Because it’s NFL Draft day..

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I suppose I need to make an “on the record”

To be honest, I have spent less time evaluating the draft
than I ever have — just too much work to be done around, the radio
station and our business.

But, I have sniffed around enough to get a pretty solid list
of “candidates” for the Ravens to draft over the next 48 hours.

And I know enough from spending time in Owings Mills, that
when Monday night comes at Piv’s and we open the MANY envelopes with
predictions from Ravens coaches and scouts, the answers will almost surely vary
greatly. There was a LOT of deep thinking going on when these guys were filling out their envelopes!

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My gut feeling is that they will take an OL with the first
pick, possibly Ryan Kalil.

But so many things can happen during the first 29 picks —
and the depth in the draft is such that Day 2 could be a disaster area to find
potential starts in the NFL — that I believe trading back to get an extra 3rd
round pick wouldn’t be a bad idea. But you have to have a dance partner to

The Ravens have been outstanding at leading everyone in the
media to believe a whole litany of red herrings.

They might NOT take an inside linebacker. (I don’t believe
it!) Ray Lewis ages every day and Bart Scott only has two years remaining on
his deal.

They might or might not take a QB today?

They are going to take two OL today?

That’s what makes the draft so much fun — the predictions,
possibilities and options are almost endless.

Even if I COULD know EXACTLY who the Ravens would end up
with by the end of the day, I wouldn’t WANT to know. It’s like Christmas for
me, the NFL Draft. The fun is NOT knowing whether some crazy team will go nuts
for a Ricky Williams like Mike Ditka did in 1998.

And it looks like several teams at the top of the board might
want to go backwards.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy one of the rites of spring —
one that has almost replaced baseball’s Opening Day in April — NFL Draft day
is here!

Hope you can join Spencer and I at The Port in
Fallston at 11 or drop by and see Rob Long at Putty Hill Station.

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