American Idol…who won?

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So like many of you (I’m sure, even if you DON’T admit it), I tuned out the Orioles game around 8:15 and flipped on “American Idol.”

I’ll have a lengthy blog in the morning on “My life with the Mussinas.” I’m basically gonna write all of the bizarre thoughts that went through my mind during what was definitely the bizarre evening of his career. Moose and I were close at one time, and I have some fun stories and insights.

His brother, Mark (one of my favorite people on earth), might even check in here on in the morning as well.

But for now, I’ve just concluded watching “American Idol” and I can’t help thinking that the Utah kid, David Archuleta, is going to steal this competition. Kinda sad if that happens, in my opinion.

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I thought David Cook won, and won by a large margin. (Especially that second “Rick Springfield-esque” song on the backside of the U2 tune, which he could’ve had the crowd singing for an hour if he wanted to).

I thought the best two people made it to the final, but I couldn’t help think of Anson Williams singing “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” to Erin Moran in “Happy Days” by the time he got to “Imagine.” (Or would that be Warren “Potsie” Webber singing to Joanie “Shortcake” Cunningham?)

I like Archuleta. I like ballads. Very likeable, sweet kid who I’ve pulled for everytime I’ve seen him (and I’m NOT addicted to the show…I watch the first funny shows and then come back when it gets to the final four or so!)

I thought Cook stole the show and that the judges were off the mark.

I figure, aside from the usual insults hurled my way, I’d get some interesting feedback on the “American Idol” finale.

Because if you’re married, you were watching it tonight, especially once Mussina was bounced and the score was 9-0.

Oriole Magic, feel it happen!

P.S. Nice crowd in the Bronx tonight…sheesh! Talk about frontrunners, the Yankees fans can’t take the losing, can they?



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