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Leonard Raskin lays out the Las Vegas Super Bowl dream plan for the Baltimore Ravens with Nestor


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn st Towson Baltimore and am 15 seven and we call it Baltimore positive, we’re positively taking crabcake row out on the road beginning February 5. For 27 years around here, we’ve been going to Super Bowls. This time we’re going to have a cup of soup or bowl. For the Maryland Food Bank, we’re setting it all up with our sponsors with friends for 100 charities, it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery, John Martin said I can hold up the the Raven scratch offs, because they’re still good, they’re still out there. We have winners throwing footballs in the past for cash this week in the divisional round. And I don’t know what it’d be like to be those two winners, that you’re holding out the hope that the Ravens win so you can throw a football on the field during the AFC Championship game to win $10,000 But the Maryland lottery allows that our friends with our nation as well. 866 90 nation and Jiffy Lube MultiCare put this out on the road to make crabcake row happened. And we’ll be telling you more about that in the coming days and weeks, this guy is going to be participating, but not really because he’s got like anniversaries and work and he manages money and he has tickets and he’s trying to win the lottery. He’s trying to get the Las Vegas like a lot of fans are and we all have a plan to do all of this stuff. Let it Raskin except that they went to football games in order for anybody to have any of these visions of Las Vegas in the strip in the Rat Pack and whatever you do in Las Vegas that makes you happy. I don’t know what your Vegas thing is. Let it I don’t think you’re a gambling guy. But I think you’ve been to Vegas, guys. I know you’ve been the last few Super Bowls. So I know this is important you I asked you about doing radio next week after the playoff game before the champion came here. And you’re like, wow, I got this and that work and like real life gets in the way of all this because he actually plans like their whole January wide open and then it happens and your ticket holder and hear about your week this week cuz you’re a little crazy. You gotta


Leonard Raskin  01:50

travel a whole lot to move things around. Got a couple business conferences. They pop up in January, February, March. It’s really crazy. But guys, like you want to go to golf courses and do that sort of thing. Yeah, a lot of a lot of industry conferences in the first quarter the year they tried to get them out, knock them out, do the first quarter and then leave you the rest of the year to to go to your business, but a lot of things going on. So I’m Dallas bound that was Dallas bound for the Cotton Bowl, which was a disappointing game for the Ohio State University. But so be it. I’m Dallas bound for a couple days. And then I bust back into town and pick up the the Ravens game against the Houston CJ Stroud, Rookie of the Year Ohio State quarterback who I’ll be rooting soundly against. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:40

I mean, you’re conflicted here a little bit, but not, not at

Leonard Raskin  02:42

all. No, not at all. Not at all. What

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:45


happens when your university player goes and plays you know,

Leonard Raskin  02:48

that’s right, the way it goes now. So I wanted to see Joe have a good game. Joe had a nice game till he didn’t. To pick sixes. That’s very sad. And Houston one. So now we get the fighting CJ Stroud and the Houston Texans who are a good ball team, I think they’re playing good ball, they got a couple of receivers hurt, which doesn’t hurt us at all. That’s a good thing, I guess. And he’s throwing the ball all over the place. And he’s having a great season. And we played him the first game of the year, they had a good game, we just beat him. But I think there’s a different team. So we’re gonna have to step up, everybody’s gonna have to be on board. But I think we’ll win this game. And then I’m off jetting out right after the game, little little Florida trip for a couple days, and then I’ll be back. Hopefully, for the championship game, and I don’t really care who we play, because I just want to see the championship game here. Come through Baltimore. I don’t care Kansas City or Buffalo, it doesn’t really matter. We’re good

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:49

at any of the other championship games. I mean, you were you were younger and traveling

Leonard Raskin  03:54

to New England, you went to New England a couple times. Watch this when watch this lose. Okay,


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:59

so this is not your first rodeo in an AFC Championship games?

Leonard Raskin  04:02

No, do well, first at home. Right? Of course. It’ll be the first at home. So here’s the first for

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:07

everybody. Almost, it’s right. 71 I mean, I am looking people actively are there literally next week that went to that game. I was it goes to the post. I had JT the brick on this week talking about that. I was at the croner game. I was a little boy. But I was I was at the Fall game with Tony Linhart. So I was at some big games in the 70s this

Leonard Raskin  04:26


is never this predates never to a Colts game that matter. Went to one one or two Colts game in my life again. We were we were so poor. We couldn’t pay attention. So that wasn’t happening.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:39

investment for my dad. I mean, at that time. We had two bucks colts tickets for eight bucks. It was just

Leonard Raskin  04:44

we had nothing. We had nothing. We weren’t doing that. So So I remember watching some of those games on on. What was it 5k H de volta rabbit ear so that picture comes in Sun TV. Oh I

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:00

remember because the laws would let him kick off at one,


Leonard Raskin  05:03

right I remember those days. And so I watched watched a couple of those games but no, this is this is hopefully going to be a good win against Houston. And then I don’t care Kansas City or Buffalo, whoever comes in here. I think we’ve got the talent to win that game. And I think we are two for two in Super Bowl appearances. And I’d like to see us go three for three. So yeah, no, can’t can’t match up the schedule with with the world. And so I’ll be traveling, I’ll be watching. Um, I’m lucky enough to be home for the home games boy was gonna come in. He can’t be here. Wednesday this week, Wednesday night. The Ohio State band is doing script Ohio, which if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out. Script Ohio, on cord at the Cleveland Cavaliers halftime.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:50

Who were they playing that night?

Leonard Raskin  05:52

I have no idea. You go into the game. No, no, you know, I’m not going to Cleveland. No, not going to Cleveland. So. So when you run around

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:59


with this kid that some weird places? Yeah, we’re like, yes, you can watch it hockey. It’s crazy things right. I

Leonard Raskin  06:06

would go for it and have other plans. I’d get there. But we’re not going but they’re doing it at Cleveland. So the NBA. Why would I go to Cleveland? Right? Exactly. Yeah, right. Right. That’s the only reason this is the only reason I would go to Cleveland in January would be football, or the boy who had something and he’s doing something so we’ll see if it’s on TV if it’s not on TV. The Ohio State Athletic band page will have it YouTube will have it after the game they’ll put it up be able to watch it they play hang on sloopy what do they play? They play the marching the marching.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:39

I don’t know you Hi.

Leonard Raskin  06:42

Oh, well, there’s three of them. You’ve got if


Nestor J. Aparicio  06:45

I know your song, chances are I hated like, Michigan song I hate it. Really eight is a North Carolina fight song as a Maryland fan. Because too many basketball games with backing a home that song right now and not in a good way. You know. So blue.

Leonard Raskin  07:02

Ohio State has to so what they do script, they it’s a French battle song, French marching battle song that they do it too. It’s really amazing. It’s awesome. You’re watching the Poli onic. Or what is it? No, you’ll hear it. You’ll hear it, you’ll watch it. And then they have the fight song which so once they march on and do the script, then when they’re done the script, then they’ll play the fight song, which is pretty good fight song. They’ll do that. Then depending on how much time they have, and I don’t know how much time they’re being allotted by the caps. They’ll play hang on sloopy. That’s kind of like the three play Hang on. That’s what they do. So say that’s what they do. And then he does it again. On Saturday. At halftime of the men’s basketball game at home. I think they’re playing Penn State. So he does it twice. So because he has to do it Saturday on court. He can’t fly home for SR right? Yes, correct.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:01

These are all the a list assignments with the best. Yes, this has been the best. So you did go to the Cotton Bowl.

Leonard Raskin  08:07


Yeah, yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:08

Did we not talk about this at all? We just talked about it. So lubed up on the Ravens last week and on a Flacco we might we’re gonna play and like, oh, Cotton Bowl was a bad game. Great trip. Card games all stunk other than the game. Right.

Leonard Raskin  08:24

One good game. The rest were dreadful. And And how about the NFC? What is it? East least what do they call it? The Cowboys and the Eagles both just went into. We didn’t play winning teams during the season. So now we had to play somebody decent and we fold it up like a chair. Although the eagles had folded up by about a sixth at the end of the season. They looked really bad. I don’t know what happened to them. They went from like, like, sort of like Miami they went from were stellar till we stink in a month. It just goes to show

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:59

not making the playoffs. And like oh, so biblical. And in that town. I remember one year the Redskins started like seven in one and didn’t make the playoffs. You know what I mean? And listen, there’s all of this disappointment but I want to get to like your purple heart. Let her Raskin Yeah, you’re gonna go freeze. You’re going out better when tender when better when I keep saying that. I get her when and I feel like a jerk. I feel like the guy on the radio. Or like all that. Dude, you could talk about horrible that they’re firing McCarthy who won a Super Bowl in Dallas, because his team didn’t win last week. Right? Like, I don’t know. And I don’t think the people in Philly dictated by 30 points. They don’t


Leonard Raskin  09:42

really win the Super Bowl in Philly. Like 48

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:45

weeks ago, they lost the Super Bowl but the laser blade in

Leonard Raskin  09:49

the Super Bowl against the chef’s, the chefs and and then suddenly, they’re calling for the coaches head because he lost in the first round of playoffs and something happened at the Get in the ER they play well. What? This the NFL is brutal. I mean brutal. If you were a weatherman and had to produce NFL results, we’d have new weather people on the air every two weeks in town.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:13


My goodness and I don’t know that that like one of the Ravens strengths the real strength that they’re playing here is that Bashaud he’s left the caster and and hardball alone he gets credit for being a great owner. He’s also left Chad steel alone which is dangerous. Right well, but but I would say from a from a from that perspective on the football side. Yeah, he’s letting that break that and they’re capable in the same way that Mike Tomlin as much as they’re always trying to did you saw him walk off the podium right like this is a really

Leonard Raskin  10:45

somebody asked him about his back coming back or is this contract or something he just left

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:50

we’ve got one year left on his deal. And we want to leave

Leonard Raskin  10:54

the guy has only put together 17 winning seasons in a row. What did they want? Yeah, Super Bowl or death. And not just Super Bowl but Super Bowl win and not just win but every year. There’s a we’ve just said it Leonard


Nestor J. Aparicio  11:12

it’s been 1112 years you’re right like you’re getting antsy and you’re like alright Kansas City Chad there’s Buffalo has never had theirs but this is our year and I think that that the part of this where everybody is like you better win like they’re

Leonard Raskin  11:27

gonna win this week. Hey, look, look, Lamar promised a Super Bowl when he got drafted. He said it bring home a Super Bowl so this is it. This is the year you got all the talent. You got the receivers. You might even have man Drew’s holy cow. Could you imagine him coming back? And you picked up Dalvin Cook who’s dying to have a good game? I just can’t see them losing to Houston. I really can’t. Unless there’s some again they’ve lost as I see it this season. We’ve talked about this they lost one game this year. Scrubs play Pittsburgh beat them backups in Pittsburgh beat last game of the year. So what the other three games we beat ourselves in those games game against the Colts Steelers early in the year Browns bad mistakes stupid plays, beat ourselves. We have not lost to a decent team this season and we have played really really good ball in the last month and I don’t see any reason. You’re looking at the Eagles like we talked about Dallas state. They weren’t playing well coming in and they got beat. The teams that have been playing really well in the last month all showed up. And I mean, Houston’s play a good ball, but I don’t think they come in here and beat us. It just doesn’t seem possible

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:40

Euston 11, and five and their last 16 games and you know, I had John McClane on Stephanie strategy going down to Houston this week to do some conversation with them to learn a little bit about I mean, you’ve been watching Stroud from the beginning. I mean, is John McClane been watching football? 50 years, like, at what point did the light go on? This kid might be that kid, because they had lots of no they had match. Better

Leonard Raskin  12:59


than good, better than good. He was good. He was a good quarterback at Ohio State. One of the claims one of the things people didn’t like he didn’t scramble it up. He didn’t move enough. He’s moving all over the field. This his passing was never a question. He can drop a dime in any receivers hands, you name the route, he can throw it. The kid has got arm talent. And he’s smart. That’s the other thing. He sees the field really well. He’s smart. So you get a quarterback who’s got great talent? And who can see I mean, he’s too young. He’s too smart for too young for the NFL. When he sees what’s coming. Yeah, he sees what’s coming and he plays great ball they’re dangerous because they

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:39

don’t know any better right? That’s right. He quarterback ravens are this good that good playing with house money from house money he’s ever know. They’re like, we all expect them to win. Let her ask you this year. He is asking globally manages money also manages expectations to some degree, right? Yeah, like so. I’m gonna throw a little Little Tony Robbins on you a little philosophical thing. You can go with it. You can take with your money management say the past does not equal the future. Right. So how does weighed against San Francisco how they played against lions? Well, we find that out because the Cowboys had a good year to write had a good start and they’re out and and the Packers looked at given up for dead and so does Houston. Right. And they’re still playing and they have a chance and nobody’s given any of these teams other than San Francisco. Merseyside, right. Buffalo

Leonard Raskin  14:32

Buffalo was was no good. And then they started playing well and then suddenly they won the division because the dolphins folded. And, and now they got a home game against the mahomes Who’s never played a road playoff game. And who knows what’s gonna come out of that, but I can tell you what, either of those teams are going to be tough in the championship game. I just hope to see it. So yeah, we should win but but expectations are high. Very high. And I think people will be brutally disappointed if we lose on Saturday. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:05

don’t think there’s any doubt about that. From your perspective on all of this, having been through it the last couple of times, and your boys at Ohio State, your wife, you know, you have lots of clients where you are, your temperature on all of this, about the Vegas side of things, being able to afford it and going out there and how much is too much, and whether you’d be anywhere else in the world and there’s a price or,



or, you know, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:29

get a man cave, or hey, I’m gonna go up to Hollywood casino or, Hey, I’m gonna watch the game at home this time because I went to the last two, where are you along the spectrum? Because I think the AFC champion, I’ve talked to Luke about this, that’s something nobody has seen an AFC champion, right in Baltimore, right is really special. I don’t know if it’s gonna be four to 600 hours, it might be five degrees, it might be 55 degrees. It’s Baltimore glass.

Leonard Raskin  15:51

We never know.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:52


I know. For sure.

Leonard Raskin  15:55

I haven’t talked to anyone. clients, friends, anybody who said to me, I’m going to the Super Bowl, we go I’m going to the Super Bowl. I’m going to the Super Bowl. haven’t talked. Nobody said that, to me. usually hear that. Haven’t heard that at all. Why this net is, I think it’s too expensive. I think people are feeling like unless I get a face price ticket which whatever the heck that price is $5,000 minimum. For if you win the like lottery from the team, you win the lottery for the team, you’ll get a $5,000 offer for a ticket and you’ll be sitting in the 50 yard line in the section 550 Whatever. In the last row of the stadium is that whatever

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:35

you’ll be in, you’ll be you’ll be on the air, you’ll be in the endzone, you’ll be above the Al Davis flaming. So you think so $5,000 will be the cheapest that’ll be the worst seat. That’ll be the roof seat. Yes,

Leonard Raskin  16:47

I would think the team would have sideline, upstairs something for the bands that they


Nestor J. Aparicio  16:53

do have that available. That’s 7250 You know what I mean? Whatever it is, it’s gonna be a lot of money. If you I look forward to you. I hope you hit the lottery. Because we can talk about it. We can talk about it because there are no $1,250 tickets this time around. There are tickets this time around. They’re just last time I

Leonard Raskin  17:16

tried to think if it was the first bowl, think it was the first bowl was $300 space for the for the Tampa game. Three or $400 was face on the ticket.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:28

My first Super Bowl ticket and I can go find it. Well, I had a 50 yard line lower seat, right. I was in Donald Trump’s section. Donald and Marla set five rows in front of me. She didn’t jam from from Shannon Jackson this minute. There’s Minneapolis Super Bowl. So in the app was people there. Evander Holyfield was in my section that’s I was on the 50 yard line. Steve stayed right behind me in the front of the press box. First of all ever met Steve, Steve Steve staples at the Nike 92. I think my ticket at the time was $150. Right? Go figure. Like I think it was 150. It might have been 200 or 250. But I think it was that much I keep in mind. Like when I was going to Euler games and Cleveland tickets were $18 dollars. It was 1992. It wasn’t like the 20 bucks. But yeah, but I mean, but the price now is it’s just it’s ridiculous. Yeah, I mean, and the league note and by the way, there’s another thing I didn’t tell you about this, but my ticket broker told me most of the tickets most of the tickets that are out have a chip, a digital chip, they can only be transferred one time. So they’re so the markup thing that’s there is the end user needs to be the one buying it because they cannot resell it. So the the old days of flipping tickets the ticket came from a player that went through a brokerage here and a firm there and a business guy there and a guy on the airplane sold it to you. He

Leonard Raskin  18:57


would hand you the ticket with the ticket. Yeah, with a little hologram. On your phone, on your phone, digital and locked up. It’s all locked up. It’s crazy. You were at the Cotton Bowl. We’re walking around outside the Cotton Bowl pregame. They had big tailgate. So we’re there hanging out. And there’s guys walking around. Anybody got a ticket? And anybody got a ticket? I’m thinking to myself, What do I have to do? This guy’s gonna Venmo me or ticket or I’m gonna set it up on StubHub. He’s gonna send me the money. Then I’m gonna see geek transfer the ticket to this guy out of my phone. I don’t even know how you do that anymore outside the stadium.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:37

You know what? I’ve already made up my mind ravens RAM, we’re going to Hollywood casino we’re just going to hang out because I just want to pull in park, have my food have my drinks have the big screen to have this down? I’m going to keep it nice and simple. I mean, I’ve done it a million different ways. I’ve been to all these Super Bowls. I want people to go and have a good time. I want the Vegas for everyone else that I had in New Orleans that I had in Tampa. I feel like I had a couple of died a couple of beautiful Super Bowl experiences after all the years I went where I just went and thought this was a really nice city to do it and I thought Indianapolis was fantastic. I’ve been to a couple Arizona has done a nice job a couple of times with it. But you know, LA and and New Orleans and these different places. Vegas is a whole different animal for people out there for pricing for getting there for being there. I just hope that it can experience for our faces.

Leonard Raskin  20:28

I’m like you I have no problem getting there. You have no problem getting there. Get No problem. Stay in there. The question is a ticket and what I’m willing to pay, you know, go back. Go back in time to you’ll you’ll know the year I don’t know the year. The All Star Game MLB All Star game. July late 1993. Look at you. So So I had season tickets to the Orioles back then. And I got tickets to the Home Run Derby thing and the all star game. And I had two tickets. And I sold those tickets for enough back then to pay for my whole season for the Orioles. It was $1,000 a ticket to get into that game. Yeah, and I sold them for enough to pay for the whole season. It was magic. I didn’t need to go watch the all star game. The Free Willy

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:18

sign. Randy Johnson John Kroc, etc. I


Leonard Raskin  21:22

saw it on TV. I paid to the stadium. I saw it okay you went to Cal Ripken 2131 30 and 31 Yes all right and you’ve been

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:30

in every Raven seminal moment right like yeah, dance all the Colts game and all that stuff. You were all right to me. Yeah. When they lose I mean that’s that’s part of

Leonard Raskin  21:40

bad stuff. Bad stuff to do you do you happen to catch any of the man in cast. Really fun. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:47


know Ray Lewis was on he was on this. This game stop and I missed it. It was funny. What like what was good excuse everybody was buzzing about it. I haven’t they are

Leonard Raskin  21:56

so well. The two of them. Why no. Yeah, hysterical and they had Ray on there talking about Ray was just killing the Eagles for lack of tackling like they just weren’t interested. And they he was talking about how badly they were playing. How how many how it was impossible to miss some of the tackles, they missed. And some of the scores that they gave up. That was just terrible. He was forgetting that

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:23

they’re really like in a playoff game especially. They wouldn’t just be BSN, they would be like it’s a game. They stick. Well,

Leonard Raskin  22:30

they were they were but they were also shooting to shoot double and he was screaming at the Eagles for how bad they were. And then they were talking about so Peyton asked him bait and said he’s he’s taking his boy and he’s doing a whole circuit. He’s done like a circuit for the games. And he wanted to come to Baltimore this weekend. And he wanted to know if if he’d be booed if he came to Baltimore. And he said he could hang out with Ray if he hung out with Ray he’d be good. And Ray is his defensive coordinator for the Pro Bowl flag football game. So it’s it’s Peyton and Eli are the head coaches again. And I think Ray is Payton’s defensive coordinator and so he’s gonna come chill in the Pro Bowl. Okay. Yeah, sure. Because it’s, I think it’s what ESPN


Nestor J. Aparicio  23:23

or whatever ever if they can make you make the broadcast good. If they can make the broadcast good. Right, good. Coaches last year, yeah.

Leonard Raskin  23:34

Yeah, I didn’t watch Eli. Aiden was Peyton was angry Eli one. Anyway, ray, ray told told Peyton to come to the game. And he said so if I hang out with you. He asked him if he was gonna be there race. And of course he was gonna be here. And he asked me if he hung out with him if he’d be safe in Baltimore. He said he’d be safe Baltimore no matter what people wouldn’t do because people love greatness here. And they’d honor Peyton’s greatness. And so Peyton says, it was pretty funny. He goes, you know, the whole cult thing. When the Colts left. He said, You know, I was I was eight years old. Like, I really didn’t have anything to do with that. It was pretty funny. You said you think to people, they’re over it, raise it. No, I don’t. I don’t think they’re over it. But. But it was it was just funny. They’re so funny. They are so funny. And they had Bruce Arians on the first half. Oh, I love the first two verses. And he’s dropping, he’s dropping both of them him and Ray not F bombs, but, but they were shitting on the air. And they were they were dropping some some cursing and they were funny. Bruce Arias was so so funny. You know, he, he is nobody in the sport that loves Bruce Arians. He’s just he was just a hoot.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:54

I had a great cocktail conversation with him one night with Marvin Lewis at the owners meetings and I enjoyed that immensely as I remember it. Yeah, he was the coach of the Cardinals at the time and right at the Biltmore in Phoenix, and he was, he was just a delightful guy. Yeah, yeah.

Leonard Raskin  25:08


I don’t watch when the Manny casters on I don’t watch Joe and Troy. Do Monday Night Football. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:14

watch Joe and Troy Manning. The Manning brothers are hysteric. I really feel like I screwed the pooch on this one because like me, I’m gonna try to go find it on YouTube or whatever they’re

Leonard Raskin  25:26

not. It’s like it’s not. It’s not long, because as you know, you know, the time on on Play on air and football is short. Where they play, you know, 20 minutes, or whatever, right? Yeah, right. So so it’s it’s good, but it’s, it was a lot of fun. They were funny, and it was good stuff. So who knows might see Peyton and Eli. They were talking to Eli was talking about taking the train. I guess he still lives in Jersey. He was talking about when they used to play. When New York would play Philly they would take a bus. And when they play the Redskins, they take a train. Right and when they played Baltimore they would take the train so

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:06

whenever the Ravens did play the jets with the Giants they train Yeah, I have I’ve only been on two team junkets in my life where I traveled with a team because the Maryland lottery, you know, you dream you win. They went on the Jacksonville trip and sweet holders and all of that. I’ve only been on two trips. I took the train back from a Giants preseason game in the summer that the Ravens won the Super Bowl. So it was like the Elvis grbac year yeah, it was in August and they played the Giants. I played the Giants because they just played the giants in the Superbowl. I went up to the Meadowlands and I didn’t have a ride home. I was sort of syndicated and working. And the Ravens said take the train home with us so I got the ride the Amtrak home yeah from that so but food on these junkets on a football but it’s great. The only other time I ever flew home and I remember this vividly as well. It was two weeks after 911 My flight on America West remember America West? Yeah, sure America West because in 911 Everything got canceled flights were right. Of course. America West is canceled the route at a Denver through Phoenix that was gonna get me home to do my show on Monday. This is back when I was a real media member like I had a show. Do it you know? So? I asked Bill IK and David Modell. I’m like I you know, it was 2001. Right? Was 911. So I was sort of stuck in Denver. And they’re like, just get on the team plane and come home with us. And I remember that day vividly, because I don’t have anything to drink. But Tony Siragusa told me he loved me that day. Yeah. And you know why he told me he loved me. And this isn’t funny, but it speaks to he got hit in the head. He had cheese. They didn’t have blue tents then. Or bright call them. You know, goose was sitting with his his suitcase, his bag, in his jacket with his hair all done up out of the shower. He had been removed from the game. He’s like, Hey, come here, man. I just want to tell you, I love you, man. I love you. And I’m thinking myself hitting the head. You know what I mean? Like, it’s just not your wife. But so Right. Exactly. Yeah. So that was Denver. And I wrote back I rode the hour from Denver airport to the to the airport with Rex Ryan, who was the defensive line coach, and he was telling me I’ll never forget this hour. The man who used to be you know what, he bragged that he never had a vegetable in his life. And it looks good. I eat a lot of steak dinners with Rex Ryan and he’s ready to show. He never had anything but a stake in a potato on his on his plate. I’d swear to God. Green couldn’t ever come near him, you know. So Rex told me the whole ride out to the airport. He kept on telling me I got it. I got a young player here. Nasty. Kelly. Greg. Oh Kelly Greg now he played for my brother and Oakleigh he’s gonna be hell of a player. Kelly Greg Turner bailed a player you know? I remember from riding the team junket and I got on the plane and it was like that Jerry and Elaine scene or where he’s flying internationally more of anything more of everything



you know absolutely

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:13

love bars I had it was a beautiful flight. So when you go when you when you’re on the train with the Giants, it sounds like oh, they’re slumming on the train.

Leonard Raskin  29:23

Oh no, I’m sure it’s pretty nice. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:24


sure it’s really nice prime Richard you know, it’s absolutely it’s like a Silver Streak was back in the day. Let her Rascon is here he manages money so that you can afford to fly to these games from time to time. telling everybody a little bit of advice on all of this stuff and especially speak to the people that would whip their credit card out and go out to Vegas on a bender thinking they’re getting $100 ticket. They’re not that you know they have a crazy bill because a lot of people went on that trip with me 11 years ago and had no idea how they were going to pay for it. I mean that

Leonard Raskin  29:53

Right, right. Yeah, well, I wouldn’t bet the farm I don’t care it’s football game. I know it’s an experience but I would say, just like a trip to Disney or a trip anywhere, make sure that you know that if you’re going, it’s not an issue financially for you to be there. I would not, would not take my kids college money, my retirement money, you know my future and throw it on a football game. I don’t care what the game is, but you can spend a lot of money in Vegas really fast. And as you said, You got to get there and I’m sure the flight prices are insane. You got to stay there and when we went to New Orleans, I mean a hotel that would have been $150 was $1,000 for the Super Bowl. Day before day out. And for nine middle. Oh, yeah, so So the hotels getcha, the airlines getcha and then the ticket price is gonna be ridiculous. So be careful with your money. Be smart. If you have it and it’s not an issue for you and it doesn’t affect your life. Two different story feel free go enjoy have a ball report back tell us how great it was.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:59

I’ve already told Luke he’s gonna be JT the bricks couch because JT lives here. So that’s that’s my plan.

Leonard Raskin  31:03

There you go. That’s it. By the place by the place


Nestor J. Aparicio  31:07

I hope break crabcakes when it’s all over, he came on the show this week. You know they you talk about things this week. That’s crazy with football. Leonard is the hiring cycle right? Like all these coaches and guys getting hired fire to get paid a lot of money, but it is either Raiders are looking for a coach Bella checks out of work savings, retired, they fire people, you know, hard balls doing the beauty tour going everywhere


like it. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:30

it’s quite football.

Leonard Raskin  31:32


I read I read something. Jim Harbaugh is talking to Michigan, apparently I don’t know if it’s true. But I read that if he signs with Michigan, it’s gonna be a clause in his contract that they can’t terminate his contract if the NCAA comes back with a whole cheating thing and bust him up. That that’s part of that will be part of his deal. So if I’m guilty, and I was I then then you can’t let me go for being hold me accountable. On the money side. Or the money side? Yeah, you got to pay me my money, if I cost you like, we just won the national championship. And if the NCAA come in, comes in and vacates that because I cheated. It’s too bad for you, but not for me. It was very interesting to see that that’s what was I don’t know if it’s true. I haven’t heard the man say it. I haven’t read any of the

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:23

body in the state of Michigan that really thinks he’s coming back to coach. They’re right.

Leonard Raskin  32:28

I don’t know. Maybe a player too, but I can’t imagine why. And he’s out doing the NFL tour. He’s been in Atlanta and and I guess, Oakland, la Vegas Vegas, the Raiders. You know, wherever the heck they are this week. The what’s his name? Davis. I don’t know the kid’s name. Mark, Mark, Mark, the Mark Davis with the most beautiful haircut of anybody in the world. Oh, look, we have a friend. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:53

look at this. You got your mountain dog. Look at you. He’s got a dog. This is a great tyrannies. And he’s he comes up and pat you on the shoulder. He just decided he wanted


Leonard Raskin  33:02

to come up and hold my shoulder while I was talking. So he came to join and he came to join my show to join and say hello. So that’s what

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:11

Led Zeppelin on the full volume downstairs. My cat will go sit next to the speaker and listen to Robert Plant sing but does not want to hear me do radio. So he manages my mobile. He’s my pal. He is going to be on a little bit of a downtime next week. Before the AFC Championship game for all of you all the people out there who listen who love the Ravens. I want this for the city next weekend, right? I was explaining to JT the brick how Angelo’s got in the way of having the Super Bowl celebration Thursday, right? But like national radio show guy doesn’t even know that that existed. And we haven’t had moments here. You know what I mean? Springsteen even canceled last year. Right? Like, like

Leonard Raskin  33:51

we even had money to bigger we need a good big Well, you know, we had we had the Oreo playoff game followed by Billy Joel concert, which was pretty good day. Well, I agree with you. We need we need days that matter. We need you you I

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:09


was your guest to Billy Joel. And I told the story. I didn’t want to go with you because the weather it was cold. It was a pain in the ass for that but I had a great breakthrough. I was I was able to in the morning I met friends I just had to I got me out that night. So and I never really got cold and I danced it was beautiful and a beautiful night right

Leonard Raskin  34:29

now we need the ravens to perform the field to make this a an event and make the the championship game come through Baltimore and be a good night.

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:38

Why did apologize to you for some of that Billy Joel because I’ve been wanting to go see Billy Joel in New York and I even told you you were Yeah, free ticket. You were kind to me. I’m like, I’m gonna go see Billy where it’s warm. I’m gonna get 50 feet from Billy one night before it gets too. Too long. And I’ve already mentioned the late great Jimmy Buffett morning to fly to st somewhere soon and I had a $30 bus ride up to Madison Square Garden. I had an expensive room with a friend and I went up and and I saw Billy Joel for 100 bucks up in New York last Thursday night I ate some good food. He ate our pizza. And you know, I need a night for Baltimore like this AFC Championship game. Yeah, we gotta have it. I’ll tell you one thing it’s going on for real with me a letter all the alumni the mike Flynn’s and all the guys that live other places they all have a flight in here next. Oh, yeah. Like they’re all hitting me like where you were going to crabs next Saturday night. You take it as the cost is what are we doing? Like the alums want to be a part of it too, because they’ve never experienced it. Even if you won the Super Bowl as a raven, you didn’t play you weren’t in the stadium the night it happened for you. That’s right. And I’ll tell you that night and Foxborough was magic was beautiful. It was magical. And I

Leonard Raskin  35:52

was so fantastic. Watch it their fans leave at the end of the third quarters. Nothing finer.


Nestor J. Aparicio  35:57

Well, you better hope. this week or next week.

Leonard Raskin  36:00

Here we go. Here we go. Two weeks, two weeks of great football and onto the Super Bowl. All

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:04

right, from your lips to Roger Goodell is ears. Amen.

Leonard Raskin  36:09


Okay, museum Museum. playoffs.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:15

Do Raskin global you can find him at a Rascon He manages money and gives people good advice and make sure that you’re not wasting your money. You’re doing smart things with insurance and taxes and other crap that I promise you you don’t understand as well as you should or as well as he does. So there that’s my that’s here’s my 32nd ad for you letter. Are you going to find a man in front of Baltimore But don’t look for him after this weekend before this meeting because he’s running around doing good stuff get smarter, but he’ll be at the game when the club level freezes ours off. 30 on Saturday, deep. Bundle up my friend. That’s all. Back for more on this. I’m wn St. We’re Nestor. I’m Nestor. We’re wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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