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Our Maryland Crab Cake Tour, presented by The Maryland Lottery, Window Nation and Jiffy Lube is always filled with serendipity. Roz Lane was coming by Koco’s Pub to help us give away from Ravens scratch-offs and wound up Ko-hosting our segment with the Baltimore diva of the dance floor and celebrating 20 years of Deep Sugar grooves. Let Roz tell you about all of those all night dance parties at the Paradox while Ultra schools Nestor on the roots of house music and her amazing international success as an artist.


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Roz Kelly, Nestor Aparicio, Ultra Nate´

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn S T tasks in Baltimore and Baltimore positive I have the Baltimore positive cupcake and bowtie going on here we’re Coco’s saw brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I got the Ravens scratch halls we got some news on the Ravens scratch offs and giveaways and stuff our friends when donation 866 90 nation I’ve been wearing the what I put the wacky hat on and I don’t realize I have the wacky hat on and then people look at me and laugh and they’re like you got the wacky 8669 nation is the way to find winter nation. Also our friends at Jiffy Lube our newest sponsor for the crab cake tour crab cake tour. This is the last segment I’m doing for the crab cake tour until the Orioles win the World Series or they get a couple days off which they might two weeks from now. So I’m saying I’m on hiatus with the crab cake tour because I can’t plan anything in October around baseball. Roz is here from the Maryland lottery. She’s brought me like things to give away to people here go goes I got shirts, I got hats. i We have scratch offs to give away. My wife always asked me beginning a week, who were the guests this week on a crab cake tour. And I always say to her like on Sunday or Monday I’m like somebody Lucky is going to respond. And they’re going to come out and they’re going to participate and have it to radio fun in high jinks that I do. And I’ve been trying to get altar on a show for 22 years. 22 years I’ve been trying to get altar on the show. So altra comes in late Ross comes in early my lives in sea bass who did the segment before have to go like work for Rio because it’s getting little crazy in here. We’re sick and Max mixed it up having fun talking movies, and Ultras a little late and felt really bad about it. And I’m like, whenever you get here your altar, you do what you do. So she’s like, I got this and sugar and traveling and singing and dancing and 1000 and all this stuff. And I said whenever you get here be perfect. And Ross shows up says I’m here you show up and I’m here and you looked at her and you’re like, Oh my God, that’s all true. Like I know. I’m like, Do you Do you want to meet all she’s like, I know ultra matte. So I want you to give love to altra and do the introduction as altra has a big girl drink? Because he had those here. Coco’s. So you know, it’s always drinks here. But altra I’ll tell my ultra story, but your ultra story is better than mine. And mine’s pretty good.


Roz Kelly  02:26

I don’t know what your story is better or worse, but I’m just a big house music fan and a house had for many years since a teenager in the 80s. And started going to the Paradise was fantasies. Well, fantasies and then they opened up paradise. Paradise,

Nestor Aparicio  02:45

and we said we had to stay up really late to go to paradise. That’s right. I mean, like when we went to Amsterdam moving we

Roz Kelly  02:52

take naps. We would take naps on Saturday and leave the house probably a midnight to go to the paradise. Absolutely. And dance until like six in the morning.

Nestor Aparicio  03:02


So her husband is one of my oldest fans and listeners, Greg from Northeast was a caller to this radio station for I’ve had the station 25 years in a month. So he’s been calling 20 He might call before he was supposed to come and sit in today with her. He bailed on me again. He always he’s never going to

Roz Kelly  03:22

be mad. He bailed on there.

Nestor Aparicio  03:25

He she said, when you do show Coco’s I live near Coco’s. And I’m Greg and he works nice. All right, there’s no Greg altra shows up now. He’s gonna be pissed that she’s here

Ultra Nate´  03:37

sounds like karma to me. So


Nestor Aparicio  03:38

you met Greg at Paradise.

Roz Kelly  03:42

I met Greg in love in the

Nestor Aparicio  03:50

garage. So I’m just going to tell you this because I like this is a big deal for me to have you on like it really is a big deal. I’ve been googling you all day and a huge because I don’t know anything about you, other than what I’m about to say. All right. This is true. It’s a little long, but bear with it. Like all my stories. When I was a young guy, I saw air supply at Pier six. Wow. And I love girls. I love girls okay, so and I always love girls. So I talked to the guys in air supply with from Australia about where to find Elle McPherson are live in New John Wright. And they said I’m a go to Australia. Get yourself on a career, get yourself on a tour go that go to the beach. And so I this I’m 20 years old and I thought I’m gonna go to Australia on my bucket list place I was gonna go my whole life. So before I turned 30 I swore I was gonna go to Australia and my 29th year I put aside the requisite amount of money. Yeah, and I booked a Contiki tour you’re gonna Contiki tour is you get on a bus with a bunch of girls and you go wherever you go. Places Contiki is a European company. It’s a tour company that a lot of women will go on because it’s safe. A couple girls traveled alone or Yeah, so so there it was 18% women on the I didn’t know that go when I’m kidding about that part. But I it was more inexpensive way for me to go to Australia. See Australia. And when we got there, I got on the bus the first day, and we had a house song for every morning. And it was I get knocked down, I get up again. Chumbawamba top bumping was a huge song. Right? So we get on the bus. And every morning, everybody’s hung over, I get knocked down, and I get up again. And every night we went to clubs in Australia. All right. So this is this is in February of 1998. All right, the bell right, February of 1998. And every city I went into for 23 days, we went to bars every night. We were young girls, people on the bus. It was the culture of being like in the hostels and doing what we did. So from Cannes, and Northern Queensland, all the way down New South Wales all the way to Sydney. Every place I went in, they had videos and music. They were like discos with video boards. Yeah. Every one I went into free played every night in every club, and I saw this beautiful African American woman free. Like I’m dancing. I’m like, Damn, that’s shit. So good. So so one of my faves. So I got into and I came back. And I wonder who you were. And I’m a music guy. I was a music critic at the sun in the 80s. Okay, so I’m serious music person. So came back. And maybe the internet was new then or whatever. Or maybe you were featured in the Baltimore Sun on a Sunday was

Ultra Nate´  07:02


there was a sun story. There

Nestor Aparicio  07:03

was a sun story. And so alternate. I’m like Baltimore, she from Dunbar what so I read that story. And then I listen to your music and I turned people onto your music. And I knew you were from here. And I never knew you. And I didn’t really know anybody that knew you. One person did told me they knew. I went on the radio and talked about you. And so he said, I know her. I went to high school with her. I get her on the show. And I’m like, I was trying to get you on the show. Yeah. And then did the show one time though. You recorded in the goofy studio. Okay, next door. You did some commercials. Okay. I brought you out. A couple years later, I’m on a yoga mat. down it was it was it was Charm City, MIT it was Midtown yoga that, Kim man Freedy. Yep. Who was one of my favorite humans on Earth. My original Yogini? My my yoga master? Yes. We’re I was taking a class at her place. And Michelle modell was there. David was still alive. Oh my gosh. And Michelle says to me, I know Ultra. Yep. And I went to class one night, and I walked in. And Michelle is in class on the mat next to me. And you’re next to her. And she said and it was just like you meet an ultra minute ago. She’s like, my friend Ultra. I’m like, You’re gonna we all try. So we became kind of friendly. And she did a commercial at my place. Because I was just trying to help you promote someone to club and one very, it didn’t work out great. And then like, you went, like children and world moving to Detroit and like, I ain’t seen you in forever. And I’ve never had you on the show. And

Ultra Nate´  08:39

I’ve still been in Baltimore. I just mean, the world. got in the car and you drove over here to be with me today. I did. And I don’t like do you know her story? Or do you just know her music from heard the legend of what she is as a performer? I mean, I know, with fantasies that she knows no, like the origin story is like started in the days of fantasy. When I first started when I signed my first record deal was during that period. But you were like, in the music when you were a kid in school. I was but I wasn’t I wasn’t. I never had the inclination of going into the music business. I never thought of doing it professionally. I went to Dunbar actually to study the medical profession. So my intention was to actually go into medicine and become a doctor. That was the trajectory that I was on. And it wasn’t until I discovered club culture, somewhere around 86 or 87. F right after I graduated from high school private so it was probably about 87 because the first time I went it was like I was a junior in high school. So I went on Thanksgiving to Adele’s for the first time. And that was my first foray into club land and I and I am immediately loved it was on the floor at that time what was playing it was a music it’s probably like a dance. All Joy sense. Okay, all right. All in all, who later became a very A good friend of mine actually once that’s a chorale into

Nestor Aparicio  10:02

the music business spoke to you there.


Ultra Nate´  10:06

Yeah. And at that moment, I was still in high school. So

Nestor Aparicio  10:09

Michael Jackson prints like that,

Ultra Nate´  10:11

for everything I listened to everything growing up, I listened to everything from from old soul records that my mom had to, you know, disco to, to new wave and rock and punk rock. And every I listened to everything I was I scrolled the dial when I was a kid. And I was going to, you know, here in Baltimore, just doing my thing and just, you know, traveling and dial up and down the radio, like really, that was my, that was my training ground was my mother’s 12 inch records, playing her albums, which was stuff like Ltd, Commodores, Chaka Khan, Barry White things like that. And then on the radio, I was listening to like Madonna flock of seagulls. You know, Culture Club. Yeah. You know, the things.

Nestor Aparicio  10:52


It wasn’t a discovery. George Michael on that wham thing.

Ultra Nate´  10:55

There you go. Oh, that’s a really good doc. Yeah. It was really like when I graduated from high school, and I started going to Oh, Deleuze is when and actually that happened because I ran into a young lady that I was a fan of that was on a TV show from here called Shakedown. Okay, and we became friends and we’re still friends to this day, like four decades later, she was the one that introduced me to Odell. So when I went when I went in for for real for real, that second time, I became a part of that culture. And so in being in that atmosphere, I met Tommy Davis from the basement boys first and Tommy was also a DJ at a record store in Mondawmin Mall. So that was like the place where everyone went after the club. On Saturday night, everybody went to Mondawmin Mall on Sundays to hear the records that were being played the night before and get that music. So we developed a really great rapport. He was a part of an outfit called baseman boys and it was three young would be producers based out of Baltimore, kind of getting their own start. They had made one record with Teddy Douglas of basement boys haven’t done the vocals on it. They did a remake of the Rolls Royce, classic love, don’t live here no more. But the he didn’t want to be a singer, though they did, which still sounds amazing to this day. So they were looking for artists to start working with songwriters, artists, singers, whatever. And he knew that I grew up singing in my church. I wasn’t like the singing diva all over the church. I was part of the choir. So I knew I could carry a tune. But I never envisioned being a vocalist in that way. So that really wasn’t my aspiration. But I was always kind of a renegade, always kind of creative and just on the side and like, was never really fearful of trying something new. I really felt like I had nothing to lose. So I went to based on boys studios, and hung out with them. I did a little audition I saying Angela Wimbush is Angel at the time I had never seen before, had never been in the studio before. But they’ve been on a microphone, none of it. Like all of it was the first time everything so this whole my whole origin story is first time everything. So we started working together and my next time coming to the studio, maybe second or third time we were hanging out casual like we are now we just like start writing a song in the kitchen part of the basement because it was literally in the basement of the house on Jasper Street where where J Stein our of basement boys lived. So we were in his basement in the kitchen area. scribbling on Facebook

Nestor Aparicio  13:19

works really well in the basement, really in the basement.

Ultra Nate´  13:22

Okay, and they were still learning so you know, the in this was also like the advent of technology had really come in. So house music is kind of like the daughter of disco. So you had the whole backlash from the rock community with disco with the burning of the disco records familiar with baseball, right? So that was a whole that was a whole thing. And then house music came because technology allowed young would be producers to be able to start making these huge records that what disco was which was really expensive to produce, because you had all live instrumentation to now do it for much cheaper. Alright, you know, with technology. So now they had these four track machines from machines, they could, you know, do do their little thing in the studio. So the boys were taking advantage of that. And you had all these different outfits. And these were we this is the late 80s kind of making his way into the 90s. But all these kids in, in in Chicago, New York, Baltimore and some of the other, you know, more urban centers around the states, were starting to delve into dance music, which was his danceable r&b but making it into house with this new technology that was affording them the ability to create tracks on their own. So we started writing this song it was called it’s over now I kind of scribbled it down I’d have my first real heartbreak from my first real relationship at that time. And so that became our subject matter it was it’s over now so we kind of scratched together this song I had these lyrics on a napkin went in the booth and they were like, Okay, let’s, let’s just come up with something. So they basically through a track on, I never even heard the music. And I literally had to just kind of freestyle it, just bounce off my head and come up with a song. So that song, that demo in that moment, you’d never


Nestor Aparicio  15:13

written a song.

Ultra Nate´  15:14

I had never written a song I had never sang a song. So this was the first time hearing my own voice on a microphone, hearing my voice back to me. And with a scribbled piece of paper in my hand with some, just, you know, words that didn’t have any kind of structure, or any melody to them, and created melody and song structure in the moment, for the first time. And that song became my first single on Warner Brothers, UK. I ended up with a major label record deal in the UK off that demo.

Nestor Aparicio  15:46

Not many people can tell that kind of story. Not at all. That’s crazy. Not at all. We’re at Coco’s Ultras here. The crabcakes here, Ross is here from the Maryland lottery. I’m trying to learn. I told my wife I was so excited you text me yesterday, like I’m coming because I don’t think she’s really common jam common. And I’m like I said, to Jett, gently. This is a big deal for you. And I’m like, Yeah, it’s like, I’ve had some John Waters is on my bucket list. Like I’ve never had him on the show. And I’m 32 years into doing this now. He’s people wrote to me a couple months ago and offered him to me on Zoom. And I’m like, Man, I’m gonna wait to I’m gonna I’m gonna do it this way. Because

Ultra Nate´  16:25


he hasn’t come home that often does, though. He but he periodically Yeah, but I’ve never had him on and that’s like, he just got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Nestor Aparicio  16:33

I Gina’s shock from the Go Go’s is from Dundalk. And she’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer obviously, and I never knew her until about a year and a half ago. And we’ve gotten to know and I put a band together for she called me three times to find musicians. And her band is now like, Oh, my buddies. So it’s, as you get older, and these things they take on a life of their own. I’m still you’re doing this. That’s why you’re still doing what you’re doing. I reached her two weeks ago, she don’t sugar thing. Max was here. Max Weiss from Boulder magazine, she sends her regards. Oh, she said she didn’t know you but knows of Yes. And they wrote a piece about you, which wrote about her. So she’s got an anniversary. So

Ultra Nate´  17:10

20 years of deep sugar like, I’ve been doing the party for 20 years here in Baltimore, how around the world.

Nestor Aparicio  17:17

I was blogging, I was trying to get over there because I was down in Merriweather and a new year we’re getting a


Ultra Nate´  17:21

landstar and make it but I appreciate you

Nestor Aparicio  17:24

know, energy and I was like, I won’t drop your alpha on Towson. I’m going down and dancing. You know, How late did you roll?

Ultra Nate´  17:31

soundstage we can only go to 2am but I had an after party as well. So the after party went till 5am That was that club 1722 where we do can we’ve done sugar they’re basically since we started actually in our infancy we started at clip 1722 After sonar turban wear

Nestor Aparicio  17:46


T shirts like for my audience they don’t know they know of you they know free or they know your football to the things

Ultra Nate´  17:53

that it is a lot of gap in there. So with with the origin story, there’s Warner Brothers, they all that had happened through the dance community, blah, blah, blah. I did two albums on Warner, one for Warner UK, one for Warner us and then I was dropped from Warner us because the United States is completely did not get dance music culture at the time. Basically, they wanted to turn me into like a pop artists. And we didn’t want to, we didn’t want to walk away from our underground club community, which was very understood abroad. I had this really great fan base, you’ve seen your rod? Yeah, Europe, your us? Like we they like we don’t know what to do with this dancer. I mean, like, Who do we sell this to? You know what I mean? Because over, right, and in the UK and Europe, it’s a completely different animal. So there could be an alternative record played right next to a Michael Jackson record. And it was. So that’s why, you know, I had such a such a strong profile abroad, and a lot of people thought I was actually British for a long time. And some of them still do, actually. So fast forward with that, that period, that was the mid 90s. So somewhere along that row when we met was after I had my new record deal I signed to to strictly rhythm records, which was, which is a independent label was an independent label out of New York. But they were what we call a mini major, so that even though they were independent, and a smaller label, they were a major in the way that they had had hit. So they had money. And that’s why I signed with them because they had street cred around the world should DJs recognize their records and immediately play their records and love their records. So they had the street credibility, while also having brand recognition, while also having capital in order to make records happen because I had been on a major record label for six years. So I knew and understood how you make a hit record happen. It doesn’t always happen by osmosis or luck. There’s a lot of actual business things and tools and lever levers that have to be pulled to get it placed correctly to actually get there. So that’s what happened when I signed strictly. I wrote free as my first song of my new record deal, and already had been writing my new album before I even signed the deal so I had a new album in place. two albums. And then that’s where we met along the way in 98. Because free came out in 1997. So free kind of took over the world when it came out. But there were two albums. Before that, that were that were that were successful in the UK, you were around the world,

Nestor Aparicio  20:17

Australia for that period of time around

Ultra Nate´  20:19

the world. liquidus really, and then the subsequent album stranger than fiction, and then sit,


Nestor Aparicio  20:27

leave, and I’m in Surfers Paradise in Byron Bay. And he’s places in these discos and his girls from Baltimore, and I don’t know her and I’m like, because,

Ultra Nate´  20:35

you know, that was Bolton was always been home. And I think because my career took off so early in my life, that I started traveling the world immediately, and I didn’t really ever feel the need to have to live anywhere else because I was always somewhere else anyway. So I you know, I always had this this love for Baltimore, I’ve always been very connected to the underground dance music community, because I feel like that was my that was the that was the the space. Yeah, that gave me my training wheels. And also the love and support from underground place to be able to grow as a young artist. See, we don’t we don’t have in the music industry now is artists development, labels are not willing to take chances like that and spend money like that and give artists time to become fully realized in their art. Because they don’t have the money at this point, the resources, you know, that’s what I

Nestor Aparicio  21:26

was gonna say you’re talking about the 90s. Yeah. late 80s, early 90s at the paper, and they were always on the phone trying to get me to write a story about people like you in the rock space, or the pop space or the country space or whatever. Then it all fell apart, right? Then it all fell my kid came in with Napster. And

Ultra Nate´  21:44


that was that was it. And that was probably about 2000 2001 It all went to hell in a handbag. Yeah, I remember very clearly. But that my connection to Baltimore, and thus, that leads into deep sugar as a party is that I’ve always recognized that the trajectory that my life has taken to be able to affect the world through music that I never knew that I could even do was because of the environment that was created the space that was created by people like Wayne Davis and others, to have what we have here in Baltimore and what we had especially in the A through the 80s and into the 90s We’re at a different situation here that would have never been my story, I was in a very charmed experience to to grow up in that culture and have that safe space to explore my art and creativity. Even even in its when it when it was in its most rudimentary state, I had that very safe space of Baltimore’s club culture to grow in. So I’ve always felt there is a certain level of loyalty and connection, because I feel like if you can make it in that space, and in a city like Baltimore, where you know, it’s very blue collar, it’s very, like rough around the edges, there’s a lot of grind and grit that is about Baltimore, if you can, you can excel and reach a level in that space, then the rest of the world is really a cakewalk in my mind. And so we got to a place in the late 90s. And in the early 2000s, where I saw as now as considered a professional by that time, that the the moment and the the space that I grew up in, that gave me the the footing was now gone. It was gone at that point, because the music had changed, the scene had changed. My generation had started to grow up and had, you know, got people got married people had children, people have responsibilities. So they were no longer in the clubs in the way that they were. And the generation behind them did not follow through because they went into other places and other things and other sounds, and then Napster and it all kind of just splattered all over the place. So I felt like it was part of my job, my responsibility as an artist and as a representative of Baltimore club culture and dance music culture globally, to give back to my community and make sure that that same kind of energy, that same kind of safe space that I had, that place of inclusion of love and joy, and release and freedom is still here and available to our community. And so we started sugar myself, my DJ partner, Lisa moody, who has now passed and Jonathan one of my best friends and tour manager also

Nestor Aparicio  24:30

I’m gonna come dance with you one day. So give me grace. You were a fan and you were part of the culture she speaks of what was appealing about it at that I mean, other than just being young you must be what was appealing about hammer Jack now that I have hammer Jack’s hair right by the way, I feel like I can let my hair down you guys are friends. So I’m gonna do that. So your the dance culture you talk about that she was sprung from you were there a lot, right? Yeah, was there?

Roz Kelly  24:57

Yeah. It’s more than it’s more I think just the music it’s like a it’s like a spiritual. It’s like a spiritual movement. It is the community. It is very spiritual

Ultra Nate´  25:09

it is you’re talking about there’s nothing there well, it’s people in a room together, where you it’s multicultural, multi generational, multi ethnicity, ethnicity, it’s, it’s all the things there’s such a melting pot of community there where everyone is in a like minded. It’s all it’s all united through music. And so it it really brings down all of the barriers that people have. Between them. There’s no socio economic issues, there’s no racial issues, there’s no drama, there is a love of the music and it’s more organic and it’s authentic, and you can’t get that anywhere else.


Nestor Aparicio  25:46

So if I came to your party at three in the morning when I recognize music, or would Is it me or is it me, nor is it current? Or is it the thing

Ultra Nate´  25:56

it’s all the things it’s all grounded in house, but it’s gonna go anywhere from soul to soul. When I say soul, I’m talking about throwbacks maybe have like and Anita Baker record or it could be in a couple months, it could be a Nine Inch Nails record that’s been done in a house kind of treatment. Okay, so we go all over the place with what we play, but it’s all under the umbrella of house music. So it may be anywhere from disco to r&b to even Hip Hop records mixed in there. You know, we have Cardi B records that we love that have been remixed into a house format that work and we play them. So what’s your next biggie? The next one for our rooftop is the last one of the season the rooftops we’ve been doing what we do on the roof of the Lord Baltimore

Nestor Aparicio  26:42

hotel where I was broadcasted, where Greg used to listen to me back in

Ultra Nate´  26:46


the LV Sky Bar. So the last one for the season is October 8. They’re always on Sunday. So Sunday, October 8, from 5pm to 10pm. And the tickets are on sale at Eventbrite right now and then I’m also going to be playing next week for I’m going to be

Nestor Aparicio  27:01

playoff game at home that are they really yesterday Okay. When Yes, they

Ultra Nate´  27:05

are because you know the ravens and the Orioles won last week when I had my last rooftop party that same day, so we were only winning that day. But I’m also doing Everyman Theatre on September 30 Are you I am I will be supporting them for education in the arts. They’re doing their fundraiser gala event and they’re trying to reimagine gala events to not be stuffy or you know just to be inclusive of the community of you know everyone so they’re doing a new kind of gala and it will be E FF a butler who is a very well respected well world renowned artists herself she’ll be performing with her band early doing kind of jazz and blues and standards and things like that and then I’ll be doing the after party full DJ set party experience full on deep sugar straight down your throat is going to be amazing music food open bar silent auction all the things and supporting Baltimore’s Everyman Theatre so

Nestor Aparicio  27:59

segment of the year and you’re part of it. Ross Yeah, this year we’re talking about the good day to come here and really deep and crabcakes here so I brought to you by the Maryland lottery, I’ve got my my new Raven scratch offs. Also wind nation I got my wacky hat 866 90 nation and Jiffy Lube. Alright, Ross, I gotta do a lottery plug here because I had John on this week. First things first, the Mega Millions is out of control. My wife’s hit me to get tickets and jackpots Powerball is at


Roz Kelly  28:30

its peril. bearable. Havas is it’s growing, it’s at $725 million. The cash sugar was 345 point 7 million most people tend to take the cash option if they win. It’s the eighth largest Powerball jackpot ever. And the drawing is Saturday.

Nestor Aparicio  28:51

Well, John and I wanted to this this week about like, cash for like $1,000 a week for like, and I’m thinking more for more What if I die tomorrow gaining money now cash option is what I’m saying. But you know tomorrow, just right now,

Roz Kelly  29:05

well, you can also have a beneficiary so if something does happen to you, you can leave that to someone

Nestor Aparicio  29:10


well, my wife and my son but I don’t want to have an eight you wanted to $31 million where the fun Hey, right without you know, man, bring me flowers or something. The Raven Scratch is also really important. We got the deadline coming up this week. I know you need to get that in a big trip to Jacksonville in December. And you know, the ravens, the Ravens tickets for life all these exotic things, but the season is long, but the contest some of these giveaways happen quick like this now, because you’re gonna win a trip in December you got to win in September.

Roz Kelly  29:43

Well, we just recently had the drawing and we for those the season tickets for this year winners. And so we had those those winners selected already. They had a $500 shopping spree at m&t Bank yesterday. So they have their season said but then the drawing deadline on On the 25th, we’ll be drawing for season tickets for 24 for the next season, and there’s a 20 year ticket to Yeah. And we’ll be drawing finalists for that, because we’re going to give away to that at the end of the season. We give away season tickets for 20 years

Nestor Aparicio  30:16

to these poor people that when Doug calls me and says, Hey, you won, you got to come down to stadium and through football to try to win more money. That’s,

Roz Kelly  30:25

that’s the on field experience. It’s on Pat. Password cash. A lot of footballs, but it makes me no good. Yeah. So they go down on the field, and they have that experience there. You can also win in a second chance contest. You can win cash $10,000 Just off the bat by entering and like you said, the Jacksonville games. The next one will be for that joining for the away team. That’s an awesome prize. Because the team because you get to get on the team plane you find with the team, you say on that one and go to the game. And this is sec. Marijuana once in a lifetime prizes, right and we have the $2 ravens ticket $20,000 is the top prize and we have the $5 also have the top prize. Oh,


Nestor Aparicio  31:10

lucky 50th anniversary we had $100 winner here last month when I was here. Okay, so yeah, did you can give me the lucky one sometimes. I wonder, you know, I can pick them off around like, the lucky ones that they’re not people are always happy to get a lottery ticket.

Roz Kelly  31:22

And if they’re not winning, and you’re gonna get one today, and if they’re non winners, then do you that’s when you entered into my ladder rewards and to the Ravens Second Chance calm download the app, then you can win some of the Oh possibly win some of the other one of them lifetime. You know, my wife

Nestor Aparicio  31:38

saw months with this manner. You know whether she wins or loses she she plays if the jackpot gets over, like 400 million, she’ll play and she plays hard. And now she plays the Megaplier two, because John taught me about

Roz Kelly  31:50


interesting now the jackpots grow up into a billion we even had a $2 billion jackpot before even so people since they grow that high. People don’t even really get excited until it’s maybe like 800,000,009 100,000,030 1 million

Nestor Aparicio  32:07

feet. That’ll do it for me at all. And you know, every time I dream, the dream, though, it changes like the, like 25 years ago, I would have said, well, I’ll just get a place in California. And then 15 years ago, it’s like, well, you know, I’m just getting placed in the Caribbean. And then it was like, Well, I went to why and I’m like, will lay a baby just you know, I don’t need to under 30 minutes, couple million. I don’t need much. Just give me a flat and pay for the milk and you know, love me for the beer money. It’s pretty good surfboard. I could do a lot better lottery we dream we play. They sponsor what we do here at the Maryland crab cake tour. I’ve promised altar that she could nationalist crab cake. And you do too much talk and is ready. But I get any Did I leave anything out? You have any questions for alter her career that we missed? Are we good? No.

Roz Kelly  32:54

I mean, I just love altra I love how you think I love the majority of her songs. And I mean, on my playlist is ultra ultra ultra.

Nestor Aparicio  33:06

I didn’t even know I was doing this. And you felt guilty about showing a play and I felt bad.


Roz Kelly  33:11

I feel like I know, personally because you know, just because of the coming days. Yeah, it’s

Ultra Nate´  33:18

wonderful. That’s very sweet. Thank you. Well, I just released a new album last week. Sorry.

Nestor Aparicio  33:24

Let’s go plug it what’s called it’s called Ultra Deluxe. I’ve always been Was there ever a basic model?

Ultra Nate´  33:34


It’s my 10th album, I have to say and we released it actually last summer. So this version is the deluxe edition of it because it has additional mixes new songs on it. So it is the 10th album rereleased with additional stuff. So it’s the deluxe version of it. And it came out last week. And we we’ve actually actually tried it really well here in the US on iTunes, top five. And in Australia, as you mentioned earlier, number two top I

Roz Kelly  34:06

found her keys how to onboard music legend. Yes, thank you millions.

Ultra Nate´  34:11

And today is the last date of my podcast produced X executive produced by Paris Hilton. And it was a 12 part series actually. And it was about nightclubbing and all of the beautiful nightclubs around the world. It was a kind of a deep dive into the stories of the spaces and the people that created the spaces and what that culture brought to people’s lives and they were 12 chosen Sherdog not quite sugary. The whole God the history of the world’s greatest nightclubs. And so it was produced by Paris Hilton and her 54 When something 54 was not one of the clubs that we featured really no no you have to go that go dig deep into it. i Yeah, it’s on I Heart podcast and you can get on Apple podcasts also.

Nestor Aparicio  34:57

All right. Yeah. My wife wants me wants a picture the two of us have three of us here so absolutely. All right, I’m having fun. She’s going hiking.


Ultra Nate´  35:04

Yeah, so it’s always gonna be there. Today is the last episode of The New Episodes dropping. But obviously in podcast world, you know, it will always be available season one is out there, deep dive into it, you come to understand house music genre, the birth of techno the birth of Afro beats out of South Africa out of Africa. And so a lot of great stories of icons that were created in these spaces Madonna Danceteria her whole story a lot of information in there so

Nestor Aparicio  35:32

anything but now Rogers and she because I’ll is my dude, it’s gonna be 60 degree Yes, it’s gonna be raining sideways gonna be raining. I want to dance with you. There we go. Did you go in I talked

Ultra Nate´  35:44

to a Nile the other day you did, of course.

Roz Kelly  35:51


And getting in a dance.

Ultra Nate´  35:55

Again, you know, he’s looking forward to the gig. I’m looking forward to seeing him here and be more not loving the fact that it’s gonna be pouring rain, but I’m gonna be there and I’ll be coming back actually from

Nestor Aparicio  36:05

tomorrow, man on friggin. He really is. He is

Ultra Nate´  36:09

the king of cool. And he’s so sweet. He’s so loving. He actually reached out to me out of the blue. Many, many moons ago. I got an email from Nile Rodgers. And it was like what it was kind of like the same thing with Paris Hilton, right. So I got an email from Rogers. And he asked me to come and DJ and perform for a festival that he was starting called fold which stood for freak out. Let’s dance. So his first one he did in Montreux, Switzerland during the Montreux Jazz Festival. And that was about six or seven years ago. And then he did it again in upstate New York and I did it again with him then. So and he’s also brought me out to LA because he started another brand called disco Oasis, which is all disco music, and it’s a roller skating thing outdoors. I can do that. Yeah, that sounds like very beautiful, amazing west coast. Gorgeous production. He’s actually done it in New York as well. So he it’s a traveling kind. Okay, so he’s done it in LA. He’s done it in New York. I don’t know where he’s going to move it yet. But when they launched it in LA, he made me part of the first series in LA. So I played for that as well. So we’ve had this really great friendship since then


Nestor Aparicio  37:12

you tell him I love him.

Ultra Nate´  37:15

We all love him. I mean, how can you know last

Nestor Aparicio  37:17

year they opened for Duran Duran Duran at Merriweather Yeah, my wife got sick that week, we started a crabcake tour. And I went down to to Merriweather I got there because I knew how great it was going to be. It was the best act and I see a lot I mean, I see 100 concerts a year yeah, it was the best thing I saw last year.

Ultra Nate´  37:36


Chic is amazing live there

Nestor Aparicio  37:39

and the routes to how many artists he influenced literally Madonna produce just go through the list go to all go Yeah, it sucks that the weather’s not crucial and

Ultra Nate´  37:53

so giving an amazing as an artist, you know good

Nestor Aparicio  37:57

times maybe good times.


Ultra Nate´  37:59

All right, such an icon.

Nestor Aparicio  38:01

I swore I was gonna sink free to her but I already pretty good to do Yeah, all right, we’re gonna take we get to the break. I gotta get we gotta hear each or crabcake or I love altra it’s been like 32 years to get her on the radio on the earth. She deserves to crabcakes Ross is here for the Maryland lottery it’s all of everything we’re doing the lottery winner nation our friends if you new bring us on the road, Marcella, her crew here Liz sea bass the whole crew Steve everybody taking good care of us here Eric. Everybody’s good. We’re hiatus sing the crabcake tour. For the most important thing I could think of Oreo playoffs. So I mean, I don’t know when they’re playing. They don’t know when they’re playing. So we’re just gonna like lay low. We’re gonna get a couple crabcake tours in in October. But just hang with us. Go to Baltimore positive learn more about it. Come on out to Coco’s crabcake. Stay with us. Hold on to your hats playoff baseball and go ravens this weekend signing off for cocoas with Roz on Nesta, she’s altra

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