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As you can imagine, putting together Free The Birds 2 has been very interesting. It’s hard to find support for a protest of the Orioles when a 12-0 loss to the once-hated New York Yankees brings this response:


“Pass the purple Kool aid.”

We had more than 2,000 at the first FREE THE BIRDS event last Sept. 21. All of the evidence and much of the spirit of the event was captured all over youtube. Click here to view a video.

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A few FAQs:

1.    The tickets are $9 and we’re trying to get seats in the left field upper deck, just like last year. Apparently, it’s a “Dugout Club” night, so keep in mind that families are encouraged to attend FTB2 as well. YES…it’s a family event!

2.    Why are we doing this? To raise awareness to the disgraceful way the Orioles have conducted business in Baltimore over the last decade so that perhaps someday a change in ownership will take place.

3.    Is there a meeting place?

We think that EVERY bar near Camden Yards is a great place to grab a pre-game libation. We are partial to Maggie Moore’s, Camden Pub and Edgar’s, because they’ve been sponsors through the years, but DSX, Pickles, Sliders, Wharf Rat – there is no WRONG choice. Support your favorite! Chances are, they haven’t seen you in a while!

And if you’re looking for a “secondary” reason to go the FTB2, please consider spending some money with the local businesses that have been hurt the most by the current ownership’s ineptitude. Buy some food outside the park!

4    Are you printing T-shirts?

No. There wasn’t enough time to predict how many we’d need and there was no formal “budget” for it. WNST will not profit from FREE THE BIRDS. We encourage you to make your own!

5. Is there a “walk out”?
Honestly, I dunno. Last year I tried to plan a bunch of stuff. This year, I’m planning NOTHING. I’m coming to the game to protest ownership. If enough people come, BELIEVE me, we’ll be heard.

Whatever your peaceful method of protest is looks just fine to me!

Wear an old FTB shirt, make a homemade shirt or sign, wear a bag over your head – this is a FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION event.

As you’ll see from perusing the videos, many people were quite creative and colorful last year.

6. Aren’t you afraid of no one showing up?

I’m long past the point where I tie my “reputation” or “status” to how many people attend an event we do. Last year, we had more than 2,000. This year, I just hope it’s not me and a dozen homeless bums I have to take with me.

Honestly, Peter Angelos and the Orioles should be a helluva more worried than I am.

If no one comes, I can count 2,000 people that he’s lost during the past 12 months alone.

I’ll answer the questions as they come…

Hope to see you Monday…

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