A fun Orioles Winter Meetings game…


As I was here reading and writing some blog stuff for the website, it occurred to me that most Baltimore sports fans aren’t even following the drama of the MLB Winter Meetings.

No one here seems too concerned with who gets dealt, who gets signed or who goes where.

It occurred to me that the Orioles PLAYERS definitely care more than any of us.

And then it hit me: Which Oriole player wants to be dealt the worst?

Which guy will wake up next week and be ANGRY that Andy McPhail didn’t trade him somewhere else?

The list is so long and there are so many reasons, so many guys who would BEG to get outta this organization.

Would ANY of the guys currently on the team be truly UPSET if they were traded outta here?

I don’t think so…

But I figured that the WNST.net readers could post some decent material in the comments section below.

Pick a player — ANY player — and I guarantee you that if the phone rang this afternoon and it was McPhail saying, "You’ve been traded," that their heart wouldn’t skip a beat and DEEP DOWN they wouldn’t say: "THANK GOD!"

Free at last, free at last…

At least Aubrey Huff is on the record with his feelings about Baltimore.

We know he hates it here. But so does Brian Roberts, Erik Bedard, Jay Payton, etc…

And it’s not just because our "nightlife" leaves a little to be desired.

It’s become a really rotten place to be a Major League Baseball player.

And that’s the biggest crime of all. Because it used to be GREAT to be an Oriole in Baltimore.