Cam Cameron to the right, Dom Capers to the left

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Reports have begun to circulate that if Jason Garrett accepts Steve Bisciotti’s offer to become head coach, he plans to bring deposed Miami head coach Cam Cameron and twice deposed NFL head coach Dom Capers to Baltimore with him as coordinators.

Many outlets are reporting that Rex Ryan is the leading candidate in Atlanta as well. If Garrett never leaves for Atlanta and Jim Caldwell doesn’t leave Indianapolis (and it looks like Tony Dungy is departing there soon, if not by Monday), it would leave the Falcons job for Ryan if Atlanta was truly down to the reported “Final 3.”

So, the drama continues.

And if the Ravens are “trapping” Garrett in Owings Mills (as one media outlet indicated) — one way to make sure he’s staying for the day is to take his wife out on the town for four hours — it’ll be interesting to see if Jerry Jones gets that “final call” from Garrett before he inks with Bisciotti.

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Word is, the Ravens might be making it difficult for Garrett to leave the building, which is a strategy onto itself. Every story on the web sings Jones’ love for Garrett. And Troy Aikman loves him, too. And if being the Dallas Cowboys head coach is what he REALLY wants in life, this might not be a good job for him or Bisciotti.

He’s CLEARLY the Ravens’ guy.

They want him. Badly, I’d say.

And I’m sensing it might be about more than just money with the Garretts, and that’s not a bad thing. I’ve heard that they are really nice people.

But if he slips out of the building and just decides he’d be happier in Dallas — for WHATEVER reason — it won’t be a good day for the Ravens. (It would bring up the Joe Girardi stories, for better or worse!)

They’re in pretty deep right now, with every media member in the city staked out there.

They’ve gotta get this done…


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