Here is a guy who understands me..

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I received this nice email this morning. I thought I’d share it with you. If you read my earlier blog, you know the disgust I’m feeling this weekend, with the demise of the Preakness and the pettiness, paranoia and stupidity the Orioles continue to display.

Dear Nestor,


This is Wayne (last name withheld), we spoke a bit on Draft Day at The Port Royal.  In reading your blog tonight I reinforced my opinion about you.  Your words truly convey your sincere deep sense of frustration, your writing seethes with the anger that comes from passion and the willingness to bare your soul to the world.  The continuous exercise of  asking questions that never get answered.  Questions like: "Why doesn’t everybody see this?";  or "Can’t something be done!"  The continuing thud of your head against the wall wondering why people don’t seem to care as much as you. 

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You speak of the Orioles, the Preakness and horse racing in general.  The Orioles’ problems are obvious to any half-wit who has followed the team during the reign of Peter Angelos.  Even the capable people who take a chance on the organization find themselves ham-strung when they formulate a cogent plan, but are cut short on the resources necessary to make it work.  It is an organization that has adopted an anti-market strategy, they do everything they can to not only reinforce their incompetence, but also to confound those who look for any shred of logic. The source of our frustration is simple; we care; we know the problem; we know the answer.  We know that the only way to enact it lies in stirring the emotions of enough powerful people to force Angelos to give the team up to owners who are really interested in running a baseball team as a symbol of the city.  The implication is that teams are an integral part of the city and I believe that both of us look at sports teams as a civic trust.


You care so much that it starts to appear to be a personal vendetta or sound like whining to many others who may not share the depth of emotion that we do.   Apathy is easy for most people but you and I can’t accept that. 


This is way too long so I better start bringing my thoughts to a close.  I can’t comprehend why the loss of an Internationally recognized event like the Preakness doesn’t evoke concern from the state’s leadership.  Surely they can’t be oblivious to the loss of prestige, not to mention the subtraction of jobs and money from the state’s economy when the entire racing industry leaves Maryland.  It’s perhaps the same way they ignore the money riding up and down I-95 all day on the way to our neighbors’ coffers rather than our own.  Obvious answers that can benefit all groups involved are politicized and dispatched. Heck, we don’t need the money ,do we?


I’m an idealist.  I see things that are just not right, or fair, or sensible, or immoral and I feel them.  If I’m in a position to change the situation I do, if not, I grieve internally. I am a victim of over-active empathy and I’m a devout worrier.  I talk to myself, you talk to the radio or write fiery words.  I am forever frustrated, I suspect that you are too.  If this comparison is taken further I suspect you probably get deeply  involved in every personal decision that you deal with as well. 


I’m 56, and while I hate to sound like the wise old man (my friends and family would be quick to point out that the wise part is inaccurate), take it  a little easier.  Your protestations if carried on too loudly or too constantly, lose their impact and may actually diminish your effectiveness.  That will destroy you internally.  Fight but pick your battles carefully.  Keep the fire burning but control the temperature.


Sorry about this but it’s been a very aggravating and depressing few days for me and the emotion expressed in your blog reached out and grabbed me.  You see I sensed your heat and as you have read I can’t stand to see somebody who may be suffering. 


May God Bless You,




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