Tickets for life and a great life to live

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The Maryland Lottery and the Baltimore Ravens team up every year to give away season tickets for 20 years to one lucky second chance winner. This year, the big winner has quite a story to tell about redemption and helping other folks with addiction. Let T.J. Humphries of White Marsh tell about his journey to recovery and his role in counseling others in need.


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Doug Lloyd, Nestor J. Aparicio, T.J. Humphries

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

We are W NSGA and 5070 tastic Baltimore and Baltimore positive. Lucas and I are positively probably underneath palm tree right now sipping on a beverage and watching Oriole baseball also the NFL owners meetings, follow our work at data Baltimore positive in Sarasota throughout Florida all week long. And on our social media, all of those places. I’m wearing my Costas shirt, because I’m getting back going old school. We have the Maryland crab cake tour in the road again, took a little hiatus after we did all the charity work we did back in February. We did a week’s worth a marathon guy, my age needs a little breather. We’re gonna be back after it at drug city. I want to get all the dates right now, April 9 from 11 to be given away. There’s a word that I might have some PacMan scratch. Yeah, maybe Doug will be telling me about that a minute 10 times the cash will be given those away at cost is we’re also going to be at fadeless each and every Friday that there is an oral hung game. We’re excited about the oral season excited about new management. And that will begin on April the 12th. Luke will be joining us also putting a Coco’s date together in April in a couple of surprise visits. This is um this is always fun. Last couple of years I’ve been involved with the lottery but you know, I’ve been seeing people throw passes from up in my seats and 513 for 30 years, well not 30 years because a lottery wasn’t always involved with the Ravens with 20 years or so. And I don’t have any I came all the way I was I was looking around for like an old ravens scratch off, but I cave tons and tons of ravens scratch off So way back in September, October, November, Hollywood casino at all our crabcake locations. And lo and behold, Doug Boyd has on Earth, the grand prize winner and the best part is this guy’s like a rabid fan Dog Break. Everybody’s break this down for folks because a lot of people see the Ravens tickets, I give them out they went five bucks. They went 20 bucks. I had $100 Winner back in September over Coco’s on Raven scratch off, but the big banana is like tickets for life and it’s affinity packages and we had a group of folks that with a Jacksonville and and Ro Quan Smith gave them cheesecake. So I don’t know where you’re gonna get this kind of hang duck.


Doug Lloyd  02:08

And, you know, you brought up the big banana my favorite prices, right? So um, so, you know, extra points there. If you are seeing those scratch off tickets, still some big prizes out there. But like you said, our second chance prize is really one of the things that captures the imagination of all of the lottery players out there. Everybody wants to win cash. In fact, that is one of our highest entry categories when it comes to second chance. But second to that is the experiences that you can get and there’s so many different ones with this scratch off ticket. Like you said, flying on the team plane. Yeah, Ro Quan dishing out ice cream after the game. That is pretty cool. We get to come out and load the buses and I think some of the fans thought we were players. So we got that nice standing ovation right there before the game and like

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:54

a player, Doug. No, no, I yeah, I used to look like Matt Stover. But I look like matched over now still, we’ve except for my hair. But yeah, I we were past the point. We look like players. I think mopping

Doug Lloyd  03:06

the locker room that specialist is you know that that’s what they were applauding for. And, you know, some some great things like going down on the field, Pat, I’m making the pass for cash has happened. Thomas Humphries is sitting here with us. He’s he goes by TJ he is one of our six finalists that graduated to the final round had a chance to win season tickets for 20 years. And just to give you a picture 824,000 entries in this category. What

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:32


I was gonna say I teach I want to bring you in First things first, Doug always tells me this is the most of all the things that I do lottery year round, and Lord knows I’m a Ravens guy. I’ve written two books on ravens, right? He tells me the Ravens thing and the tickets is the biggest thing. So this is Doug is this maybe the hardest thing, but when of all the things there is to win, given how many entries there are?

Doug Lloyd  03:53

Well, like I said, cached tends to lead the pack people. And, and you know, I think some people actually look at this category. And they say, you know, it’s not really likely that I’m going to be picked as the finalist. But the great thing about this category is even just being a finalist, you win $10,000. So each of our six finalists 110 $1,000 for being picked. And they also had a chance to win the season tickets for 20 years. In Thomas’s drawing, so there were six, six individual drawings or sorry, five individual drawings that picked our finalists. And in his there were 184,000 entries. So of that entire, you know, 800,000 Total entries. You know, he only had to beat out just over 100,000 people that I say that like that’s something easy

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:39

to do here. He was jumping up and down. I want to bring him in. TJ Humphries is here. He’s going to every Raven game for the next 20 years. And the best part is you look young enough that you’re gonna make it. I mean, I’m 55 I’m like, by at 20 years, I’d be like, Yeah, you know, maybe but I did 26 years versus 26 years. PSL. You’re gonna You’re gonna love it, man. I mean, congratulations. I saw you Don’t for joy. But first things first. I mean, you do some great work out there, and I’ll get that going, but has this sunk in that you’re going every ravens game?

T.J. Humphries  05:08

Not yet. Like, I know it’s happening, but I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet. I think it’ll probably sink in when I go to that first game. You know, that’s probably when it’s really gonna sink in.


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:21

Have you been to ravens games before? Oh, yeah, yeah, I


actually went games out in Memorial Stadium when they first opened, you know, and I’ve been to quite a few games. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus though, just like circumstances. So, but a huge Ravens fan. So I’m just so excited to go.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:38

Well, you know, you said Memorial Stadium. Doug, you know, I’m doing this 25th anniversary documentary. And I’ve gone and found all my pictures at Memorial Stadium for when I was a kid, like all of that, and just why I love sports and why I built this crazy, Baltimore positive platform. The Maryland lottery sends me out eat crab cakes and all that stuff. You know, I don’t know what my favorite memory is. But it probably involves Memorial State. What what’s your favorite ravens memory because if you go back to Memorial Stadium, man, you must like my wife’s favorite memory is when we read the snow game. Like she was at two Super Bowls like all of that stuff. But like the day we went out there and it snowed sideways. That was the most fun she ever had it a Ravens game. What’s your number one?



So I mean, be a Ravens fan in general, there’s so many to try to like nail down like I remember watching that you know on TV, of course the Hey Diddle Diddle Ray Rice up the middle. You know, we’re when Ray Lewis stopped the Chargers at the goal line and, and he just crushed rolls, you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:36

you say these memories, and I remember exactly where I was, you know, I was in San Diego for both of those games and there, but like, everybody remembers where they were when these plays happen. Now you’re gonna be there for all of them. You don’t have to know that. There’s no more worry. You’ll you’ll be there for


right? Yes, yes, I will be there. So first

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:56

things first in toggle. I always sucked dug into this because dogs the poor guy at the lottery wants to call everybody and say you won. And then they hang up on him. They think it’s a prank. Like, it’s, it’s part of our relationship. TJ you admitted because I watched the film, you know, at an Owings Mills, you admitted that you didn’t believe it? So where are you? When you find out you want to get the Ravens that you want? 10 grand right off the bat, right? So anybody out there knows today if somebody called and said, Oh, God from the lottery, you just won 10 grand you you might not think it’s real, right? So



it was actually I got an email. It was from an email. And I know it’s a scam then right? I was in my kids. And then I opened it. And I said, this has got to be a job. This is spam. This is definitely spam. I thought it was gonna be like, you know, send this prince a million dollars and we’ll give you like, you know, but I closed the email. And I opened it again. And I’m like, there might be something to this. So I closed it again. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:56

knew you played right. You knew you. Yeah, sorry.


What I want to do what is going on the website, the lottery website, and I checked and I was like, Oh my gosh, this is legit.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:08


See people really do go to MD When I tell my wife goes, she’s trying to crush his Mega Millions in his jackpots right now and Powerball going crazy. So TJ Humphries is our guest. He is the big winner. The big banana as I say sort of both showcase showdowns, right like you win the first one, you get the 10 Grand and then you’re like they show you up a couple of months later and I’m talking about your tour with Owings Mills. I saw you spent the day with Jamie sharper. I’ve know Jamie since the day he was drafted. I remember Marvin being out knowing smells and writing work trying to get Jamie sharper in the draft and he wound up getting them in all these years later. Super Bowl champion and a really super good guy to come out towards you guys around a little bit.


Oh, that was amazing. Just go into the castle for one seeing the Super Bowl trophies just going through and then Jamie sharper. I mean, I remember you know, he’s the og 55. He’s easy. He’s the 55 before Terrell sucks. So, you know it was really really cool. And my daughter I had with me and I’m like, this is a Super Bowl champion, honey, you know, and my daughter loved the experience. She got to run on the practice field. You know, your daughter horse will be five in August so oh

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:18

my god, so she’s gonna go to football games. Maybe sooner than later. Yeah, I was four. I was four when my dad took me to my first game was a Jets I saw Joe Nemeth play against Marty Dahmer as you know United said just left they were no good 7374 But I remembered those I’m when I see Stan white. I think of those memories. And I think about being a little boy and like Lenny more signing autographs for me more stadium back in the early 70s. I was like seven eight years old. What’s the plan? Are you gonna take a right away or preseason games?


Preseason? I’ve taken an Orioles games and she’s a champ. She loves the Orioles. So she’s been the Orioles game. Never ravens game. I know they can be a little rowdy sometimes. So I’m going to take her to a preseason game and kind of go from there. And as she gets older, you know, I’m definitely going to take her because growing up, I went to sports games, and that’s a fond memory I have my childhood is, you know, go into Memorial Stadium Camden Yards when they opened, you know, given all the sporting events, I could, so I think it’s gonna be a great memory for my daughter to have.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:24

Doug Lloyd is here. TJ Humphries is here he is the big winner from the Ravens contest. He has tickets for life. Of course, in the Maryland lottery, the poor guy and thought does this all day call and people don’t Don’t you love when somebody wins, and they start giving me 30 years of giving me ravens history, which, you know, TJ, you and I get together anytime and just sit here and talk about this. Because like, I mean, everything everyone in your memories is something in sort of my catalog and talk, it always doesn’t work this way. Right. And everybody wants to win these, the people on stage were disappointed even though they won 10 grand, I hope he gave some sort of parting gift. I hope Jamie gave a hug and took a picture or something, right? Everybody

Doug Lloyd  10:59

wants to win, I want everybody to win. You know, and I even know these finalists, there’s only gonna be one one person that leaves there, you know, absolutely beaming, we tried to make sure that everybody had a really good experience. That’s why, you know, the ravens are such great partners to work with, and, you know, put together this great tour at the castle. And all these great experiences having Jamie sharper, they’re all part of that, you know, take the relationship and then extend it. That’s something that they do on a regular basis. And it’s kind of a reflexive thing. You know, and then TJ and I, you know, I talked to every one of these finalists, and every one of them had a certain passion for the Ravens that I just thought it’d be nice to be able to give them 20 years of lift to that that passion that they already have. TJ just happened to be the lucky person. Each person did walk away of course, having that initial initial $10,000 prize, we did have a series of ravens scratch off tickets for each of those participants to so I already got a couple of rings a couple of people ring back in say one $20 $14 $50 So it’s nice to even be on the experience find out that you know, you were able to put up put a little bit of winning in somebody’s pocket as they went. TJ

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:16

at least didn’t put that pressure on you had to throw the football I mean I always feel terrible. You’re gonna see that for the next 20 years you know, you gotta be out there third quarter like hey, man, I’ll take the free seats man I don’t want to throw the football especially into the wind for you and I want to give you a little bit of oxygen the mayor louder sent me out last month long with wind donation and and our sponsors here Jiffy Lube, I do this crazy crabcake toward I didn’t think I’ll crab cake or we call it a couple of Super Bowl. We raised awareness and really food for the Maryland food bank. And alone that way I had 78 conversations with folks really like in a similar space of doing good deeds in the community. You’re not just a Maryland lottery winner. You’re not just a dude that lives five miles from my radio station up here in Northeast Baltimore County but harm reduction counselor. So when I see this first time it says you live in Nottingham, I lived in Nottingham for you nobody lives in Nottingham, you’re like in Perry Hall. You’re Whitemarsh nobody calls it Nottingham even though it’s do 1236 You know, right around the corner here and Whitemarsh tell folks what you do and why you do it. Because I think it’s a really important platform. You’re exactly the kind of guy would have had that last month.



So I actually where I live in not we’re Perry Hall. I don’t call it Nottingham, anybody. But I work out here in Harford County, which is pretty cool. I get to give back because I grew up in Edgewood in Harford County. So I get to give back to a community which, you know, I ravaged you know, I have my own history of substance use issues. And I got cleaned a little over seven years ago. And so what I do now is I’m peer recovery specialist in a young man,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:55

he’s 39 years of age, right? Yeah. So you got help at 32? Yes. How long were you struggling? This some started 20 years,


20 years on and off. I mean, 20 years. And, you know, once once I kind of got my life back together, one thing turned to another and I wound up here at Voices of hope. And their mission and vision fits exactly what I want to do. And it allows me to be like the voice I didn’t have when I was out there. So we go out and we do outreach and we meet people right where they are, we’ll go to these encampments. And, you know and meet people where they are we do treatment coordination, you know, to get people into treatment, we help with transportation, we help with recovery resources. You know, we’re big in the community and we really want to help people. And you know, that’s, I love what I do. I have a passion for it. And it’s because I’ve been in those places where these people are and when when you’re at that bottom, that low point, you know, you feel that nobody hears you. Nobody understands you, nobody see issue. So we just try to let them know recovery is possible. And, you know, and we give them all the resources, and we try to knock down all the barriers that they may face, you know, in their journey to treatment, you know, in their journey to recovery,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:16

what got you clean seven years ago? What was your life episode that that healed you, and clearly, seven years later trying to help other people.



So, I had many failed attempts at recovery. So it wasn’t like an overnight thing I had, I just hit this, this low, this physical, spiritual, mental low were the misery of living day to day and doing what I had to do to make myself even function was worse than death. I hit this bottom that it’s hard to put into words, and, and I knew I had a couple of resources out there. And I finally, you know, went into it with an open mind knowing that I can’t, I can’t go on like this anymore. And, you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:08

and you meet people like that every day. Oh,


100%. I mean, I’m big in the recovery community. And that’s huge for me, because the recovery community has helped me through so many trials and tribulations within my recovery even. Because just because, you know, you put the drugs down, life doesn’t stop, like shows up. And, you know, you got to learn coping mechanisms, how to cope with life and problems without using when that was your first instinct for 20 years, it’s hard to Unbreak that chain, you know, so and

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:39


that’s what I think it’s the root of addiction, literally.


Yeah, the opposite of addiction is connection, you know, so we’d like to connect people and I think even with these tickets, man, it’s gonna give me the opportunity to, to bless some people early in recovery to show them, you know, hey, come to a game with me. Let me show you, you can have fun in recovery, you can have fun without the use of alcohol or drugs. Let’s let’s go to a game. So that’s another opportunity. That is when gives me hope.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:08

Well, I’ll give you one more opportunity to cup of Super Bowl every year, where I feature that I want you to come back on Super week next year. And tell me how the season went. Show me pictures of your daughter going and see out of that schedule is not out yet. I hope they play somebody decent in the preseason for you, at least you could see nice color uniforms or something. But I remember what it’s like being four or five years old go on a football game. So you know, we’re all blessed. The rain, the ravens are here. I mean, you sound almost old enough. Not quite because you already have but you remember, there were no ravens for a minute and your life early in your life. So, you know, at least we have that and Hey, keep up the great work. You’re up in Harford County. tell folks how they can get in touch with you or in touch with your senator because I want to give people a leg up there’s always somebody out there. Both my parents were you know, addicted and so I I grew up Dundalk. You know, I, I know the drill, solid, you know, bought the t shirt, quite frankly. But there’s always somebody else that needs help every day. I see people in wonder, you know, is that person struggling? And where would they turn if they they needed help?


So you can visit us online. It’s voices of hope. And one thing is really cool, which I left out is we actually distribute Narcan. We give Narcan out in the community. We do Narcan trainings. So if you ever need a Narcan training, we’ll send some tears out to you and do that training. You know, we’ve done businesses and other recovery places. We that’s something that we offer, and we’ll give you free Narcan. You know, when I was

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:41

Emily Keller’s a good friend of mine, the former mayor of Hagerstown, who got everyone I bring up Emily’s name in your community. She’s a superstar, a great friend, and she’s down in Annapolis working for West now and trying to do good things anytime it gets brought up, you know, name came up every day, that week, because there’s a lot of people you know, on the other side of this, they lose relatives, and they start funds and, and try to create awareness. We’re trying to keep everybody alive. And the first step is finding somebody like TJ Humphries, who if you want to find him on Sundays in it’s gonna have that not be between one and four, you have to get him in the morning or at him after the game. He will be sober after the game, he might be one of the few folks and so TJ, thank you for coming on it. Congratulations for winning, dawg, I appreciate you as always setting these awesome cool stories up, we find out I get to talk about this stuff. And you know, I give tickets out and people win and people second chance my wife’s using the MD lottery in the app and all that stuff. But it’s it’s sort of like when I was a kid on MTV dog. They used to say people really win and it’s like people really win. So, TJ, come back visit with us next year and keep up the great work and we’ll talk more about your work. Okay. And

Doug Lloyd  19:52

and this is something we’ve been doing for about 15 years now. So, so, Thomas, TJ is part of our 15 Year of Giving away season tickets for 20 years, he talks about his daughter he may have some baby sitters there in the row. Some lucky lottery winners that want to look after her during the preseason, maybe tell her some of the ins and outs of the 20 years that they’ve been able to experience. And we’re already hard at work at planning the next series of ravens promotions. So we’re looking forward to seasons in the future. Lots of great Second Chance stuff happening now. If you’ve got multiplier, scratch off tickets, look out for that. New to the stage is our Pac Man. Second Chance chances to win $2,500 prizes are at the end a pixel bash Pac Man arcade unit. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:40

hold on with this man because i Nobody clued me in on the Pac Man thing. Like I mean, I knew about homerun riches and the Grand Slam and but what this Pac Man thing. I just saw it on my emails. What’s a Pac Man thing?

Doug Lloyd  20:54


So what’s our new $2 scratch off tickets? It’s what we call licensed products.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:57

I promote the Maryland lottery don’t we? I talked to Raj. I mean, I and I bet to go to Sarasota when I get back opening day. I need some Pac Man. Oh man.

Doug Lloyd  21:07

Yeah. And it’s got all the fun graphics. Basically it’s a it’s a it’s a Pac Man trying to make its way to the end of the row. There’s a prize at the end of it. If you get

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:15

a little cherry chase the banana get orange each. I played PAC Miss Pac Man, Pac Man, I played Miss Pac Man. At the at the TODO journey concert in the vault at the CFG Bank Arena. I got invited they had a Pac Man Machine. And boy, and I’ll tell you, Doug, I think both of you are younger than me because I’m like an old fart. I’m 55. So I mean, I remember I was I was 12 years old when Pac Man happened and we had never seen any Pac Man was I mean, it’s listen it’s gambling addiction month and I don’t you know, I want to tell everybody wanted 100 gambler. Do all that. When I was 12 I had a Pac Man problem. I mean, I love Pac Man. I really did. We and but you would always get that joystick especially Pac Man, Miss Pac Man, I call Pac Man to where the joystick would get you eaten because the joystick wasn’t. And this I had a sticky stick. And I got eaten. And I got to the second board though. I got to see the little song where they sing. Do they do that? Batman I’m just telling you what I know about Batman. I’ve wasted a lot of 1980 and 8182 on Pac Man. No, yeah, I


Doug Lloyd  22:25

busted a lot of quarters to and I you know, I had the the Atari at home. So I had a version of couldn’t even win

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:31

anything. It’s not like a lot or you you couldn’t even get like a free slice of pizza if you got to the fourth quarter board or something, you know,

Doug Lloyd  22:38

right? Right. But you know, now if you if you suckers, extended play here with our scratch off ticket, you’ve got your own arcade machine to stand up Pixal bash arcade machine pretty cool to look at. And, you know, there’s really only going to be one of those prizes. So, you know, get your second chance. Tickets in there. They’re, you know, the worthless unless you’re using them in our rewards club. You know, and while you’re trying to get there, you’ve got a chance to win up to $10,000 on the scratch off ticket. So that’s, that’s what’s happening with that one. homerun riches. We’re excited for baseball. I know you’re going to spring training. Oh, hold on. Oh, oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:16


I got this out. Because TJ said the majors. I’m a big Oreo fan. Camden Yards opening day. We’re excited. My daughter loves the Orioles. And I’m like, Come on, man. I mean, come on, who’s more ready for 102 wins and some playoff action than me so yeah, I got this is old school too. This isn’t even like, this is like polyester. It’s gonna not breed it’s gonna be terrible, but I’m gonna love it.

Doug Lloyd  23:38

Well, we’ve definitely got the fever over here at the Maryland lottery. Last year, we had a lot of fun with our 50th anniversary and then getting the the Royals promotion worked into that giving away some big prizes. This year, the big

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:49

ticket weekend win the World Series or no, they don’t have that. Again,

Doug Lloyd  23:52

it would be nice ride. It takes a lot of planning on our side to kind of make those things happen. But we wanted to plan a promotion that would actually work with the season. No matter how it goes, we know that we’re going to get some power hitters there. And so homerun riches is back again, with our fast play game. It’s got the progressive jackpot for a chance to win every time you purchase the ticket, and then your non winning tickets. And your winning tickets for that matter can be used in the rewards club that will give you a chance to be picked as a contestant of the game all season long. So we’re going to have several drawings for the upcoming games. If you’re picked, you have a chance to win $500 For every homerun hit, you’ll also get $500 just for being selected. And the new twist this year is grand slams. We had I believe six grand slams last year by the way


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:40

I hit Martin honestly they moved the fences out they moved the fences out today. That’s you know for me most offenses back into you’re gonna give money away they’ll talk

Doug Lloyd  24:50

we know we know that we’re I mean it the sheer number of opportunities where we had people loaded on base plus some beginners coming to the plate Every

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:00

time a Grand Slam chance falls on the warning track. I’m blaming Elias,

Doug Lloyd  25:07


you’re not gonna blame the lottery at least. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:09

mean, you know, it’s money wasted. That’s all I can say, granted, you know who’s gonna feel worse the guy hit the ball.

Doug Lloyd  25:17

Well, you know, if if one of those does go over the fence for a Grand Slam, you’re gonna be feeling pretty good if you are a contestant of the game that is gonna count for $5,000 So so this contest is really ratcheted up quite a bit. If you are an Orioles fan, or just a fan of our home run riches promotion, you want to check that out MD We have the schedule up there, your first drawing is going to be March 26. So deadline get your tickets in March 25. And you’ll be very happy if those those baseballs go out for a grand slam.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:49

We did everything in this segment except get a palm tree and need a proper crabcake and we’re gonna meet everybody at cost this at my cost this thing on April 9, it is actually so I’ve gotten really clever since like this Oreo rejuvenation has happened and we have like fresh management and like all of that. There’s an Oreo game in Boston opening their season 210 On the ninth of April, and we’re going to do the Maryland crab cake tour just coincidentally from 11 till about 208 that day so I can wrap things up we watch Morial baseball, so something magic will be happening as I as I break out my magic, and I’ll have a handful of these 10 times the cache because it’s what I have. It’s an R Next, but I’m gonna get some some I need to Pac Man so I got to talk to what’s Roz about that to stay away from sticky joysticks on the missus, Pac Man because it’ll get you eaten before you get to the third board and you you won’t get the free slice of pizza. The mayor of the lottery puts us out on the road it is the Maryland crabcake tour also brought to you by our friends at winter nation in conjunction with Jiffy Lube and our newest sponsor Liberty pure water solutions keep my water clean making it happen getting this on the road will be a fade these each and every Friday. TJ is going to be at every every football game and I really love giving some oxygen as helps people out out there who need a little bit of help and if you need help and this is it’s gambling addiction month we need to let everybody know the whole month I do a lot with casinos we’ve done a lot with online got somebody in your life that has a problem or if you have a problem one 800 gambler get some help. John and I talked about last week. Somebody’s there right right now to help you out. And and it’s March Madness for crying out loud Don’t be doing crazy things here. Breathe into good air springtimes here get yourself some help. All right. I am Nestor we are who you know I’m getting myself some help get some some baseball help some sunshine, not my sandals out. Follow Luke and I as we journey to Sarasota in gonna rip up Fort Myers and me and MI See See you soon so well. And then it’s opening day next week. Stay with your Baltimore We never stop talking Baltimore positive and good stuff around here.

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