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Musician Kyf Brewer of The Ravyns comes home to Baltimore to discuss his role in Nestor’s new documentary, his amazing voice work, band history and the fun duo “Cavern Club” show with Rob Fahey set for Big Falls Inn in White Marsh on Friday night. We’re still “Ravyn Maniacs” here!


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Kyf Brewer

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. Whether you’re watching on YouTube or add on to Facebook, we are still at a in 1570 satisfied on your dial, especially if you’re in the Baltimore area. You can listen from anywhere in the world at Baltimore positive on the mobile device. We are taking the Maryland crabcakes we’re on the road. We’re gonna be fading these every Friday that the Orioles play, we’re going to be there live from two to five, I will have PAC man’s to give away they’re not going to be scratched off in second chances like this. They’re going to be legit beginning on Friday, Luke Jones is going to join us from two until three each and every Friday live and then we’ll have other guests doing a little Baltimore positive, you got political stuff, musicians coming by old buddies. It’s been a hell of a month, month and a half and a lot of different ways. I’m gonna preface this by saying I’ve had a lot of favorite segments this month. I mean, the Charles Steinberg piece legendary talking to people like John Eisenberg about oral history and I’m wearing my curio and foreign daughter Oriole shirt. There’s a lot of people in my life that have sort of come back to me in images in recent times with Peter Angelos is passing the passing of the franchise in the 25th anniversary of what I’ve done here. And I had a whole life before doing sports radio, that some older friends and some Dundalk friends and people that knew me back in the day, but I’m doing this 25th anniversary documentary with my dear friend Greg Landry, who’s been in my life a long time his father in law was like an uncle to me. And we started putting a documentary together in February. And it’s gotten a lot more unwieldy and windy in a lot of ways. And Greg said to me, who’s going to be the narrator, and I said, you your Blue Rock productions in Towson transfer, you got a great voice commercials. He’s like, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you can do better than me. You need to you need to go home pray. Brexit, go and pray and think about who you’re gonna get. Because like, you got people that would do this for you because they love you. And I’m like, Okay, let me think I said, Nobody loves me, but I think about it. So I immediately started thinking about if I died and somebody came back and I don’t know some George Clooney played my role, or Erik Estrada, Donny Osmond, came back and played my life story. Who would I want to tell it? And what would the narration be and I’ve seen so many awesome rock Doc’s including, like, I saw the WAM one recently, and other rock docks. And 20 years ago, I’m in Whitemarsh, watching VH one, and it’s like a rock dock on like Sheryl Crow or something. And I hear this voice coming through. And at the end of it, it said, narrated by Keith Brewer, and I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. So he won’t keep other than you know, gave. There’s another there’s only one other Keef. I know. And that’s Keith Brewer and he was in the ravens and I once was entertained in his one bedroom, a little apartment downtown for blocks in the Baltimore Sun. When he was in a band called Company A wolves my mama ship is on its way. And I said that Keith Brewer that Nair that voice and all these years later, I have never had a conversation with Keith Brewer about is narration about the work he’s done. But I said, I want Keith brewer to be my Narrator If I do this and he was my first call and everything else that fell into place gene shock, but John Allen Ray Bachman Mickey Coachella Mike bro harder all a part of no one listens everyone hears. But once Keefe signed up, I said, we got us ourselves a documentary. So Keith, I love you. Thanks for coming on. I mean, we got a long history. I have props you remember this one? You remember this one? I’m holding props here for you now that I do a decent enough job of introducing you as anything other than he’s the guy from the Ravens in the band. And they’re playing at this Cavern Club big falls thing and Rob and raised on ready. So like other than that, but like I know you want a whole different, like light and love and I saw you to kicks concert in September, and you were literally my first reach about three weeks ago. It was like St. Patrick’s Day like I’m really busy. It’ll take me five minutes and you turn that around. And it sounds like you didn’t want take man dude, I love you. That’s all I could say, man.


Kyf Brewer  04:27

That was that was that was a perfect example of your it’s like you wrote it like use like you speak 1000 words in a minute. It’s like it was just what? There were some long sentences in there, bro. She was

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:47

shocked or maybe you weren’t really aware. So the funniest thing is, I started thinking about who could tell my story in a credible way in Baltimore voices and and friends of mine that care enough in love me enough to tell it in the kind of way that would be cool. And I went to over the cheapest place to for her to record and her dogs are barking or friends or they’re laughing at or they’re going out to lunch at cost this and I’m there and I gave it to her. And I had to edit it on a plane going down to spring training. And I’m in the plane I got my headset on. I’m listening to it. And all she did was curse in her Dundalk accent. Like the outtakes reminded me of me doing radio 25 years ago when you give me a script that sucked. And I read it and stumbled over it as the as the radio voice guy, man, there’s nothing that’s worse than a bad script. So I really apologize. Now. I’m hanging my head was to make chicken salad out of it. You made chicken salad out of it. You know?

Kyf Brewer  05:44

That wasn’t a bad script at all. It was well written. It was just it was long sentences, man. Listen, really funny because it was more conversational. You know, the way I did? It was I was trying to be well, you, you judge. But it

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:58


was like, the minute you sent it over. I teared up and I’m like, This is really nice that all you are helping me and but the Cina outtakes every time she said f f and I’m like, Oh man, the outtakes are just the best when you screw up. And I will say this, I’ve written a couple of books. I wrote a book on Peter Angelos. And I narrated it, and it was the first time I’d ever sat and read my own writing. You know, my dad used to read out loud to me when I was a boy all the time. Like I love when my dad read to me, even like, like dad read the Bronx Zoo, to me Sparky a lot like my dad read books out loud, because we experienced that together was better than reading it alone. I was a good reader. But like, I never knew how much water I was going to have to consume and how much I would pee then to read anything because I’ve read commercials and I, um, off the top of my head, I can do commercials, right. And I’ve done scripting and whatever. But reading the Peter principles when I went to read it aloud to put it on the radio, because I thought I wrote this cool book, I want to put it on the radio. And this is even really before books on tape became like, the thing or whatever. Tell everybody what you do. Because when I Googled you to see if I can afford you b if I could find you see if what else did you done because you did this VH one thing you do books by like Daniel Steele and James Patterson was on my show last year and like lupa like you do really serious voice work that I don’t think everybody knows about John Allen didn’t really know a whole lot about it.

Kyf Brewer  07:29

Well, it’s funny, because every once in a while, I mean, I’ve been doing it for 20 years. But every once in a while somebody will discover that I’m the same guy. And they’ll look me up on Facebook, which is what we do now there look me up on Instagram or something then, and I’ll get this I actually I just got one the other day said, You’re the guy that does. What do you say? Are you the guy that reads books? And I was like, Well, I do narrate books. So yeah, I guess I am. And he said, he said, Man, you know, he had he had, you know, they don’t contact me to to, to, you know, give me a lot of crap. They usually just contact me to say hey, man, I really like and it’s the writing. You know, it’s the writing first. I mean, David Baldacci is like a sandy brown. I love reading see any browser and and then I just have to bring that to life, as you know, just like your script. So I’ve done Oh, God, I don’t know. You can look online. I’ve done about 40 over the years. And it started out doing like Daniel steel 20 years ago, which was really funny because Daniel steel is one of these people who just writes irritating Romans. I’m sure you’re not going to be watching this Daniel and I don’t really care. But But anyway, it was it was really good reading it Daniel really well reading Daniel, Daniel, you know, God bless her man. She’s made a whole career out. And of course, she’s had a TV movies and stuff for years and years. And they don’t edit her anymore. It’s in her contract. They do not edit her. So if it’s written wrong, or incorrect, or just awkward, I have to I had to read it to make it sound right. But I had to keep it word for word verbatim. Right? So that was a really good way to break into this because

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:26

a lot of editing in that. I mean, they come back and have you. So you read a book. Oh, you’re what I’m what I’m thinking back and they’re like, We want you to say this with this. Yeah, this this or this, right? Because,

Kyf Brewer  09:38

well, you got to produce her there. I mean, I used to do it in big studios in New York. Now I do it in my studio, and they sometimes send me a producer over Skype or sometimes I’m just on my own and I just what is it? Punch and roll, you know? Yeah, but But uh, but when we especially when we were in the studios in New York, Those are completely anechoic. You know, like you, if your stomach growls, if you fart, if you anything if your neck makes noise, like you’re


Nestor J. Aparicio  10:11

the judge wouldn’t want to wear a ring, because you might hit something.

Kyf Brewer  10:15

Exactly. I’ve been asked, please take your rings off like, I’ve just doing this. And, you know, I don’t think anybody can hear that. But so yeah, that’s a little tedious. And yeah, they do edit a lot. But that’s awesome to have an engineer that you know that the publishing company says, you just read it. If you fuck up, screw up, you’ll just do it over, just do it over, we’re not going to stop. We’re not going to stop. We’re just going to keep rolling. And then they just go back and cut it up. Right. So wonderful as it compared to punch and rolling. Oh, yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:49

Yeah. And I mean, and we all have garageband. Now and the ability to do this, and, and I think anybody who’s a musician who sort of toiled away waiting for somebody else to do something else. That’s how musicians became producers, right? I mean, literally, I need to get it done. I’m not going to have it sit over there. And, you know, for me, I’m working with Greg Landry on this video documentary. And there’s so many elements to it from a video photo part of it that I understand even the writing part, but the writing of long sentences, and I heard it in your voice. So it is funny, like when I found out you were going to read for me. And when Mickey Cottrell agreed to read for me and John Allen and Gina, I started really writing it to hear it in their voice. And I don’t know that I’ve ever done that in my life. It’s almost like being a TV writer, like writing for a character. And you know what you would say? And it just became a completely it’s been a it’s been fun for me. I’ve written books. I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve never done this, and certainly not we’re on the topic of the topicality. I’d also as a catching up with my audience, I meet people every day that don’t know I have a radio station they see me on Facebook, they hear me here they see me on YouTube they know me from the neighborhood they remember me from rock and roll or like I don’t know how you think you know me I think I know how I think I know you which was company was was out you had a publicist. I knew of the Ravens but it wasn’t of that it was a little before my time even the crack the sky both of you are little I wasn’t old enough to get into the clubs and 8081 82 I knew I raised on the radio hurdle 90 at Rock knew you guys were sort of the local legend guys and had opened some shows and whatnot. But all of a sudden I’m in your living room, and you’re talking about your band and company wolves and that’s I met you is sort of this Cameron Crowe, I must have been 1718 years old sitting on your couch. You must have been thinking What the hell’s going on here? Two years later,

Kyf Brewer  12:46


what was the situation was that eager Street?

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:49

Yeah, yeah, you. Che street maybe Mount Vernon area

Kyf Brewer  12:53

was Madison Madison. Madeline’s carpool that that was Madeline’s apartment that she wasn’t using anymore and I needed a place to crash

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:04

mat. It’s exactly what it was Madeline. I love man. Yes.


Kyf Brewer  13:07

I stay there for about a year. I love that little apartment. It was awesome. We sat

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:11

in there late one night it was midnight with a beer. And you were telling me about the band. I probably have it on tape. I probably have because I probably rolled tape that night. What were you doing there? I was writing for the Baltimore Evening Sun. I was the music critic. And we were promoting company wolves. You were coming out your first album, my ship and you know, like all that was was happening at that point for you. And I wrote about you and then you reach to me. Years later, when you the Ravens came to town 1996 You guys played you reunited and you played in harbor place, literally in the pavilion the night before we played the Raiders so late, late August 30 of 96 You played a concert on that Friday night. And then you put together this raving maniac song and you asked me to come down and sing in a studio and I had never done anything Yeah,

Kyf Brewer  14:06

I just noticed you were on the credits there I was looking at you know that’s come up actually. So I got a hold of a Robin me about a month ago and had the Ravens one I think we would have had an article come out because this song is a great song and I had to pull that out and look at the credits and I was like oh yeah, oh, well, I forgot.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:30


I have no you reached me. I guess you thought I was saying on the song. I put you on the show and it would be good. It was fine. I can actually hear my voice in the back. I mean, I literally like it when I listened to what I hear. And I remembered it being so much fun to just be called in there was like a We Are the World session. It was like I came in I put headsets on. You’re like singing singing more singing louder. Sing it different. I did. When I left. It was awesome. That was

Kyf Brewer  14:57

the first time that the Ravens had Recorded in yours. You know, like, since then we’ve re recorded some of our old stuff, but that we had all gone out doing our solo stuff. I think some of the guys were doing never, never Rob and I were doing so. And I and I wrote this song with Dave Woodworth. And, you know, just just as the Ravens were coming to Baltimore, and I was like, Oh, this is perfect timing. And so I asked all the original ravens, so it’s all them like, that’s our first recording since the old days, which was kind of cool. It’s cool for a lot of number of reasons. Well, you should record it. Right

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:34

by the penitentiary, sort of, like Madison, you know, close to the Baltimore Sun close to all that stuff. And I remember it was like a garage like thing. It was awesome. It was

Kyf Brewer  15:45

eyes studios, and I think it was eventually bought up by a ballplayer. I can’t remember whom, like rap and stuff like that. But they we did a bunch of records in there. And a couple great producers and great engineers. But yeah, it was right over there off. 83


Nestor J. Aparicio  16:03

Yeah. Jake Brewer is our guest. I am always a raging maniac and a Ravens maniac and a ROB fakie maniac and accompany wolves maniac and I saw you at the kicks. Goodbye show when you were sitting literally in front of me and Ray Bachman. And you know Jean Parker loves me and got me really good tickets with the band tickets and why didn’t bother Steve. I didn’t bother. Even John Allen who opened and I didn’t bother anybody but a bother Jean. And she sits me with all the rock stars. And Ray Bachmann’s next to me, his eyes are bald. He couldn’t believe how great the seats were. He’s so appreciative. He still hadn’t paid me for the damn tickets, Ray. But he didn’t read the documentary. So I think we might be flush. I probably owe you more than that. But nonetheless, he elbows me. He’s like, Who’s that guy? Who’s that guy? It’s like, you’re right in front of my wife and my where my left knee was. And I looked and I couldn’t catch the front of you. Then you turned and I’m like, That’s ki thrower. And I gave you a hug. And we said a little bit. But the show was, what did you make of that as, as a guy who was in a band that matter? That still matters, and you’re doing things and God bless you, you got your voice work, and you do well, and I see you’re, you’re out with different acts and bands being relevant and doing all that. It was one of the really beautiful nights and to spend it with you and John and people I knew and loved and so many people there. That was a beautiful Baltimore music night.

Kyf Brewer  17:31

Yeah, it was a lot of fun. And my wife is a big fan and she wanted to go so. So we got those tickets. But you know, I’ve seen kicks so many times and played with kicks so many times. Over the years. I’m sure John probably said the same thing. A lot of say the same thing. Like, was it the best kick show I ever saw. I can’t say that the production was awesome. And over the top, you know, and I felt like Steve was just saving it up saving it up until cold shower. And once he hit that note on cold shower, I could see like, cuz I know Steve and I could see like he was like, Oh, gotcha that Alright, now I’m gonna let him rip. After that, you might you might notice that like, he went a lot stronger after that, but but I just thought everything went as planned. There was no mess ups. You know, it was like, when you’re trying to create something like a farewell concert, which has been years since I did that. You know, you’re the first one right? Just the first little thing. Oh, I’ve done a lot of

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:35

not again, not again, calling

Kyf Brewer  18:37


them farewell concerts after a while. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:39

mean, I guess that’s what made me reach you were Facebook friends, I reached you to do this beautiful turn on my dock. And you have and if anybody I had John, overcast, and I tried to emulate you and I went, he wasn’t born nasty duster. So nonetheless, it was kind of fun. But I reached to you and you did this beautiful turn for me. And now you’re showing up on my Facebook pages. We sort of realized the algorithm. I give me the cavern story, the Liverpool story, because I’ve seen bits and pieces I’m friends with both of you in and out. The Beatles thing. I think we all have that. I’ve never been to Liverpool. I’ve had an opportunity. I haven’t gone okay, tell me what you’re doing up the road here next week on the 19th because I want to come out and participate. I haven’t seen you guys play in a long time. I owe you I owe you some love if nothing else promoted whatever but I want to

Kyf Brewer  19:27

show up. Yeah, you guys man. That was actually like a cool little story. Like I tried it. I had gone over there with barley juice barley juice has done a couple of Ireland tours and brought people and we played the cavern pub, which is across the street like Matthew Street is where that Cabernet is very famous street. And we had played the cabin pub, and I said oh, wouldn’t it be cool to get the Ravens over here, man we had we had the whole trip scheduled out we were going to play the Troubadour in London. We were going to go on this big rock tour. We had a, we had a guide who since retired, and then COVID head, and the whole thing got blown to bits and everybody had to go, the travel agency had to get everybody their money back, which was not simple feat. So anyway, I was disgusted. And it took me years to get up the courage. And then about a year and a half ago, I said, alright, you know what, I’m gonna do this, but I’m gonna do it myself. Because to get the whole band, the Ravens over there was just part of the hassle. It was really a hassle. Because for every free person on the tour, you have to bring this many people in and and so I sent out a message to our ravens thread, which we’ve had for years. That’s how we communicate. And I said, guys, I just want to let you know, I’m going to be advertising this trip, but I’m just doing it myself, because it’s just too much hassle. I can’t do it again. I don’t think anybody cared. He said, Rob, caught up with me, like two days later, he goes, you’re gonna do that England trip. I said, Yeah, he goes, I want to go. And I turned to Beth and I was like, you know, if anybody’s gonna go, it will be perfect for him. Because he and I wrote all the songs like, you know, we already what we’re going to do so McCartney, if it were recruited, we recruited enough people. And we recruited a great gang of people who, if you come to the show, they’ll probably be there. And we had a great time, we did a whole London tour of rock haunts, we went to eel pie Island, and Abbey Road, and you know, all that stuff. And then we took a bus and went up to Liverpool. And they put us in a cabin. And there’s two stages in the cabin, because it’s been rebuilt a couple of times down there. And easily 60 years, right? Literally, right. And, oddly enough, up until about 2025 years ago, nobody really commercialized on it. So you could go over there. And it was the same, right? And then so finally, I walked in, there’s a whole new back room. And I immediately like just went, because the original stage is roped off, as you can see in the video, which is on YouTube. And I went to the back, not expecting to be able to play on the original stage. And then the owner came down and said, you know, mainstage mainstage. And I said to Rob, I said, we’re playing on the beetle stage, we’re playing on the mainstage. Nice. I rally. So it was, you know, it was fast and furious. We did four songs. Two songs by me two songs by him. And, you know, it was just an everybody took pictures and videos, and it was just a great time, you know, and everybody signed the wall and oh, and then and then I got off the stage just to end the story. I got off the stage. And there’s these two old ladies like sitting. I say old. Alright, I’m 73. Okay, so

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:08

71 This is two ladies


Kyf Brewer  23:10

that are maybe a couple years older than me sitting on the side at one of the little tables. And I went out and I came off and I said, I said how do Do you come here? A lot of you from? Oh, yeah, we’re from Liverpool. Yeah. We were here when the Beatles were playing back then. I fancy George and I used to talk and I was like, He’s this. You just go right into it. And you just go right back in history. Next year. I’m playing with company wolves in Hamburg. So I’m thinking like, Okay, that’s good fun. Where the Star Club was in

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:43

some German spots. Nice. Yeah, well, yeah, one day I’ll make it to Berlin and it trail the ghost of David Bowie. Keith Brewer is here. He will be there on our 25th documentary 25th anniversary documentary. No one listens everyone hears it’s a story of my life. I get no respect. I tell you, Keith has put the band back together. So this show is the 19th It’s a big falls in which is right over gunpowder era you can just Google Big falls in or go to the Ravens Facebook page. It is six to 10 It’s will Philadelphia road right to Whitemarsh basically, just right up the road. I’ve I’ve always seen a do pit beef and stuff there. I hear they have good food. I have literally never been there. So this is another great reason for me to go. It’s near my place. So it is the 19 from six until 10 hopes you’re facing a place. So you are what are you doing? What? It’s just

Kyf Brewer  24:37

it’s just robbing myself. Like, you know, we jammed on the bus over there. We jammed in the hotel rooms and we jammed outside by the public toilets in London and and you know, the group that we took were so fantastic and supportive. And we said and Rob turned to me and he says hey, we should do this again, like back home and I’m like, of course and I don’t know why we never have but he and I have never appeared As a duo. What? No, we never have you

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:04


made your debut in The Cavern Club one Beatle song, they’re just rabid songs.

Kyf Brewer  25:12

No, you know what, there’s so many people to come in there and do Beatle songs. And we were like, No, we’re not. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:18

wow, that’s people go in there and do a Beatle song. Okay.

Kyf Brewer  25:22

Oh, yeah, there’s guys it sounds just like I mean, there’s you know, impersonators and if they have a 24/7 feet, you could go on the Cavern Club or whatever it is right now. And I noticed that my, my publishing sales went up just from playing like, company wolves call the wild are raised on the radio, like, it’s enough, you know, enough ratio of people saw that on the cavern feed that my sales went up the next month. And I said to Rob, I said, watch this, you know,


Nestor J. Aparicio  25:55

we gotta go back.

Kyf Brewer  25:59

Next trip, but I mean, you know, all these guys that go in there and play Beatle songs, like they’re not selling anything. So they don’t even know this. They don’t realize it’s it’s just a gig. It’s just a thing for them.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:11

Right? Well, I mean, and there’s a titillation to doing it, which is a reason you did it to begin with. And now you’re doing it for the big payday over big falls for more than that. Just put the thing back together. So you will do Beatle song, what will you be doing?

Kyf Brewer  26:24


Beatle songs. He sent me a setlist of stuff. I mean, basically, this is just Rob has been taking somebody with him for the last five or six months, you know, to help him sing and play on his solo gigs. And, and I said, Well, let me do that, you know, so we picked a day because the next day, which is not promoted, the next day, I’m playing bagpipes, they’re at Big falls for the Fallen bikers thing. I’ve been doing that for about five years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:52

Your bagpipe player?

Kyf Brewer  26:53


Nestor J. Aparicio  26:55

What else? Do you play that? I don’t know? Like, what else? I mean, you’re a narrator. And I got people have known you forever that don’t know that a documentarian, even when someone writes poorly constructed long sentences, you still make chicken salad out of it. But I mean, from the band work and company walls, you mentioned them as an active thing. Like we’re doing this what barley juice, I mean, I see that, like, what else are you doing? And you don’t even live in Baltimore anymore? Right. I mean, I know, You’ve told me the tale of how you went up and filthy. Um, I


Kyf Brewer  27:26

actually by way of New York, I mean, I moved out of Baltimore when the Ravens officially broke down in 1986. And moved to Baltimore and and, you know, made my way there kind of started all over again, that’s where I put together company wolves. And we did that trip. And when I met my previous wife, we had the one that I had children with. We she was working for the record label, she was working for Polygram mercury, and we, we decided we didn’t want to have kids in the city. And this was about 1992. So we moved back very, very briefly back down to Frank’s Burg area, West Missouri and my father had a house there and we sold that. And we moved here because she was from Pottstown. I was from Baltimore. I was new I was still working in New York. So I was kind of like, right in the middle here didn’t know anybody and now I’ve been here for 30 years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:28

Well is it hell music scene in Philly to write amongst people to great music

Kyf Brewer  28:33

and and some of them I remember like the hooter guys are still around some of them autonomy comm was a great buddy of mine. All around. Yeah. And I, and I go out, and I see him once in a while now

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:44


that I know that I come up to Philly and see Tommy, we’re coming up in June, he’s doing a festival over in Wayne. And Tommy does the show once or twice a year, very humbly, and I have to I have the rope. I’ll do five minutes to 30 minutes. And he’s laughing and telling stories and bagging on the Sixers and the Eagles and whatnot. But, man, I you know, there is a support network. You mentioned you’re a very young 70 at this point. But you know what, you’ve been doing this a long time, your fan base, how you relate to them what you’re doing, keep it interesting, even for yourself. It sounds to me like you and Rob will be a really interesting night, because I never seen that before. I mean, I literally thought you must have done this over the course of time, where the two of you do a little duet.

Kyf Brewer  29:26

I think he’s a little surprised how much my promo person is blown up on social media. Because I mean, he promotes his gigs every week, you know? And I haven’t asked him this quite, you know, like, straight out but I think he’s he’s probably like, oh shit, man, we better put some stuff together.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:44

We better be good.

Kyf Brewer  29:47

Because people are coming out like thinking it’s a big deal. I mean, it is a big deal. It’ll it’ll be fun as hell but I don’t want to get too serious about it because because what we did over there was just on


Nestor J. Aparicio  29:57

we’re not going to take you listen as as someone who loves you. He’s been a fan of both of you. And I’ve seen rob a million times I don’t see you play as much. I stumble into Rob because like opening day he’s playing every year. At least CNN usually I didn’t see him this year, but you know, and he’s always out and, and I see him on Facebook and whatnot. We have a lot of mutual friends. He’s been in the studio, he always offers to come out for the anniversary and this and that to play race on radio, which we played on the radio station here for years and years and years. But, you know, I, it is a beautiful thing I mentioned. Tommy, you mentioned the Hooters I mentioned John Allen stone horses, we mentioned kicks, just Mitch Allen’s name came up yesterday because John was just how nice the community has been. music wise, I talked about Gina shock being involved in what I’m doing. She went out to LA 40 years ago, she’s back here a whole lot now. Right and put a little band together that I helped her out a little bit with. It’s just, it’s a beautiful community all these years later, you know, you talk about athletes sticking together these people sticking together. I think, you know, Baltimore, Maryland musicians and people. It’s it’s been a really nice fraternity. And I guess that’s why my heart for that kicks concert. After all they’ve been through and issues with health and different things that you know, we talked about Brian, Jack. I mean, John and I sat got a little sappy get a little a little teary eyed about Brian. But just how nice it is that you guys get to play and we can come out and enjoy it. So don’t don’t take for granted. And you guys don’t have to take it too seriously. That’s the beauty of it. Yeah,

Kyf Brewer  31:27

yeah, I think it is just is what it is.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:32

Is that all you’re giving me? All right. You get up

Kyf Brewer  31:35


and you you get up and you automatically know how to do something. My wife always asked me about this stuff, because I’ll like, I’ll hear stuff amusing. And I’ll go no, that goes now seating. I heard that when I was three. And I thought it was and I’m like goes like, how do you? Like she’s seen me write songs in an afternoon, record them that night? And she goes, and I said, but yeah, but you know, a carpenter, gets up and looks at something and says knows exactly how that was put together. A mathematician knows exactly, you know, and like, you just know what you know. And we’ve always known it. And I think that bombing musicians, as opposed to a number of other cities. You know, New York is very serious New York has a cream of the crop up there that I was lucky to play with, on jingles and stuff like that. But they take it very seriously. And it takes a little element out of it, when you’re putting the money on top of the quality, you know, and I think that’s also

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:31

the relationship to you know, things like Amberjacks, and things like the marble bar, and these places that are iconic to all of us. It’s where people gathered, and you look up and 30 years later, it’s where your life and your friendships have taken you. Yeah.

Kyf Brewer  32:45

And they’re supportive of each other because many of them never came out and should have, you know, many, many of them never got any farther than Baltimore. Or maybe for a stint, like myself, I mean, out and then out. And, you know, and I think everybody supports that. Everybody appreciates each other, you know? Yeah, absolutely

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:05

keep for worse here from the Ravens. I got my Raven maniac of barley juice of the big falls next week, but not too much pressure, but go and see him. Rob’s out. No, no, no pressure. The, you know, the fact that I reached you, you and you were the first literally the first voice I thought of, of somebody I knew who could. It would sound the way I wanted it sound. And listen, I have a lot of people on my timeline that do voice work. How did you get into that? But it’s my wife has said over the course stomach, you could do that. I’m like, and then I hear somebody like you do? And I’m like, No, I could do it in the Baltimore accent. I could do it poorly for free with some sips of water. And if they really wanted to hear my lousy voice, great, but then like you’ve honed this, but I heard you on VH one when did that was that? 2000 123? Like that was?


Kyf Brewer  33:54

Yeah, maybe even earlier than 90s. I did that show before they were rock stars. I did that show? About two years? Maybe a lot of

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:04

episodes that right? About 40 foot 45 episodes and who were they all like give me a five names of who you read those pieces for?

Kyf Brewer  34:15

You mean that the rock stars? Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:17


who are the rock stars that they had?

Kyf Brewer  34:19

They had five or six every every week? I mean, it was everybody it was I have a lot of them here. I have like

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:28

their high school picture and their story and where they go. Yeah.

Kyf Brewer  34:31

In those days, it was like Kid Rock and they went for Madonna, like who was Eddie Vetter. They would find these things people and people started sending stuff and of course once the show became a hit, and they had so much background on people.


Nestor J. Aparicio  34:49

Did you get that gig?

Kyf Brewer  34:52

I had an agent. You know I was doing you started

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:54

to read things out loud to practice. I was doing a lot of voiceovers for commercials

Kyf Brewer  34:59


source at the time to sustain my family. And, and that was really good union money. And then every once in a while the promo person in my agency would say like, you know, we want to do this show, we want to promote this show, like, I got you a gig. I worked at NBC for a while I did a, I think it was Good Morning America every morning. That was my voice that brought you on. I did a lot of stuff that I never told anybody what I was doing, because I was just doing it. And out of that, every once in a while, I’d go over to the VH one studios, and we do a promo for an album. You know, or something. And then they call me for this show. So I kind of was already known.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:48

Yeah, but I mean, it’s not easy. We’re and it’s not normal. And it wasn’t your first line of

Kyf Brewer  35:54

literal. So I think they’d like they liked that. I sounded sarcastic. And I, I lost a lot of jobs because of that, because I have just weird thing like, well, well, let’s look at little David, you know, whatever. And he just said, you know, I mean, there, I lost a lot of jobs because of that, because I sounded too sarcastic, but it was natural. So that’s a

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:17

perfect voice for my narration that


Kyf Brewer  36:23

hopefully, no one will pick that out of your model.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:26

You know what, when I think of this as a guy who’s owned a radio station for 25 years, and you work on branding, and whether you’re Jack radio or Joe radio, or you’re the bay or you’re the with the Z or whatever the hell the froggy, whatever it would be the star Cat Jack radio, I don’t know who that voice is. But the whole thing is to be a dick basically, like my voice is just to be the biggest jerk you could possibly be. And I’m thinking that ain’t Wolfman Jack, the kind of you know, and certainly from my standpoint of even writing a documentary about how I exist as a radio voice 32 years later, you need to be a little entertaining and you need to you know, you need to have a little bit of entertainment with you. And I’m thinking what’s entertaining about a jerk reading the weather who’s from out of town making Baltimore inside jokes who’s clear there’s gonna be nowhere Baltimore is like I’m thinking like, that’s corporate radio for years with that yeah,

Kyf Brewer  37:22

and and your voice is perfect for like sports casting and stuff because you go up you go way up here, you know, whereas I’m down here all the time. Then FM up here to Jack radio has been because we’re live in Philadelphia and it’s Ben Franklin. That’s the same Thanks Jack for

Nestor J. Aparicio  37:40


Baltimore. Why would they call it I have no

Kyf Brewer  37:43

I don’t even I don’t even want to comment on your race.

Nestor J. Aparicio  37:50

I will let you go on that note and I just want to say thank you and you you really when people see and feel and hear the documentary that we’ve put together with Greg they’re gonna hear your voice amongst other familiar voices and beliefs you started you ended your the U R. V. O G is what you are voice of God in my thing has it made me sarcastic God I might add right

Kyf Brewer  38:22

Well, thank you sir. I glad I represent that did somebody tell me


Nestor J. Aparicio  38:26

how they can find you if they want to find you? I mean, your your, your fairly available individual like Mr. Angelo’s, but like, I mean, booking spans all that kind of stuff.

Kyf Brewer  38:34

I’m everywhere. I mean, on on Instagram, I’m kefir madness. Ky fer chief Brewer on Facebook. I’m on Tik Tok. I mean, it’s hard not to find me. If you just right to keep Brewer at Gmail, you’ll check.

Nestor J. Aparicio  38:50

It took. It took me all 30 minutes to find you. And when I found you, you were kind to me, and I appreciate you coming on. I hope you have a big gig and a couple of weeks and we’ll see you over there. And I’m I’m looking forward to this debut of this new Fe Hebrew or is it perfect he project? I don’t know. I have to figure out what’s page plan or or plant page. I have. We’ve had some fun this week. We’ve been at Costas John Allen. Join us if you love music. John is a lifelong friend of mine. We talked about the M three gig. I’m trying to track down D Schneider before the end of the month. So we could talk about I want to rock and we’re also going to be a faithless on Fridays with Luke Jones. So it’s a baseball I have the Pac Man scratch offs in the Maryland lottery Big thanks to our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care as well as liberty, pure solutions Keith Brewer from the ravens, my documentarian of sarcasm, we are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stopped talking. I get to do this because the Pac Man Baltimore positive you

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