Crab Cake Row: Faidley’s kickoff of “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl” food drive and updates on move into new Lexington Market

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It was the first segment on the first day of the kickoff of Crab Cake Row: “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl” and Will Hahn provides Nestor with updates his legendary family business moving from the old market into to the new Lexington Market this month in time for Orioles season.


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Will Hahn, Laurie, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:04

era we’re live for real. We’re at fade Lee’s in the beautiful Lexington market. I don’t know what I’m this the beginning of a crazy 40 week journey that we’re going to be doing here. I tell you what, I’m a fatalist where I’ve been many, many times we’ve done many shows here. Just never live. We are live. It is Monday morning. It is a cup of Super Bowl week. We’ve been calling it Super Bowl week for many, many years. But it is a couple of Super Bowl week and we’re gonna be families today. We’re going to be Costas tomorrow. We’re going to be Coco’s on Wednesday. We’re going to be state fair on Thursday. We’re going to be Pappas on Friday. Just simple. You come down, you bring us a cup, you bring us soup, or oodles of noodles, or canned goods or dry goods, things we can use for the Maryland Food Bank and locally to the Great Bay grace and hope mission is gonna be a little later on today. And we’re gonna give you a free cup or bowl of soup, so you’re not listening on the am 15 airwaves, love you appreciate you if you’re out on the stream. We will have video and audio of all this stuff up. But I’m beginning with the defending champions, the family’s family and of course, first things first, we didn’t make the Super Bowl well this year. And Lori’s here. We did not make the Super Bowl, which was you know, disappointing, because I thought like that was going to be the reason we would be here doing this. But that damy gets jury duty to start the show. So Laurie is here. She’s part of the management team here fate Lee’s making the move over will is one of the family members one of the the the are you you’re you’re a Han right,

Will Hahn  01:35

yes, I’m Jamie. Son,

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:36

you’re not a divine. I’m always trying to find the Hans right. But

Will Hahn  01:41

those are my grandparents.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:42

Okay. All right, just making sure. And you are the Self, your why are we at the new market? Have we figured this out yet? Do you want to answer that one? Because like I said, we’re gonna be in a new market. And I said to Jamie, I’m like, it’s gonna take longer than you think, you know, you know, and it thought it did it. We’re almost there. It

Will Hahn  01:59

still is we’re we’re really close. It’s just has a lot of things to do. There’s a lot of things to do. And we’ve been really busy here doing our best to really make it everything we we know that it can be. And it’s just been a complicated process because we’re working on our other projects simultaneously over in Catonsville as well. The fishmongers daughter, and it’s everybody

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:21

asked me about that, once Kate, you still communicate, you can still communicate. Of course,

Will Hahn  02:26

we’re still communicating. All right? Well, we’ve just been stretched a little bit thin, you know, dealing with two things at once, where we expected this to be sort of staged where we would be the new market, this would be set and then we could move over and then focus on

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:42

there’s always gonna be the last piece that moved into the market, the new market, right? Well,

Will Hahn  02:47

we I thought we were supposed to be the first a few years ago, but it’s okay. Like things don’t always happen according to plan and we just adapt and do the best I can

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:53

tell everybody the mural is there, right? Yes. Beautiful mural. And when I went there, I’m like, is that gonna be outdoor seating at fade? Lee’s and yeah, so I mean, after all of the years here, and it’s good talking to you, by the way, Lori, how


are you? I’m doing great.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:08

I showed up at the door today. And she’s like, are you getting Lee? And I know, I’ve been getting a lot of that lately. What is going on with the Geddy Lee thing?


It I think it must be the

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:20

little soul pack? Yeah. It’s just


the hair the hair, right? It’s the build. It’s the rugged glass.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:27

It’s the jeans I wear just giddy words. Genius.


All of it. You know, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:33

lessons. Everybody thinks that if you didn’t know me, like you didn’t know me. You think my hair has always been this way. This is playcare I grew this hair. My hair was the shortest is in March 2020. Like if I show you the picture, I took a selfie and it was like, sort of like for a lot of people. It was the last supper. You know, like March 13. I have that selfie of the night I was out on 2020 My hair was short lagers. And then it started to grow. Couldn’t get it cut. Paul, by the way gentleman’s gentleman. We got to pick up people with the door. We got to let it gentleman’s gentleman is is my hair stylists. And I didn’t see him for a year and a half. He watched my hair grow my hair. The guy cuts my hair for 20 guitarist and my band. He’s watched my hair grow on Facebook, and he’s like, What are you getting in here? And the first six months you couldn’t get a haircut, right? No. So then after that it got him along and my wife’s like, hey, maybe she gets some put some product in there, you know? And then I just kept it. And now people think like Geddy Lee, I never thought there would be a day and you’re not the only one. The second one is sweet.

Laurie  04:41

You walk through the door and I was like oh, I have a rush.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:45

I have a rush. A rush sweatshirt that I wear all the time. It’s sort of like my my piece so you know but I rushed out to have you read the book yet?


I’m halfway through I’m savoring it. I’m savor everybody’s doing so great. Got the books? Fantastic. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:01

I’m looking forward to it so I’ll be getting my effing life not my effing life get he’s like, we’re fade please, please come down. If you’re listening on am 57 You’re listening on our stream. I decided to do this with our clients. People say what’s the crabcake tour? What’s your favorite? crabcake the one I’m eatin generally today, it’s gonna be delicious. And my wife’s favorite crab cake is favorite because she’s mustard forward. Yeah, so we’re getting some. And by the way, your your mac and cheese is the best, like, people don’t brag on your Mac. That’s the sort of the secret weapon here at Bally’s, I think, but I’ve been coming here for seven years doing the show. We started with Baltimore positive then we did the crabcake tour. And the situation with the Ravens. I’m not going to belabor that if anybody wants to send Chad Steele an email and ask him why we’re in Baltimore. But I’ve decided I’m pleased to be here. Of course, it’s it was in the upper 30s in Vegas this morning. I’m just using you know, it’s up to 27th Super Bowls. And when I my name was poisoned with the NFL by the ravens, the Ravens called around and and poisoned my name. So I’m now not allowed to do this on radio row. And I said, I’m going to do something good for the world. We’re going to figure something out. So what am I going to do? I said, you know, I’m gonna do a week devoted to charity, because I’ve always been wanting to do that. And I thought, well, wouldn’t that be something if we could do that? And I said to my son, I want to do this charity. I want to get 100 charities here by the way, American Cancer Society would be here first. I mean, I could go through the list of let me get through the list of of our of our guest today because we have Brock yet so from the almond farm we’re gonna Bill McCarthy for Catholic Charities. We’re going to have a voluntary from Baltimore Outreach Services who I’ve donated to, they’re located in the church down in in Otterbein Michelle Bresnik Walsh will be here from there goes my hero, grace and hope mission, James Parker bond, and a windy brown founder Good to hear from curio, Derrick Johnson, CEO of preparing for tomorrow. We got people banging on the door. Can we grab back because we’re not even open. Breath. Rheingold is going to be here for the Greater Baltimore chamber commerce Aiyana Freeland from St. Francis Senator Noel Patterson is gonna hear from barks. I don’t know if she’s bringing dogs or cats. I love my cat. Casey care is going to be your name, turn around group. Also Enoch Pratt and the United Way, such as today, I got another list like that the next couple of days. So I’ve taken that cases to charity. And much like damy you know, I have a smarter, more handsome son than I and I call myself back in Thanksgiving. And I said, I’m gonna do this thing. Super Bowl, we give me an idea. And my son said, Dad, it’s Super Bowl week. You’re gonna do this crab cake tour. They all have like the greatest crab soup. Why don’t you do a soup promotion?

Will Hahn  07:48

I think it’s fantastic. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:50

I said, All right. So I started to think like soup and bowl and a bowl of soup. It’s sometimes I only want a cup of soup. Sometimes I don’t want to hold bulk. Yeah, sometimes it crema crab a little heavy for me. So I said we’re gonna do a cup of soup or bowl. Yeah, I figured that catch on. So we’re gonna call this crab cake row. So this is the beginning of crab cake row should invite a pike over because Pike is usually begins my Super Bowl. You know what I’m gonna I’m gonna send him a text. Get him out of bed, drag him over here. Find out where he is Super Bowl week because Chris pica lives in South Baltimore. He’s been like chemo savvy, but you guys are my chemo stuff. He’s Lori’s here. Willis here from failure. Alright, so what’s the temperature for the new market because I was here with Amy was here with Lori. A lot of the stuffs missing if people are familiar with the scene in here, almost all of the pictures and the murals and the hangings that I think your grandfather spent most of his life accumulating Correct? Yeah, there are signs that have been here for 6070 years literally hanging in one space in this space more than your lifetime. I

Will Hahn  08:55

wonder if some of those are even a little bit older than that. And to be honest with you. We’ve got a few pieces of like taxidermy in here there are old terrapins and some turtles and things like that that were like over 100 years old. I mean, they’ve had them for a very long time. And all this stuff has been we’ve been working tirelessly especially damy and restoring everything cleaning it up restoring we she the turtles I just talked about she re urethane the outside of them so they’re nice and shiny and, and beautiful. I did a couple IU. I restored one of our crab mounts that we had over the raw bar redid the lobster tail mount. I’ve got a king crab at home that I need to finish painting up and the puffer fish though the puppet has Jamie’s got the puffer fish at home. She’s restoring I

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:41

thought about how much ish was actually hanging in here holy. There’s like there was a lot of stuff in here. And now that half of its gone because I walked in here last week because I didn’t know whether we were going to be in the new market. I thought we were and I came down looking for people the other day and I went into the construction sight over there. And I’m like, it looks like it’s close.

Will Hahn  10:03

It is close. It’s close. It is really close. I mean, we just have a few more eyes to dot and T’s across. The biggest holdup right now, I think is that our our fish cases were held up they were supposed to

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:16

place in the regular fish. Well, sort of there.


Will Hahn  10:19

We got some really nice glass, European fish cases. One of them is actually a converted gelato case for our frozen product and just to display everything really well. Yeah, Old School New and old school, new old school, but with a new sleek design to kind of, you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:39

I went into your space, which weren’t ready yet. I mean, they were there were carpenters in there. There were people electricians, people were hanging and stuff. But I went in and I, I travel the world, right. So I mean, I’ve seen a lot of fatally styled turnarounds, places where, when I went somewhere 20 years ago, it was in an old historic location, and they moved into a new market a new space across the street, or they just shut down for a little while, gutted the whole place and fix dining rooms, fix kitchens, you know, open, open catering, open, kitchen areas, different styles. What did you want to make different over there?

Will Hahn  11:19

So I think a good way to put it as well. There’s a few things we there’s a lot of the updated equipment that we wanted to have some of the newer technology that we know would really benefit us. But Dami actually brought my grandmother Nancy, down here not that long ago, and she walked in and took a look at it. And her first she had she was brought to tears and her what she said was, it’s like us but brighter. So Deniz really nailed the aesthetic. So it’s, it’s who we are, it still fails that same feeling. But it’s not in the kind of dingy old market, it’s just a little bit brighter.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:57

Well, I mean, it had to happen. It did. I mean, it had to happen, right? Like, this structure wasn’t going to make it much longer. It’s really not like I use the bathrooms here. I’m on the floor. I mean, I see it and it’s sort of like, all right, it’s, I looked across the Asus, world famous legend in markets since 1782. Yeah. So Dino like, it’s time it’s 2024. You know, it’s time to move?

Will Hahn  12:24

Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. This we got we got this building got its use out of it. You know? Yeah, I


would definitely agree with that. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:33

All right. And you’re new here, right? But non Yes. Yes.


So this is my nephew. Alex

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:41

Lifeson. Right. Yes, right.


I love you. And I left corporate world to come back down here and finally join the family again. I was I started here, when I was in my 20s. Good. I know like 10 minutes ago, I mean, 10 years ago, I know. So I started in my 20s I shucked oysters and clean fish at the Belvedere location and then came down to Lexington market. And then I left and went to corporate world. And now I’m back. So and I’m so excited to be back and couldn’t be happy to have her I am very excited. I’m looking forward to the new space and, and going back to what you were talking about with the, with the new space, it literally is like someone just turned the light on. And it’s just bright and it is it’s a great field, you still feel like you’re in fadeless like when you walk in, you know that you’re in fails. So it’s not they she didn’t change the integrity. She She kept it she kept it all still it really was

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:48

because because of what you’ve done right?

Will Hahn  13:50

And we put a lot of effort into this everything down to just the design and the layout needed to mimic and mirror what we are here because we’re we know that we’re recognizable rock we’re iconic, you walk through that door and you see the side over the raw bar and then the kitchen over here and then the fish side over here like it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:11

a fish out of here over the weekend. It was so beautiful. I put it on the internet. Listen, I gotta take a break because we’re on timing today. All right, so you guys are excused for a little while kitchen is going to open i i don’t have crab cakes and stuff to show yet because we’re early we will we’re gonna get it together here. No doubt about it. Well this year Laurie is here they’re here to serve you a cup of Super Bowl you make your way down we’d love to see you down here today we’re gonna be here all week. Doing this fun to schedule out of Baltimore positive is all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with window nation I’ve got look at all these tickets I got I’ve got tickets to give away John Martin rosin me up. We have the 10 times the cash, I should pull the first one out here do that. Also our friends in winter nation 866 90 nation in addition to our friends, which if you do multi care, gotta break. I’ve got Vivian here. We’re going to have some fun We’re gonna talk about things we’re going to talk about cancer gets on my bad things. Today we’re gonna talk about good outcomes and hope and we’re going to talk about charity community and all the good stuff we’re doing on Nesta, we’re live families, data lakes in the market, the old market. I can still say that for five more minutes. Yeah, I will not be singing closer to the heart. But by the end of the day, I might whale out red bark, shatter scared radio or something. We do have the spirit of radio. We’re live. We’re back for more. We’re Baltimore. It’s crabcake row. We’re not Las Vegas. kenaf crabcake row in Vegas. You gotta be your Baltimore. Stay with us.

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