A Special 10th Anniversary ‘Thanks’ to all…

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I heard it said again and again on Friday night at our 10th Anniversary Party:
“This museum is GREAT!”

Sure, more than 800 of us got together and had a blast at the Sports Legends Museum in honor of our 10th Anniversary at WNST. But I think the real winners were the folks who came and connected with the history of local sports in this amazing venue for the first time along with toasting the genesis of what is a bright future at WNST.net.

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I sincerely appreciate all of the people who contributed mightily to the celebration. Our staff was 100% participatory and the many listeners, bloggers, readers, fans, hosts, celebs and the sponsors and business that support our company were all out in full force.

I don’t even want to begin to drop names because I’m afraid I’d leave someone out.

Feel free to start your own thread below with “name dropping” and I’ll get back to editing the videos from the evening and get them on the site as soon as possible.

A special thanks to Mike Gibbons and everyone from his staff at Sports Legends. They were just an awesome group to work with they haven’t heard the last of us wanting to do events in their facility. It’s just the perfect “home” for any event that wants to have Baltimore sports as a backdrop.

Can you say “revive the Nice Guys Awards?” Trust me, I’m tempted. What a great venue!

Also, a thanks to Zach’s hot dogs, Kibby’s, Dangerous Pies and our friends at the King of Beers, Budweiser, for sponsoring the evening and giving us good food to eat. Santoni’s came through with a very tasty cake.

So many members of our staff went above and beyond to make the event the memory that it will be for all of us at WNST for a long time. But our trusted sidekick Emily Agueda is really the one who pulled it all together. And I don’t even think she wound up drinking one beer or eating one sliver of pie.

But thanks again to all for a special evening of fun and memories. It wouldn’t have meant anything without all of you coming down and sharing you stories and passion for Baltimore sports and for WNST.


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