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The best days of summer for young folks to get healthy


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Justin Drummond discusses the fourth year of Planet Fitness’s High School Summer Pass program, which offers free gym access to teens from June 1 to August 31. This initiative aims to promote physical and mental well-being among youth, combating childhood obesity and encouraging a healthy lifestyle in a judgment-free environment.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Justin Drummond

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01


Welcome home we are W n s t testimony Mr. Baltimore positive we are a positive to get to Maryland crabcake tour out on the road. We have a whole schedule of things in July and August we’re doing our 25th or sixth anniversary depending if you ask always to tour in September. also celebrating our 25 years here at wn st with our documentary all that brought to you by curio wellness and foreign daughter but our friends at Maryland lottery have a saddle on the tour. The crab cake tour has been moving around everywhere we’ve been giving out lucky Gold Rush sevens doublers the folks our friends at Liberty pure solutions have kept my water crystal clean because sometimes I have to put it into my planet fitness bottle. And and it’s summertime here and summer provides an opportunity for for a lot of young people in the area to do something I talk about every summer. And this summer we were a little later getting to Justin drummer and he was off getting a better title. He’s now the president of ohana growth. They are locally Planet Fitness. I’ve been with pF and the beginning of the beginning. 15 years ago, whatever it is, I’ve seen from a couple of clubs to more clubs and I could count now I don’t know just to do you know how many clubs you have on it’s probably some weird odd number. It’s never a normal numbering always grows.

Justin Drummond  01:13

Yeah, we’re continuing to grow first. Thanks for having me on here Nestor. And right now we you’re right, we’ve grown and we are at 78 clubs. So a bit different than where you had us 15 years ago. So 78 clubs

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:26

and around the world. It’s an incredible number. I mean, from Australia and all over the continent. I mean, it really is it’s it’s put the P in it the planet part and Planet Fitness, right. I mean, it’s really a global brand now.

Justin Drummond  01:41

Yeah, absolutely. We’re International. I mean our domestically that’s our 78 but we do have partnership in Australia. So that’s another 15 clubs there. So you know we’re continuing to add these to to different markets across the country. Ohana ourselves. We are in the Maryland DC market. Florida, Tennessee, Washington State and California. So from coast to coast, you can find Ohana Club? Well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  02:04

it all starts here and Timonium as, as Charlie Ekman would say and this is a an initiative that we talk about every summer with young people, and obesity. And I’ll be honest with you, I put something up today from my middle school, eighth grade, and I’ll show it to you in a couple minutes. My nickname in eighth grade was meatball, and those who didn’t call me meeple called me, Doughboy. So childhood obesity is something that I certainly go back and look at the pictures in eighth and ninth grade. You know, I came from Dundalk didn’t know a whole lot about diet, they certainly didn’t know a lot about hydration at that point. Even though I played a ton a little league and tennis and I did a whole bunch of things, fruit drink sweet drinks, like all of that stuff. There’s a lot more awareness, there’s a lot more internet, I hope there’s a lot less confusion about what is good and what isn’t. But one thing you guys do every summer is try to invite free of charge young people to come in and learn about all the things that Mr. Hartzler was trying to teach me at Halliburton middle school that I didn’t listen to. Yeah, absolutely. And

Justin Drummond  03:11

that’s, that’s one of the great things that Planet Fitness offers is every summer, this is our fourth year in a row offering what we call the high school summer PASS program. And what that is, is that allows teenagers from the ages of 14 to 19, to be able to have access to our clubs for your charge from June 1 to August 31. And obviously, once you’re in the club, you have full access to everything that we offer, as if you were our classic card membership. So that means you have the free fitness training that you get from our certified fitness trainers that are in each of these clubs, you also be able to have access to our mobile app that has curated workouts specifically for teens. So that’s something that’s definitely different than what is traditionally on there. Because it’s specifying that age group right to get them to understand health and well being in physical fitness and things of that nature. But also what this does is this allows for teenagers to come in, it’s hard to be a teenager, right? There are a lot of things and changes that are happening in society and with them personally, especially when we talk about we’re still moving away, obviously from COVID and a pandemic. But there are things that they’re still just going through naturally, where internally, there are struggles that are happening, they’re real. And so outside of just the physical fitness benefits that you get from coming to Planet Fitness, there’s also the mental well being that they’re going to be able to benefit from as well. Physical Fitness has a direct correlation to mental well being eliminating stress, helping with a lot of those teenage emotions and depressions and just you know, body sensitivity and things of those natures that they may be going through. All of this helps by just coming in joining the gym or working on a gym to the summer, which we hope that they continue their fitness journey with us,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:56

man no matter who we are and we grow up and whatever walk like we were all 13 months, right, like literally right? And, and we all know all the social parts of that. Tell me how this has been for you guys. How many years? Have you done it here locally? It has

Justin Drummond  05:12


been, it has been the four years consecutive three years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:15

Okay. How has this from your management and concerns and this and that? And I mean, listen, I know a lot of places where they have signs on the outside saying, no school aged kids in here four o’clock, you know, troubles, the city troubles, all of this safety, parent parental safety, where are my kids when they’re 1415? You’re trying to and listen, I was lucky. I mean, I had a great peer group, we had an elementary school that had a summer camp program that we a lot of the kids participated in. And I was just very fortunate to have a really blessed little childhood over at East Point and Colgate, but having a place to hang out in the summer, man, what when I say idle hands are the work of the devil or time for the devil, whatever, that whatever that thing is, but I you know, I’ll show you my pictures when I was 13 in a minute. But, um, how was this worked out for a couple years and doing this? Because, I mean, you run the company, you’re like, hey, we’re gonna fight these young people in? Let’s make them feel welcome, right? I mean, all of the parts of having adults there and people paying to be there, and respect and all those cultural issues. It’s gotta be a little different summer in your gyms, I would think, right? Yeah, absolutely.

Justin Drummond  06:24

And one of the things if you think about the natural flow of during the year of a fitness center, if you will, you have your you know, your peaks, right and are in January, and in q1, where everyone’s back in the gym and doing their thing and trying to get healthy, and they had their resolution that they have for the year. And typically, you’ve seen in years past, prior to us having this initiative was the summers were a little bit slower. I mean, kids are out of school, there’s family vacations, there’s summer camps and things of that nature, your parents are at home with their children, if you will. So we have had a lot of learnings from, you know, the first year in which we started rolling out this initiative where it was, we had millions of kids in our facilities, and I mean millions of kids around the country that we’re utilizing this program, which was phenomenal for them, and phenomenal for us. But yes, like you said, there were some times where just pure usage or value may have been something that was unexpected, because of the traction that this game, and the members that were the paying members, were seeing those challenges of being able to get on a piece of equipment. But as we’ve continued to roll this out, we’ve had learnings of which yes, we may have to inform the teenagers that there is what we call gym etiquette, right? Where they can’t just hover around one piece of equipment with eight of their friends, and they’re all just rotating in and they’re all in there for, you know, an extended period of time because there are paying members but even not if they were paying members, just people in sharing the equipment sharing in a environment. And that’s one thing that Planet Fitness is all about is a judgment free zone in which you can come in and have a comfortable workout. We’re in there all working for the same thing when our fitness journey wherever we may be on that scale. We’re all working towards that one thing and that’s to become healthier. So over the years, we’ve been able to manage it a lot better. Education has been a big proponent for us to be able to share that with the teens outside of just health and well being and physical fitness it is how do you operate in a community of people who are sharing the equipment and once you be in the same environment. I mean, there’s a lot of positive things that have come from our relationship with the high school teams. While they’re in there in the summertime. There’s definitely more good than there are there have been bad so we appreciate them for coming in. We’re thankful that they are taking the opportunity we don’t want to have idle hands. We want them to come in and work on themselves be better people be well conditioned. Just

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:45

a gentleman is our guest he runs thanks for ohana, which means Planet Fitness here locally and I always have my my thermos out with my PF going on. There’s one on the I go places now and I drive just not just here locally splint fitness, there’s Planet Fitness, you start to see them pop up and you see people working out but so I got to show you this because this is three hours old. I almost died. I woke up this morning and my one of my classmates from 1981 shared a drawing from another classmate in 1981. And it’s gotten a little bit traction animal social media. I’m gonna share this with you because I had a social statement about as Mr. Stadium is still alive. I believe he’s 88. Now he comes on the show. He’s been on the crabcake tour. We sang some songs together. Mr. Stadium is a Baltimore icon all these years later, and these are my classmates. This is me if you can’t tell us as Nestor Aparicio. Here we had a fictional romance with Kim Clem, that the teacher was always kidding us about being involved and we didn’t really like each other. We like each other now, but this is me and you can see my oriental shirt as you can see on Rodney drew this he’s the artist but you can see this is not a really flattering portrait of me Justin as a 13 year old right so you look back at it. made me smile a little bit. And I, you know, did all that, but I’m thinking to myself, imagine that kid with every baseball statistic known to mankind on this phone, and every highlight and bam media and my take my baseball fan them, especially this summer got her Henderson and Adley rutschman. For me it was a little more Eddie Murray and a little bit more Gary Rennick and brother low at that point. But kids are on these phones. And like, you know, I look like that without this problem as probably too much Pac Man or Donkey Kong, probably over at the at the pecados eating pizza. But have kids today have other challenges about being sedentary, right? It doesn’t. It doesn’t take much in society to look and see. And to complain. And I’m 55 I get AARP I can get off my lawn. Oh, guys, you kids don’t move enough. Man. This thing is a game changer that we didn’t have to deal with when we were young. Yeah,


Justin Drummond  10:55

yeah. And it’s it is true at first let me comment on that picture. Whoever drew that rod, and you said he’s a great artist, because that seems like you said there was drawn years ago. So that’s phenomenal. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:06

Rodney, sir. Oh, man. He was Tibet. We grew up time. We’re four years old. We known each other. So yeah, that’s man. Yes. To find that today, even though it’s not the most flattering. It shows how far I’ve come. There

Justin Drummond  11:17

you go. Progress, right progress. But no, you’re absolutely right. There’s there. Again, a lot of people, parents, everyone talks about the screen times, right. And one of the things that we want teens to be aware of, and all kids and to be aware of is, you know, about seven and 10. Kids say that exercising and or being offered their screen, help them navigate the other social challenges that are out there today. I mean, it gives them a way to step away from what it is that is making them sedentary, but also making them looking at social media and having these visions of what they think they should be. But being healthy and being physically fit and mentally, well, they don’t all look the same. It doesn’t all look the same. So again, being in a place like that judgment free zone where you can be healthy, you can be making those right strides to get you to a place where you are, well, you are conscious about your well being. And one of those things that we continue to see is that because you know it’s a double edged sword, you have all this access via a cell phone or via the internet. So they’re on there. And they have a lot of education and a lot of tools that they can use. And a lot of kids these days, they’re in the gym right now. And they know what they’re working on, they can go through and put themselves through a workout. But we still have those trainers that are in there that help them for the ones who may not know who may not understand how to operate a piece of equipment. And so that’s what’s so good about this opportunity for them each and every summer is to be in a place where they’re like minded people worried about getting better, one step at a time. And there’s, there’s one thing that we say in our company that Ohana is we talked about this Japanese word Kaizen, right, and that means baby steps, that means everlasting improvement and getting better day by day. And so that’s something that culturally, that’s what we try to impress upon our team members, but also use that in the same vein to share that with our members in the club. And these members we’re talking about are the ones who are paying and the ones who aren’t that are the teenagers at the end that is summer for them just to get better every day.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:20


I’ve been with Planet Fitness in the beginning. And I remember, you know, 15 years ago, whatever it was, there was you know, muscle gyms and everybody was looking like Schwarzenegger wanted to and we had the whole steroid thing in this country. 30 years ago, baseball, everybody had to get bigger is better chicks take the long ball that stuff. And from the minute I started around plant fit, I heard judgment, free judgment free now. You know, it’s pride month here this month, lots of things going on that weren’t going on 15 or 20 years ago, to say we’re going to be judgment free. We’re going to diversity, inclusion, equity, all of these things, but judgment free in the beginning. There wasn’t a gym that didn’t trade off of, we’re gonna make you sexier, bigger, stronger, you know, you’re gonna look better so that you get judged better so that you fit in better. You guys were judgment free in the beginning say no, no, no, that there’s this is a place where your mom can come and get a little bit of rehab and stay strong enough so she can bring the groceries in, you know that that you can do physical normal things and every time I’m in your gym, your trainers are always talking about what do you have steps in your place? What do you have, because I’m getting a little older as well and had a back issue when I went into the gym last year and so all the little awesome little sexy upgrades and the light thing and they’ll they’ll massage. We’re gonna get all that in a minute. Yeah, um, but you know, I think more than anything judgment free was from the very, very beginning. The credo of Planet Fitness. It’s sort of baseline, the Magna Carta kind of thing, right? Yeah,

Justin Drummond  14:52

you’re 100% right. The old concepts or theories of gems back in the day was no one had to get in there and get bigger and stronger. And when they wanted to get smaller, right,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:03

and they were gonna meet each other too.

Justin Drummond  15:06

Right? Yeah, that’s, that’s the community side of things that happened there in the gym too. But yeah, you’re absolutely right. It’s the judgment free zone is again, a place to be comfortable. And what we try to impress upon everyone is, it’s, it’s that feeling you get, when you can see, it’s hard to go work out. I mean, it’s hard to get up out of bed, whether it’s the morning and afternoon or evening to go into a gym and say, Hey, I’m going to commit to time in the gym to better myself, that’s a difficult decision to make. If you think about it, if for people who want it to get smaller, and they take the stance of, hey, if I lose a pound a week, that’s 52 pounds in a year. That’s success. That’s a success story. But it’s hard to stick with it. And it’s hard to be consistent with that. But so it’s hard to do that. But what if you can try to explain it to someone who’s coming into a gym of habit, you when you walk in this gym, and you do your workout and you sweat for 2030 minutes, or whatever that may be, by the time you leave a bet you feel better, you’re going to have this aura and this glow of hey, I want to accomplish something, but to I feel better. And at the end of the day, I’m going to look better, regardless whether that’s having a bigger smile on my face, because I did something this morning, or because you are actually used losing that pound a week. So it is difficult to do. But we try to really focus on those small steps that Kaizen that getting better each time you come in, and feeling good having this glow, when you come out the happiness, all of those things. Because at the end of the day, what we do with the functional training, and just being able to move and all of those things, it’s about a better quality of life. That’s what it’s about coming in being better, getting better taking those little steps on that fitness journey to have a better quality of life. Some people may continue to get bigger, some people may continue to get smaller. But again, that focus is right there. Well, that


Nestor J. Aparicio  16:50

improvement part. And we talked about the Orioles. And the growth mindset is what sigma down with the Orioles talks about a growth mindset is something I’ve learned with Tony Robbins 32 years ago and kind of taking everywhere to make this happen and all the things that I do. But you guys live it in that if anybody hasn’t been in a planet fitness in a number of years, go back walk in, you’ll see that it’s gotten better. And I would say in a lot of locations. And this was some real foresight about the massage and about wellness and rest and recovery and things that aren’t just getting Get out, get in push the weights around and leave. It’s way more than that. And I would say if you haven’t been in a long time, check out one of the one of you remember premium locations, I know you’re catching up and lots of other places have brought this on not every location has it but you’re working on it. And I got a sneak preview. Last summer I went up to Randallstown and and did a little I didn’t me and my wife said, and middle of the day you got sponsors like Planet Fitness, they put you up with a day spa for the day, you can be here working but you’re there instead, I had a lot of fun and more than that the environment, just seeing different people come in and out and why they’re there. But seeing improvement, you know that you know that your whole company is doing internationally. Yeah.

Justin Drummond  18:08

And that’s one thing that we try to lead the way with is because we have such a large membership grouping across the country with Planet Fitness is we got to continue to evolve with our membership base involved with how we operate clubs. And one of the things which you’re talking about at the Rice’s town location there is the

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:27

sorry, called a Randallstown. I feel like an out of town, right? No The Difference. I know we’re Randallstown ends and Reisterstown begins. I’m

Justin Drummond  18:34


just I’m just here to help Nestor. That’s all so. So with that at Reisterstown. Yeah, we did an upgrade there and to our black card spa area. And what that encompasses is, we have hydro massage beds and loungers, a way that you can sit down there again, this is what our black card membership was a few dollars higher than our traditional classic card is you’re gonna go in there, you can lay down on these bids, and it’s hot water objects that are shooting up at your body and it’s very relaxing. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:02

had never done it, you know? And I should say, I don’t know why. I mean, listen, I’ve had a lot of massage therapy, recovery PT all that I had seen that device, but until you’ve actually experienced it. I didn’t love the chair, but I love the bed right so like, part of it for me is finding what you love. And I think then think I’d like either one of them to be honest to you, because you sit in the ones in the mall or whatever everybody’s seen them and in the store in the mall where you sit down and sometimes put a quarter in or whatever but this is a whole different level. Yeah, this technology

Justin Drummond  19:37

really yeah, this this is different. This is also something that you know, some people come in and do this before their workout in after the workout definitely after that workout because you want to then you know, relax the muscles and work out any of the kinks that you may have built up from what you were doing with your workout. But we have something for everything. I mean, I know you’ve mentioned the chairs. One of the other upgrades are the chairs that we’ve now put into these clubs aren’t the traditional ones that Do you sit in at the mall, right? When you’re waiting for your friend to finish shopping, right, we now have the zero gravity massage chairs where it actually feels like you’re lifted up off the ground, they get an everywhere from your shoulders, your back your calf muscles in your feet. So it’s again, something for everyone to go in there to relax. And one of the biggest things in the fitness industry for the last couple of years has been recovery. I mean, again, recovery is just as important as it is to actually do the physical workout. If your muscles don’t have time to recover, then you’re not going to continue to see those gains that you want to see. So we have been at the forefront of that and that we meaning Planet Fitness is creating these black cards, spa environments and lounges that we have in our facilities where you have hydro massage, you have the massage chairs, you have tanning beds, you have a total body enhancement, which is a red light therapy,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:53

like therapy. Like we got to talk about this because I had never done any light there. You know, like I heard about this. And I that was one of the really fun parts of that day I pack the bags. I’m going to gym, my wife did good. Yeah, when you come back, well, I’m gonna do this and that. And the other thing and whatever. My back was a little wonky that day from a workout perspective. I wasn’t as in the workout just physically that day as I was into relaxation, and the light relaxation thing. I’m like, What is this? And then I got in the pod. It’s a pod, right? And I’m like, I want to come back. And I liked it enough that I would do it again, right now if you’d let me.


Justin Drummond  21:29

Yeah, yeah, I will say what you get in there is also for some of you say your back was hurting that day, the floor inside of these total body enhancement units again, where the red light is. It has a vibration pad on the bottom too, which gives you a little low impact workout while you’re standing there for your session. But again, it’s soothing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:48

I did everything Yeah, it’s great for

Justin Drummond  21:51

your skin, it’s going to help with the collagen cells in your body to really smooth out the skin. We’ve had women and men come in and say that it’s helped with even just you know, then and now smoothing out the the crow’s feet that they may have. I mean, it’s just those type of things that help you especially in the day and age when people are thinking about their self care. This is what it is a recovery areas self care for you working out is self care for you. So all of these things are something that’s provided and available and you have access to it a Planet Fitness. Yeah, my

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:21


wife called it a spot and she’s worked out. I’m like, Well, my back was Elena. Well then was a spa days. What she said, just a tremendous here he is ohana. He’s the president of ohana. They’re local but they are Planet Fitness, really here and really all over the world as well. Make the elevator speech for the summer for those who are too old to participate in this free thing and they actually have to have to pay. It has always been the most affordable thing and I know I’ve told you this before but I was a member of the Bally’s holiday spa 1983 over the NorthPoint village and they had a pool in the back that overlook the dumpster was lovely. But you know was a sign up for life, you know, prick your finger put the blood in, it’s gonna cost 100 today to do it in the membership and we’ll never let you leave, you guys really perfected the can do it this month can’t do it next month, I want to do it in Bethany row, but the Roshan city or I’m at the beach this week, or whatever it is, you guys have really sort of perfected making this not feel like an encumbrance or like a life sentence or death sentence than my credit card. It’s very, very affordable to be a member of Planet Fitness. And I think that’s one of the the access points that’s made it so popular all over the world. Yeah,

Justin Drummond  23:34

when you think about Planet Fitness, the first things that come to mind should be the affordability, the economical price point that we have for anyone to really just have access to fitness, a fitness center, and then also the recovery area as well, if you’re talking about going to our black card membership, which is going to be your best bang for your buck. But we have over 2500 locations nationwide. So again, access, being able to turn a corner and see a Planet Fitness is something that we thrive to be able to do and thrive to be able to have a lot of people be able to join us and again work on their physical fitness. Again, I already mentioned the economical piece to it. But one of the things that we really, really try to key on when you talk about a differentiator between our brand and other brands in the fitness industry is going to be that judgment free zone to be able to come in and be comfortable and not be intimidated by seeing someone who might be in a tank top and they’re bigger than you and I lifted everything you under grunting and all of those things. We want it to be an environment where you can come in and do your thing was always

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:37

to do with a little cut off shirt. Yeah, that would always be like Nah man, you know, I mean, and I’m talking about when I was a young person in the 80s that was come on man I know I don’t look this old. I look young and sexy but I remember living it Let’s Get Physical that you know is that that’s what that’s what gyms. To most people my age. That’s what they remember. We’re about that. And I think over the last two decades, you guys have changed the paradigm on Yeah, why I’m there. I mean, I mentioned literally bringing in groceries, getting up and down steps, being able to do lawn care, my wife loves gardening. My wife broke her ankle four weeks ago. She’s got PT and this and that. And you know, she’s, she’s 52 now and trying to stay strong. So she’s doing things she loves, getting back into a gym, for her after this, and staying after strengthening and doing these things is gonna allow her to, to live happily, the rest of your your, it’s not a muscle place, it’s a fitness place. Planet Fitness, right? Yep,

Justin Drummond  25:35

100% of fitness plays again, talking about the quality of life, being able to play with your kids and your grandkids walk your dog for longer than 10 minutes. Just because you have the better conditioning. Those are the things that we want our members to be able to come in and accomplish. And knowing that there’s a community of people who are like minded, and on that same path with them is something that really, really helps is to be able to say someone is doing this alongside me. And you may come in there. And you have mentioned earlier today, Nestor, that you may go in there, you may find your future wife or something like that. But one of the things that we see is the strength in numbers, I mean, from teenagers to adults, if you’re going into a place you are able to work out with a buddy, you have that commitment, not only to yourself, now you have a commitment to someone else. And so you don’t have the constraints of a financial burden of Oh, I gotta go and use this membership, because I’m paying so much and maybe my friend can come or maybe they can, it’s an economical way that both of you guys can come in our black card membership that we have, you can bring a buddy in for free with you every time you come work out. So you can already scratch that off of a reason why you won’t come. So these are the things that we try to make it easy for people to have access to fitness, which again, will continue to help physical fitness and your mental well being. That’s what Planet Fitness is really, really trying to get out there. And we’ve been able to continue to expand this reach to the population,


Nestor J. Aparicio  26:56

what are the equipment’s not going to use itself? So let’s get you in there. Did everybody use it? Make the pitch for the kids again, and people that have young people in their lives of the young people watching this? We need more of you. We need more of you in shaping getting out and doing good things like this. I really I kid but we went skating and met girls at this point in my life when I was that age. And you know, like I can’t I joke that it wants to discover girls stop playing baseball or whatever. But the summer time and all of this idle time if there are young people out there. I wish when I was this age, this was available to us. We use toddler Wednesday’s gym with the weights. We know what the heck we’re doing. And this is so much better than that for anyone young this summer. Yeah,

Justin Drummond  27:37

again, it’s the high school summer PASS program. And this is our fourth year consecutively running this all summer. It’s free to teenagers ages 14 to 19 to come to any of the Planet Fitness locations and get a free workout. Yes, you do have to sign up you need your information. And now you do need to get a parent parental waiver. But those things are easily accomplished. Once you come into a club, you can do it online, you can do it on our free mobile app. There’s all different types of ways and avenues for you to get involved with our high school summer PASS program, which again ran from June 1 and goes all the way through the end of summer, August 31. free workouts for all the teenagers and all of the Planet Fitness locations so there’s not excuse BDB there for over 2500 locations nationwide for someone to come in and use one of

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:24

our gyms to thanks we got to get a crabcakes somewhere in Timonium sometime between now and next May 31. And next summer we’ll we’ll get the band together right around Memorial Day and we’ll get this thing out right after Preakness let everybody know about it earlier in June but it’s always pleasure to catch up with you. very appreciative of our partnership I’ve always proud to represent Planet Fitness to talk about all the cool stuff you guys do and learn more and I like it even more when you give me light therapy and free back rubs over the Reisterstown location. Planet Fitness is our party you can learn more planet about all the things are doing for young people here this summer in summer, the summer High School pass and you know I’ve already I feel thinner and better. It certainly looked better than this picture I’m looking at 1981 it just for talking to you. Summer it’s high hydrate everyone. That’s my my words. Everybody asked our friends at Liberty pure solutions as well as Jiffy Lube put us out on the road on the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery. Our friends have the Gold Rush sevens doublers off Cathy’s again on the 12th of July and fade Lee’s and that’s a special day because the New York Yankees are in town that day. So to kick off All Star Weekend on the 12th we’ll be down at fade these are two of the five Lucas stopping by we have some celebrities dignitaries, fun friends, the Yankees are in town, you know it’ll be a good time. I’m Nestor my thanks to Justin Trump and other Ohana partners and our friends at Planet Fitness. We are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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