Blowing kisses to Nestor…

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The message boards at are now open.

The comments on blogs have been available for weeks.

So, it’s amusing to me that I STILL get personal emails and attacks sent directly to me at my email address.

If anyone wants to rip my opinions or thoughts, there are a myriad of ways to do it publicly so EVERYONE can see my "fan mail."

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Our policy here at in regard to feedback from the public is still evolving (and we’re always amazed to see how mean-spirited and undignified some folks can be…there are a LOT of cruel people in the world and it takes being a public figure to find that out in some cases. Very sad, in many cases how miserable and angry some people are and how it makes them feel good to attack others. But I digress…)

But we don’t expect it to be any different from what we’ve done on the radio over the past 16 years (by the way, it’ll be 16 YEARS ago on Dec. 13th that I walked into that crappy studio at WITH-AM 1230 at 5 Light Street and began this crazy trip).

Make your point, be respectful and don’t make personal attacks…and try to stay ON the point!

It is NOT our goal to "edit" people’s free expression. But we’re not going to host a message board that turns into a personal vendetta forum or cyber graffiti.  We want a message board your wife or kids or mother can read.

Anyone who can follow the simple rules of "do onto others," make their point, write in some semblance of the King’s English — they’re all very welcome in our blogosphere and our world.

If not, you’ll be invited to post elsewhere, where I assure you the rules will be the same.

We all love sports. We all love Baltimore. And we all LOVE to be "heard."

So, pitch in, write in, call in, tell us what you think!

Different opinions make the world go around…

It’s the reason we exist!!!

We love Baltimore sports as much as you do.

So why this post today?

Because I received another "love" letter this morning (and it’s always from the same five or six people who hate me)

I wrote the dude back and told him to just post it in the comments!

In the meantime, I’ll get him started by making MY blog, HIS blog…I still believe in free speech!

This is verbatim…


We get it.  The O’s are an embarrassment and the Ravens are wonderful.

Let’s see:  The Ravens have lost 8 of their twelve games for a .333 win percentage.  They have lost six games straight.  They were outscored by 71 points during a five game stretch. 

One of their star players has a complete meltdown and throws a flag into the stands before a national TV audience.  Another one of their players accuses a member of HIS OWN RACE of making racist comments toward him (?).  The team commits 13 penalties in the Monday night loss and is once again a top 5 most-penalized team in the NFL.  Their genius defensive coordinator completely gaffes a timout call, giving Joe Gibbs competition for the "2007 Retarded Timeout Call" award.

Their crying over the officiating in local and national press has reached comical proportions.

Despite never having developed a QB in their history they let one of the NFL’s top young QBs (Derek Anderson) go to a division rival with nothing in return.  They let one of the NFL’s top young LBs (James Harrison) go to a division rival for nothing in return. 

Their offense has been ranked in the bottom third of the league in yardage and scoring for the entire Billick/Newsome administration.  They haven’t won a playoff game in what will be 7 years after this season. They will finish with six wins at best (.375 winning pct).   This is the equivalent of a 100-loss season in baseball.

The national impression that the Ravens give just leaves people chuckling.

And all you can do in your blog this week is write about what an embarrassment the Orioles are. 

If you could stop sniffing the purple jocks in the dirty laundry hamper over at the Castle long enough you would notice that the Orioles are not the only team in town with real problems.



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