Game on!!! Let’s pimp the puck.


I suppose the beauty of blogdom is that I can write about one of my true passions that it became harder and harder to discuss on the air — because nobody cares much about it but me and Hockey Meg.

Tonight, we will pimp the puck in my condo!

Preds and Sharks…8 p.m…preceeded by a nice Dice K start at Fenway for my wife (she hasn’t seen much ball yet this season) and O’s-Tigers (maybe, if the sky doesn’t explode).

But…it’s a BIG sports night here as Hockey Meg and Agent Orange (licking his wounds from the 3-5 start) arrive with divergent agendas. Thank god for the remote!

Anyway, hope everyone who is reading my hooey has a big sports night planned, even if it doesn’t include the greatest chase of the sports year — the chase for the hoisting of Lord Stanley’s goblet!

Barry Trotz promised me that I could drink from the Cup in the locker room if the Preds win.

Man, that would be the GREATEST!!!!!!

Game on…
(most of you won’t know what that means, but hockey fans will!)

I might even throw on the first few minutes of Slapshot just to get fired up…

“You go to da box…you feel shame…”

Where’s Gary Thorne tonight!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!