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The Baltimore Orioles took care of business on the West Coast during the 4th of July weekend in Seattle and Oakland and now return home leading the American League East with the Cubs and Yankees looming before the All Star break. Luke Jones and Nestor discuss another successful week in Birdland.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive the Orioles are coming home and we’re coming home to fade this week physically took time off from the crabcake throw but not really like a week off for the July. Birds Go west they come back East. It’ll be the Cubs and the Yankees all week on Friday. We will be at fade Lee’s in the new Lexington market if you haven’t been, it’s a great opportunity to come down Yelets the Yankees fans I’m sure there’ll be plenty around all of it brought to you by the Maryland lottery friends giving us the Gold Rush sevens doublers we’ll have these on Friday afternoon from two until five at fade Lee’s got some good guests coming down and let raskins gonna stop by Yankees in town. Luke Jones will be with us our friends at Liberty pure solutions keeping our water crystal clear as well as Jiffy Lube, multi care, putting us out on the road as always, and we don’t really get to the second half of baseball until next week, and then we get the all star game and Luke’s going on vacation. But we have a week of baseball you’re sort of bonus baseball and Oreos go out to the West Coast and handle their business as best as you want them to do in the middle of the night. Saturday not withstanding which is a little embarrassing, but a wake up call for young Cade Povich look, how are you man? Happy week. Gee, I know website’s been a little wonky as Jessica gets us out into the blue water of football season. We’re a couple of weeks out on that vacation but a week of Late Night Baseball in Seattle. And whatever that mess was in Oakland over the weekend.


Luke Jones  01:30

Still one two out of three. I mean, if you want to be embarrassed about Saturday, you can Yeah, Saturday stunk, but I make the mess of nobody being at the stadium. Oh, yeah. Well, that’s it. Yeah. I mean, and I was a little amused here in some of the Orioles broadcasters wax poetics about, you know, wax nostalgia about the Coliseum. And I mean, this is I think anyone who’s paid attention to it has thought this would be the ultimate conclusion for the last 15 years if not longer than that, quite frankly. But the Orioles they take take care of business, I think back to where we were, what, 10 days ago, two weeks ago and five in a row and all the panic in what’s going on with the pitching. And yeah, I mean, some of that still there. And we’re going to talk about trades and the potential for that in another segment. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:18

the pitching were better. They went every night, right? They just went nine out of 10.

Luke Jones  02:23

I mean, at some point in time, you have to look at this and say, okay, Cleveland’s been a smidge ahead of them as of late for best record in the American League. But how about the fact that where the Orioles are, where they’ve been for the most part? And yes, five game losing streak, notwithstanding, take a look at where they’ve been, and what’s happened to the New York Yankees over the last three weeks. And I think it puts things in perspective and saying the Orioles are all right there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:50


To win seven play seven under baseball. And so for at any point, it’s hard to do that. Even if you’re the Yankees and you’re on fire because it felt like I don’t know, early June felt like they never lost. They felt like they won for a month, right every night.

Luke Jones  03:01

Yeah, I mean, it looked like that for a while there. It felt like the Yankees were never going to lose again. And they’ve been terrible for three weeks. I mean, they’ve lost what 15 of 20. That’s the exact kind of stretch. I was saying that the Orioles five game losing streak couldn’t turn into, you know, you lose five in a row. I mean, that’s going to happen to just about every team in baseball over the course of 162. The key is not letting that turn into three or four weeks of struggles. And we’ve seen the Orioles win eight of 11 since then, and yeah, Saturday and Oakland was rough. And there’s still questions about the pitching. Although Dean Kramer came back and pitched really well in his return from the IRL seems like Albert Suarez has stabilized himself a little bit over his last couple outings. So yeah, they still they still need pitching. Although I’ll I’ll still contest. I still think bullpen is a bigger priority than another starter, if you want me to be honest, but in the meantime, we’re still winning a lot of games and they went to Seattle and took care of the mariners who are in first place despite the fact that they’ve come crashing back to earth a little bit and the Astros have kind of been the talk of the AOS and the Orioles as you pointed out the mess in terms of just the lack of people with at the Coliseum and I saw you make reference early before Sunday’s game started that the Orioles needed to bring their own energy well, they hang up for spot on the board in the very first inning and feeling good about themselves and it’s kind of the best way that you want to move on from a blowout loss the day before is to start fast

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:29

get into what do you want to say about Saturday? Let’s at least plant that in because we all remember 30 to three with the Rangers James McCann is pitching on Saturday and yeah, you know, I had a little picnic here and I settled in to watch the game and I was over before it started like well do something else on Saturday night at this point. Unusual rare weird, but I mean, as I pointed out with this team where they lose five in a row three in a row St. Louis weekend. We go through their bad stretches they’ve had to it’s the all star break David Too bad stretches in the first place. So there’s only so much you could complain about. But we know a learning experience to get to get snuffed like that. I mean, that most of the guys on that team will never be beaten like that again, in any game anywhere. Especially in the middle of no one for nobody on. It was it was just Saturday was a real outlier. Weird game. Yeah,

Luke Jones  05:22

I mean, it was completely weird. I mean, to your point, I think a lot of people were at Fourth of July cookouts, I was over at my sister’s house with my extended family and saw the first couple of winnings. And then honestly, we turned it off, and then turn it back on almost like couldn’t turn away kind of thing. How many? Are they going to score? Can


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:38

they get to 30? Yeah,

Luke Jones  05:40

I mean, the only relevant point from that beyond just the fact that it was a loss was que COVID struggling as dramatically as he did. I mean, his couple starts before that hadn’t been necessarily great, but weren’t necessarily so bad, where you’re talking about sending them down, or you’re talking about whether he’s gonna make his next start or anything like that. So we’re gonna see how he responds here. And I would think it’s not going to be a long leash, if he has another start anything close to resembling that he’s gonna get sent down. I think that’s the evidence. Wherever would have been better than that? Yeah, but but at the same time, I mean, we’ve seen Cole Irvin struggle. I mean, the right now, I mean, that fifth spot in the rotation is very much a question for the next few months. Obviously, with the trade deadline, it’s a case of can you upgrade the number three spot in your rotation? But yeah, they bounced right back. Grayson Rodriguez did what he’s done for a while now. And we’ve talked about it. He came, went out there and pitch really well. And you know, the final final line didn’t look quite as good, because he did give up. You know, what the inherited runs scored in the seventh inning. But I mean, he’s just been really, really good. Now, I’ve seen some people talk about, you know, could he have been an all star? No, I think if you look at other than wins, you know, and you know, what I’m gonna say about pitcher wins at this point in time. But at the same time, he’s been an 11 game winner, and he’s pitched really well. And he’s put in Burns has been the ace. But Grayson Rodriguez has been that stopper for them on a couple occasions this year. And we saw that during the Cleveland series, even as they had lost five in a row. So it was a good response on Sunday, Saturday to your point. It’s an outlier. Of course it is. As I said, it was a tough day for the run differential yet, you will still have the best run differential in the American League. So it shows you how much right they’ve done this year. But I think for where they were two weeks ago, coming off of the Houston series, losing the first two in the Cleveland series, all the angst about the pitching and look, that angst and that, those questions and that concern was there, even when they were beaten the Phillies in the Yankees the week or two prior to that. So that’s been an ongoing thing. At the same time, statistically, in the aggregate. The pitching has still been okay. Now, it’s not as though it’s been this major problem because they’re still winning games. And on this road trip, they won some close games where they didn’t necessarily score a ton of runs, but they pitched well enough to win in some of those games. And, you know, even the bullpen holding up in

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:12

late is really a concern. You know, you get to the sixth inning, you got one run late or you’re down a run, you’re in a game, you certainly have the bats that come back, right at any point, you just can’t let the things slide. You don’t want to have a baker come in and turn a one run deficit into a three run deficit in the seventh inning. And then all of a sudden, you’re gonna lose that baseball game. Yeah, but

Luke Jones  08:33


at the same time, I mean, they gave up three runs on Sunday, they gave up two runs on Friday night. I mean, it’s not as though they’ve been getting bad pitching performances for the most part, you know, Saturday aside, I mean, Saturday via the extreme exception to it. So I mean, it’s, it’s kind of a boring discussion in the sense of this team, just they write themselves right. Like I said, in New York right now in the Bronx right now. I mean, the Yankees are on fire in terms of all these problems. I mean, the the rest of their lineup other than judging Soto can hit, you know, they even move Volpe down in the line in the order and he’s one of their had been one of their more consistent performers. They’re pitching has really gone sideways and what good

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:12

I see him on Friday take advantage of that. Sure. But my

Luke Jones  09:16

point is, but but again, my point with when they lost five in a row was this team has a two plus year history now of when they do have a stretch like that, and those stretches have been few and far between. They bounce back really quickly. I mean, it was a year ago at this time where they last what six or seven and they were going to the Bronx and you know, things were looking hairy and Tampa Bay was in first place and and then the Orioles you know they had a long winning streak right after that. So it hasn’t been on

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:43

their first place team last year and they’re a first place team right now. And the Yankees are coming in here on the struggle, and it might be a good time to get after them. I mean, I can envision a week from now we’re talking about this team going to Arlington and look we will have plenty of time to talk, trade debt. line, we’re going to talk about the All Stars and the snubbing and everybody getting their feelings hurt from mountcastle and Westberg. You know, Rodriguez, you know, Kimbrough, all of them, we could talk about all of that. But the most important thing is they got games this weekend with the Yankees, and they can really spike the ball at a point here. I mean, cubs are very good. You know, I look at this this week and say, This is a homecoming, spike the ball, go to the All Star break. This is a weekend, you’d remember if special things were to happen against the Yankees this weekend to really create some breathing room that, quite frankly, two weeks ago, we didn’t think it was going to exist. Yeah,


Luke Jones  10:41

and I mean, obviously, it’s not over and even if they sweep the Yankees, a division race isn’t over. But in terms of the head to head, you can really put your distance between yourselves and the Yankees in the city. Last time

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:52

they got together with the Yankees couple of weeks ago, they sort of won the end of the war there and I’m gonna stare at you and you’re gonna stare at me and I’m gonna hit you and you’re gonna end like all that’s gonna bubble back up before we’re gonna talk about that all week here, right?

Luke Jones  11:05

I mean, we can but the Orioles beat on. I mean,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:08


you know me, um, you can beat him again. But

Luke Jones  11:11

like that whole thing? Like I, I have so little interest in like, not so much that we talk about it because obviously, if it happens, it happens. And it’s a relevant talking point. But in terms of who’s at fault for what and who’s hitting whom and all. Like that whole thing. The Orioles handle their business, they beat them. You know, I mean, the Yankees were belly aching like crazy about it. And the Orioles beat them. So yeah, I mean, if you look at what happens this week, it’s a matter of coming in and going into this three game weekend said I mean, the Orioles have what five to two and head to head against the Yankees so far. And if you can take two out of three from them. At the very least then, I mean, you’re really sitting pretty then as it pertains to the head to head. I mean, you kind of have it sewed up as it speaks, not the debaters

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:57

will come against them Burgess going earlier in the week. So I mean, the pitching matchup is what it is, you know,

Luke Jones  12:02

right. And it’s like I said, I mean, the Yankees, I mean, everything that I talked about with them. Back in March, April, and even in the May, when we were talking about that late April, early May hit that series where you were saying it was big, and I was saying, well, there are no big series in April, May. We all knew what it meant at that at that point in time. But the caveat I kept offering there at that moment in time was this is a Yankees team that’s very reliant on Aaron judge and Juan Soto. And they’re two of the best players on the planet. You know, there’s no disputing that. But the rest of that lineup, older players, injury prone guys like Stanton, and Anthony Rizzo having some of the health concerns he’s had in recent years. And seeing what happened to them last year with all the injuries. You know, obviously the starting pitching you liked, but there was still the question about coal. I think there’s still questions about Gerrit Cole, based on what we’ve seen performance wise from him, relative to be Cy Young Award winner last year. Their bullpen has certainly come back down to earth and you mentioned Craig Kimbrel. A lot a lot of Orioles fans aren’t happy that clay Holmes got the nod as far as a closer making the all star team compared to Craig Kimbrel. A month ago, there was no debate it was Holmes. But since then, it’s been Craig Kimbrel has been lights out and Holmes has really had his issues. And that’s why the orals are in first place. And it’s why the Yankees have what last 15 of 20 Going into this week. So I mean, it really, you know, it really is the tale of so many of the concerns that we’ve had about the Orioles. And look, this is all relative because we know the Orioles are a really good team. But so many of those concerns haven’t really shown up for an extended period of time other than the five game losing streak. But then they got themselves righted. And they’ve just they’ve won eight of 11 since then. Whereas the Yankees I can think back as I was even watching it on my MLB TV package, where the Yankees lost that game in Kansas City where I think they could have had a sweep, the Royals came back and beat them. It was like a Thursday afternoon game. And the Yankees have been kind of a disaster since then. I think they’ve lost one of their last seven series, I think it was six of them. And the other one was a split. So it just speaks to well


Nestor J. Aparicio  14:16

the Oreos may have contributed to that right? sort of put them on the road to not be and here they come again. And I guess this is where when you’re the big brother, not the little brother and you know the Oreos have been punching up for since your birth. You know, for 40 years, they’ve been punching up with the Yankees. This is written not just rarefied air, but a chance to give them a lights out a little bit and push them away this weekend. While things are going well while you got home cooking while you’re headed to the All Star break while everybody’s pissed about not making the all star game like all feeding into all of that. This is as exciting a homestand as they’ve had ever and a lot I mean they get bigger and bigger. bigger and bigger because they haven’t won anything in 40 years. This should be a an a monumental kind of weekend for the Orioles. I think as far as middle of the season home stands we first place on the line against the Yankees in the middle of summer. And then the all star break after that where Henderson is going to be on TV all night on Monday night, Tuesday night TV hit homeruns in your when you get to be the stars. But either way, I’ll tell you one thing that that you know, as I look at it, they can be the best team in baseball at the All Star break a week from now based on what happens the Phillies, whatever, not that you get a flag for that. But going into the all star break this time last year. They were upstart Chase and Tampa some nice young players, but unproven of anything. So haven’t proven anything in October. But these are the measurement points for franchises. And look, I know not everybody’s watching the all star game next week and the world doesn’t stop anymore for it or whatever. But if you are stopping for it and you are watching it over that 36 hour period next week, the Orioles would be the toast the baseball and already are one of the toasts of baseball if they lose three this weekend to the Yankees, that will make things more interesting and louder. If the Yankees do that. But the Orioles This is a week for them to make a lot of noise. I think not just new ownership franchise, home games, Yankees all of that. This is where they establish that they’re not just a team or team that did something last year. I think this is a week they can really make some noise and and put some distance between them and the Yankees. Yeah,

Luke Jones  16:29

I mean, I think that’s what the outside perception is gonna be I think inside that clubhouse. I think they’re viewing it as another week. I mean, I think that’s why they’re so good is they don’t when we were talking about that Philly series A few weeks back and how big that was, and bestimmen al gins best team in the NFL, or, you know, at least it was kind of setting up to be that way. The Orioles at that point in time. They kind of shrugged and they said, look, it’s no disrespect to anyone we’re playing. But one, we’re confident in ourselves. And two, it’s a long season. And I think the only difference. And it’s funny because you even I’ll go back to something you said like 90 seconds ago where you said that the Yankees and the Orioles and you kind of viewed it through the lens of Big Brother against little brother. I would beg to say outside. Yes. media wise. Yes. fan bases. Yes, all of that. But as far as the two teams, I’m not sure if that’s really the perception. First of all, the Yankees haven’t won anything in a really long time.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:25

This group of Oreos has never been beaten by the Yankees, and the other way around. And that’s

Luke Jones  17:30


my thing, where you kind of I think the teams themselves and putting aside payroll and all those other things that we talk about, inevitably, when you’re talking about these two markets, these two teams in the right field Hall of Fame

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:40

garden going like oh, yeah, oh, that’s gone this week. And they’re coming here, Dre. What that

Luke Jones  17:45

whole thing is, I think the Yankees internally are kind of like, gosh, we really need to beat those guys. And I think the Orioles internally inside their clubhouse, they just say, hey, it’s the last week before the all star break. We’re ready for a break. Oh, it’s been a long road. June was so long. But hey, we’re playing well, we’re fine. The five game losing streak was a bump in the road. And we got ourselves righted immediately thereafter, and let’s go put a little more distance between ourselves and the Yankees. And again, a sweep any any outcome this weekend’s not deciding anything. But it can certainly be a situation where you can go into the all star break and potentially be five games up, you know where that’s you know, you’re feeling good. That’s not far from over. But we know that but it can really be in a position where you think about how bad things felt two weeks ago, and go back three or four weeks ago where the Yankees were just winning every single night and the Orioles. were winning, by the way the Orioles were winning every single night just about to and it was just you know, there was a sense of frustration that then you’re playing well and you’re gaining no ground on them. And, and but the last two weeks, I mean, the Orioles have gotten themselves straightened out. And the Yankees have just been a mess. I mean, you know, while the Orioles were losing in Oakland, the Yankees had a big day against the Red Sox, but they lost the series Sunday night. So it just speaks to where they’ve been and their concerns and they’re coming into Baltimore. To your point I’m sure there will be Yankees fans in town. I mean, there’s all there always are but at the same time, I think the urgency level for the Yankees is going to be extremely high. Whereas I think for the Orioles the urgency is always high in the sense that this team’s just good and they’re on pace to win 100 plus games for the second straight year but they’re in a position where I think this is more a great opportunity for the Orioles to put some more space between themselves and the Yankees and again talking in terms of the head to head you can really all but so it up you’re right i mean you know if you sweep them for example, then it would be you know you would have that head to head already assured. So you know this is just I don’t know how to say it in any any simpler midterms but this is a hell of a baseball team. And they’ve proven it over and over and over. And to your point last year at this time, they had a very, you know, they had a great record. Now they were right on the heels of the race at this time a year ago, and all that, but there was still a sense of okay, upstart team. Are they going to do it for a full 162? Who’s real? Obviously, Richmond’s great Gunnar Henderson was on his way to winning Rookie of the Year at that point in time, but there were still questions as far as just how real how authentic, how legitimate, how much of a serious contender they were this year? I mean, yes. Once we get to October, yeah, the rails, we have to prove it, just like any team has to prove it, you know, and including teams that have done it in the past. Because, you know, just because you’ve done it one year doesn’t mean you’re going to do it the next. But there’s nothing about this team right now that anyone should be diminishing in terms of where they are in the standings in terms of regular season success in terms of questioning whether they’re going to continue this. Yeah. I want to see them add bullpen? Yeah, I want to see them at another starter. There’s no doubt about that. But they’ve they’re 24 games over 500 Going into the last week before the all star break, even with some of their question marks, even with some of the guys that they’ve lost. And as I’ll continue to point out, it’s not like Kyle Bradish, John means and Tyler wells were in the rotation the entire first half. I mean, those guys combined for 15 starts. So they’ve won a lot of games even without those guys being on the field. So it’s not as though you’re looking at this and questioning, are they going to continue? You know, are they going to continue to win games? Yeah, they’re going to continue to win games. But now it’s a matter of maintaining where you are in terms of winning the division, you know, there Right, right there with Cleveland, Cleveland, going into the week is percentage points ahead for the best team in the Al but the right there. And now it’s just a matter of continuing that while obviously over these next three weeks, seeing what the Orioles are going to do to fortify this roster, not so much just for the rest of the regular season. But more importantly, October and how that’s going to look and well. And we’ll get into that. And obviously, there’s still more conjecture than substance, you know, more sizzle than steak at this point three weeks out. But with the expectations being that they’re going to add. They’re really, really good even even before they add at the trade deadline. So that’s where this is just so exciting. Again, there was it’s why when they had lost five in a row. Look, I wasn’t sit here saying that Everything’s peachy and everything’s totally fine. At the same time. You didn’t hear me say the sky was falling. And the reason why is this team has a two week or two year track record now of showing playing baseball at a really high level. And they’ve done that for two years now. So all star break and all that all the points that you made that will be media and fan talking points. I don’t think the Orioles view it that way. I think the Orioles view it as this is the next week on the schedule. And the light is at the end of the tunnel in terms of getting a break and getting a respite. A well deserved respite for any of these teams. I mean, they’ve been at it for 90 plus games at this point in time. But they really do have an opportunity here to separate a little bit more against the Yankees and, and do it directly this weekend where you can send the Yankees home, send them home, you know, to the golf course and the beach for four days. Not feeling so great. I love

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:27

kicking them when they’re down, especially when their fans have to like show up and because you know, it’s been a lifetime but this with the Yankees. So like, of all the teams you want in second place. The Yankees are fun in second place. I did see an old picture this weekend. Somehow Jim rice, Fred Lynn and do we Evans all got together and there was a picture of them together. It must have been a Boston reunion or some kind or something like that. And I thought to myself, you know, I always hated those guys in the 70s. But I respected them. I felt that way sort of about Bernie Williams and you know that version of the Yankees this version of the Yankees I don’t I don’t really like Soto you know what I mean? And it has nothing to do with the incident last month or any of that stuff, Judge Cry Baby in it and all that. I’m not wanting to pile on like that with the fans and even with football and all the words and all the nonsense with Terrell Suggs all that years with Pittsburgh and all of that I this is a version of the I don’t like this Yankee team I don’t like I don’t like these guys. They’re they don’t they don’t feel like the Yankees that you can at least look and Doff your cap and respect a little bit. Yeah, I they feel like a second play they they had the attitude of losers. They didn’t come at you with that John Wayne, that Tino Martinez and Roger Clemens would come after what 20 years ago. This feels like a softer version of the Yankees to me now wake me up in October when you have to go beat him in a series and I’ll hear all of that. But they haven’t won anything either. They are they there? There’s there’s no rings over there. There’s there’s nothing special about any of those guys other than theirs. stats. Yeah,


Luke Jones  25:00

and that was kind of the point I was trying to make about that. I mean, yeah, payroll and, look, they’re still really good team two plus three weeks aside, but they’ve had a three week period now where they haven’t been as good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:12

But I told the story last week when my Orioles played Barry stitches Yankees and my manager said they put their pants on the same way we do. And there was a feeling for a long time that they didn’t, you know, go back to the 70s with Greg nettles and, and Reggie Jackson and I saw Rollie Fingers. All I could think about was Sparky Lyle and goose Gossage back in those days over the weekend that there was examine us. I don’t know, they’d love to have rutschman and Henderson that they would especially we haven’t had. So you know, getting it’s been a long time since we’ve gone into a gunfight with guns instead of water, water pistols with the Yankees.

Luke Jones  25:51

Well, I mean, even I mean, I think back to 2012 I mean, obviously, they played the Yankees in the Division Series. And, you know, we were there. It was a great series. That was the

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:00


most that was the closest the Orioles have come in my adulthood to being formidable and I think 9697 2012 They had a real chance they won Game one pitch they would have played the Tigers or whatever the whatever rate rate Tigers Rangers, the Tigers, Tigers

Luke Jones  26:17

would have had a real chance to go into the World Series. Yeah, I mean, 12 and 14 were their their best shots as far as the buck era. But even then, in 2012, the Yankees were only a few years removed from winning the World Series at that point in time, you know, they Jeter was still on that team CC Sabathia was still on that team go down the list. Pharaoh was still on that team. Whereas now I mean, you hear so much about the Yankee Mystique, and you still hear the national media talk about there is no Yankee Mystique right now as it pertains to the players that they have right now. I mean, even Aaron judge who is extraordinary, right, I mean, Aaron Judge, I can’t say anything bad about him in terms of the player on the field or, or really anything about him. And I guess when he complained about when he cried about Camden Yards, and the wall being moved back a couple years ago, I kind of laugh because it’s like, Dude, you’re the one guy who could still clear that with ease. You know, you don’t have anything to worry about. But, but but he’s a phenomenal player. But the one thing you hear about Aaron judge, it’s like, Hey, you got to win, especially in New York. And look, he’s the least of the problems over the last few years. Obviously, he’s been one of the best players on the entire planet,

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:21

but pitch he’s not Otani.

Luke Jones  27:24

I mean, that’s the thing. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  27:25

Steve neuro would say he has a nude ring finger it’s what he would say. Sure. Sure.

Luke Jones  27:30

And all those guys in New York do right now. I mean, Anthony Rizzo got his ring with the Cubs right and he’s hurt right now anyway so So yeah, that that whole Yankee Mystique thing and that media and fans will talk about and that’s why a couple weeks back all the whining and belly aching about the Orioles hitting Yankees batters it’s just like, are we is this based in reality? Because we talked about it those were two strike pitches in some cases and go look at how many batters the Yankees had hit compared to the Orioles and I mean it was just

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:01

I go back to Armando. Tino Martinez 25 years ago and that’s ancient history. That

Luke Jones  28:07


was our that was on Armando at that point. But BJ

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:11

seraphs like you go fight, fight fight more than

Luke Jones  28:15

but not but just like this current team. Again, even if the perception is what it is because the Yankees have more veterans a higher pay roll all that. I think the guys on the field. I think the Yankees players, I think the coaches, they all know how how darn good the Orioles are at this point. There’s, it’s not a secret anymore. The Orioles aren’t sneaking up on anyone at this point in time. And that’s why the way that they’ve continued to go on and continue to win and continue to be one of the very best teams in baseball makes it that much more impressive. There is no sneaking up on anyone at this point in time. And yeah, the Orioles have some areas where they can augment we’ll talk about that. You know, we’ve talked about that a lot. We’ll continue to talk about that. And after the trade deadline, what will we talk about, then the question will be did they do enough? So that’s all


there. But


Luke Jones  29:00

mean, in the meanwhile, they’re really, really, really good. And I just, I don’t think I need to say this to too many people. And I’m not trying to be preachy here. But don’t take for granted the fact that this team so consistently just wins two out of three, because the Yankees over the last three, three weeks are showing you that even for good teams, that is not something to take for granted. And the Orioles again, two weeks ago the sky was falling, they lose five in a row and well they’ve just gotten right back on the horse and they’ve won eight of 11 since then, and now they go into this final week, having a great opportunity to wit to finish the first half. You know, we’re past the halfway mark, mark, but you know what I mean going into the break, finishing that on a high note and maintaining a lead in the Al east. Here’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:48

Luke Jones. He is Baltimore Luke he’s out on the interwebs. He will be at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday where they allow him access. I’ll be writing about the fact that they do not allow me access to later on the summer. Gotta get the Labor Day in order to work. It’s just the Fourth of July around here. We are going to be down fade these on Friday watching the aforementioned Orioles in the Yankees will have scratch offs in the Maryland lottery Gold Rush sevens doublers our friends at Liberty pure solutions making our water crystal clear as well as Jiffy Lube. MultiCare getting us out on the road. Big week around here just in general. It’s summertime. I’m actually headed to the beach next month for Mako in early August. We’re gonna be doing 26 oysters in 26 days to celebrate our 26th anniversary which is coming up in a couple of weeks. Our 25 stories of glory will go away Baltimore positive but time will not dim the glory of your deeds out there as well. Baseball on the brain, no football to talk about for a couple of weeks around here. But I have a feeling that’ll change by the end of the month. I am Nestor he’s Luke we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore. Plenty of all star talk this week. Plenty of trading deadline talk this week. We got you covered for Orioles baseball, we’re Baltimore

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