Coach Shula was good to WNST over the years


Hall of Fame head coach Don Shula graced our airwaves several times over the years and even bought me a steak once downtown. One time he sat on our Miami Super Bowl set with a dummy. The other time, he sat with me at Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa. Back in 2007, I began working on a book about coaches and leadership with connections to Baltimore. I interviewed about 25 pretty significant people – and I have never unearthed any of it except some stuff with Frank Kush. I still have it on a hard drive and it’s amazing. I scuttled the idea when I had other concerns in my life but Coach Shula always offered to sit – long form – and tell me anything I wanted to know about the Colts. And I never took him up on it. I feel foolish today. We lost the greatest football coach there ever was today. #RIPDonShula #Nestalgia