Calvert Hall vs. Loyola? Who cares?

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Now that I have your attention, I gotta tell you one thing I’m THANKFUL for:

I am thankful to have Jamie Costello, Scott Garceau and Tom Matte calling the Calvert Hall-Loyola game in my living room this morning on WMAR/Channel 2. It looks like a lot of fun to be a part of, and my wife and I are considering walking over to watch the second half, but I feel sorta “uninvited.”

After all, I have no dog in the hunt. And I have many, many friends on both sides of the “rivalry,” so the only fun I have is riding my Calvert Hall buddies (you KNOW who you are) and crapping on the Loyola pals (Suchy is our in-house resident) I have, too. Just smack-talking them via text for no good reason.

I really missed being on the radio all day yesterday, listening to old City-Poly and Calvert Hall-Loyola rivalriy stories. I think back to my childhood Thanksgiving Days and playing football and waiting for the snow. And watch Roger Staubach and whatever lousy quarterback (Eric Hipple?) that the Lions would wheel out there. And then later enjoying Troy Aikman and Barry Sanders year after year

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But I sat down to do a list of things I’m thankful for this morning (AND RIGHT ON CUE with the holiday…I might or might not post it…I don’t want to be cheesy, but what good is it having a blog if you’re not gonna be honest, right?) and the Calvert Hall-Loyola game just jumped me.

It’s this little remaining piece of Baltimor-acana  that lives on this special holiday we all share with  our loved ones.

Just some random thoughts I’ve had this morning while working, baking, cooking a turkey, doing some yoga, doing some blogging and packing for San Diego. And of course, waiting for the family to arrive so we can eat some good food and feast on pumpkin pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies.

These kids reading their names on offense and defense is just classic. It’s a TOTAL ripoff of Monday Night Football and the kids are hamming it up. WAY TO GO WMAR!!!! I’m telling ya, staying at home is almost more fun than being there for me. I might just skip walking over, even on a nice day!

Matte is mispronouncing kids names, Scotty is laughing, Jamie Costello is mugging with people and showing off the populace. My wife just discovered this No. 32 kid, Vince Snarski, and thinks it’s a hoot that he shares her mother’s family name.

Unfortunately (for me, because Mark Suchy will be insufferable), the Dons are kicking the snot outta Calvert Hall.  So I have to figure out which of my Calvert Hall friends will be morose. And Mel Kiper is doing the Calvert Hall TV ads for the game! This is really good stuff!

I’m enjoying watching the ads and seeing the old-school local sponsors, just like we have here at WNST. (And, it looks like I’m taking my wife to Aldo’s at some point very soon!)

And Jamie Costello is pointing out the shirtless boys on both sides of the fence, and talking yet AGAIN, about how great the weather is.

Should I stay or should I go?

Either way, I’m enjoying this!

(Channel 2 just ran a house promo ads with Professor Kool!!! You think Professor Kool is on youtube?)

What’s next? Old promos of Chuck and Brooks saying "aint the beer cold!"

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