into the season and you think we’re going to do well we’re going to make the world series it’s going to be a great naturally pessimistic you think I think it’s a bornon thing. Really, I think making

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:53

a note of that I’m gonna write a blog about that. I think it is this upsets me lender that I’m not I Oh honey naturally pessimistic yeah I said sounds a little bit like the beginning of a well no no the Sarah Jessica Parker Sex in the City yeah

Leonard Raskin  15:10

right that’s exactly right I hear the tight now I am I am ridiculously


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:14

optimistic and mystic in ball I’m gonna ask Dan Rodricks that question I am

Leonard Raskin  15:18

super optimistic and you know quote that I’m I don’t know if I started it stated it but let’s talk market for a minute it’s the same in sports well different in sports, different sports in the short term I have always bearish always worried about the market in the short term and I am perpetually bullish. Always in the long term. America and you always speak to me first

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:39

by the way, whenever you speak to me you speak of optimism. terms 75 off 25 down. optimist. That’s right. 75 up and 25. That’s right, pretty well,

Leonard Raskin  15:49

that’s right. You don’t right. You take those odds all day. And in sports. Let’s face it, to be in the Hall of Fame as a baseball player. What do you hit? 300? Yeah, so you hit three out of 10 You’re good. The market hits 75 out of 100. You know that? That’s performance and people don’t understand that they all try to hunt for the best of the best and they blow it all the time. But but the market true is out. And so I’m extremely optimistic in the long term is sports is different. You have no you have no basis for that. There’s no history on that. There’s no performance on that. You’re only good so you’re not good. You’re pitching stinks. You stink. You’re hitting stinks. You stink. Your quarterback stinks. You stink. You’re lying back

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:34

if you get hurt. I mean, stinks. Yeah, you’re

Leonard Raskin  16:37

lying stinks. You stink. At the New York Jets about the best laid

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:42

plans of any company changes when the hurricane comes through. Rocky no goes off


Leonard Raskin  16:47

you facts circumstances change. That’s exactly right. And so you always got to be short term cautious. And going into the season with the Orioles. I am short term excited and happy and anxious to see winning baseball on a beautiful sunny Sunday summer day. Out with the family. Having a dog and a drink and watching the shaky lemonades you know and enjoying myself. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:13

you know for me, I’ve gotten into my last name right I’m releasing the book on my father. Do you remember free the birds most sick? Yeah, of course. So I wrote a book about my father in my love of baseball and my last name and why I would do something as awful as a walk out on the owner of the team. Now what I didn’t release then that I have released sense was that they stiffed me on a $30,000 sponsorship. And you was a guy that pays your bill. You’re a sponsor of mine, and I make a you service Yes, sure. After I pay you you pay me it’s all on the up and up. But we pay our bills. So all of this was free. The birds was all of the awfulness was they stiffed me on a promotion where they made $100,000 I decided to do free the birds the show them like that. That wasn’t cool. And I did free the birds so they threw me out loads that people think I hate baseball. I have gotten so into the spirit of my family’s last name that I have this box that I found that I thought was stolen. It was a manila envelope that had every Louis Aparicio card of my childhood that Louie signed for me at the Belvedere hotel, and I started to go through eBay. Now that I got that Aparicio jersey and actually have like an envelope that I haven’t even opened yet. My wife just brought it in, because I want to show you like how spirit of them about baseball that I’m getting, like, sort of back into this, especially now that like, I know the team is going to be sold or at least right confidence level is really going to change and that you and I are going to go to a ballgame together the way we went. You and I went to again. Absolutely. Well, it was a bad outcomes. I remember it. Absolutely. We sat together and laugh, fun and spent social time together. Absolutely. That I just picked up this 1963 This is a post Hey, go. I gotta hurry co card. A this came off the back of a cereal box 63. I had the 61 and the 62. But the 63 apparently is harder to get. That’s almost in mint condition. That’s yeah. So I started collecting baseball stuff again. And that like just the Aparicio stuff that’s my little. You know, my my buddy Mark Miller does all Brooks Robinson, he loves Brooks, if it’s a Brooks thing, he wants it. I have my little baseball Pinky back, and it makes me and we got a real baseball team hold it should play some shake anymore.

Leonard Raskin  19:33

That’s right. I don’t need to use the horizontal hold to watch the game. Tell me what you do and how to get in touch with you for money and for the new money. We do everything we help people have the life they want, and how to use their money to create it. We help people understand that money is a tool and that you earn it and that doesn’t mean you know what to do with it. Or you own a business and you make it that doesn’t mean you know what to do with it. And we do and we help you make great decisions around the money so that you can have the life you want with you your kids, your family, your parents, your spouse, the joy you want the American dream. That’s what it’s all about too sad. Too many people think, in this generation, less than half the people growing up now think the American Dream is a reality. That’s horrible. It’s absolutely horrible. We got to get back to the point of the American Dream being viable and having what you want out of your life is possible and attainable and you just need to understand how to get there and we help people get their Oreos we’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:27

working on a strategy it’s spring training ravens working strategy in Indianapolis. Linda Raskin working strategy for your life. Rascon global appreciate your letter. All right. pleasure, man. Rascon he’s out in front of Baltimore policy. You can find it Rascon including a bunch of really cool tips up there on things about your money to learn more. I’m always learning more. We are wn SDA and 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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