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Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the money, resources and intentions of David Rubenstein and his commitment to being involved with Orioles after a $1.7 purchase from the Angelos family. What will the first bold move be beyond the Splash Zone P.R. and connections to the fans?


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01


Welcome home we are wn S T am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive happy homestand to everybody celebrating the Orioles. Happy Preakness, everybody going out to the race next week. We’re gonna be out of faith Lee’s win the orals are home this week and next week with these Pac Man scratch offs in the Maryland lottery also our friends at Liberty pure solutions, putting us out on the road with delicious clean water as well as clean bathing water. Well water people you need Liberty pure solutions. Also our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care making sure your engine isn’t barking the way Leonard raskins dog is barking in the background. He’s lead Raskin, Raskin global. Last week we talked about money and fiduciary who and book signings and all of that stuff this week. I know the book signings over and all that stuff, but nothing’s going to top a billionaire playing the role of Mr. splash at Camden Yards on Friday night right letter?

Leonard Raskin  00:53

How crazy is that? I like it. I know you’d like it. I think it’s outstanding. We’ve got we’ve got the billionaire owner who is stepping in to the splash zone. And I hope he’s been coached well on when to spray to spray. I’m assuming the the real Mr. Splash maybe alongside you think?

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:16

I don’t know. I don’t know what I know McDonald’s gone out there and worn the goggles and other you know other redhead celebrities. Adam Jones is going out. Right?

Leonard Raskin  01:24

Right. So it’s very, very down home friendly community. Mr. Billionaire, what’s not to like?


Nestor J. Aparicio  01:34

Well, so as far as my press credential, I’m being handled right by I’m being handled by their people. I see these commercials and I see him changing hats and all that goes into this. My question when they give me my press pass back because they’re good people right? And they’re, you know, right. They want to be accountable. Right? When that happens, as opposed to Sashi Brown who has now told the CEO club no media past or present past or present at his events. So Mr. splashy is going to do this whole thing. I don’t know where you go from Mr. Splash, but the commercials the ideology of we’re gonna do a funny thing with Cal Ripken and Gunnar Henderson, then we’re gonna roll out a splash. They I’m sure he has his own promotional schedule here to some degree. It is a fascinating concept that six months ago, we wouldn’t have envisioned Peter Angelos being dead John Angela is being gone, the lease being signed, a new owner being in place Cal Ripken being a part of that the team being in first place all the pictures being healthy, all of it. Like, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s an unbelievable new world turn of events that we look at here. And from my perspective, him buying this for 1,000,000,007, you and everybody else smart in my world said he’s gonna have really smart people around him. He’s a billionaire, how he’s going to go about this. I don’t know what the grand plan is here. But the grand plan is he’s making commercials. He’s being handled, he’s putting himself in front of the brand. And if I would have written if I would have pushed sand on the letter last month, and I didn’t want to write a letter, because I didn’t want him to get the wrong opinion to me. So I recently released the documentary, I would have said, you know, whatever you’re doing, the most important thing you can do is make me forget about Peter Angelos. Like the most important thing you can do is not just get me back to the ballpark in the fourth row. Yeah, in the curio seats, but I reached for my wallet for the first time in 18 years, and thought if I go up there and buy something, it’s going to fund Adley rutschman Not the fun John Angelos is 1.7 billion billion dollar buyout. Like giving them money now is a different proposition for me. Because of who owns the team? Yeah.

Leonard Raskin  03:43

So So here’s hoping they step up and, and continue in their good Civic, standing and do good things. But there’s, they’re making all the right moves so far. Let’s face it, they’re talking like players are going to be here. They’re fielding the team that we couldn’t believe. I mean, my goodness, the rotation. It’s given up on this that road trip what six games or something like that one runner, less every chain? I mean, my goodness, they

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:10

lost on Tuesday night and pitch brilliantly. Really? Yeah, absolutely.

Leonard Raskin  04:14


Absolutely. And you, you know, they just didn’t hit. So you have one game where the or the bats went dead. That’s okay, that happens. Everybody loses a game. The rest of the league was putting up 1112 21 runs on Tuesday. So what are you gonna do? Three, three, nothing’s three nothing. It’s okay. But yeah, the commercial you talked about the commercial with Cal Ripken with his desk at shortstop. It’s hysterical it’s one that you don’t mind watch it over again. Gunner tells him his his new offices up they’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:45

really trying really hard right? Yeah, yeah.

Leonard Raskin  04:48

He’s gonna do Mr.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:50

Slash authentic, authentic. I keep using is it feels authentic. Yeah.


Leonard Raskin  04:55

And, look, we talked about it. He’s a city college grad. He used to walk across the street to 33rd Street and watch the games. He knows Orioles history he knows baseball history. He’s also you know, he’s he’s a really bright guy, really bright guy who made a lot of money, work and money and and has a great group with him. You know Michael Bloomberg is in the group. He’s put up some money I think if I’m not mistaken, Michael Bloomberg, I know I’m not mistaken on this fact, is the largest ever benefactor to Johns Hopkins Hospital. I don’t know the number but it’s got to be in excess of say $150 million by now. And and Rubenstein is is a you know, big charity guy. And really down to earth kinda kind of dude, if you if you go on, if you ever want to watch him on Bloomberg Television Network, he has his own show, where he interviews shaped movers and shakers around the world. It’s a half hour show where he does interesting to

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:07

me is I haven’t met him. I haven’t been allowed in. I was he’s only done one press conference other than sitting with Ryan Rifkin and where he’s been right. He did the thing with Ripken last week, Cal Ripken last year. You know, in front of the world asking to support Baltimore, which was a beautiful hour and six minutes. I didn’t watch it. I have purposely not watched any of it. And I told Luke this earlier. Yeah. Because I want to meet him. I don’t want to I don’t want to judge him. Yeah, it’s fine. Based on the music video. You know what I mean? I want to meet him and say, I’ve been doing this here for 40 years. Yeah, remember John Steadman, he was my mentor. Here’s

Leonard Raskin  06:45

my hunch. Here’s my hunch, I could be totally wrong. I’m guessing he knows your name. The man is about Baltimore sports. He may not know the real story, he may know the image story. But I’m guessing he knows your name. And it’s a matter of reaching out now and somebody saying you gotta meet this guy. And you guys should have lunch and break bread. talking, you know, get offered

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:09


all of that quiet, like, you know people are doing and I’m like, yeah, yeah. I’m trying to do it the right way. I’m antsy. It’s been a month and I’m getting handled, tell it telling me I’m under review review for what? Like for what my employee couldn’t be there two Fridays ago. So my seat sat empty at Camden Yards. This is the same problem the Angelo’s people had it’s now your problem. And I hope we can fix it and open privately, quietly and professionally and all that, but just May. And as I’ve wrote to his guy this week, I’m missing out on a renaissance year, you know, and I’ve waited 18 years for folks like you to come along. My whole message was that we needed someone like you to come along and an owner that would be in the splash zone, and an owner that would make friends with Cal Ripken and make friends with BJ sur off and make friends with Nestor. Aparicio make Mike board and make friends with businesses in town that was offended by all of it. Because you 30 years of trauma. And I don’t know that he really are his people really understand this. And the people that are in there running it are the same people that were Angelo’s his people. So I know all of so I don’t know who’s calling the shots, who comes in and says, Do you want to be Mr. Splash guy, or whether he comes in one day and says, I want to be the splash? I’d like to know, I

Leonard Raskin  08:21

don’t know that. I can tell you this. I had a conversation with one of my clients. And his brother has had season tickets forever. I don’t know, forever, call it forever. And he got a call last week, week and a half ago, whatever. Whatever the last homestand was against the Yankees. He got a call from the Orioles that the owner would like to give he and a guest. Two passes to the owners box for the night. Out of the blue. And he went to the game. Instead of using his tickets. He got to be in the owners box for the night and just had a big sign there that night. Yeah, yeah. Okay. And cow and a bunch of other people. And he said he talked to him and hung out with him and spent now this is

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:10

a guy spending 40 grand a year old Oriole tickets, right literally, yes,

Leonard Raskin  09:14

whatever it is for a couple of tickets for season tickets. box seats. Yeah. Money grant, I don’t know, whatever. And he was invited to come into the owners box and spend the evening he said it was absolutely magnificent, you know, an incredible experience.


Nestor J. Aparicio  09:27

Well, I mean, this is hey, this is hands on bat, right? Somebody’s

Leonard Raskin  09:31

somebody’s telling them to make that offer to a guy that’s been around forever. So however it plays out, you know, there are at least meanwhile,

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:40

meanwhile, Sashi the other owner, the owner, the football team is hiding from me running for me with his general manager literally running from me 1000 miles away from home. And the President is coming to a CEO event where I have been locked out of buying a ticket or being allowed to go because I am a medium member perceived to be a present media member, we convinced them that I’m really no longer a media member, according to them. And the simple past media members are also not allowed to write. So it kind of reminds me of when Greg Boehner said to me, we don’t allow radio station owners to have press passes. Because I own the station, they weren’t gonna give me a pass, even though I had a show. So like, they make the guests like this thing up. I just hope that this guy, and I’m being handled, He’s different. He’s different, and I don’t like being handled, I would hope that they’re sincere. You know, if I’m under review, that means I’m going to be in soon, because like under review, and saying that I didn’t pass the review. I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that. Yeah. And the first thing I do, and Mr. Rubenstein does not, I do not want that to be the first act at all, to be lied to by him or Greg bait or any of the other people. So the issue really is, as a journalist, I just beat be true. As Charlie Ekman would say, be a right guy be right. And he certainly feels like he’s the right guy. And you know, like, I mean, this and that the fans are perceiving him to be a right guy. And I don’t know what the next thing he could do. Let her do you know, sports as well as I do. They can’t signed on our Henderson that Boris would not. Even if he said open check for say now the check could be more open for years. And now we get them to market. That’s the philosophy that’s designed anshel advisor. That’s right

Leonard Raskin  11:27


of his agent. That’s right. And that’s going to happen. There’s no question in my mind that he’s going to wait and, and see unless, unless they throw shohet money at him.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:38

And he asked you this because this plays into FY dushi. Who in your book? Yeah, this is shoot interview, no kayfabe here, bottom line, I came to you several years ago, you handle my family’s? Whatever little wealth we have, whatever we call it, our our collecting our gatherings, whatever we would call it. What’s one thing that I would come to you and say you’re my financial advisor, what’s the one thing you’d never put me into? Or allow whatever that thing is? Right? What you would say, I would never put you into this stock, I would never put you into this bond. I would never no matter what, I would never do that. You know, I’m saying that’s where your absolute is? Yeah, sure. On all of that, you know, and everybody has to have an absolute right. Well, yeah, kinda what I’m willing to do what I’m not willing to do. Right, right.

Leonard Raskin  12:27

I mean, I take a stand against, this is gonna sound crazy, perhaps to the listeners, I take a stand against buying individual stocks. Because the fact is, you have no idea what’s going on at the company that you may own a stock of the marketplace is so fast, and the moves are so dramatic. And I don’t care if it’s apple, or AT and T or GE, or Facebook, or you name it, it doesn’t matter the company name, you have no idea you’re talking about the Orioles and being handled by the company, rather whether or not you’ll be able to come in as a press member. Let’s go to let’s use Apple as an example. Does anyone listening really have any clue whether or not they’re going to come out with a, an AI, self driving car? They talked about it for years? So you think is a stock I want to buy? This is something they’re going to do? And then they don’t? Does anybody listening have a clue? What’s going on in their earnings? And that iPhone sales are going to be down? 20%? No. Does anybody have a clue that we’re gonna get a plague, and that Chinese workers are going to stop working. And they’re not going to be able to sell iPhones for a year, or for however long and that’s going to destroy their their base. No. Now, did the stock rise after all that? Yes. But guess what? Everybody bought blockbuster till there was only one store left. And everybody bought Enron right up until the fraud perpetrated by the CEO and the executives at that company was unveiled. And the stock went down. 90% Fannie Mae right down in DC, the largest financial institution in the world in its day 20 years ago. And then suddenly, they were found to cook the books. And the stock went from $75 to $3 a share overnight and has never recovered. Never. So you own an individual stock because you think you liked that company or know that company? And something Gamestop

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:48

thing that happened a couple years ago that was no famous that’s called


Leonard Raskin  14:51

a meme stock. Yeah, it’s a company that has very little earnings, very little profit. And people on the internet are talking Going up the company and saying how great it is and how they should buy it, you should buy this stock, and supply and demand works in stocks, like everything else, and people start buying the stock and the price starts going up. People buy the stock price starts going up. And the people that said it was the greatest thing in the world turn around and start selling it short, which means they’re hoping the stock price goes down, the stock price gets pummeled, they make money and all the individual investors are suckers. Yeah, it happens. It happens too often. There’s a lot of things that are bid up, and not based on the fundamentals of the company that underlie it. But even when the fundamentals underlie company value, you don’t know what’s coming next. And when that something coming hits, you get slaughtered. Individual investors have no idea what’s going on at that company. They don’t know the profit. They don’t know who the CEO is. They don’t know even what that company sells. If you ask somebody out there. What is GE? Do? How many people can tell you that GE is in medical devices, MRIs, CAT scans? jet engines used to be in the insurance business that almost killed them? I mean, people don’t know what they do. It’s a light bulb company. Okay, great. I know six sigma. Yeah, there you go. So these companies that are that are incredibly great, suddenly become not incredibly great. Or you can look, you don’t have to look further than last year, the top seven stocks in the s&p 500 We’re larger than the economies of about a dozen small countries that trade in the market. And when that happens,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:42

well, that would feel like I invest in them. They’re too big to fail. Right?

Leonard Raskin  16:47

That’s right. The problem is when that happens that they become such a big part of the marketplace. They’ve already done it. And history shows us that a year or two out they underperform general market conditions 70 plus percent of the time so everybody buying Facebook and Apple and Nvidia and all this because they’re the greatest stocks ever are the same ones that bought Kodak when it was the greatest stock ever. until people started using digital cameras and stopped buying film. You never know what’s coming along the buggy whip guy thought he had it all done out. Then the Model T titled down the road and the world changed. So diversity is where you are period Yeah, you got to diversify and you can’t pick and choose enough stocks to be diversified well enough to win over the long term. You can be a trader you can make a quick buck maybe. But as an investor it takes a full marketplace of well diversified holdings held over the long term to make money in the market otherwise you’re just gambling and playing and hoping with your money.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:54


If you had you become a billionaire and we know you’ve take care of your money and whatnot have second billionaire, okay, and air to sit in the splash zone. Linda Raskin would that be your thing or know what kind of

Leonard Raskin  18:08

tea you know if I owned the team, I might look if I was a billionaire, I probably dress up and put on the goalie equipment and take shots. Over Okay, for the calves. I take shots before the game. Let him let him hit me. And then after that, I need to take shots in the mask in your head jerk back to get smacked and be like Okay, that looks heavy. That’s enough of that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:34

Rubber on TV, but it’s really really hard rubber is organized.

Leonard Raskin  18:39

Yeah, absolutely brick brick coming out yet. I play hockey I’m hit by a pocket 95 miles an hour it doesn’t. I’ve seen


Nestor J. Aparicio  18:46

shades of purple and green and blue and gray on the likes of which letter Raskin is here. He handles money and handles the American dream at a Rascon global. And I guess, you know, the reason I even brought up what you would or wouldn’t do in regard to where your line is. The robots I think’s interesting to me because I don’t know where he what what comes next. You know, like if you’re willing to do the splash thing if you’re out in front of it, and I go back to my original premise was make me forget about Peter Angelos make right No, you’re the owner, but it’s safe to get back in the water. You know what I mean? Like I I’m feeling that I’m vibing that but you know I’ll Terry Crowley’s happy and BJ seraphs happy. And I have my press pass.

Leonard Raskin  19:32

Jerry Crowley was was just selected to the Orioles Hall of Fame. Right. Yeah, we’ll see if he shows up at the dinner. Right. But it’s been how long? I mean, that should have been done a long time ago. Right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:43

There’s a lot of that literally Kinos dead and didn’t get into the Hall of Fame. You know. I mean, so there’s, there’s a lot of as I told Mr. Rubinstein’s representative was a lot of trauma here. You know, like it’s not fake trauma. It’s not funny, funny, nasty Nestor getting squirted and assaulted by the Byrd and not getting paid 30 grand. It’s way, way deeper than that, you know, they did everything they could do to end my career and wreck my reputation for two decades because they they failed to have integrity themselves. And I’m not the only one without feeling so you know, trying to get that feeling back for fans who’ve been there the whole time. Who didn’t mind being abused? It didn’t mind last place. You didn’t mind full price, like your body. Yeah, he bought the tickets the whole time right now. It’s like we got new owners at least this guy bought when everybody was treated like garbage. Imagine if we, well, maybe yesterday in the game, maybe you’ll bring letter to the game. More people because the one thing I would say Leonard I went to the game last week I had the best time. I’m about to have Wendy Bronfman from curio when he offered me tickets to the Thursday game. I offer you tickets. You were with your son graduating, right? Absolutely. I heckle players, I had great seats, we sweat our spit doobies off. It was hot. But it was fun. And it was old times and I’m wearing an Oriole jersey. And I’m not thinking about Peter Angelos. And when it came time to go buy a beer I went up pulled my credit card out and thought, You know what, it’s just a beer. It’s cool. I’m not giving it to Peter. It’s not his money. I would like to have my press credential back and I’ll continue to point that out until such point where they give it to me or don’t give it Yeah, but if they don’t give it to me, I’m never gonna let it go. Because it’s wrong. It’s always been wrong. I’m not backing off of that. Certainly not after the 25th anniversary documentary. But there is a point where I’m buying in other people are buying in absolutely your buddy is more bought in because they took care of your watch

Leonard Raskin  21:35


and I’m watching plenty of room. There’s plenty of room but there’s also a lot more seats than there been a lot more taken seats than there have been in the last few years. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:45

you’re just gonna begin this whole thing with you and asking you this put you totally on the spot death. Have you been to a Washington Nationals baseball game? Never see that. I knew this because you go to CAPS games all the time. And I knew I was gonna. So Tuesday night we didn’t. Luke had a car issue. We didn’t cover the game. And my wife said did you apply for a credential? I said well, they wouldn’t give it to me. I’m under review. And she was actually she will Major League Baseball and said well, the Nationals. She said I thought they hate yours if you applied wouldn’t they be not? They were awful to me on the tour. Like when I went there on the tour was very clear that the Angelo’s people had told them to treat me like garbage because they did no one treated me worse than the Nationals that’s on the tour like other than the Oreos the national treat there were one a for how they treated me and treated me like trash. So why don’t they have new owners to know they never sold? They haven’t seen ever sold they pulled it back because it’s worth more money once the oil sold there last year. Oh, we’re gonna get our media rights together and you’re no longer the partner in conquering this. Oh my god, we’ll get another hand okay, dollars. Got it. You know, their, their neighborhood went up when the Orioles bought and God Rubinstein was talking about detente with a massive deal because that will make them an independent entity where they can get a lot of media right. And they will get three times what the Orioles are ever gonna get in an open market. And Rubenstein has done the math. He’s smart guy smarter than neither one of us. But I would say for the nationals game. I didn’t go down there Tuesday and I no offense, but like, probably rather poke my eyes out down there for a game like I like and it’s 45 minutes away and Oriole fans when they can no

Leonard Raskin  23:27

it’s not. It’s 45 miles away. It’s two hours.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:32

Come home home is easy. But But I would say to you that there was supposed to be this rivalry thing that you and me definitely felt with Jack Kent Cooke and that football team like yeah, in 1996. That’s I don’t feel right now. It’s


Leonard Raskin  23:47

just a team down the beltway, but I know there’s no there’s no rivalry that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:51

also interesting you that I can go see the orals Friday here. Why would I go there?

Leonard Raskin  23:57

Yeah. Oh, no. Tuesday Wednesday night? Heck, no. Once you go to Philly to see the Orioles. A meaningful game at the end of the year. Yeah, I’d probably cruise up to Philly if it really mattered.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:08


Have you been to a Phillies game in the new stadium?

Leonard Raskin  24:11

I’ve been to the new stadium. Yeah, yeah. had been a Phillies game. Okay, but not. It wasn’t an Oreo game. It was just a Philly game. I was in Philly for a conference. It was a random night. And I went to the game I had

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:23

been in the new stadium there is that citizens Citizens Bank there because because there was for baseball maybe I’ve been

Leonard Raskin  24:31

there with with colleagues on a business night and I remember looking at left field, some huge corporate, you know, Banner out there and I’m like, the heck is that? I don’t even know what that is. I’ve never heard of that. That company talking about stocks. And it’s some huge office supply company that I guess is based in Philly or something. I still I had no idea like wasn’t tasty cake. No. Give me some Tasty Cakes.


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:57

Would ya Schmitz. Beer to I’m old school tasting Philadelphia letter Raskin is here he is Raskin global. Yeah, yeah, I’ve probably been as many concerts I’ve probably seen Springsteen there three or four times. And I think about how many films I went when it first opened and went to a Braves game was cold. I you know, I’ve gone up I have friends when the Padres have played there. I’ve gone up a couple of times, because my friend Freddie Yeoman is just the GM of the Padres. I went to a playoff game with my son the first ever playoff game there. My son and I went saw the Colorado Rockies play a wild card game, but my son was a teenager. My son was like grown man enough to drink, then that’s 20 years old man now time ago, so I don’t I don’t know. I used to go to Phillies games all the time at the vet games at the vet? No, it’s

Leonard Raskin  25:43

not a thing. I’ve been there a couple few times. I’ve been to the spectrum. Many times.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:49

Well, this is for Mr. Rubinstein is all that you can do to get us to our own ballpark. We’re not even accustomed to going to our own stats, right? You get

Leonard Raskin  26:00


the boys do in the boys do it over the weekend. To come home for the summer. And and we are smarter than you right? Graduated. Right. Right. He’s all graduated up but but I’ve written a book and he hasn’t yet

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:16

to write the book on you. But do she really means Tuesday night signing, right? It’s great.

Leonard Raskin  26:22

We had we had a nice crowd, we had some good, great food, the ladies of the firm, put together a lovely evening for all our guests. And we did a little signing, took some good pictures with some great clients that came out to

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:35

what’s the number one thing people ask you about in regard to money? What’s the the prime question?


Leonard Raskin  26:40

Okay, so when it’s not a prospect when it’s not a client? Okay, let’s go to the public. When I meet somebody, and I tell them what I do and what I’m about what you asked earlier, the opposite. Which stocks should I buy? What companies what stocks should I buy? And I say, What do you know about any any company out there? Say I don’t know why. Say well, that’s why you shouldn’t buy any stocks out there. I mean, it’s crazy. But that’s what people always ask don’t really know what you’re buying. Is your your message? No clue. Yeah, you have no clue. No research, no data, no facts. And even if you had them, they’d be useless. And they want to know what stock to buy. That when they become somebody that we work with 90% of the people nester, I’ll tell you 90% of the people that come to see me want one of two things. How do I educate my kids? How do I retire? Well, that’s what they want 90% The other 10% business owners that are looking to sell their business someday, but guess what? They want to sell the business someday so they can retire Well, right? While they’re in business. They want to educate their kids, and they want to have enough money someday to retire. Well.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:57

That’s the American Dream, the American dream to live a long, healthy, prosperous life with a nice garden.

Leonard Raskin  28:02

That’s right, and picket fence, season tickets, maybe that second home, and how not to worry. Here’s the so the people that meet me later in life. The big concern is, how do I retire well, and not worry about two greatest worries for people that are older government taking my money? No, no, nope. outliving my money. Okay, because a day on this earth without capital, at the end is a bad day. So how do I make sure I don’t outlive my money? And the answer is not kill yourself. When you run out of money. Make sure your money outlast you. And the second thing is, what happens if I get sick and need care? Whether it’s in my home or in a nursing home? People are all about insurance, right? Well, no, to a degree, but people are under the misconception that if you go to a nursing home, either the nursing home or the government take all your money. Neither is true. If you get sick and need care, care needs to be paid for. And it’s expensive. But depending upon the level of care, there are ways to off shoot that risk, as you said to insurance. And there are also ways to have the government pay for it, depending upon how much wealth you do or don’t have. And we strategize with people all the time, about how to own their money properly, and make sure that they don’t outlive it. And that care is taken care of. So it’s educate, retire, well. don’t outlive the money, take care of care. Those are the four things and but the first thing people ask me when they hear me. What do you do? Oh, which stock should I buy? Do you own Facebook? I’m on Facebook, I don’t own Facebook. But I tell you this in my portfolio, which is a full market spread portfolio. Facebook is in there. I just don’t have to think about what it’s doing day to day. It’s just part of a massive holding that I hold. That’s all

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:10

let Raskin is here. He’s losing his voice because he was talking to people all night. If the douchey who the book is out, he can be found at Baltimore positive he can be found around the globe. And at some point, he’ll be found in the box seats down at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, when he gets settled on all of this new ownership in first place and starting pitching and possibilities, and really the most exciting baseball team of our lifetime which World Series on the front end of this so a new era the next chapter with owners who sit in left field squirt the fans, pinch me is all I can say. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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