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Our Chief Cannabis Information Officer Wendy Bronfein of Curio Wellness talks about a whole new world of chews at Far & Dotter and hears Nestor’s tales of the magic of Orioles baseball from seats behind the Yankees dugout. It’s a fun summer to be an Orioles fan in Baltimore.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Wendy Bronfein

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are taking the crabcake tour back out on the road. I have like new dates for June 6 June 12. June 20. May 28. We’re going to be Pappas in park, but we’re going to be state fair in Catonsville. We’re coming back the cost is on the peninsula Sparrows Point. I’ll be back there eat crabs before June 28. But we’ll get back there doing the show that day. Also Coco’s on June the 12th. You know, Marcela said we can’t have you in here in May we have all these graduations and Morgan and all this stuff going on. But when we do, we will have the Pac Man scratch offs will be at fade Lee’s on Friday, this Friday for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Next Friday as well, when the Orioles are home on Fridays, Luke and I get together and eat really good crab cakes, and their grand opening of fade these this week. So congratulations to them for getting that open in the new market. So we’re excited about that our friends, if you do multi care, as well as liberty, pure solutions, keeping our water nice and safe and clean, and God bless those folks take care of well, water like that make me make me well. What do you probably find makes me well, as well, we’ve, we’ve talked about all sorts of cannabis related products and bombs and Rob’s and and and vapes and 420s and all of that stuff. But I just want to say you’re kind of a newish business. As First of all, how are you? How’s life? How was Spring springing for you? Are we through the hole for 20 thing? And we did everywhere


Wendy Bronfein  01:22

for wonderfilled. Everyone got their order filled? I hope. Yeah, we were offering that promo for an extended period. Yeah, I think we have moved on to May. And of course, Memorial Day weekend will be will be the next big wave. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:39

you know, for you last week, our friendship is moved to the point where when you get stuck with Orioles tickets, you think of me and I’m very, very grateful. I lived downtown for 19 years. And nobody thought of me and I didn’t think of them when they came down. Now that seems good. I want you to talk about like you have this commitment to the city that you talk about with your father and your family. And being involved in Neighbor Care for you. I mean, a billion Neighbor Care ads in the 90s on WB Al and your family going into this space into a medicinal space trying to help people literally, but you have been an investor in sports and in the CFG Bank Arena. We’ve talked about that I brought both my cheap trick and my heart belt buckles out for you to see this week as my wife is going to wear the heart I’m going to wear the cheap trick I also have this alternate cheap trick that’s really cool and hard to get. But last week it was all real tickets. And you guys I noticed you do this to ollie Vaughn Paris so we’re going to talk about route one apparel and I see all the cool Maryland swag you have and all that and I have the I’m a very blunt person shirt. But I had this Oreo thing last week you’re like, I got some tickets you want them and I’m like, wow, I can like take friends to the game. And I’m like but who would I take? And where are the seats and you’re like these seats are really good and I’m like I didn’t know how good they were which gets to the crux of the story. Because I haven’t talked to you in a week you don’t even do you know what that I went and had a good time Are you aware of this or No?

Wendy Bronfein  03:01

i You sent me a picture so I knew that picture look like it was a good time.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:06


Well I was sober so let’s start with that but it but I had a good time. We want to fade these I took my boy Brian pool why what the seventh grade with he’s been an attorney for 30 years at T Rowe. He’s dear just a good man. We don’t do anything together but we try. i He loves the Orioles. He had the Angry Bird the storm and bird shirt on which was great. I wore my Aparicio Jersey It was hot as he came. If I can order ticket tickets were great games great. Little 1015 degrees less than a snowball would have probably been good but they you know they bring lemonade around now with vodka shots. Are you aware of this?

Wendy Bronfein  03:41

I know you’re not like that, like the shaky lemonade guy and then he

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:46

passed away we lost mark a couple of years ago. Mark beautiful guy I found a picture you know shaky shaky lemonade guy. Mark I loved you. shaky shaky lemonade guy now would bring just lemonade in and miniatures and it’s so if you want a vodka and lemonade, it’s made in the shade as my dad would say it’s right there was nothing shady about the seats. So you offer me the state. Have you sat in the seats before Be honest with me Wendy? Yes, yes, I

Wendy Bronfein  04:14

have. Alright,


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:15

so Wendy brown find is the chief cannabis Officer here at WSD. The Chief Brand Officer curio wellness. So your family’s had these tickets? They’re unbelievable seats. I’m assuming you had them when the team stunk probably because you probably were into it for that.

Wendy Bronfein  04:27

Silly when? Yes. So when we moved from Memorial Stadium to Camden Yards we were so those seats are like third base side we were a little bit more centered to the dugout versus now we’re a little bit closer to the edge of the dugout and home plate. And we were not as we were probably like five to eight rows back. We were not as close yet. Realize

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:51

about me but I’ve been watching the real games lately, and the world’s most famous heckler is running for Senate like Robin Ficker. his ads are crazy. He’s he’s no Angela alsobrooks. Let me just tell you that but but his ads are crazy. But he’s been in the sports space all of my life like in the 80s. If when you watch the documentary, you’ll see that I covered Dr. J’s last game at the Capitol center. It’s sort of it’s in there. He sat at the Capitol center of every basketball game for 30 years, and heckled he sat behind the visiting bench. So when Charles Barkley would come in, and Philadelphia would heckle Joe, even if Well, Michael Jordan, he became friends with all of them. He would heckle them. He would hold up dead chickens and like signs. He had a whole like litany of props and stuff like Robin Ficker. Like, I hope nobody votes for him. And I say that every time his ad plays, but he was a heckler. Do you know how good your seats are? To put a person maybe like me, on a Thursday afternoon when it’s 100 degrees out sitting with nothing but Yankees fans? We’re in first place, and they’re not in first place. And I had time on my hands. So you offer me these tickets. I took Brian pool. I took Greg Landry who when you see my documentary, and you haven’t had time, because you got kids, you’re running the company doing awesome. When you see the documentary, Greg’s The reason it’s great. I’ll be honest with you. Greg was the executive producer and no one loves the Oreos more than Greg Greg did an hour with me this week on the making of the documentary talking about his background as a Red Sox fan as a kid and coming here 30 years ago and being he’s all Orioles. So I invited him he threw an Oreo party the night before opening day. He has an open house at Towson transfers and if you have any old VHS like old media, he digitizes that 1000 transfers, it’s what he does for a living. But he threw a Oriole party the night before where he caters in and it’s a holiday in his business the night before opening day. That’s how big an Oreo fan he is. So he was he’s been trapped in an editing suite for six weeks. I thought he hated me. I thought he wouldn’t like me enough to go to the game. But he went Chris piko I’m not going to bring up because he came in when and used his Birdland discounts up on the club level and didn’t get us any discounted beer, which I’m still upset with him. So he came down and I embarrassed him fully. Okay, because he’s a real Insider, and he’s doesn’t behave that way. He went to Mount St. Joe. So he’s better than the Dundalk guys. When he gave me the seat and I looked it up. And I knew I was on the on deck circle. And I knew Juan Soto was going to be there. And Juan Soto hit a homerun on Monday night and he was glaring at our pitcher the whole way around making a fool of himself. So he was gonna get his for me on Thursday I heckled at a level that I hope your father is proud of in having those seats behind the Yankee dugout, it’s taken 30 years for us to get this good. It’s taken 30 years for me to know you to sit in those seats. I got a standing applause from Yankees fans on how good I took care of them. So I just wanted you to know I had time at the ballpark. There was a dude from Puerto Rico in the section in Section 50. And he was heckling in Spanish, and but he was Yankee fan. So he was heckling. Adley rutschman He was heckling Gunnar Henderson. And when Rizzo struck out on the high fastball in the seventh inning, and he swung at it, and he didn’t come within 18 inches of the ball. He had to square up and look at me on 100 degree day and they’re getting their ass kicked. It was seven to one, and he’s walking back to the dugout, and I’m screaming at him. It was good at an ad he heard it. They all heard it. Juan Soto. Every time he came up, I yelled, I’m glaring at you. I’m glaring at you to the point where he struck out looking and he was glaring at me and he was glaring at me. And then Aaron judge gets up. Aaron judge is six foot eight. He’s gigantic. And there was a low pitch that got called a ball. I’m yelling at the umpire. He said Is he tall? That was a strike. So I anytime you want to give me tickets. Robin thicker. I think about taking pike again. I would definitely take Brian I would definitely take Greg. I would take you you know anybody wants to get anybody in the curio office that loves the Orioles. Thank you. It was a beautiful it was my first game as a fan. Because I’m still under review for media credential. We’ll get to that later. But I went as a fan in the Rubinstein era and something happened. That shows the magnanimous you offered me free tickets. They were very expensive seats. I’m very appreciative. But when I got there, and I had my bodies, there’s something that I gave Mr. Rubenstein that I haven’t given Mr. angelos, and so that’s my Visa card. So I actually I bought I bought a couple of I spent money in the stadium. It’s the first time since 2004 20 years I spent money in the stadium because you were kind enough this Get me there. And you know, when I gave the money to the beer vendor, I thought, this is helping the beer vendor, his family. And I and I thought to myself, this is helping Mr. Rubinstein afford Adley rutschman. So I can come back. So that’s the way I looked at it. So you gave me an experience curio wellness, you could not have picked for more. Well, at least three of us. I don’t know about pike. But we were very appreciative. And we had a beautiful day, even though I came home smelling like a sewer. I mean, like, it was so hot, I just sweat through my sweat through my sweat. But we had a, it was a memorable day. So thank you. That’s awesome. I’m

Wendy Bronfein  10:33


so happy to hear that you’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:34

very much want to begin to second with that. And we’ll sell some cannabis related products and talk about things. And I want to ask you about your swag because Ali Vaughn Parris, who I’ve gotten to know through town a little bit and her route one company, you you and your sister have both talked about sort of the experience when become the foreign daughter it being on the level of maybe a Sephora or high end sort of shopping experience, you have the best swag, and I wear it all the time. And I didn’t know you were in business with one ago, I looked at the Maryland stuff. And I’m thinking now it all adds up that you have this cool relationship.

Wendy Bronfein  11:09

Yes. So we work with them on a lot of like the custom merch, like the shirt I’m wearing. And then one of the things that’s great is that we can partner relative to selling stuff online. So this t shirt, there was like a bucket hat that’s a reversible with this Maryland friend. The Ravens, like the purple Friday shirt, we’ve talked about four there on this page, if you go on our website, where to shop, now you can actually choose merch, and we do everything through them. But they also do a lot of design work, which was what made it really exciting to work with them. Because they have sort of a fashion element, if you will, to like when you want to customize something. It’s not just like, oh, let me put my logo on it. There’s a lot of thoughtfulness to how

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:56

am I Baltimore here, right? Like literally right? And the oh, this fits up here. It’s amazing. The orals are no two, right? So they Oh, in the curio, that is your brand. How did you come up with that? Can I ask you that? Like the name? Yeah, the name and the Oh, and I know that story about your dad and the Crohn’s and the trying to solve gi things. But I don’t know how you came to Curie Oh, because I’ve heard that term in another way. And I’m thinking curious, okay, I get that. And curio, like, Oh, you’re gonna cure something. But I’m not sure that people line that up in the way that maybe I have over the course of five years of hearing your brand.


Wendy Bronfein  12:39

Yes. So it’s a little bit of a nerdy branding and marketing. I love it. But so we work with Planet agency who’s out of Baltimore City. And this was back in 2014 2015, when we started working on this, and we had talked about naming and they sent us this document that had like a lot of different themes of how like buckets, a name, a type of name could fit in, and one of the categories I’d ask them to do was it had to start with a hard consonant. And it also needed to be a word that didn’t really have anything to do with the category. But we could make mean something. So think of like this is pretty lofty, but think of like Google Starbucks Kleenex, right? Like those brands, and you know exactly what you’re talking about. And so they gave us all these names, and the group of us who are working together, looked at it and I said to everyone, okay, send me back your top five choices. And when I got the results, curio appeared on everyone’s list, and I said, Well, we all put carry on here. Can we agree that that’s the name? And they said yes. And that was the first decision we ever made. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:48

I guess it did have to do with you thinking like, we’re not just selling a plan to get people high end. And Reefer Madness is a joke about laugh about, but like, the medicinal side of this and where your family came from, because I tell this story as a personal pitch when people I, you know, I’m at the ballpark. And I’m like, Hey, curio gave us this. And Brian’s like, Oh, I’m a customer, you know, like, right right away. So yeah, you know, whatever, they know what you are, but they don’t know the story. And I think that’s one of the longer form things that I like to do here is tell that story of like, you’re such a new brand. It’s such a new industry, we went to last week, we’re talking about the government and banking and all of that it’s such a new thing, that having a name and, you know, I see all the cute little things off of green, and, you know, all of the inside for 20 kind of jokes and all of that. You want to end it in a totally different way that was much more on the medical side of it in a true idea of why we’ve made this legal in the state and how it can help people. Yeah,

Wendy Bronfein  14:51

well, I mean, a curio cabinet, you know, is it is a piece of furniture or an accessory where you would keep kind of treasured. I dams right? And so this cannabis product is a treasured item for people.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:04


I’ve known you I’ve never thought of curio is like the cabinet. That is a key. Yeah, it is.

Wendy Bronfein  15:09

And then, like,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:10

zero over zero. That’s up on the cupboard. Yeah. Then

Wendy Bronfein  15:16

the and then like you said, like curious curiosity, right? Because we know that this is this was new, it’s going to continue to be new. And, you know, we’re we’re focused on kind of creating innovative things. So we’re a very curious organization. So it just did fit the box, check the boxes for us. Yeah,


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:34

it just happens when it happens. It happens, right? That was a day, right. And then the O part of that, that it fits in, and

Wendy Bronfein  15:43

the O and the pedestal, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:45

O H. O Valentine. It’s another Oh, we got a lot of O’s going on.

Wendy Bronfein  15:51


So that’s, again, another nerdy part, the art director, who does a lot of things for our brand, when he showed us the concept. He was sort of inspired by the periodic table. And and sort of said, well, I’m putting the O on this pedestal, right, like having this line under it. And it was like his nod to that sort of science background, a Greek

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:14

letter to me or something. It looks like a letter in a different language kind of sort of right. Yeah, but I get the periodic table like I was gonna say it looks like the periodic table with curio wellness, they they try to keep us well, they have all sorts of products. Some THC based, some are not some like bombs and rubs. My wife’s been after the gel lately, because she hurt her shoulder over the weekend. She’s been off the yoga mat, trying to get herself a better let’s talk about new products, because I know we got spring happen. And you you mentioned some different things going on with shoes and your line and not everybody’s about vaping, smoking, lungs, pulmonologist, you know, all of that, but choose let’s let’s talk about some new things you’re doing right now.

Wendy Bronfein  16:58

Yeah, so we actually have two new shoes coming out. Right now. One is a fast acting chew. So it’s 10 milligrams, like our other traditional choose. And it comes in three different flavors, a berry flavor, a citrus flavor and a tropical flavor. But here we’re using what’s referred to as a micro emulsion technique that allows us to produce a chew that activates faster than when you eat a regular chew. So if there’s a need for you to have that onset come much more quickly. That this is the right choice for you. It is a the technology that we’re using has kind of clinical data behind it right. And people who took these products and had testing were validated to show the effectiveness in the uptake in their body. So it’s not just a marketing ploy, it actually a science that can have it happen. The effects happened much faster. About a five to 10 minute onset with back quickly.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:07

Really? Yeah. Because the one thing you would always say that anybody in the industry would say on the medical side before adult use was, it’s like gambling go low and slow, like, like, you know, take take your time with this, because it’s not going to happen right away. And you’ve been speaking that language for a long time. And I never thought like, are you going to have a product that activates quicker? And I always thought about things like you could, there were certain things you could put onto your tongue that would go into your bloodstream a lot. Yeah, quickly in regard to taking any sort of drug as opposed to something you’re literally going to swallow. And it needs to be completely run through your GI and in order to create whatever the effect that you’re trying to create would be even like baby droppers under your tongue when you’re trying to give an infant medicine. This this is it the outside of the shoe, or it’s literally the


Wendy Bronfein  19:04

way it’s made its way it’s produced. Yeah, but the Yeah, I mean, that’s look obviously anyone can for whatever reason you’re using cannabis if you just want the effects to be faster, you could have this but to your point about the like things being sublingual in your mouth. I mean, normally when someone use like say it’s a pain issue, right? And like we would we would call it like a rescue product like something has flared and you need to you need to tackle that fast. Prior to like this sort of type of product. It would be like smoking or vaping or using something sublingual, like a tincture or something else that would dissolve in your mouth because that would get that uptake would occur much more quickly. But with this too, you can get five to 10 minute activation, if that’s the format you prefer.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:52

Wow, that is now has that been? Is that industry Colorado other places doing it because I’d never Yeah, so just saying before five minutes ago, so

Wendy Bronfein  20:03

yeah, so there are there are other products on the market that speak to having a fast acting feature. I believe the way that we’re doing it, it may be the only one in this market that is clinically validated than it actually does that versus it just being kind of marketing language and not necessarily trialed improved.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:28


Is this a foreign data right now we’re coming soon

Wendy Bronfein  20:32

to dispensaries across the state this week or deliveries are happening this week.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:36

Okay, so this is literally and we’re going to ask for what product again what are we? What’s the brand on it?

Wendy Bronfein  20:41

It’s It’s It’s carrier wellness choose but they’re fast acting, but not short answer’s? No. You understood because it’s only 10 It’s 10 milligrams of THC per chew. The other two that came out this week is the move line that we’d love to talk about that job because I’m sure there’s that there’s a chew in that line that has medical potency and an adult use potency. So that’s a higher THC to lower CBD ratio for pain and inflammation. So if you’re looking to use a chew or gummy type product to address pain and inflammation, obviously the topicals are great. That’s a non psychoactive approach. But if you’re looking for a gummy this move to is going to be what you want to look what you want to take and the medical people are looking at a 20 thc to for CBD and the adult use people it’s half that dose 10 thc to CBD adult use cannot buy more than 10 milligrams total per piece.


Nestor J. Aparicio  21:47

I have a transdermal balm here. It’s 150 CBD 150 THC and his real problem I’m running out we’ve talked about this and here’s the real problem. I reached for the gel. You have a husband you understand what the spouse thing, it’s gone. So she has taken it from me so I don’t have it available. So I need to get into the store. So you got a foreign daughter you get a foreign You get a curio wellness you can learn about all these products. Wendy is there but she has a very very capable staff up on York Road just south of Timonium road stop by right across from Nautilus diner stop in and and learn and get educated about ways to use these products take pain away. I certainly had that problem. I went to New York after I use your your I sweat it out and I went to New York and my body hurts. So I need it’s why I’m out of it. I used a whole lot of it. Moving around springtimes about movement, that feeling better. And our friend security, wellness and Ford data are there to educate you, as well as support things like CFG bank read, so you know this heart cheap trick thing, or do you ever show me you’re going to like Oh, sure. Do you have a thing you have? You want a Pearl Jam? Because so many great shows come?

Wendy Bronfein  22:56

Yeah, I don’t think I’m going for. I mean, I would I would go to heart but I don’t have a babysitter. So I’m going to Timberlake. I’m going to I’m going to Pearl Jam. Nice. TBD going to Janet. I saw her last year and I love her. But I also felt like she did a lot of like, you guys sing it. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:21

Yeah. I mean, she’s still cheering it to me. I mean, yes.

Wendy Bronfein  23:25


I mean, she still is like, over 50 posts baby dancing like a machine. It was I mean, she’s what I want to be when I grew up, but I got all

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:35

for tickets last minute and Billy Delk hit me at six o’clock. He’s like, I got it. So I hit my I hit the internet, my buddy Kenny, my Verizon buddy who keeps my my phones in order here along with my wife’s company. He came down and join me and he’s a little younger, mainly. So I thought he was and we’re like dancing and be fools. And the mayor was sitting behind us watching me get my bad cell phone. I was having a good time. And you know what, but Kenny kept looking at her and calling her his little penny. And I thought from good times. And I’m thinking he said that’s my penny. That’s my penny. And I’m like she said the five years old. She’s taken her name’s Janet. Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty. Yeah, it is what I said. So I love Janet Jackson. So you can’t go wrong dancin. She she could do no wrong for me. She can lipstick the phone book for me. escapade, you know, I miss you much. I’m good. You know, so. I love music. You know, that’s it’s my time of the year. You know, I’ve gotten to see the Black Crowes couple times last couple of weeks going to see heart and cheap trick at the kindness of our friends at curio wellness and foreign daughter and hey, I really appreciate you sending me the ball game don’t feel like you need to send me again send somebody else because they’re it’s those seats are spared. It’s a special occasion when you go to Norio game and your seats really it’s, it’s, it was it was awesome. And I can’t believe you sent me when the Yankees were there because I can’t I couldn’t behave like that. it I wouldn’t heckle the poor Chicago White Sox they stink and I will be making fun of me. Like this was very, it was like Yankee Stadium. It was 80% Yankees fans, and they were more amused by my heckling than the Orioles fans were, because they’re Yankees fans and they’re used to that sort of thing. But there was an action and a vibrance to being down there at that kind of a game with the Yankees in the Oreos where the teams are irrelevant. It was 100 degrees. It was I won’t say playoff atmosphere but just short of that it was really a lot of fun. So I’m very very grateful you made a memory spot Yeah.

Wendy Bronfein  25:37

Well, you’re very welcome. I’m glad no I was there a couple of weekends ago and it is it’s energy does feel like the old days and I went with my cousin my son and her two kids and I had this like kind of like, special moment when I looked over at them and I thought well, I grew up going to Memorial Stadium with her husband my cousin and his brother and then like looking at these guys and like oh my god this is like now we’re the adults with the little ones here. I got

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:04

ahead you get in the white panel proper 1983 hat or Orthology quickly correct. I want to see what kind of hat you’re giving this kid because he has to get used to the city connect and all that don’t know that crap. He has


Wendy Bronfein  26:19

the solid black white front orange bill but with the bird like the classic bird, not a real bird. The cartoon bird, cartoon bird. Yeah, white panel,

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:27

cartoon bird if it’s good enough for Rick Dempsey is good enough to win a championship in 83 that I got into Luke and I spent a half an hour talking about like, you think I’m crazy with Ali Van Paris and your your stuff. I mean, I did a half an hour on the city connect jerseys be stinking them. I don’t need to see them anymore. I have a proper orange. Aparicio. Louie didn’t wear this Louis played in the 60s. This is this is the late 70s Orange model with the Oriole script on the front and it’s got an Aparicio. 11 on the back. I hope it smells better than it did when I got back from that Yankees game and let’s next time order maybe 75 and Sony not 98 Sony but and I will tell you this they come back to town later in the year and there’s big games if if you want to go get the kids said don’t bring the kids because I’m going to I don’t want blue I mean but but um I was not pleasant for the Yankees they they don’t want to see me behind the dugout when they come back to town I’m telling you they don’t just trust me their seats were well used trust me nice All right, nice nice when he brought funds and I’m wanting to know when your seats by the way do we want to so it’s also important because you don’t get the tickets people when you lose that’s another that’s I learned that with the Ravens when I my tickets when he brought find is the Chief Brand Officer for all things Curia wellness, and for daughter if I were to say give the elevator speech, what what is Jurriaan foreign daughter and what what do you want to be known as?

Wendy Bronfein  27:51

So curio make some of the best cannabis products in the state of Maryland. And we do it with a lot of love a lot of science, and we’re constantly innovating so that whatever you’re looking to tackle or however you want to feel we have something specifically for that in a variety of forms Farhan daughters the place to buy them in Baltimore County and in Cecil County in Elkton, Maryland.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:17


All right, new tasty. Choose where your fruit punch, love

Wendy Bronfein  28:21

was that tropical citrus and berry are the three fast acting. The move is

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:29

tropical any tropical. Probably about eight and a half minutes before Rick Nielsen graced the stage with a great Robin Zander and says, I want you to want me and now I’m going to be wearing my cheap trick belt buckle and we’re gonna be getting our best selves off having a good time that CFG Bank Arena, my friends, Acurio wellness can be found at curio, Read, learn adult use. We talk about this all the time we talk about not driving and operating machinery and doing anything stupid, please keep us on the up and up for everybody when we’re trying to educate folks out there and we appreciate their sponsorship and their support of what we’re doing in this educational way as well as the 25th anniversary documentary, and at some point when you’ll get around to watching it and so will you go head out it’s on the front of Baltimore It does not come with this delicious cupcake but but it does come with a happy ending at least so far. I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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