Starting the New Year with new movement

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Quintin Dailey of Planet Fitness gets Nestor motivated for a new year of health and wellness locally with a frank talk about the ways and whys to get started.


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Quintin Dailey, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W n s t Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive still broadcasting and high definition mono sound and am 1570 Set your dial out for us as we got to ravens playoffs NFL playoffs Luke’s running around he’s gonna talk in baseball. We’re gonna New Year’s thing going on I’m doing a Maryland crab cake tour we are doing that this week at GNA Coney Island I thought I still have a handful of ravens scratch offs are going to be given away also our friends at window nation on they support us 8669 The Nation make sure you’re buying those windage by two you get two free to get your five years of 0% financing you do that right now when donation but one of my longest sponsors ever and it’s always this time of year that you know I bring them on. We’ve been doing this 20 years I bet back with Planet Fitness. We love our friends at pF and Quinn daily, he’s about to be victimized by me and the first part of the New Year’s resolution and how we’re all gonna get fit this year. What I want you to know in my longtime audit my 31st year on radio your Quinton that that I had a metamorphosis of my own 15 years ago when I lost weight and I’ve kept it off for a long, long time. Because I listen to someone like you so welcome in Happy New Year to you and you get an honest man, your your a guy with a local name that is not related to the other Quinton Daly because you went through that. But also you do work in local clubs here for playing a fitness and people might bump into you anywhere from golden ring to Reisterstown, right? Yes, sir. Yes,

Quintin Dailey  01:33

sir. I appreciate you having me on today. So I am a Fitness Training Support Manager for the greater area of Baltimore, making sure that everybody comes into the club and has a great time with some of our instructors. Yes, sir.

Nestor Aparicio  01:44

All right. So first of the year, I’ve been going to gyms all while I was that guy until I was about 35 and said, This is the year I gotta get a journal. I’m going to manage every lagoon I eat like Shannon Sharpe used to when he was with the Ravens. That’s why he’s all famer. Right? It’s the look the way he looks right. But, you know, I put around athletes my whole life. And I’ve obviously been on radio 31 years. So 31 years, every January. And especially for all of these years, the Planet Fitness has supported us that we talk about, all right, it’s okay to be that reset person. And this, this might be the year but it’s only going to be the year if you get involved, right. And there’s a level of involvement that coming down to the club. It’s so affordable, so much more affordable than when I was a young man to be able to find somebody like you and find a buddy and find a system and find a club near them that welcomes them in judgment free and get you started in the right direction. Because it’s not, we’re not going to become Shannon Sharpe tomorrow morning. Right or Lamar Jackson.

Quintin Dailey  02:49

Exactly, exactly. It’s step by step, day by day, correct. And as of right now, the club and having $1 Down $10 per month now until the 12. So we got a couple of days to get it in, right. So $1, down $10 per month. And with that you have unlimited access to somebody like myself, who’s going to be there to help you out to push you along. And like you said before, it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not gonna happen overnight. It’s one of those things where you have to view every day as a resolution, as opposed to making these big, audacious resolutions that might be daunting to step into. How about today, I’ll try this. Tomorrow, I’m gonna try this. And then step by step, having that group of people around you that can help you out and support you to push you forward. It’s always going to be the easiest thing as opposed to trying to do it yourself.

Nestor Aparicio  03:39

So I told these stories before, but anytime I have somebody new one you you’ve not heard all my old man stories have done this 31 years. But back in 2005 2006. And this is timely because Argentina just won the World Cup, right. So my wife and I, we got Rolling Stones in YouTube. We’re playing in Buenos Aires, Rio, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. And we went through South America and I’m Venezuelan by by bug by bloodline. So going back to my my hemisphere and my part of the world, my continent. So we spend time there and we took pictures and we came home and I’m like, Ooh, I mean, we like to Chin’s on me. So all of my pictures on that trip from back in 2006. I was a little heavier. And I had some friends by the house and we were doing a little bit of drink and have some fun probably watching baseball at the time or whatever. And we played a little game like pull your driver’s license out, and I pulled my weight out on it and it said 148 pounds, and my body just completely urinated upon me. He’s like, and I’m 38 it’s time where 37 He’s like, you’ll never weigh 148 pounds again, the rest of your life. I probably weighed 180 then Okay, right. And in the pictures, were an extra large shirts kind of cover up whatever you have going on at the time, right? Normally were to put a little weight on with mobile Why, you know, she, she put on a little weight. So we both decided to do this and it really started with diet. Mornings, we started watching like Celebrity Fit Club and PF was sponsoring Biggest Loser. And my wife was always inspired by that my wife’s never been on fit. My wife’s like my wife’s 50 years old and still doing 90 minutes of Bikram yoga and you know, like my wife still in great shape. But at that time, we had let ourselves kind of get away. And we had to make a time and I started reading books, I started cutting out butter, white bread, white shirt, like really making diet nutrition changes, and making exercise changes and making morning decisions about oatmeal, fresh fruits, and just and hydration. going crazy with things like and this is my plug for wise mark, it’s my sponsors, I get coconut water, right, like I’m a big, I’m big into hydration, and big into stretching and movement. And it came to me later in life, like I often think to myself, if I just worked out as hard like this when I was 21, I would have looked you know, but this is a time of the year where people come to you. And they have all sorts of body types challenges, all backgrounds, and they come to you and they say, I’m here. This is my time. This is my year, I joined up, where do you where do you begin? I mean, I would begin with diet and that crazy little story of, hey, you know, eat something really healthy, that powers and fires you up in the morning, like an oatmeal in a blueberry find powerful foods that are going to support your engine, that would be my start, because that would be the basis of everything, it sort of changed my health.

Quintin Dailey  06:47

I love it. I love it. Definitely someone places there. But my biggest thing as a trainer is we have to meet people where they are number one, right? When when I come to you, I want to learn about what’s your past experiences have been in the gym, or if that’s been non existent. If you’re in the gym for personal goals, if you’re in the gym to reach towards a better mental state, things of that nature, all of it is important, and especially having that first conversation just meeting them where they are right. And like you said before, you brought up a really good point about nutrition. But as opposed to getting into specifics, even a simplistic from energy in energy out, what is it? What energy are you taking in? And what energy are you putting out, right, so the energy we take in and what we eat, and then the energy we put out is right in here, right? If we can balance those things, we maintain our weight, if we have an excess of the energy we take in and not as as much as the engine put out, we’re probably going to gain a little bit of weight. Sometimes people want to do that. And then the opposite would be if we have a abundance of energy we’re putting out and not taking as much in subsequently, we’re going to lose weight. So having those real time conversations, keeping things simple, we’ll definitely put them on in the right state of mind to not think that this is too much for me, and I can get it done. One thing

Nestor Aparicio  08:10

I love about my partnership with Planet Fitness is movement, you know, getting out and moving. And this really changed my life with Baltimore positive three years ago, we’re going into that period where it’s been three years in the beginning of the plague, and COVID came and things got shut down and people went inside. And you guys as a company went virtual, we all went virtual, right like the whole world was virtual at that time. But the one thing that I really, I don’t see fell in love because I live downtown. The picture you’re looking at where I live, I live on the 23rd floor at Harbor core for 19 years we moved about a year ago. And the one thing during COVID of being cooped up all day and not being able to touch other people and hug them and do all that stuff that we loved doing so much was just walking and outdoors and changing habits in some way that it got me and my wife out to parks at Centennial Park in Howard County. It got us up to gunpowder up in Harford County in northern Baltimore County. It she discovered Oregon Ridge but she didn’t know about up and on Valley. We we went to Patterson park in the middle of the plague and I’m from East Baltimore i I skated but I didn’t know it had a pond and it had birds and it had like I found it because I started walking around Patterson park because I live downtown. So the the part of movement that is long as you can walk and if you’re coming in that you’re you’re already you got a head start if you can walk from here to there. This isn’t about lifting weights or being an Olympian or being what you see on television or being Usain Bolt. This is about feeling better, sleeping better, living better literally getting from here to there and I had a back injury last year. So I don’t take anything for granted that I’m I’m planning to jump around with Springsteen in a couple of weeks travel around seeing some shows. Some I couldn’t do it. It’s time last year. And it’s the physical therapy and the movement that’s gotten me back to. I mean, sedentary is not good for an upstanding right now I used to sit and do the show, because I learned you got to move, you got to move.

Quintin Dailey  10:13

That’s the word right there, you brought it up. I mean, COVID definitely put that sedentary lifestyle as a norm. Right. And that comes with illnesses, it comes with issues. And it exacerbates problem that you already had, like you said, that back issue would have got now a lot worse, would you be putting that pressure on your hip, putting that pressure on your lumbar spine, and getting out and moving is probably one of the best things even as for for 30 minutes or 45 minutes, we still get the benefits of moving the joints, we have joints for a reason, right. And we have to be able to get them moving at some point of the day, just to make sure that they don’t get cooped up, made sure we don’t, you know, fall into the vices of drinking all day long or sleeping around all day long or just eating all day long. So definitely that word as you say sedentary is something that we will try to get away from as much as possible. Maybe everybody can get around to move 30 minutes a day. Minimal activity, walking around the park is a great way to start.

Nestor Aparicio  11:11

When do you share he is with Planet Fitness and Ohana are friends. And listen, you’re a little younger than me. I don’t know how much younger I don’t want to embarrass you or me at this point. But I saw some checks and stuff the other day coming into the new year and how many things are on the Jetsons and the cartoons back in the day. And this device certainly has superseded all of my expectations from 20 years ago. And what we could do and the ability to work out to be connected to things be connected to each other, the FaceTime and say I love you do all those things. But man, they can make you sedentary. And there’s a point for Planet Fitness for me. And for anybody that’s ever joined the gym, you know, going back to my holiday spa days, and NorthPoint Boulevard 1980s, where you had to spend a whole bunch of money and join programs, all this keeping up with other people. Fitness has been completely different in that way. But there is a social part of it, there is a I will help you part of it, there is an openness of the gym that people can look out for each other, and benefit and so many different ways to find the treadmill. They like the machine, they like the exercise, they like the company, they like the way they like to do it a rotation the time of the day, they want to do it. And I think they come in and meet someone like you. And in the old days. Honestly, I did this back when I was young. Okay, I met a salesperson, you know what I mean? I didn’t need a trainer. I didn’t meet somebody that was going to come in and say, what do you what do you drink? And where are you going? Hey, I’m gonna see you next week. You know, Hey, you said you got some goals, you know. So when you meet someone like me in, give me those steps to make it not intimidating for people, because I’m sure you see people all the time that couldn’t afford a gym back in the day, never had a gym, maybe add some weights in the basement, maybe they were an athlete at one point, and they’re not anymore. All the same stories my wife used to cry about on a biggest loser, you meet these people and they come in and from a financial investment. It’s small, but it’s really what it’s everything that happens after that, that you get the benefit that honestly when they come to you, they’re looking for this benefit.

Quintin Dailey  13:26

Big time, big time and you brought it up. I mean, there’s a few things that people come into the gym with, it’s a little daunting, right? They feel like they’re gonna be isolated, they feel like they’re gonna have that hard sell of push them towards the commission base sale. They feel like they’re going to be a klutz, right? They might not do things the right way. So if I can take you through portions of the gym, so you don’t feel intimidated, I have you put your hands on it. There’s multiple ways people learn, right? auditory, visual, and kinetic. And we had to put all of those into play here, I got to talk to you, I gotta have you do it. And then I got to be able to move through with you. So you feel comfortable. So building rapport is the foundation, right? On a first name basis, or me complimenting you on your shoes, those small things, I mean, they go a very long way. And then being that positive vibe, as you have Botamo positivity going on, it has to be that way all the time. When I start with a member, taking them to the gym is about learning what, like I said before learning what they already know. So I can teach them a little more, right? And then after that, learning what they’re scared of, and then being able to bring those things down to an even level to say, Hey, you don’t have to be intimidated by it. I will show you and if you need to. I’ll walk you every step of the way until you got it right. You can do it autonomously by yourself.

Nestor Aparicio  14:45

Dude, I’m old man machines intimidate me that the cell phone not so much. But you know, I would say this anything where I come in and it’s, it looks like I gotta push buttons and I can get a little intimidated. So that They’ll never do that to Planet Fitness. They have been with us a long, long time. It’s a new year. And I can’t stress enough how much better I feel this new year than I did last year when I was having back problems, all sorts of physical issues. And the road to my recovery has really been on the mat in the gym, taking care of my body, stretching out taking all the things they were teaching me in physical therapy, and moving that back in so that I can get back to being in the gym, lifting weights, doing it with confidence, and getting back to strengthening as as much as just stretching and trying to heal. I went through, you know, long 2022 was a healing year for me and a lot of ways

Quintin Dailey  15:44

that we go, that’ll be go. I mean, definitely, as you said, if you go from being sedentary or having an issue that had to sit you down, getting back into the gym is very daunting. You don’t want to hurt yourself again, right? You don’t want to go back to sitting down because things will get worse. And strengthening your muscles in the club. If your body weight with machines is one of the best ways to heal. We also have an area like the black card spot that can help you get a massage or use a red light therapy machine to tone your body up.

Nestor Aparicio  16:16

People don’t know that about what’s going on here. This sounds like it’s like when you get on a flight and they’re gonna massage you or like the pool we were supposed to have on a second floor plate. Can you tell me more about this? Like everybody knows about Planet Fitness? Yes. So

Quintin Dailey  16:30

we have two styles of memberships one is for the gym and the trainer of course and one allows you to go to multiple areas in the nation and use our black cards ball which has hydro bed, which is water powered. Without bed we also have

Nestor Aparicio  16:46

come to this I know people are playing and fitness Now come on,

Quintin Dailey  16:50

come on in. It’s time for you to come on in and try it out yourself. And we also have massage chairs, which is more on the plastic you know in deep, deep tissue but a compressive massage if you will. Yes sir.

Nestor Aparicio  17:03

All right. See this? I’m learning daily with a famous name that you get that all the time Baltimore right and you are not related to basketball quitting daily NBA

Quintin Dailey  17:13

I try to who I try to hoop like them. But I am not related. I am not related to him.

Nestor Aparicio  17:21

So in your work, tell me about the local clubs because you are low Quinton and right now you’re in randalstown, right? You stand at this point. But you move around and just opened a beautiful a new facility over gold ring earlier this year. And, you know, as much as there was a lot of clean equipment, wearing masks, COVID, all that that went on. He has still grown all over the world literally, through this period of time. Tell me how the club’s changed in the last couple of years?

Quintin Dailey  17:51

Man, it’s a great question. And so we are trying to make sure we stay ahead of the time, if you will. We have number one, we already talked about the technology, technological, technological technology side, sorry. And we do have an app that’s free for members to use, that allows you to kind of walk you through the gym, if you need a little bit of a push. We also have they did bike, adding in that element of those stationary bikes that people want to be on with a virtual screen and somebody teasing you. So we’re adding those into the clubs as well.

Nestor Aparicio  18:24

That’s all competitive, right? That’s like a league, right? Everybody competes with each other,

Quintin Dailey  18:28

somewhat somewhat, but more or less, we don’t have a log in those state invitees just yet. But they are like reversible scenic background you can enjoy while you’re doing your bike ride. And you can also scale or log your information so you can push yourself if you will, right.

Nestor Aparicio  18:47

We all assume we’re just going to have little glasses and it’s going to be like a Disney ride whatever we do, right literally right virtual everything

Quintin Dailey  18:53

right? They’re definitely trying to push us towards and we also have a functional training area, which teaches you how to you know, do things that you will work on things you do in everyday life pushing, pulling, bending and lifting, hinging, right we push doors open, we pull doors closed, we rotate to say hi to somebody, we squat down to sit down in the chair, we hinted to pick that pin off the ground, those things are very important and for us to have an area that you can build on those functional foundational exercises on motion is a one

Nestor Aparicio  19:25

man I say to my wife all the time you want to go there or do you want to go to physical therapy What do you wanna do you wanna go it’s a life sentence for me now at this point with you know, an L for issue and like things happening that like if I want to stay away from the surgeons and stay away from recovery read that you know that staying in shape and having it be a daily full commitment, and it sounds a little heavy, but it’s not when you get to go see Springsteen you get to go do things and maybe swing a golf club again, or tennis racquet again or play pickleball I mean, that’s all the rage all this is happening. When dailies here for PDF, and and they’re, obviously go to Planet Fitness, there’s one in the neighborhood, they’re all over the place. They’ve been with us a long, long time. And they are stretching and growing and doing different things. So you haven’t been in a while thinking about it and maybe the plagues been a little hard on your on your back like me sitting too much. I’ll get on out and support our friends for them locally here. And there’ll be a guy just like Quinton at the front door to to tab you through and show you stuff. So for me, some things I liked in the gym, some things I didn’t like things I gravitated toward, it really is amazing how I became through an NFL player, my friend Brian Baldinger got me into doing yoga and hot yoga, and being on a yoga mat and doing that for from a fitness standpoint, when I was in my 30s it’s kind of changed my life. But we everybody likes something different. And my wife’s now doing stuff, I’m like, Oh, I’m not doing that my back kid, you know, so like, there’s just everybody likes a different thing. And I think that’s the beauty of Planet Fitness, you can find something that that you’ll love that will get you where you need to be physically, mentally, spiritually and, and, and keeping you away from what I had last year, which is pain, pain.

Quintin Dailey  21:09

It’s time I mean, multiple different approaches you can take, right? Like you said, mobility to stretching is a one way to strengthen the body like yoga. But also think our strength equipment or just using a resistance training is another way to strengthen the body. Using bodyweight motion is only another way to strengthen the body. But at the base level, get moving. That’s That’s it get moving and keep moving. And it doesn’t have to be strenuous, vigorous, it can be very moderate. And consistent is the next thing. Like I said everyday should be a resolution. Step by Step day by day you don’t have to go for the gusto right away.

Nestor Aparicio  21:51

Why the one thing I love it I have so many people follow me on social media is 100,000 people out there and all sorts of ways. But when I see people make changes in their lives, commit to it, and I know them for years, you know that I remember years ago some of my friends were heavier, they got the weight off, they kept it off. They made lifestyle commitments in a way that I did in my 30s and now I’m in my 50s and I’m cheering for all of you out there listening are all of you out there that have been a part of it. There’s there’s Quinton around the corner waiting for you. I plan to fitness and I need to get a new mug in here as well get a smaller one for my from my water and my coconut water from wise markets when I appreciate you man Thanks for coming on and get me you got me more you got me like I want to just drop the headset and go yeah go do something go for a walk here give myself a call man you got to be careful this time of year you get all those holiday desserts and all that I talked about that last week so I’m trying to be good and be on the up and up here. All right, there we go. There we go. I’ll hold you to it. When Dale he is for Planet Fitness. We do sports I’ve got the planet and learn about the new spa massages and all that good stuff. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore taking the Maryland crab cake tour back out on the road as well. All the brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation playoffs for as long as they last. We are Baltimore Stay with us

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