Baltimore comes alive on a sports weekend…


Big Brown rolls to a huge victory setting up a potential Triple Crown coronation at the Belmont in three weeks…

The Orioles win yet another game, holding on in the end for a 6-5 victory over the dreaded Washington Nationals…

I spent the day watching WBAL TV’s relatively lame Preakness coverage (obviously, I wasn’t watching the hockey game since it was non-existent in my living room), interleague baseball and then decided to go the Orioles game.

Or, at least I WANTED to go to the Orioles game.

We watched the Preakness at the Inner Harbor and rolled (literally) up to Orioles Park at Camden Yards.

We arrived at The Warehouse right around 7:05 p.m. We expected a “little line,” especially on a nice weather night and a kid’s club night.

We were NOT prepared for the mayhem we encountered. There were THOUSANDS of people who couldn’t get into the ballpark.

I could tell you about it but you might not believe it.

So instead, you can click on wnsTV and see it for yourself in “The Orioles Bandwagon in Living Color.”

Build it and they will come…

(Amazing what happens when you actually market your product and win a few ballgames. THIS IS A GREAT THING FOR DOWNTOWN BALTIMORE!!!!)