Bitter doesn’t equal better…

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I saw a really great story tonight on the web about baseball, the people who love baseball and a smallish town in Colorado.

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick brought this story to life and if you haven’t read it, you should.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sometimes the best part of the connection of being on the web is when people recommend great stories to each other like a referral service.

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This is a sad story that is working toward a happier ending. (BTW: Kudos to the Hagerstown Suns for their involvement!)

Sometimes all of the hate and mean-spiritedness I see in the “real” world and especially on the web make me think there aren’t guys like Rai Henniger.

Then, lo and behold, a good man with a sad story and a hard road and a bad hand come along with a really positive attitude.

“You can get better or you can be bitter, but you can’t be both.”

Words to live by…

I hope I get to meet and chat with Henniger someday. We both already have something in common: we love baseball!

Anybody feel like going to the O’s-Sox game on Tuesday night?

We’ve already got a posse for Wednesday. We’re meeting at Regi’s at 1 p.m., main bar. Feel free to come down for some food and a beer!




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