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Father’s Day, golf and crab cakes


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As our Maryland Crab Cake Tour returned to Koco’s Pub and Lauraville during Pride Week, Marcella Knight joins Tom Pierce of Classic Five Golf, Ricig and Nestor to discuss Father’s Day and crab cakes and golf for the family.


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Tom Pierce, Nestor J. Aparicio, Marcella Knight

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00


morning I was I was stressed this morning because I did take my wife to Bel Air, she’s got a broken leg to get here and to get fresh Gold Rush doublers and I’m gonna be given away here, Coco’s. And you know, I guess the the fact that they’re good and that these two teams meet, I have my stack of pictures and I put them up online so that you can go to my Facebook. My personal collection from right before game one of the 1983 World Series Memorial Stadium. My birthday is that week I turned 15 My parents got me a Pentax 150 camera was the first camera I have where you had to like really put film in there wasn’t like a little instrument and have throwaways in 83 This was a camera camera, you had to go to JC Penney, it had removable it was a real camera. And I took that camera out and I have the pictures I took that night of the Oriole bird and the Philly Phanatic play wrestling at second base buoy Kuhn in the dugout, Cal Ripken playing pepper with Benny a Yalla. I’ve all but I was Philly obsessed to all my pictures are of Mike Schmidt, Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt, Carlton Schmidt, C Stowe, C. Stowe Sisco, you know McFate McBride the honest guy, Kate, sorry, no Boon all this guy. ivanti Hey, Soos Mani three. Oh, you know, like all of those guys, you know? So I have those pictures and I meant to get them and I got in the car. But there. I didn’t put them all online because I mean, I have a nice stack. I put the top 15 or 20 pictures. You know, Calvin, those whites out there looking all young and trim, you know, but the picture I have that I put up is the line from the first base side because the first base I was the visitors dug out in the old stadium. Ah, right. The Orioles were the third base side right. So the Phillies were on the first base side and their blues and the Orioles are in their whites. And I put that picture up and I think what I said was how many hall of famers in that picture. So I’m thinking Palmer Ripken and then I went through Morgan rose Carlton, Rose Schmidt Perez no press one they’re not that yeah, you wonder that year but I was just thinking like, it’s kind of amazing just in one picture that day. And that’s what Phillies Orioles means to me. You know what I mean? It brings that back to me a really special time in our lives and for everybody. I think a break top here says here, receivers here you got to do a segment you gotta go you leave. Sit down. Take for six. Mike. I got one. Sit down, does it take nine? for two seconds. Just sit down right now. I just got to ask you about the special. No, no. Pop Pop that on. Pop that on. Pop that on. So Marcella, here’s what I want to know. Because we’re wrapping up because you gotta go and I gotta go. Tell me about pork belly bow swore smoked pork belly qua sauce. Pickled carrot cilantro chopped peanuts. On a steep you’re you’re getting fancy Laura. Eddie burger night. What? This guy’s in Philadelphia. He didn’t know what bow is amazing.

Marcella Knight  03:15

It is. Eric’s came up with that idea. He’s got his own smoker and he does all kinds of fun things with it. What I was

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:23

gonna have you do because it’s three. I was gonna have you just bring me one because I was going to try one. But you gotta go. You gotta

Marcella Knight  03:29

go might have him back there.


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:30

We’ve we’ve messed up the whole show. You know, Angela,

Marcella Knight  03:33

if they have a bail bond back there where you can send out? Yeah, even if it’s just one. I just

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:38

want one bail bond. I want one. I just want to try it. Tommy what’s going to Coco’s because he’s golfing right around the corner here. I see golfers in here every time I’m in here. Yeah, we leave the links

Marcella Knight  03:49


down. Mom, everything good mom is good. Yes. I asked her if she remembered you this morning. And she told me yes, I remember Nestor see

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:57

that you don’t forget what you saw at the Emerald tavern. You know, back in the day. I haven’t been here in a while. This will give you a little bit of love. And I like I didn’t come and make because she’s like, I can’t have you too busy. And I’m like, Man, Morgan and the graduate. I mean, there’s graduations. You’re

Marcella Knight  04:15

really really busy. We had Morgan’s graduations. We had Mother’s Day we had Preakness proms like it was and then Memorial Day weekend so yeah, it’s just so I their time,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:29

but every time I come in here you’re doing something and I saw this today you put it up at 10 o’clock in the morning and I put my picture I really appreciate you letting me in cuz you got that sign on the door that you know nice people allowed. You know, I always wonder Is this for me? You know what I mean? I mean, am I still gonna fool them over here


Marcella Knight  04:46

and that’s how you how that’s that sign got up there originally. I think I did.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:50

Well, that’s to me is to David Modell from the Ravens. Don’t be a jerk. Yeah, it’s what they were put on the scoreboard. Don’t be a sign Yeah, I

Marcella Knight  05:00

one day I was tending bars when mom was still here. I was tending bar and like somebody was just a complete jerk. And I was just like, that’s it. I’m done and I took a placemat, we had paper placemats. And I grabbed a magic marker and all those employees were going, you are not going to do that. And I said, Yes, I am. And I just wrote, only nice people allowed in there. Like you’re not hanging that up. And I said, Yes, I am. I’m tired of people being jerks. So I sign up, and then it was and

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:27


your businesses thrive. When people like me out.

Marcella Knight  05:33

When that sign got all ratty, we had to make a new one. And then one of our good customers actually went and had the vinyl one done for us, so that we can hang it up permanently instead of being the place but

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:44

how long has it been 10 years? Okay, so if I made a new one that just had the Baltimore positive logo at the bottom at the bottom, because there’s nothing more Baltimore positive in your plan. Every time I come in here, it feels like a little oasis of awesomeness. Yes. It really is. Well, I come in your stash. Oh, I had the coconut shrimp. I had a Greek salad. I made the right call for lunch. I looked at the bow and it’s it’s too much for me. My wife broke her ankle last week. So my wife’s like, bring crab cake. My wife wants a crab cake. So that’s it. And I’ve never had your ribs. I might try those. Oh, the ribs are fantastic. That’s why yes,

Marcella Knight  06:17

I yeah, I have customers that call me to make sure that we have them because we only prepare so many of them at a time. And they don’t want to get over your nut. Yeah. Right. Because, you know, we’re famous for crab cakes. So you know, we’ll maybe make 14 orders at a time and when they’re gone, they’re gone. And the customer will call me and say hey, do you have the ribs? You know, I want to come in at eight o’clock and table for do and things and they’re coming all the way from across town. So they want to make sure that we have the ribs and they love our barbecue sauce. They like want to drink it. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  06:49

I’m down put me in Sign me up. I want to try the crab cakes here. I feel like I’ve been like you’ve been busy and the things been going on and I’m told I thought we were talking monkeys and we didn’t get the monkeys in today to ban the monkeys but like lemurs you know, but we did get some golf in I got Philadelphia people in

Tom Pierce  07:09

pictures as we speak to you Peace to you. You’re in the other league.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:14

I’m not gonna you know

Tom Pierce  07:15


that’s the beauty of Philadelphia and Baltimore all the sports teams are in different leagues. My wife’s got all her Baltimore things I have all my beauty like the other teams they aren’t like the second team and all the sports

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:28

freeway I can get there in an hour and a half I go see the stones get a cheesesteak press Get the hell out get back here in Atlanta pleasant living for so good you win the left you got golf courses up there you’re here though with a really good ones are we need a classic fine alright, well Alright, so I’m gonna eat some buying time. Yes. You know we did that. You’ve worked in television or radio to work in

Tom Pierce  07:56

television. I interned at Jay Z and at night end the Orioles. I told you that you interview what entered into sports or sports with Chris Ely. Chris Healy was there Mike Kupo who’s still here and that summer and I worked at the Orioles I worked at Memorial Stadium and did like all their production their scoreboards, I was laughed at you know how Home Team splits are? No, no we didn’t know was the Orioles. The Oriole field scoreboard was like you had like punch cards to put into it to get the stuff on the old scoreboard. That’s right when they came out with the yellow. Yeah, the old old school because we’d get stuck with that because they actually the year before it came out with the new nice like digital scoreboard in like 88. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:35

I’m gonna stretch here. You have not seen my documentary yet. Correct. You have not you have not seen the documentary yet. You just said two magic words to me. You said John Bure to me, John. So he is a recurring figure in the story of my life. And in the story of the documentary, and I text him the day it came out. I text everybody I saw that was in it that I like urine, urine it like I text people, you’re in it, you’re in it, you’re in it. I text everybody and Buren. I swear to you, it was 45 minutes later, he texted me back and said, I just watched it. It was brilliant. You know, like, he sent me this beautiful thing about it. But I said you’re in it, and then titillates everybody to say, Well, I’m in it, where am I in it? How much am I in it? But John is in it in it. So in 1988 in the spring of 88, I remember the girl I was dating and I had been working at the Sun two years, you knew me then were sick very much knew that. And there was a promotion that they were doing to hire it was called so you want to be a sports guy. And remember, Buren had a whole you know marketing thing around his a baby, you know, hey, you know, the sports guy, you know all that stuff. So you want to be a sports guy. And you had to write on a notebook. on a on a notebook card 25 Words or Less or 50 Words or Less why you think you’re the next sports guy? And then we’re gonna let amateurs come over and do the sports every night. So little Mr. Wants to be about I was gonna be Howard Cosell and I, I’m sure that I had things to do it and I was a sports reporter. So I filled out the thing and I said, I feel do the scoreboard page of the evening sun on the next John beer on the next Chris Thomas. I got a letter and they invited me over to like, do it. So I went to do the audition. And I got mad at the front door and I I kind of wanted al Sanders. I wanted Jerry Turner. I want to Bob turn because he’s a sunshine kid. Right, right. I got Buren, Durham was my guy that night. So Buren meets me now I’m nervous as hell. They had sent me the script, and then they put it on the telephone and my eyes were just going bad. So it’s a little squinty, but I did my thing but I have the audition tape and when it came time to do a 25th anniversary documentary I on Earth some never before scenes of John Buren picking on me doing it and you know all these years later So John’s a part of my documentary so that’s awesome. Okay,


Tom Pierce  11:08

yeah now that Chris Healy one that right Chris Healy one because I was there this next summer 89. It was the summer it was definitely

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:15

Ada and the finalists. There were 10 finalists that over two weeks are like 14 finalists that they did it every night I guess they gave bureau of vacation for two weeks, you know, where amateurs came in every night. Some of the amateur Don Mohler was one of them. Don Mohler did one night stand Charles did tonight Phil wood and the tree does fall in the woods fill that fill would did one night. One of the Joe de Blasio who was a councilman, so they brought people in to do it. And Chris one and Chris was um, he was a lacrosse official and he did 1520 years he kept that job and I just always kid him when I got into the industry. I’m like, I wanted your gig I wanted to gig my face wasn’t ready made for television or whatever but but the television stretch should we got bound we got no bail. I know what is going on with the band. We got bail. We do we know what Bow Bow Bow. Bow Bow, we get a bow do we want an order did bas know? The bass? No, we want a bow. Bas didn’t know we want a bow?

Marcella Knight  12:21

Does anybody know who’s on first?

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:22


Here’s where I’m gonna put the bow up on my social media. Okay, does that make sense?

Marcella Knight  12:27

Yeah, but I thought they were getting one are they getting one or they’re not too

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:31

busy that some are selling? We’re gonna we’re gonna halt all things. And I’m gonna wait and I’m gonna talk to you about classic five golf.

Tom Pierce  12:41

What are we talking about? Who’s gonna win the open? Oh, golf. Too easy to say, Scottie, Scheffler. I’m always wanting to think in these majors. It’s almost like horse racing. Everybody likes these, pick somebody else. Pick the field and golf. The guys are so good. That you don’t know you know, somebody that possibly dominant


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:59

I’m able to think about Tiger. I know isn’t anybody that’s even dominated for two months or three months? Just having a summer where you’re better than everybody. One time in your life. It’s hard to be better than anybody one

Tom Pierce  13:11

weekend. Right? Exactly. But I would say that the open because they always have the open the rough. So he’s like, six inches tall. So if you’re not putting it perfectly straight, Scottie tends to be a straight hitter. But it’s something that you know, I would think if I if you gave me I take the field. I don’t know who I take the field like Viktor Hovland could win victory. It’s pretty straight pretty far. But it’s usually I think, an event like this. You know, everybody’s gonna be gunning for Scottie Scheffler. He’s good. He’s the best in the world right now. But it’s too easy. It’s like, cops can’t even get to him, right? But it’s just like saying, Oh, you’re the favorite to win the Derby, you’re gonna win. But how many times does that happen? It does, but not all the time. So I always tend to go with too many people are really good. And they can have a great four days.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:56

How much is the live thing played out in your community and people, the notion that they would ever be separated? You know what I mean? That was an inconceivable I think that there would be another rival of any kind, forgetting that it’s Saudi money and all the politics goes into, but just the notion that it would ever, it would have to take something like

Tom Pierce  14:16


a Saudi Oh, would have to be big dollars to people in but the money doesn’t make sense. No. And it’s not something that can last forever. I mean, I think it’s something that I initially thought it was kind of like when the USFL came in like the AFL are we’re going to come we’re on thing but we’re really going to look to merge or do something with you sell, sell, sell, do something like that, that we can make our minor lawsuit. But the average person, the average golfer, like our golfers, they play the classic fives. They could care

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:43

less from a fan’s routing perspective. When you do put tournaments on it’s it’s busted up a little bit in a way that I don’t think anybody in golf. There’s only been one golf league right one won

Tom Pierce  14:54

the PGA but I think it’s only if people have to have the events in your town. So you got to travel to All around. It’s not like it’s always in Baltimore. It’s always here. The only place that always is is in Augusta. Right everything else and then you do have your regular every week tournaments. Oh, it’s at the Greenbrier every year at this time, and live moves around in different cities. So it’s not something that if you’re in that community, oh, it’s great. And we go to this that one time

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:18

as a non golf guy, it’s not lifted golf in any way. Now, it’s been bad for golf. Well, I think


Tom Pierce  15:24

I think for the players, on the lower end, it’s probably been good because the PGA has changed. Because the challenge of being a pro golfer and on the PGA Tour, if you don’t play Saturday, and Sunday used to be you don’t get paid, right. You got to travel you got to eat, you got to get to the next event. Right and live is made it where everybody gets paid. Everybody does it. The PGA is changing a little bit. So you actually can be somebody that’s good. But if you don’t have the wherewithal or get sponsorships, how do you go from city to Sydney, Sydney to Sydney, and it’s not like minor league baseball, where I’m only in the Carolinas, you’re all around the country, and to travel. I mean, that’s the biggest ticket. Where are you staying? Where are you eating? Where are you practicing? And then you play again. I mean, that is a sport that, you know, baseball people talking about the schedules. But if you play on a weekend, like you make it a Saturday, Sunday, so you’re done Sunday, you travel Monday, you get somewhere Monday to Tuesday, you do a practice round Tuesday, Wednesday, you play again Thursday, in a toll dollar zip code. So it’s like

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:23

being a rock and roll band. It’s okay to travel. But somebody’s paying, you’re

Tom Pierce  16:27

paying it all yourself? Well, especially when you’re at the bottom right when you’re near the bottom trying to work your way up. So at least live there from what I understand there are some changes have happened and are happening. So it’s, these guys can make something if you make it on the tour, you should be paid something because how are you going to survive? Right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:45


Well, and you are part of the tour you will you’re part of selling tickets for them to corral your the talent, right? And if nobody if you know if somebody’s never been to come in to work and focus on that they get paid, right? I mean, I mean, literally, right. And it’s

Tom Pierce  16:58

the thing is, if you never have gotten to a PGA event, you see what’s on TV, you see the afternoon, you see the leaders, you don’t know people have been teeing off since seven o’clock that morning that are in the bottom of the bowl that made the cut, that they’re done by for the you know, the guys go off.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:12

The Marvin Miller and me would say y’all need a union. You didn’t I mean, you did a guild you need to, you know, literally that that wouldn’t happen in that environment if there was more of that.

Tom Pierce  17:23

True, but I think they have, I mean, you get your tour card. So you have to not just be good enough, you have to qualify and get a torque but the terms


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:29

of if you don’t make it the Saturday and Sunday you don’t get paid, right that was that that’s the way it was. We’ve always done it, but it was also it was really that way and this speaks to lower bowling the PBA tour. Danny Wiseman is one of my childhood friends. He’s a Hall of Fame bowler, oh my god, he had a camper that he would drive from seeing, I mean, much more wayward. They would be in Arizona one week, then they’d be in Kansas, then they’d be in Georgia, and they would drive and then they start bowling on Wednesday to qualify on Thursday to make the TV taping on Saturday to travel on Sunday. And if you didn’t make the TV taping, you didn’t get paid. So like, Oh, lots of those bowlers would go around and they would get a $600 check at the end of the week. i What do we got here because I want to break this into two segments. What so every Today is Wednesday, Wednesday, every

Marcella Knight  18:19

Wednesday once your partner does a chef special burger days Tuesday. All right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:23

So that’s I always see your burgers but I thought I saw burgers on Wednesday. No burgers Tuesday.

Marcella Knight  18:29


Yeah, Chef special Wednesday.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:31

Crab cakes.

Marcella Knight  18:32

Every day, every day, all day, every day all day.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:34

Everybody had the crab cake thing happened for you like What? What? What made that happen? Your mama? My mama? Yeah, these peppers out but I’m gonna get I’m gonna get your fire alarm. We originally


Marcella Knight  18:44

started selling crab cakes. We we had a little pizza oven and we would sell maybe a dozen crab cakes a week. We used to buy our crab meat up at Jerry these people in Harford road. I used to drink there. Yeah. And yeah, it just grew and grew over the years and now we’re well that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:01

awesome. I see. Spicy nicey I went to Korea back in 19 Chasing YouTube around and I kind of fell in love with Korean food. I don’t love bow but I love pork belly. So I’m going after this with a cilantro. I will spicy child it’s got it’s got Karis, pickled carrots, what are these carrots read from the wall? What is it? What is it made up? smoked

Marcella Knight  19:24

pork belly? Gloss blow smoke pickled carrots, cilantro chopped peanuts. On a no. Oh,

Tom Pierce  19:32


I’m gonna wear it. I have to sit it over. I’m not gonna do it like this. I’ll be wearing. He’s

Marcella Knight  19:37

brave. He’s used to doing this. This is delicious.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:42

And worth extending the show. 10 minutes. I’m worth making you wait. I hope I didn’t make you wait. Oh, it’s all good. We’re Coco’s my mouth is for Tom Pierce’s here from classic five. His baseball team stinks.

Tom Pierce  19:54

We’ve heard three days we play the Eagles this year and only yeah, here. I’ll be going my brother was good. season tickets on the Ravens have already told me he’s telling me I’ll be wearing crazy like you. Oh yeah,


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:05

he’s taken an Eagles fan to the game. Oh yeah. That never happened

Tom Pierce  20:07

the year it was great the year we won the Super Bowl. We played Atlanta I was watching it at home. My wife was doing something against in Philly almost went did not we didn’t go to the game, but he’s like, shows up at my door. He’s like, I don’t think you have anybody to watch the game with so he brought beer and we watched the first game. We ended up beating Atlanta at home drove down your house to watch the game you Yeah, well, no, he’s he lives here. All right. Yeah. And so that it became every game now that that’s that season to the playoffs. He watched every he’s like I’m coming to your house or watching the game because we won but it was great. Because it wasn’t like you have to do Yeah, so it wasn’t like oh, we’re gonna get together was like he just showed up and said, I know her husband was out of town or doing something here what she was doing. He’s like, I don’t think you had anybody to watch the game with so I’m here

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:51

is that Philadelphia? Their best athlete ever was fictional? No, we

Tom Pierce  20:54


had this great party during COVID When we played you guys played us. I think we’re in Philly. Might have a Baltimore again during COVID. And we just moved we’re up in Harford County and we have a back patio. I put the TV out we put a tent I had probably like 20 people.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:09

Well, I’m gonna eagles 70 Ravens. It was

Tom Pierce  21:13

probably 25 Eagles 75 ravens watch that. And that was the game when we came back that almost beat you guys when we adjusted. Carson Wentz. I think right before that, but I mean, we had days last game crabcakes and we had cheese steaks, and that was part of the party. Nice. Well, my

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:31

wife’s gonna get one of these in a box. Chili peppers. My wife loves your burgers.


Marcella Knight  21:37

Did she get one this week? Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:39

wasn’t as good as yours. But they were open. It was it was a Monday. You know? What was talking when you’re close? You’re like, Are

Marcella Knight  21:51

you open tomorrow? And I’m like, I thought it was Monday. And it was Sunday. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:55


thought it was Saturday. It was all lubed up. I mean, she’s got her foot in a boat. And she’s like, Man cuckoos burger. Let’s do it. And then I’m like, and you know what I said to her, and I’ll leave you on this. It’s like, it’s like that chicken restaurant that’s closed on Sunday. The only time you really want

Tom Pierce  22:14

it. Oh, is when they’re close when they’re closed. Exactly.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:16

I mean, I’ll talk about a peach milkshake tonight. On

Marcella Knight  22:19

Sunday or on a Sunday.


Nestor J. Aparicio  22:22

Well, at least you know, I

Marcella Knight  22:24

can’t. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:25

you’re off on Sundays. I learned. Alright, fine. Marcel over here we are in beautiful Lara Ville on Harford road, right by her sixth house. As we would say. I grew up on my weekends and a little house here on Tyndale, Tyndale Avenue about two blocks away. I listened to my first kiss record in the attic there with my cousin Nelson in 1975. Kiss alive one came out of Cobo. So I got my rock and roll experience in this neighborhood. Always love coming over here. I wore my pride flags today. Today, I wore that for you today. I was gonna wear something else but I’m like, today’s the day. It’s pride month everybody in enlarge Hills all decorated. Everybody’s ready to go. Come on over to Coco’s enjoy yourself. If you can’t get to the Phillies game, come on down and see us we’re going to be Cooper’s on Friday and Fells Point during the show from one to four sort of loosely with our friends at the Maryland lottery have gold rush you didn’t get you got what you didn’t get one. There you go. I like Oprah Winfrey.

Marcella Knight  23:22


Listen, John Martin’s again tomorrow. Give me another John Martin

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:25

came in. I can’t do that. John Martin today, the executive director the miracle lottery, he had robbed the tickets for good luck. So I’m just that’s as close as you can get to the Pope as the Executive Director of the Maryland lottery. Our friends at Liberty pier solutions, keep my water clean on Jiffy Lube. MultiCare putting us on the road and out in great places like here. Coco’s probably haven’t been over in a long time. Come Don’t come and Saturday at seven o’clock and think you’re gonna get a table for 10 because you ain’t but you can always curbside take things away. I’m just blown away. You have a whole table you never seat here because it’s bag bag bag bag bag grub grub, hub, grub, grub, Uber Eats all that stuff. The crab cakes. I’m not taking mine cooked right now. I’m going to take mine raw home, and I’m not going to drop it this time. So I had to admit the right drop.

Marcella Knight  24:15

He got pulled it out of the,

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:18

of the toaster with with tongs instead of what a spat.


Marcella Knight  24:22

You have to do tongs and you got to hold it with the tongs and scoop it with a spatula. It’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:28

not a Philly cheesesteak and so the predicate for crying out loud. Come see him give him some love down here Coco’s appreciate you as always great staff as behind the bar all our friends are Eric’s every everybody’s here and my thanks to classic five gold thanks for sponsoring us and being a part of what we do love having you guys on Oh, God this week I Tom had to poop on this week but I also have Ed Miller on talking about Pine Ridge and talking about kids playing golf and his love of his dad and dad celebrating Father’s Day looking I did a whole dad thing about the Orioles and the Phillies today cuz that’s a dad’s thing to this

Marcella Knight  25:03

day everybody we’ve week look, it’s a bird it’s a plane on Thursday if you want to pick up some uncooked for your kid

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:08


that’s the easiest thing in the world to come over your Saturday grabbing a bag take them home.

Marcella Knight  25:12

We even have a baker’s dozen by 12 Get One Free. That’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:16

it like a New Orleans it’s called land Yap in New Orleans the land Yeah, that’s the extra something that you get 13 Doughnuts because we’re

Marcella Knight  25:23

also doing the meal deal which is for uncooked crabcakes with a quarter cole slaw and a quart of either our Maryland crab or creamer crab soup.


Nestor J. Aparicio  25:32

can I complain about your coleslaw?

Marcella Knight  25:35

Here’s my complaint. You can’t get enough of it. There’s not enough in that little container right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:39

That’s exactly the problem. So I get the container home

Marcella Knight  25:43


and just have to get extra. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:46

need like three. My wife. I love your coastal my wife loves coleslaw in a general sense. She just loves coleslaw. She loves your coal So yours is my favorite. So when I take it home and I got to eat it, man, it’s got like milk. Don’t let that sit around. Get that out with the crab cakes make it happen. It’s Father’s Day weekend. I miss my dad this weekend but I have a little piece of the Phillies can see still less Canos team will my childhood will be here on the bubble piece will be out we won’t like that. Here. I got a pen. That’s your color bubble P

Tom Pierce  26:16

I am that’s why we’re this I thought you would understand. It’s the baby blues we were wearing this week. First

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:23

pictures out from 83. And he and I were gonna bet a cheesesteak and a crab cake but I ain’t given him none of your crab cakes.



Cheese Cake, a cheese

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:33

for the confidence that we’re not going to lose the affiliates this weekend. It’s easy to make a bet but the Phillies are good. The

Tom Pierce  26:37

proteins are good. It’s gonna come down to I have a feeling it’s gonna be a series that it’s going to be close and it’s going to be an odd play here. A ball. What do they say is a ball that just has eyes and Llanfair. I don’t think either team’s gonna blow either out because both teams are good. You should

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:51


do we should charge everybody from Philly double the tolls on the way back out of here on Sunday.

Tom Pierce  26:57

Well, we already do that because we have to go through Delaware. Delaware tolls are really expensive. Joe Biden

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:02

taking his 10 cents. I go to the bathroom at the Biden toll plazas and I and I do that every time I go because I’m of that age. You can’t try to fill it out. Stop going to the bathroom. I did that last weekend. All right, Phil, he’s coming down here this weekend. Be nice. I hope we don’t have to use the jail too much inside the stadium. That’s when when our stadiums I’m Nestor we’re wn S T signing off for Coco’s pub with the longest segment we’ve ever done and some delicious bow Marcellus

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