Here’s a(nother) stupid question…

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The Orioles are celebrating their 50th million fan tonight. I just passed Oriole Park and if ANY of the first 3,500 fans entering the ballpark are Orioles fans, I didn’t see them.

The city is an overwhelming sea of Red today. It’s honestly the worst I’ve ever seen it.

The restaurants are hopping.

The Duck Boats are doing holiday business.

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The bars are swelled with Red shirts and big tips and drunk people with funny accents (and those aren’t the ones like me from Dundalk).

I’m sure three hours from now the Orioles will annoint some “lucky O’s fan.”

The truth: there’s honestly a 1 in 100 chance of the first couple thousand people tonight being a real Orioles fan.

Isn’t that just sad? It makes me wanna puke!

And worse? Tonight is also Luke Scott T-shirt night. So, rest assured  about 8,000 of the first 10,000 T-shirts that are given out will be to people looking to replace their Manny Ramirez gear in the closet.

It’s nights like tonight when it feels disgraceful to be an Orioles fan. Still stuck in last place and playing out the string in the 11th consecutive meaningless season, they will have their 50th million fan be some family from Connecticut here on a family vacation.

I’ve shot videos to show the real scene in downtown. I’ve opined greatly.

Once again — just like with the Ed Reed situation — you get the truth from WNST.

But you know how I feel.

But I’d love to hear from a few Orioles fans who are going to the game tonight about what the Red Sox fans are doing and saying as the ushers offer them a Luke Scott jersey.

I have a feeling there’s a better chance of a “red out” than a sea of orange in Birdland tonight.

But give me the facts.

Did anyone go down to the game tonight?

And if you did, did you wear your Luke Scott shirt with pride amongst the “Red Rain.”

(I’ve requested that my in-laws pick me up a Luke Scott T-shirt and bring it home. I need more orange swag!)


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