Adam Jones advice to Orioles fans: “Knock the s**t outta Yankees fans at Oriole Park”

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Orange diarrhea of the mouth is apparently running rampant in Sarasota as Orioles outfielder Adam Jones has now served up a spicy “raw” video in an exclusive interview with The Baltimore Sun that should make any fan really think about the mindset of the modern-day athlete.

Here are his words and “advice to Orioles fans in Baltimore” verbatim:

“It’s annoying hearing ‘Let’s Go Yankees.’ (at Camden Yards in Baltimore). All our fans do is (mockingly and politely) ‘Boooooooooo…’ We should knock the s**t of of them! If you’re against them, then knock the s**t out of them! And if it’s really that important to you that you want them to leave, then knock the s**t out of them! Then at the same time it comes to our part again, if we beat the hell out of them on the field more of our fans would come.

“I’ve seen a lot of people, in Baltimore, don Orioles gear, wait like normal Orioles fans after the game, try to get Orioles autographs. But as soon as Yankees and Red Sox come in, they put on Yankees and Red Sox gear. I have seen that with my own two eyes. One thing about me, I don’t forget faces. I might not remember your name but I sure as hell won’t forget your face. But I might forget your name. But I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it…too much.”

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He then tells the story of a fan that he told in Sarasota last week: “I ain’t ever signing s**t for you again!” after the alleged Orioles fan showed up in a Yankees hat.

So, no wonder Chick-fil-A isn’t offering the Kid Club anymore!

“Hey, little Johnny, here’s some good sportsmanship! Since our team on the field can’t beat the Yankees go over to little Jenny with the Yankees cap and knock the s**t outta her!”

Great…just great!

I gotta admit that when I saw the video I cringed. For him. For anyone in The Warehouse with a brain cell. For anyone who has ever really sat at Camden Yards amidst Yankees fans and been outnumbered 20-to-1.

Look, I want to like the team. I want to respect these players. I know there’s a faction of idiots out there who are “loyal like a real fan” who think I’m never allowed to root for the Orioles again because I’ve objected to their two decades of embarrassing, boorish behavior and bullying.

That I should spout the company/Tom Davis/Jim Hunter/Greg Bader line and be “a real fan.”

To that, I say, “Bollocks!”

I’ve ALWAYS been a REAL Orioles fan but I’m also a civic-minded business owner who realizes the real value of the Orioles lies in what it does for our city. And lately, that ain’t been much.

And it’s my job as a journalist and Baltimore-lover and resident to point out the lies, deceit and 14 years of losing and to hold Peter G. Angelos and all of his well-paid servants accountable for this civic train wreck since 1998.

But you can’t cover up the lies. And, apparently, you can’t stop athletes and their kind from saying truly ignorant things

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