What exactly is a non-binding memorandum of understanding?

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Our defending champion of all things sports business and law and media Eric Fisher of Front Office Sports returns to discuss the joy of the Orioles playoff march and the agony of waiting on John Angelos to agree to an inevitable lease at Camden Yards.


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Eric Fisher, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are taking the Maryland crabcake tour back out on the road just for one day only because I don’t know what the Orioles are going to do your next couple of weeks. But it is my 55th birthday next week and Friday the 13th we’re going to be a truck City at the fountain upstairs all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I’ll be giving away these ravens scratch offs lucky batch so far. We had some winners over Coco’s last week as well as it Pappas earlier in the month. We are also sponsored by our friends at WIN donation 866 90 nation as well as Jiffy Lube MultiCare sponsoring the Maryland crab cake tour and our 25th anniversary brought to you by our friends at curio and foreign daughter who gave me this great Baltimore shirt to wear. Let me see like like Edgar Allan Poe thing going on here as well. As we watch wildcard baseball this week, and it is Pittsburgh week around here. The ravens are in first place and we’ll have time for them in November in December after the parade, as I say around here, but it is a baseball week. It’s given me a great chance to reach a bunch of people and this guy covered all things business and the beginning parts of Masson and the Nationals for The Washington Times. He’s worked at Sports Business Journal, he is now with a group called front office sports. You may have read the Jeff Zucker, from a former CNN head has been involved there. He is our defending champion around here for all things, interpretations of legalese he is a lawyer by trade a writer by choice and he covers the business of sports betting anybody Eric Fisher returns to the program here from front office sports and Fisher I don’t think you ever thought you’d become an AU unless the first week of October. We would just have the ineptitude and mess of John Angelo’s announcing a lease doesn’t exist from a sky box with the owner during the biggest game of the year. Brooks Robinson last week all that that’s going on. But more than that, the shock of a one seed and look at the time we have on our hands this week as everybody else fights it out in the wild card. This has been as good as season and you’re a baseball fan and hard to see what the Orioles have done the resurrect the franchise

Eric Fisher  02:05

since 1979.

Nestor Aparicio  02:07

Now where do we go from here? i By the way, I just happen to have my 79 Orioles Jersey here for you because I knew you love it you love and the Aparicio piping on the back of the 79 Jersey think this is the only one ever made. How are you happy postseason happy bunting season to anybody? Yeah,

Eric Fisher  02:23

it’s great to even if you’re not an Orioles fan, even if you’re just a baseball fan. Obviously the Orioles are one of those great traditional franchises. And we all can whether you’re a fan or not, you can appreciate the Oriole way the the adherence to fundamentals and doing things the right way. And a team that looks to be getting back to the Oriole way that we all knew and loved. That’s a great thing and having the Orioles relevant again on a national level. Again, fan or not. That’s a good thing for baseball.

Nestor Aparicio  02:56

Well, there’s the on the field then there’s the off the field endless Yeah, I didn’t bring you on to evaluate Bradish as a game one starter versus means and I hear

Eric Fisher  03:06

when slights on Adley rutschman

Nestor Aparicio  03:08

Right, right, right. I mean, you follow the business of all of this. Yeah, we have talked lease. We have talked mass and money. We have talked learner exit in Washington for the franchise. And I’m making the letter this week to rob Manfred. Um, where’s baseball and all this. I mean, John boy says he’s going to open his books, he doesn’t open his books. He gets the New York Times and I had Tyler Kepner on a couple of weeks ago to give him a back rub about how he’s a visionary and he’s going to do this and do that. The Ravens took the money from Larry Hogan, he’s refused to take the money from West Moore. I’m friends with Westmore. I don’t know what Wes was doing in the skybox the other night and Brooks dying and they were on the cusp of clenching and like all of this stuff that happened last week. But I this is going to deodorize the ownership. That has not been very good. But what’s happened on the field, sort of, it’s going to supersede anything weird that John says or does, including a champagne shower the other night on his own television network.

Eric Fisher  04:12

Yeah, so again, winning, winning cures all ills. And this is a very good, very fun team. Now, my bigger issue is yes, they made a messaging mistake on the lease and they sort of got out in front of themselves. I think it’s ultimately going to get done. They’re far enough along and these politicians have sort of hung themselves out there and expended political capital, even to say what they’ve said. I’m less concerned about that getting done than I am the discord retaining. And I was on that background call with the various players involved. And I asked a very direct question about how does this change the equation of being able to retain this great and talented core and didn’t really get a very satisfying answer to be quite honest than So I think that’s still the biggest issue out there for this team is what’s going to happen when, you know, I said, I didn’t have any insight on rutschman. But what happens when rutschman and Henderson and everybody else hits their arbitration and free agent years? I don’t have a sense of what we heard last week, or what may come before the end of the year. Does that fundamentally change the equation on that? I don’t know. And that’s still the big question hanging over this team is, is this great group of talent going to be there in five years?

Nestor Aparicio  05:30

Well, it’s not well run. Oh, it hasn’t been well run. And, you know, squirt zone aside, and cheap tickets aside. I’ll listen, I had Rick Vaughn the other Rick Vaughn not not from the movie Major League, but I’ll harken back to the movie major league where if John wants to move the team, first thing I nationals not giving them any money, the owners aren’t gonna, they’re gonna make it hell. But there was a point for all of us, you and me who endured all of this back in the 90s. You wrote about and I’m on the radio 32 years, every day in my life, that I’ve had to feel questions and be their complaint department for all sorts of things. But it was so poorly run, Peter was such a bad guy. And there was always a thought were like, there’ll be an end to this much like for you in Washington, the cover of The Washington football team with Daniel Snyder, that there would be an end I had Tom Libero on one of your former colleagues couple weeks ago, because he wrote this beautiful column about just what a celebration It was to be at a football game. That was everything is down there, everybody’s gone. And there can be another day. And when John comes in and says, I’m going to run the team, and his first fundamental thing is to get his mother on his side to gang up on his brother in this lawsuit. And you think what jerks are these people? Then he opens his mouth on major, a Martin Luther King day before they want 101 games? And says no speaking and how dare you and Dan Connolly, and I’ll open my books that he goes, he opens his mouth on opening day, he pops off to the New York Times. And in the New York Times interview. He said the same things his father said when I did free the bird 17 years ago, still that one of the proudest things I ever did, which is saying that baseball should be this much fun all the time for us that the city deserves a chance to compete a chance to win every year. And his father said those people walking out on me and all know what it takes to run a ball clad on how much money it takes a Runnable. Now 17 years later, John boy is telling you your time. Well, you know, I don’t know if we have the fundamental wherewithal and the financial derivative, and the stadium’s empty. And I my wife and I went down there last week for clinch miss on Wednesday, that didn’t happen. Paid $8. And there were 20,000 empty seats. Now they gave some away on Saturday, they honor Jim Palmer fraud, and there’s still 20,000 empty seats. There are some optics about this, Eric, that I’m not allowed to say because I’m in Baltimore, and I’m Baltimore positive, that would say, much like major league, you want to move the team you do everything you could do to hurt the team. John’s not trying to hurt the team, although the payroll parity clause they had and Masson would fundamentally say they did everything they could do to suffocate the team financially, while they took the money off the backside you and I know that better than anyone, but the future and where the money is coming from, Eric, it’s not coming from the $60 a month orange carpet club fan. It’s not coming even from the $12 beer or $15 beer you may buy out there. It’s going to take real money, real money to give Adley rutschman to under million dollars or Gunnar Henderson. And I have been convinced by some local people that they don’t have any money, that somehow all the money that flew through here the last 25 years, they had no other ancillary business other than the law firm which is gone with dad now. And that they’re selling off properties, and they owe the learner family in excess of $100 million you on that broke in doing this. And trying to figure out where the money would come from, they literally don’t have money. Now you know much more about national television revenue, the band money, all of that other thing that they drink from somebody else’s pool. But I can tell you from the pool here, they’ve had as good a year as you can possibly have, they can’t sell out their tickets. I’m a little worried about playoff tickets at three, four or $500 at throw. Once we get two weeks into this, whether there are gonna be people here like my wife and I looked at a pair of ALCS tickets and I’m like, I don’t have a $900 night in me. I just don’t I mean, I’m not I don’t do that. And I’ve

Eric Fisher  09:41

heard during theory, there was some average listing prices, you know, well into four figures.

Nestor Aparicio  09:46

So the money let’s go back and this is your part of the world. Aren’t you concerned about the money as much as I am behind the scene of maybe they’ll win the World Series this week. But what it’s going to take from our community, from the businesses Hear from Skybox owners from real fans saying I’m gonna give the Orioles 3456 grand a year

Eric Fisher  10:07

with a population and it’s declining. I completely agree that this is a, you know, I love Baltimore, it’s a great city, but the population, the numbers are the numbers and the population is going down. And so this is the kind of thing that I keep wanting to hear more about since John took over. And certainly since this MOU was done, what is the plan going forward? And I’ve said this on your show before and I’ll say it again that one of the great things about the Cubs rebuild, and the Astros rebuild is that Jim crane and Tom Ricketts were out, you know, basically the opening of a door, they went to every Chamber of Commerce thing that you could think of and said, This is the plan. Come with me. And you may not have agreed with the plan and maybe some parts of the plan yours

Nestor Aparicio  10:48

don’t do that at all. I mean, ravencoin Brown is more disappearing, since he took over the Ravens. He’s been running the Ravens for two seasons now. And no one knows who he is or what he looks like.

Eric Fisher  10:59

Like literally. And so yeah. So that that’s the kind of retail politics that I think you have to play. And particularly when it’s a lot of hand hand combat in a market like yours when you need every bit of that local dollar to maximize what you can do to keep up with where the rest of the league is going.

Nestor Aparicio  11:18

Well, there’s a level of arrogance that has always existed in the Angelo’s family, which is when we win, you’ll be the first guy calling me looking for playoff tickets. Right? Like there was always that I mean, when they threw me out no 506 Greg Bader, you’ll call me for playoff tickets. Yeah. Well, I you know, I don’t know. And then I don’t know what that means. On the other side. You know, Eric, part of this is the lease the all star game that they would want to have. I mean, they’ve had two months now to ramp up season tickets, which has been the way of the industry in hockey, the capitals, you want playoff tickets by next year season tickets like I’ve we’ve all seen this. The Ravens have done this the last couple of years after they kicked me out of my PSL. Hey, buy a PSL. And you’ll get the rights to buy the playoff tickets once Lamar goes 13 And for this year, and, you know, that’s the big promise. I don’t know how many season books they sold for the rights to buy playoff tickets to $300 apiece. I really don’t know. But I don’t know that. It’s not the way it used to be in that way where you’re going to buy a season ticket next year. And they’re going to have this residual spillover, where everybody’s going to come next year. And this would be the difference between them taking a four game nap and being out next Wednesday and losing the Tampa or them going on a run and winning a World Series where then John, whatever, perhaps in his mind, he’s not. In his mind, he would have more leverage with Westmore the day after the parade,

Eric Fisher  12:52

I guess but I again that the building blocks to that deal are largely in place. I think you know where a lot of the specifics need to come into focus is where this mixed use development is going to come in. And again, I asked some questions about that. And there’s not a lot of specifics there. But that’s where a lot of this ancillary revenue is going to come in. Because the John and the Orioles want to have this Atlanta Braves model where you have these additional revenue streams coming in. And it makes it a more financially viable and competitive situation. Exactly what they plan on these various parcels candidate station warehouse and so forth. We’ve seen some various comments and ideas. But in terms of having a concrete plan, no pun intended, of what’s going to go in and on these parcels and who the third party partners are going to be. We don’t know that yet. And so, again, the West more piece of that there are that still certainly work to be done. But this other these other elements, I think there are much bigger unanswered questions there and really speak to what the future of this team is going to be.

Nestor Aparicio  14:00

Every time I talk to somebody about John, they say he’s hiring lobbyists to try to get federal money to try to build on the land behind me is on this side. I’m opposite, that there’s a tunnel underneath the power three tunnels sits underneath of this train, the train station that was there and Camden Yards and the yard station. And it can’t be built upon it with that sort of weight of a traditional 30 storey building that may raise in the shadows of these two ballparks. Then there’s parking. Then there’s parity with the ravens, which we’re going to learn about this week with Billy Joel and two weeks from now, where the Ravens have a one o’clock game against the lions and if the Orioles were to be an ALCS team, there could be all sorts of things where the leads get involved, television gets involved. The ownership gets involved in the Orioles sort of have the gold plan with the Maryland stadium authority because they are at squatters rights to be in there first in regard to all of that but they In all of this is will the Angelo’s family be owning this team five, 810 years down the line. And there are a lot of people lined up behind the thought that when Peter dies, it’s his will that it’s sold. I don’t know if I believe that or not hit the mother at various points is wanted out. I wonder what Rob Manfred thinks long term here that there’s going to be another owner, there’s going to be another situation here at some point, not in the far distant future, that we’re going to have all star games and all of those other things that are going to be the league organized events. Where’s Rob Manford? In all of this, because, well, Super City around a baseball team built here, right?

Eric Fisher  15:45

Yeah, at the risk of sounding callous here, I think on a certain level, he doesn’t really care. And I’m not saying he’s completely unfeeling to John, or Peter or the family or whatever. But, you know, his job, first and foremost, is to make sure that this team is viable on a long term basis. And if some other new owner can come in and take the next baton, and take what we’re talking about in this development to another level, and start getting in these jewel events and these kinds of things, and, you know, can promise, you know, another level of stability for this franchise? You know, why wouldn’t Rob Manfred be okay with that, I mean, that’s really fundamentally his job here. And, and so that’s, I think, whether it be John, in some new sort of era here or somebody else, first and foremost, is making sure that this team is on a good trajectory. And as you are outlining there, and I’m outlining, there are questions that still need to be answered on that. And it’s just again, whether it’s John or somebody else, that trajectory has got to come into focus and I think that’s where Manfred is priority is going to be.

Nestor Aparicio  16:52

Eric Fisher is here he is there in front office sports and has been on the program for years and years talking about maths and money, and the Angelo’s family and the future, the baseball team, and here we are playoff games, I was supposed to have Raul Ibanez on earlier this week. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna get him on or not. But he cancelled. We were going to talk about the game itself and the growth of the game and where the game is where I’m in the city my whole life. 32 years on the air 27 years now where it’s been shared football and baseball, this is the first October ever here 97. And the Ravens were new, then this is the first October ever even in 14, when they were good, that football team had just won the Super Bowl. So it’s a different level of interest. And I’ve seen that in Cincinnati where tickets are 200 bucks now to go to Bengals games. I mean, they’ve put the magic in a bottle they’ve gotten off to a rough start. But with with the balance of things here where and I’ll give you an example Eric last week, the Ravens the Ravens play two games both had $10 Tickets at 11 in the morning today the game and dollar tickets to get into ravens games, and they’re good, they’re competitive. They have exciting player

Eric Fisher  18:04

all different issue because football live as you well know, there was a very case a good case to be made that football on television is actually a better experience than football live.

Nestor Aparicio  18:15

I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. But I think baseball on television is way better than being there because I can see the strike zone. So for me you’re like if I want to watch more of an open debate Yeah, I mean if I’m gonna watch a World Series game on a 45 degree night out in the cold left field and pay to be there and not see the strike zone it’s a Yeah, yeah rah rah and all that but if you were to watch the game, I don’t see the game well football at all on television. You don’t see the secondary I saw the game far better in my seats in Section 530 In the middle of the upper deck, because I just did but I would say this on the on the

Eric Fisher  18:50

Pro on that one because being behind a lot of people want to be on the sidelines. But being behind an end zone you can see the players develop.

Nestor Aparicio  18:57

Marvin Lewis told me to sit there in 1996. So I did he sit next to the coaches the tape, I sat next to the coaches tape for players develop, oh my God, every kickoff I mean, you see holes that happen or don’t happen. You see separation with wide receivers. In the passing game, you see tight ends get open across all of that. I would just say to you for the Oriole experience, and them having empty seats really all year at five or $10 a throw, you could go $10 Anytime you wanted. And they had lots and lots of empty seats, the baseball growth thing of 162 games, we’re gonna shorten the game, you’re gonna have a pitch clock. All of this is here, because we had a baseball team was great this year. We’re all like, hey, it’s better these four hour games I’m clever could this year instead of back in 2018 when it was a slog and and all the shifting and the things that happen the baseball, baseball’s improve their game this year dramatically. I don’t want to say that because I’m sitting in Baltimore, we’re having a good time here. I don’t know what that means long term. What does that meant to television eyeballs, staying with games in the eighth and ninth inning and the things that they need to do to sell. But what is the state of Major League Baseball right now? Or

Eric Fisher  20:04

are they in a in a pretty solid place writ large. I mean, there’s been some existential challenges, but there’s labor, peace. Now for another four seasons, you’ve got attendance that was up almost 10% 9.6%, you’ve got digital consumption up, you’ve got pace, game time average game times down to their lowest level since 1985. There’s a lot of good trajectory there. Now, this was one year, you need to continue on that and have that be a sustained thing, and not a one year flash in the pan. But there was a lot of progress made this year. And even in the case of the Orioles, you raised some good points. But to have this team, I mean, 2019, last year before the pandemic, they had not only the worst year in the entire Camden Yards, zero, but the worst year since 1978, they were at a very, very, very low base. So to be back up where they are now be up 35% year over year. Now, the challenge, as we’re talking about is for them to get out there and take the next step and not rest on their laurels. And so, you know, both the team and the league at large, there was some real meaningful progress made on a lot of these key business indicators. But this was one year and for this to really be moving in a fundamentally other plate to in a fundamentally other place. There needs to be more of this next year, in the year after and so on.

Nestor Aparicio  21:30

Well, the biggest question and I know you follow this day to day in front office sports and your work with back from Sports Business Journal before that, just that television money, and the house that Masson was built on, which was really stealing money from everybody in the population. It was a public interest that if you ate cable television, which 92% of the world and that’s every RSN right? That was the that was the model for the business was usurping all of this television money from people where there may not be watching it right. And that was also MTV model and the weather channel like all of that everybody hated with cable television. Right. So that was the industry that has imploded. And now every artists television station, Paramount Apple TV, all of these, the fractured part as a sports fan that we’ve all experienced, whether it’s the big 10 network, whatever we’re into cable bundling that baseball’s next big idea is how you’re going to consume the game. But more than that, and I have to apologize to you and everyone else that I had on the program last year, and I’m sponsored by the lottery and Hollywood Casino. We’re doing our event up there next, next Sunday on the 15th for the Ravens game in London, we’re gonna be up there for breakfast, the baseball betting thing and the amount of money that betting I always said who’s gonna bet on baseball, nobody. I know my kids bet not people are betting on baseball. And I’m a little shocked by that. But as an offer, if you’re going to sit and watch it on a Wednesday night to say, I think Mel Castle is going to hit a bomb tonight it’s eight to one, I’ll put 10 bucks on that have a little bit of fun every time he comes up. It’s like being at the casino without but I like baseball, the the gambling money and then figuring out the media money. That’s, that’s the big prize right from there, there is no other prize for them is there.

Eric Fisher  23:20

So you know what, there’s a couple of different things there that one of the things they’re trying to obviously do is figure out this whole media implosion media disruption that you’re talking about. And this is part of why they’re doing these Friday night deals with apple on Sunday morning thing on peacock is get some additional learnings there. Then when it comes time for the next round of national rights, quite possibly moving more inventory over into places like their Amazon’s doing huge numbers so far this year on their Thursday night football, that points another way to go

Nestor Aparicio  23:51

about YouTube, I mean becoming this goofy thing we had on the internet. 15 years ago, we put up our goofy videos. And now it’s the place you have to go watch the NFL ticket.

Eric Fisher  23:59

Right, right, same same sort of thing. So that’s all moving in that direction and a much more direct one to one kind of basis. And the next round of MLB national rights will certainly include more of that than we already have. And the Orioles like the other 29 teams will share handsomely in that. So that’s one level and the league is trying to sort of figure that out in real time. And also do so when they are more exposed to the RSM implosion than anybody else just given the inventory of games, the gambling thing that’s a different sort of thing. And they like the other leagues have sponsorships and preferred gambling providers and everything. And they’re working on a situation like the other leagues where you can have a direct situation if you choose to watch an alternate feed, where you can bet directly from that game that you’re watching that that game is on. And there are things that you can press on your phone or on your remote that you can place a bet directly. And that would be an alternate opt in sort of feed that would be completely separate and completely gay. Did from the traditional presentation of a game that you know, your sort of standard presentation, it would be sort of like a betting version of a man and cast. And so that’s something that baseball is working on, just like any of the other major leagues are working on. And, and we’ve, we’ve seen flavors of this already on a regional level. And over the next three to five years, you know, across all the major sports, we’re gonna see a lot more of that, because the interest is there. It’s just, you know, it’s not a mass thing. But for those that want.

Nestor Aparicio  25:32

Culture for horse racing was about betting period, right? Football for us, a lot of people I mean, I’ve been on the air 32 years I did picks back in the 90s. We didn’t have the Ravens here, picking games and point spreads. And who do you like and call Jim Feist and call my 900 number? And I mean, there was there’s always been a football culture for betting. Baseball’s hoping that, that that’s, that’s a great place of growth for them, right.

Eric Fisher  25:57

Yeah, but they’re also setting it up that it’s all sort of, they’re not requiring to make the right money to to use the petting analogy there. This all becomes gravy for them. And if it works out great. But if it becomes it stays in small thing. That’s not something that a team is relying on in and of itself to make payroll.

Nestor Aparicio  26:17

Well, Scott Boras comes to get some of that gravy too, when a time comes for the playoffs. Of course, you want to say about rutschman. And Henderson here specifically, and as I bring up Boris a second time today, because we talked about Ben McDonald 35 years ago, and and real concerns and real concerns for me, that that the Angeles family is broke, and that Major League Baseball is coming in trying to figure all this out at a really tender time where every single day moving forward, these kids get more expensive, right? I mean, like, it’s Machado being the greatest example. And we live through the Lamar sweepstakes here for a year and a half, the Henderson rutschman thing and I don’t know what’s one or one a or sign Henderson first, because he’s a shortstop, not a cat, whatever it is, but it’s gonna be in the hundreds of millions to sign. And as a line item, when you put that on a 2627 performer and say, where’s that money coming from? They don’t know what their revenue stream is, then?

Eric Fisher  27:13

Well, that’s what I was saying before. And that’s why getting this real estate thing clarified sooner rather than later, is going to be really important because it speaks directly to your number one cost basis, which is going to be your top end talent, what kind

Nestor Aparicio  27:27

of team you’re going to be are you going to be the race? Are you going to be the Cardinals, right? Well, but

Eric Fisher  27:31

even the rays are trying to not be the rays anymore. They have a stadium deal. And you can argue whether or not that’s on the wrong side of the bay, but they have a deal in place now. And they’ve already stated their intention that they would like to be somebody else once this new place opens.

Nestor Aparicio  27:47

Well, the author is trying to be somebody else. Eric Fisher, he’s changed roles couple times. He told me about front office sports, so I know what front office sports is.

Eric Fisher  27:55

So this is a digital multi platform outlet covering the business of sports. We’ve got a twice daily newsletter that I’m principally involved with, but we’ve also got a website a podcast, we’re getting into some other areas as well. And you know, we’re growing like a weed. It’s been great.

Nestor Aparicio  28:14

Well, I love having you on as always, I hope to see you down here for crabcake and some late October Happy new sweater when you get here a couple of weeks. And you liked the Oreos. I mean it’s this is a fascinating time because a couple weeks ago was like well they just make the play if they just wanted the vision if they just make it to the World Series. It for me it’s an Elvis song it’s an hour never right because you don’t think next year next year I Rick Vaughn on with Ray’s back and oh wait next year next year as Cal Ripken about next year mean there ain’t no tomorrow there’s just right now and there’s not a whole lot of years. You’re gonna have the Red Sox the Yankees out of your way. You’re gonna be a one seed you’re gonna sit here and watch baseball all this week whether it’s the roster

Eric Fisher  28:55

no run away. Yeah, there’s no runaway favorite and they pitch like crazy and October baseball is about pitching and so why wouldn’t you like them? Yes, Texas can hit in Tampa has been there a million times and you can’t you know, you know the Astros are like Freddy Krueger, they just will not die. But this is also weaker Astro team that they they are not like the Astros of old and they can be been and what’s not to like Now having said all of that I think the Orioles are still a class away from the Atlanta Braves. The Atlanta Braves have been the best team in baseball all year long. And I they still are my favorite favorite going into this thing. They’ve been just nothing short of excellence for six months now. So if it turns out to be a Braves Orioles World Series The Braves would have to be the clear favorite there but you know for these couple of weeks before then why wouldn’t you like the Orioles because again, they pitch like crazy and that’s what Octo Brazil bow. Boy, this

Nestor Aparicio  30:01

is gonna be fun. We have baseball this weekend. Billy Joel Stevie Nicks. I don’t know we’ll find out all

Eric Fisher  30:07

I saw the June show in Philly was fantastic. Just four hours of great time

Nestor Aparicio  30:11

not dragging my heart around is what I’m saying. You know, John Mayer coming in a couple of weeks. We got queen in town next week at CFG Bank Arena. It’s good times around here right now. We’re smoking them all we got and we got a three month football team. Luke is in Owings Mills enjoying himself. It’s Pittsburgh week and we are just watching batting practice and watching wildcard games all week. Eric out to get you back on here when the lease is real and done. How about that? All right. That sounds great. We can argue whether it’s good, bad or ugly, anything keeps baseball Here’s good. Anything Grows. It’s even better. It’s a time for baseball growth around here and a lot of fun. We’re doing the Marilyn crabcake tour on the eve of my 55th birthday next Friday the 13th. Also the Eve Jim Palmer’s birthday as well. We’ll be giving away ravens scratch offs at the fountain a drug sitting next friday from two to five. I got some great guests joining me from a birthday as well. Our friends at window nation are involved 866 90 nation reminding you about all that they do and then our newest sponsor Jiffy Lube, multi care be telling you about that. Right around the corner from you. I got my oil change down at Dundalk, Merritt Boulevard a couple of weeks ago. Did a great job. Jiffy Lube MultiCare back with us again for football season. I am Esther we are celebrating 25 years and our 25 stories of glory up at wn st that is brought to you by our friends at curio wellness and foreign daughter who gave me a really nifty Baltimore shirt to where and it fits me nice. We are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking. Baltimore. Positive World Series fever

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