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O’Doherty: Big stakes for Election 2024 and why Maryland matters (a lot) in Senate race


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As our Maryland Crab Cake Tour gets back on the road to Koco’s Pub in Lauraville during Pride Week, we welcome Damian O’Doherty back for a round of observations and discussions about the Key Bridge recovery, Maryland voters and the Larry Hogan-Angela Alsobrooks race for Washington, D.C. with big stakes for citizens.


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Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

I went home we are W n s t, Towson, Baltimore, Baltimore positive we are positively here at Koch as I get to move to to Cedar back to the three center back to the two seater. My prusik Leanna will be with us later on today. I also have some other great guests Tom Pierce will be here from classic five. Golf. We really enjoyed your time with Max weissen with Allah MacAllan, but this is one of our defending champions. Sometimes he’s off in Colorado riding on a horse like John Wayne. And sometimes he’s back here doing good things, making Baltimore percolate. There is a apparent residency in Colombia for this man. He is the king of public relations and all things Martin O’Malley and that administration, but now, I don’t know. Kayo I don’t know what to say about Damien O’Doherty who I met high atop the World Trade Center, when I wrote Purple Rain to now 12 years ago, dude. So well, you and I’ve been at it a long time. You’re in your seat. You’re online. I mean, we’re, Facebook knows we like each other. So your daughter’s pop up and things you know, ski trip, different things like that. But then I get you back in the flesh. Like I’m touching you here at Coco’s pub. So how are you in place




Nestor J. Aparicio  01:12

You’ve been here before?


Yeah, this is where I got my political career started working for Senator McFadden. And in the 45th legislative districts.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:23


How does one get a political career started? What does that entail? I tried to


do that one. So that one I owe to a guy named Devon Dotson, who was the who was the son of Senator McFadden and the UVA graduate and University of Baltimore law graduate work for the speaker, the senate president and now he is a top official for the state environmental department. So I owe it to him, he pulled my resume out, call me in for an interview. And then it was kind of raining outside in Annapolis. And I remember I couldn’t get into Senate buildings, I’m like, was drenched, huffing and puffing. And he kind of found me brought me a young man, I was like, a mess. I’ll never get this job. But Mike Miller had given the city senators a little stipend that they could use to pay staff, I was a law student at the time at the University of Baltimore, so to help out with all the liquor bills and legislation that the city dealt with. And you know, that that was basically the time that David Simon and all those people chronicled in their famous content. You know, that was that period of time and turn of the century, the late 90s. And that’s, so that’s, that’s how I got my start. And, you know, it was a paid gig that I could do just while I was in law school, so you couldn’t rely on it as a full time job. But if you were going to law school, are you a lawyer? Yeah. I didn’t know that. Yeah, I don’t know about that dog don’t really hang out a shingle or do anything.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:57

I know a lot of people that have PhDs that don’t make me call them doctor. Yeah, I


mean, I can refer people to the best legal counsel in the world. I feel like that’s a skill that I’ve got. But we’re a public affairs firm. We’re Maryland’s oldest public affairs, firm. And then we just created a partnership in total with Sandy Hillman has sort of a local legend, but also an international legend in public relations. So we do everything from strategy to PR, to marketing, communications, all in that external public facing space, if you’re a corporation or a family office, or a nonprofit that is in that public intersection between community and government and politics, you know, we can help you get good. There’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:46

a lot community government politics, that’s, you know, that runs the world.


That’s where all those intersections are, you know, so that’s where we like to be.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:56

Ah, yeah, a lot of directions. I can go with you, but I’ll just start with this. The state of the state at this point, I have not been fortunate enough to track down West more since he’s been governor. Thought I was on that pathway last fall and some stadium, Angelos things, you know, so I haven’t really talked to him about it. And then the bridge collapses right. So where were you I was in Orlando, Florida, at the NFL owners meetings, being locked out there but I was in a hotel room at five o’clock in the morning, watching Johnny Oh, on CNN, seeing the bridge gone and not believing that it actually happened. Um, it’s kind of crazy. We’re open now no bridge, but we got we got open as we sit here in the middle of June. You were a part of major government Martin O’Malley’s administration. Martin when he came down to fade Lisa Davies promoting his book on better government. He told the story of being in Crisfield when the tunnel caught on fire in Baltimore City, and he admitted he didn’t even know there was Such a thing called a tunnel. We all knew the bridge was there. Everybody could see the bridge. Some people didn’t drive over it very often. But it’s almost inconceivable from a from a if I were governor, I were mayor, I were elected I were in, that the bridge went down and that there could be any playbook for that, you know, in any potential Weaver for the federal government to try to figure out how to re the next six years, who’s gonna pay for it



two fundamental questions. You’re asking yourself as a leader, right, which is, am I managing the crisis effectively? I don’t think there’s any doubt that the collaborative of leadership from the governor either the President in the United States on down even having players like Bob Ehrlich, appear to be on the team. So bipartisan unit of Marylanders sort of making sure everybody in Washington knows what the impact of this bridge collapses, not just on our regional economy, but on the economy, if not the world, the Port of Baltimore is is a major vein for all of commerce around the globe. And I think we’re all really confronting that as a blessing. The second thing that leader has to do then is saying, Am I taking advantage of the opportunity that this crisis creates? And that is where we’ll begin to see all of these players, from the county executive, to the mayor, to the governor, all work nimbly, to see how they can utilize this as an opportunity to make a better edge, make a better bridge, make a better transportation network, right. There could be, you know, should we be using ferries? Are there a bunch of other ways to get people around? Is this going to wake us up to a bunch of other opportunities that could help us grow our port or grow our city and region?

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:55

Well, it’s an unthinkable unspeakable thing, right? And you’ve been? Were you in the motorcade when the firehouse I mean, you know, things like that. But you know, all the stories that answer I know, plenty people who were, I


think, my frame of reference, which is, as you would appreciate it, somebody from the east side of Baltimore County was the Hurricane Isabel experience works. You know, for me, that was an opportunity to see how crisis can be turned into opportunity. You know, Jim Smith, our county executive at the time, basically used it as a chance to reform the whole and anytime he got into something, you know, it was going to end it with a serious fashion. He reformed the National Flood legislation, flood church legislation based on the experiences of his residents of Baltimore County. So there’s so many directions that

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:46

can you get, he said, this isn’t going to happen again. Right, basically,



right. Yeah. And you know, it’s a town. That’s right. And there’s a town I look at this thing, I say a town, somebody who believes in Baltimore and just wants it to show itself to the world and Baltimore to the world, the Key Bridge is a great exemplar. But you know, is this an opportunity to name the bridge after Barbara Mikulski or or Nancy della Sandro Pelosi people that have been just epic, enormous people that showcase to the world who we are what we can be for the world? You know, so I like to have some of those civic booster conversations.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:26

Well, I think it does lend itself to that. But then there’s pragmatism of like, my friends that cost us we’re doing the show next Thursday, you know, got employees from across the bridge, you know, just a completely different way of life. For trucks for it started the first day, when the highways were all backed up, were like, Oh, you cut a major artery off to take 50,000 cars a day. Guess what, both of the tunnels are going to be jacked up. And it’s Johnny. Oh, prom. I saw Johnny Oh, out in Vegas two weeks ago. And we were just talking about this because He lives down that way. And he’s like, you know, wait till we get the port really open, then 695 is going to be a mess. Because all the trucks are gonna have to use it. Because they can’t, they can’t use the bridge. And they can’t use the tunnels, in some


cases cut through traffic that’s going you know, right through southbound, you’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:22


gonna see trucks going through Towson Woodlawn Pikesville Parkville that used to just sort of sneak up from DC go that sleepy little fort Smallwood were you know, and, you know, be passed Dundalk in on their way up 95 Right. That’s gone now for a long, long time. And I think the traffic patterns what I see just getting home tonight from from Coco’s if I was gonna take 95 to be a little different. It’s hard to envision all of that like the minute it goes down that iconic picture of Wes and Brandon together the first morning, but then there’s you wake up year two year three your four year five, there’s still no bridge, we know that that’s going to be the case. Yet when


they got their best people on it, people like Dana Peterson more is running the city’s effort around the bridge, the unified command, you know, is bringing sort of, I think a great deal of a political gravity task to this whole experience.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:19

Everybody said that I’ve had Republicans come to me and say this is really bipartisan. This is like, there are very few things that can really take


together it takes a special leader like Governor Moore to know like, when his words count, and when unified word unified commands words count. And he’s been very, I think, deft in leading but also allowing the unified command to do their thing. Not not politicize it in any way.


Nestor J. Aparicio  10:44

What else does this mean for the state in elections this year? Senators, we can certainly talk Hogan and also Brooks, and you love the political play of that, right? Like David Traum was out doing his thing. I met him right before the election. We were wondering what the matchup is going to be. This is we’re seeing Georgia get spotlighted. We seem Pennsylvania, Ohio, these other sort of swing states. This is a weird, weird swing state senatorial election in a state that is pretty blue until you drive around. And you see this morning, trumping Indy errors. I’m with Andy signs, you know, two miles from my house. I don’t know how this is going to turn out. But on the blue side, I have palpable concern. And I’ve seen Larry’s ads and he’s walking. And they’re both Well, I haven’t never met Angela also probably


be your right to be super critical or concerned concerned about. You know what, what it takes to beat larry hogan because nobody’s gotten that number here in Maryland. Yeah, he’s sort of flown under the radar to the highest levels of popularity that we’ve seen. But it looks like he said

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:03

over and over again last year, he didn’t want to be a senator. It wouldn’t have enough. Like literally he said that. Like I said, He’s



cynical enough to know there always be opportunity for him. If he can create an opportunity in Maryland where Democrats have to spend money to protect a blue seat and Maryland. They’re already winning. He’s already doing Mitch McConnell favors he’s already doing Donald Trump favors just by running, you know, but in the reality if you just

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:30

look at well, there’s nobody else with the red hat that could win that could potentially win. Well, look,


let me tell you this. He filed late because he knew he was weak in his own party. He didn’t want Dan Cox get in this race. So he files on the last day. He goes up against Robin Ficker, who’s like a career gadfly guy that stood up at the bullets and wizards games? lampoon hoodie

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:51

mentioned. Right? Yeah. So today, so I did that to the Yankees last backup proudly,



let me you know, as a Democrat, sometimes you have to pretend like you’re going to be critical about the Republicans in the sense like Republicans are not self critical. Like here’s the deal, Larry Hogan’s opponent, three out of 10 people in his Republican Party, which he’s been leading for eight years or more said, You’re not for us, Larry. We’re gonna go with this career gadfly three out of 10 people in his party. So he’s already at the same kind of numbers that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend had, when she ran she had a nobody a bad grocery get 30% of her. We Democrats all flipped out because we knew that was a big problem. For her. The Republicans feel the same thing. They know he’s a dead man walking in Maryland. So this is Angela also Brookes race to lose. And it looks like this playful game that Larry Hogan has always been able to for to use for his own political self interest to play off of Trump and a deep blue slip state. That jig is gonna be he’s a dead man walk in. And so only cynically, can you say well, he was a success, because he got you know, Marylanders to spend 10s and millions of dollars to protect a seat that should always be the races and close you believe that?

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:10

I believe it’s 5545 You don’t believe in? You don’t believe?


I think Larry Hogan, the most skilled you know, gonna vote for Les Hogan has to recognize in front of everybody because you know what,

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:25


he’s not going to vote with the Republicans but he’s not gonna vote with the Democrats like he’s


just gonna vote for Mitch McConnell and I are gonna vote for whoever the that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:32

the part of it that as just as a citizen, and I sat with Larry and I voted for Larry once right, like, I still want to go with you. Like I sit and I watch the commercials and I see on Pride weekend as I’m wearing some pride colors and walking with pride people when he’s never ever, ever, ever, ever supported anything along those lines. And when saying that he wouldn’t vote with the Republicans in DC. I keep trying to envision him being anything rang like the three or four people who walked against all of them who have all been thrown out of their seats in Illinois. Right, you know, all over the country. I just don’t believe he would ever go and vote with Democrats. i i as a premise, I don’t believe that’s true. And that makes it hard for me. But Larry Hale


dress it up like Gabby any lipstick on a pig, but it’s eventually the gig is up, the jig is up the larry hogan hoax is common to a reality in Maryland, because women in Maryland aren’t just gonna, like take his word for it on abortion rights, or any of those issues. They’re just not they’re not gonna take his word for him that they’ve got him in the US Senate. Because he’s got a record of just going along with all those boys. That’s what he’s going to do when he gets there. And that’s not what Marylanders want. He’s a dead man walking, can’t even get his own party excited about him. Now he’s picking a fight with Trump, you know, so his coalition is not what it was in 2013, against Anthony Brown or against Ben Jealous and he’s going up against quite frankly, a much more formidable candidate. Tell


Nestor J. Aparicio  16:14

me about her because I’ve never sat with her.


And this is Duke educated lawyer who went to, you know, first days in Maryland Public Affairs trying to get a job she worked with, you know, judges in Howard County, she’s worked in the State’s Attorney’s Office, she’s fought for women getting their due and say in the court of law, you know, she’s just has a very dynamic

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:42

percent of the female vote in the state based on her politics and what she’s done. She really should



you I mean, from your lips to God

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:51

and you would think women will be more motivated to come out and vote against Trump again. Right right. This I’m I’m wondering who’s because this woman the heart of the statement, let’s get back to the core issue as we sit here in Baltimore City, and Brandon Scott’s not here, although this is his favorite crabcake work Coco’s Damian authorities, our guests. So a courtesy of our friends at the Maryland lottery got the gold rush, double sevens to give away, you get one one fairly open one for you, our friends at Liberty, pure solutions as well as Jiffy Lube multi care, the story of the election six weeks ago here was it nobody votes, right? Like people did not come out in this state to vote. I’m wondering in a state where Biden is going to win, right, like, you know, what, whether people request ballots mailed, we got a voting problem and this certificate of voting problem in our culture in our country, we’ve always talked about that. But like, this was clear to me six weeks ago, that nothing screws an election up quicker than when nobody votes, you know,


yeah. And if you’re a Baltimorean, or part of the Baltimore diasporas I am, you know, you just see why your cloud is diminishing in the state legislature in Washington and other places because people aren’t getting out to vote in this region. And then you look at what’s happening in Prince George’s County. It’s a completely different dynamic. It is a highly engaged Democratic primary vote that elected governor Westmore and now just put such a weapon on Mr. Troll. And that, you know, you just got to say being Angele. Also Brooks being an eight year executive plus being the state’s attorney in that district for a couple of terms. You know, man, what an irreplaceable advantage that is, that would have been like, you know, being mayor of Baltimore in 1960. Right, it’s, it’s the most significant perch you could have in Maryland politics, and she’s right there and has done it with, you know, not a lot of fuss not a model a lot of months. And nobody knows

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:51

her. Let’s be frank, you know, I mean, if I stood up right now, she walked in how many people in here would know who she is? Yeah, I looked at pictures of her literally this morning, because at some point, I’m going to meet her. I liked.



I think they would identify with her. I think there’s a warmth about her and an authentic charisma that she has, she’s very understated. But this is a person who has prepared for this job for you know, 30 years and you can tell by the network of people she has put together all across the state. So you know, Larry Hogan, formidable formula for people like in 2013 Anthony Brown, he put together the coalition. Same with Ben Jealous but his coalition on all sides, the moderate left, and the hard right is dissembling for him. He can’t keep it together and said Larry Hogan is a dead man walking in his native state. David

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:55

had already caught it like he sees it here with the Maryland politics as well. So you’re Wait from the Orioles if you weren’t there pretty good if you caught up on this I mean this magical thing just like you’re far away from you’re watching on television from afar. You mean you don’t live here anymore? You spend time here you’re back and forth. But the Orioles go with you they go in your pocket with you when you leave here, right?


Yeah, when you see the Mr. Rubinstein’s ads, right, like just lashing in the in house ads that there they unleashed the in house creative team under the new ownership, and they’re doing great spots, you could just see, all parts of the organization are much more excited. And they’re allowed to breathe a little bit, it seems like they were once sort of kept under wraps seems like talent all across the organization is being unlocked and unfurled in the little bit, you know, not just on the field, but all over the organization. That’s lovely to see. And I think that’s, that’s straight from the top,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:50


you think you’ll get my media pass back?


I don’t know I’m always interested in your in your any way we can help

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:58

please, if I told you what has transpired already, as a good Baltimorean and as a man who cares about civic concerns and public affairs, and you know, all


the money you make, and you should have your own special box up there you would be you would be appalled at what she gets how the


Nestor J. Aparicio  21:17

Venezuelan kid from Dundalk has been treated, you need your own box. I’m not allowed to say I’m Venezuelan anymore if I get my press pass back because that was apparently offensive to them. That they allow my Caucasian employee in but not the Venezuelan guy and that for me to bring that up as is on tour, but to bring up the integrity to ban me to begin with.


Here’s another piece of advice for people that are professionally trying to deal with that organization is, you know, Mr. John Angelos is still over there. And he’s still Yes, he

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:50

is. Still runs, the plays are still playing



some roles. So there’s obviously some sort of transition period that’s going on.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:57

I’m glad you pointed that out. The John Angeles is still on the mat. He’s the Angelus family still involved. That’s


a super, that’s a super common practice to have old ownership stay on board in some capacity, so that you can transition appropriately. So I wouldn’t read too much into that. But that’s a that’s a reality. I think that’s a healthy thing. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:20

you know, they couldn’t fire everybody on opening day he took over $1.8 billion going concern with a chance to win the World Series. There is nothing attendance is up 27% There’s nothing to go on. There’s nothing to be done right now. I remember that. Weekend games are selling. Well. The Phillies are coming in this weekend. That’s gonna be something and then Fleet Week this week. I’ve done Fleet Week all week. I haven’t seen any of the ships. Yeah, well, we got the ships coming in. We got planes coming over. While I’m gonna be down at Coopers in Fells Point on Friday. I’ll have the Gold Rush double sevens to give away and also some great guests. Ron Furman is coming down on Friday. I believe when he brought five from curio wellness is coming down Friday. Bill coal from coal roof. He’s coming out Friday night. The other bill cold though I saw both of them in Las Vegas. David authorities here we’re having crabcakes work Coco’s it is the Maryland crabcake tour. Mike Rusik Liano Tom Pearson classic five golf are going to be my finalists. So listen, you came over what what can I help you with what’s important to you? I’ve talked about all my issues, what’s going on with what are your issues? Why are you here? Live in like in in Merriweather or something? Right. What’s going on? Well, I take my condo down there. Look,



I decided for my check it I took your condo idea. We tried to get w NSD at new studio over there with the Merriweather district. It’s been I want to right in the middle the ice project I’ve been following working on for almost 20 years, and it’s popping out there in the Merriweather district. So I have what I call the Merriweather residency and I’m I’m living in two communities, Snowmass Village, Colorado and Columbia, Maryland. Both were founded in 19. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:59

everybody who your congress woman is in was Lauren Barber, but


we she got chased out of the district. Nice. And so she’s running in another part of the state. Not

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:09


many, how many people live in your the Lauren bobberts This international brand for idiocy, but like there’s like 10,000 people living here like you know, people, right? She


has a district that includes really populous places like Grand Junction, etc. So there are voters there’s a couple 100,000 She also represents all mountain towns, too. So it’s not enough mountain towns to overcome. Down Valley voter Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:35

Oh, boy. Yeah. Okay. So you were saying what else you working on? You were giving me? I don’t know, I screwed you up. You said you live in


trying to find more and more ways to celebrate and elevate Maryland’s hospital workers, you know, after the pandemic, you know, these this community of workers all across the state is have done so much serving 6 million people. So we’re Trying to get the word out to the legislative community and other people about what their needs and desires are, you know, that’s important. And then we’re excited to see the state. Hopefully, some of these older entrenched organizations like the Public Service Commission who, you know, seem to be a little bit reactive. And not with going with the flow of the leadership to the more administration, which is basically making a bet that if we can grow this a Maryland economy, we can have the blueprint for Maryland’s future, we can reduce class size, we can improve equity in schools, we can do all those things. But if we can’t grow the economy, we’re gonna get can’t pay for it. We can’t pay for it. Right. And so but we still have organizations in Maryland, that have this sort of reactive role, you know, whether it’s in datacenters, like we saw with the Public Service Commission, or the electrification of the state, how do we electrify the state that we have generate more power here? We’re going to move way through transmission, how are we going to connect for the wind? To the people that need the power, we need more transmission? How are we good, so we need these organizations that are part of the new, more administration to start looking more like conveners of the future and solutions for that rather than their more reactive sort of style, which, you know, tends to just slow everything down. So that’s one thing I’m looking forward to seeing is some of these old administrative functions catching up to the speed of of Governor Moore’s leadership, which is cool to hear Democrat talk like that right about growth. You know,


Nestor J. Aparicio  26:47

the red line coming back to life, I hear all sorts of things, right. Yeah. How much of it are dreams and how much are realities? That’s what you can get done in four years in trying to get reelected? That’s right. That’s right. Is he gonna run for president is that we are I mean, I’ve always known the beginning of


a long time ago that the the you tried to run for president is put your head down and focus on everything you can locally and the more you master that, the more will you look up, you’ll see people trying to grab you and bring you to their their state or their city to show other people how it’s done. And that’s, that’s how that happens. I think he has a much, you know, he’s a very present. Here’s, here’s the amazing thing about Westmore. He has the capacity to capture people’s attention, and then lead them to ways that they can engage positively. You hear him talk about it as service will save us. And I just think that’s an incredible power that we have few people that are doing that. The cool thing about that is when you are in the moment you are in the moment you’re not having designed for the presidency or looking back 10 years and saying what you could have done better back then you’re focused on right now and that’s a rare talent that that Governor more as well certainly

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:01

the times now with the bridge, right? I mean, there’s an incredible opportunity



out of tragedy, right, stay focused.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:10

Well, you got your opportunity to crabcake work cocoas Bob, wherever your laurelville it’s a Pride week, I got some bright colors. I’ll flip the Marcellus around. I already had to coconut shrimp for six is going to come here. We’re gonna talk to sports. Tom Pierce is here. He’s from Philly. He runs classic five. We’re down here by Mount Pleasant. So we’re gonna get out did I get everything in there? leave anything out. And we’re gonna go to Merriweather together. You go you want to Maggie Rogers next week?


Looking at dog shows and looking

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:35

at dogs for the Maggie Rogers next. You’re not going to land us next. No, no, don’t



yet. Nothing till August, Joan Jett.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:43

She’s an Oreo fan. But I got a little perch for you what’s going on August totally. Let me look at the Merriweather schedule before I get out of here because like I gotta, I gotta figure out if you want to go on a show together because we do some concerts, Merriweather. Oh, what about Hootie and the Blowfish? Yeah. Mr. Let’s go to that one. Come on like that. I had more Brian on this morning. He’s on the show. And the other one, this would be really good for us. You and me do Lake Street dive on September 13. Or do you want to do my morning jacket on September 27. Great


guitarist. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:14


I love my morning jacket. We’ll do that you will make David authority, Colorado via Catonsville via Baltimore via Maryland and always leading with the Maryland flag. He is Kate you still carry our what I call our


Kayo public affairs and we did have a great merci Oh Sandy Hillman the epic mastermind of the original harborplace So we were more than tickled to become a part of her legacy. So CAOT Public Affairs Hillman communications all one thing and then Josh White got it’s built some of the best public affairs lobbying firms in the state of Maryland is now flying his flag. lobbyist

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:54

when I grew up, you have to be a lawyer to be anybody can


be a lobbyist. Anybody can do it.


Nestor J. Aparicio  29:59

I I think I’d be good at it from what I understand you when I was drinking beer in Vegas, Howard Pirlo, and those guys they follow through that’s they several people said when you’re done doing this you should be a lobbyist for and I’m thinking I would I said to somebody now you had a couple of drinks I said, I’m only going to lobby for good ish. That’s what I said. I said, you can’t buy me to lobby for you know, think


about what your future is right? Think about what your vision of the future is, and then find people that align with it. You could find some clients All right, we’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:30

looking for love joy, laughter and crabcakes it’s Maryland crabcake towards all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery, the Gold Rush doubler sevens. I’m having a hard time Gold Rush W Seven I’m gonna work on that. We’re having crabcakes we’re gonna be on Friday doing Fleet Week and flyover we’re gonna be Cooper’s south. That’s the original Cooper’s down on the square and Fells Point. Got some great guests. Ron Furman is gonna come down and talk rock and roll and beer with me. Bill Cole is gonna be there. A windy brown fan is going to be talking about cannabis issues with us. Dan fells will be talking to fellas at Patrick Russell on last week as well cost this next Thursday before the Orioles beat the Yankees. And then on the 25th Tuesday the 25th will be at Papist Bob Pappas restaurant in Parkville. Legendary well, he Well, good to neighborhood man. It’s it’s the Maryland crab cake tour. Love you damn good. All right. Thanks for coming by. He left town and he’s gonna he comes and visits me once a year now. Sad to see him on the internet with all his cool little videos. Take me to Merriweather Damien. Back for more. We are not in Colombia. We’re in larval we’re Coco. Stay with us.

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