Teaching the teachers about the science of radio

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For Nestor’s 55th birthday at Drug City in Dundalk on The Maryland Crab Cake Tour, he wanted to keep the conversation light with friends after the Orioles elimination from the MLB postseason. So, two teachers, Luke Jones (one-time 5th grade teacher) and longtime Dundalk science teacher George Scheulen attempt to teach Nestor about teaching.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, W N st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive the we have the 25th anniversary logo. It is the bow tie for my one time you were never my science teacher, but he was a science teacher. He was just a guy in the hallway that I would wave to back at Dundalk. So I’m brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We call it the crabcake tour. We are at drugs city and if you’re watching on the video podcast, it’s right over Luke Jones’s head. I have dragged him down here to drug city, also brought to you by our friends at Jiffy Lube. My little oil lights on in the car, I gotta get over Jiffy Lube. MultiCare I’ll be doing that and our friends at Windsor nation, 866 90 nation. Luke and I got off a plane 48 hours ago from Arlington, Texas. So when you hear this, the Orioles will still be eliminated. The Ravens will still be alive. On the other end of London we wouldn’t be in London right now. It’d be like midnight, we’d be all cranked up on warm beer and pounds and spending all that money. But instead we’re in Dundalk. It’s my 55th birthday. I kind of low keyed this Maryland crabcake tour stop for a couple of reasons. A I didn’t know we be here. Be I thought we’d have a game five tonight or believe we could have a game five tonight. And I thought I’m not going to like book a bunch of gas or get the governor coming over here do anything crazy, and then have to move it around. So for me, Luke was sort of the cop out guest to say you’ve never done the crabcake tour ever. And I wanted to drag you down here to drug city and give you a little tour as well. And George Schulman is a guy but trying to get on the show for a little while. Did you not come down and do my show? At one point it cost us or were you a cost is one night for not only


time I ever saw you as in that old place over on whatever the road is off of. Towson. We were the barn. No, your your studio. My studio at the Sheraton. No. Oh, back in the woods.

Nestor Aparicio  01:51

Oh, back into the heart road. Okay. Yeah, heart. So it has been in the last 25 years.


I did. I came over there and visited TJ and it was it was fun to watch.

Nestor Aparicio  02:00

Well, well. Yeah, I had a whole thing. So you don’t know this when I was training and radio because I was a writer like you, right? I mean, I was like a newspaper guy. I had never really done radio, and I didn’t really enjoy radio. Like I listened to a little bit of filwood. But I didn’t love radio as a medium. I wanted to be Oscar Madison. Right. I mean, I wanted to be Mike Lupica, right. So so for me, it wasn’t about the art of doing it, but trying to make it interesting. So it would be something I would want to listen to. And the only show I really listened to was was the grease man. I love the grease man. So when I went on the radio 1991 December 91 into 92 I had been listening to the grease man for you know, a long, long time a decade. So I was a music critic at the sun at the time. And I knew grease man just a little bit and I went down to DC and he had special you never heard of grease man right? You don’t when I say grease man to you is your are your eyes. I mean you’ve heard of Wolfman Jack right? Yeah. Okay, but you’ve never heard of the grease man

Luke Jones  03:07

heard of him? Yes. Listened or any George?

Nestor Aparicio  03:11

Grease man before I go any further in his story dog track. I’m


surprised you can even say anything. That man was thrown off the air with some regularity. Yeah, he

Nestor Aparicio  03:18

Well, he was he was he still on Facebook. And you know, I see him once in a while. But he did a whole bunch of characters and, and like perfect. He was a performance radio. And there and this is you have to put your mind in the 1984 like Don and Marty are on TV doing Morning News, this and that. Howard Stern. I guess he’s doing whatever he was doing. Howard Stern preceded him. When Howard Stern left DC he went to New York. The grease man is who they hire DC 101. Okay, so DC one one is where Howard Stern really got his big big break. Right. So this is in the 80s. And I never listen to stern. I wasn’t old enough for that. But like, I noticed it in 98 Rock. I mean, listen to Sarah Fleischer. And I listen to Chris Emery in the morning. I listen to Brian and no, Brian, in the morning in the morning on B 104. So anyway, so. So so it was in the 80s. Right? I was I was a radio guy, but an FM radio guy. LPL right. I mean, right. So 98 Rock, that sort of thing. So the grease man is the only show I listened to that I thought was like a great radio show. He had sound effects and bits and beds he was using. And yeah, he did six to 10 in the morning. And he was he had all of these voices. So I mean, I don’t want to I can imitate him a little bit and in some funny way. But he was he’s a genius. Like he’s just a genius. Like I’ve done this for 32 years. He’s a genius. So I went down there to see him do the show. And I often wondered like, what does it look like? What does it feel like? I had been in the WPA FL studios where there’s big lights and glass and boom mics and you know the stuff that you see now on their podcast, right? It looks like that. All radio studio like you know, the people want to bring their kids over and see mine right? And you know what ours looked like which wasn’t dissimilar to what any ham radio station or you know Wk RP in Cincinnati would look like in that era right in the early 90s. So it’s probably 9092 93 I’m on the air. Six months, eight months a year. I put Jerry Coleman on the air this week because we did his cube story the nine is Jerry Coleman. Kenny Albert Kenny just mentioned both of us in his book in the early 90s. I’m learning how to do radio, I don’t know how to do radio, I know how to write a newspaper guy, right? And the only kind of radio show that I thought could be sustainable for 32 years. I mean, I never dreamed of owning it. When I was a kid with you. I never dreamed of owning a radio station. So I go down there and it’s still the only radio show I’ve ever watched in my life. I got up at God Buck crack it on me 334 In the morning, I drove down to DC you had to be in the building before 545 or they wouldn’t let you in like you had to be there for the beginning of the show. And I went in to watch the grease man do his show. And he had this giant space in his studio and this rolling chair and these flying sets of six pack carts eight tracks everywhere flying with names on the beds all color coded all written down everything he ever read on the air about fudge ban and Robin and and why don’t you know that a lot of the day you know all that stuff he did. All of this was in these three ring but you guys were both teachers you’d so appreciate this dude had everything scripted out, written out. Completely binders of fudge man and throbbing binders of Clinton. You my daddy, you know all of these sticky? Did you know all these bits? He wrote them all? I guess he wrote them at night. I guess he wrote them on the weekends. Because I know where he was six to 10 this was Luke It was it boggled my mind. So when you say you came out to see my radio show, yeah. You know, I integrated him into radio stolen from school teaching. You know, like we just took phone calls and talked about


like tapping on the glass point in the thing.

Nestor Aparicio  07:18

I was probably come in back in those days. It was because Trump tried


to tell the guy go, whoever was out in the studio with me, like that. Give me show me that that paper has the phone number on it.

Nestor Aparicio  07:29

GEORGE Sholem was a science teacher at Dundalk High School in the 80s along with the great de fantaisie. Late Great de fantaisie who taught me seventh grade science. And Luke was a fifth grade school teacher. So like, I didn’t know we were gonna like do this together from school teacher to school teacher, but you were the baseball coach at Dundalk. Right? Well, I


started in 87. I did 87 and 88 as the assistant coach to Bo Eisner.

Nestor Aparicio  07:54

Who was my wrestling coach. Oh


my god. Yeah, sure. He was wrestling Hall of Fame. He’s terrific. I loved Bo,

Nestor Aparicio  08:02

though it was all about baseball and wrestling, like


literally and his buddy, his friend, the one he taught with anyway, at the end of 80s 88, he decided to give it up and so I was next in line. And so I, I got the job.

Nestor Aparicio  08:17

And that’s that that well, that was that was how it began.


And my first two games, we won this ad. So here we are at nine. And we won the first two games. And I think we’d be Kenwood in game two, and we’re walking off the field. And Beau had come to watch Of course, he walks off the

Nestor Aparicio  08:35

field. I always want to make though happy when a


man walks up next to me, he goes, Well, there’s two they can’t take away from good job you really got him playing? Well,

Nestor Aparicio  08:48

how many years? Were you the mound, the owl Skipper?


Well, from 89 through 94. And then I gave it up? No, I’m sorry. 89 through 91. And I picked it back up and 94 And did that through like I say 9698. And I stopped for a little another year or two and then Godfather you take to come back. Yeah, it was like, my wife wanted me to be home to help with the kids around. I

Nestor Aparicio  09:12

never knew teachers had a home life.


We always just disappeared under the closet door and came out. Dressed different.

Luke Jones  09:19

It was like one of the you know, the closet, your bed would would come down. You hit a switch whenever you lived in the classroom. Yeah. graders that’s what the funniest thing ever would be seeing. Because I lived 10 minutes from where I taught, you’d see kids I mean, the parents, you know, you’d be out at a local establishment. You’d be a little nervous about that. So you’d always keep a low profile, but kids see you at Walmart or whatever grocery store. Right? They’d be shocked that you would be anywhere but but at your school.

Nestor Aparicio  09:47

So what do you think the Kleenex on the desk comes from? Well, George was a science teacher at you know, a tender age part of my life. I saw you every single day. and Halliburton


for 10 years, and then has over Dundalk for 23. And those experience point for third, what

Nestor Aparicio  10:06

did you teach? What kind of science Did you to ninth grade? At hollyburn


I was mostly ninth grade science, which was physical science. So they had like different units of physical sound and white and different things in ninth grade curriculum.

Nestor Aparicio  10:20

And I must have skipped that I still don’t know it.


And see, like, the biologist is not a life science guy. But then I had to teach eighth grade one year, which was like, Thank God fan was around was like, Dave, what do I do next? Okay,

Nestor Aparicio  10:35

so his best friend taught me seventh grade science. We lost him this summer. So when we lost him, I had to reach the Georgia say, we losing you till I get you on my radio is what I have to do. So that’s why I brought you over. No, no, no.


Anyway, so

Nestor Aparicio  10:55

can’t remember what my fancy eighth grade. Okay, so then I


went over to went over to Dundalk, because, remember, we were junior high. And then when the ninth grade went up to the high school. It became Middle School, Harvard middle, I was one of those transfer kids. And when I moved

Nestor Aparicio  11:11

ninth graders, a junior high school. Yeah, we don’t use that term.


So we know. So we went I went up, many of the teachers went up for the ninth grade. And they gave me a biology class Nesta and thought they were doing me a big favor. So I had four by grade science, and a biology class at ninth grade biology class, which was really smart kids really good gifts.

Nestor Aparicio  11:31

These are gifted, talented kids.


I didn’t have the Gifted and Talented I had the I had the honors class. And so they think they’re doing me a big favor, and I’m going I don’t know anything about this. I’m like, no moss. I’m like a page ahead of the kids. You know, so bad. I’m gonna embarrass myself here a little bit. But when those guys became juniors and seniors, and they had DeCaro Baker, your tennis coach? Yep. So when they had herb herb go, Well, you remember in biology when you had 31st year biology when you had so and so on, some kid would raise your hand? No, we had Mr. Schulman. Okay, let me go over. Embarrassing.

Nestor Aparicio  12:08

All I remember is going to your classroom and seeing the periodic table of elements on the wall. And like, you know, and just thinking, I’m never gonna get that I better go into radio, I better go I better become a writer.


I became kind of a jack of all trades. I taught a math class one time as I do, that was crazy. But then I was waiting for Herman Han, who was the chemistry t shirt to understand yablonski To give up one of this chemistry so I could teach chemistry because that’s what I majored in. In college. It was like, I was like, so excited. But meanwhile, I had taught physics with Gary Merrill, who was another one of the there’s never been additionally, Gary Merrill who was spectacular. So he I was lucky enough to watch him teach physics and he let me sit in with him as he taught me and I taught a class. So I was able then to physics. Yeah, so 65

Nestor Aparicio  12:56

to my birthday tomorrow, teach me physics. I want to know before I die, I spend the rest of my life trying to teach me physics equals,


you’re good. Force equals mass. Did

Nestor Aparicio  13:05

you do any of that? Did you understand that? Did they teach you this to Syracuse or No,

Luke Jones  13:09

not at Syracuse. high school I took I didn’t take physics. I took him one in Chem two. I remember eights become smart choices.


Oh good for

Luke Jones  13:22

what acids eights become X, an ice


acid. Or hydrochloric or hydrochloric us. Yeah, yeah. Mr. lease, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  13:32

got to be educational on this show. Right now. I’m lost.


Worked. Yes, I taught some chemistry. And then I had the opportunity. I walked in one and I kept turning down the physics teacher looking for the chemistry. And so finally I was teaching all chemistry. I was like, Yeah, this is great. liked it. It was great. It’s fun. And then I walked into school one day, I mean, very first day of school, and I’m walking up the steps towards the cafeteria at the old Dundalk High School. And the science office was right there in the science department chairman catches me as I’m walking in. I mean, I’m not even fully in the building. He goes, George, Can you meet me in the principal? You know, right away. I’m like, Whoa, I just got here. I’m in trouble. Right? What’s this all about? Me got coffee. This is crazy. So sure enough, I walked down there and I’m sitting there and the two of them are sitting in the office and nothing was Dwayne Johnson, who’s one of the nicest men you’d ever want to meet principal great man. Anyway, says, George. These previous physics teacher just walked in and put his keys on my desk and said, I quit. Would you be interested in taking the physics? Bell a nanosecond later I went Sure. I was like, oh, yeah, I think I could do that. So I was able to take the physics and it was the year, that urban haunt, were both retiring. So they were they didn’t need that week before school to get ready, but I’m like, gotta remove change rooms. I had to do everything. And they came to me and they said, What can we do to help you? All the guy before me, some nice teacher, but oh my god, he couldn’t find where things went back to stuff was just piled on tables. So I said, Would you just organize the back room for me, the storage room for like three days talk and laughing having a great time organizing the back room for me,

Nestor Aparicio  15:28

I was intimidated by your classrooms, they were always really big. And they had like, you had all this glass stuff all over the place. It looked like it was an Einstein room. Like a place that I never felt welcomed in the science department


when they renovated I had a room that had these these metal beams across the ceiling can hang stuff from and the big pulleys with with plugs. So you could reach out and grab you know, get four plugs or Oh, easily.

Nestor Aparicio  15:57

I never talked science or biology or any of that with you because I like I would be very intimidated. I’m intimidated just entering this competition. I swear to god, look, if I went back today for ninth grade, whatever it is, pick any of those sciences. I would struggle. I would be up all night trying to figure it out.

Luke Jones  16:15

I’ll be fifth grade.

Nestor Aparicio  16:18

photosynthesis and how plants grow. But how about this? Okay, how about this Mr. Smart guy? Or just smart guy? Yeah. I own a radio station. Okay, how does it work? Well, that’s because I don’t know, because I really don’t know. Do you? Make fun of me, Mr. degree guy,


you’ve been assigned to certain bandwidth 15 170 A killer killer. It’s right. That’s your that’s your way. Yeah, that’s your wavelength. And so when you broadcast, anything goes out on that wavelength. Then you’ve got a radio or some sort of receiver that the transmitter should be tuned to 1517 boom, there you go. So you’re just broadcasting out on a wavelength that has been assigned to you. And that’s why you get interference when a strong like a 50,000 Watts station runs into a 5000 Watts station, you’re gonna get washed over like, you know, they’re gonna you’re gonna they’re gonna overwhelm you a bit.

Nestor Aparicio  17:12

This just told you smart told you to learn something today. It’s good. Yeah, I’ve learned all I need to know. No, there’s


one more thing you need to learn. When you were a senior, I think 85 was the first year that the powderpuff game began.

Nestor Aparicio  17:30

Oh, he remembers this. See, he’s gonna tell coach,


I got asked to coach one of the teams and I had the juniors when he was a senior. And I like to think that I’ve started his career in broadcasting, because some fool gave him a horn. Yes, it was me. Ah, my God gave him I didn’t give you the bullhorn. I was on the other side. Look, I’m on the other sideline. And here’s Nestor running up and down the other side. Let you know what you’re doing. It’s true. The juniors one

Nestor Aparicio  18:04

we were we were glad our quarterback was a Shonda Brewer. Annamarie crystella I think played on our squad that year. They were a great Cathy crawl. I mean, they had some Yeah,


we did dance mathletes Jim, Jen, New Orleans is our quarterback.

Nestor Aparicio  18:19

So yeah, we our girls got crushed. And the dudes were the cheerleaders. Right? It was so like Carrie Locklear dressed up in the girls outfits with the pom poms


back then it wasn’t

Nestor Aparicio  18:35

yours let’s talk about it. So they did give me a megaphone.


I don’t know did that.

Nestor Aparicio  18:42

This is like before I ever thought that

Luke Jones  18:44

if you could go back to a moment in time and change


that micro that

Nestor Aparicio  18:50

I did feel a sense of power that probably came


up and down that sideline telling me what an idiot I was.

Nestor Aparicio  18:57

You weren’t I targeted? You didn’t I wish you listen. I always loved you as the guy in the hallway. I always wish you’re my teacher. Here’s the problem, George. You taught sign stuff you didn’t like I cried like that was I was I was with like in the speech class upstairs with Miss Gacy. Right. Right. Right here is the true story about Dundalk. And I did tell the story once and I don’t know in what format or maybe it was a molar maybe it was because he was the one who got me into the journalism class. Okay. Oh, yeah. So who’s that the first deal was done done Life for life? Yeah, the great actor Don. He was great actor, Vietnam veteran, wonderful man. So I went over to the high school to get into the journalism class. And when I did obviously if you’re going to be in a journalism class and and Don molar, Mr. Molar is going to like, move my schedule around. Make sure so I didn’t rescan Gil all seven of my classes, right? So I’m in there. So I got to know, I’m older. I mean, I literally was there half the day saying, Well, if you want journalism, you’re not gonna have science. Right, right. You know, a lunch B lunch, C lunch, all that stuff. So he puts it all together. And he put me in a type writing class because like, how are you going to be journalist if you’re not if you can’t type? Right, right. So I go into the type writing class, Alex, pull on, this was my typing. Okay. All right. So Alex, wonderful, wonderful, man. He was a longtime, New Jersey, in your place. Wildwood. He was a lifeguard in the summer. Is that Wildwood? Oh, yeah, he grew up in the Jersey Shore. So good, man. So Alex pull on is puts me in a typing class and I get in there. And this is before computers, any flip phones, any of that stuff? It’s church, and a white, white out and ribbon. How many fingers do you see? How many fingers do you see here? I did so so I’m missing a really key that this is sort of a T why? And I end like, if I hit this, it hurts. It’s awful. So yeah, twice a year I bang it on something. And it’s the worst 30 minutes of my life. It’s awful. It’s bone on bone. It’s not nice. So I went into the class and I’m trying to figure it out. And of course, he’s kind of old school. You know what I mean? The sort of the brick is the teacher old school, but put the white paper took a sheet of paper and put my hands underneath of it on the keyboard. As you can see,

Luke Jones  21:33

my keyboarding teacher did that. At

Nestor Aparicio  21:35

that point. I pulled my hands out. I raised my hand. I said, I can’t do this. I need to leave this class. I’m never gonna be a type remember gonna be a journalist. I’m never gonna be Oscar Madison. So I stayed in the journalism class. And I had to move classes to get out of typewriting I’m back down with Moeller again this is November this is


gone no no, no,

Nestor Aparicio  22:01

no, I’m not in it might have been October Yeah, it wasn’t long. Yeah, I mean, I didn’t sit in that cloud maybe he’s a month maybe I gave it a month so my my birthday by this time 1982 I transfer out and the only the only class that’s available was horticulture. Eve so so easy wireless takes me in and the other part was calling spy the Ireland had me for some. I don’t know. I don’t even know what the hell whatever. So I had a horticulture class and anytime my wife wants to plant things right because that’s all she does now because we live downtown now she’s got basil this and tomato that and plants this Yeah, like all that I say. I don’t work culture class and 10th grade I will tell you tell you about the culture class. You know, you need me and Eva like this week. We grew azaleas, you know what I mean? So I did. Why I didn’t have Mr. Biology. Mr. Physics, Mr. Chemistry, Mr. I walk in trying to figure out which chemical boron is the 10th element or whatever it is right.


I looked into trying to figure out which Oh, dammit, that’s the wrong so that’s what I’m in.

Nestor Aparicio  23:22

No matter how much I liked you. Or baker or Herman mero stands a blocky sat in this chair show with me. Drug city stand Jr. He texts me today. He’s coming back home for lost his dad. You know, it was so so hit my one of my friend’s father’s was a science teacher. I never had any of them. The only thing I ever did in the science ring at Dundalk High School. In all of my years there was six months of horticulture class with the valets


and the science wing. Dundalk was the whole bottom floor first Rachel walked in, it was like he had to do to work hard not to go to the site.

Nestor Aparicio  24:05


I went to the tab not to stand I got


upstairs and around rather than walking up

Nestor Aparicio  24:11

here. George is here and I haven’t got you ever get a word in edgewise and I was gonna bring you out to talk, like teaching with him. And like your background because people don’t even know we’ve been at this 15 years. And I felt bad in Arlington, because he’s next to me. And I’m used to bother him at football games because we’ve been doing that until I got thrown out now he gets he gets more done now. But I have in all of our relationship and in the 1000s of hours that we have discussed baseball 1000s of hours in 15 years. We have sat at three baseball games in our lives together. Three. Yeah. So we were at Game three of the American League Championship Series in Kansas City game for the American League Championship Series in Kansas City. And now in Arlington, because Major League Baseball Ball is the one that seats the media at those games. So the only way I can get a press pass is for the Orioles to make the playoffs and qualify and then go on the road. Oh, yeah. So that’s how I wound up in the press box with Luke in Texas the other day. So we sat there all this time, and I thought to myself, Man, we don’t like we don’t get together often. We’re never on the set together

Luke Jones  25:23

this season’s COVID Yeah, it’s only been a handful of times. I think you

Nestor Aparicio  25:27

and I are in a room since Chad threw me out. And I don’t go to practice. And I don’t go to the games. He and I have been in a room together since COVID began. We don’t travel anymore. You haven’t been to a Super Bowl since COVID. Yeah, we did Miami. So this was the first time we’ve roomed together was in Arlington this week for one night, two nights, actually. Because in two nights we roomed together we used to go to the Super Bowl together and do like but like, I feel like I don’t have you on other than only talking about football or baseball or whatever. And I’m like this so he has a whole outside life in wrestling that people don’t even know people don’t. He’s a deacon at his church. I call them Deacon Jones. And when I called them Deacon Jones, Chris pica said you have to edit that I wrote all of this ish to John Harbaugh and Steve shot wrote 10,000 word diatribes the only edit Chris pica had for me was you need to change Luke Deacon Luke. Luke’s a deacon he’s really slightly less right. You never talk about your faith on the show you never talked about your teaching on the show. You rarely talked about wrestling on the show for

Luke Jones  26:35

two years started out at sir

Nestor Aparicio  26:36

I didn’t know you were trying to lose weight look at us felt you look I look like David Byrne and talking heads in the movie you know let’s just see so so anyway, that’s what I wanted to have you on today to talk about stuff that you’re not you don’t feel compelled to talk about when Grayson Rodriguez is blowing game two

Luke Jones  26:55

I mean once someone’s seen me talk with you they want to hear about the ravens and the Orioles I mean I spend enough time do out at the ballpark or details and now Orioles are done great season but we kind of transition now from happy to be here to what’s next which is a good thing that’s a good thing in that progression. But I told you it’s gonna

Nestor Aparicio  27:13

happen right away. Yeah, I said the minute they lose its sign the lease who we say because that’s where I have to go right. And I think the baseball off season moves and we talked about this at length car in the car coming back. The baseball off season leaves all of this oxygen out on the table where the NFL the minute the NFL ends, we got six guys that are going to age themselves and cut themselves out and play themselves off and we’re going to move the cap and then free agency is going to be two weeks from now and oh my god our coach got taken by the Bemidji Denver Broncos took our our running back coach and then we gotta go do that. And then it’s oh then we got Oh combine to your oh who’s looking good Clemson kid we need to rush edge. And so it never ends with baseball league sort of watch the Astros a little bit here. Powder yourself a little bit and we don’t have any money and we can’t sign LISI and the governor is coming on and he told me there’s a lease and there ain’t one So Wes, I’m coming for you. But baseball doesn’t have that heartbeat. We’re not taking phone calls tomorrow about like, who the starting five are gonna be in? Yeah, I mean for we will talk about these more like,

Luke Jones  28:23

I mean, you could talk about it, but it has a much more evergreen feel to it, right where it’s like, okay, we can talk about that right now and say, Okay, what are their offseason needs? Chances are a month from now which at that point, they’ll be in the free agency, but we know how Major League Baseball has trended anyway with you don’t see guys sign as soon as creating co sign writer is not there. So we’re gonna check in the chances are good that whatever we talked about today, a month from now, it’ll be a similar dialogue other than Okay, well, that, you know, Kyle Gibson is going to be gone. And Adam Fraser is not going to be back and some things like that. But yeah, it does have a slower pace to it. And the NFL, I mean, it doesn’t even end it’s a loop. It’s just different people hop on and get off. By that part of it. I mean, not offended as much as I’ll say this. And I say the same thing about pro wrestling. I say I have this conversation with my brother all the time, because it’s the back in the day with the territory system. You know, Andre, the giant would go to be a New York, obviously, within SR but go all over the world. And Andre would be this massive attraction, but he was only there for a certain time. And there was an exclusivity to it. But then he was gone and he wouldn’t be around for another year. Whereas like the NFL, it never goes away. It never gives you a chance to miss it. As crazy as that sounds and I get it the games. Yes, you miss the games and tailgating and all that the experience

Nestor Aparicio  29:41

for wrestling never takes a day off. It’s a soap opera in two weeks. But it’s and I

Luke Jones  29:45

would say the same thing about that there’s a certain element to that where, you know, wrestlers were it used to with the territory system and guys would go in and out of different parts of the country. I mean, different parts of the world. There was more of a novelty to it that now it’s just you know, Roman and rains or whoever, whoever pro wrestling stars that you want to talk about today, you know you see them every single week and you never miss it because I mean there’s no urgency that oh my gosh like

Nestor Aparicio  30:14

it’s a fascinating thought that you like that baseball next you Oh fashion and baseball so old fashion that there is a point where all right season’s over, we close down the shop is in season is

Luke Jones  30:25

the key word there. Think about it. I mean, we have four seasons in life, right? I mean, and where we live it here in the Greater Baltimore area. You do get winter although recently I haven’t gotten as much fall today though. But that’s when you get winter you get spring you get summer you get fall, whereas certain parts of the country it’s hot year round, or it’s you know, certain parts of the world. It’s cold year round. Whereas like the NFL, it’s always there. I mean, turn on ESPN this week, even with some compelling baseball, not all of it was compelling because a lot of lopsided series, but they’re talking about the NFL. And by the way, even in April, on a random morning on ESPN, they’re talking about the NFL. So it’s not me being an anti NFL, but it’s it’s just become more and more that there’s no like no way you can miss it because it’s it never goes away. So I don’t know. And that’s kind of where

Nestor Aparicio  31:15

there’s a baseball thought that like April feels like a long time away. We’re going to have a winter we’re going to have a Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas in a family like and then that’s the beauty of opening day that people go out there. And it’s chilly and it’s still cold and it’s still whatever it is. And it’s opening that was

Luke Jones  31:33

one of my favorite things that especially now since i I only went to a couple opening days before I started doing this for a living it was just something that I didn’t do when I was in school and I was away for was

Nestor Aparicio  31:42

it a tradition? Yeah, I was teaching so


Philly. We were the opening days. Oh, Baltimore.

Nestor Aparicio  31:49

But but it has six roots. It will get to his Essex

Luke Jones  31:54

roots. My dad I mean I never lived in Middle River but my my dad grew up right across the sea pizza Essex route. But one step away one of my favorite things about Camden Yards on opening day is it’s an open air press box and there are very few of those left even in baseball they you know, they’re open air but it’s open air Camden Yards year round. Yeah. So quite often it is quite chilly. I mean, there have been years where I’m wearing a winter

Nestor Aparicio  32:22

coat in the press, you can’t sit in the sun and if the restroom right, and you know what I think about

Luke Jones  32:27

it’s one of the things that you know, when it’s March 28, or whatever, you know, some years it’s earlier than than not, but I think boy, three, four months from now, I am going to be my shirt is going to be soaked in sweat just from sitting here. And you know what, when you’ve had a long winter at that point, and we’re only a week into spring officially at that point in the calendar warms your heart a little bit. Now now the years where they haven’t been very good, which is most of the time I’ve covered them and most of their lifetime at Camden Yards. You know, it’s you know that the optimism has been very fleeting times but just just that that process I mean, you know, Baseball begins and I’m romantic about baseball you know this about me, I’d love

Nestor Aparicio  33:08

football second segment because I have a whole baseball thing. journey I’m gonna take you to one you know and it’s more my my baseball journey.

Luke Jones  33:16

But I just I like, you know, and this is any form of entertainment, I think any form of leisure. You love it but there’s also if there’s too

Nestor Aparicio  33:26

much of it time to turn it off. Go to Ocean City you get second third week, you know, you’re thinking maybe to Maui.

Luke Jones  33:35

Let me be clear anyone’s saying this. I’m not hating on the NFL is a major part of my livelihood. I’m grateful for the interest in the NFL. However, there are times of year Nestor, where you and I will talk about the Ravens were probably wouldn’t really have to talk about the Ravens in terms of there’s not a whole lot really going on. That’s that but let’s but yeah, and hey, people are interested in it. And that’s great. I’m happy to talk about it. But you know, I like baseball. I like the NBA but I don’t think about the NBA 12 months a year, you know, so I like certain things that you know, go away for a while because when they come back around, you’re that much more excited about it. I love Wildwood New Jersey. I go there every July with my family every single summer my entire life have gone there with my family. If I would live there year round, it wouldn’t have the same feel to it. It would be my home and I’m sure I’d love it in certain ways. But the boardwalks not happened in February. You know what I mean? So I want to be there Yeah. So that’s what I mean by that and you know, basically baseball there are things they could do much better to mark it and I mean, we’ve talked about that for years. We’ll continue to talk about that but specifically now Yes. Oh, absolutely. Especially locally with the Orioles now, but, but there is for me, for me it’s not necessarily a bad thing that things go away for a little while now. They shouldn’t go away too long. And you know, there’s there’s a

Nestor Aparicio  34:56

band we had the plague, but we lost the football team. But as I’ve

Luke Jones  34:59

said to You know, in the example I use with the NFL when we’ve gotten to the point where, hey, a schedule release is great, but we know the 17 teams, they’re going to play right as soon as the season ends, and a release date and announcement night fine. But we’ve now stretched it out where we’re getting these games leaked out for a week or two at a time. I mean, uncle on that, and I just, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna back off of that, that just gets to be a bit much to me. But hey, who am I to, to sit here and argue with a bunch of guys that are billionaires and they just continue to make more money, no matter what happens, even if their integrity comes into question.

Nestor Aparicio  35:35

Well, you know, we’re in Dundalk right now, we couldn’t be in London last time we were in London. This was the strangest time ever. Because like, if I didn’t have my press pass, taken away by I would have been in Pittsburgh, while you were at the game, probably would have been in London. Yeah, I would say I mean, even the expense of it, I’m happy to take that money and go to South Africa and go on a safari with my wife, instead of spending 10 grand to go chase, the Ravens read London again, to maybe get their ass kicked by the time we listen to this, their foreign two or three, three. But you know, like, there is a point for me with having my press credential taken away and all that, that I’m like, I don’t have to go to Cincinnati. Now I have to you know, like, it’s, that’s not the way I really feel about it. But I do feel like, alright, it’s an opportunity to go do something different now. And I think the baseball part is like when baseball is over. Now it’s time to go to wrestling or go do something with your niece, or go check out an NBA game or a hockey to started this week, or you have to turtles on your go see the Terps play,

Luke Jones  36:32

but even something and something like that. I mean, and we’re using baseball in the NFL, I said this to you in the when we were talking about this in the car, like I don’t get into college basketball season really until the NFL ends, like February 1, right? I mean, and look, it’s not like, I don’t like it. And then I like it. It’s just you have, you know, we have bandwidth we have the NFL, to their credit from a financial standpoint, because I mean, ultimately, that’s what the 32 owners are into making money, you know, at all costs, no matter what, you know, what they might sell out on in the process. But, you know, it comes down to the NFL swallowed up so much of that oxygen that everything else has become such a niche, and that’s fine. You know, I’m not losing, I don’t lose sleep over that idea. But at the same time, you know, some of the things that the NFL has oxygen for when you kind of take a step back, it’s just like real really this part of the calendar is really not that important.

Nestor Aparicio  37:29

Well wouldn’t be in hockey season or in a basketball season to say we’re in the second quarter of a fourth quarter season where half the teams in the league make the playoffs and yeah, sure, sure. I want to break Lucas here. George Schulman is here. George was not my science teacher because I did horticulture. You didn’t teach Oracle? I didn’t know. You did not know indeed. Could you explain photosynthesis to me as well as you explain that my radio works. But you could explain to me m over equals F SWIB equals Yeah,


that one. What does it if equals MA force equals mass times acceleration? You know that you’re definitely home.

Nestor Aparicio  38:06

All right, I’m I’m smarter than I was a minute ago. Brought to you by the Maryland lottery to Maryland crab cake tour even though I had a delicious turkey. Rachael here Luke’s gonna get a sandwich out of here as well. Georgia is headed toward chicken tortilla soup for my birthday. Very very appreciative we’re gonna get these out down in the lobby a little bit as well as a great liquor store here I feel bad that I didn’t talk to these guys enough through drug city but I will our friends one donation 866 90 nation, I don’t know where the funny floppy hat into the next segment here and put a little string back here. I’m wearing my Aparicio. Chicago 1969 throwback Jersey are our friends at the rescue global letter Raskin also bringing me the crab mallet in and our friends at Jiffy Lube and Jiffy Lube. MultiCare and there’s one right on mirror Boulevard right at Sherman Hill. My little oil light went on a couple a couple hours ago. Literally. I text my wife like is that oil? Oil. Alright, I gotta get the Jiffy Lube. So big appreciation to Jiffy Lube. We’re gonna come back I want to talk baseball with these guys since I’m wearing an old school baseball jersey. George Shula was the baseball coach at Dundalk High School right around the time I left with Bo Eigner. Luke is our baseball analyst. And our baseball team is going away for a little while. Or at least Luke says so back for more from Chuck city in Dundalk. Stay with us. We’re in the tasting room above the fountain nice

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