Cleveland continues to show why manure is Brown


(UPDATE: The blogger who inspired this piece and who said Rod Woodson entered the “Hall of Shame” for mentioning Art Modell in his induction speech was on Limited Access on Tuesday. The audio is in the audio vault.)

As I have opined many times, I believe the powers that be in the NFL and the Pro Football Hall of Fame want no part of Art Modell being rightfully enshrined in Canton, Ohio for one glaring reason: the proximity of the induction ceremonies to Cleveland.

As was witnessed on Saturday night when Rod Woodson had the audicity to utter the words “Art Modell” within an earshot of both the Hall and the Cuyahoga River — the natives there are all but ready to roll into Canton and wreck the weekend for everyone if Modell were to be enshrined while he’s alive.

Why would the NFL lords and the Pro Football Hall of Fame want to deal with a very cranky and messy local contingent on their biggest weekend and promotional arm on the year?

Answer: They wouldn’t and won’t.

And most of the people who would fight for Modell’s place in Canton are already dead. Pete Rozelle and the men of that era who built the league along with Modell can’t speak up on his behalf.

I’m honestly shocked that Ozzie Newsome, Jim Brown and some others don’t speak out.

I’m shocked that Bisciotti and the Ravens don’t go on a tirade about it.

Why am I the only one who continually lobbies and speaks out about it?

Am I the only one who watches Ralph Wilson and company get inducted and say, “What about Art Modell?”

All of sudden accomplishments and contributions mean nothing. Art Modell will die without rightfully entering the Hall of Fame and the fans of Cleveland will take great delight in denying him his spot of honor while he and his family can enjoy it.

Unless Baltimore — collectively — does something about it, that is.

Yesterday, a friend forwarded a blog to me written by a Cleveland blogger, who typifies the sentiment in Ohio. This blogger (on The Burning River) doesn’t even have his name associated with the piece but I thought it offered great “insight” into the mind of the Browns Backers.

The headline:

Rod Woodson Simultaneously Enters Halls of Fame,Shame

I invited this typical Cleveland sports fan onto the radio show.

It would be an interesting debate.

We’ll see how it goes…