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A summer splash of new games


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Executive Director John Martin of The Maryland Lottery discusses some new summer promotions and the big winners of Orioles Home Run Riches tally as the Birds keep hitting ’em big.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, John Martin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 5070, Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive we are positively into incredible homestand. Here if the Orioles can pick it up the Yankees in town this weekend, all star week with all stars including even Jordan Westberg get tapped on the shoulder maybe Kimbra will get tapped for the weekend is over. By Friday. We’ll have it all together. And before Lucas parades with his newest little niece and his other little niece down the Wildwood, go to max pizza, and disappeared during the All Star Game week he and I will be convening at fatale he’s established in 1887 and moved into the new Lexington market in April of 2024. Come on down gets crabcakes with us. I’ll have a beer. But with the Yankees fans hissed at them. Do whatever you want to do on the back of street side. Gold Rush sevens doublers we’ll have these John Martin makes me give him to the Yankees fans too. So we’ll be doing that on Friday from 205 I’ve invited some Yankees beat writers down we have some good stuff so come on by. Say hello the Yankees are ecstatic. It doesn’t get any better. Our friends at Liberty pier solutions put us out with clean water making sure if you have well water if you have any plumbing needs, you reach them and call them as well as Jiffy Lube. Multi care keeping us on the road and backward. This guy was on the road last week to nab him on the program. Seth Alcon pinch hit, hit a grand slam your don’t tell him I said that. But you know, I thought you would be more apt to come in and talk this guardians Oriole stuff and every time he Oreos hit a homerun I’m like not John’s trying to find the money to pay him. The homerun Richard has really been something and I think the Orioles and certainly this homestand this weekend you’re in you’re an old baseball soul you and I’ve talked Cala Vito and sudden Sam. This is this is as good as it gets Orioles Yankees this weekend, Fourth of July over with all star break. We’re in first place. These are the good days of homegrown riches John Martin.


John Martin  01:50

I see better days ahead, Nestor. I am going to go way out on a limb as prognosticator here. Are you ready? Go ahead. I can tell that the all star game which has not happened yet, as we speak, will be won by a combined force an unholy alliance of Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland guardians. I see those two teams coming together and leading the American League to victory.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:19

They might be facing off against each other in October as we get closer to this and start separate talking trading deadlines, all the fun baseball stuff that built this radio station 30 years ago that we love so much. And for homerun riches for you. I don’t know Do you watch the Orioles every night? I mean you are a guardians fan. I know you’re a baseball head so I don’t think you don’t watch baseball. But when these homeruns are getting hit and when curse that’s hitting Grand Slams Do you are you aware of it? At eight o’clock at night? Yeah,

John Martin  02:51

no, no. I sleep very comfortably with my footie pajamas. And my stuffed animal which is probably more information than you needed to know I overshare LeBron James

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:02


thing that your Jim Brown thing, what is it?

John Martin  03:06

I don’t know. I don’t know. All right. I don’t know. But no, I do not watch the games I have. I have an accounting team that does that. For me. I’ve communicate Doug Lloyd, God bless him watches the games. And he’s instantly reaching out to especially the Grand Slam winners. But you know what, coming up this weekend talk about the Yankee series. Those be some anxious moments for for a few folks, for instance. Let’s see, you can go to MD And check this out. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:31

gonna give you the winners this weekend. Are you going to tell me who?

John Martin  03:35

Let’s do. I’m going to tell you who’s going to be excited this week on Friday night’s game. Diane o Dwyer from Essex, Maryland, will be watching the game very closely on Saturday, Ronald Nicholson of Baltimore will be watching and then on Sunday, the last day before the all star break. Constance Mala from Essex, so we have Essex Friday, Essex Sunday on if that means anything. To me, I’m


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:02

a Dundalk guy, you know Dundalk in Essex have a rivalry thing right? You know which cities are they needed? It involves the plant Well that’s why there’s two towers there one for each Burb borough, and we fight about all of that but when it comes down to when Essex people are playing home run Rich’s on Team Essex, I just want you to know as you’re showing a lot of homes and by the way, my dude Nestor Cortez the unoriginal, nasty the second nastiness through the junior nasty Nester I, at some point, I want to crabcake with that guy he’s pitching Thursday night, so he will not pitch against us this weekend. But


he’s got nothing to do this weekend.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:39

I listen, we could talk about my press credential and this and that, but if I ever had my press credential back, the first thing I do when the Yankees are in town is I’d be camped out the day he shows up and say, Hey, I got a t shirt for you. And I give him an old school get nasty t shirt. Oh, but he’s pitching this weekend. What are you spinning a wheel? Get out there because you guys do that you guys have advanced it’s summertime. We have a grid.

John Martin  05:04


I want to say it’s it’s your second favorite team. I want to say that’s what it is. Let me let me jump ahead here. What’s the routine? Well, hang on, hang

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:15

on my favorite teams, the Padres. Your favorite game is the Orioles. Well, the Padres were my other. Is that Is that what you’re talking about? Yeah, hell yes. One other Jersey in my closet. It’s a Padres jersey.

John Martin  05:26

Saturday, July 27. We will be at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. And then, and then you may, if you’re 18 years of age or older, you may come up and spin the wheel. All

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:41

right, well, let’s say it’s a Padres game night. You go visit Manny Machado. You can visit John Martin and all our friends at the Maryland lottery by going to MD I highly recommend especially for coming to faith. He’s getting the scratch offs. Download the app, the app helps a lot if you’re into Scratch off games and want to find out if you win, you don’t have to play all the rules and figure out all the PacMan stuff and all that good stuff. Winners. We get lots of winners, right? Like on a weekly basis. I get these over. It’s astonishing how many people just pop out $100,000 on a scratch off somewhere. You know,


John Martin  06:14

they do that in silver spring. Not a lot. But when it happens it’s a wonderful thing in montgomery county rejoices in it. We had a gentleman who let’s see where he walked into he walked into Safeway, yeah, go Thank you

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:30

watching the Safeway sponsor, but you can win stuff at Safeway too. You can

John Martin  06:34

you can win stuff over 4400 Lottery retailers from Oakland Ocean City As I’m fond of saying $10,000

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:41


winner to wise markets in Edgewater. I’m glad you give me the whole list here. It’s incredible week after weekend. Yeah,

John Martin  06:47

it is a lot of a lot of people win and we hope we hope they’re playing responsibly we hope they they have a plan for the winnings you know whether it is it hits people kind of cool, you know life comes out and fast right? I mean, you go in for whatever your your trip was to the grocery store, and you say you know what, I’m gonna buy one of these scratch offs, which one looks good to me this 50 times the cash looks interesting top prize $100,000 And then you scratch it off and there it is $100,000 looking right back at you in and as happens a lot of times you know, they don’t believe it. They’re stunned. They have to go back in and have a clerk maybe verify it for them and and then they get the good news confirmed. And then the fun really starts on the on the planning of how they’re going to to responsibly share that prize, perhaps with family with friends, or keep it all to themselves. Well, that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:37

why I had the Maryland lottery app here because like when I did have a winner come up with a $50 winner on opening day at Bally’s and he came up he said I think I want $50 I’m not sure. Do you want $50 issued? And and no, I didn’t know really could? Could it happen? It can happen to anybody out there. And that’s part of the fun of doing this. It’s part of fun of me distributing these things or crab cakes and also new games and new promotions I got you got a whole bunch stuff coming up. I know we’re tick tock tick tock on the Ravens scratch offs come in pretty soon. Loops getting ready. They’re they’re breaking camp in two weeks.

John Martin  08:14

It’s I can’t sleep that are you sir. Check the calendar. No, they


Nestor J. Aparicio  08:18

play because they play that Thursday game. They’re opening their camp earlier. They don’t have five preseason games anymore. But I know you have that going on. And I know sports wagering news is coming up because it’s sort of the beginning of the fiscal year so you got a lot of like sports and football and summer business at the Maryland lottery. Right. You

John Martin  08:37

know, the that’s that’s the fun part about working in the lottery industry is that every day is is potential for some fun for some excitement. And yeah, we tend to ride the sports calendar pretty, pretty heavy through the year but we enjoyed the sponsor, we have with both the the Orioles and the Ravens. We’ll talk more ravens as we start as the calendar turns to August. Since we’re still hot and heavy here on you mentioned Homer enrichers. That continues to grow well, as we speak the progressive jackpot on the homerun riches fast play game is over $65,000 And that continues to grow. We have given away over $140,000 Nestor at the theoretical halfway point of the season here. Five of those grants.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:23

Grant that’s out there. That’s like don’t tell anybody because my wife would want to hear her name on TV and have gone or hit a ball maybe win 500 bucks. Maybe Westberg gets a Grand Slam wins or five grand. But the big banana really is the progressive right?

John Martin  09:38


That’s right people can go to any one of the lottery retailers and ask for the homerun riches Bases Loaded fast play game and if you’re lucky enough to win a cash prize great but if you’re really lucky enough, you may win that progressive jackpot each and every ticket sold contributes non winning tickets sold contributes to that jackpot so that you can hopefully have a share of the prize. So that’s That’s always fun. That’s a good time. And of course, being contested to the game and watching as you said earlier, watching the game and $500 for every Orioles homerun hit and $5,000 If it’s a Grand Slam we’ve given away five of those so far this year so I believe and you know this better than I do Nestor because you’re really the sports guy. I believe the Orioles lead all of Major League Baseball and homeruns hit is that correct? That

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:22

is correct. And you know, on a Grand Slam basis, I’ve Oh, I’ve asked you this because I do kid you because you are the executive director of Maryland lottery and gaming, about how you’re going to pay for all this and whether you budgeted for them to hit 18 Grand Slams this year versus 11 grand like I don’t know how many they’re gonna hit but they’re gonna hit more. I believe last year because we talked about this early in season. I believe they had six all of last six years all of last year and they’re fine with the all star break here. Yeah, look at Westbridge numbers. We nerd out on baseball a little bit and and, and rutschman Westberg got snubbed and I looked at him and I thought if he were Joe Morgan, he’d be on pace to 30 home runs driving 100 Run like incredible productivity but it really does speak to home runs and as much as Palmer complains about the Great Wall of Baltimore and then moving the wall back and me kidding you Abadi picked a nice time to big bet on home runs. They’re moving the home run fence back people still going out here plenty.

John Martin  11:19

I just funny and I’ve never listened to Jim Palmer enough to know I’m sure he would love to have that great wall of Baltimore behind him when he was on the mound. But yeah, it is. It doesn’t seem to slow the boys down much. Not a hold of it. It goes it goes. You know, we talk about sports. We talk about football and baseball. You know some of the second tier sports as I’ll call it, we wrapped up you you’re well aware of this, we wrapped up our power ball NASCAR promotion, that promotion has ended. We now have 35 winners, people who have won already $1,000 that are quietly waiting until August 13 When the national Powerball group was select 16 finalist to go into a series of progressive almost like a NCAA bracket progressive steps towards an ultimate million dollar winner in Phoenix later this year. So stay tuned, we’ll have some breaking news on middle of August to see if any of our 35 winners are fortunate enough to get into the semi final think about

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:25

six ancillary things. I’m glad we talked about them what they whether it’s the Olympic thing or or NASCAR, you’ve done very short trips to Vegas and different things like that. But when you play Powerball or Mega Millions, you’re just thinking I want to win 100 million to win the million dollar. I want to be low to coning right? But there’s all sorts of tears. And you know, sometimes my wife has won a buck or five bucks or whatever when she doesn’t have a winning ticket or a second chance ticket or whatever. But more than that, they they have stepped up incentives to make it more fun much like you do with ravens second chances where people get really cool experiential things above and beyond maybe winning a bunch of dough, people can go to MD


John Martin  13:03

and learn more about our current megamillions promotion which runs for several weeks yet. And in that drawing, we’ll have three separate drawings who already had one. Each of those three drawings will have 10 Winners a prize packs, merchandise packs of USA, Olympic gear Viet hoodies, tumblers hats, but one lucky winner in each of these three drawings will win a trip for to a VIP trip to the Olympics of their choice 2026 in Italy or 2028 in Los Angeles, and we’ve had our first winner Nesta Doug is, is in the lottery prize van as we speak, ready to talk to Cheryl harrow of Baltimore, Maryland about how she has found her newfound fame and what your plans may be for either of Milan.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:56

We have a woman here Cheryl is going to pick whether she wants to go to LA or Milan.


Yeah, how about that? Ah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:02


well, first thing I would ask Cheryl, if I was Doug, do you have a passport? She says yes. I’m like, this isn’t even a question. I mean, I like LA I go to LA I’m not I’m like Randy NuMe. I love LA. But, I mean, I even have a Dodgers hat and you know, but go to Milan, right? I mean, right? You

John Martin  14:22

know, it’s winter olympics versus Summer Olympics. So some people might have

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:26

buy a jacket and coat in Milan is what I would say you don’t need to be in LA this summer. It’s hot. It’s smoggy. You don’t want to do that.

John Martin  14:33

Well, we’ll see. You know what? It’s not your choice to make Lester I probably


Nestor J. Aparicio  14:36

didn’t we just have the Olympics in Los Angeles like a year or two ago back in 1984.

John Martin  14:41

A year or two? Yeah. 1984 40 years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:45

That’s 40 years ago. By the way people in my 25th anniversary people asked me what segment I love the most after 32 years and I did not put her into the documentary but Mary Lou Retton my all time favorite Every interview I’ve ever done was in Houston, Texas about seven years ago. She sat in on radio row with a Super Bowl and we ate ice cream together. She was promoting Coldstone this would be for her health issue. Like I mean, yeah, I love it. So so when you say the Olympics in Los Angeles, you know, I think a flow Hyman I think of the gymnastics team. And, you know, I had Bart Conner on my show early in my career started at 8084 Olympians. You know, Michael Jordan was an 84. Olympia. So like, I think at the LA so there was some pageantry to that. But I would say, Italy, I would still go to Italy. Yeah, for sure. Well, we

John Martin  15:36


will have two more drawings. So again, each of those drawings, go to MD Cheryl, call me call me I need, you know, so people can, if they’re not not familiar with promotion, read up on it, you still have plenty opportunities to purchase your Mega Millions ticket and enter that drawing. And we wish you the best of luck on that. So yeah, lots of things going on with with sports related themes. But we also have promotions that are not sports related. We recently launched a new game called Cash pop.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:06

And I’m still trying to figure out the rules in the simplest game that there’s ever been right. So explain to everybody. We’re the, you know, literally my wife and I have discussed this because she loves the concept of it, because it’s more like, I call it like a casino or parlor game where like, it’s like 21, or like 15 In this particular case, but it’s a very easy game, once you understand a cash pop,

John Martin  16:30

you go to MD For all the deets as the kids say, but cash pop, yes, because four times a day, we draw a single number from one to 15. So your job is if you choose to play is to select one of those numbers or multiple numbers you couldn’t you don’t miss need to buy one you can you can buy if you have two favorite numbers, you can do that or more. And then you’re able to allow or to place a wager from $1 all the way up to $10 on that on that number. And you will get a random prize. So for instance, if you and I both buy a $1 ticket, and I pick number seven, and you pick number nine, and my ticket may be a $5 winner, yours may be a $10 winner on the ticket when you purchase it and then we both watch the draw. And if one of us wins, we’ll win that associated price. If neither of us wins, we’ll go have a crab cake. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:27

it does remind me of like bowl roasts, picking a number it’s just it’s that simple. I complicated and I shouldn’t complicate it. John Martin is here. He’s here to make things a little bit more simple. Some it’s certainly was complicated for you and I and our relationship last couple of years was sports wagering, getting it into casinos good for First off getting it illegal, which the first 30 years of my career, we talked about, then getting it legal, and then activated and then mobile came after that. And you have that I guess for the first time, a full year, July to July were the entire community has been activated. We’ve had a football team play in a championship game, we’ve had Super Bowls, all that sort of stuff. There’s a big guy, I don’t want to play Ed McMahon to your Johnny Carson. But there’s a timpani here, right. Like there’s there’s a number associated with this at the end of the year for all the clamoring and all the years. We have real data on this. Now, John,


John Martin  18:23

we have we have had a good year, the folks in sports wagering on all fronts have had a good year. We have today roughly 25, sports books, mobile as well as brick and mortar retail locations. And as we draw fiscal 24 to a close as we did on June 30. The net we’ll start from there and work our way back, the net to the state was over $60 million in tax revenue far exceeding the initial projections when this was still a very formative conversation, as you alluded to, and even our estimates a year ago when we looked at where we might end up this year, so lots of things contributed to that. You’re correct. I think the Ravens run had a lot to do with it. I think people are getting more and more comfortable with with mobile wagering. Not that they had to adapt much. They were pretty comfortable from day one. But we also

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:16

saw the up and apart we talk about that there is their their safety built in that Louis, the bookmaker didn’t have and which is good and bad, right? I mean, we always tell everybody please do this responsibly. It’s it’s so available now. Like that. Be careful and do this the way it needs to be done. But But I think people that have fallen into it and have fun with it and baseball games and I like mountcastle hit a homerun tonight. We’ll have fun with this. Especially if you love baseball. I think baseball is probably bringing this on more than a man I scoffed at it three, four years ago. I don’t know anybody that’s ever been on baseball because the lines were weird. You bet on the starting pitcher. But there’s other sort of ways to do it that we used to do in lefty Everyone puts $1 in. We take a player tonight, just for fun. And I think people are having a good time. I know many people that are having a good time with the baseball part of hey, I want Westberg I love Adly I bet $5 and have been home run tonight there’s


no doubt that the the proliferation of the bet types has gone way beyond anything that I would have imagined. But I’m no expert. The there’s

John Martin  20:29


deserts a lot of options. And so I always caution people understand what you’re wagering, get educated. Ask someone be bet bet with your head now with your heart. Let’s let’s keep it fun. Let’s let’s keep it within the guardrails of enjoyment and entertainment. And if you find out that you like a certain bet, or a certain way to approach your entertainment with sports wagering, then then good for you. But But please play responsibly. It is something that unfortunately, still for for far too many people can can get away from them. And we do our best to educate people make sure resources are available. And they can go to a variety of websites not only within the empty lottery family, but others and local community, there are a number of people who were all focused on responsible play, and putting in the safeguards and protections so that whether it be baseball or ravens football, or college athletics, or whatever you’re looking at, that you can have some enjoyment but also be responsible in your play.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:32

Be I know, when I’ve been out in Vegas years ago, they had a whole campaign about know the odds know what your know what your wagering on know, the real chances of Ryan mountcastle hitting a home run tonight or not. And when it’s $1 or two, and it’s for fun, as I’ve seen a lot of people do it some point next month, I want to get the people who actually take the one 800 Gamble phone calls, I want to get someone from there to talk about what they’re hearing and what because I have concerns. I’ve told you this I have people in my life and I thought, oh my god, if this thing becomes click clock where we got problems, because these people are a little too close to a fanatical about it. And I’ve you know, I’ve had him on the radio with me over the course of time. And I I worry. But I also wonder when they make that call, and they’re looking for that help that? What does that even mean? What does that entail? What happens when you make that call? I want to dedicate some time to learning about that, because it’s a new thing and are certainly in our state the last couple of years,

John Martin  22:29

I would. And this is we’re kind of planning as we’re as we’re alive. So that’s that’s probably not good radio. But September is a an education month for Responsible gaming. So I would encourage us to do that in September, the football season will be fresh in everyone’s mind. Yeah, I’d be more happy to work with you and get some resources. So we can have a very candid conversation, these businesses

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:55

that are doing all the advertising, spending all this money in the middle of football because they’re trying to get first time people. And honestly, God, I would be a first time person, right? Like I I’ve said a million times the first thing that would have taken my press credential was betting on sports while I’m in the locker room right now. Now it’s out there, it’s for everyone. Even playing rotisserie sports was a problem, like fantasy sports was a problem in the media for all these years. So they’re trying to get someone like me to download their app and go for the first time. Because quite frankly, my wife and I sit here watching a baseball game, it might be more fun if she put five bucks on Kramer against like it would be more fun to sit in watch a game under that circumstance. I get that, but I’ve never done it. They’re trying to get me once they get me. Hey, slow the roll. And I think that that’s for everybody out there that never wagered on this, that they’re trying to get you to have some fun with it. I just I want everybody to understand the consequences and also understand that there’s help available for them or someone they love in many, many cases. John Martin is here. He’s the Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery game. We’ll talk more about sports wagering next. And I guess we’re getting up on Windows, ravens scratch scratch offs come soon.



The month of August. All right, we’re three weeks out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:09

Did I miss anything here this week? Did we do enough guardians for you the first place guardians I have to say that? Well. I can say first place Orioles? Because we haven’t had a chance to say much of that. Thank you.

John Martin  24:19

Thank you. I will acknowledge on behalf of people in the land that you have done the proper although Did you bow your head gracefully? When when you said I wasn’t watching? First place guardians was that? Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:28


yes. And listen, Luke came on this program on Monday morning and we’re talking about trading deadline and pitching and you know who’s going to be our number three starter when we play the Guardians in October? And we’re worried about all this right? And he said to me like the base thing and he’s been very, he’s very smart about all this stuff. But he’s like, if they win the World Series, it’s gonna be because of burns and Rodriguez and rutschman and they’ve got the guys to win the world. So whoever they’re getting is going to be like a third starter. are a couple of bullpen guys or whatever they get. And he said to me, they’re already making the playoffs and I was like, yeah, he put that out there hold on but but but you feel that way, right? I mean, like right now, if I were if I were a betting man on sports, I don’t know what the odds are on the Orioles playing a playoff game, but it’s got to be pretty strong at this point. And I said to myself, Man 33 summers I’ve been on the air in Baltimore 33 summers, I’ve done July 4, programming all star game week I’ve attended 20 all star games from the show from there. We’ve never had an all star BREAK Well, we’re like we’re in the playoffs. We’re like that didn’t exist back in the day when there weren’t playoff teams like it’s 7983 and all that. But that is crazy talk and Baltimore, Maryland on this on these here airwaves that were like, we’re in the playoffs like I’m like wow, we’ve come a long way baby, you know, and

John Martin  25:51

then there are stories that and hopefully they’re not in Baltimore Cleveland this year. But there are stories right? It wasn’t the Phillies generation. Two weeks. Yeah, just kind

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:02

of well, I said to him, and I and I know this will raise your eyebrows. I said to him, I witnessed Bucky dent in 1978 10 year old so like there is no lead safe to me for all of this but we cross our fingers and we hope is what we do and and I know you feel the same way with your landers and believe land out there as well. But it is a great, great summer. It’s great summer to play responsibly. It’s a great summer to get involved with baseball come down visit John’s folks for the Padre series in a couple of weeks. Seth will be back with us before the month is over. John Martin is the executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. He and Ross give us these gold rush seven doublers to giveaway will be at fade Lee’s on Friday. Maybe Roz’s man Greg from Northeast Mr. Yankee fan. Now that they’re in second place. I don’t have a chance of seeing any Yankees fans. This week. I’ve already got a family’s Lukumi with us. At the Yankees beat writer coming by we’re going to sing some show tunes. So I’m looking forward to that as well. So it’d be good times our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care as well as liberty, pure solutions keeping our water clean. John Martin, I will see you next weekend. And we’ll see you out on the front of Baltimore And I hope they don’t take too much in the Maryland lotteries money this weekend with Grand Slams off Gerrit Cole. All right. All right. Thanks. See you then Nestor Nestor Cortez gets a break this weekend. Happy summer weekend for all of you. If you get down to Camden Yards this weekend. Make sure you stop down to families and say hello and my friends at the Baltimore Convention Center have reopened the nest just in time for Nestor Cortez to come down so I know the nest is open on Friday and Saturday. So the shout out for Matt Campbell and my friends at the Baltimore convention center that if you’re in the neighborhood stop by get a cold beer and a dog and support demos we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. And we never stopped talking Orioles baseball and Baltimore positive

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