Angelos and Orioles put the screws to Dodgertown and Vero Beach


Not that anything should come as a surprise when Peter Angelos and his band of “friendly” attorneys are involved, but once again — more than a thousand miles away — an honorable and hospitable town has tired of dealing with their negotiating tactics and insolence.

Here’s a scathing editorial from A Florida newspaper in Palm Beach…

These are not my words — and I never make this stuff up anyway. You don’t have to make this stuff up because the stories always seem to have striking similarities when the Orioles attempt to do “business” with good, honest people.

This spring training fiasco — documented by the Orioles players in The Sun three weeks ago — continues into its 16th year now, or as long as Angelos has owned the team.

Writer Ray McNulty calls them liars, cheaters and snakes.

Oh, and he says the way the “Angelos boys” do business is “slimy.”

But other than that, he’s ready to have baklava and ouzo and break plates.

Apparently, the folks in Dodgertown had no idea who they were doing business with over the past few years in trying to lure the Orioles to Vero Beach.

The more things change…

Let’s see what Brian Roberts and the players have to say next February when they wind up in that hellhole in Fort Lauderdale again. And they send all of their best prospects back over to that pit in Sarasota.