So, do you think it’s “right” that not one Orioles player showed at Brooks’ gala?

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UPDATE: On my way out the door last night I took a picture with Brooks Robinson, just like I did in 1973 when he signed my “Third Base Is My Home” hardback book at his store at the Hoshchild Kohn at Eastpoint Shopping Center. You’re not a true Baltimore sports lover if you haven’t met Brooks and if getting your picture taken with him isn’t still a thrill. I left with a big smile on my face last night because Brooks planted it there.

Brooks and Me

So, all the real “haters” out there can pile on me for telling the truth, but I would NEVER attempt to sully anything regarding Brooks Robinson or his big night of love.

But if you don’t think the owner of the current Orioles not showing up, sending a letter of goodwill or sending any of his baseball players to the event isn’t creepy/mean/peculiar/classless, then you are either a supreme excuse maker/apologist or someone with an agenda regarding Peter Angelos or a bash campaign on my free speech or well-founded opinion.

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Hate on me all you want, but REALLY — you think ignoring Brooks Robinson is a good move by the Orioles or Angelos at this point?


If I owned the Orioles I would’ve been there. If YOU owned the Orioles, you would’ve been there. If any of us owned the Orioles, we’d certainly make every effort possible to not have the greatest baseball player and citizen this city has ever known be honored in this fashion with ZERO representation by our current players.

Again, it’s such an absolute “no brainer” that it falls in line with all of the other stupid, classless and mean-spirited acts that this ownership group has been doing for 15 years that never go “noticed” by the many, many “journalists” who don’t want to take MY side publicly in these debates because their press passes (re: LIVELIHOODS) are at stake.

Who will be the next “media” member to have their press pass revoked? The bullying, intimidation and control by this ownership is legendary.

It’s wrong. And for Peter Schmuck or any of the “paid associates” of Mister Angelos & Sons to imply that some petty conspiracy or vendetta is my sole agenda is simply wrong and ill-informed.

I have one dying mission: fix the team, fix the actions, fix the philosophy and try being nice to people instead of continuing to defecate on the likes of Brooks Robinson. But, these folks find it impossible to “do the right thing.”

But I don’t expect it to change. Just like I don’t expect the losing to change because you can’t win treating people like they do.

But I won’t stop telling the truth, hence my “facts” and “opinions” format below.

But what Angelos and his group can and will continue to do is manipulate the many media members they control and take the wrong side on debates like these and then point the finger at me as a “troublemaker.”

All while they haven’t played a meaningful game in 12 years and play in front of 40,000 empty seats in an empty city most summer nights.

And all while they pocket upwards of $40 million in profit from our cable TV bills against our will this year while losing 98 games and finishing in last place.

The disgrace and shame has no bottom…

And don’t get me started on how Andy MacPhail ran a sub-5.0 40-yard dash to get away from me in the interview area last night…



Because it’s my role to “fix” the Orioles, I suppose I’ll get a lot of grief for writing this — again. But, when it’s wrong and needs to be fixed, Baltimore should be lucky that a media entity like actually exists and reports the facts and then offers an opinion to provide some insight.

In an ode to my dear friend John Eisenberg, I’ll offer a quick “fact vs. opinion” style blog this morning:

Fact: I went to two major sports events in Baltimore on Monday night — the Brooks Robinson gala at the Meyerhoff (which brought back every good memory I have of the old Orioles and every disgusting feeling about the current Angelos disgrace) and the Ravens Annual Halloween fundraiser at Dave & Buster’s at Arundel Mills.

Opinion: They were both great first-class events and raised about $200,000 in total for local-Baltimore charities! Well done by both the Babe Ruth/Sports Legends folks and the Ravens organization on their biggest event of the year.

Fact: The Baltimore Orioles did not have ONE current player at the Meyerhoff to speak regarding Brooks Robinson’s legacy and what it means to current Orioles players. (And no, Andy MacPhail, doesn’t qualify as a “current” Oriole!)

Opinion: Well, I guess this is where YOU come in…

Here’s mine: I think it sucks. I think it’s as disgraceful and inexcusable that someone – ANYONE – in the organzation couldn’t drag Nick Markakis or Brian Roberts or Matt Wieters or SOMEONE down for the only thing that the Orioles have left in October – the worshipping of the past that might someday lead to some sort of current pride in the team that shaped two generations of Baltimore’s sports pride.

For any of the orange Kool Aid drinkers out there – the few who are still left – how can you possibly defend this organization’s “community outreach” when the ONLY event of the offseason that honors ANYTHING regarding the Orioles is eschewed by every player making millions of dollars off our cable TV dollars?

And this, of course, is after NOT ONE Oriole player showed at Elrod Hendricks’ funeral a few years ago.

And this is the second event in the last three years that honored the Orioles’ glorious past – the 1966 World Series reunion team was held by the Babe Ruth folks over at Morgan State in 2006 – that the actual TEAM had zero part in organizing or taking a truly active role in fortifying.

The “Angelos” Orioles again choose to urinate on Brooks Robinson when they should’ve had half of the team show up to see what a full house of REAL Orioles lovers looks like. And what a lifetime spent in this city means to Brooks and what it means to the Orioles and what it means to the people of Baltimore who have supported the franchise since 1954.

But, once again, I’m sure presenting “facts” and “opinions” will be once again treated like some sort of “low blow” by WNST.

Trust me, when the Orioles are “fixed” I’ll be the first to spread the word.

Last night showed me once again that the Orioles are as screwed up from the inside out as they’ve ever been.

And they also finished in last place this season…

Here’s a guy who has finished in FIRST PLACE in the hearts of Baltimore:


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