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Waiting all Thankgiving weekend to put a Charge into lackluster Los Angeles


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After a weekend on the couch watching the NFL, Luke Jones and Nestor will be waiting all weekend for Sunday night as the Ravens enjoy the No. 1 overall spot in the AFC as the turkey bastes and the rest of the AFC North looks lost for the holidays.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back and W N S, T Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive you’re positively at the Maryland crabcakes. You’re out on the road this week next week every week leading up to a win Santa comes down the chimney it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I’ll have some Santa related scented cards to give away a little later on but in the meantime I’ve rabid scratch offs. Still some chances to win the tickets for life a bunch of the big cash prizes still out there. I talked to John Mark from the Maryland lottery last week. Also our friends with our nation 8669 D nation, you buy two you get two free 0% financing for five years through the holidays. I can’t begin to tell you these cold nights and stuff haven’t better Windows hits. It’s just been a better gig since I got better windows it’s been better all the way around for bugs for drafts for my heating bill the whole deal so a window nation my thanks to them and also Jiffy Lube multi care also with us riding this Maryland crab cake tour around town right now we’re gonna get Pappas and park Phil on Tuesday. The great great mentor to me and author John Eisenberg will be my guest Pappas and Parkville. On Tuesday, Christian Hortons coming down from Hollywood casino in Perryville, where we’re taking the crabcake tour next week after we go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house and eat figgy pudding and have all the leftovers and wall to wall football football day Thursday, football half the day Friday, football all day Saturday, play college football all day Sunday, and then they come back and I’m gonna do it again. So the Ravens play on Sunday night. We are going to be a Coco’s on Wednesday. We’re going to be gertrudes at the BMA next Thursday, talk at some art talk and some culture talking some Dan Rodricks play in Baltimore and you have no idea and all that stuff. And then on Friday, December 1, we’re up in Hollywood casino in Perry Ville, with Kristen Horton and her friends up there and Indiana plays Marilyn that day and Kirk McEwen spans plans at all be good. Luke is had the weekend off. I’d say you mowed your lawn, but there’s no lawn to mow. Right? And I don’t, what do you do besides watch old WWE videos, when you get a weekend free like this? Look, you know,


Luke Jones  02:10

you made an assumption there, I did mow my lawn on Friday. And it’s not because of the length of the grass, you have to mow, mulch up all the leaves. So especially when you have as many trees as I do in my backyard. So I was able to do that. I did watch plenty of football, I did watch a little bit of wrestling, as you alluded to. So you’re right on there. But these weekends are always fun, whether we’re talking about the by week coming up here, not that long from now. Or when the Ravens play on a Thursday night or a Monday night or even as this coming week come so with the Sunday night game, gives you a chance to relax a little bit. You know, whether you’re talking about it as a reporter like me, or a fan, where you’re not as stressed out, the Ravens aren’t playing and you can kind of serve a you know, you put on redzone well, which I did that and you look around the rest of the league. And I think my big takeaway, while certainly the highlight game of week 11 is the Monday night showdown with Kansas City and Philadelphia. But looking around the rest of the league, I think what you find is you feel really good about the Baltimore Ravens, not that they’re perfect. But they’re eight and three. And you look around the rest of the speci, especially just looking at the AFC if we want to focus on them. And, you know, there’s a couple good teams, you know, Jacksonville looked really good, although they didn’t look good the previous week. You know, there are certainly teams that are playoff caliber. I mean, Houston’s been such a good story. But are there any teams that you really look at right now, other than like I said, Kansas City is the standard of the last five years, where you say, Well, I think they’re better than the ravens, or in most cases, are their teams even as good as the ravens and the AFC. And it’s not to say they’re winning out. That’s not to say that they you know that there, that isn’t a case where they need to go out there and play really good football every week and, and all that. But looking around the rest of the league, I see a bunch of OK, teams, and I see some really bad teams out there. But I think you look at it. And you say there’s no one playing better than the Baltimore Ravens right now. And we said that we were saying that leading into the Cleveland game a week ago. And that loss aside the rebound against Cincinnati on Thursday night, I think you feel really good about this football team and where they stand right now, which is very much jockeying for the top seat in the conference,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:31

you know, curio wellness and foreign thought and we’re going to do our crabcake tour up there on the 15th and import crabcake as well, but they’re sponsoring our 25th anniversary and my old school I used to have this MIDI thing Marvin Lewis still talks about it’s like a piano that fired sound effects. And one of the sound effects I think was like number 17. It said, you saw and I’m thinking like I’m sitting here all weekend and I’m like, these tapes. Ah, like who’s good? Who’s good enough? Who would be you know, in a cocky way if I’m involved with the Ravens in any way to say, who’s gonna come in here and beat us and then burrow and then Watson since the last time you and I got together dude up I’m down like dabbing a beer down at the National Harbor getting leads back there was thing I look up and it’s like, oh my god, you know, burrow gone, you know, watching gone. Joe Flacco back it’s been a bit quite a turn of events over the weekend above and beyond, you know, Buffalo winning a game and I you know, I don’t know that kid from Minnesota running around. I mean, Denver has been kind of exhumed from the dead to some degree. I mean, the Raiders even look competitive. I mean, like, so. There are teams that because once you think when a team’s bad in September, you think they’re gonna be bad November. That always the case? No, I mean, not even a case for the 2022 Orioles. Right, who weren’t so good in April, but we’re pretty good in August or September. I think there are football teams that can trend that way as well. I mean, whatever Sean Payton stamp is in Denver, whatever Antonio Pierce is doing in Las Vegas, that sort of changed things there a little bit. And, and some wavering places, you know, places like rubella checks gonna be gone. Pete Carroll’s kind of hanging around. Tomlin lost the game on Sunday that they shouldn’t have lost and he’s getting destroyed and Pittsburgh, they like to pile on him to begin with. So there’s all this happening, but in our division in our division, it’s over to Cincinnati, Cleveland. It’s over. Like they’re marching Joe back. I love Joe. Everybody knows I love Joe. But I don’t know what that means for the seven and three browns. Right? 737

Luke Jones  06:54

and three? Look, I don’t disagree with your sentiment. However, what we do need to point out here is it’s not a level playing field from the standpoint of look at the Ravens remaining schedule, compared to the Browns remaining schedule. That’s that’s the only thing I’ll say. Do I think the Browns are a legitimate Super Bowl contender like the ravens are no I don’t whatsoever. Dory, Dorian.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:21


We talked about Joe Flacco is elite. Don’t you forget it.

Luke Jones  07:23

Joe Flacco is not gonna be playing. If he does, they’re in trouble. Because Joe. Everyone, he couldn’t win with the Jets last year. I love Joe. He’s gonna be 39 years old in January.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:34

Is that? Yeah, I mean, he was older than that, if he wants. I mean,

Luke Jones  07:38

I am never the guy that’s going to tell someone to retire unless it would be for their physical benefit if you’re mocking Russian, something like that. But I talked to Joe back


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:49

in August, he told me he’s like He still wanted to

Luke Jones  07:54

play. But to go back to your and you know, not to dwell too much on Joe Flacco because we’ll see how it plays out. I mean, at this point, I think it is much more of a mentoring type role for a rookie quarterback who did some nice things early in that game in Cleveland, but I mean, it was a 1310. Final. out full disclosure, I dozed off in the third quarter.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:13

They were number 19. That’s all I need to know. I

Luke Jones  08:16


don’t know, I have not heard that. That would be a good fashion tweet

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:20

would be really weird to see him in a five or 19 and a Browns jersey, right? Like only in modern times. That would have been cruel to see a picture of that or worship, you know, after he did the bank in Pittsburgh, you know, but, you know, we Yes, wrap it up, dude. He’s gonna have he’s gonna have the same helmet Jim Brown had.

Luke Jones  08:41

He will, although I’ll just say that. I mean, think about it. He played in Denver. He played with the Jets. He was with the Eagles back to the Jets, you know, so he’s been around a little bit here. So I don’t think it’d be too strange. But certainly being an though Jake Browning. Yeah, yeah, right. Right. So, but no, you look at that game. Look, Cleveland has excellent defense. We’ve seen that. I don’t think anyone would dispute that at this point in time. And we can, you know, people can debate ravens or browns. And you can

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:11

also get that how far that can take you to. Sure.


Luke Jones  09:14

Well, and here’s the reality, Nesta. Offense is down around the league. Now, that doesn’t feel the case quite as much in Baltimore with the way the Ravens offense is played for the better part of the last five weeks or

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:27

so does want to sit and watch the games.

Luke Jones  09:29

I mean, 1310 I mean, you see some of these other games, what the dolphins and Raiders I mean, the dolphins who have had this prolific explosive offense, you know, they they scored 20 points. You know, that wasn’t a terrible performance, but certainly wasn’t something that wowed you

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:46


for a second. Here’s the nerd in you. That would say to me if Lamar Jackson was a boy right now, would you ever play offense or defense and all the best athletes, the kids that were basketball players? They tend to play defense, right? And they tend to in the modern era, you don’t need to be 380 pounds to play football, right? Like you can be a 230 240 250 pound guy and make hay in college and call Hamilton be an exceptional athlete and want to play football, you’re going to be a defensive player. I think I think I think there’s a point where it says to be tight in wide receiver, but I do think the better athletes are playing defense these days. If you’re faster, bigger, stronger, you are more helpful defensively, I think I think

Luke Jones  10:40

maybe, honestly, that you’re gonna sound a little bit like John Harbaugh here when someone asks a deep question like that. I haven’t given that a lot of thought and I don’t have data that would support that. So I’m not sure. But if that’s the case, Nestor and I’m not saying you’re wrong, why was offense so ahead of the curve for the better part of the last decade? Right. It’s been the last year or two where the rules

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:04

play toward offense. I mean, I mean, he’s, you know, Dell Beckham’s game this year, it’s catching the ball half of its strong penalties.

Luke Jones  11:12

Yeah, I mean, I, I agree with you from from the rules standpoint overall, but you know, what has led to the course correction the last year or two? And that would be my question. I think that’s probably more of a scheme thing than anything else. I mean, talks about running back home


Nestor J. Aparicio  11:28

want to be you want to be a safety or cornerback, I don’t think anybody’s gonna sign up to be a running back anymore, right? Like literally the best athletes gonna call Hamilton’s dad would have said my son’s not running back.

Luke Jones  11:42

Yeah, but I’m talking more about scheme. I’m talking about coaching with

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:46

you. But I think you have to have the players for that scheme. I guess that, you know, in 2019, when Lamar was a pinball machine, they didn’t have the I just think over the last decade, defense has gotten ahead because of scheme and players to match that, that row, Quan Smith and Patrick Queen would be more useful today than maybe they would have been seven or eight years ago, maybe even in moderate defenses.

Luke Jones  12:09


Maybe although I would say on the flip side, the quarterbacks are way more athletic now than they were even seven or eight years ago. I mean, five years ago, people were talking about Lamar Jackson needing to change positions. And he’s one of the best quarterbacks in football as an as an MVP candidate again, so And while Lamar might be at the extreme, you know, at the top of that, quarterbacks that need to be more athletic now. I mean, you’re not seeing many pure pocket passers. That’s why if Joe Flacco has to play for the browns, they’re in trouble because Joe can’t move. I mean, he could barely move enough. 10 years ago, as far as what the game was 10 years ago, he could, but that’s not the case in 2023 You need a quarterback who can move around. That’s why Josh Dobbs with Minnesota, you know, I’ll be it in a loss on Sunday night. It’s been a good story, and he’s been able to do some nice things for them and turn their season around to the point where, you know, they still have a shot to make the playoffs even with the defeat, but you want quarterbacks who can move around you want quarterbacks who can take off and run or extend plays so

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:11

I mean, it’s crazy, right? I mean, Brock party

Luke Jones  13:13

Perfect, perfect passer rating on Sunday. And look, is that a quarterback friendly system? There’s no doubt about it. And I think Jimmy Garoppolo going from there to the raiders and seeing how disastrous that was might be a reminder of that, but he’s still putting putting up unbelievable numbers. The efficiency is tremendous. So you have to give him credit there but you know, the offense first defense thing we’re talking about here. I hear the point you’re making I’m not sure that I agree with it completely. But the point is there’s a lot of athleticism athleticism in the game. I talked about at the quarterback position, talked about it at tight end with you know, the guys like Kelsey and kiddo Mark Andrews until the unfortunate injury Thursday night. So you have that but yeah, athleticism and we’ve seen it with the Ravens defense specifically. Okay, you have your defensive front but think about everything they asked their linebackers to do in terms of cover play the run but also Blitz and we’ve seen Patrick Queen do a phenomenal job as a Blitzer and row Quan Smith but you know, Queens really found a niche and being able to do that at a high level but they asked their defensive backs to blitz you know, they asked guys swap roles pre snap or even after the snap, you’ll see some of the switching they do. I mean, it’s just become much more sophisticated on the defensive side, and I think that’s where we’ve seen defenses catch up a little bit after a long time where the offense rolled and you know, I’m not not saying that it’s it’s not 1975 defense ruling got to kind of an NFL but certainly we’ve seen it course correct a little bit, but at the same time, there are still some excellent offense is out there and You know, looking in the AFC, I mean, obviously, Kansas City and the Ravens at the top of the conference right now, Jacksonville hung 34 on Tennessee. The other certainly teams that can score Miami, not so much Sunday, but overall, we’ve seen them score a ton of points. So they’re still offensive that can sling it and score points and, and make life miserable for defenses. But it has been interesting this year to see it kind of catch up. And you made a point a minute ago that. Yeah, there are definitely some of these games where it feels like nothing happens until a flag is thrown. And it’s like, oh, okay, so, you know, it is what it is? No, I don’t think this is, in general, I don’t think 2023 has been the most compelling NFL season that we’ve had in recent years. And I think the injuries in general are a big part of the reason why you mentioned Watson, you mentioned Joe burrow, Aaron Rodgers lost three snaps into the Jets season and what that’s meant for them and their inability to score. Kirk Cousins, although Josh Dobbs has done such a commendable job of filling in for him, but you got a lot of quarterbacks around this league, either not playing well, or hurt and then you’re going to backup quarterbacks. And when you have a lead that doesn’t have 32 quality starters. And then you start to have attrition kick in. Yeah, it can be. It can be pretty, pretty difficult on the highs to watch some of the offense in these games. But hey, in Baltimore, the Ravens don’t have that problem right now is they’re eight and three and feeling good and preparing for a chargers team that I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention not just that they lost it in Green Bay, not just that Quinton Johnston dropped what would have been the game game winning touchdown. You know, Justin Herbert wasn’t the problem in that game for the chargers, lots of drops, and Brandon Staley, their coach who just a couple years ago, a lot of people were considering a genius. So he wasn’t he like Ted lasso. He was kind of considered the, you know, ahead of the curve going forward on fourth down a whole lot. i The big problem, put that side of that stuff aside, because I’m not even, you know, me, I’m not anti going forward on fourth down and using analytics and things of that nature. But problem is, this is a defensive minded coach, and his defenses have stunk. Now, they didn’t stink, that wasn’t their biggest problem on Sunday, it was dropped passes, and just some untimely mistakes in general, but their defensive stink, and he was asked again, after the loss of the Packers about changes on defense and making sure you know whether he’s going to continue to call plays and he kind of had a, you know, it wasn’t Jim Mora, like but he had a little bit of a little bit of a rant meltdown, whatever you want to call it, and basically just saying, Stop asking me that I’m going to keep calling the defense. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:39

it kind of reminded me front of the Chargers thing of the Ryan leaf tirade a little bit, you know, it did have a little bit of that, like, I looked at it, and I thought to myself, This is why like Chad steel took my press pass, because I would not sit in there and take that I would not be spoken to like that. From the days. I just wouldn’t be it. I mean, like, from reporter standpoint, just asking a question. It was it was out of line. He was out of line. Yeah. And then we’re playing by the way boasted to you, did you mention Bosa?


Luke Jones  18:08

Bosa getting hurt? Yeah. I mean, it’s a certainly a, you know, that’s, that’s nothing new, unfortunately. I mean, just someone who hasn’t been able to stay on the field. But I think the chargers, we’ve talked so much about the ravens, right? With these late game losses, you know, blown leads in the fourth quarter, my gosh, that’s a that’s a fraction of a fraction of what the Chargers have been for years now. Or you look at them losing one score games. I mean, that is a team that gets does less with more than just about any team in the league. I mean, it really feels that way. And it’s a shame for their sake, from from the standpoint of think Justin Herbert is a heck of a quarterback if you watch them on a consistent basis. And I’m not saying he’s not saying he’s flawless. You know, he’s got his questions, just like, basically any quarterback not named Patrick mahomes In today’s NFL, but you watch him on a weekly basis. I mean, I think he can really play and I think he can play at a really high level. But you know, whether it’s untimely injuries, whether it’s their defense being lousy on Sunday, it was multiple drops, including some from Keenan Allen, the guy that you totally depend on. So the Chargers team that’s four and six. From a talent level standpoint, they should be better than that. So from that standpoint, the Ravens need to go out there and play good football game. I mean, this is not a team that’s, you know, some talentless group of Miss You know, misfits or hapless or anything like that. They just, they self destruct. So the big thing you need to do against them is just play a complete football game. Keep your foot on the gas, play clean football, and chances are if you do that, guess what will happen? The Chargers they’ll charger it up at some point and if you do that you get the win on Sunday night football but yeah, that’s that’s a team that you wonder. I was even wondering as you know, as we were all waking up Monday morning, if we’re gonna hear late night news, the brand that Brandon Staley was And that’s how bad things are going for that football team that is four and six and should be a lot better. I mean, that’s a team that should be in the wildcard race right now. And maybe they’ll get back in it before it’s over. But well, they

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:10

also have a big problem there. They have no fans, right? So it’s Thanksgiving week, some of our people might be going out there. I would be out in San Diego, having Thanksgiving with my family. If I were still a real media member, because I would, you know, be interested in doing this. It’s so phi stadium, all of that. I mean, take a ticket, any ticket if you’re a raving fan, I mean, they don’t have enough people. It’s not Taylor Swift. You know, it’s, you know, it’s not Jay Z and Beyonce showing up. It’s the chargers and that stadiums. Huge. And just, you know, having spent time out there now over the last couple of years, at various points, just seeing what the marketing thing is where the Rams had the parade, and nobody really cares about football out there. And there’s no tradition, there’s no long standing anything that you know, four and six, you don’t move to the back of the LA Times sports page you just moved to. I mean, you’re already at the back because there’s a beach and there’s pretty girls and there’s Hollywood, there’s all that going on, and you’re a pirated team. But it’s it’s made even worse when things aren’t going well. And the quarterbacks got more commercials and he’s got, you know, touchdown passes, and certainly more commercials, and they have victories at this point. So we’re gonna say you’re talking about the Chargers this week. This is a different thing going to San Diego where there’s a community and there’s a history and there, it’s, it’s the big empty, I mean, that team’s gonna wind up in Frankfort. That team’s gonna wind up in London, by the way. This is I’m out of the league now. Right? So they don’t you know, there’s no more dicasteries you’re the only one they allow in there. I see these things happening with television. Now when I watch the ad, a Steeler fan bar that they kept showing in Dublin Ireland. They’re gonna play a game in Dublin, right? The Steelers are gonna be in Ireland next year. Right? They’re gonna play a game there that there could be no doubt. Why are they gathering Steelers fans in Ireland, Croke Park, where I saw you two, six years ago, that looks like a football looks like a college football stadium, quite frankly. Like they’re gonna play games, they’re doing all of this strategically, and setting up all this stuff. And they have this lame ass franchise in LA. They have this lame ass franchise in Jacksonville that we’re gonna go to in a couple of weeks that I still see empty seats when they’re good, and they have this, you know, Southern quarterback that is going to help them sell tickets and all that like, and they have a good coach too. We’ll talk about Jacksonville for weeks and we’ll play them but these are weird trips and our fans get to go and just sit wherever they want. Because football doesn’t matter in a lot of these places. And the coaches melt down the quarterback the under producing the ownership and Spanish family trying to grow something that I consider 3000 miles away. And so that’s a mistake that how big of a mistake it is whatever. It’s not a mistake if you’re making $100 million a year off your franchise which they are and by the way, I Tom Kelso on this week, too. You might want to come back for that. I did 45 minutes on the shotty and Angelo’s and stadium money and there’s no lease by the way. So that’s the orals Can you put their tickets on sale? So we’re talking about incompetence. At the highest level, the Chargers feel like they have some incompetence. And to your point, they feel like the kind of team that would fire their coach, thank Thanksgiving II know what I mean? Like days not over yet. check Twitter, because they feel like a dysfunctional place. And I hope they don’t circle the wagons this week after their coach loses his mind. And their defensive star can’t get on the field and their quarterbacks a little bit under siege and I hope it’s a good week to go out there and sneak out of LA with a victory after you’ve had your pumpkin pie. Because it’s quiet trip, right? It’s holiday trip. They’re gonna go out on Friday. Everything’s quiet the practices weird this week. They’ve had Mike, you know, they’re going to have had off a little time for their bodies, then they get the by. This is the week that hardball gets their attention. Make sure they’re not sleepwalking. And you know, nine and three smells really good for two weeks when you’re watching these other teams play football all

Luke Jones  24:13

day. Yeah, no question about it. I mean, this is definitely a week where you want to really be zeroed in. You want to be focused in on what the task is. You can’t be thinking okay, we had the extra rest after the Thursday night game. Hey, we got one game left and then we have the bye week. You don’t want to go into the bye week now. Right? You don’t you don’t want to mentally be on the bye week because as I said, this is still a team that has plenty of talent. And you know, Justin Herbert’s good. I will continue to say that I think a lot of Justin Herbert, I think he’s a guy that needs a better coach, better head coach. I think certainly, that roster has holes in it that defense has been bad period. And again, Brandon Staleys a defensive coach and you know, even with talented players, they haven’t really produced the kind of numbers that you would expect, from what their talent level should be on the defensive side of the ball, but they are capable. Now that is not. I don’t view that as a four and six team that has no hope there are four and 16. That should probably be six and four, let’s say in who I feel like they’re the kind of team that should at least be in the mix for a wildcard spot, even if they’re not going to overtake Kansas City by any means. But you know that, but if you’re the ravens, you need to go out there and play good football. And I think maybe where John can get their attention a little bit more, is look at how that Arizona game played out a few weeks back where yeah, the Ravens won. But we saw how that game played out in the fourth quarter to the point where they had to recover an onside kick at the end, you know, because the Cardinals kept playing and the Ravens kind of did their thing where they went into autopilot a little bit. So you don’t want to do that against this team. As you mentioned, even for a Sunday night football game, it’s probably not going to be the most electric atmosphere and who knows might be a lot of Ravens fans going out there. I mean, it is Thanksgiving weekend and a trip to LA that sounds like a fun time if if you don’t have too much with your family going on. So I

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:10


tell people to go to Cape Town and go to my favorite Korean ice place, or should I give give the tip right now, if you want the tip, send me an email. I’ll make sure you if you’re out in LA, make sure you get good Korean barbecue and certainly certainly the best Korean shave ice on this continent. No disrespect to New York, but if you’re out in LA, you should eat well.

Luke Jones  26:31

There you go. There you go. But I mean, the chargers, it’s crazy. They are as NFL teams go. They are third fiddle, right? I mean, the Rams. Even though the Rams obviously aren’t great this year. But they won a Super Bowl recently, the Raiders still have more juice than the Chargers do in LA think about that. I mean, the Raiders haven’t played in LA and a quarter century. And there’s still more juice for the raiders in LA, you know, icon

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:56

and Spanish get together three years from now. And you’re aw and like all that and they say look, London, Frankfurt, let’s go to have us together. Who’s gonna stop it? Seriously.

Luke Jones  27:10

I mean, there’s, there’s still a lot to work out with that. I’m not saying that. There was a lot of


Nestor J. Aparicio  27:16

games, there was a lot to work out the last player, there’s always a lot to work out. But 76 going

Luke Jones  27:23

from 16 to 17 Games is a different animal than moving across the Atlantic Ocean. And, you know, we’ve seen international games continue to be a part of what the NFL does said I smell gonna change. It’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:35

freshly pressed your let’s be clear, I’m not they smell different than Canadian money or the United States money or those pesos that we may have not seen in Mexico. Yeah,

Luke Jones  27:45


I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I’m not. You know, we’ll see when I live

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:49

long enough to say I told you so. All right, by the way.

Luke Jones  27:54

2020 with

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:56

baseball with YouTube, we’ll talk lease and all that. But the Oakland Athletics are no moss, right? They they were voted unanimously to move to Las Vegas, because unanimously every team came in there and saw the situation and said, We got to relegate this you know what I mean, like and I think the Chargers are one of those six situations where they need to be relegated Jacksonville probably needs to be relegated before it’s all over with there’ll be relegated to Europe within. I’m 55 by the time the real AR people chase me down and I get a proper discount at a movie theater at 65 for 10 years, okay. You know, because you were making it 16 years 10 years is not a long time. 10 years, Scott, you think thank you, Joe Flacco is over the hill. That’s how long 10 years You made


Luke Jones  28:44

it sound like you’re talking like three or four years I’m like that quickly. But 10 years,

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:49

the Sabres neighbors have been rattling already. They’ve already two years in the plane in Germany. So they want to get one at one angle and one in Germany. They’ve already set up businesses, they’re, they’re ready to go shots are, you know, shots got the team already juiced up playing over there. So I come on, man, come on, man. You know, I

Luke Jones  29:09

still think you know, you’re still talking about one offs or in Jacksonville’s case, they did play their back to back weeks this year. That’s still a different animal, then how are you doing that for 17 games? How are you in any way trying to make that equitable from a scheduling standpoint, from a competitive balance standpoint, I think there’s a lot

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:31


this week, you’re telling me they care about and don’t care about anything other than money and they’ll make a lot of

Luke Jones  29:37

Thanksgiving games have been there forever. So but I’ll tell you what

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:42

was more interesting Frankfurt, Germany last week, and my wife paid a buck and a quarter for the tickets on the roof with her date. And there was legitimate snow balled I mean, I saw that the market that there’s more market for the Colts and the Patriots there and bringing football there and putting a German for having a team where are golden red and black and call themselves the whatever they’re gonna call themselves. Then there is having a second team in LA, running around Lance all worse jerseys and having 00 impact in the community and the fans from our our fan base that goes out and sees this week, they’ll see that. I mean, it doesn’t take much to figure it out. But like, that was a mistake. I was there the day it happened. I was sure eight feet away from Roger Goodell when it happened. And I’m like, Oh my God, you know, so yeah. That’s the cautionary tale about all this. But both of our points, ravens better play well against this, whatever this outfit is over there, because you’re hitting them at a time where like, the sky is falling. They’re right to your point, like we haven’t hit many of these late season, Coach meltdown, empty stadium empty sole empty franchise holiday weekend, like eight and three. I mean, the ravens are played well enough to win every game. That’s the beauty of them. Because I’ve seen all these other teams including Jacksonville, Detroit and Seattle against us just get annihilated once and if the rabid, you’re gonna get annihilated somewhere, it’s gonna happen on the road, it’s you’re gonna have a bad beat, just roll out of bed the wrong way and just get beaten. It’s got to make sure it’s not this week, because that hasn’t happened all year. And that’s a tribute to John. I mean, these guys are always ready to play. They really are. Yeah,

Luke Jones  31:29

I mean, think about it. When was the last time I was actually pondering this over the weekend. Yeah, the aftermath of Thursday night’s game where when was the last time with Lamar Jackson starting not counting any of these Tyler Huntley games last couple years late in the season? When was the last time the Ravens played a game? And they were just plain out? outplayed, right? I mean, I mean, not even necessarily that it was this blowout loss, but they lost decidedly, you might have to go back to 2021. And maybe that Bengals game, the first Bengals game that year, you know where they couldn’t tackle Jamar Chase. I mean, was it that? You know, when it was Miami Thursday night game, that’s probably the last one where they just they looked awful in that game. I mean, that was Thursday night football.


Nestor J. Aparicio  32:14

I mean, right. But but the point is,

Luke Jones  32:16

I mean, that’s that was two years ago, you know that that was two years ago that with a healthy Lamar Jackson starting and finishing a game that they lost a game that they just they kind of stuck. I mean, you know, the funny thing is that the Pittsburgh loss back in early October, yeah, they, they stunk in that game. I mean, with all the drop passes, it’s not like they had a huge lead in that game. I mean, they, they should have had a huge lead in that game, and they just never built it. And then of course, Kenny Pickett made his one play that he makes in a game. Boy, he stinks. These

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:49

things. I almost tweeted like Snoop, I mean, a better quarterback for the for the Steelers than Kenny Pickett, and

Luke Jones  32:55


I’m not trying to get too far off topic, but since I brought him up. I don’t know what the issue is there. Whether it’s Kenny Pickett or Matt Canada, the coordinator. I think it’s both, quite frankly. I mean, that offense is it’s awful. It’s awful. And I’ll hear Sunday. Yep. Cleveland’s got to leave. It’s got an excellent defense. I’ll hear that for Sunday. But what about every other game? I mean, they need to give the ball to Jaylen Warren more. That’s about the only suggestion I have for the Steelers. Other than that, I feels like they’re a lost cause because I just don’t think Kenny Pickett can play. I mean, he’s had these nice fourth quarter moments, including against the Ravens. So hey, he’s done something. But I

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:32

watched him drop back to pass in the first quarter. And I’m thinking Mike Tomlin He must want another job.

Luke Jones  33:37

Like so. uninspiring, right,

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:39

I mean, it’s just I don’t think we’re winning with him. You know,


Luke Jones  33:43

I mean, and I get it, they’re six and four. So they’ve gotten this far, but it’s just you look at that offense. I we’ve talked about they’ve been out gained in every game this year, and all those different stats that have kind of made the record almost a miracle that they’ve been as good as they’ve been record wise, but that offense is just not good enough the browns, you know, you want to give the rookie a little bit of the benefit of the doubt and hey, he he started off pretty good in that game. And then he had a solid final drive that put them in position to kick the game winner but you just wonder if it’s going to be good enough. You know, I think the Browns can certainly make the playoffs as a wildcard I think the defense running game if if the kid can play clean enough football for them, I think it’ll be good enough because hey, it’s gonna be three wildcards right? I mean, you know, we can keep talking about the mediocrity but some of these teams are gonna make it regardless of how you feel about them, but very limited offense in that football game and certainly on the Pittsburgh side. Yeah, the Ravens gonna play them at the end of the year that better better win better not lose at the Steelers again, especially if you’re battling for the number one seed at that point, but certainly a very limited brand of offensive football. We Call from both of those teams on Sunday afternoon. All right, happy gobble

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:03

gobble everybody out there looking I’m gonna talk a little baseball here before Thanksgiving I had Tom Kelso on from Maryland stadium authority at length. We’re gonna sit with him next Friday at Hollywood casino doing the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery window nation and our friends Jiffy Lube multicam for getting out in the community. Again this week. We’re going to be a Papist Parkfield, this week before Thanksgiving next week, Coco’s Wednesday. We’re going to be at the BMA gertrudes on Thursday, then up in Perry Ville on Friday, December the first December the first already my goodness gracious. We had an unbelievable chat with Dundalk high principal Paul Satterfield last week about education. Oh he was missing was Luke man, but I brought Luke in with my science teacher George Scholten. Two months ago. Now, I brought my son of our science teacher standard Blonsky over to cost this last week to talk some education in my new high school. I found all chi tablets and kids and no cursive and the new math I don’t know. Still trying to learn the old math. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking ravens football during a holiday week Baltimore positive

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