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From Whittier, California to our hometown and now 40 years into rocking us, our favorite rock radio DJ Chris Emry tells Nestor his journey from Los Angeles to Edgemere at Costas Inn on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour.


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Chris Emry, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome home we are W n s t test Baltimore, Baltimore positive we are positively here in my homeland. The smell of crabs. We’re Costas in we’re in Dundalk. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery, give it some PAC man’s away, as well as some gold rush sevens doublers our friends at Liberty peer solutions bringing us out here and making it happen as well as Jiffy Lube. Multi care as a football is being tossed on the television. The Orioles are gonna be taken on the Yankees today. Luke Jones will be here a little later on. Getting around town. I’m so blessed to have done this. For as long as I’ve done it. It’s 40th anniversary of media. It’s my 33rd year in radio. It’s my 26th year of owning wn S T. And we had this 25th anniversary documentary that I worked hard on with Greg Landry and Towson transfers. And I tell him my story and then so many people around town that I’ve talked to her haven’t talked to whether it’s having someone like Rob Roblin on or having Jane Miller on a couple of years ago. I’ve had Jamie Costello on but I realized he’s never done the crabcake tour with me. And Jamie’s party last week my wife broke her ankle, and I said we got to go even if it is plant you at the door like we got to be there so many of our friends are going to be there. And I looked through who’s attending and the Jamie Costello just on Facebook who’s attending was this crazy? Who’s Who of people and I had no idea was gonna run into but there’s Pete Kurinji there and there’s Johnny oh there and the great Chris Emery my longtime friend who I grew up you hate this and so to Sarah and I grew up listening to you when he was a little boy back when Back in Black came out Chris was one of my jocks and as was Sarah as was talked to Cody as what Ty for we go through all the names of all Lopez all your guys that that Kirk always gives love to but I am a bay listener and bro heart knows this. Donna Jean knows this who you’re with at the party tonight. And I saw you and bro Hart has never done this with me even though he has read the he read my documentary. He’s one of the documentarians on my documentary, and pretty hard and I grew up together and Tom plus his homeroom in 1982, and 83 and Dundalk High School, and I’ve never had you on the show. And I know you like in the real we’ve had meals together. We’ve gone to concerts together. We’ve done stuff, but I’ve never had you on the show. So I’m embarrassed and then you come up to me at at this thing and with Kurinji you’re like hey I live near done live near Costas now. And I’m like, I’m doing the show with Costas. You gotta come to the show, dude. So thank you. I love you and it’s great having you on and it’s good to have you peers and friends you know?


Chris Emry  02:45

I’m delighted Well, nobody

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:46

knows we know each other. They all think we do know they think everybody on the radio is everybody happy? That’s what they don’t but I didn’t know you lived lived in Edgemere Why did you do this year ago? Why? I shouldn’t say why did people come to Dundalk? I don’t know.

Chris Emry  02:59

Water. My wife always wanted to place on the water and we’ve been looking for like four years. Over and over and over. We have a boat over. No, not yet. I’ve got to get my pier fix first. She’s what’s a look at the waters that we got. And it’s perfect. The sun sets Exactly. Come on right through the back window over the deck because it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:21


Dundalk. Yes, Sun’s always shining. It’s different than northern Ohio. State of Ohio. Jessica valus is going to fetch her children out in Ohio this week. They do not have oysters like this, like they do here. And I told her I’m doing this crazy. I’m gonna do in 26 oysters in 26 days beginning on September the fourth. I’m going to do it the whole month of September with the Ravens kicking off against Kansas City on the Thursday night. And I told her this is what this is my favorite oyster in Baltimore that I know of. Are you an oyster person? And yeah, I never ordered them either. I’m always I come to cost this I get the crabs and get the crab cakes. The chicken hito here is delicious. I love crab Imperial. I loved fried shrimp. I was telling Karen at the bar when Luke gets your lamb we have no fluky trip but my my dinner tonight is going to be in is so Dundalk. I’m gonna get some steam shrimps. I’m gonna put some Old Bay on air with some onions and some beer and we’re going to have that steamed. So I’m having steamed shrimp tonight. But this is my favorite oyster in the city. Because I love the

Chris Emry  04:29

spinach. The first one you ever ate?

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:31

Have you had an oyster Rockefeller here? Do you want one of these? Are you okay?

Chris Emry  04:35

I’ll give it a shot.


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:36

I’m gonna give you one and I’m gonna give me one. And we’re going to eat this at the end of the segment because we’re gonna get our mouths all cheesy if we do it. They’re like rocks. I have another plate. Jess over here. Send me a plate over just December 31. That’s fine. They’re oysters. We’re all family. We’re all in this together. Here. You give me one and I give you two. It’s kind of like my wife. You give me a 10 I’ll give you a 20 Honey. Right, exactly. So there. We have oysters here. So I’m Do a different oysters every day and this crab cake tour. About five years ago during the plague. I said to my wife, I need to recreate myself. And what I want to do and not deal with these creeps at the sports teams asking them for permission to do what I do. And I said, I’m gonna do this crab cake tour thing because everybody in town has a crab cake. They’re proud of every bar in Highland town that serves a crab cake says it’s my grandmother’s recipe. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So everything’s different about it. And everywhere I go, there’s different crab cakes, but the thing is really become people like, which crab cakes the best and I’m like, This tour is really about like friendship, and people and storytelling, and I’ve I’ve listened to you for how long have I listened to you? When did you come here? 78.

Chris Emry  05:46

I got here 49 years ago on Preakness Saturday 1975 75. You got here. Yep. I moved from the Virgin Islands at

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:55

90 rocker. Where

Chris Emry  05:57


were you at? Katie k, y AYP.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:00

Okay, so give me the I don’t know your story at all. I know, because we’re Facebook friends. And I didn’t know this until we were Facebook friends that you weren’t from here. I didn’t know you grew up in LA. But you’re always posting. I saw Van Halen at the Long Beach empathy, you know, in the 70s. And I’m like, Chris has a story that you’d never get to tell on 98 Rock. I don’t know how often sometimes you wield a little I saw this band. I saw Santana and 74 Whatever, but I don’t. I see these pictures of you with these iconic dead rock stars. And I’m like, did you interview Hendrix? Nope. But you saw Hendrix? No, you know, I

Chris Emry  06:41

didn’t. Oh, I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:43

so disappointed. Yeah, me too.


Chris Emry  06:45

He died too soon.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:47

So you’re from where?

Chris Emry  06:49

I don’t know. His hometown, Whittier, California hometown of Richard Nixon. My mother actually was

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:55


the library there. San Luis Obispo. Was that where it is now and I’m wrong? No

Chris Emry  06:59

San Luis Obispo is North different. Whittier is east of La about. There was a famous song back in the 60s called let’s take a trip down Whittier Boulevard

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:10

saying that. I

Chris Emry  07:12

can’t remember the damn name of the group. It’s your own town. Yeah. You think so?


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:16

I didn’t know that. How first What are you from LA?

Chris Emry  07:18

About 20 miles but what are your Boulevard makes it into East LA they became famous in that part of Southern California. Because it was a big place for the Hispanic low writers low writers came out bump bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump. Oh, yes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:33

All Cheech and Chong you know? Yeah, yeah. Strawberry. Strawberry. Yeah. So you grew up? You’re now a kid, right? Yeah,

Chris Emry  07:40


grazed on the Dodgers. Though. One of the worst things I remember as a kid was 1966. What’s they beat Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, what the hell? Where’s this city? What’s this team? I eventually found out where the city is and what that team is

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:00

your real your real broadcaster Chris? I mean, like your real. This is all you’ve done, right? Like literally right? You’ve been a you’ve been a radio broke as long as I’ve known you done radio

Chris Emry  08:08

for 52 years. I got out of college, got out of high school. I graduated in 67. Worked for my Uncle Ed selling car batteries for a year and a half. Then I went to the local college and as a fine art student and walked by the radio station one day and said screw this fine arts crap. And walked into the college radio station signed up. I was there a year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:34

Was it about rock and roll was the love of music. You wanted to be on the radio with


Chris Emry  08:39

just radio. I got a transistor radio on I think I was nine and every night I’m in bed transistor radios next to me. And then slowly

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:47

was calling the Dodgers then. Oh, hell.

Chris Emry  08:51

So I’m listening to the Dodgers if they’re not playing, I found out I could pick up stations from other cities. I could pick up a station from St. Louis. I could pick up New Mexico that especially on Sunday nights when Clear Channel stations stayed on the air and all the other stations down powered. Went down so then I could pick these stations up places I’d never been before. So hot

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:12


California. Yeah. Use a lot of that a lot of flame throwers in Mexico, right.

Chris Emry  09:18

Yeah. And a lot of radio stations I loved as a kid that cage J was guy named real Don Steele. He was a big guy on that. Be Mitchell read on KF WB who will manage that make it out there? I’ve met both man. But But I mean, nationally

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:32

syndicated radio assistant.

Chris Emry  09:35

We picked up Wolfman Jack from SCR beef from Mexico. Okay, he had a 50,000 Clear Channel. What signal just blasted everywhere?


Nestor J. Aparicio  09:43

Well, I’m thinking late 60s, early 70s. I’m thinking of iconic Johnny Holliday still with us. Right and people that were a part of the industry then that are leaving us your pathway here. You came to Baltimore Preakness of 75. So I’m trying to get this. When did you start at 98 rockers FM wasn’t even a thing in 1975 Like it was. It was it was a beta you don’t know what to say. Here

Chris Emry  10:07

I’ll confirm experimental my first new car was a 69 z 28 Camaro that I ordered from the factory with a genuine authentic fake wood steering wheel a custom interior and the salesman wanted to know why in the hell are you wasting money having input in an FM radio

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:27

while many stations that it’s the service at that point, so

Chris Emry  10:30


I was just it was everybody was still am then but yeah, there was que me TK l OS and KPPC a KPPC was the first effort Have you ever

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:40

broadcast on an am station or you’ve been FM 4d or Maya for your name right now by the way so this might be is am debut okay maybe 15 7015 7am

Chris Emry  10:49

not my first professional still taller on am Chris I just squat overload My First Nation appreciate

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:58

you slumped over on the side of the dial. Mr. FM guy you know,


Chris Emry  11:03

okay, you Ty Palmdale, California, which is where Don Imus started and I didn’t find that out until after I’d gotten really Don Imus in his brother Fred worked in the train industry. This is the high desert in California Antelope Valley. So I drove every day 120 miles from LA Harbor, California to Palmdale because my wife made more money than I did. So she was in Southern California in the LA area working. So I did the long drive every day to radio land. And I met I miss his brother Fred there and what I miss would do. When his brother Fred was on that’s when he was a W NBC in New York. He would call the radio station have me take the phone, sit it by a speaker and let w NBC pay for five hours of long distance so he could listen to his brother

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:51

to the show. Okay. Well, you know, it takes all types. So where do you where do you Where does Baltimore happened for you? Where does not Where did I start hearing you on 90 Rock? Because it feels like you were on 98 rock? And it’s embarrassing. Sarah every time I’m with and by the way, I’ve invited Sarah Sarah has never sat with me. I don’t know her story. I had dinner with her one night last summer. And she said I went to Milford Mill on the Baltimore girl and I’m like I have never heard you in that format. I’ve heard you at 467-762-5467 Rock to get the rock concert updates. Sarah Fletcher with your constant updates. As a kid in 7980 and 81 My bus driver right here in Colgate. Her name was Pat she picked us up we drove right past genius shocks house literally on the way to middle school nice and high caliber. So this is 90 Thank you 9079 98 Rock was on my bus every morning on the way to school. We don’t need no education. So schools so we would listen to 98 Rock on the way to school every day because our bus driver listen. We’re were you morning then yet or you were getting there now what were you when

Chris Emry  13:05

I first got there? I have my oyster. Well, Chris Emery tells to have it. I did afternoons. Then when Ty Ford left the station. They put me in midday so I could do electric lunch. Then I came I got 98 Rock and 84 I 8484 in between I did the WA ye from 75 to 81 and it was 79 we flipped the station from Rock and Roll to big band music because you mentioned 98 Rock coming on. First thing they did was killed Wk TK which was the FM rock station. They flipped to disco. Then they killed us and we flipped a bit remember W

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:47


LPL that was another that was a rock pop station. That was probably the first station I love 1976 7778 My cousin Nelson introduced me to kiss got me kiss alive. 175 76 eight tracks. Then there’s like Ted Nugent Aerosmith and disco. Just straight. Oh, yeah. All the BG 7778 Silver’s, you know, it just all of that Saturday fever 7778 79 The oils at 79 and then I went to middle school and was all rock’n’roll. For the time I got literally for the time I got seventh grade. It was AC DC sticks rush the stuff you’re playing. I mean like those bands, and they’re still my favorite bands. And they’re still what the bay plays and there’s you’re still wearing your AC DC back in black shirt from IDT at Rock and Roll ism. And I said this I say this a lot and it pisses off certain factions. I mean, even Luke will be here later. Rock and roll has done more for me than sports as from a joy standpoint, sports has given me some joy. It’s given me some pain. It’s how it made my living. I still am Music is still the most pure thing in my life. If I’m gonna go lay in a pool today with my wife when the show’s over, I want music. If I’m doing dishes, I want music from cleaning the house. I want music if I’m in the car, other than listening to WNS to listen to good conversation, or whatever it is, I like music. So for me, music is the thing that is still with me that I still love more than I even loved it, you know, as a kid. And I think there’s something powerful about that, for all of us that love music, you know,

Chris Emry  15:31

it’s pretty much nothing but positive input you get from it, where in sports, you’ve got all those endorphins, right that you had to deal with. still dealing with, by the way. Yeah. Especially. I remember when I didn’t call them Andrew blows them. But I remember when he took over and initially we thought, well, it’s not Jerry Hochberg. He’s local. He’s local. How can this turn out to suck? Well, surprise.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:02

I say to myself all the time. I can’t imagine anything that’s been worse for the city. And they’ll talk about crime and this and that and all the awfulness that’s happened here with you know, blackballing and all the terrible things that happened with with people and race in our city. But nothing exited people and downtown over the last 25 years faster than the Orioles Elim being awful. Oh, downtown went from lots of people coming and spending money and doing things and feeling good about it, too. I don’t go down there anymore during all of this that’s happened last 15 years and we’re always encouraging people to come back but that’s not something Angeles family was really applying you know, they I remember vividly to me the worst thing that Peter did, aside from not playing the game year after we won the world, the world title football, but the tank circle in the stadium when the city wasn’t like open and they decided to play a baseball game with no one in the stadium. I still marvel at the spirit of that just a spirit we got to get the game in and I just hope it’s going to be different you know I want to live at a point here where the Orioles not just win but our community stewards and the way that we remember it right I mean, you fell in love with the Orioles when you got here i i think if you were in an Oriole had almost so much that you convinced me you were local. I didn’t even know you were from LA let me show you what I brought to showtime. Oh, he’s got you got props. Yeah, take your headset off. We don’t You don’t you don’t destroy Chris Emery is my guest. I am eating oysters. He’s trying not to rip up my set here and trying to be professional FM guy without destroying the am radio station. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have the Gold Rush sevens doubler top price $10,000 Chris is going to get one of them. Give them this one right here. You’re gonna get an oyster and a free lottery ticket. You know I love you Chris Emery. Chris is is new to Dundalk, but not new to Dundalk things he’s written look at what you get. It’s an autograph bat. What is this?

Chris Emry  18:00

This is 33 years old. I bought this from Oreos while autographed back from the opening. Don’t I don’t want to touch him played in Memorial Stadium.


Nestor J. Aparicio  18:11

This isn’t this is everybody’s autograph from the 91 or I’m gonna hold this up so everybody can see this. The last

Chris Emry  18:17

game played in Memorial State. How’d

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:19

you acquire this Chris?

Chris Emry  18:20


I bought it. It was an Orioles wives at an auction.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:25

I’m looking at the autographs on here and seeing what I can. But these are just a 91 Players then yeah, guys that were on the team that No, no, no, this is Bobby Grinches autographs on here. Oh, well. Dave crusherone is on here. Dan Graham is on so it’s everybody that this is a historical relic. You know what this is? These were the guys that came back and came out on the field that you’re right. Oh, the Louie’s gonna be on here. Hold on. Let me find if there’s a Louis Aparicio autograph on here. Ron Hanson, I see Ron Hansen. Um, she did call they call your visions barrel Weaver, Rocky Johnson. Let’s see here. Bill Hitchcock. Fred Valentine. Larry sheets. Rick Dempsey, I see Rick Dempsey on there. I’m Don Aussie Dawn Aussies autograph Steve barbers on here. Look at this. Dave Scaggs backup catcher. 79 Orioles There you go. This is a real relic dude. Look at this. So um, the Oriole fandom. Is that real? Or was that made for radio for you? Your you like Warren Oriole hat. You’re a real Oracle guy. And yeah, I mean, I think of you as being a little real baseball. The kind of guy that would buy a bat like this, frankly, you

Chris Emry  19:40

know? Yeah, I’m a baseball fan. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:44

this has been something to see this resurgence right? Oh,


Chris Emry  19:48

yeah. It’s it’s invigorating. It’s a life saving especially for the city.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:53

Yeah. And seeing 150,000 people downtown last weekend for the Phillies. You know that I I think we feel that on the FM and the am dial around here, I think I mean, I was listening to you on the way in listen to 1.7. Literally, it’s it’s on my car right now. And when the song ended, the chalk is talking about the Orioles and the Yankees played today. That’s the heart. That wasn’t happening five years ago, right now. I mean, literally, I mean, hell no, you only talk about these things when they’re relevant to people. And what have you loved about Baltimore? Why did you stay all these years?

Chris Emry  20:27

The people and the police. I see it as a small, big city. When you’re in Southern California, LA is everywhere. I’m not. I don’t dislike LA. I’ve been back every now and then to visit family and friends and stuff like that. And every time I go back, I have to go as Vin Scully used to say to beautiful Dodger Stadium,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:50


the best that’s the one number that’s the best stadium in the world. That’s the best place to see a baseball game you can see a baseball game. I

Chris Emry  20:54

love it. And it’s considering how old the thing is now they’ve they’ve torn down parks that have been built since the Dodgers if you

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:01

ever get a chance here in town to and you run into Janet Marie Smith and you know she’s a part tonight of the thing in Birmingham they fix that stadium up for the Negro Baseball like reunion get together thing they’re doing tonight. I’m sure they’re gonna be honored Willie Mays as well. Can’t him reason why the design Camden Yards. And you know, she’s, she’s very available to talk to you about Dodger Stadium because all of the renovations are hers. She’s an executive vice president of the Dodgers who lives in Mount Washington, Louis and Roxton. And she’s always back and forth. But she took me and the man who saved my wife’s life and my wife. The day Donald Trump was elected, so I can tell you it was November of 2016. Neil’s had come over to America for the first time after saving Jen’s life. And we surprised him and took him all over the country. And he had a bucket list. He wanted to go to LA wanted to go to San Francisco. He wanted to go to New York places he wanted to go in America, and even donate about baseball. He’s German, you know, but we took him to Dodger Stadium. He knew what dodge Stadium was. And Jana Murray had just renovated it. And we it was empty. It was November, and we walked if there’s a picture she and I, my wife and I kissing in the Dodger Stadium dugout, it was that day. We walked around the whole stadium empty and got a full tour of all of the renovations. And the ballpark has stood the test of time in a way that I hope Camden Yards does, I hope 30 years from now Camden Yards is still here, and is considered as iconic as Dodger Stadium.

Chris Emry  22:31

I think it’s pretty close already considering all the new ballparks that have been built since they put up short and yards. I haven’t been I don’t think I’ve been in any I haven’t even been in the new Yankee Stadium. I’ve been in the old one with the old Shea Stadium.


Nestor J. Aparicio  22:47

The New York Times like a mall. That’s a giant Mall. It’s awful.

Chris Emry  22:52

I went when I was in ninth grade rock I went to Chicago and saw the Cubs and White Sox and got an elevator and Mike Messina was there. He was playing for I don’t remember who was gonna be the Yankees at that point. Yeah, must have been next. So because the White Sox were in town. I mean, yeah, because it’s Chicago. So the White Sox are in town, of course. But the Yankees were there. And I’d seen the Cubs first and I guess they just gotten into the White Sox were a couple other days. So you do

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:18

baseball tours. When you’re in another city? You’re gonna go to a ballgame. Oh, yeah. What do you love about this particular Orioles? Team? Like?

Chris Emry  23:27


I’d say this guy named gunner. You like gunner? I think if I had to pick a shortstop from pretty much any team right now, I’d take him for now. And what’s ever

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:37

lost, you’d have to pay him? Well, that’s we’re gonna have to pay him at some point. Oh, remember

Chris Emry  23:41

when I was telling you about the sandy Kofax thing and Don Drysdale after 66 after the Dodgers lost. Drysdale and Cofax wanted a raise, and the Dodgers refused to pay him. Drysdale wanted 95,000 And that Kofax arrogant guy wanted 105 And they wouldn’t bam.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:02

were packing them in. Did you see them pitch at Dodger Stadium? Yeah. What first time you went to Dodger Stadium. How old were you? And


Chris Emry  24:08

like the first year that opened my first Dodger game was so when they got there in I think was 58 when they played in the Coliseum, which you

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:17

saw the Dodgers playing the Coliseum? Oh yeah. 59 World Series was it was there with the Dodgers and the gogo Sox.

Chris Emry  24:24

Yeah, but I didn’t go to the series. My you know, I was a kid. I didn’t have any money, right. So yeah, I remember specifically Wally Moon was the left fielder because the Coliseum wasn’t baseball. They put up a huge wall and left field. The left field line was about 150 feet, maybe 200 feet. And but Wally Moon left handed hitter would hit home runs over that wall and pump it up. They called him moon shot moon.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:54


I didn’t know that. I had never been to the LA Memorial Coliseum. Until la are played there five years ago, on that crazy Monday night game where we beat them 51 to nothing. I went to the top of the Coliseum, they actually serve beer and wine in the press box that night. Wow. I’ve been challenged to throw me out. But I mean, I I’ve had NFL press credentials for 30 years. The only time I ever sat in the press box after the game, and they’re like, Would you like some red or some white? And I’m like, I’ll have the Cabernet. Thank you. So I actually drank wine in the press box five years ago after the game, I’m sorry, was three o’clock in the morning here anyway, but the LA Memorial Coliseum is like one of those places that when you go there, it’s cavernous. But when you’re in it, it doesn’t feel as big as maybe it would on TV, you feel like you can see both ends and it’s white, and the torches and all of that stuff. But the notion that they play baseball there every time I see a picture of it. I’m like, What the hell is that? Well, the modern vernacular when the Rockies were born before they built the Coors Field. They played that first season or two in Mile High Stadium, they played baseball in my life stadium. I wish I would have gone and experienced that just once because I’ve seen some weird baseball games, but like they play him in the cornfield now and I won. They’re playing one in Birmingham tonight. So there’s some weird places but Dodger Stadium is the most perfect place to see a baseball game. I would think the LA Memorial Coliseum might be the worst. absolutely,

Chris Emry  26:26

positively. It had to have been and that went on for I think three

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:31

or four or four years it was 62 Maybe 6162 Something like that. So you’re man, you’re I didn’t know you were that old. I knew I was gonna learn so Chris Emory’s here from 100.7 The Bay What do I call you? Afternoon Phil in this that I mean, I love COLLEEN i i don’t i don’t know the young man that does he have an intern Matt. I don’t know him. I met Huber once in my life. But I love your little radio station. You’re local. You’re like us, you

Chris Emry  26:58

know said you know, Brill heart. You’ve known him forever.


Nestor J. Aparicio  27:00

Well, and I love Zeppelin, you know, and like his acoustic tunes, too. But you’re always I gots to rock and roll. And I do not. I’m not shocked that you showed up in an AC DC shirt. I’ll say that. You love music. I mean, I was trying to lead you down the I love music route. You don’t even you didn’t even go down the aisle. I got my Springsteen ticket from this guy couple years ago Springsteen on Broadway you’ve handed over the money and then decide he didn’t want to spend it but But you you spend money on rock and roll you’re like me, you love rock’n’roll.

Chris Emry  27:28

Well, and I’ve also been fortunate enough most of the big shows I’ve been to over my career. I didn’t have to spend a penny Right? Like you’re getting even now good old days with the the record promoters that come in and I got that I got good into your new Stones album. And last week was the forget the anniversary. They played the Warner theater. It was like a last minute thing stones did Yes. Stones played the Warner theatre. I was the Program Director of WA ye then and I think I was making like 300 bucks a week. Big radio money. And the tickets to the show were 10 bucks, but I did not spend it I got 998 8070

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:05

I think is what it was right? I think yes,

Chris Emry  28:09


I’m standing in line and a guy comes up and says I’ll give you 100 bucks for your ticket. I 100 bucks was that was a lot of money. And I actually thought about it for a couple of seconds. And and I thought now the Rolling Stones are your favorite band? Hell no. When

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:24

I was a little boy I had. I had Elton John tickets at the arena. And they would literally like in the fifth row. And my mother, my maternal mother and I went down and someone offered us like $50 for them. They were like $6 tickets. And my mother turned to me and said $100 We can go out to dinner. And you know, we’d go down and have lobster and filet mignon and Phillips, and I never told the story here, but we sold the tickets. And it was 80 or 81 Elton John. I mean, I’ve seen 100 times since then. Right but but I do remember getting overwhelmed, making me an offer I could not refuse you do. So Chris Emery is here. And we’re Costas and we’re giving away lottery tickets trying to have fun and tell small stories. All these years later for Baltimore for you. And 98 Rock and FM and just how musics changed and the but you stayed here. I mean, you know, you’re you came in you never left. And I guess that’s for Marty bass for Dan Rogers for all my friends, Scott gar. So people that came from other places, sort of famously with different accents or different places. And they came here is sort of a young, maybe trying to get to New York, right? I mean, everybody, you know, everybody’s like, I’m gonna take a job at the Baltimore Sun and I’ll go to New York Times, take a job at Jay Z and I’ll be in New York, you know, I along that life’s highway, a lot of you stayed here. So you got stuck here, fell in love with here or fell in love here and then stayed here, but you’re one of those guys who I think of you as a Baltimorean man.

Chris Emry  29:55

Well, I appreciate and that’s fine with me. I’ve been here long enough to be To sort of feel like

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:02

what you feel like to me, I went


Chris Emry  30:04

from KU T why? I was there a year and a half got fired, gotten divorced. And a friend of mine that had just come come back from Vietnam was in the Virgin Islands. His brother was there in the Coast Guard. So when he got out of the army, he went to the Virgin Islands bought a sailboat was having a good old time. I’m fired. I’m divorced. Okay, I’m going to St. Thomas. So I moved to the Virgin

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:29

only pushing go was weather’s better than that way. Oh, yeah. Oh,

Chris Emry  30:33

yeah. It’s summer every day there. So I got a job at great called Letters W ESP. FM. Worked for public key VWTJ X key for Thomas J for St. John X for St. Croix. So a letter for each one of the Virgin Islands. And I did that for about a year. The

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:54


good tan probably right. Oh, yeah. That’s

Chris Emry  30:58

the chief engineer of the radio station was a cocaine dealer. He’d go to Peru or Colombia or whatever was buy all this stuff, go to Florida and sell it all and bring stuff back and we’d stay up for like three days and I thought I gotta get the hell out of here. So I did, and also alcohol. You go to St. Thomas, if you want a vodka and orange juice. Vodka is about five ounces. The orange juice is an ounce and a half, or rum or liquor, and Virgin Islands. There’s no taxes. It’s virtually it’s cheaper to buy liquor than it is to buy a soda. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:33

have never been to the Virgin Islands. I’ve been to Jamaica 100 times I’ve been to Puerto Rico. I’ve been a lot of places. You know, I’ve been to Cuba. I haven’t been to the Virgin Islands. So there you go. One that a virgin baby. Give you the Virgin Atlantic. Oh, what’s your favorite band? I don’t I don’t know your musical palette. Other than I once bought Springsteen tickets from you. I think you and I hung out at a Chicago concert or some. But I would think your musical palette in mind. If you and I were stuck on a Virgin Island, there’d be no virgins there. We would probably get along with music, right? I mean, you bring 10 albums and I bring 10 albums. We probably would figure this out you

Chris Emry  32:11

you’re gonna get some Rolling Stones that that’s I’ve seen the Rolling Stones more than anybody and you’ve seen a more recently than I have like, what a week ago. Would


Nestor J. Aparicio  32:20

you have gone to Philly with me last Tuesday if I hit you? Oh, yeah. My wife broke her ankle. We were going to go to Philly. She thought the whole afternoon. I was going because tickets weren’t. It was under 25 bucks. It wasn’t stupid. No, I didn’t. It was a beautiful night. It was a beautiful night. And about three o’clock she came to me and she’s like, what time you leave. And I’m like, you know, it was almost like a stone song. I ain’t got the jam. You know what I mean? So I didn’t have the jam that night to go on Tuesday and I fell asleep at eight o’clock. The ORS were playing I fell asleep on the Oreo game that night. I was tired. I get up early, sometimes two three in the morning. And I woke up the next day and while making coffee kitchen my wife slim hobbling around. She I can’t believe you didn’t go to see the stones last I can’t believe it. And I said you know what? I’m gonna regret this. You know what I mean? Like, because the West Coast thing now they’re 80 years old. Chris the thing I will tell you about stone I saw the stones the first time I thought you were at 98 Rock in 1981. But you weren’t. I really did i You were on Baltimore radio and 80 man was AYP okay. 81 the stones did a thing with 98 rock where everybody had bedsheets and Dundalk saying I want stones tickets from 98 rock down by squires on Halbert Avenue. There was the house across from squires I’ll never forget it. It was bedsheets the size of the house. It says I want stones tickets from 98 rock that’s what you had to do to win tickets. It was a 90 rock promotion right? And I’m 12 years old at the time and my my the only way to get tickets was to read a one ad in the sun papers in the news American under T for tickets remember classified ads right you’re

Chris Emry  34:04

like heck injures that’s where you buy. Well, they were sold

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:07

out. So there was a guy who met me I’m not making this up. He met us he was from Pikeville. And we lived in Dundalk right here Colgate. my stepbrother drove me in his 1976 Malibu. Out to the McDonald’s on York Road and McDonald’s. It’s still there right inside the beltway, right in New York Road and Towson. And I met this it was like a drug deal. I met a dude in the parking lot I got to know him later in life. His name is Dan he was a ticket broker forever. When I was a little boy and he was 19 or 20 and he got two tickets and a capital center envelope to silver capital center tickets obstructed view giovane. The Moscow oil remember giovane giovane presents Rolling Stones capital center December 9 1981. And I saw the stones so that is my first stone show. It was the st remember go into a Go Go old video that was MTV. It was that era was a tattoo uture that was shot in Virginia Beach that that song was that was kind of famous at the time. And I’ve been seeing the stones ever since. And I, they were as good in New York. For weeks. He was like the Toby Keystone. They were as good as I’ve ever seen them. And he’s 80 years old, and I don’t know how they’re doing it.

Chris Emry  35:23


So only rock and roll and I like it. I’m gonna keep on doing it. Because that’s that’s what I do. My first concert that I paid for was the Rolling Stones. 1969 Oakland, Alameda County Coliseum.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:37

I thought you said out tomorrow.

Chris Emry  35:38

I’m like what? I was. I moved from Northern California back to Southern California. Just couple years later, right out. I drove past the area in 69.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:48

Yeah, Outremont wasn’t 69 Okay, it was I’m not wrong. Okay. All right. So


Chris Emry  35:52

it was the Rolling Stones. I can Tina Turner review and BB King. eight bucks.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:57

eight bucks a lot of money in 69. Oh, man.

Chris Emry  36:00

Oh, it was it was my wife said what? You spent six. I could have spent that at the grocery store.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:07


Do you have a favorite concert? I mean, because I don’t know that I do. People always ask me what’s the best concert? I mean, I was at Live Aid. I mean, I’ve just seen so many.

Chris Emry  36:15

I was at Live Aid to I don’t think there’ll Zepplin sucked as much as Robert Plant thought they did. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:22

I was uh, you’ll never tell me that wasn’t one of the great days of my life. You know, I mean, I got up early in the morning. I was up at the vet at 730 in the morning because I wanted to be traffic. And I was, you know, the kids. 1617 years old. I was one of the first people in, not the vet, JFK, I should say one of the first people in there. The I remember watching Adam and the ants and watching all of the bands from from Britain. On the TV. It’s seven o’clock in the morning. One of the reasons I got there early is the concert had already started in London. And that, you know, yeah, that Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats, they were all playing in the morning. I was there all day, man. My favorite memory of that day is when Crosby Stills and Nash was playing Southern Cross. It was so hot that day, right? It’s July 13 1985, or whatever. 100 degrees. And down on the back of the infield, they had showers. They literally had hooked up like you could sprint was almost like a like a like a slip and slide. And I was in that shit communal shower, being showered with this cold water on this hot day. When they were singing. I’ve been around the world you know. So you don’t forget those moments. Memories. You know those moments,

Chris Emry  37:33

you know, and me being there. I was broadcasting live. So I would go where you’re backstage and like most of the time I was backstage Jack Nicholson was there. Oh, it was Bill Graham’s thing, right. I walked up to I saw this Volkswagen bus pull up. Door opens and Brian Wilson gets out Beach Boys. So I walk up to Brian go. Hey, Brian, my name is Chris Emery. We’re live on 98 Rock and Baltimore. And you and I have something in common. His dad had a house in Whittier. Okay, so I went up said I’m from Whittier, and Brian Wilson live on 98 Rock says My dad has an effing house and if and when I when I walked in the station on Monday, nobody said a word.


Nestor J. Aparicio  38:16

Oh, you know, the letters. The 90 Rock crowd knew what the f they knew not to get the f out. Who have you sat with it? I’ve seen these pictures like do you sit with Ozzy once Ozzy sat with you know,

Chris Emry  38:28

you mentioned Elton John earlier I went to one of the record guys. He has had a new album coming out. If they brought all these radio guys down to a recording studio in DC there was a grand piano. Elton John comes out sits down. All these other radio morons are leaning up against the wall talking to each other. I go up, put my elbows on the grand piano. I’m the only one that’s on the piano listening and Elton John play right and what do you play? Oh, he played Tiny Dancer played.

Nestor J. Aparicio  39:02

See, I think I’ve had a good rock and roll life then I knew if I didn’t talk to you if you brought you probably a baseball bat would have brought me your pictures of all of your rock and roll pursuits that’s kind of where I’m in this because Bret Hart and I don’t socialize as much as we should or could but every time we spend time together we’re talking about backstage and hammer jacks. people we met things we did stories we heard stuff people told us and you know Joan Jett stone her 98 rock thing this week and but the rock and roll thing for me like I interviewed Robert Plant over breakfast he took my son by the hand when my son was four years old five years old, and took him to a Ben and Jerry’s kiosk at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia and bought my son a Cherry Garcia a bowl of ice cream. So Robert Plant did that for my boy. I don’t on pictures, but like I interviewed David Bowie on the phone and then I had dinner with him during Tim machine down in DC. But these legendary iconic large and I mean Billy Joel is really kind to me Bon Jovi, like back in the 80s. But I see your stuff and I get salivating. You know, I see your pictures and I’m like, Damn Emory was born 15 years before me he had all the fun back in the 70s it

Chris Emry  40:14


was a Joan Jett moment for you she was playing club Venus. I was bringing her on club

Nestor J. Aparicio  40:18

he isn’t before I love rock and roll. Oh, yeah. Oh, man, this is runaways. Okay, she’s

Chris Emry  40:24

coming out. Well, I’ll tell you about that. After I do the joke. She comes out. She shows late. She’s not going on because her manager Kenny Laguna. hasn’t shown up yet with the weeds so she can get high. So once Kenny shows up, she smokes a joint she’s ready to go. I walk out to introduce her. And she must have memory problems worse than I do now. Because on the stage and letters over a foot high. It says Baltimore. So she comes out and goes Hey, looks down Baltimore. Hi, you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  40:58

Springsteen got their roll a couple years ago, he came out and did a whole night thinking he was in like Cleveland. He was in Detroit. Yeah, thank you. What’s easy to do? I guess if you’re in a band, you don’t know


Chris Emry  41:08

we did. Darkness on the edge of town I think was at the Capitol center. And I took a friend of mines wife on why and I keep thinking back about this gear. How did this why the hell that I take her because my girlfriend at the time couldn’t go but anyway, it took her she didn’t even know who Springsteen was. So after the show, we’re doing a backstage thing. He was wearing Levi’s full of holes before it was cool. He was doing it. So it had to be cool. He’s signing autographs and talking to people and this woman keeps going up and sticking her fingers in a hole in his pants touching his leg and he keeps they finally had to grab her and said what what the hell? Well, we didn’t she didn’t have an explanation. This is a woman who took Yeah, why she thought it was a good idea to stick her finger and she drinkin. Nah, no, she wasn’t drunk. I don’t know what the hell her problem was. They

Nestor J. Aparicio  41:57

don’t want to think of that era, the capital center. I think women coming into the men’s room. That’s when I think of that era. How that’s what I say like, anytime I see a woman come into a men’s room that’s crowded at that kind of festival event, I think at the Capitol center, and I think all I remember about my childhood is every girl snuck into the men’s room and would just walk past all of us. I

Chris Emry  42:19

remember standing in a urinal and having women on both sides of me squatting in the urinal peeing while I’m peeing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  42:26


That must have been an LA thing that you hit the capital center All right, well, capital center was crazy back in the day. Chris Emery is here he’s crazy on 100.7 the bay from time to time and he has been my longtime friend he’s now an edge Mirion on the water What are you gonna do with the water once you get him on? You live in Dundalk it’s water and a water water wouldn’t that’s water in Philly is what it is. It’s the water it’s the water we put in our pretzels and our pizza baseball rock and roll with what’s what’s next for you move that edge mirror. Are you going to water ski? What are you doing with this spread down here because are we shocked to see you here Costas and Don dog I don’t think US East Side. Gotta

Chris Emry  43:04

get the pier built. Alright, the pilings are still there. So we got to get them checked out seems to

Nestor J. Aparicio  43:09

water underneath your joint there.

Chris Emry  43:11

I honestly I don’t know. We’re high up so we don’t have to. They initially gave us flood insurance and I had enough sense. We’re at least 40 feet above the water. That’s a good place to be all the way down. Yeah, because it’s going over.


Nestor J. Aparicio  43:24

I lived through Isabel I know we changed all sorts of regulations around here because you’ve

Chris Emry  43:27

seen what’s happening and certain high tides down in Annapolis how the whole piers going underneath water. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  43:33

this is this is an American problem, you know, I would think is is is a global problem as well. But yeah, but I was thinking about that buying on the water always makes me a little nervous. You know? Yeah, I’ve had floods in my Bay Isabel flooded my basement and White Marsh didn’t live on the water. So, you know,

Chris Emry  43:49


I my basement got flooded and Reisterstown ruined all sorts of crap. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  43:54

love when a person lives here their whole life and they know the stigma that we have here in Dundalk. And you decided to come be one of us. So I appreciate that. Well stick around and watch the game. Chris Emery is here. He’s got the rock and roll. And the stones that’s it so you don’t have any other favorite bands. I should have taken to stones last Tuesday. I screwed that up.

Chris Emry  44:13

I love little feet.

Nestor J. Aparicio  44:15

They played recently as a reunited thing. I love festival.


Chris Emry  44:19

It was I think it was the same night that we were doing the Jamie Costello was it last Saturday? Yeah, I think so. Last Saturday or Friday? I don’t remember which but they had a lot of

Nestor J. Aparicio  44:28

local ties. Little feet, right? Yeah, they were a DC ish kind of band. Right. North Virginia.

Chris Emry  44:32

Yes. Yeah. Back Back in the old days. They went old George was alive man that they run.

Nestor J. Aparicio  44:38


Oh Atlanta and you know, right. They you know, fat man in the bathtub. It’s

Chris Emry  44:42

good stuff there. Roll on into Baltimore. I love me now.

Nestor J. Aparicio  44:47

I love the album they did in the late 80s When I was a music critic at the Sun let it roll. That was probably one of the last great things they did let it roll tonight. That’s

Chris Emry  44:54

what I was just oh man.


Nestor J. Aparicio  44:56

That was good stuff there. Food, food food. Yeah, I have a couple of weird bands like that. Like I’ve always loved the bodines. I’ve always loved the Smithereens but I love all kinds of music man, like, my wife and I last thing she did before she broke her leg. We went up to Hershey to see Joe Jackson, play the piano and sing some love songs. And he’s put together this. He’s such an artist. He did this thing where he’s doing British pub Hall music from the early 20th century. So like 19, early, like vaudeville, almost like British vaudeville, and he’s done a whole album as this character as a band conductor, and the music’s body and funny and sexual and sent up and anti government and you know, it’s, it’s, it’s early 1900s British style. And it was a concept thing, and I’m thinking, dude, you’re seven years old, you can just come play the piano sing real man sing the hits. Artists don’t do that are in and people were bitching about it a little most we hear him sing. And I’m old enough. Now. Listen, when somebody’s coming into class right now and saying, What are you doing talking to me? He’s not sports Touch Stick to sports, pal. You know, and I feel like for artists, whether it’s Springsteen doing jug music a couple of 15 years ago, 20 years ago, we did that that the Seger Arlo Guthrie type stuff, or whether it’s bands trying to reinvent themselves. Have you seen kiss Paul Stanley doing his jazz review? No, it’s unbelievable. Google it. He like leads this soul review it’s a soul review is what it is. Google posts. So these artists go into different things. I have a maximum respect for that. You know, when when musicians go and do something different with their lives, whether it’s some little Steven do an acting was Sopranos? You know, I like that. No,

Chris Emry  46:52

that was a smart move that that was one of the one of the Aside from joining Bruce’s band that was probably the second smartest thing he’s ever done.

Nestor J. Aparicio  46:59

But I every time I’ve ever seen him interviewed, you know, I listened a little Stevens garage and all that. He wasn’t an actor and he told him I’m not an actor is like perfect. That’s what we want. He didn’t want to do it. Like that’s the craziest thing is like he had to be tucked into doing that. Because the sopranos is the sopranos now before it was like, full HBO show. I got to show up. I got to act. I don’t get to play rock and roll. I respect that. I really do

Chris Emry  47:24


the last episode suckered you and didn’t I remember telling my wife? That cable just went out?

Nestor J. Aparicio  47:29

Don’t Stop Believin journey there’s another band. Right? You know, we got music. You and I are gonna go to a show together sometime soon. All right, so let’s pick some classic that some band that’s still happening out there.

Chris Emry  47:42

Here’s a BB King moment you’d like Okay, after one of the Grammy broadcasts I did while it was during the broadcast talking to BB King. And I notice he’s got this huge ring I mean giant both of his initials BB with probably 49,000 Diamonds and each BB like a Super Bowl ring. Yeah, yeah, yeah, about that size actually, and he takes it off and hands it to me. Isolated on go man, this is really cool. They get stuck. It gets no I said I’ll be right back. I gotta go to the men’s or he got a big laugh out of that. Just get up. Now I started the stand but just to see what their reaction would be.

Nestor J. Aparicio  48:23

I’m the rapper Ice Cube from Friday’s and big Raider fan. He came by the set and oh for the Super Bowl. And he had a diamond watch on that was just crusted it was just this crud. It was a shimmery giant thing on his arm. And my wife took a shine to it and he took it off and said here you can wear it. And he came to my wife and my wife was like, free to touching it worth about a half million dollars. I you know gotta be Yeah, well, you know, we’re not ice surrender each oyster Chris Emory’s here it’s all brought to my friends at the Maryland lottery. I got some Pac Man scratch offs to give away somewhere around here I have a gold rush, sevens doubler man John Martin came on this week his guardians are playing our Orioles next weeks we had a fun conversation with him. We’re down here Costas making the Maryland crab cakes were happen it’s all brought to you by Jiffy Lube multi care as well as our friends at Liberty pure solutions as well as a sponsor wondered point seven the bay keeping their water clean as well. Chris is on the FM dial from time to time over there. He’s today’s noon to six every Sunday you’re on Yep. I have probably in the car every so that’s why I feel like your regular there. You don’t do every day but you’re there enough that I would say you’re Chris memory of the bay one. Oh 2.7 And now all around Bel Air


Chris Emry  49:39

on 107.5

Nestor J. Aparicio  49:43

Not 105.7. I want to point that out. That’s different.

Chris Emry  49:46

That’s where it can get confusing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  49:48


Well, that’s where if you want to feel your sports radio, that’s a good place to go. In the meantime, you stay here. Luke is going to be here I don’t. So Luke and I get together sometimes when there’s a game being played and we’ve never watched a I can’t remember last time I watched the baseball game with him. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a baseball game with him. In an environment like this, I’m gonna find out. We’ve been impressed boxes but never to get only once together and they tried to throw him out because I was with him last year. So I, in my seriously I’ve Lucas work with me and for me for almost 1516 years now. I’m trying to think of how many baseball games we have sat and watched together, Kansas City and 14. We watch two games together sitting next to each other. And he hates it with me at a game because he’s into it. And I’m into it, but I like talk. I’m like personal. He’s like, on every pitch on every play on every substitute. He’s professional. So I bother him so it’s not good for him when I’m with him. But I had to think about this today because he’s been covering the baseball team for a decade and a half. And I don’t remember ever watching a baseball game with him like where we have gone to his house my house a bar a thing. A stadium a game changer today’s the day we’re going to watch the Orioles in the Yankees play a rubber match here today at cost this. So we’re going to do that and we try to come up with topics that have nothing to do with like today’s game, because I want to run it tomorrow. Saturday Sunday. I want to run it for a month. So I think today the topics are all star game Hall of Fame. Willie Mays oh a trivia question for you Mr. Your Mr. Baseball Mr. I’ve got baseball bat autographs here. I’m still looking for Louise got to be on his back because he was here that day. And if I see it because I’m no Louis autograph when I’m gonna look. Look at it real good. Because I’ve just named John’s to Pharaoh. Glen Gulliver. I’m serious. The bill swaggered it. I’m looking at the names on here because I can read a lot of I don’t see Louis. So when Willie Mays died the other day was in the morning. And I saw it. John Moran, who broke the news that David Rubenstein was buying the orals, former Sports Business Journal guy and big Oreo fan. He texts me and he sent me a text and it was Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe tweet. And it said Luis Aparicio with the passing of Willie Mays, Luis Aparicio, is now the oldest living Hall of Famer, I

Chris Emry  52:16

saw that yesterday. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  52:18

I’m trying to chew on that a little bit. Like it’s been 48 hours. I’m trying to think that through and thinking it’s macabre. You know, my cousin’s 90 now. Haven’t seen him in 1520 years. His agent was born with a stick Gordon was his agent. And then tick died. So Dick was my conduit to get to Louie, you know, like in Venezuela, so I don’t even have a contact to get to Louie at this point. But he’s 90 years old. And I’m just thinking, like, I have never thought about that day. I never thought about that date, Peter Angelos would die of all the angst about Peter angelos, I did not have a press release prepared for that. I just thought he’s never gonna die. I mean, literally, I thought about it that way. And I sort of feel that way about Louis, like, Louis is never gonna die. You know what I mean? Like you feel that way about your relatives, you know, like, in that way until

Chris Emry  53:03

this moment of now that he’s, he’s the oldest living


Nestor J. Aparicio  53:07

Hall of Famer. Yeah. And that unto itself is a beautiful, incredible thing to live to be 90, right. But so I saw that and it really started to give me a little pinch me moment that like, Oh, my God, there’s gonna come a day when my phone’s gonna go off and we’re going to lose Louis, and I’m going to be looking even more for his autograph on his bat. Because I don’t collect much these days. You know this, right? Like, I collect the rock’n’roll belt buckles I’ve shown you there’s my Pacific belt. I didn’t even wear a belt. It’s too damn hot. I didn’t wear pants. And we’re just we’re like tennis shorts.

Chris Emry  53:36

For wearing pants.

Nestor J. Aparicio  53:39

I collect Houston Oilers weird Houston Euler memorabilia, because I’m an old Euler fan. And what the Ravens have done to me so despicable that I have sort of given up where I don’t wear purple anymore. And then the Louis Aparicio collection that I have have weird autograph, things like this in the last year, and I kind of have a limit if it costs more than like 10 bucks or 15 bucks. I don’t need it. You know what I mean? I don’t need a Venezuelan 10 graded card. That’s $800. You know what I mean? But I have all the Topps cards and all the autographs. And it’s like the last thing I collect is Louis aparece your stuff. So you know, when I picked up my favorite Venezuelan beer is called Polar. Polar pol AR, but it’s got a big polar bear on it. And Louie did a promotion. And I bought the promotional calendar for it online for 25 bucks on ebay. And it’s the the actual beers course did this. I think were baseball bats, that you know that the beers were these 16 ounce bottles that look like a bat and you’re like, drinking at it right? So I thought I gotta buy that but I’m buying Milk Duds, Louis Aparicio, is, you know, I’m looking for the 711 Cup with Louis apery. But I have all the normals. But but but I’m gonna come at baseball collector in that way but it’s all about Louis you know so

Chris Emry  55:04


yeah, well gotta be your last one. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  55:07

want to talk Hall of Fame with Luke because he and I have you been to Cooperstown yet Luke? See he shaved? No. How can you not go to Cooperstown?

Chris Emry  55:14

I’ve been, you’ve been I’ve been. You’ve been? Yep.

Nestor J. Aparicio  55:18

You know baseball brings that we should we go to ball game together. That’s how I’m gonna do. It’s a


Chris Emry  55:22

deal you did just made me think of the first datograph Savar. God was that that Dodger game. The bullpen was right next to the seats. So I Joe Pignataro, who was a backup catcher and Ed Roebuck was a relief pitcher there in the bullpen. I asked him and they both signed my whatever what year are we talking about? 5958 Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  55:45

you’re talking Memorial Coliseum. Oh, yeah. That’s interesting. Oh, this was the Coliseum.

Chris Emry  55:48

They when they just got to LA there was nothing keeping you from the guys in the bullpen. Here’s the seats. Here’s the bullpen

Nestor J. Aparicio  55:56


that fence is three feet high and

Chris Emry  56:00

over and wish I knew where they were.

Nestor J. Aparicio  56:03

You know, I mean, you got the memory. That’s all it matters. So see, I call it Chris got the rock and roll. Emery turns out he’s a baseball guy. Mr. La has become Mr. Edgemere. From Whittier, California to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. You’re gonna hear him 100.7 this weekend. Give him a spin from noon till six on Sundays. And if you see a guy it looks like Chris Emery at a Jamie Costello party. It really is him. Love you dude. Back in Black. I’ve hit the sack. We’re here down here at Costas. We’re giving away scratch offs in the Maryland lottery including our Gold Rush double or sevens. Gold Rush sevens. doubler I gotta say it the right way. Also our friends at Liberty, pure solutions and Jiffy Lube. Multi care. Luke Jones is going to tell me why baseball players should not fight with each other in the coming hours. And we’re also going to discuss all things a baseball Hall of Fame. We’re gonna eat some Oysters Rockefeller, we’re gonna belly up to the bar. I’m gonna get some proper steamed shrimps with onions, Old Bay and beer, put some beer in there. We’re gonna watch the Orioles and the Yankees you’re back for more from Costas. Stay with us. It’s the Maryland crab cake tour with crab Imperial

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